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Jan 8, 2017|

Just Don't Lose the Money is devoted entirely to the financial needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement.

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The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino is Sam Langer principles of repeal online LLC and LLC with a mass broker's license 1783398. Neither Sam rich nor repeat or lying are registered as investment advisors and do not give investment advice this shows a service over -- line. This is this just don't lose. The money radio show with your host attorney Richard Murphy no and sailed way. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life savings. Rich and Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news at fortune and money magazines now your host. They just don't lose the money guys Richard Murphy go and Sam was. Just don't lose the money on CNY I'm Richard Levine thank you so much for joining us is wonderful weekend it's kind of like the first and no we had to show and on. New Year's stable who knows who listened to a real amazed are you working off the night before he writes what the sky kind of talk your desire for our show. For the year so happy new year to everybody and guess what. Party's over it's back to work Richard's back door baby you know all the presents are opened. Comeback gonna die and be told I'm starting to check off my New Year's resolution sale or you know the realities when the biggest concern as we saw in 2006. Trillion certainty. With the new administration that's gonna happen and the closer you get to that retirement date. I gotta tie it's more more important really take control of all the things that you can take care of today so today we're gonna talk about taking control. In covering the possible downside. Oh my goodness I hope it doesn't happen but it does stay right here. We're talking about how to protect yourself. By following our two rules were number one just don't lose the money and wound number two don't forget world number one of fantastic website just don't lose the money dot com would not view the checked it out our let's go right into a source and before we start. The beginning of taking control. Is getting organized is yet they okay and they write giveaway is our organizing kid. Very very important at this time a year well people might say well what's he organizer console what's described you organize secured a little bit I was gonna take your question though. You talked about you organize your kids you're actually right rich. It's the new year. We wanna take control you're organized securities it as a booklet that we put together. That gives you the ability list all of your important information all in 1 central location. So we have some client's decision on what. It was great you we did that organized can no my oldest son Paul he has that been something what happened to me. Nowhere to go. Well Evan the people they came in and have you organized a cake you know. And it says she'll get your power of attorney so he couldn't find it adding where was what you do is organize a kid when he has an MI organized get Eileen my wife has it so. We look you don't. To take advantage. Of that organized a kitten to get your free. Give away from us today organized a cute 877. 6308787. That number against 877630. 8787. Passports organized secure. All right our first question mark the rights and they're rich and saying like many people on concern about the next four years. I feel though that one tree can send. Beware one tweet away from sending the market into a pair of your accent and she's right she's right. I'm a single woman who has worked hard and saved and will probably retire in five years when I turn 65 how do I protect myself. But you probably chose 65 sin because of insurance reasons like T yeah yeah our Medicare. Then any insurance and pay then you have to get a supplement. You know it's still it's still the some Medicare still cost you money. He should just that they don't you don't see if they take it out of your Social Security check. What we're seeing bonus I guess you do that if she doesn't take Social Security dead in addition to have to pay out of pocket but you know health. Is really important coached and this woman she's in a row boat alone. But also Sam you know she's not home stretch five years she can't afford to make a mistake I just saw a gentleman the other day almost exactly I. Identical situation person was 61. I'm gonna work for four more years. Corner workers and respond anymore to retire tomorrow but I really don't want to because of this health care cost Caricom are gonna bridged that gap to 65 I don't wanna pay you know a thousand bucks a month for blue cross blue shield. So the first thing I said to a more is really how much money you think you need. He said while probably about 6000. Lights call it's 7000 dollars a month. The good thing for him as he works for a company that gave him what to Raytheon. That gave him the ability to have a pension and special was before we're in a month now so really he's short 3000 dollars and monitor. And the first that they need to do was to find out how much money do you need. You know it be all it's great if you have lots and lots of money but what's even better. Is knowing how much you need every single month and having a place common source of income that's guaranteed for the rest of your life. On that exact same number let's let's part of what would try to do do do tell people is like to get organized get your stuff together or get organized. And and knowing they have a pension and knowing when your options are. With that particular pension what do you bleed to wife Riviera would take a take B pixie. That's really part of like the organizer hidden stuff that you could write down so. That's a very important aspect to them all. Yeah now 8776308787. For that organize your kid. 877. 