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The Garden Lady, December 31

Jan 1, 2017|

The Garden Lady airs every Saturday on WRKO from 12-2 p.m. Host C.L. Fornari covers a variety of gardening and landscaping topics, discusses her favorite plants and answers all of your gardening questions. Regular segments include "From Yard to Table," "Welcome to the Garden" and "Have I Got a Plant for You!"

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Welcome to. Garden sleep on WRKO. Join the show like 6172666868. Welcome. To the guard. Lately I am dark lady time and see now for an irony. And it is my extreme pleasure to be here with you until 2 o'clock. Where were talking about landscapes bonds house plants ours. Homegrown veggies shrubs and trees. And we always start at the program with welcome to garden party where we explore what's happening with plants cart right now. And right now it's time to look forward and it's time to look back back over. 2016. In the garden. With your plants. To it is you know think about what worked what didn't work what you want to repeat what you would like to do differently. And of course to look forward. To what you are going to grow in plan. In 27. Jeans so we're going to do all of that this morning. This afternoon I should say on that carton lady ever going to zero in for the first half an hour. On a particular plan. Because it is my great pleasure to have as my guest today Gerald Hafner. Joseph all is a blocker a photographer and more to the point doc holiest guys welcome to all. You did well I'd love that it's that holiest time it's apparently. Right. And and I actually. Met to roll out through Twitter I believe where he is the coal this guy on Twitter. Add. I became intrigued because it now. As soon as some person. Zeroes in on one plan my ears perk up and I want to know why so. Joseph how my listeners a little bit about yourself. Well we'll go into why call us. Well I have been following. It means. For about forty years. When I say following yet I mean I'm with following my wife around if she'd be doing herb garden. Yeah I with the photographer and she was the grower. And I stumbled on a year in the garden sent there a colinas plant. And I said to my wife we already decked out my mother used to grow that. And I say you know improve the year and so we would do well with it as he sits in the years. I think he had in that she said no you poor thing you. Just repeated this same plan every issue Borden 21. I know. Biggies at time fifty or forty years ago. It seemed like all the coal is look alike. It is role plain and drab looking and compared to the ones today you use you when he really remember it. That's how I kind of stumbled into holiest from my mother to my wife suit to me. So now only it is the only plant that I really know anything about. Actually well I do you know. Do you try and grow different colleagues every year do you grow some of the statements some different how'd you. You lose the plant in your parents. It started out with a warrant and it worked out good so the next year we said well why don't we trying more. And now we're up to about eight or ten different ones. Yeah some of them in better repeated. Are the ones that we take cuttings from the previous year and we used for the next few. And many of them on a new plans that we buy. And now that the cataloged seasons started I see that there's a whole bunch that are coming out that in two with 2017. So although we've said Lou gonna cut back we'll probably get a few of those still. Yeah yes it it it's I think it's important to try something new right. And you know if it's always looks a little different and it's a little more colorful. And I get it. You know it's grabbed his grip spit Cawley is is definitely something special. It truly is well if he adds interest to me show in the past few years how the breeders and hyper guy serves. Have. Looked for a couple of characteristics in new coal is they've looked for bigger leaves right. Yes and of course great coloration. And they've also looked for plants that don't set flowers. As early in the season. Talk the talk a little bit about flowers and uncle yes. Well is the in most garden errors and most growers when they see flowers they think that that's what their goal. When the concept code yes one's holiest people see four hours. They to see very much question. Because they know that if its holiest start of flour. It could be in the beginning of the end. Holiest takes its strength to the flowers. And you'll see that they leaves aren't as vibrant anymore. So they doing and I'm getting as these flowers. Clip as as as soon as possible. And that's usually put the the the end of this season so although is that they may. Look nice of that flower we don't look for a pro we have flowers we look for coal leaves leaves that's these the ideal part of the coal. Yeah that's the showy part isn't it the flowers are kind of wimpy and they're tiny they're little purple. And they very quickly go to seed and then the plant decides to packet happen you know right off into the sunset. Look I I have I gotta get frightened and in late August early September when I'd start to see. A lot of flowers right or that's that's the end of the season it's. Coming to an end quickly exit. Right right. Well do you have a particular favorite Cole is sort of a particular favorite color. I like red. It anything but so is there are so many different gradations. I've read then there's so many different types besides I was looking at Europe blog and you have. Great plans it's full of the redhead. Yes solid race after all kinds divided into could have been a mix colors so well what I like to do is put. It's solid with some kind of a mix. In large hot. And then hope that that's gonna work out interest and. Yeah yeah I think you know with which colinas I think. More is more right more is better and I agree with you sometimes in a pot putting a few together that are different in leaf color. And have them. Mingle in together that could be a really interesting lock. And and the big gap to be careful because I I I dynamic state. Last summer. I decided to put one variety in a pot and put them instantly you know. Like a triangle. We've won all the variety in the middle. I think it would make a nice border. I neglected to read the little card that comes with it. If if I read a little card that comes with it I would read is that the outer part. Grow much smaller. This one that I've put in the middle. That it was if I didn't have anything in in the middle yes. Yet how a label. How how long did it take the words on the outside to kill off the middle of a. Immediately. Polio is grosso quickly. I accidentally looked over at one day and I predicted it was something growing in the middle. It was gone when he did holiest it runs to feed. And it. It's around that foliage that that sort. Of by. You have to read the instructor and it's an important part of August. Yeah I think important part of guard in general but you know what there are I would venture to guess tool that every single person. Listening to your story and it including this radio host. Has done something similar so we've all that that was brought church to have had 98 in the spring. Without the sort of consulting the background information. Then we you know grow the consequences are right. You you know it it's it goes back to. In instructions. You know sometimes you combines something and it's got a 300 page manual if there while I am I I I can't go through it. Well even when a practical plan when you have built a little. Hartford county where that. You think well you know how important can it possibly be on Cawley is is it can be pretty important it's also important it's Verisign has been so. It's something they and and so on and most are really more prone to like in shape. So if you put him in the wrong place you're gonna have problems so. It. That's I think one of the big differences and in addition to a later bloom time. One of the big. Changes that I've seen in colinas in the past fifteen years or so is that there are. Increasing numbers of varieties that you could grow in sun or shade. And I've on on my blog you mentioned the Cole is on my block on today's blog post I put a picture of a container. And that's container is in. Full dead on. South facing sun not only that but above asphalt and on my driveway yes. And that hole is thrived in