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Establishment tries to hijack Trump’s foreign policy. 1/6/17

Jan 6, 2017|

Do you think they will block Trump's pick for Sec. of State, Rex Tillerson?

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The liberal bull and taking our country and back this season on America's voice of the resistance could come report. Okay my friends. It is on president elect Donald Trump is about to be briefed. By intelligence chiefs on Russia as alleged hacking of the election. And what is now taking place is a power play by the establishment. To try to compel trump for Strom. To admit that Russia interfered in our elections. And that trump benefited from pulled who's tracking. And the context obviously the subliminal message. Trump is illegitimate. Yesterday on Capitol Hill. Fireworks. Erupted. When one intelligence chief after another the big one. The Director of National Intelligence. James clapper AK clapper head. Testified one after another where they kept saying over and over again. The evidence it's overwhelming. Russia packed the elections. Russia hacked the DNC emails Russia hacked John Podesta is emails John they apparently now they're claiming. Russia tried to hack the White House they tried backpack the State Department. They tried that hacked emails of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to John make maniac. Who is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee who oversaw the hearings. According to make maniac. We are now at war with Russia. Russia now. Apparently threatens our politics. They're attacking our diplomacy. They're attacking our infrastructure. There attacking our government. They're attacking according to him they're very pillars the very foundations. Of our democracy. Listen now. To John McCain AK a Mick maniac. Saying about. All of this hacking all of these hacks. Should all arm every American. Role that Alan. Every American should be alarmed by Russia's attacks on our nation. There's no national security interest more vital to the United States of America. And the ability to hold free and fair elections without foreign interference. What seems clear. Is that our adversaries of reaching common conclusion. That the reward for attacking American cyberspace. Outweighs the risk. For years cyber attacks on our nation have been met with indecision. And in action. Unless we demonstrate that the cost of attacking the United States outweigh the perceived benefits. These cyber attacks will only grow. So now they're claiming that the attacks are gonna continue. That Russia now is essentially at war with us. And now McCain yesterday and by the way it was all bipartisan. It was not just Mick maniac it wasn't just the neo conservatives or the establishment Republicans. That Democrats piled on. Claire McCaskill a Democrat as well. Both of them they just kept tied teaming and tag teaming and tag teaming. Claiming that Russia did hack the election. Listen now to McCain say the evidence. Is now here irrefutable. Rolex. Allen. Port it's clear the Russians show interferes now whether. They intended to. Interfered to do agree that they were trying to elect is certain candidate. I think that's subject of investigation but. From the facts are stubborn things they did hack into this campaign and they did it I think you with some fluid at least. There's a whole lot of issues out there it requires investigation. Where's the evidence. Where's the evidence. This is what I found most I think. Now a lot of the hearings took place during our show yesterday so by I watched it afterwards I had recorded and I'm watching this. And you have clapper had you have people from the NSA you have people from. Our other intelligence agencies and all of them. Sort of like commander and it's all like parrots all of them parroting the same thing. We always have and indisputable evidence are and the evidence was indisputable before it's now even more indisputable we were a 100% now worth 1000%. Where's the evidence. You didn't move yesterday they did not show all one shred of evidence essentially it's take our word for it. So clapper had James clapper. Gold is up there and says on all the evidence is just horrible you have no idea what the evidence is it's just. It is so overwhelming it's just so comprehensive. It's it's it's so irrefutable. OK what can you show us I don't know a shred of the can you show us one intelligence report. Can you name some names. Can you should world these are the intermediaries. That hacked on behalf of Russia. Or these are the intermediaries they did not hacking and then handed the information over to Julian Assange could you give us something. This is the same Director of National Intelligence. These are the same people. Who tool member clapper when asked point blank under oath. Are these big government spying on Americans. Are you listening in on our phone calls are you reading our text messages. Not willingly. When he knew the whole time they were willingly doing it it was the greatest civil rights violation. Brick in the last fifty years. The American government I created a surveillance state. First under bush accelerated