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Amb. John Bolton says Obama hypocrite for building wall around his mansion. 1/6/17

Jan 6, 2017|

Do you agree with Amb. Bolton?

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK later this hour. Biden goes after Donald Trump. President elect trump. First tweeting about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Calling him make quote unquote fat clowns we're gonna have all of but first joining us says he does every Friday here on the corner report. Former ambassador to the United Nations. John Bolton ambassador Bolton thank you so much for coming back on the corner report. Glad and happy new year happy new year all the best to you and your family ambassador. And failure and your listeners. Ambassador. Obviously we wanna talk about what happened yesterday on Capitol Hill and the allegations of Russian acting in the elections. But before I do that. I'd love to get your take on the story that broke this morning. Which is that here you have President Obama on his way out of office. He's gonna be ranting apparently a five million dollar DC mansion. Where he Michelle Sasha are going to be living. At least for the next couple of years. And it turns out that the man. Who railed against Strom some border wall. Who says he can't stand walls. That the walls are racist. Walls are discriminatory. Walls are exclusive. And and and I neighborly. He's gonna be building apparently. A huge massive wall himself. Is the hypocrite ambassador. Heaven forbid that we sent hypocrisy in the Obama administration and it it really it just goes with the territory. And it's not like you know Winston Churchill who like to build his own laws it is state truck well you still see some of the perks that he played in the mistakes that he made. I'm sure that that has entered will be brought out to build this wall for Barack Obama and it's you know it it it really is is sitting and to let his presidency here's something like that. Ambassador Mexico. A trumpet is said he's vowed he will get congress to fund the construction of the huge. Wall along the southern border. Mexico continues to insist that they will not pay for the wall trump says they're gonna pay one way or another. And they may not pay up front but they'll eventually pay is back. Do you think congress will go along with funding the wall. And do you think India and Mexico will have to capitulate. And in some way shape or form help pay for the wall. Well I think first question is eat you answered I think from the perspective of the US national security we want to get this wall censor whatever. People are gonna call it up. You know the Israelis built the wall around the territories that it would there were a lot of Jewish settlements in what that they intended declined as part of Israeli. Territory and because of the word wall at the ads negative connotation after Berlin Wall absurd saying the Israelis. Took the car get a sense. Although much of the correctly as a wall and anybody who go to Israel plainly city. So I'm not so concerned with what would call what I wanna do is make the borders secure and I think that. Overwhelming sentiment in congress. As you know the failure much of the effort to immigration reform over the past. Thirty years. Has been because the Democrats labor unions have all insisted. That any exported border security has to be accompanied legislatively. File legal station program. And it's where Republicans have gotten to the cleaners although it back to Ronald Reagan out. They are the Justice Department remembered well in 1986. It's just a bad idea to try and do comprehensive reform. We ought to do first things first first thing is secure the border so even if we're paying forward in the first instance I think that the right thing to do. And I don't know whether a president prompt and ultimately get the Mexican clay court but I play if there's any negotiator out here who can do it he's the one. Earlier talking with a former UN ambassador John Bolton. Ambassador Bolton as you know. Yesterday major hearings in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Director of National Intelligence he's outgoing but he still Director of National Intelligence James clapper. Was testifying. And when asked point blank about Russia as alleged hacking of the election. And in particular did it change one vote for any vote tallies changed. Here is what clapper said I wanna play for you and get your reaction roll it Allen. First we cannot say they do they did not change any of vote tallies or or do anything of that sort. I we have no we have no way of gauging. The impact that. Certainly intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on. Choices of the electorate made. There's so. Ambassador if they can't gauge if our intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on people's voting choices or on the election. And if they have no proof whatsoever as he you just heard it right mound everybody whole country in Europe. It did not change according to them one vote tally. Let's. What's the issue why is everybody acting like this is the greatest scandals since Watergate. Well I think that Democrats are reacting that way because they're trying to make a partisan issue to delegitimize. The trop election and the fact is that that not only were no votes actually changed at the polling places. I don't think anybody can really draw a straight