there all summer well and that's a big changes in the. Yes it you know it's it's kind of in interest thing because they it in the coal is that conserve prize in this time. Do we do we had several that have done that too but I also find you have to be really careful about ordering. Because we've had cases where there's the holiest in this time where we awarded him in the morning. And on an extremely sunny and hot day you come back in the afternoon and you better awarded him again because they are role will to direct. So yeah sure sure you you have to be really. Observance. The foliage and in this side. Yeah. Yeah you're gonna put an incentive to be attentive and and provide enough moisture. Well listen Joseph we have to take a quick break and I'm talking with jaw Hefner she is the colinas guy is a blog called that the coal yes guide dot com and he is also a photographer and he is the coal is guy on Twitter will be right back with jolts method for seeing the holiest from the year to year. Here on the card lady on the voice of Boston WR Cano. Welcome back to the garden. Maybe I'm Danielle from Ari and I am here until 2 o'clock I'll be with you about plants and gardening. Yeah it is my pleasure in our first half hour to have Joseph Hefner. He is thought Cole is sky is also a photographer. And blogs about Cole is at the dock holiest. Dot com. So so do you keep any that you mentioned at that that you keep a couple of call is from year to year how do you do that what's your method. While we have a very scientific map. We take it cutting at the end of this season. We take it inside. We take over that has quarter net and we put the credit unions are. And within a couple of weeks the roots grow like man. And that's the whole thing and they sit on this table for the whole winter. And my kitchen is and especially bright. And we just weeks. And I changed the water. That changed a lot of theory I don't. The Warner. Occasionally will add some water because it it'll of the evaporated. But that's. It is slated. And does it get. It's doesn't get kind of swamping. Is the deal leaves or basically 40. You know one of schools today it looks like a plan. But it has this tremendous number of routes that you see in the war and it looks number you elect a fish tank again have been patent here. And that I love it deal. Way of doing it yeah we take it out in the spring where when it's appropriate that the plans we've put immense power. And it is but a miracle expect that within a couple of weeks they and they they come back and they grow. It is a little about it because my wife hates to throw away you know a planet or something it felt like she wants to capitalize. And we we don't have room and outs or we don't have the right. I windows to put big pot of Kohl here so we decided you know it's the beginning that we tried that parting message. And it it ECB that this secretive apple uses. Is it if you can grope Cole yeah you probably can't even stand up. Begins. At its plant in the world to grow. And from I think it is you've got one that's alive it wants this Seau lies just about forever. And it and that's that's the way broad immunity if you want to go through the seat route you can do that Terrell. But it is so easy once you have one especially if it's that variety that July. It's so easy coming paint it that it is. Anybody can do it. Is that that's my expertise in and Colin put him into Europe. Container of water and eleven sets. Excellent excellent well I love it you know I often say shall plant succeed against all odds and here and you know we. Which might as well try something right because what's the worst that could happen is the worst that could happen if the plant will die while. Fortunately we're not depending on our annuals for our winter food so. And I love the fact is you know we've discovered this way and that war so good trio that's wonderful. Well I wanna talk to you. Little bit about photography because I know a lot of people like taking photographs of their yard and their card and now. And you do it is quite a day you've written articles about NF photography and and Tom what to do so yeah my listeners a couple of chips for. Taking photos of their own plants in gardens. Well I think that that the basic tip that Japan. Follow and this applies to any kind of photography. Is once you get ready to take a picture and you start its camera in your hand. Moving closer because you probably not close enough. And now with with things like iphones. You can literally be five or six inches away and get to close its use of the closeup. It that you could imagine so that when it comes to coldly if I have a couple of sixes on the block. What we you you get in really close and you conceded. Two. Leaves growing at the same time in. Really good deep tea. Another thing when it comes to the garden photography especially. Is I know that. Gardeners. Unlike me gardeners like this not. I like to be in an air conditioned room with gardeners like to be in this side. Taking pictures in the sun can be very difficult. So where possible I try to be initiated. And if I wanna take a picture of an individual plan and it happens to be sunny out. I have my officials. Gardening body my wife with me and I think you mobile me here and can't fish cattle on this. Plant and it immediately becomes open trade and it's because it takes a much better picture. And so there is that third tip that I would give people is now that we take so many pictures digital. We end up with a number. Of fire you know becomes hard to lose 60 really are 2604. You have to renamed the ones that are really important to you can find them later on. I have good news is that I just looking at my computer yesterday they go back from 2004. If I was gonna go back and look at them by number. You know that's that's. Big chart. You have to identify them as much as possible not all been at least since the one that you really think. Our. Great it's not my favorite picture which I took from them the Brooklyn botanical gardens. I definitely have that went and it's says BBG. As opposed to anything else because that's my favorite picture and it's about ten years old. So this is it if you follow those three little tidbits that chances are you gonna do better when it comes to. Barton photography and preserving your memories that's it thank. You know people. Especially real garden as they wanna preserve the memory of the garden. And they also won her remember. Innings of what they did you know it's like what do you do fight years ago way to put it. Sure you'd. If he I have Jefferson's books about how he can't maintain is far. He wrote down records of where he planted everything. He put down that debate any plans that it and then he put down information about what happened. Well now we can do it much easier by taking pictures of especially with our Smart problems. Right right yeah you can you're out in the garden and you've got your phone with you and you can take a picture of what. What you know you've planted youth then come. Two months later when your update you can take a picture of how it looks at you that you. Instantly her very quickly accumulated great garden diary down here. Yes you do an eight it's like we are talking about it the year planting or they get soaking it in it and in the war. It it thinks it's a great thing to have a picture of the plan it's sitting in a bowl basically in what do. And then a few months play that you see it when it is grown up it's like the baby and then you have the big guys it has grown up from. Excellent. Well Jill I am just so pleased that you're able to join me to talk about holiest today. And remind people that name of your web site and how people can connect with you on Twitter. This is same thing but goalie is sky about Tom and Nicole Lee is a guy on Twitter very simple it's to find it. And I'd be happy to help anybody in any way that I can't. That's nice well wonderful I've been delighted to have you on the show to H oh and I. Wish you and your wife a happy new year. Same to you and it's been my honor. I think yeah. Bob why. Well that was that you all have her and he is the Colleen guys and the Carolina Stan twitters and he has a passion for our plan to. And I loved the fact that he's run with this passion even though he says that his wife is is the real Gartner so. That has been fun. Get to know him. N com you can see we'll talk later in the second hour actually more about Cole so if you are coal in Spain on. Or if you're an optical Stan I'd give me a call. There a couple of things I want to do today by the way first off you have an acre questions give me a call today because this is my last. Program on WRKO. A decision was made up on high that they are going to replace the currently it was something else. In the new year and so this will be my last garden lately from twelve to 20 so you've got to play question. Ask you today. And down will we Willis it was kind of stay tuned and see what's brewing for 27. Team we may get some sort of podcasting or something going here for the cart lady on February KO so stay tuned density. What might need germinating. Is in the months to come. In any case in the hour and a half to come will be taking your phone call 617. 