under Obama to spy on every day Americans. They were listening our phone calls. Reading our emails. Going through our social media and this guy under oath lied. These are the same people that doctored the books cooked the books on crisis. Led by clapper all Richard JV team owned or not to really spreading all its long mauled or not and Libya well they are in Libya. Okay no they're not in Iraq well not yeah they are in Iraq. These were the same ones who told us Saddam Hussein had stockpile after stockpile after stockpile. Of weapons of mass destruction. These are the same winds led by clapper clapper head. Al-Qaeda is on the run you remember that at the I won or not Obama was heading into the election campaign against Mitt Romney who. Terror the war on terror is receding we have crushed and defeated al-Qaeda. Man known not to really. Now they're in Afghanistan there in Pakistan. There in Syria. Dermot pesticides and like a cancer. Ice is is not here well they are here. Lie after lie after lie after lie. And now we're supposed to believe you. When you come up with this cockamamie story. That the Kremlin somehow had a grand master plan. Are hacking John Podesta as email. And a DNC emails. To try to help Donald Trump got elected. Really if you believe not bear and I've got some swampland in Florida you may be interest that in. But it's the hysteria. And the reason why they're whipping up these hysteria let me tell you what the real reason is okay. The Democrats obviously wanna make trump you legitimate. So why is nick maniac why is Lindsay Graham wire that neo cons wire the establishment Republicans. So gung hope Paul Ryan came out. And said the Russia hot the elections yesterday calling Julian Assange a quote sick often and pool of Wootton. So now Julian Assange is in bed with Whipple. By the way by the way you want to show despicable as is getting. Now the mainstream media are smearing Julian Assange calling him a child molester. No evidence whatsoever. Now we sleeping with kids. I saw just thinking of actually filing a defamation lawsuit this is why I believe we should have libel laws in this country. Because the media they just make stuff up. And under they hide under the First Amendment to practice their yellow journalism but let that go. What's the real reason. Why are Ryan Orion. And nick maniac and Lindsey Graham shoulder determined. To have pushed this Russia hacking the election narrative why. They wanna hijacked Trump's foreign policy. It India and I'll tell you what it's about it's about Rex Tillerson. It's about Trump's picked to be secretary of state because Rex Tillerson like trump. Believes that Russia can be a potential ally. Not a mortal enemy but a potential allies in Syria. Any rock. In the Middle East and especially in the war against crisis and the war against radical Islam. And sold to prevent us from forming an alliance with Russia. They are now desperate to try to paint the Russians. As basically now the second coming of Joseph Stalin. They're trying to recreate the cold war two point dole all over again and Lindsey Graham. Let the cat out of the bag you wanna know what it's about this is what it's about. So according to John McCain's girlfriend. Laid down and love mean Lindsay. Now they've come out and said this. Both the Lindsey Graham the establishment Republicans and the establishment Democrats but Lindsay is the one that said it. Now or saying if trumps nominees listen to this. If trumps nominees. Do not back in the narrative. That Russia half the election they will not vote and support those nominees. In particular. Lindsey Graham went on CNN the Communist news network. And said quote I'm looking for people who understand the world as it is. If I nominee for a critical job doesn't understand what the Russians are up 20 I'll have a hard time believing that they have the judgment to do their job. And in particular he singles out. The nominee secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson. And said well what if Rex Tillerson our god forbid what if the president elect says look I don't mob buying what you're selling this doesn't pass the smell test. Graham said if Tillerson rejects the intelligence. Pointing to Russia's involvement in the election. Not only will Lindsay Graham not support him. Not only would John make maniac not support him not only when all Democrats not support him. But many establishment Republicans will mud back Kim trump will not get his secretary of state. He'll have a hard time getting my vote because it's clear as Graham put it you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes. We have the cut Allen. We do roll it Allen. Rex Tillerson nonstop nominee for former secretary of state. If he does not agree with your assessment if he does not the seat what you see in other scene with for Barak Russia. Does she have zero. He'll have a hard time getting my vote coast is clear again you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes what bothers me is it trump pres elect trump seems to get the Chinese for what they are. The Iranian agreement is bad he understands that he understands the threat we face from my so he understands we