630. 87. 87. The next thing that when you figure out this is how much I need is to turn our world where am I gonna get that money for a we met a gentleman the other also the other day he came in. He had a about 800000 dollars in retirement plans can work through self self. He had the startup company that he's been building he's making a good living but really he's not quite sure it's gonna pop or not. So reset to to Washington you know I've listened to show if our 2121 of these seminars and workshops a few years ago. He talked about a few things are really you know now is coming. Make more sense to us on the little bit older a move closer to retirement. And I wanna be able to position my money into something safe don't give me it guaranteed stream of income. So we talked some more and of the 400000 dollars he had an old 401K plan a below 410. Grand. That is stored as previous employer now we talked about how we fixed index annuity. But can I can grow your money from eight to be safely and then when share at the point of retirement how are you can use that. Generate a guaranteed stream of income for life Connolly build your own pension he like division I think about it not I'll bet you he's gonna end up making some moves. Then. No we talk about sort of the year getting off right making sure you're doing the right thing. One of the things that we would suggest is if you're listening in you saying hey pack kind of sounds like me. On the few years away from retirement or may be I wanna learn more about trust because. I saw my my aren't. Loose our host my uncle went to nursing home. One of the things that you can do now is join us for workshop. Now we're going to be having in January it's only a couple days away he stormed Thomas signed up January 10 is the first one. Tuesday January 10 at the cafe a schedule in Burlington. And then January 11 Wednesday at the Hilton hotel in doubt them both or 10 o'clock in the morning. And you can join us to learn more about some of those are well you can do on the wrong yes and you mentioned. I should mention protecting houses. Well. That's what I'm gonna talk about it was spent some time talking about trust revoke Opel trust irrevocable trust how would you revoke full trust. Is used to protect your realistic to protect money and Heidi it's sort of happy cake and eat it also which means that. You're in control. Of the asset that is protected how that works how what I did for my mom what I did for my mother in law. And how it really works you know it's. It's something that's very important and something. That might change in the future. Not a doubt in time and time again people come to us and say you know what I'm really worried about this nursing home thing. But I looked into nursing home insurance. And while I was an expensive there's got to be a different way it's gotta be some alternatives. And then that summer and are what talk precisely above that so if you're listening to say geez. I was looking into long term care insurance and every senator and buy anything. Obama letting go through it is either maybe I could medically qualifying. Or are I don't think I wanna pay that go for the rest of my life. Join us at the seminar will be talking the most song alternatives that you can consider to help you protect what you have and I think really the most important reason. You can join us at the seminars at lessen the number one worry for Americans today. Is rich and guesses. I'm running out of money running out of money safety of my money running out of money. What precisely hit home on that. Shari some alternatives as how you can keep your money safe retire no stress or who wouldn't want that. Join us again Tuesday January 10 that's only two days away. You store Tom McCall. Or Wednesday January 11 gone to a website now I just don't lose the money dot com you can click on this summer tab. Get more information are CP and then again I'll organize you can as a giveaway today where you can get. That from us free of charge and put all of your important information in the organizer can. So you're organized political sense 8776308787. And again 877. 6308787. Say right here we're gonna mature without good friend Susan worn action be. Joining us for the next segment to talk about what you can do to prepare for 2070. Hi somebody's office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment would receive them call me now. 8776308787. That's 87763087. Feet seven. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money and with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rule. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't lose some money. And rule number two and don't forget number one. Just don't lose the money arms Sam laying here with my very good friend and my surprise for the day. My colleague and I guess I like to thank you for as a friend first or Susan one exit studio joining us absolutely you know going Susan. It's great to be here it's great to I'd go to the seminars and meet people in person but it's also great to communicate with them. Through numerical a radio. Radio is good stuff that's great stuff and I'm amazed that people have gotten seminars we say who witnesses who was on the radio and all the hands go up and so. Thank you thank you for listening thank you for coming when you're such a natural you've been on TV for how many years show Mike got slighted you've been alive I think our come on that's not true I have great career 36 years 36. Here's I tell you warn you when I did that chronicle bid a few months back mine. In Amman on TV but my foam blew up bunch of people SARS in the US are you on TV so that was kind of fun but on the radio we've been to us what we should not for gosh. In business over 25 years on the radio just over