2666868. I'm the garden ladies in Alfred Ernie and this is WRK. Now. Welcome back to the garden lady. Feel sorry and it. O'clock today talking about plants that aren't going to go over a few basic things I want to leave it. My last program. That I what you carry with it. To the new year and beyond about plants in her hand. We'll take your calls that. Then a few of the highlights of questions that came in in 2016. 6172666868. Let's go to the phones and talk with Carroll who was on line one Carroll welcome to the garden lady. Thank you very much I enjoyed it felt Farrelly and I have your book the cocktail hour Bart. And I had a question about that fragrant garden. Have a light to fight for area right near my patio door that I like plant either a perennial or Irish Ronald. That will be freight rates in the summer I have lovely spring. Bullets that is pregnant but in the summer admitting that it. Right okay well there are a couple of plants and I would recommend to you'd. First of all you would in a two by four area. You would have room to plan to an act 2 AM Brunette days CT EE LA that's in the book. And in fact. The kind of hale quite quite pinkish white buyers that are in the on the cover of the book that's act hair Brunette. And that homes toward the end of the summer and early fall but it's a fairly narrow upright plants so. You know you you would have room for. One. At least London and maybe even two in that area you could also Carroll put some. Oriental lilies that would bloom in. In August in that Spain. And they are highly scented. And then you would also be able to around the base of those things plants from Sweden with them an annual that it's cemented you know all summer long. OK let them. I was wondering. For a fragrance in this area as a height range and a a couple of held borders. Well look what now would fit speed good. It's split up. Damn not to gap but it gets full sun during the summer is wood eight BO OK the has weathered the bacteria. Actuant yes it tolerates quite a bit of sun it also tolerates I'm quite a bit of shade so it's a pretty versatile plan. So yes both those and oriental lilies would do well in San. OK so wild ride that and you don't. Request didn't you mention. Not hock that and your book. Rick. Is that something that I also think about or. Not that size area that cost will get about four feet in diameter. So that would fill. You know the entire place so much that another spot that is that you can plant a plant that would get four feet in diameter than you can use the Haas December fragrance yeah. A state until April they're now. Look what they act via. Actually area an end and then play at all you know stick it in symbolism because. That will be frequent awe and a few years. If he has the seated realism it'll plant itself every year as well. All are I can't get the seed packages of the listen as planned around the city. Exactly and and once she gets that going to happen every year you never have to plan but again. All okay another. Big oriental lilies any recommendations on which one. They're solid credible but I think probably the the one that's the that there are two that are really popular one is the shorter and start gave her. Yeah and then the other is the taller white castle Blanco. I mean castle blank has pretty much the gold standard I think in terms of fragrant rulings. All right. Well thank you I enjoy your show and I listened to lead and appeared Maryland Fayetteville we're quite far. That's nice I appreciate hearing that Caro. Right take care let's go to line five and talk with Wayne. Wayne welcome to the garden lately. And our young lady how Oriole I am well thank you. I'm sorry to hear about the change in programming we all know what about the mighty buck but the. Well it is you know that that's. That could be and you know what will just deal with whatever and as gardeners we learned to be flexible. And it's so I'm prepared for it you know new opportunities as well so. That's what it has arm that was actually the purpose McCall I just wanted to thank you for all the hours that thousands of lives you touched. But real quick you know an hour ago I went to my little nature walk across straight. And I've always been fascinated more so as I get older a ball. The cult was rock walls that you find in the middle of nowhere. Rains. And land like oh my god at night and from my brief brief surge. Hundreds of years ago there was all farming land. It was farmland yeah but I cleared him. Yeah no I love that too when believe it I used to live out in the mid Hudson Valley and you'd go for walks in the woods and running through all of these woods. Words stone walls and it was hard to imagine but it was all farmland at one point so. And it an especially the size of some of these rock. Bands like. There's a man who lifted that rocket built that wall it's amazing but my question what to that was a few hundred years ago. Was obviously all private land and now it's state property was. Where the state paid. That person for their land and in the present just never lived there I mean what. Well that could've been but it also could have been farmed at a time. Wayne and people came in here or the woods. Nobody knew who owns the woods nobody really don't the woods they cleared the woods they started farming in there it is right. Some might have even been formed at a time land. Is it seemed like nobody owned it right. And it also might have been farmed at a time and then because it was so rocky and at what such clean soil. A farmer then abandoned it and moved on to better start homeland a lot of the land in the northeast people were farming because they Wear. Kind of desperate and and it wasn't great farm as a. And again I looked at the swamp in the rocky terrain like that in the you know. Of the current crop of committee has been exactly. Slate thank you so much again happy new year wish you well it's always been a pleasure to hear you. Thank you I appreciate that very much blame that is very nice to hear. I want to leave I thought with you here stance. This is my last program on WRKO. That would I want to remember a few things going forward with plants and your yard your garden your plants inside a tetra. One thing that I think it's really important to remember with plants. Is that what goes on below. What goes on below ground level it goes on in the root level. Is reflected a pop. That's important arts as partners as homelands capers. Because. You know if her plan isn't. Growing well for example. It's not heeding the size that it should grow. We need to think about and not necessarily. That. Oh well maybe we need to fertilize a wetter but we need to think about what might be going on down below. Because of a plant's roots are constricted. Either because the soil is very compact. War. C. There's a lot of rocks down there that we don't really know about. Or maybe there's even an old driveway. And twelve inches down underneath surface of the soil that we don't have any ideas there. You know there's something that is restricting. Root growth on a plan. That's going to restrict what planet does pop pop. And that is an important thing to keep in mind. On the opposite side if we plant a plan. Ian good to rich soil right. And were watering it deeply once and awhile and it's got all the nutrients it's it's going to create a nice big root system. And if it create and nice big roots system what's gonna happen on time. The plant is going to roll march upon. And so. That's important information because if you're aware. We you know we're planting our foundation plantings let's say in really good