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Dec 24, 2016|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to. Are guardedly. On WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Welcome. To the garden lady. See help and are. And I am here on Saturday is stalking. About landscapes. Lines houseplants flowers homegrown veggies shrubs and trees. We always start off with welcome to the garden party. Only briefly explore what's happening with plants and gardening right now. And right now it is time to turn your house plants. By one quarter turn every time you water to prevent them from coming one sided. As they leaned toward the light you know houseplants are giving less light because the days are so short. And the nights are so alarm. And so they are even more prone to leading leaning in to. The windows and by simply turning the pot of house plants. By one quarter turn every time you water. You will help keep them nice and round and full on all's. It's. Well I want to welcome immediately. My gas to its on line one because it is my pleasure to have Randy shelves officials communications. Fellow Gartner curtain communicate. Error. And the edit her for home carton and homes stand website welcome Randy. Why hide BL. Yeah. The cribs with BTU. When I say cute T YouTube and am so pleased that you're able to join me today Iran and I cooked up an idea that. If not this time many people have their shopping finished unless of course they're getting gather with family after the holidays and have a little grace here. But. In any case we were thinking. That it would be the perfect time to talk about Saddam plants and some products that. People who like plants and gardening should know about. What that they want to get it as a gift for someone else at some point or whether they want to it as a gift for it themselves and that. So welcome Randy and I am so glad that we can talk about this so. Tell me you are the editor of home garden and hopes to a web site. That's correct home garden at homestead dot com. He is. And online destination for anybody whose interest stating and anything to do with homes and gardens and we are always on the lookout for new and cool things though this time here there's a lot of stuff. Online net is very comfortable. Come springtime when we changeup the contents it'll be much more plant dominated in we knew we'd love to talk about new plants. So there's always something in the look at that's home garden homestead dot com. Absolutely. Well it's I'm looking down at sort of the list of topics that you have on its web site. I see indoor plants is one of the pay teachers that I click and go to let's start there is there something in the world of indoor plants that people would want. To be aware up. Well indoor plants tend to be tropical plants. In in America. Plants that can't. Handle. Outdoor winter temperatures. And one of the great things about indoor plants is as a business it's it's got to be real popular to. To go out and find new and cool varieties. There's the company quote spying in Connecticut called load geez that is my favorite source for indoor plants of all kinds. And one of the things that they are known. Four is it is finding. New and cool varieties of fruity plants so these are plants that grow great in containers. Inside. Maybe it is sunny window you can you can move that container outside in the summertime of course but these plants. Think small and very manage people inside. And yet they can produce credible efforts. It's a really cool thing to be of the growth lemons and lines in Massachusetts. Absolutely. And so this is the future way to do that and successfully because you know obviously you can you can grow nice little Q line. The tree in in tenants container and and and then pick pick actual lines from its soft. Yeah it is wonderful. Well and end as you say low which is kind of specializes. In these. Small fruits in addition to lie aims and other citrus. While what either. Plans to they have that people might be interested. Well they have they'd they'd gotten kind of payment for. For having. Several varieties of bananas. They actually sell what they they claim is that cold parties banana. I don't know if it's now she's it's called party that may be with a little protection it could be. You know what it is hard here regularly yes it absolutely is Sam. I grow wine and it's amazing. That I I protect it is the first couple of years Randy. And then after that I decided oh well I'm not gonna protected if it dies it dies well it has come up every single user I. I couldn't kill it if I want it to good. That's dot com that's awesome and I know in you know we're low chooses based in. Connecticut they have a big ones that these that it literally wrap up for the winner and and give it a little extra protection because it's sort of you know it's it's. And I can't plan people are actually travel out there to see it. So that's a they're grown bananas and in Connecticut with no problem. An alternative has that one that you got to plant outside. Is Brey called dwarf ladies finger and that's that plant. Will only get. Maximum five feet tall so it's it's small enough to be manageable in a container indoors or on your patio. And yet. It's stayed manageable and have been and of course it's the smaller smaller tree so that the candidate get to be. You know fortified inches long and executable things but and the book. Exactly like banana and they just exactly like a banana it's a really cool way to grow. Something that's very tropical. That's great that's great and they pitiful in the containers outside on decks and Allen and in the summertime it's welcome thing. Well it's such a great accent plan because you know nothing in in the North American landscape looks like banana tree. That is true that's and it's estimated that big lead and the in the and the fruit. Coming right up the kind of a crown of the leaves. It's a really cool tropical look. Yeah. Fantastic. So it and numb. In addition to indoor plants from allergies and and let's let's give people their website case people wanna check that. The bananas and citrus and only other plants out. Yeah look chases spelt LO achieve. He he. Boat load geez dot com and they they have a marvelous web site in -- search for anything. They have to have a lot of variety. Yes I'll have fun on the outside. It is a really fun place and and people in this listening area it's an easy day trip to excel. If you want to go there sometime in the spring it's it's a fun fun place to visit. Yeah Daniel in Connecticut it's actually destinations for gardeners they get without you know any fanfare at all they get regular visitors all the time. You know coming in from neighboring states. And one of the things that's cool but visiting load geez. Is that they have a U lemon tree. That's as far as anybody knows dates back to about 1899. That's sort of it was in the greenhouse suede accents. Kind of escaped its pots you know it's not roots and it isn't it went into the dirt now it's taken over one whole area of the greenhouse. And it and women's on this. Plants are about five pounds a piece it's a little cutting off of that giant tree and they sell those it's really cool. That is called but so that somebody can grow their own in note that it came from this this plant that historically has been there forever right. There are a nice nice OK well I didn't blow geez what something else that something cool that has. Crossed your desk. On on. Behalf of the web site. Well I