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Jan 8, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You are listening to a wicked fights radio. The only place to listen. The boom during Sunday's ten. RJ over the voice of Boston. Welcome and everybody gets done with it today taking your home. A block today I hope you're in a better today than I started off all the snow I get a nice there right. So I know I'm that the coming here. And get ready for the show one to get in a little earlier today so I go out the shovel. Turn on the snowblower starts for one minute realize a lot of guess. Mike that's in my days there. Mosul of veterans in a row the most overrated and I I had at least things it's. Plow driver and he wound up my driveway. Cleaned so it and have to do the school shoveling then well at him on top of it all I mean I shovel. But I have an incline driveway. So if I get a dusting I think. So you know I shovel. That I salted. That picture our. Come downstairs here ready to leave. Can't get up the driveway. Physically the car cart car when you're putting Europe with a cup of the cart car decided you know it it want to sleep in today but I was really get out. The clearly I was able to make it in today sleep and now we here to take your phone calls and today. The one of those days I guess is that typical New England. Went to work. That we're getting we're getting snow we're getting cold weather from luckily we have anything really really cold you know so far like I remember last year. I might also look from smaller farms will be in your little a little later on the program. He'll tell us about what the weather the cold weather did last it to some of these crops and I'm. I've been thinking all football the last couple days or weeks since we got the snow. I'm convinced that I drink does jinxed us from them because the other day I was coming into the office and walk you know and it was before Snowden who blew the day before. And a walk out to my current Mike you know what. It's a cold maybe we just won't get snow this year. Knew of one of those let go a few years ago we just didn't have any snow all year and sure enough the next day and waking up from a top seem like never bring it up even to yourself. No never discuss it because it just is just not gonna help this is and I cannot it's not can help you get through but today I what I thought we would do is looking for restaurants. That that gonna kinda warming up inside places that you go this time a year the key Q and you know. Just to make you happy OK now I'm looking for great restaurants great comfort food I guess is it is one of the topics today. And I know next hour you got a special guys who were talking. I will speak simply is no warming up and keep make you feel good inside next hour. I went down to the smoke shop and Kendall Square smoke shop barbecue. And I chat with Indy husband's the chef and or the pit boss if you will. Of smoke shop barbecue they're going into their their first six months or they're coming to their first year next summer will be the first anniversary so. Rich we talk a little bit about what 2017. Has the whole for the smoke. All right so a lot going on definitely a lot going on today's program but as always really. It really evolves around the listeners of the callers that call in today because they kind of steer the topics of where we're gonna what we're gonna talk about it we're gonna do. And I'm an open up the lines for you the listeners out there right now and who knows. Because when his self dinner for two on us for calling in today and tell us about your favorite place to really be yep may be an if you really nice to Mike because he gets to decide it's time he has sometimes sometimes he gets to decide. He will be very pleasant when he called and talked to mine with a with a yes but again it's it's it's it's all about you. And it's all about. You know. Helping people and finding great restaurants. Yourself finalist by the listen and you'll be listening to be driving around today sewing her call and recommend a restaurant in an effort to. Lou right and then you gonna go there in May become your new favorite restaurant. That's how the show works its folks helping folks you call and and you can. You recommend restaurants we can ask questions in our listeners who call in and try to help yet find places and it's not just limited to restaurants its food. This is wicket by its radio so we knew anything food related. Ranked as we do anything food related. Right now though I thought we would look group for just comfort food restaurants sure because I just want comfort food items a couple of items that I could think of right now on a day like today. That he is wanna warm up I mean it was nine degrees when I was up this morning. Those who is. Do you word not having today in all know is colder you can get up the driveway it had to shovel. I thought that I'm I'm fighting this terrible colds or perhaps tonight coughing so well and so I need to listeners out there to call in today for the feds are on the up with a so so I don't I don't coffee the entire programs it. I'm gonna need some help today but I'm looking for comfort food they say a warm up the sole. And I got a couple this is I could think of off top. My head the Guinness Stew. Look at at Heather's daughter. You know it's they would like nice chunks of meat in there are some carrots and he's. And