rich soil and we're treating them really well on our fertilizing them. And didn't grow very big and we start to say. All they're getting out of control. Now there just growing according to their genetics and they're growing haul up on top because they've got these and I speak root systems down below. So just keep that in mind as you go on and you are. Planting things. That what goes on below is reflected a pot. If a plant in a pot isn't growing very big it might be into small pot the roots might be too constricted. And so constricted roots in the pot. Plant isn't going to grow very tall up a pop. So keep that in mind another thing I want to keep you to keep in mind. As you go. Into the coming growing here is that whenever our growing plants we need to think about how nature grows. And we may want to immediately. Nature as much as possible. Because nature has been growing plants for far longer than me. And sell for example when we see that nature. It does not fertilized. By watering. Plants with a blue liquid re going in nature fertilizers her plants is with organic matter. That rots from the top down. Well that's important information that we can emulate in our own gardens we can put. And in each of compost or chopped a lead as mulch on our own cartons. And put those organic nutrients there that are going to feed the plants from the top down kind of breakdown into the soil. We can do that with with mulch. Bark moral component nice. Inch or two of bark mulch. Down in our current and that's going to feed the soil from the top down and that something that nature that so. We need to always remember immediately what natured as when where. When we're treating plants to think about how nature grows a plan. And that gives us quality information. We're going to take a break when we come back or call 6172666868. And more talk about plants and gardening and the garden lately and this is the voice of Boston that you are playing well. I'll come back. The garden it these things like seven. Six paint. Is the number you call to join me on the program today let's go to might want to talk to Jan Chan welcome to the cart lady. Hi if she again but I just well I'm since he got. And I'm Halloween on the trail of wean. And so seeing that that you are not going to be on the spot on the radio anymore but you have given us so much good advice over. But he the course of time. And I see in him and our. In Britain Gartner put all important partner and I so appreciated last week when you key if you're an fights because I think it would take care of our feathered friends. I'm I posted they have whistle could. Did did you incorporated dep because they are part of state that they the whole eco Croat church. Can't product I mean not cut cut cut thousands that come to my yard but I also now. We need to warn people about. And they need to eat to the Castro. Old my gosh I can see that Castro take one of my. A ground kitchens are a couple of when he sparrows. M I know that they have to feed their young to. But I'm buyer also birds aren't they they I think it actually quite beautiful but they aren't they are very old patient. Right on the top of my shepherd corporate. Yes. And they. Our chat but and I put the window and of course I've got a dog in the window perhaps you and I'm paying on the window and an eight shouted at. This isn't fair that we're getting out to eat too. And on an issue select our pocketbooks though. Let him on BP you'll appear at him somewhere that that will be able to to. Com park with you know. I am sure that that will be the case I I really am so it just you know keep keep your ears open in 2017. And then wal. Well have something new germinating on shore. Oh I hope so because she heard the best I've got a thousand times because I hope a thousand times. You worked at best. Well I think I I really if you chill happy New York happened here but there are fine. By now a happy new year absolutely. You know as I reviewed back. Every every time I have a call I make a little note about what the you know the person's name and what they called out. And so at the end of the show I have a paper that has people's names and the subject that they had caught the pass. And that means that at the end of every month and at the end of every American looked back over these papers and and get a sense of what people have asked about most frequently. And threw out you know the next hour. I also want to mention that the top tens. Things that people asked about in 2016. It's it's interesting too to see. And it attempts most popular thing people. Called in them now. Was quiet death most notably butterfly bushes and roses after the winter. Followed fairly closely by Heath and Heather. And let them. And there's a reason for that those are all plants that don't do well. With erratic wintry temperatures they'd do better when the temperature starts to get cold in November continues to get called. Is very called over the wintertime and it warms up in the spring. But if you could remember last winter it was quite warm through the holidays. Right. And then it's in January it was warmer than usual but started to get a little cooler and then the temperature plunged. In February. Warmed up in March that called in an April. That type of roller coaster temperatures in the winter it's harder on plants. Then a steady decline of temperature cold weather and then warming for the spring. And typically. We see those plans that I mentioned the butterfly bush the grosses me he apparently haven't we seen notes declined. And dieting in the winter like that so that was probably the hence. Most popular call. Of 26 team that night most popular call was a combination. The emperor and camp. Rabbits eating my dot dot dot fill in the blank. Year eating my Tata to fill in the blank. And it's the interesting thing about both rapids and AMP is that they are both. Urban forests and so some of arc controls for. Bambi and stumper. Are similar. Both of them being Herbert followers that they are beacons as I often say they don't eat animal products are. So far ornamental plants you can either use a store bought repellent. Or you can make your own and the recipe for making your own rabbit or deer repellent is one B eight. One cup of milk. And a half gallon before. And the key is to strain it through it dish towel so that there aren't any aches Collins left and it. To clog up your spare and is present on your ornamental plants now needless to say you cannot use this on your vegetables you don't want to. Rotting ink on your vegetables. But you can use it on your annual senior hostage and various thanks. Control of year is also greatly enhanced with wireless. Year fifth. You can Google it to fake you know find out how it works that. I control last year on my. Two and a half acres of property. With six of them. And it doesn't work by radio waves are sounder any of those bogus things go to wire last year fans dot com and you can find out how works. Another good product for both bodies in T here is a vegetable garden. Our motion activated sprinklers both there are two of them one is called spray away. And one is called scarecrow. Both of those who work very nicely. In vegetable gardens for an assortment of animal problems but. Rabbits and Bambi. That year among them let's go to line one and talk with Eric Eric welcome to the garden variety. I I do as far as I use this is a very depressing day for me if it. You're the optimists saying that happen on this Saturday. I think you know I really appreciate. I really in that Jackie always. I'm very disappointed that I hope that. You can definitely find their notes somewhere new but now that you could stay in new web site. Oh yes my website the garden ladies days my website call and so then you aren't absolute that go into this. Your opinion about stops we do that you helped so much. And they are really doing news you know you brighten everyone's so I'm not just speak for myself and speak to right wind. You right now as Saturday morning on adult day barring gay you know our alone or whatever. I just wish you the best in the air. And you know everything that I just hope very incomes viewing you you know have an awesome time. When you do then yelled. So I appreciate that so much Eric you don't know how much that. Raises my spirits in my heart. Well he did I ever you know I'll keep in touch with all my listeners in my website at our lady dot com. Remains