wanna talk. For just a minute about container growing. Containers have really gotten the popular in the last. Several years and partly because is growing in the in the containers are really easy way to start as a Gartner. Also an easy ways to grow if you don't have a lot of physical land you know if you have a patio or balcony or it's our sunny window. Can start growing. Things like vegetables if he's got the right kind of container. So my favorite self watering container. It's called the grow block. And it is from a company down in Florida and they put out what I what I like about this containers it's it's functional it's you know it's. About a foot and a half wide in a foot deep and another foot. In the other direction vehicle that. The latest it's a pretty sizable container. And underneath the the potting soil part of the container is a water reservoir that holds four gallons of water. What happens this year taught the water is or in the in the water whipped up through the party so he probably talked about this with your listeners. I'm so it's a great way to maintain. A container with the right water level right to plant floor of that. And this container can be set up in Dorsey can be says that about two hours. I have pretty much converted all my vegetable growing to these grow locked containers. And they do have a remarkable job. Fantastic. What listener and we have to take a quick break but when we come back we will give the web site for seeing these containers and counselor and talk about the colors that government because it's fun. But we need to take a quick break this is the garden lately on WRKO. Welcome back. The garden lately I'm out for Larry and I am here every Saturday. Well to shoot our plan and art and I am talking. REIT. Plan stop with written shields who is shots communications. Editor of whole art hosted web site. And we would just about the world box itself watering container. You know it's my favorite thing about the growth box. Ideal partner that her ball. Flashy designer colors. Loved I loved that there's a mossy greens it's very nice of course it's a traditional white for those people who don't want to be too outlandish but there. There it's purple and bright green. Pretty gorgeous. Critical. Yeah yeah gardening has good debt definitely got more designer oriented. And so there's a lot more choices and it's really cool to be a bit you know can step out a little bit from Tara Connor. Sure absolutely not not that there's anything wrong with cannot. Not that there's anything wrong with terra cotta terra cotta is sort of the classic. Garden color for a container whether it's clear plastic. And it always works right. Guys. I think it goes with everything to everybody knows that color it's you can't beat egg plants as a color that's. Or you know kind of designer greens that's pretty cool. That's rate. So where can people see and learn more about the growth parks. Well of course all the stuff we're talking about using go to home. Garden and homestead dot com and all those words are spelled out. In the everything's on the air by by category there's a category per container gardening and you can read all about these things. But you can also go to a site called a garden patch dot com and fight directly from the company. Okay acre patch done an excellent. So and you couldn't have all the choices of colors there. And gore hadn't put in an order excellent. And that you know there's nothing more wonderful at this time of year I think greatly and planning for. Just what I'm going to do in the coming season. Oh yeah absolutely so but that the great thing. Can I mention one more kind of container could this is really cool just us. It's an herb planter. Bag. From a company called blue bags it's spelled funny PLO. EM BA g.'s C. This. But it's so it's one of those new. Fabric fabric bags. I'm that are lightweight. And easily portable and got the blue bag many herb planter. Is. Is the right side for everything from a kitchen counter or back patio. To what whatever space you have for. One and half gallons planter and you know this strawberry style pots with the little pockets along the side where he could should can will plant. So it's it has those in in a fabric container so it's great for growing herbs is because she couldn't put a little trailing herb. In this side pocket have a kind of spill and grow down. Really a cool idea for a act kitchen garden. I I love the fabrics girl banks are you know day date. Growth things remarkably well and allow you to grow something even if you have a backyard that's completely asphalt right. Absolutely you know I started. Mike gardening career as a young young Gardner. First first place I ever bought was a townhouse note dirt whatsoever. We had a we concrete patio in the back. And I I started growing tomatoes and containers and I've been growing or percent. Notes there's no reason not to grow plants. Even if you don't physically have a garden plot. Perfect all right so bloom the L oh see him and bags BAG. Disease. And we you know you can go to home and garden and homestead that come disease. And boom web site is what it. It's called. Bloom living balloons expelled BL OO CM. Lou living dot com. I so how all proud to something that's not container related what what else has crossed. I figured desk that you your major eyes light up. Well would you like to talk about colorful garden shoes or great little. Garden truck take that's open and harvesting. From your garden back into your house. I think we need to talk about both but let's start with the shoes to let a life. They regard issues I have the parodies the colts lockers. Bloggers are company. Based in California. And they come out every year with a new set of colors and cool style further. Waterproof shoes and boots. And the most popular one night I think you're gonna crack up there must popular. Style. Is chicken. They have little chicken print boot. Fix it. You know I'm not surprised chickens are hot right now I can't chicken keeping is a hot thing right now. And so I'm not surprised that their favorite favorite. Design is ticket. So they have chicken boot and chickens shoot they come in yellow and Barton read news on on the the color are you know little chicken illustrations that which is cute they're just very cute. They have. Lots of other colors and styles white flowers and welcome to cool things here's the problem though. If you're in mailed Gardner can't expect they only they only come in black and brown units basic basic colors for guys. That is a problem we have to work on them. All the markets like they get all these great choices in guys. Basic brown. I know it's. It's often been my complaint that kids have the best shoes right. Because they're they're cute shoes that are bright colors that light up when this and that. Let's stalkers comes close to being you know the greatest for fun. I don't choose I I know that I'm completely in love with their red poppy print. Bright red poppies and a black background a fabulous. Yeah I I'm very jealous to buy it don't make those in my size. Yeah I totally support but they don't make him in my. They have to do something about that they have to its jazz up their menswear line a little bit so. As I've been on conference last year too to do that who knows that it could happen but what you know what on things that's so great about the issue is that they're completely waterproof. You literally can walk out and in the mud come back in excuse if they. They're so dirty can't