twenty years sharing ideas with you. Our listeners are too loyal dedicated listeners. Awful long time and sharing. These two rules rule number one just don't lose the money and remember to don't forget real number was so furious we met a few years back we met and over time we've in fact we just help chew on viewing your friend via put into trust to get her kids you know sort of only keep us together and needed to figure out how that was gonna work out. And I had no idea and and in not only did we not have an idea we were overwhelmed by the very thought of what we needed to do. And so we did nothing which was no oil Mike most of us most people are like a probable galway all by itself you know. So many people are listening today and they know it is what we do win and some view our listen for the first time not quite certain. And I say this over and over again we are not all things all people we we don't. What we're not in business to help you you know sort of make didn't get rich quickly. We are in business to help folks to these three things one. Casual approach retirement you wanna keep your money safe. If you're retired you like to make sure that you don't run out of money not to worry about where the money's in the come from so that's the first and that we deal the second thing that we do is during retirement. Sometimes. We're not as lucky and we hear people that get sick and need a nursing home home health care. We provide solutions. To help you minimize those risks and if it does come true help to protect your assets to be going to a nursing home the last thing that we do. Hopefully this something left over hopefully you have something that and you have people you care about you wanna leave an inheritance. We will show you how to do that and do the best way. So not everybody takes advantage of almost three things but I think it's important to say. You you know you need to look at those. Well and I also think it's important assailant we do the seminars. Really see him is who you do business with folks is really important. He known for a long time on television I would tell you what not to do how not to spend your money in guesswork. Now things are stay away from right will this have things now I'm telling you to do. And one of them obviously is to protect your wealth there's no question about it and you do with is very important C and you tell people all the time. And one of the things that I love about this place we usually deceived channel 55 the Stanley to New England you know what. Rubino and lying is a little family here how many as corny as that sounds surely it's not sorry I have to say. It's not corny it's really important because when you have employees who care about each other. And you really love their jobs and loved their clients it makes a huge difference. And we see so many big companies these days that it's just a drop two people yeah right and that's you know that that doesn't work well for the client you know Richard ideas here. Yeah we've been together but gosh close 26 years so. Mean I've seen him more minutes in my own family my wife and vice Versa. And just as we're tier how I'm not so my writing or John Johnstone for me for twenty years he sees. I'd say almost every client with me he knows all the clients so we don't farms say come on on vacation and wanders busy anybody that cause a mocha for me looking for a commission look at Ford vice charm can can can help that. Person and so he's my right here my left hand is Ryan. Ryan's psalm 31 years old but he's been with me close to eight years now well probably one of the smartest guys I know very talented very capable. In between me John Ryan I think weeks we formed combo of much kind of we form a very good team to help. Help our client but even Bobby who runs the office pretty much I mean she's been here comedies. Barbie's boom with us for nineteen years she's my personal assistant knows all of my clients by their first names. Cheek kind of like reminds me who who everybody is but don't we have Beth who's been with me for about ten years and Jeanette gosh I've known Janette for fifteen years she. So our work force votes 67 years ago so. 404. A lack of a better bad corny saying we're one big cap. I don't think it is quite electric so I got to reiterate that I think it's important that the other thing that I also think is important for people who knows him is that. You relationships in the office obviously important in with your clients nothing more important. But your relationships with the companies with which you do business I think people need to know how important that is too because. You don't. Here folks right right right excellent piece of let me let me speak to that a little bit you know we use a lot of insurance products we use a lot of fixed annuities. Products that are designed by insurance companies who are now we do that for an obvious reason. We do that by design because it's a really safe place to put your mind explaining the law. Why should say well you know in the banking World Bank's safe there have FDIC but one of the things the little known facts is that. There our our government. Allows banks to see us do business what kind of like the wild west they only have to have a ball 5% of their. Assets in reserves. So they can lend out a lot of money which is what they do. But when people don't pay the money back and you want your money well we have a problem. There's been thousands of banks that have gone under in the last say it's 1520 years but unlike the insurance business insurance side insurance companies. There's maybe 900 insurance companies to do business with. And where very strict in careful. And we do a tremendous amount due diligence to make sure that the ones that we actually recommend to our clients are what we call cream of the crop. And the reason we know that