that antenna. I'll be you know having two books out all of that as well so cheap to infer what is coming up. And in the meantime what is coming up is another how are at the garden. Lady here on WRKO. Playing. And yeah. He can. Welcome to. Started leaning on WOR KL joined the show like 6172666868. We'll now. The guys played eight times he helped sorry I am the cart. We always start out the second hour with the question my question to you. Is do you want more column for. If so have got a plan for you. We commonly call it holiness that is in the genius play transplants but holiest I think it always will be. And it is ain't. Perennial plant in warm tropical variance. But in. The northeast it is an annual plant and you know used to be it was seen grown weight by six tactical issue concealed by six packs a call us. The problem with the C grown plants is they want to go to seat very quickly. And so it was a high maintenance annual because when they flower a lot you have to go out. And clip off the flowers in order for them to continue making phone it. Well the new generation. Of holiest plants is not only able to tolerate more sun. As I was speaking with Joseph about in the first hour. But the new generation of coal plants don't come into flour until well into the fall. And sell most of them do not required dead heading he'd they'd just you know grow big gorgeous leaves. And continued to delight us all summer long. If you Odyssey a selection of different Cole has the newer varieties do go to my block. Garden variety dot com and today I put out information about holiness as well as some pictures of some of the Koreans. That I have recently grow. 6172666868. And number you can call with your carton plant questions today it is our last program on to be working you know. There is any program changed starting. After the first of the year. And so you can. Continue to check out my blog and everything but if you have a garden questions give a call today kinds of that is. What we're here to do what we're talking about. I took that I wanted to leave you always some things to remember. As you move into the through the winter to the growing season next year. One thing to remember is that when it comes to products. More is not usually patter it's usually not better to put more fertilizer down warm more insecticide. Or more fungicides. We always have to remember with products to use them according to the directions on label really is the law. And not only that that. Sometimes we can even be depending on the product Morse bearings and even a label recommend itself. They keep that in mind that more is always better more mulch for example of some mulch is a good thing an inch or two. Of mulch is a good thing. A layer of twelve inches of march is not good. And we don't want a built up layer after layer after layer of march wanna let moats decompose into the soil. At this can be a problem sometimes with. Particularly commercial landscapes that are maintained by. A landscaping company and they just tap kind of a standing order to come and then and put down mulch every spring. And no one is really looking at the fact that too much marches being applied and it's not decompose quickly. And of course the thicker layer of march. The slower the decomposition is going to be because there's not enough air or even water there to help in the decomposition of that mulch. To have mark marks breakdown into the soil which we want to. Unit oxygen you need moisture. And if that Lara Welch has gotten to act even if there's an irrigation system. You know it doesn't even penetrate. Layer of mulch and certainly. As it becomes more and more compact there isn't enough air for the most decomposed ether so. Yeah when it comes to mulch layers Lance is more an inch or two who maximum. Is really better better for the health of the plan. I I talked in the first hour about the wisdom of emulating nature. Again nature doesn't you know down so nobody believes that there is twelve inches of decomposing leaves. On the source that's of the soil. If there are twelve inches it's twelve inches of hole leaves with a lot of air there right at once those leaks packed down like that get wet packed down. There's less than an inch there. Out of all those waves that felt they packed down to less than an inch. This is another example of of looking to see how natured dance. Now the place where you can do more. It's with plants more plants are better in fewer plants and diversity. In your landscape. Is always better. The more. To burst your plan tanks. The healthier your yard and garden will be some war. Wildlife you'll attract the healthier things will be because. If you know and inspectorate disease comes along that the tax one particular plan it doesn't attack all of the plant. So keep. Didn't mind as you go into the season's. Golfer diversity you don't don't. Plant all of the same plant if you love for instance Cole is certainly plants and coal gas and some of the science to find some plants to grow underneath the coal gas plant some of that. Met cart O'Neal coal dust when my favorite annuals. Plant some of that in front of the holiest and that will be. A nice bright green with a yellow flowers. That will contrast. And add to the beauty of the Cole he has with. Thing you know more colinas in case something comes along that. That hurts the call us. 6172666868. Is that number you can call with your car questions as they say. Good time to get through number one. And number two if you have a question about the coming gardening year. Good time to give a call. Let's go to line one and speak with Jill. Children. Joan welcome. Thank you and so are you going up fear and miss you terribly at. Learned so much from you my thanks to I really appreciate hearing John. Thank you. I don't see him moving into it skilling knew how and there's a lot of poison ivy that has been taken out but if I wanted to. Plants. Like it's made a garden in that area would that affect that at all. No the fact that poison ivy grew there in the past is that going to affect the tomato plants but you will of course need to do is we. Vigilant. About watching for a little baby poison ivy plants popping up. And the reason is they're probably several years of seats in the soil in that area. And seats whether it's poison ivy or something else it's can remain viable for many many years. And so just you know I was at a plays Joan and I called poison ivy acres. It grows quite well where I am. And whenever I go out to do any gardening I have in my pocket a couple of plastic bags. So that whenever I see a little poison ivy plant I can slip a couple times to bags over my hand. Grab the poison ivy plant you know with two layers of plastic between me in the plant. Well adopt them and I just invert the back him then I have the poison ivy plant nicely in haste in the bag and I can talks about. Now there are any people left in the ground. Quite well Perry playing its true you know. If there anyway it's how it first let me ask you this op almost more important. In the poison ivy is this area in full sun for your tomatoes. Right that's the only area so that's why I'm kind of limited yes. Okay well it fits in Tulsa and that's good. I'll ask you to fill up the soil. It do be alert for any roots in the area and always be sure what you are working the soil particularly for the first two or three years Jones. That you Wear gloves when you're working there if you see any roots if you're pulling up those gloves I'm pulling up the roots. You might even again news either plastic bags over your gloves or. Disposable gloves or something because you can't get poison ivy from the roots. Now eventually eventually any routes that are lives there will die so. After you know after a couple of years you don't have to be so concerned about it that. In the coming year is certainly just be aware that if you are pulling routes out of the ground that could be poised to Nappy Roots and you want to be sure your protected. You do very well okay well I hope he's kinda if that conversation and you know you're gonna be somewhat unhappy new year. Thank you happy new year to use to. We're going to take a quick break when we come back we'll be speaking with Jeffrey and perhaps you. 6172666868. I'm the garden variety and this is the voice of Boston to appeal art Kane well. Welcome back into the garden. Lady that I am the dark lady. As it is my pleasure to be here with you until 2 o'clock today. Well we're talking about flowers homegrown vegetables shrubs trees landscapes lines. And how splattered true holiday plans to give a call with your plants and gardening questions. 