stand him anymore just told them off I mean is very durable and very waterproof. And nice thick rubber soul. That's great in slippery conditions and mud and stuff like that. Sluggers SL OG GE RS right. Exactly Loral dot com okay. Randi worked coming up on a break here so rather than get started with that the truck are you willing to hold on for a minute you'll come back to. Sure brought here. Okay well we are going to take a quick break when we come back we will be continuing to talk with Randy Schultz home Garten and homestead. Dot com. Emcee elf and Ernie I'm the garden lady and we are here until 2 o'clock. Talking plants gardening. And rate garden products. Here on the voice of Boston. WRKO. Well. Back through the garden Leahy I'm sick outs and Larry and I am here with you talk. Plants. Landscapes lines homegrown vegetables herbs and trees on Saturdays we're two. And it is my great pleasure to have on the line with me. My friend Randy Schultz of shields communications. Randy. You are AD that resident of New Mexico correct. I am I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa thing is how how warm or cold does it out there right now. These he'd expected high today is 45 degrees. Clear and sunny and then that evening a snowstorm arrives. And I area hit a lot of snow but we're gonna give an inch or two and so we might we might have a white Christmas. Now Erica well where we're having it wet Christmas Eve here in Massachusetts then it's it's about a similar temperature here so. Not that different except we're not expecting snowed in my knowledge. Well Randy let's talk about the truck that you had mentioned and at first of all help people who may not be in the know what a truck actually that's. A tribe is basically a low. Long basket. Made out of wood that he used to bring in harvest. From that from your vessel garden or perennials from your flower beds. It's it's low shallow long and it's a really nice weight to transport. Stopped its growing outside back in your house. That that truck that I liked about it is made. Part company called Joseph Bentley. And it has to unite. Who Campbell's chicken kind of sling it over your arm. Hold collided. Almost sixteen inches long and twelve inches wide. So it's large enough to carry premature whole harvest. Each state in from your garden. And what I love about trips to anybody who who has attacked. Or loves cats or knows somebody who loves cats. They should give one of these garden trucks because if you put this down on the ground I guarantee that the cat is going to say. This is mine and and so. I hadn't thought about buying one for your cap but that's a great idea. Out because they're like they're perfect they're the exact type of thing that hat while immediately claim as their own. It's just the right size our you know a big cat to stuff themselves in to pan down. And a cat when actually a pretty darn adorable when it struck let. Like there are so if you have a cat get one for the cat and then went to use in the garden. What I'd like to east war is that it's what they're also handy way to take tools into the garden you know you can throw your parameters and some wine and a pair of scissors. And a sharp knife for harvesting and zucchini and all those things it. You know we need in the garden you can have all of that in the basket so anytime you want to the dark ages grab it in it's all right there. Yeah and it's got these this little baskets cattle feed at the bottom so very stable on a countertop or a lot of flat please in your garden. So yeah it were it would work great for around tools. Vegetables flowers and cap. Yeah cats that's right and I could also see it it would be beautiful thing. 22. Displays like balls of yarn and or. Or even and seashells or pine cones you know would be just a lovely display piece as well because it's unusual as a basket it's not your usual. You know pick up a target price that type of basket as. Now it's it's that. Actually it's the very old design but it's it's. Kind of come back into fashion because that it's about getting made out of wood so it's got a different cool book about it. Where can people see that in addition to your web site home garden and home stand dot com. Well you'd you can go to the company's site and buy it directly to point 495. Shoppers dot Joseph Bentley. US dot com. Okay and just a Bentley makes tools as well. Yeah actually kept British company that around for. At least a hundred years and they make great hand tools and and the old. Craftsman. Sort of English style of really high quality tools that are meant to colossal lifetime the garden spades in the all kinds of digging things and it's. Could it felt good stuff. Yeah nice. Very good well I think we have time for one more cool item so what would you like to talk about. Let's talk about companies use inside that house because most gardeners. Gavel in cooking at least a little bit so one of the things I love. This year is. Our classic British chef apron. It's basically navy blue with white pinstripes. One size fits everybody and it's. Really high quality you know classic. Classic apron. Style. The fabric is top and it'll it'll go through the washing machine many many many times. I a percent cut in just a great looking. Chef apron that it will make you feel like Martha Stewart. Yeah. Will give me merge his bank account that's what I wanted to. Not right away but it's. You know it's a step in the right direction. All right. Well it sounds good to me so and who makes this a working it by this classic British chef's apron. It's actually made in England it's imported by a couple of called meeting and lose. And media minute minute as many as MI NN I. And the come OO and mania and maroon dot com and that they aprons sells for 35 dollars. Excellent. And well all of the things that we've talked about today. People can go and find a link to the web site from your website hold Garten and homestead dot com right. Exactly. Everything we talked about and a whole lot more. And a whole lot more including let me mention deer control and wildlife control that and that's a category. That you know we could probably talk about all morning. But you couldn't go and check out what I hold my garden and home stand dot com has in the way of gear control because. It's an interest in new solution and I look forward to trying it myself well out. Slowly and we can talk about that futures show. I think that that's wonderful and well Randy thank you so much effort devoting part of your afternoon arm morning where you're too. So it. Letting us know about all these great things that I know that I look forward to checking. Out to vote g.s and the plants that load jeez since lockers and Lou. Living. Site. All of the other. Web sites in that we talked about. Glad that. You've got that whole collection of things right there at home Garten and Olmsted dot com. While the pleasure talking with you Merry Christmas and have a have a great start to your 2017. Think you used to and I am. Right Randy Schultz is my friend fellow guard communicated there there senate today and you know it always. I was it's an affair weather's a lot warmer of course and here but I'm known not some lunch programs that they've actually been. Holder incentives. Over all of them we have so that's pretty pretty interest. All right first ball I am I have had several emails that we will get to over the course of in the next. Our clients. So if you have sent me an email recently we are getting all of that later on in the show. And of course the phone lines are opens 617. 