is very simple how government our regulations are a much stricter. And harder on the insurance companies then basically with any other financial services field. There's something called risk based capital which a lot of people don't know that it even exists but in the insurance world if you wanna be calm and insurance company. And you think you always dog on you have to have a 100% of your risk based capital in reserves. I mean Jeff have a dollar reserves so you can cover what ever money people give you precisely to give it back yet and we do you know we do a fair amount of of research and I'd say in any given day there's maybe a dozen or so insurance companies that we feel are very good. And they are worthy of your consideration. To put some of your money. Well I have to say folks I'm a little inside to information here I was asking see him in Richard that's some of the companies with which they do business. And they named two or three and I had never heard of them and I ate he says I. Love that I've never heard of them. And I love that you've never heard them because they're really big companies and they're not in the news and nobody is finding them. And nobody is chastising them for doing something wrong. And I don't care about what I'm saying and that's why I think it's really important that people. Did people know that indeed we singling you enriched have been together develop an all over 25 years now more of a century there's a lot of time in new and by the way. Right here in new media I was still people I have I've always told people the entire time and work if you need a washing machine if you need a refrigerator if you need. You know obviously your car anything you need go downtown to buy it. You know I was good stuff I came right at main street downtown with the family has the name on the door and they're proud of it and they're proud of their. Brad Melissa rich and I built this company over a quarter century ago we thought to commit ground out. We're very proud will always down which helped thousands of people protected and secure their retirement. We're like the opportunity to you to learn more about us so you log on to just don't lose the money dot com. You you have it. If your five minutes you get a world of and of information. Brennan homepage ran a front page is couple videos that you washed share with you. Ideas. Facts about how you can secure your retirement if you like join us for some and are you can click on the seminar tab see where we're going to be you can RCP. If you like to know more about Russia clicked on the about us and I'm pretty simple. It tells you more about what it is that we can do to help you. Follow our tour rules we're number one just don't lose the money that's been payroll numbers do. Don't forget. Rule number one just don't lose the money dot com on the web just don't lose the morning dot com don't go anywhere folks we're right back from both more information. About how you can help yourself to just that just don't lose the money will be right there. You're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement this is just don't lose the money radio. Feel free to visit us at just don't lose the money dot com. Hi I'm Susan Warren if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio. And I'm no cute but for is Richard Rubino is Sam lane of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes in protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Just don't lose the money arms Sam line I'm Richard Urbina has always great to have Susan join us on our on our shows and rich she's great I mean we've been. He has Susan's been part of our. Fabric for but you're half dozen out of Jerusalem to a happier Susan when I have huge it's like time I was gonna say time flies you know. So we know we came to sew it together and we've known some common friends and we didn't do some business and you know Susan assists which is one of the kind we've had the pleasure of getting to know her now we can call each other friends. We've gone out to dinner attended together had coffee together and rotations following one of the most recognizable faces in Boston and now it's great to have our on the review don't nineteen. You know one of the things that and it came about with tar. This day I shall listen to show she comes from the so much could be at our next. Seminars you know is that all the senators and I issue saying you're asking me questions about trust so much they do so it enabled her to. Get organized and she got organized and says listen this is what I want. Happened. Rich to laugh at stuff from place to make it happen ankle one no Susan it was part of what we're trying to get people who do organize. What Joseph did was aggression hinder her and organize accuse you fill that out there she felt good out which is a good thing she is a good friend that is really. You know a great friend and and that she's a power returned so. Part of her listen was hey this is who my power return is in the organized a kid so we talked about earlier in the show if you like I'll free giveaway today. Which I'm I'm Tony right now. Get the year off right started in due to the right thing. Get organized. Get out organize you can't free of charge 8776308787. As the number. That you need to call for your free organized get one more time 8776308787. Pilots take our next email built in Lynn writes in your rich and seeing. We have just retired. And we feel that we will be OK with some of our income. One thing we're concerned about his long term care insurance about twenty years ago my husband took you talk on the lodge life insurance policy. They're currently we have what 400000. Dollars in cash now. We're thinking of cashing in the policy. So we can use our money to buy long term care insurance we're sure opinion on this. Well. You know it it's funny seeing