line between what the Russians did and people changing their minds to vote world war. For trump who might otherwise voted for Taylor. But I would say and you know people might want to think about it in the context this week. Sound information which they will be out there that they tried group. Packed with current campaign we know they did try to hack the currency that you're getting and I but it they've done to trump what they're supposed to have done. Two Clinton. And the DNC that a lot of people would understand is set but here's the thing it's going to be it's not a partisan pew no harder. Has a right to trying to influence our election now I live in the real world we all do cars trying to influence our election in many many different ways. But fundamentally as as an American I think it's for us to the side. Who our president it is who are members of congress are so particularly. When you have. What these they had the intelligence committee have presented evidence hopefully we'll see in more detail I guess but I wonder. Unclassified report comes out. Evidence that Russia went the that's via the odd. Looking at the DNC trials. But what it into distributing files within two. Other propaganda efforts. In an in an effort to influence voters so that goes beyond intelligence collection. That's what the intelligent people sometimes call an active in full operation. And it's it's it's illegitimate and should be acceptable to Americans. I would just say this though is only the cherry on the top of the ice Sunday when it comes to what the Russians don't and I might add the Chinese see Iran in the north Koreans and others. Which for eight years or Barack Obama elicited as best I can tell almost no reaction from him at all. Certain out suddenly they've got something that they can use their. There are supporters can use in a partisan fashion and now it comes from a national security point of view. This needs to be a priority for the interment trapped administration whether it's Moscow or Beijing or Tehran or Pyongyang. It's hacking into our government or private files it's not acceptable and we need to do more. As excessively but also offensively and our war world to try to prevent this from happening in the future. I'm ambassador senator Lindsey Graham went on CNN yesterday. And essentially threw down the gauntlet with regard to secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson. Where he said he will not support Tillerson. If he rejects the intelligence pointing to Russia's involvement. And he says not only will. He not support Tillerson he believes many Republicans many Democrats in the senate will also not support him. And essentially they will killed trumps nominee. Should. We should Republicans to be going after Rex Tillerson. The whale Lindsey Graham at least signaled on CNN yesterday. Well of course we don't know what Tillerson gonna say so that that's you know for first bank's first. I haven't seen the the classified information that was testified to or McCain's committee yesterday and Wendy Gramm dot net but he. He and McCain is seen that are so I am assuming most of the members of the senate armed services committees in the classified information about churchgoers and has and I have to carry it you know and I hope your listeners understand because I'm sure many of them had. Clearances when they were in the military or perhaps the government when you're on the other side of the line and you actually see the classified information. You put your letter in a different perspective so I feel. Personally bigger disadvantage as I think I'd know what I know Iran that side of the line and I know what I don't know undecided lot. The biggest the biggest event actually is not going to be Tillerson proclamation here. That the biggest event is occurring right now this afternoon in New York where. Many of the same people who testified yesterday our great friend president elect crop. And bear presumably got a present all classified information they have they're gonna respond to questions. He's demonstrated some skepticism I think eight policymakers and I speak as former policy maker. Is entitled to be skeptical intelligence is entitled to ask questions is entitled to say. The analyst said defender proposition explain this to mean so what. It in any good relationship between president and his crop. Intelligence advisors there ought to be that dialogue so hopefully that'll happen this afternoon and we'll see what the president says because that. Is more important. Then what his cabinet nominees may think it's if he accepts that I think it's pretty powerful. Ambassador before I let you go I would be remiss. The undersecretary. Of state position your name is obviously at the top of the list. Have you received a phone call from the president elect are you arguing adding a New York this weekend by any chance. Not a bad dog the New York a bit up in Washington but you know it's a five under the same. Flag just how many non I just say this show. That I I still remember my bureaucracy I've been an undersecretary. Or the the next level up the deputy secretary so Woolsey what that. That's about it doesn't look good public this doesn't look good how you feel you feel good today. Deport her. Happy new year let's put it aren't happy you realize that I hope it's a very good new year for you let's put it that way. Get so much thank you ambassador god bless you.