of course you know cities Guinness sure and I think this time a year that is that that is perfect. That's panthers' starting at two locations nationally and he wrote another item that I can think. This time a year is at the pearl street station. They do this short ribs it's comics do. And I don't know balance ever put on the menu it's always on a special menu. And he is just so good it's made with this rich browns stock on top answer but we're mashed potatoes. And you know it's just. Good hard at all yet chicken pot pies as another right. You know that I think Wu who can warm up. Inside but I look for restaurants to get help us out and buying places were places that you go to have that warm inviting atmosphere this time a year. And I got the elect Joseph Christian North Andover short in my little secret who. When you go when there. There's a little fireplace. There against one of the walls it's a small fire place but there's a table for two right in front. And you could request that table today you're gonna get the heat from the fire as the entire taxes so it really warms up that's your little secret that's my secret. And that's the North Andover locations are open now I need your help where you going right now what restaurants are you visiting. And where you're going to warm up that sold for this time of year some room for some great local restaurants. Just to make you feel good to get to do this wintertime I here's the number to call 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. And like I said Mike is gonna take your name address off there and every hour we will be awarding dinner gift certificates so hopefully. Hopefully. Mostly you may just have dinner on Austin that would really warm up right. I 888 sports reports 6464. That is our number here to the restaurant program. All right as that a cause coming that's an open lines right now so we need you to fill them and help us out today 888. 4346464. And we tell you about polices of Boston's north then which is located. On main street which is route 28 in stone that's gonna find spreading your finest on Paul there. It's an Italian restaurant. Graham answered pictures. Spend a little bit of time and walk through the restaurant and lounge area in the restroom go photographs. And all the celebrities that have originally dined at the original location in the north and a Boston. And they brought this restaurant out to stone a couple years several years ago. And they still want to have all that that the great food in the great atmosphere. And the great folks at they had for so many years in the north and and they've done that. I mean for any. You talk to Freddie Freddie Freddie is one of those guys has done just about everything in the restaurant business you know he's done everything that I can think he really hats. You know eat and what time we sold fish a one time he had a butcher shop yes and he knows great quality food. He really does. And we go into polices of the north then you will see and experience this for yourself. I recommend. Anything on their special moment. I'm and I do mean that they're special menu they come up with some great creations. And this plan your food I mean more time and went in there. And it striped sea bass on me and I don't mean just a little tiny cut a strict edicts. It was if it was that it was enough of a meal for like 23 people. It was it was really sensational. Yeah him beaten to get the feeling the game you know I'm talking about right. I fallacious the north end of Boston that's gonna find spreading. Again are located at 24223. Main street in stone completes a Haider Freddie were sent Paul when you go and again anything all that special menu. Is gonna be well worth. 888. 4346464. That's our number of the restaurant program this morning the great wall restaurants locate or report Bedford mass that we gonna find Alice. You know got plenty of HDTV screens in there now that it's in Ramallah a couple of years back and put in this four KETV sets. You know even our even our TV show markets it looks better in four K. You really does or set up in our TV show when you watch four K television yes it looks so much sharper of course does it's it's amazing the difference. Even though we're not shooting and four K it was shooting and 1080. Right now that he's too technical. Well wishers during the ages of these yes but it looks it looks so fine and when you go to the great wall of restaurant to watch our show it there are all obviously it's on what tomorrow. Tomorrow at 2 PM utopia how large. Mean great wall restaurant make sure that of one of their TVs on which invites TV on us a real easy to do OK I would recommend they are they're crispy before their. My favorite shredded chicken string beans which is an iceberg lettuce and the kind of leaked at all. And then you kind of roll it up. And make it into this little. Now I can't a little pinky grainy bite into it when that Christmas oh. It's so good it's so good to great all restaurant route board Bedford mass and Alice will be there but not Salvatore is this several locations. Including and Dover large sniper South Boston and in Boston's their district. There are open for lunch and dinner and don't forget about their ships playground section on their menu that's where you could go in there. And when you go to each slept at each location they all have their own separate. Playground section that's what the chef likes to write that's with a chef says this is what I like to cook. And puts it on the mend. So you do that it Salvatore is again Andover Lawrence met for South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. Our way to go out right now for comfort food and great restaurants at this time of year winter time they get you through the season. Eric I need you up and an open line 888. 