can't let the north Koreans built an ICBM to attack our homeland. When it comes to Russia he seemed to have a blind spot and I'm completely perplexed. Because the Russians are undermine democracy throughout the entire world they're taking land on that other stuff force. They did hack into our political system they're doing it to other political systems. And they need to pay a price so. And the price is and you should've heard McCain and Lindsey Graham my god. If these two start running our foreign policy. They're gonna take us to world war three. They want massive sweeping crippling sanctions. They won a load up an army Ukraine they wanna armed Georgia. They wanna put permanent US troops on Russia's border these idiots want a war with Russia. And now they're trying to crippled Donald Trump. And deny him his nominees because he has the foresight that they don't. That they don't. That Russia is our natural ally it's not that there are good. It's not that there are not authoritarian. I'm not saying that somehow Portman is a nice guy. But on the major question of our time. The rise and spread of radical Islam Russia is fundamentally. In our camp. And the reason why the global lists freedom. Whether it be make maniac whether it be Obama with her B Lindsey Graham whether it be Hillary Clinton whether it be the liberal media. Is because wooten is not in global list he is a nationalist. And that sin is unpardonable. And so now they are trying to sabotage Trump's foreign policy before he even gets into the White House. And my question to you is this. What did you make of the hearings yesterday. And will they now succeed in killing denomination. Of Rex Tillerson. Should the Republicans deny trumpeted his pitch to be secretary of state. And what should trump do ten now counter this obvious attempt. To compel him to force him to admit that the Russians are behind the acting. Do you believe the allegations. I don't what do you say 861720666868. Is important trying to undermine. America. Your calls next. I went. When you say you don't think how come Iraq's do you think that bill but what I know. Believe that the outcome of the election respected and mushrooms proof. She didn't some. You don't wanna. Do you that Tom was helped by process. It's and going and make. Iowa happens. Refreshes that really elections are. Not of course is make a maniac he was pounded after the hearings by CNN. To get him to say essentially that trump was the legitimate. Or that Hillary was badly hurt by this so called Russian hacking. My question for you is this. Do you believe nick maniac do you believe James clapper. Do you believe this narrative. That somehow the Russians hacked the election and now Lindsey Graham is saying if Rex Tillerson trump secretary of state nominee. If he does not admit that the Russians hack the election he will not be confirmed by the senate. 6172666868. Is the number lines are loaded let's go to Lee in Waltham. Thank you Arctic site call I would like an out what you think about it I would like. You're credit card at. I actually it's really accurate data between the Democratic Party and because we are well. I doubt that it would albeit rob LB riot against. And I got she sold at all. Stop all. Right now which by the fear. All goal. Check. The he loved child. Bad on the old order part which is on Wall Street which is part of the arm you know the Republican act that aren't they are now that epic trucker. That's what these people are they are written and oral order are bite into and out of spite would lecture. There really is gonna be Hillary east Quebec and check it. So she can help stop. You know. Administration. And look at all things a bit talking about they at about did you China hacked it out of V. You know the people wreck that. It's down at Washington they are. Acting. On our current year's. I pay it back Alex Oliver. A and that they expect possible lead them out they're not all of this nation stop it while all which the truck now. It could be so what at least they advocate at all. You'll ever which way. And I really think it's a it's a democratic or oral order a tax. On trial because he's already. Locking up that in Mexico in the world you've got a deal witty without a grip on Italy had practical on a we have it at eighty point. Oral or are well. That's what's going on. They don't succeed they're trying to light that. The administration so bad that he won't be able to. And at the site. I think. Ali look in all your debt you're you're you're right but it's even worse than not this is an attempted coup. It's a bloodless attempted coup by the shadow government. This is the you know the evil empire strikes back this is the evil establishment is striking back. And so what they're telling trump and what they're telling wooten essentially both problem you think you're gonna challenge the new world order. Do you think you're gonna bring globalism to an end. Who have bull. Were gonna show you guys who really runs America and who really runs the world listened to everybody out there okay. Do me a favor. Again go to wrko.com. Slash corner. KUNHMER. I have a home that is now making the rounds. Why does the west hate