61726668682. Let's go to line five and speak with Jeffrey. Jeffrey welcome to the garden variety. Yet side there. And like everybody else. Really bummed out that you're not going to be on the radio. I think you'll meet two O Jeffrey who wasn't my choice I thought yeah. Is there it go. Their Tampa but not pick you up again later in the year you know. I have learned something with gardening Jeffrey and that is his never say never. And and you know that sometimes things grow against all lots of it just never know what's going to happen. And so just you know stay tuned check my website once and awhile I'll keep you up to date as to what might be happening in the future. Well. Yes but look that don't have computers how how would the oh well I guess radio station. You could check in with a you can give a call to WRKO once in awhile and find out what their plans are in terms of the garden variety. Yeah who pays them. From right now there's a plant questions as I had to handle an orchid that boomed. In the fall. Clinton. Trigger some of them. What boom like all summer long or something like that this one here estate boom for you know six to eight weeks. I don't know what kind of orchid it actually is. The source kind of brown did looking good either pale pink car lavandera right. Yeah actually like and you know B shares shall expect goals on the on the leafs who knows maybe. Late this particular plan at least I don't know if that's true with all the foot. About the size of baseball. What. Aside from the boom. Okay here and it. Okay and did you did you. Quiet in the summertime and it bloomed in the fog or heavy had a for awhile. It was given to me so I don't know the age of it looks like. They they've got tired of it I guess as someone that. The blue book and brought home important. Not knowing what would happen I just you know took care of it true or not this fall. I think it will boom week. Most plows could I don't know that much about them. For a week or two and you know yeah good good almost two months this thing. Yeah most orchids bloom for a long time. Is this plant in a plastic pot or is it in the clay pot. Plastic bullets could change it. Claims that's its report. Well it's it's sometimes is easier if you've had it for awhile and and it's it's doing well. Certainly you can leave that in the same pot for awhile sometimes with these markets they're sold in plastic pots and their. Packed students that come moss rather than Orkut bark. And the only problem with that is that over time. Not only can they become really root bound but more to the point over time. It it gets to be a little harder. Not defer for their roots not to rot. And so. It's a good fit and I think foremost orchids if you wanna keep them you know into the future. To. Cut open a plastic potter are pull it out the best you can and to potted in a slightly larger clay pot. And use orchid bark instead of the spectrum moss. And you can get or could market any garden center they have small packages have a. They won't get a little kid meets. Not knowing anything about take care of it. I took it out of the pot. And just left it in. A container of water. And in and somebody told me it doesn't need that much water clinic and get out of there yeah. So that put it back in dirt and that's that's when he announced the booming happened and that got my big coincidence so. How did this when he interesting that you have a didn't dirt usually market's most our kids don't grow well in her Jeffrey. Most are kids grow well and Orkut bark and the reason is these plants in the wild they don't live in the ground that grow on trees so I see. And and because there there apple fights that grow on trees they don't need dirt they get most of their nutrients from rain fall in random debris that kind of sticks in the trees. And so. They really do thrive the best if you pop them up in in and bark. And and then you watered them you know say every three to four days in the house. And and then let the water drained out and then they don't stay too damp. Because they're in the trees of course when they're growing and trees. Day and end there in the jungles of rainforest or whatever it rains you know every other day. So in the evening and it dampens them that the roots are out in the air they're not in. Soil or anything that's really happy. So I think eight it it's for the long term. I am in if it's if it's been doing OK and dirt for a few months that's pretty wonderful. But I think for the long term it might be better to transferred him to work at park. You know. And and who do you know what type of market that would be you know we were. Without seeing the flower it's hard to guess most Orkut that are sold in the United States these days are Fallon obsessed. However if it's got spackle Simon it could be something else. It's probably not a sit idiom because those bloom in the wintertime not in the fall. But it might be. You know might be some of the other plants. Trying to remember which which Orkut I had that was fall blooming and was it in pro am it was something else anyway there. Many others and I think it's probably not a Fallon opposites if it has sparkles on it was it is that kind of purple. Not a concern that the late. Late. They stepped off white. Is this could be her band that could be a van I suppose. But it but it was a ball. Well no greater than China's big yeah. Islam might prevent it it might be a van death VA and and they can be fall blooming as well so. Could be one of those or it might be something else what you might did you by any chance take a picture of it. Now not just figured it'll. Start. If you'd taken a picture at that you can take that picture into the gardens that are packed up some market market share in the pictures and what kind of market. And. Now some orchestrate a someone's playing that that's big boom for months and months honestly felt. Well not months and months and am most. Blue most along flowering and most of them once they start to get blown spikes the blooms like lasts about three. May before months. So some of them could bloom for a three or four months at a stretch. Yeah they I don't well candy orchid that blooms continually year round I don't know of any that do that. So let out a synopsis Orkut which is the most commonly sold today. I'm in combines talent lapses in grocery stores as well as garden centers and most of those problems spike last for about three months. Yeah you know and that another problem is gone. Boot system on its like maybe two feet. Maybe not quite that much long does that church I cut the best. Is it still thickened flashy and look alive or is it dried out. And tripled. Mom. Woke up some leads have fallen off and that's more or less just let them. But it's so green and. If it's you don't garrido life. Yeah it's it's still green and alive if it's not troubled and dried out I would leave it on for now. If it does happen to be a Fallon up says it will make it can make more flowers from that seems down. So I I I'd say that the percentage play for EU is to leave that stem on. If the stem starts to shrivel up and turn brown of course it looks like it's dying then by all means clip it off. You stand now. But it wouldn't have happened there's. Well if it's the whole thing is shriveled and drug cut the whole thing off but if it's. If half of it is still remains you know alive and put them out. Right in what looked like like other plants. Periodically. Where you and he's just you know prospects recorders to have personal. Yeah well it's usually in the with the market can't go wrong by leaving it took part that's on it if it's alive. And cutting off anything that looks tripled the debt. It. All right thanks and influence. I don't know what I do on Saturday now. Think you're really appreciate that had a you have a wonderful new year Jeffrey yet. Thing QQ. I appreciate all of your good wishes and I I. Have valued all of my loyal listeners more than you can now so. I will miss you all as much as you'll miss me. We are coming up on operate. I just let me quickly say that the number eight. Most popular call in 26 team was about growing apparently went to plant. He planned to in the fall September or October went to