4346464. That's 888. 4346464. We Syria post let's go to Kevin in Wakefield Kevin your first and the restaurant program good morning Kevin. Good morning pat how he is very good it's got today. Well Scott are well I kept I or a new restaurant in the Somali functional on a street number street. And I read about it on what America being in actually in the poll today. And my guilt because apparently he had homemade doughnuts vehicle or on should have. There's a pizza everything but fickle eight Eric and credible. But what I really like is when I look at conference who they got. The club or merits two sides and not to concepts. Well. Or had a that's on the MySpace and the quote veteran media. Asian bully of a sudden it's absolutely incredible. Yeah. Beat the other good thing you know go toward a ball park and they got free parking on the building there we're not going on honor yeah there's nothing going on someone. They have on the park and ride in on them they'll. On that's a lot. That's really important because when you get in in that Boston America act I was in Boston the other day. In this. The financial district and I had a I couldn't find a meter I only needed like. I drop something off. And I tried to find a leader drove around for 1015 minutes at is it well I'm just at the parking garage. 42 dollars for over two hours soccer. Luckily I was there in an unhappy hour yeah I think it was it was ten dollars would have compromised 42 dollars to park. Wow. Wow that is all about I think their restaurant again. Tapestry tapestry nine monarchs. Mr. In Boston I can't thank you very much for your focus has like a great place and the great little tip because you get. You get the free park and back them that that that's important when it when is nothing going on them way apart let's go to Chris of all good morning Christiane sky with late. Based I don't bury 22 quick things one. I don't know what twenty guys wedged it about beginners too good to peace in cherry yep that was me I'll start but what do. For whatever reason and whatever we could use a piece. Perhaps the people what they. Well it's why would people it's IP I don't know why they tied with peas and I've put peace can be still finished two I'd I'd quit he's a great piece that looked beat anyway it's a very restroom I think I think topic I think puppet who. Olympia restaurant low on market street get a big clot. They glam kind of Spinner. Good diet well in they get also. And take lemons she would grace it is getting rich to shut you know they've been around. Bigger demanded a lot on the radio show they really do that's one of the night recommended restaurants and you know what I hate to say and I've never. I have never been there. Well get done if you expand its fight pizza. They give you like a big huge brick of spinach. Usually get a cold and heated up he he get it to go get a cold to bring home Ito. Well it's it's goes everything there is good everything. All right they're located. Right in the below national historic park section. At 453. Market street in little Olimpia is the name of the restaurant thank you very much for your phone call go to John Brewster good morning John how are things down there. Well I'm still trying to show the world that I can imagine you guys guys got walloped I I heard. We did on the nor shorts not too bad it's just cold. Well we're glad my brother little unsure doe well yes. We're we checked the load this time. And I think when it's your turn it's your turn to get a little bit it's no I don't place worst. Of a restaurant restaurant. Guy. OK tell me about it never heard of them. Well it's. On routes which a man and Dennis. My edits. A restaurant that's. Try stride and stroke like such you know you're if your idea untrue live from. Fourteen dollars and 28 dollars. There were. There isn't that bad real look foolish. Near and that's so important when I go in there and just the it and the pricing is right. And you want to good good comfort food you're saying this is the place to go. What size of a large place a little lower restaurant. Well it sure. You know what probably sheets. I don't know a hundred people shall. Yeah mystery there is pleasure. Well people are no waitresses in no way it is I really. Accommodating. Aren't putting is. I get a telephone call and Syria and it is Austria the old orange pushing real happy birthday but he doesn't do these things that. Is sanctioned. That that's he's got to put several years now but it does lead to all clients polish. People are doing now. Now have them on the air when did that that's something and usually some different I've never heard anybody do you know the restaurant adults cargoes. And it's located in Dennis. Sub six days and Dennis. Root success I doubt they carry marched on via phone call 8884346464. We're looking for great comfort food and great comfort food restaurants at this time a year help us out who knows you may win. Dinner for two on us 888. 