important and trumpet widens the liberals hate them so much. What's driving his biggest fake news story of our time. You wanna know exactly what's going on it's all there in that column my question to Lindsey Graham is this. He says it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes yes he's right it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes but the evidence doesn't point to Russia. It points to a disappointed Bernie Sanders staffer it's obvious. Mort your calls next. He has not. He does not see what you see another seat for. Does he have your road you'll have a hard time getting that does this clear again you know I'd be Sherlock Holmes. That was senator. Lindsey Graham John McCain's girlfriend. On CNN the Communist news network. Now they're all and they want to knock off for Rex Tillerson. Trump's nominee to be secretary of state. Unless he accepts what they say is the overwhelming opinion no sorry they claim the quote unanimous opinion. Of the intelligence agencies. That it was Russia. It was all in that hacked it DNC emails. Hacked the election. And essentially. Stole it for Donald against Hillary. So this is now what this is the narrative that they are now portion. Look money my rebuttal to lay down and love me Lindsay is very easy. You know where you Sherlock when you supported the disaster Hillary's disastrous war in Libya. Where you Sherlock Holmes. When you and your fellow establishment Republicans backed Obama in arming Islamic radicals in Syria. When you armed al-Qaeda when many of the weapons fell into the hands of vices. You guys told us Chirac was gonna be a cakewalk. Sherlock that was you you should were in and out in three weeks we're still litter. Shall I Sherlock you were the ones that supported the Arab Spring I could have told you. If those regimes toppled the islamists will rise and take their place. Democracy in the Middle East means one vote one person one time. And then the Islamist takeover don't be Sherlock when you supported the overthrow of pausing Mubarak. And you blocked Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood came to power you didn't seem to figure out then now Sherlock. Now all of a sudden. Because Rex Tillerson who by the way this idea that somehow Tillerson and trump are going to be I don't know portals of potent. Tillerson is very tough on Russia in fact an interview he said what the Russians he got to be firm. You have to know when you're gonna say yes and they have to know when you're gonna say no when you say no they have to know that you mean it. So for example on Ukraine they disagree with potent. On Crimea they disagree with potent. On Iran even Lindsey Graham had the concede they disagree with potent. So on many issues trump is gone on the more important bragged about an arms race and how they had the best military in the world. Trump was the one that said hey watch your mouth if you want an arms race will give you one and wall Barry you. Easy. So this idea that somehow trumpet some kind of an AP's are reforms Russia. Or he's gonna be a client of the Kremlin and in the White House is I mean this is stuff out of out of Hollywood. This is make believe stuff. Rex Tillerson is basically saying treat Russia as a great power. When she's at now won't she's an ally when she's an adversary she's an adversary. That's all. Don't have this fanatical militant. Ideological. Opposition to pull me in Russia. Because you don't like the fact that he's friendly to brigades. Sorry that he's not gay friendly forgive me there he opposes the LG BT agenda. Then he's a nationalist. That he doesn't like the European Union that he's not a global list. That yes he is championing the Russian Orthodox Church he wants a nationalist Christian Russia. Not a secular socialist Russia is global it's Russia that's why you you don't. You hit some. Because he's not you'll. You hit him because he doesn't brow at the altar of multicultural Hisham. That's why you really don't. So if I'm trump. The briefing us today. And as he's now said he's gonna ask them this question. Is it a certainty. Or jurist they probability. That the Russians were behind backing. And if it is a certainty trump says show me the evidence. They can't because it doesn't exist. 61720666868. Jittery in my. Hey Jeff how you deal and I'm good are you. I'm doing flying a long time listener first time caller on the merits but. I wanna say I'm agreeing with everything you say. And you know what let's look at the past. How many lives have come all of this administration. How many games have come out and it's. It's kind of like sit there with you for any light at all he'll lie to play alive that I realize it don't from the want you to believe them. And these people that are part of the intelligence community. There's still act by Obama. And I told someone else move and into last ditch effort. To take. That undermined. President trump and the rockets they played electric you know president and he's a good man and I look back and I start thinking to myself. Well okay Lindsey Graham and make maniac now let's look at those two how long that they've been in office. And call the they had dinner with the