harvest at EU harvest it in late June or in June July. And how to know when it's time arsonist. When the plants to our ticket ill when the plants K Il late June or early July that's when you. Pull them out of the ground you let them or high. Q Choi currently that was a frequent call for 26 team we will do so mark plus of course mark of the phone calls. When we come back after the break. I'm the elf and Ariza garden variety. In your listening to the voice of Boston and WRKO. Welcome back to the garden lady and I am here. Killed 2 o'clock. Feel tonight. Always those cars checked in to information that is on my website and apparently he had com. In the coming months and growing season. And my books are always available of course in my web sites you can check things that way as well. I am the garden variety on Twitter so you can stay in touch that way. Let's see emails I got an email from Kendra recently it was sad how do I prune. Wind turns flowering Heather. The ones I have flower at the end of winter. A kindred sounds like he perhaps but whether it's he's perhaps there. You can't go wrong by pruning them. Right after they flower right after they flower at the way to prove that he can Heather to keep that really good looking. Is you take your hedge Trimmer is or you're. Battery operated Schering tool and you cut off two or three inches. And just sheer that plan you know right off the top the kind of round it cheaper round so that it. Maintains an eye shape. And immediately after of flowers no matter when it flowers that you prune he can't Heather. Let's go to line one and speak with Maria. Maria welcome to the garden lady. Yes I have a question reigniting garlic I've I don't know whether it missed it didn't talk about got a few minutes to go to just briefly yes. Aren't well I planted. I just the lover of listen. Garlic. And it's about three to four years that I put them in the ground I hit the green coming up. But I I pulled one out of and what do solid that. The bomb was not big on society that it stated there. And it's been you know but what about if I would sit foliage. I'll hear it here. First of all where are you getting the garlic cloves that your plan. Well I'm sure but that system with somebody had. Well. It. Because because garlic that you buy at the supermarket. Is usually the variety that is me for planting in the north east. So that's number one number two those sometimes garlic in the supermarket is actually treated so it doesn't sprout quickly. Or at all so if you want to grow garlic in your card issued by IC garlic at your garden center in the fall. And and so buy ahead of garlic it's sold this seat currently in August or September. Your garden center. And then you break costly individual clos. Okay. And you plant them about three inches down in September or October. Oh yeah. And they will sprout in the fall and early winter might garlic and Mike Gartner right now it's about two inches tall very tiny little green shoots. And they just kind of sit there all wintertime. And then. The following season they will grow. The two things that you need to remember the following year Maria are when they start to develop their flowers near panic Herbie. I wrote that church into the flour it's called escape cut those off. I'll call actually it hasn't seen any yet I believe has seen since the green didn't. And I remember much the Clinton thing go they can you would make it into a brave and I still have so many have. We'll make them and put it and then look beautiful and and Tibet that would not big that he can't get the elephant on them I get days. So once you can grow bigger garlic you know he could be that he was growing up variety purposefully that was small some of the smaller ones are actually very. I'm intense labored so. Could be that he was purposefully growing a smaller variety of garlic. But if you buy it it's the gardens dinner and you could buy elephant garlic for this region if you want the bigger what is the bigger elephant garlic. Doesn't. I doesn't have as much garlic flavor so right. It's kind of hit between garlic and onions in terms of flavor. So but have. I'm Chinese. The turn and then gave me a bunch of plans. And they don't make that a little lifestyle as an economy that I could actually cook the Levy you know the greens are. Sure enough most out Williams you know most garlic chives and onions that you can cope with the greens absolutely. But I never. Pulled them out to see. If underneath that was about it. You know maybe those are probably garlic chives and no underneath there is not apparently there may be very small troopers but they're not there elects its a different it's a type of chimes. And it's called garlic chives because. The green garlic keep our I mean the green chives part has a little bit of garlic flavor. OK but tried tried planting Maria tried planting garlic. With with clubs that you buy at your garden center and your planted in the far and you harvested. Annually to an. OK I bet it. Yes very quickly yeah. All right and I appreciate your car you have a wonderful wonderful new year. 6172666868. The seventh most popular question that I answered. This past year on the air was about pottery mildew on summer squash. Summer squash is prone to powdery mildew and unfortunately in north east climate where we are all gardening and if you're listening to me in the north east are summer squash are prone to powdery Milton. And so. We all dance with it every year. And what you need to do in order to have a Clinton. Long crop of summer squash. Is after the summer squash comes out need to start spraying currently on. With the organic. I just it. That is live poultry milk and there are several you go to your local garden center. And you know look at the labels or ask for their help. And choose an organic fungicide that is intended to use on vegetables and that is labeled for powdery mildew. And you starts praying that regularly. Even before at the plant gets a problem. When it comes to milk do it's easier to fight it or to totally at before at the plant gets them built through. Rather than waiting until after the plane gets the milk do and trying to fight. Now even spraying regularly with something like green purer or action of me. Or serenade even doing that. Europe plant will probably eventually get powdery mildew but you'd totally the concepts that you will be able to. Harvest. Squash for the entire summer. Before the plants collapsed the other thing to do is to plant the two varieties of summer squash that I have grown that our team most mildew resistant and they are zephyr. Witches. CCP. HYR. Zephyr score ash can't cuss cuss. Rule I'm gonna. Blow this it's not the stands. There are cost. In some things Roman eskimo. Well figured out anyway. I'm I'm glad I'm blanking on the name this clash that. The that there is. Summer squash. That is so. Imperfect yes. That it continues coast got a Roman myths go I believe that is. It continues to grow even went tickets mailed to and I grow those two. This data room and ESCO and its effort squash are very. Mildew resistant and so they keep growing keep producing. Summer squash even though they have built so that was number seven on my list. Of things that people asked me. Number six on my list of the most commonly asked certain questions please extinct. And certain concerns another problem in the that's a carton and that was tomato polite. We here in the north east art tomatoes. Are prone to early plight. And if you have grown tomatoes in the northeast you have probably seen it causes the plants to die from the bottom up. The bottom below the bottom of the plants turn yellow spots and believes. And the plant dies from the bottom up. Tomato applied is kind of similar in the way you fight it to the powdery mildew once questions start spraying the fungicide early. And you spread often again you want an organic fungicide. And it helps to buy one that is labeled for. Early light on tomatoes. Now let me say this about organic fungicide. There are many products that I'm have the active ingredient in the momentum I am not found them to be as effective. As the fringes. As. Some of the other products oh. If you have had other experience. Let me know about it which variety of team which product you have used that. I have found it not as effective to use the name. Even though it is an organic product and it is labeled as a fungicide. 