2666868. Many do you have any holiday plan. You want to know about may you have a question of something that has gone on. In your yard garden over the course of last summer or fall or do you have a question about something that you would like to plan. In the public growing season. Question about your houseplants. Whatever it is you can give me a call when we come back from the break. I also want to remind you that I am in the wintertime. At this time of year. Plants really do require a little less water houseplants do because their growth is more limited however. There's a happy to that and that is once the temperatures drop more and are huge starts coming on more. Then those plants might again need watering more frequently enough with their growing at that point. But because. The heat is coming on hand the water evaporates more frequently. So just keep an eye and your plan to keep an eye in the soil. Number ones you certainly can look at them to toe with their thirsty. If the soil has pulled away from me. Sides of the pot that probably answers to play OK so and of course at the plant is drooping many or many happy father's. So to check on pills. I am finally. Before we take our break him giving away a copy of the book today. I am giving away to one of my callers a copy of late bloomer. How to guard with comfort ease and simplicity in the second half of life. A book by Chien bills we had chair and talk about the spoke on the year couple weeks ago. And I have a copy particularly today. So one of my colors will. Be getting a phone call after the end of the show and I will tell them. That they won the book and I won't get the actress that I can put it in a priority well. And sent it off to you so we've got all of that coming out. Year on the police and Austin WR can. Well come back to the garden variety currency Elson are and I are talking about landscaped lawns houseplants flowers. Homegrown vegetables absent from. 617. 2666868. Is number that you can call to join me and one of my callers today. Will win a copy of so late bloomer how to Garten comfort ease and simplicity. In the second half. Life let's go to line one and talk with Steve. Steve welcome to the garden variety. Thank you I planted six who made Ali lot in the middle of the summer. Who've made holly bush she's one female out of the 60 it's very special kid that I need to do but go through the winter and all of concern about. The red Barry don't seem to be that many on the male. Well act at well there shouldn't be any red berries on the male because males don't have fruit they just have flowers. Sell the mail holly them that you need to know about the male holly Steve is that these male holidays tend to be kind of its Raleigh. And down you know shorter wider and thinner. And I'm not quite useful and so be sure and trim that mail every year and you couldn't do that just about any point during the years that you want to but. Keep it trimmed up a little bit because that'll help it to grow thicker and bushy hair okay. So. The white flour that's right well all the mail is the one that has flowers but no berries at all. Oh yeah I. Out that. And if you've just planted them it's it's pretty natural that the females wouldn't have that merit mean buries this winter. Just because the plant is kind of getting adjusted ranked. What were these act container grown plants are all of them elect plants. They were. Balled and burlap are Syracuse Janet and I bought them. Our okay well if they were container grown plants and that probably will adjust a little faster. A balled and burlap plant has had its roots cut off and it takes a little bit longer to adjust. I I would say right now there's nothing too much to be concerned about. Hopefully we won't have one of the earliest these crazy winters like we did last year where it was warm warm warm and and frigid. That's harder on plants including holly. You should note that Holly's are pretty good even if we do have a crazy winter like that. And they certainly. If it does end up losing some leaves in the winters Steve don't. Don't worry too much because it should put out a good flash of new leads in the spring time. Yeah they're buried winter went there. Arable land him an award the other. Person you kind of went. That's right in and out as soon the berries well you know in the next couple years you should have a good crop of berries and and once those berries firm and you know we get a lot of stock. I Canadian robins that come down to get drunk Kosovar fermented holly berries now. A very good well enjoy the holly Steve I appreciate your cop. Art art used to let's talk to day. Who's on line five welcome to the garden lately. Thank you for taking my call. I'm normally what I do every Jude medical not buy flowers like put him outside and my Clinton. But I come to the conclusion that's getting very expensive. What I did this year with the flow died I saved all their seats and us to do what I'd like to do was plant them indoors now. So would six months they'll be flow like complaints about side. What what kind of plants were at least an article that miracles OPEC. Our first of all I'm mayor colts are are easy to say the seeds you may get slightly different miracles but that's kind of part of the fun of it right. Because hybrid bear Gould's. Won't come back it's exactly that game plan they will come back probably as one of the parent plan. But as I say that's that's part of the fun. But you don't wanna start to now. And that's why I asked you what kind of plan that he has because some plants grow very quickly from seed. And if you start at them now they see far too big in March end. You wouldn't be able to put them out yet I would start merit gold seats toward the end of February or early march. In a public feeding. Is there any should I be beating them. Well that's not at first I what's I have good quality seats starting mix. I would plant seeds in that inside feature you have plenty of light either are really really sunny window war or grow them under lights. And then come after they'd get to be about 02 inches tall. Then you could put them in a slightly larger pot and start to feed them at that point. Well you very much OK enjoy those miracle you'll have fun with it. You're welcome. OK. Yes when we saved seats from hybrids. You usually get at different plants back you don't get the same plan. And that's okay. It's just going to be a little bit different and if you want to be sure that you have that same plant every year. Then of course you should arm by a hybrid seeds and buying seeds is always less expensive than buying plants though. Even if they've decided to that he won at the exact same plan he could buy a packet of seeds war. The same price that he could buy six a six pack and he would then get you know many many more plants in response. So growing plants from seed is a very economical way to grow a lot of plants were a little bit of money. And it isn't that difficult and I am really glad that it is going to give it a try. We have another hour of the cart lady coming up so if you have. Some obscene ideas or plans that you want to know if you could grow from seed. Give me a call 6172666868. I MC alpha sorry January listening to the voice of Boston on WR KRO. Yeah. Playing. Yeah. It's. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And. Welcome to. Started leaning on WOR KL. Join the show went 6172666868. Well come to the garden maybe the second hour of the garden variety. We always start off with a question. I am my question she used today is do you want to be harvesting. Vegetables from New York guard and right now well if so. Have our Ike at a plant for you. Bowl lair oh carats BO LD are always does not medium sized carrot. They are strong growers in a wide variety of soils that get about seven inches long. And it is a variety especially good for storage and for growing a late season crop. Now what my husband and I do every year. Is that once we harvest of garlic in early July. We in that space plan fall crops such as KL. Puck two way and carrots and polar arrow it's fabulous. Care that they are. Powdery mildew resistant to today as I say errant seven inches long. And crispy ends sweet I harvest it carrots yesterday. Yesterday the 23 of December I have been harvesting carrots all of December as a matter of fact. And I still have more even when there's a crust of frozen soil at the surface I ticket garden fork out there stick it in. Kind of loosened asylum little patent pull those carrots out of the ground. Even if everything seems frozen on top carrots are Hersh. Under this sort so if you want to be able to have that freshly pair. Flavorful. Garden ready vegetable in December. You cannot go wrong. With bone marrow carrots and of course you want to plant them from C eight. I get my Valero carrot seeds from Chinese seed company in recent clear. All right 6172666868. I am giving away a copy of the book late bloomer how to guard with comfort ease and simplicity. In the second half of life might Jan bills that you heard cam on the program a couple of weeks ago talking about it. This spot and I'm giving away a copy two days so why what's called the winner. At the end of the program and get your address in yet that will cost you. Let's go to line one and talk with Steve Steve Kerr into the garden variety. How are you right I am well what's happening Steve. I was just gonna say the last scholar it was popular vote. Saving seed. 11 trip that I have. That I do from my own garden I always planned. Little many purple morning glorious. I actually. Woke. Right before the frost will bring a couple of the planted in the grown indoors buy out associated. The the streets okay when they go to seed and then I plant them indoors or in arms they're very. Growing more Wrangler plant from street. And I hope both Eric very good how do you keep. Morning glory at vines all over the place. And if it's growing now how do you keep it from just giving so tangled up indoors you haven't done. Traveled around. So kinda arm nature they take. Just. Required twisty right get me referred garbage in it stirring them up together and it happened like going up one of the windows. That's a fantastic. It works that's fantastic that how much does it get in his southern window. Garrett Aaron it's a partial sun that's that's one of the things it doesn't grow Reuters quote it would go outdoors but it felt pretty good. And then keep quiet all planet info you need to go indoors and I received the rest of them to recede again for next year. There's a lot of at stake the the growth comes back here skier anywhere but got to make sure it does and it's more. Sure and we get a makeup to play. Very good very good well I'm I'm glad that your still enjoying that annual plant inside Allen and good for you for a going through both the effort and the fun of scenery is seeds and yet it is fun is that it's it's very satisfying in a very. Sort of element away so good trio. I appreciate your calls and equities. 6172666868. Is the number that you can call. Let's see I got an email last week from Fred and frets that can I put my fireplace ashes in the garden and can be spread around any plants. Fred you could probably do a very very light application around any plants but because fireplace ashes any wood ashes. Raises the PH of the soil. Is it makes oil less that it right. It makes sense to put fireplace ashes around plants that like. Higher or more neutral PH. So. Let lax for example. Any perennial plant. What happened here love would love fireplace ashes Dell's in the and let's think of what that's how wars actually would like fireplace ashes like a more neutral soil. So you can't go wrong basically by putting them in a perennial bed or an annual garden. In a vegetable garden. And around most decent US plants what you should avoid putting your fireplace ashes around her ever greens. And blueberry bushes plants that like more acidic soil so keep them away from your holly keep them away from a rhododendron. It's. Batter Aaron your dialects or your weight Julia plans carriers by area they would be fine. Can it get too many ashes in a carton absolutely so be sure not to dump them all on the same spot. All the time picture spread the wealth rank and you know go around the yard. Because if you repeatedly put a lot of fireplace ashes in one location like constantly and expo garden for example. Then you can get the PH to high. And you don't want to do that such as you know kind of be aware of spreading them out over a wide range not just. Dumping them closer to how how this because it's easier. And and of course be sure that they are well out because sometimes you know there can be holes in ashes if you put them too close to the house. Or if you put them on a mulch that or near leaves they can start a fire. I have seen that happen. I had an email from the host that I've. Bought two realists bulbs in late November and part of them. I've kept them watered and I see no sign of any bloom spike currently is there such thing as a debt and members of like the idea that there's such a thing that debt but no there really is it's out I you know sometimes it takes them a little while to wake up. And sometimes they're actually. Waking up that you don't realize that because what they're doing is growing roots rank and they're going to grow roots for a little while which will support the whole plant both. Physically structurally. And nutritionally. And that's a good thing. So. Couple of things about amber realist however they do tend to sprout faster when their warm so if you don't have these and warm sunny place. I would move them there are more likely to get some faster action. By putting them in a windows it's sunny and very war if there in our room it's cool. Or in a window that stays school likened north facing window. There are less likely to sprout quickly they will eventually spread out that they too like he. Who doesn't at this time here. 6172666868. On FaceBook. I believe that was. That I would. You view again and ran d.s. Web site where you can see all the things in talked about earlier in the first hour and it is home. Garten. And homestead. Dot com all that spelled out home garden and homestead. Dot com so. Check out. All right. We are going to take a quick break when we come back to you or phone calls and by the way on my callers should there be entered in to the drawing to win the book. Late bloomer how to garden with comfort ease and simplicity. In the second half of life you'll call the winner at the end of the program. And get norm mailing address puppet in. Priority envelopes in it that often. All right we will be right back with more of your questions to the garden lady and seal off and Larry and you're listening to the voice of Boston. WRKO. Welcome back to. The guard might be time V out and our guard who lady. You can find my website of course at the garden lady dot com. There you will on the block find all the plants that I