Democrats probably apt airtalk his body. It's kind of like watch me. A new network it you got what would sit there saying I'm against youth unemployed at the other like yeah Nokia look at you know basically getting better get it back together after dinner. But it certainly top bird they're like yeah that was a good show yeah can you beat that guy tomorrow being the bad guy that's where I look at these why no Republicans. Excellent I Jerry eight please don't be a stranger call again. Look what was more shocking. Or enemy I wanna play a little bit of James clapper but there's a point. Where it's absolutely shocking. You've got McCain you've got Lindsey Graham you've guy Claire McCaskill you've got senator reed from Rhode Island battle Obama hack. And their work in themselves after almost foaming at the mouth. And CNN is going crazy and MSNBC is going crazy. And the New York Times in the wash their work in themselves up and allow their front page front page frontpage Russia they're attacking I'm not getting. Our politics our infrastructure our diplomacy at their attacking everything. We think now is under attack. And so. At one point clapper had clapper had James clapper the wire custodian he's a liar the professional liar. Is asking well what about intelligence mistakes and he doesn't know long. Doesn't the intelligence community make mistakes. Listened to his answer roll it. Alan. I eight. Yes I agree with my fingerprints were on the two national tolls assessment I was in new communities and we have done many many things to improve. Are. Processes particularly with respect to national intelligence estimates and whatever else you wanna say about Intel's community it is a learning organization hand we do try to learn lessons. It's a very difficult business. And getting harder all the time all know there will be mistakes. But what we do try to do is to learn from Matt profit and make change. Sure. Sure we just keep learning shore so. Easy even admitting. Did you know the disaster any rock the disaster with crisis the disaster with Ben Ghazi. I just on and on the disaster with al-Qaeda Afghanistan. The lies the so called mistakes again and again and again and again OK because the intelligence has become politicized. That's why you never politicize intelligence but let that go. He's been asked point blank point blank I forget which the senator. But did this so called Russian hacking. Did actually change the election result. Clapper I'm reading right now from the transcript. No he did not change one vote tally. Not one. Then he's pressed. Again he's pressed did it have an impact on the election his answer we cannot gauge as the Intel it. We and the intelligence community cannot gauge whether it had any impact on the election. He's only words damn him his own words condemn him. So guys I'm sorry. If it didn't change one vote and now you're under all while he's a liar underwrote so that means nothing but let that go OK again you're under oath. And well no it didn't change one vote quick literally one vote. So what are we talked about it okay did it impact the election but we can engage that. So what are we talking about. Why are you wasting everybody's time. Why is everybody getting themselves worked up and all over. If you didn't change here election results if it didn't change one vote guys who cares. Now. Don't blame us seriously and don't play important. Because John Podesta the more on. And this is exactly what happened he gets an email. And asked him to confirm his password. And the eating your waist Phishing emails he clicks on the Phishing email. And then he gives his passport and you always password was I swear to you password. Literally passport. So it OK mobile group growth commute promoter group one parts were walker. Do you do it through golden rule or deep pool and that's how they got him. A twelve year old could have packed into his emails. Now everybody's talking about we need more cyber security I agree. But you can't fix stupid. I mean if you've got I mean if a moron look I'm sorry I can give you the best cyber security in the world. I my national seed you'll get an unsolicited email and it says click here. You don't collect and if you don't click and it asks you to confirm your email password you don't confirm the email password. And frankly again not to belabor the point. Hasn't he ever senior north my wife what do you know gray says well what whenever you put in a password right. We. Somewhat stronger stronger. Very good you don't. Password that's what. You you couldn't have put in a couple of numbers and there you couldn't have come up with something a little bit more original. It's a joke the whole thing is a joke. And if I'm Donald Trump I go straight to the American people. Rex Tillerson is might pick. We will not get into a shooting war with Russia we will not getting into world war three in fact they gather. We are gonna destroy and white ice is off the face of the earth. Dots might pitch to the American people Donald I know your people listen to the show. Don't get bamboozled by the intelligence community they're trying to sabotage. Your foreign policy. Don't let them do with fill up