4346464. Is the number to call that's 8884346464. Pizza Regina up. A greater deal right today right. I love their little. FaceBook messages they sent out yesterday I don't know if you saw it might say they actually had a box. Regina pizzeria in the snow to sit up there in the snow. As you do yeah I mean this time a year to local pizza I'd estrogen must culprits. Especially the cheese pizza. Gather there are gray days they stayed open through the storm all their own all the locations Alston Medford. The Fenway area all of them. State opened the malls won't close with the malls those they can't really control that one by. Yep pizza the last labels like Def sleepy tonight. Yeah yeah I hope it was and I have a feeling all of their locations of slapped you have to be what do you do you know pizza beer and move on to games on. It's that homemade brick oven pizza there's nothing like it if you haven't tried it before you have to go out you have to experience Regina pizzeria. Again world famous since 1926 at home made brick oven pizza the Fido location near you and they all open up again today at 11 AM. Their website Regina pizza dot com the finish and restaurant twelve Alfred street inhale bro that's are gonna find us on the open for dinner tonight. At 2 PM they're only open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday that's it. But when you go in there are watches do experience and great food and I can recommend. To anybody. Their primary. I mean make a prime rip they had a kink up prime rib is no way in the world. That one person to finish that there's just no way my wife and I went and once we split. And we couldn't finish that we took home and we had another meal the second night. That's how booties and so so tender does have a 3COM baked stuffed lobster that they stuff with the finish since famous walnut stuffing. I love their their stuff and put on some of the shrimp it's amateur -- he got you got to try to got to experience this restaurant. Again the only open for dinner. Tuesday through Sunday at the Venetian restaurant just off route 495 and here rope to hide it Hasan and save room for dessert they got a great baked Alaska. It's sensational. The finish restaurant 11012 sell 120 mystery. Mean here are our number is 8884346464. Let's go back to the phone lines go to mark of Milton good morning mark. More allies are very good. Access or the virtually destroyed wrought Milton. And I'm gonna happen but again happy birthday to my cup is now on the optically thick I've done it. Except that I mean I. I've never heard of that I mean. He not help the guy can hold two. I try to go bomb bomb. Beyond that point above and beyond a doubt about it. I have never ever heard before. I what what tell us about your place. I was an open thirteen years Brenda in the center Rondell. You know it's more regular American cuisine doesn't really have any ethnicity do it. In our popular dishes are slower to chip and people of our French onion soup. We do we don't we do it special cut. Of the day which means we can basically change our special operative meat but that day people coming to that. You know sometimes at the top throwing from under the groves borrowings from time to go to flaming are. You know price point in our our largest price iTrip Torre put all of them sometimes special cuts go up to 28. And we do live music on birthdays. We. We've got about eighteen cable release that are about 85 people and. I'd yeah I'm just not only are we your website right now it looks Lichter said in that beautiful. The looks like a mill complex. He I don't know what one story building it's kind of like. Like old school when I was told he is going to be delivery. I swear I thought Karrie is restored and such like we have no forty feet outside to in the weather turn better. We were opened up my of course this Saturday night you're with a belt. Yep how do how we alas now we busy. I was adequate you know at least appears to have no pot again. No usually right away this city goes in the pocket gamble with a new mayor hopefully he'd look law and understandable. Right right. Yeah I know that that's so harming your eye you're trying to make a Livan. And de EEE you need those customers come in special on a snowy night because it's so hard to get customers in anyways. And they at a bar parking ban and in there that's that's even tougher to get people coming. Exactly knowing news comes to this city is you know not let me Rondo not downtown but it's still part of the city and down. And yet it does keep some people label we have we had a lot of people walk down last night it was good. And socio large cocktail menu also. Correct we change that quarterly note seasonally and such. You know attractive what we have sixteen give a draft we're trying to do some help as I'm but what at all. Yea so you are. Are you change in that I'm so I'm sure you're changing their craft Peerman on the time. We've what you're be careful of is that you know some people come in Pittsburgh is attention to too much but there's really two or three that we kind of changeup every now and then let's now. What are right now the double deck. Double IKEA is bullet that we have we of the outgoing double idea on them that that does very well for. We urge you may on draft which I'm not what people carry. But that does well far. Know people like them the better idea. And when he opened today. I would open at 5 o'clock every day it's only open for dinner. O'Neal