feature on the garden variety. You'll also find my books there. Including the latest a cocktail hour carton. And everything you know other articles and talks that I am giving in the near future and all of that confined and certainly need to calm. And you can stay in touch on Twitter on the garden lately on Twitter and my FaceBook page is called Kart. So there we have it. I'm giving away today to one of my callers copy of late bloomer how to garden where comfort ease and simplicity. In the second half of life. And this is by Jim bills so if you're interested in possibly winning a copy of that book. Then give a call and at the end of the program after him off the air I will give winner a call and get your address so that I can. Send you a copy of that book. And we have several lines opened the time to get through at six went 72666868. In the meantime. Hall sent me an email last week. And polls said were buying a house just before the new year. A law on ism mess is it possible to Italy's sought at this time of the year. I wouldn't do it Paul. Is that possible if you couldn't find shot I suppose it's possible certainly. Is it going to be a great time for sought to get established knoller really innocent and are you likely to lose. A good part of the end testament to you put it aside he I think you are so I I wouldn't do it. If the alarm is a mess. You know you'd you'd just should deal with that until the spring time and then some time. In. Eight overall. Then you can either put down sought or seat. Frankly you can put down at grass seed in April as well and that might be. Another alternative for so he'll have to put up with the depth and you know what frankly. Most people. When that by new house they're focused interior first yet to get impact to get the rooms looking you want them and by the time carefully moved in and end. Ready to focus outside then it'll be at that time to sought or see a lot. Let's go to Lyon went and talked Christine. Christine welcome to the garden lately. Thanks Carol I had at. Fairy generated so I hope people here. That's our radar and I've got a little bit of congestion myself so. I'm haven't traveled with. Christmas can act as an airport that didn't little yet. Okay well you know that it's. Christmas cactus are at that aren't they the ones that have a kind of let's galloped edge of the belief not Weinke edges and leaves. Slated to have to point B and the other two are can't. Because allegedly appointees. If they haven't blow to those are Thanksgiving cactus and they really should ample. So. OK so I'll tell you what brings these plants in flower what brings them into flour and and to bad. Are increasing. Hours of darkness. And dropping of temperature so cooler temperatures. And longer nights. Now if you have these plants in a room where you have lights on at night that's why they're not living out. And and if you have them in a room that's fairly warm that can also contribute. So it he'll. If you want to start to stimulate these two but up what I would do is put in a room. Where you have absolutely no lights you know after it gets dark at night. And and set the temperature in that room for about sixty degrees. And leave them in that situation. On you know for the next two to three weeks. And then. They should be well maybe even three to four weeks now and I'm thinking about it. So that they really get the message that the nights are long and that's cool temperatures and then nation but not for. Okay thank you very much. And your Christmas. You're welcome and she used to let's go to line five and talk with Joseph Joseph welcome to the garden lately. Hello hi what's happening Joseph. Okay. I can never keep straight. When is the right time to cut backs wide range of bush and. I'll pay what kind of tight ranges. Well. I know it it probably worse I think. OK but they have not do they have white flowers or blue or pink. Lou pollution and how foolish he just currently. If there once and have the blue flowers. There's never a time to cut them back all right. Because. The only thing you want to cut off of a blue flower heart ranger is pat Kane that it's dead. That has no leaves on right so the time to turn them is in May. And you go out and maim and any team that doesn't have any believe Simon you can cut that off but any. But any campaign that has buds artist in May you didn't don't wanna cut that down at all. Because. It goes but it's contained. The germ of next year's flowers. That's what I thought but. Sometimes they just wrote to large. Well but if they're too large there's no keeping them Somali. Give up on making a hankering to smaller because. It replaces its growth and by July it will replace the height in the wit. And by cutting them back their four you're not making it shorter your cutting all the flowers off. Our new day at. So that's right so in May with the with the blue eyed stranger you go out and today you'd. Remove anything that has no buttons on it and he'd get growth and sometimes it's just. The top of the cane and sometimes it's a whole game. And some pains have you know but over the whole thing you don't touch knows. But if you if you got a blue hike into it it's getting too big move it to a place where compete at large. Okay. Great I appreciate your college you have a wonderful holiday. 6172666868. All the callers today are being entered into the drawing to win a copy of the late bloomer. How to garden with comfort ease and simplicity in the second half of life this is a book by Jan bills. And I will call a winner at the end of the program and at the address to send it off to improve and major changes is the question that I can't the most. And I'm basically the blue tight ranges. And most of varieties. Form their final hour by its. In August. For the next year. Okay so in August while they're still in flower in your garden hopefully there and flower. They are forming pads to bloom the following year so it doesn't matter whether you're cutting them back. In August September October or spray the more you cut them back a few or flowers you'll have. So that's number one and if you cut those tight ranges to the ground you'll have no flowers or golf the following year. Number two. There's no such as making them short they are king growers that will replace their growth in. Half of a summer. So if you cut a five foot tall height during chip back by half or three quarters or even to the ground. Like here in two you will be five feet tall by July that next year. Others there's no such thing as making them shorter so these are plants. That. There are two main reason there are several reasons to remain up bloom at the two reasons that a blue height range remain flower. Car that somebody has ruined those canes off either in the Follett despray. Or the temperatures in the winter have gone below zero. And sapped the flower bugs that were there since August. And killed off those flower putts so pretty well our so those of the two big reasons that the victory is still. We are going to take a quick break when we come back more of your calls. I'm the garden variety and you weren't listening to the voice of Boston to appeal arcane. Well come true. With the guards lately and the album sorry and it. Great things here which every Saturday. From twelve to ten. We're talking about Lance and what do my callers they will win a copy of the late bloomer how to garden with comfort ease and simplicity. In the second half of life. This is by GM vehicles. You probably heard Jim couple weeks ago on