it's it's one of those things that you would find out if you're organized like. Which your insurance that's that's one thing that you organize a keyword list insurance was to cash value. But you know in retirement he needs change you know when you're young you need life insurance if you die he needs something to replace. Two more years ago let's assume these people in the 60s20 years ago there are maybe forty in the mid forties and I would actually agree with anybody that. Feel as if they have a Finley they have obligations. That you don't need life insurance then you're not so of course should do I have life insurance because. Well you know my wife is at home reasons namely I for kids which means you get four tuitions for. For our colleges are now Israeli policy go to grad school lunchroom but you know during the wedding national Radio One album by house during. Listen the list goes on and I was already in hand and upon our coast now so are you more to come home today. Can she took the long term you know when you. You learn that Mack truck became your best friend. You need life insurance you know so these people now they needs have changed rich you know they're older. They've probably seen like like you were nine we've seen good friends pass away like oh my goodness you wake up one day but they would. As you get all the like oh my goodness I can't believe he's in a nursing home I've known him for thirty years and he was really healthy now you know took a stroke and had us and had that and now he's an nursing home so. People wanna protect themselves. And one of the things that you can do is to exchange. Old life insurance. For fully paid up. Long term care insurance that doubles as life insurer what does that mean I mean it's like doing so exchange in the words. Take him for a thousand dollars out of that policy had and transferred to a different company precisely yes Sony taxes on that transfer no not at your door right now paso for instance I have a long term care policy. That's already built into my life insurance policy. What I use probably might not be the same thing that somebody in the sixties and seventies my news. But we just have recently had a gentleman that came in sixty years old. That's why himself he's a single gentleman who has nieces and nephews and he cares about but one thing he's come to realize is look. You know be one thing it was my son my daughter. Maybe they might take care of me highly doubt it but clearly. I'm and that rowboat a long way to learn to like you put it. I don't wanna be a burden to anybody I don't wanna lose everything I have so you know I have enough money I don't beyond my money when he comes sufficient. So this German had about a 280000. Dollar dollar cash value life insurance policy. His life insurance policy was like 500 grand. But he's putting so much money over time so we've really most of it was his money for you guys yeah but notes if we give you cancel the today he can get back to eighty source of luck. Before you cancel at one and we look at how. What effect would who have won the overall picture if we train into that 280000. Dollars into an insurance policy we use we use Lincoln. Lincoln financial what's called money garner great company. We're putting the two to one and 80000 dollars. And what do bought him was about 800000. Dollars worth of long term care coverage now should you need it. Also if provided him with a bottle 400000. Dollar life insurance Kong's who's in the same position. Basically only better position mania has come more much better 400 life insurance. He can still take out the 283 needed to you know yeah anytime if you want to change his mind he just expected to eighty loses the insurance but. You know so what you know one of the ways he probably found out that he had that money. Was. Do you organize a kid likes getting organized knowing what you have people have this stuff in their closet that's way back. The eighty billion noted there's but the organize a key will enable users to identify that product. And have you looked into it it's probably 4000 dollars he didn't even know about that organize a teach. Small boat which was your Bjorn doing real life would you when he should I don't know how Mario where Omar where's all the stuff gonna be hot or no word is. If you weren't around so we put together organized can a few years ago. From time to time make it our giveaway and today you can get yours free of charge here's the number you need to call 877. 630. 87. 87 that number against 877. 6308787. Call for your free organize secure it's a wonderful tool. You can also learn more about what it is that we can offer we can help you whipped. By logging onto a website that just don't lose the money dot com in which we say over and over. While we're not all things so people there are certain things that we do really well which is really following are two rules we're number one. Just don't lose the money and no number two don't payroll number one took 25 years ago we built this company rich. Yes I was seems like yesterday it seems like yes and that was where if you say that. But you know over the last couple of decades we've realized that if you get closer to retirement. Or you are retired. But things become the picture really becomes much more clear and it's not. Just always about running faster in the rat race is more about keeping what you have. And if you think about waking your situation. You know what's what's important to you well my wife. My children my grandchildren no running out of money. Making sure that your wife your children your grandchildren are protected if something were to happen that the mention me well that's that's we're always we're always the last to come I don't. But really we've built our company you know structure where you can get your. Legal work your state plane and update you