6172666868. Is number you can call to join me today on the garden variety. If you have had a part question that you haven't in the arm mind to call me about. Call me today because this is my last program on WRJ. There has been a programming change. That's going to happen after the first of the year. And so this is your opportunity. To give a call and ask that question. And do stay tuned for 27 team then we'll see. You know where else what other format you might be able to hear the garden variety. And so. Check him once in awhile about that and I'm sure that other opportunities. Art just around the corner. We will be taking a break when we come back. More talk of plants and gardening and your phone calls I'm the garden variety C Alfred Murray here. On the voice of Boston to view our tails. In. Welcome back to the garden lady on CL star and I am here. And killed 2 o'clock today packing plants and gardening is 6172666868. During the break someone called them and asked about a fertilizer for eight peace Lily peace lilies do very well with just about any. General fertilizer for houseplants whether it's from Peters or. Miracle-Gro lord Danielle sore. Any you know sort of general. Fertilizer that's intended for house plants. You don't really need a special blooming. Fertilizer for peacefully peacefully. I do pretty well with any any general fertilizer the thing to know about peace lilies by the way it's very common house plan. They like level of moisture so water usually is fairly frequently. You almost can't over water a peacefully so for those of you. Who tend to go wrong by over watering houseplants. Pop pew slowly it's the plants trio all right because they can stand a lot of water that's number one. Number two when you fertilize the easily be sure that that plant has been watered first. Never fertilizer thirsty plant that's another thing I want to leave you with going in to. The next year's that there won't be on the air remember at this never fertilized a thirsty plants. You want a water well first and then apply the fertilizer. Let's go to line one and speak with Victoria. They Torre out welcome to the garden variety. Good afternoon. I don't have a plan to question you've been so helpful. This time. But I do want to tell you know what I didn't suggest shirt read listeners might do the same who went on the WRKO web site and send them a message. They lose please bring back to our lady and I did hear back that there is a possibility that there may be something happening in the spring. I urge all your listeners can. It did that. Well as I say wait we don't know what's going to germinate and grow and 27 teams so we can always stay hopeful correct. Absolutely and thank you for all your advice and information. Thank you I appreciate your car so much Victoria. I let it by now let's go to line five and secretary. Perry aren't you I am well thank you know what's happened. I have a little apple seedling trees that I buy app like Wal-Mart and a year ago. It came at about god it was like I think it was little tiny orange. Spiders. So the whole one side of it term like orange he barks color and I tried all the different kinds of things and I think I need a very specific. Typo I tried link. Many different things and I don't know what I should Braylon. Okay well. When you say one side of it turns orange you mean you can't scrape this stuff off. I possibly could script it up but I could see that tiny web that the talk. It just in one section on the on the side of the the bark of the treaty is very small be linked. It we all like really have tested there more than anywhere. But the orange say that that insects that I can think of that are orange are a heads and they come off really easily you couldn't you know. Some and director stream of water and it comes off. I'm wondering if what you're seeing it might be light pen which is unconnected. To the web's that you see. Like him in which it which is more about a growing. I likened likened his is apt combination of algae and a fungus and Bennett doesn't hurt to plant. And it can be orange. And as I say it it's it's harmless to the plant but it grows on the plan. Yeah I did. Feet tiny. Tiny tiny web everywhere. And is this plant planted outside. Yeah it outside yeah okay. And you used an insecticide on. I think I did but I I was reading that inside platitudes sprayed on it it will it rule of killed it natural predators to. Well depends on which insecticide used you could spray I think Q could not go wrong carry. I spraying the plan before breaks dormant seeds this. You know sometime this spring spray it with horticultural oil. You can you can you can get I horticultural oil at your local garden senators brave the whole thing all the tweets that arc etc. okay. And then monitor at the plant as it goes in to. The next growing season. And it could be that the webs were. You know where something that isn't even harmful because there are all kinds of little you know critters out there that make webs that don't harm plant so. It could be that they weren't harmful but what I it's certainly isn't going to hurt any beneficial insect it's there. To spray it in the dormant season before it breaks storm as it is spring with horticultural oil. So I'll I'll deathly tired that I noted that every time it tried to do new growth whatever which attacking it did a did not allow the new growth to 22 to go so you know then growth appeared. When I got at the end of last year because. It crumpled up in like shriveled up and dried up and didn't. Didn't no new growth was allowed to whatever was attacked again. Well the things that would make new growth shrivel up rather than disappear an insect would make it disappear by eating it. And I suppose spider mites might make it triple lap you don't see spider mites though because there's so so tiny. Right. You can't see them all right. Well. The thing that you couldn't pick up at a garden center is quote I'd make some might decide it's an organic product. It's some. Based on clove and sesame oil. And and it kills mites and that you could use that on its plant next year if you see signs that there's a problem again. I have a name an apple and I'd it's it's called it I think it's just called boat ride is the company BO and ID and I think it's called might aside. Mike and me oil and went out its system in clos boil pace while I have some garlic in there to around eight I don't. It is labeled for my suits organic products so it's not gonna hurt you know the birds the bees and butterflies and all of that. Let's go to line more than talk with Joyce. I welcome to the garden lady. Paint you think he thought he'd do my granddad at first he could say at this TV and that they have bill Torrey. That 1006 and install. It patented Kenya alone and they've planted in tiny block that you want to know how to take therapy. OPEC did it. Now what this is a plant actually that's not really a bamboo it's just called Campbell it's called lucky bamboo. Hey can't I can't dictate no eight boot up. Going into the rocks. Question is to keep that wet. Now after Y el Sheikh and keep it in the rocks end. The water for you know of two or three months and keep that in a bright window not directs on about a bright light okay. And after that after a couple of months she cam if she wants planted. Is. Soil. And the top part of the plant will grow more and leaves they get fairly large leaves. Okay and the fact that can yell at that mean I think. Well the fact that it's turning yellow might indicate that it has dried up could it have dried up without any water I. She's really just. Can't blame for the Pacific. He acknowledged she needs to add actual water into an added and you need to be an actual water and read a lot about the bottom. If you put it in soil it needs to be in the container with the latter comes at the bottom that's right. Okay particularly fitting that the rocks for a couple months. She could leave them but she's got to keep water in there out. Because that yellow is indicating that it has dried out. I appreciate your card giants Q. And I appreciate everybody calling today and end all of your good wishes I wish you all happy new year stay tune to what may be germinating in the season to come but in the meantime I will miss you. Every Saturday. Between twelve and two. I MC often are at the garden variety and you are listening to the voice of Austin WR can. And. Playing. Yeah. Yeah. These kids. And.