the air talking about this plan and I am giving away copy of her book. And we'll call the winner. At the end of the program. I had an email last week from Roby and Roby said my sisters how Boris are starting to flower. But mine don't show any sign of butts. Last year mind bloom late as well what can thank you to hurry up their flowering. Well Roby how porous it's the genus hello Boras. And they are a great shade garden plants. We love them because most of them have ever. In foliage that they're there in the winter so that's a good thing that's number one. We also love them because they own in the winter. And so that's number two they're you know they Florida time of year when little else as flowering we love them because the flowers are long lasting. And coming up a wide variety of colors. Oftentimes. Itself hybrid eyes and Cedar Rapids Garten itself change gardeners everywhere love there teleport. Why are yours not starting to flour and your sister's arm while I have a feeling. You have two different types of help horse here. There are there's several species of how the boards that's number one. That there are two basic types. That most home gardeners have number one and they either have to Christmas rose. Or they have a land in roles and the Christmas rose comes in to bloom. After christmastime at that come into flour some time. From November Irsay. Into and through December and most of them stay in flower in January and February as well. But the other type of talent for them and then rose. Does come into flour until all the ads closer to land. And I have a feeling you have a land and rose your sister has a Christmas rose IP on that said. Even in the world of Christmas roses there are some common flower earlier than others are. One of the popular varieties you'll find now at this time of the year in garden centers. It's a variety of the Christmas rose called Jake. And Jacob this part of the gold collection of hello Boris. And it is one of the earliest flowering of the Christmas roses. Which is why you frequently find it sold as a holiday plan. In not only garden centers at this time of the year but even supermarkets. And stores like whole foods and Trader Joe's. You will see that Jacob sellable war for sale that is and it is because. Growers can get it to butt out and flower starting at the end of November and chip it out and it makes a great. Holiday gift plan and you know sometimes people have it inside for a little while and then put it outside. And planted in the ground to enjoy it as a carton plant from then on. Jake up happens to be very early flowering and that's you know that's one reason why it kind of dominate the market right now for December sales. There are other Christmas rose as the come into bloom later on I'm not only in later in December a little later in January as well. I don't think that there's anything basically UK in two ruby to hurry horse along. You know it's clearly on its own timetable whether it is Christmas rose or Atlanta roads. And it's you know I said there's nothing really to hurry it up. Okay. Don't think of fertilizers to answer that's not going to put it on a different clock as well. Plants are currently people they have their own. Clocks their biological rhythm says where. I also had an email last week from our. And Carla says wait just a new car it's installed. And our house stinks like chemicals. My mother says house plants will help issue right. At delicious a great question Karla I like this question first evolve. There are many. Not only carpets that furniture. That you know they kind of the term is off gassing they give off. Gases from the materials that their main. And it's real pleasant time. First I would encourage you to crack windows a little bit get some fresh air going in your house she might even want to put out a couple of fans. But it by an exhaust hand somewhere on the second floor. And a man where if you have a second floor and I am where at the carpets are to move the air program so that's number one. Will how us plants help with this well houseplants. Do. Filter indoor air pollutants and there are. Houseplants debt. Efficiently. Absorb. The chemicals that are given off by in new carpets and that sort of thing. Now you would have to go out and gets Afro houseplants it's not that. You know you're going to go out by a spider plant terrorist Scheffler or a piece literally and bingo your problem is going to be solved okay. I wish it were that easy but it's not however. I would be as concerned with the note that health issues of voters that you were smelling. As well as the older itself. And plants will help with that so. Getting you know a few large houseplants. And putting them in the area is a good idea. Now of course if you're bringing houseplants into a house with new carpets. You will want to get some good shots to put underneath. Those house plants so they let the carpets right away. And I always advise people to get a lark saucer for their house plants don't get one just barely fits the pot. That's not going to hold much of an overflow water. You wanna get. Saucer that has at least two inches of room on all sides from the pot. And one that has that at least around an inch deep so that it could hold a fair amount of water and that way you'll be able to watering your plants well. There sponsors will hold an overflow of water. Without spilling it onto that. Case of transplants a chance. Give them. I had. Was talking with some people. Earlier today about misting houseplants and how it really is necessary. That's one of the myths and MacBook coffee for roses that houseplants need to be missed it or that misting has a good way to raise humidity around plants. Basically what raises the humidity program plants is more plants. So if you like your ear to the more humid and side not only for the plants benefit for your benefit. I get more plants put a whole collection of plants in front of several windows. Rather than just having won in her room that's going to help with your indoor air quality that's going to help with you or. Indoor humidity. Which is more pleasant for people as well as Ford plants of course. 6172666868. We have lines open it's a good time to get through. And of course on my callers are being entered in to the drawing to win late bloomer how to guard comfort ease and simplicity. In the second half of life. This is a book by Chan pills. And covers all different. Manner of guard. Meaning it covers you know how not to use a lot of weeds. It covers things like your occasions as Adams. And now how to. Create new beds easily Scarborough are wide for a range of information and interesting. Pictures as well so I think nice little book here and one of my listeners will win a copy of let's go to line one and talk with Mary. Mary welcome to the garden variety. Thank you and Merry Christmas I tell you Merry Christmas to you too. I only bought a house in union and still trying to identify somebody different bushes and things that are carried. Out. One in our says. It's Billy tall and now it's probably about forty. And it hit. Kind of chilly the green leaves. And it ended up it's like little red varies on it. Com. You know toward going to put the ball in the east churn kind of a purple color. But yeah and then they tell us intentionally. Though you haven't elect. I'm worth that bear is hanging on little stadiums are worth they break up next to the Stan. With thing on the branches sort of like right on the branches. I don't know I have to you know yes