willows update maybe you need to trust how do you avoid probate. How do you world of you know minimize estate taxes and at the same time and that same roof. You can get your retirement plans in order so you won't. Have to worry about running out of money using specific products like insurance products annuities to do you would guarantee stream of income just as if you had a pension. Is really all about safety. And knowing the right things to us to consider. You know we're gonna talk about that to our upcoming seminars is she is in a couple of days on Tuesday January 10. Sam and I are going to be at the cafe has been drilling Burlington at 10 AM and you know Wednesday January 11 was going to be at the Hilton hotel. Since gonna talk about. These combo products which we which he described briefly here. And how likely he retired you don't want another bill how could you eliminate the bill and still get the benefits he's gonna talk about that very uniform. Stuff Susan one X gonna join us and she always does and a seminar I know it's January 8 it's Sunday. But you'll get you got two more base so far in some time join us again January 10 which is Tuesday and then Wednesday January 11. If you would like more information log onto our website at just don't lose the money dot com. Click under the similar town and you can sign up right there. Please do yourself a favor shot the year off right join us for workshops January 10 January 11. Just don't lose the money. Stock car our next question to trust who not to trusts moral. That's really a difference between real vocal in an irrevocable trust we're gonna talk about down we come back. Hi I'm Bobby office manager Billy Lange I know regions and schedule better than I know my own and their calendars getting phone. If you'd like to meet with rich and Sam call me now I'll put you at the head of the line but promise not to tell 8776308787. You call I'll answer he's 77630878. Southern. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam Wang an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam who. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money that you are as an all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now back did just don't lose the money went Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose the money on the Sam line I'm Richard Rubino again thank you for joining us kind of feels like the first Sunday. Even though it's really the second Sunday. Of the year so happy new year everybody I'm Susan one of course where that's earlier in the show and hope because there. Catch that segment but if you didn't we look for you to join us again you can log on to just don't lose the money dot com that's a web site. Click on the radio and check us out a little bit more. So rich you know sodomy or Friday we talked about the outcome of the workshops why it's important but really it's just make an issue war. That senate sort of you know what you have done the light at the end of tunnel is all about following out tools rule number one. Just don't lose the money. And blew a good tool don't forget rule number one also delighted the end of the tunnel is knowing who's who what's in the class a Tampa. You know you look at for the light switch and you look at four year right Jerebko wash shares to go outside where Ozzie and that's a precisely why would giving away the organizing kit at the beginning of the year that's what all your stuff comes and that's when statements comes in that's when. You know bill's style too good that's when you could have a good review last year that's when you could try to find that will power of attorney to even know where it is. So he could call now to get your free organize a kid. Since 77630878. Sermon on number against 877. 6308787. The organize your kid a must have we could be used to probably. Maybe last three years now it's always a favorite. And then to use. At the beginning of the the year so 8776308787. I'll last email comes from Pauline John. You Richard Sam. My husband and I have decided we needed trust our total assets and now over two million dollars. And now first grandchild was just born my lateral move them right and that's not the motivation. We are not sure what kind of trust we should get should we look at every vocal woke. Or an irrevocable trust. Well known is O is something that pushes people to make a decision in this case it's the grandchild which is which is great. But new twists trusts you know we've vocal bowl irrevocable. Usually people start out with revoke Opel trust. And depending on your age. You might have you switched to an irrevocable trust or most times people have both. Sam why you know all the money one for real I was Hussein may be as you get older one for money to execute someone for routes they knew every vocal Boutros for the raw real estate. A revote global trust in the money but just you know just looking at these folks Pauline John if they have two million dollars in assets in their Massachusetts residents. And they don't have a trips we just have a simple will. Honey I love you when I die I will says you get everything. In a roundabout way very quickly. They amassed a state tax on out of state if they were to die. To their children would probably be in the neighborhood of 100 grand dam about there maybe a little less but listen if it's a dollar if it could be. Let let's say it's ten dollars or could be zero what would you choose from no doubt Sarah won my point isn't honey do you really think my point is if you invest a little time. Little effort. Yeah maybe have to hire a lawyer and it's gonna cost you several thousand dollars. But at the end save a 100000. All of YOU this. This is one of the things and I'm gonna talk about at the seminar. And I'll spend the first part of the sever won't have to Susan I'll spend the first part of the seven