academic record in part Rondo really not I don't you know a bunch plays it is a blue plate and public depth but not not for what it's like. It's called the beach street for. It perched birch street these stroke and and draws in their where are you located in resin bill. I'm in what is it revert pre credit or not your. I writes I hope with some people come in there and they come in. I want to sing him happy birthday that's not they're even if it's not their birth to. Make sure you and your demo up to recover and asked me. As for mark all right mark good luck sounds like a great little rest army will drop by and and chicken outs and tunnel so. I think you very much for calling 8884346464. Bill icu there you can just hold on. I'm gonna take a break and we'll come back on the other side the break with you and I see my. That I see donuts and. I believe you did I hope there are donuts. Yes I all the heads of state and else I believe we get some doughnuts government I gotta tell you about these notes. They're that. They're addicting you have one. You gotta go on to the site. It's if they use it today I would have to react to things to do in the studio that we had doughnuts and next just torturing me with the smell so thick fingers or it's gonna have to Bedard all right so what they all of that coming up just second of course to take your phone calls today till twelve noon this guy with the today Gillis and a wicket bites radio. Or a cold but sunny. Sunday morning. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's tended to. Go to WRK oh the boys of Boston. It updates we'll don't wait for a Davis get traffic and weather whenever. Don't leave large hail lap. Us. Welcome back Scott with the again taking your phone calls to twelve today with a good for comfort. Restaurants and help us 888. 4346464. Irrespective phone calls go to bill. Dvd you're an old nevermind bill. And online bill I we have bill on all too long but if you like to call and today we're looking. At those places that just had great comfort food. Animal that you can help us out and who knows you could win yourself dinner for two on ons for doing so. Mayor I told about the pearl street station in Malden. It's the beach shortly that's my guess. That's the dish I would go in there right now there. You know if you really wanna warm yourself up it's both the short risen carrots onions. Red wine and herbs that are rich brown stock conserved over mashed potatoes it's warm it's so comfort and you know I think it's only on this special menu but they haven't all the time. To go in there and try it down robots. It's the pearl street station. 53 Summers street and mall and and it's also a great place you can going to watch football today. They're eighteen. The extreme views. I mean there's only one game one to him able to have an all eighteen screens at once who knows maybe able walls the same picture you feel like you're in India. I can best by buying a television could do they mean may do that today. They also enjoy great beer out Al robot when you go and again it's the beef short ribs that's what I recommend today. It is warming up inside pearl street station. Said and that old train station back in 1890s that's the original build homeless. 53 make that I EF 53 summer street in Malden Allen robot is his name also got a recommendation from our FaceBook. A great place at a great thing to do is the village restaurant in Essex. That's a place to go try there are there they're clam chowder. And that that that is what you want this time a year. It's just so good this comes from Bob and so comfort and the clam chowder at the village restaurant in Essex at the junction of route 150. 133 and it. Action policy it's at the injunctions. Every 133. And 22 I believe. 55 main streets exact address and Essex that's fine restaurant about forty minutes from downtown Boston. Are those restaurant Essex again take it Bob's advice. So that's the message in FaceBook. That their claim chatter is just so folks who. Are they are special guest right now and you sort of have up. Big news for us little belated big news because you you've already done this Michael's moloch is joining me right now so that farms. And and the big. News's. You're open. All you're wrong we are Scott and done this is the first time in 32 years and now I'm so far the response has been great. And if you're looking for comfort food if you wanna come out to the farm and it's actually beautiful it is but never a more beautiful day than today. Were open from 7 o'clock in the morning until two in the afternoon until until we get into our regular hours and April in its response has been good so far. That's so important that you have great response that especially opening up for the first time I was just mentioned the village restaurant and Essex museum. And back in this is right here where where is. I ninety to 1992. They always closed down. In the wintertime my ethnicity were always you know they were close in the October that would open up probably mark somewhere in that period and it was costing them a lot of money. You're just as you know. Clean out the pipes get everything closed the restaurant down. Back in 92 in October they start advertising that us is we're gonna try. This is even if we lose money. We could still come out ahead I was told about that yet okay and back in 92 I don't know if you remember that particular winner. It was