in Portsmouth going ahead fill up. Hello Phillip. They're real loose fill up okay and escorted Jack constituent. That's an innocent owner Jack how are you go and I'd like indeed you are way out scenario and just run it by. What about attacking them are our intelligence. And put this also evident as they have this evidence against trump. I'm sorry Jack can you repeat that. Suppose that other people. Within a false acting. Against tribe. And use that as like false evidence. I would be surprised. And it took me that. And this whole thing is crazy and I wish that the people that lost their race. Which they lost so what do you predict it. I'm with you Jack look there. Look at worst no sorry at best they're sore losers. But I think it's much more than map look it's a cool. It's a bloodless coup in the sense that they're trying to hijack his presidency. Because he scares them. He is gonna drain the swamp. He is gonna clean LP establishment. And he's challenging the one world order. And the biggest challenge and we all know that. Is if Russia is no longer a mortal enemy look think about it just think about it if the two great military superpowers. Got together. Ice is his days are numbered. Radical islam's days are numbered. I mean they couldn't defeat him a couple months. Sold this whole idea of a long war this whole idea of this thing is gonna take 102030. Years. By the way you know how many pentagon contracts. The military industrial complex. You know how many potentially trillions of dollars are at stake over the long run big this thing is gonna last forever. If trump marks if trump important get together and they knocked nicest spin off their head up they decapitated him. I'm not come out there a couple of weeks or a couple of months everybody's gonna lose out in Washington DC. That's why the entire Washington cartel. Is now barreling down on his head just my opinion 617 to a 666868. All of your calls next. First we. Cannot say they do they did not change in the vote tallies or or hear anything of that sort. We have no we have no way of gauging. The impact that. Certainly tells you can't gauge the impact you have on. Chores of the electorate made that. There you go. So he event after all is said and not her. Brown I didn't change your rhythm change the vote tally didn't change one vote OK result. The guys I'm sorry what's the story here. I got a two attacks from somebody I highly respect. I wanna mention this person's name but very well connected in Washington lives in Washington. Has tremendous sources in the intelligence community. And he I just read my piece. He texted me saying Jeff your article is spot on the reason why the ruling class hates pool name trump. They aren't global lists what's going on now. Jeff you have to know this it's almost like eight coup. They're trying to sabotage. And hijacked Trump's foreign policy his presidency essentially. Before he's even inaugurated. JJ in Malden going head JJ. Happy person of the year as an American that. All thank you JJ all the best to you and your family. Thank you yeah that really kind of makes me laugh because that's all that happy where true. Let's look at the facts. Hillary it would have been elected because. She it would that are Obama. So once that put a direct I can't let that across that without penalty. So. Do you think that you know every act try to except for Trump's. Is ridiculous. He. He. He just DR Obama. And that I had to say thank you. Thank you very much JJ. Harming your Jersey go ahead Tom. Just kronor six ADR KEO. Telling the truth on a daily basis and giving us the real news that's red white and blue. Got a thanks so much Tom what's on your mind by you have got about a minute go. Jeff problem quickly you know (%expletive) These these these traitors and cowards in the establishment. Will do absolutely. Anything. To keep press. Bring some red blatant will conservatism. You know gap we've got I ran North Korea nukes are consistent 28 countries I think this sells all over the planet earth. And just to know the President Obama while he's busy building his way around his DC mentioned. He pulled back all the key US aircraft carriers into port. I have the naval connection jab that is unheard of. I've never heard of the time in our military history we're enable carriers were none of them were out at sea and it's public knowledge so free to say it. Jeff. If you want lip hacked into our political system that generic term or you have to do is look at Hillary brought to the court. She didn't them intelligence about a silver platter there's no evidence the election was tampered with just kick start our secrets. And our response time to do nuclear weapons in uranium so why isn't that little weasel. And say. Go out to Hillary to see what Russia had expired they're dangerous (%expletive) Really and it's brilliant. She just put all of our secrets on an unsecured private server that's all she did but not all. Blame potent. Okay my friends coming up next. Ambassador John Bolton. All bomb ma I kid you knocked. He doesn't want a wall for Mexico. But he wants a mother wall for his mansion in Washington DC. And Joseph Biden tells Strom. To grow up and.