they did take. How large are how larger delays at the leaves. Three inches longer. The current yet. Yeah there at least three engines and be a sum up what little bit thicker. But might peel winter Barry holly. Which is a decision to list holly. Net com. You know an and that that could discredit it gets to be a fairly big. Big portion usually the berries are eaten by the birds fairly early on. So that. Sure it can't get. You know I don't know. Is it nature can occur push before you know. Some of them do yes some of them to try to think of what else that would be that would have been Aires in the fall well it does that at the Lawrence. So it's not a Barbieri. Because that was her towards those that area now leads to replace. Well I I would say and and are the flowers at all noticeable. I. The flowers. Other have to be flowers guarded that buries there have to be flowers so it's ours. Are ours are. Our could be the flowers to start noticeable my guess is it's a winter Barry holly. So if you quoted if you go on line then and go to Google and click on image Google image. And tight end winter Barry holly and sealed that looks like you're shrub. Volcano was that anything that could be will certainly am not. Wild about having you know just stands as planned concession trying to Powell you know. Well I think that just about every plant can't be moved the plant that might be act now that I'm thinking evidence that might you buy Burnham. And I burnhams bloom in the spring you would notice the flowers on a five burn them so. What I would do is wait and see if it it's first off you don't like it there if you don't like it does it to a split next year house by all means more but in the spring. No matter what it is okay. But it might be if I Burnham because many by burnhams have purple leaf color. In the fall and red berries cell and that would be a commonly the planted bomb foundation plan. Maybe in certain people do put him out the Ponte a little bit. That's right that's right. To a parent I. I appreciate your call. We have to take a quick break when we come backward ticking Holler at the phone calls and we will be right back after a little bit of business on the voice of Boston WRKO. And welcome back to the guarded like the emcee elf friends are anywhere let's go right to the phones and talk to Joseph lien notes on line very. No I only welcome to the garden lately what's happening. I appreciate. Being able to listen to your show on the day before Christmas time really. Appreciate that when I heard ya get on talking about bloggers I had to call in to say that them. I hate list. At the plant table at a Christmas there at at church last month. And somebody head. One of the organizes. Has put on the plant table a pair of lockers. That he had bought in donated. It felt nobody bought them I am so glad because they see and I just love them there are bright red and some wind difficult. He shell and it's designed. Ethnic Indian made in the US today. They are made in the USA and you know what else about them. Is at some point years from now you'd decide you know that there either worn out or you know longer Wear them. You can send them back to the company and they recycle they oh my gosh I'd let 50% of those shoes are made out of recycled materials I am. Not know if you put them that the K great now that it took off. And get so comfortable and that just loved to design perhaps Colin. One that can have brought in his cell at the plant table what is found the two sides death has dug up the fall. Taunted in the cycle coffee cup. And now put a hole in them and mental process and just a play on the windowsill and they do growth though of course but. You cut them and I knew the full facts balloting and what I'm hoping to do. Is to be able to kept them out the end of April Monday. I think he'll be able to do that out and I hope I do I think you'll be able to do that. So far. So good at they'll have about ten under the light on some ala. And if you on the windowsill and I've learned to love that film elements from the in the fridge and. Hadn't and in the soleil right club Jolene apparatus that the bag because we've got to get to three mark calls were running at a time Maryland Maryland welcome to the apparently eighty. Well I'm really impressed you're working today. Can and it could be as they act tapes show and I always plan my Saturday around your program anyway our tax and very disappointed in what I did. Because we had no blossoms last year I decided to do a little. Erica grandma come on my blue I courageous but I'm but I did it in July so. Well eight you may you that you may have fewer flowers next year. Yes now anyway that's. I am going to tomorrow. Go out and do what stopped for the second time. I'm first I'm like get it I think it was a little too windy but should be all right tomorrow right I mean. I think it's our right to pray it's it's kind of it's kind of questionable whether it will prove rarely has any effect on a stranger. Like I would. I am on my roses. As alias. OK yes the failure is definitely. He put out a route on broad and probably not. And that I don't know we've got my rose bushes. Because it hasn't been called but I thought out and but I'd I wouldn't do the will profile and the roses I I do it on the alias or rhododendron. Our RE CI. I hate to see it I would. I don't I don't think it it can't hurt but I don't think it'll help anything. Right let's go to Judy who's online to work or rushing a little bit to get everybody in here. Track meet by the way I had. Spock played a lot of talent what them year round and it was felt comfortable. Fortunately and I ordered them on my and if I didn't change so I have to get into the gear solid core at them and not a a question about a play I'd add. Is this what about a month ago when I followed one of the mock execution casket. I can ill cannot back and exciting book and if not the textbook. I can found out what it needs and patient all walks in the water needs and what helmet and but spent fuel. Go back on the program that you delete Saturday night to teleport. No one tell me now I know and they panic and I would never get that information. In any book. I have Beck yes she you could leave yulia program because. I just didn't share answering his and not only block it and felt mostly question any day. Given when you have that can. That I would map can get a book and not make yes. It's not written yes yes I think that Campbell and pollution and we are now we need to see only saint. Yeah well. No Latino implant it. The only thing about it. Yeah Judy let me just I'm quickly say that I'll I'll I'll maybe talk about some of my favorite books next week. And it is an and that could be a good year wrap up. You know conversation. Let's see if Denise we can get that done him you know forty seconds what if that's what they say Denise. Denise. I did I lose it needs. That's too bad well. I would do a little wrap up of common questions and my favorite books next week. I do I have to tell you folks that next week is going to be my last show on WRKO. Was not my decision but the management. Decided that they are putting on other programming. Act after the first of the year at this time so. I will be back with you one more time. Here on February Cano and showed join me next week will have a a year wrap up we'll talk about plants books. And all kinds of good things so we'll have fun. On the last program I MC Alfred are right the cart lady. And this is WRK. Oh. Yeah. Playing. Yeah. These kids.