are talking about trust so do you bout. But no blood no money trust how do you make sure that trusts. You your money stays in the failing to those kids in those grandkids. Divorce proofing. You're trusts also talk about the irrevocable trust how do you protect your house how could you have a trust. That protects your house of god forbid you don't nursing home and yet you could still be control of that asset inside that truss would hire we don't talk about all that's there were. Highly encourage you take a little time make an effort it's only a couple of days away January 10 at 10 o'clock in the morning. January 11 and also 10 o'clock in the morning we need to be in Burlington or Denham and you can log on to a website just don't lose the money dot com. For more commission clicked on in the summer tab will be try and right now you don't have access to a work site. Don't give us a call 8776308787. For more information you're talking the operator if you think it's something you like to attend. Please make a reservation now just the other day we took on new client. This discern this couple came to a workshop about two years ago. Learned a whole lot. So reporter on the back burner because they just you know timing just wasn't right there's lots of things going on. In their lives at that time but now there are about six months away for from retirement and they say you know want. The world does queasy. Just last couple weeks you know he although some nonsense in the news about. This you know Syria or no mission on the shoot you and I'm sure you bathrooms would happen for a 100000. Years I mean this is this is and it's crazy so they said luck. I don't wanna take any chances. We are in our early sixties we feel very fortunate we have an extremely. We feel like we got our stuff together but you don't want. Rather than worrying more we would just like to worry less than going into retirement you know we're not looking to live extravagantly we just one I'm not worried you know which is. My worry would own a worry what I wanna run out of money so they can't turn on the workshop. And we just saw them recently they threw ended up becoming clients of ours. And you know they sell one of the attractions was not. We know you guys. You know seems like you guys been around for quite some time boy that we have we been around for long time but. Green come to one place and get the legal work done but also get 401K roll over and keep the money safe and getting common. All that stuff so they came to a seminar and we would encourage you. Also to consider coming to a workshop again just don't lose the money dot com. Is where you can get more information about the upcoming seminars. January 10 again two days away now he sought time to sign up and also January 11. That's Wednesday and if freely before I'll give Roy Richards gonna say this we're about tone numbers of people could Desai and yet they don't wanna go on the web site. They can check out. How they can get to us by congress number 877. 6308787. That number once more 877630. H seven. Except now those people can't make it and wanna get organized. Call in that same number for organizing kit it's. Who really essential to start at the beginning of the year because you don't wanna start midstream you wanna start the beginning of the year you statements command. Bills command it's time to get organized for 2007. Been together this payout to spoke with its ten pages. It's got great information they won't be a wonderful tool for you in your dream we call this number 877. 6308787. Nomo once more 8776308787. If you're listening. You're nearing retirement you are retired you said you know what. And now that I've grown my assets nominee got a few bucks my mortgage is paid for. I have a nice stream we want protect myself however make sure that I get to enjoy you know why before maybe your single person to skip to use the money and enjoy it and then. Whatever is left over. Passing on to your ears that's precisely why we're in business we'd love to you to learn more about what it is that we do. Again by joining how workshop January 10. In January 11 learn more about what we can do for you on our website at just don't lose the money. Dot com again just don't lose them money dot com we'll be right back. Just don't lose the money radio will be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meeting with attorney Richard Urbina or Sam Wang please give our officer Paul at 617. 6308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how riches and get all their work done they start by calling me. I'm Bobby office manager at revealing. You can secure your financial future of the same way by calling me you call I'll answer 8776308787. 87763087. Eighths up. Just don't lose your money radio on CNY how much of her being happy new year everybody again thank you for joining us joining me seeing him. For me rich and Susan Choi Susan warning that is join us early in the show we would loved to seal the three of us. At a out upcoming workshop once more and only a couple of days generate tens. At the cafe escape drove in Burlington. And Wednesday January 11 at the Hilton hotel in Denham. Both are in the morning at 10 o'clock. Make time make an effort don't procrastinate start the year off right. You learn how to. Follow all tools rule number one just don't lose them money and world number two don't forget we're number one thank you for listening we'll be back next week. Signing off on same way I'm Richard Levine taking. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax and investment advice Rick Cupertino and Santa letter principles of creepy you know like LLC are in health insurance agency LLC and that's broker's license 178339. This sail through your feet away. Registered investment advisors and not give investment advice this show was serviceable you know.