one of those winners were you this note on Friday or Saturday night. All winter long and some like if if anything could happen if any could be worse for a restaurant. You know they experience and I too and right away. He broke even. You broke even didn't lose money actually broke even during that Warner and I was in 92 that's when he started advertising. You know with the with the radio show me and he's still going strong. After all these years so there is an opportunity to make to make it in the wintertime. Well I really expect we will because it's been something that's been night in the offing for quite awhile. And as part and parcel of us going to expand our offerings going down the road we're going to. Replace part of the the building with a four seasons Billingsley be able to come out and all kinds of seasons. Sit there with your friends you're your your children your family. With a fireplace that's going to be there in the winter and look out and see animals and nature I don't think there's a more beautiful place on earth not I'm biased. That right mr. giggle apple making this time. It was good but you're gonna need you gonna happen blew up on the trees believe it or not people have called and asked. Are are there are there any still on the trees debate and now all right I think there's not enough there but you know as people get further away from from the farm. They don't know they've asked to take your pick strawberries and asked if they took apples in January. It's not quite yet where you know maybe in a couple of years you've got some time here here is the first winner that are staying open. Maybe it would and one of those big green house and I don't mean that you know bigger I mean you know in greenhouse quite a football field right them and maybe you could do. Strawberry pick in all we're rule well who knows you never know what's expected. I just like he's you're looking at that they can whether it's a crazy business model and open. Yeah really really as tablet us store but now there are few places around that that that stay open with things like that but I'm but so we're gonna try it. Yet it is far as opening in your your part I mean that's that's your primary business or farm with with your shop. And as the guys who stand open. Yeah ice cream is open all winter long arts at commanders it will Wear my gonna do with the farm and mine and again and well known. It's well the don't mrs. I can't go any place without that being the next thing as soon as I say met last thing they asked me if I'm related to people have the donuts. So yeah that's my identity now and you may. This the first time you've been open all winter. But and in no way you're when you know all we're coming don't streaming in the two years ago I haven't seen this year two years ago we we. Produce 350000. Doughnuts a lot of donuts that's a lot at night getting a couple more months to ha. I'm human you're 400000 plus well we'll see but it's it's amazing it's it's one of those things. And Mike I don't unseen in the box is Wilson he hasn't had any yet. Not yet know Nadia you will this money to go around its warning your doughnuts there there. Describe your doughnuts Krispy they're addicted right there they're out there they're cider doughnuts and down and we make them into one of for more ways either we have complained like the old fashioned or. Cinnamon sugar or sugar. And down when in my Baker's Tammy decided to try glazing them. And I'll tell you this nothing. You know you think placed tape chips had a at a gig going these these are more addictive and place. Some and they are and now that the glazed won the glaze sellers are. I am Jesus can get. Well let's stop one as we're trying to well you know that that that's the problem living across the streets a little bit of a challenge them making imagine an luckily you know the smell. Could replace the smell stays in this job well and the wind is blowing in the editor at all. But on on on an occasional day. You do. I don't know how you don't get that great right one. I mean that towards the silly in this so rash. And and and located like even in north and I mean you're located north and Brighton which are located like. Right up a reporter it. No no we're aware of where destination as opposed to somewhere someplace along the way in and 350000. Dollars that you make at a far well somebody's found us. A lot of people. Right at my wife is one yeah she goes intentional children normal box at the moment. Luckily we only about five minutes should go when it like a bags X one. And that was their their Russian and Austin's social again when another instance and then you know my. I can tell you know Carol I yet I have what you count the dollars. Did you have today well she's picked up sixty and I'll make it home that's the question what she tells me. They don't know rights but I really have no. That they almanac if she comes home with a half dozen donuts and a box that for doesn't. I remember rectal through last year that. This new because you just introduced the nucleus right Rennie brought in the studio that then like. One hour to start my new favorite don't run and you know about it well that's it well well twelve game moment. We think and and so in addition to that we've we've got up and I brought a couple of a practicing which is which are just terrific and done and I've got a great staff and it just coming up with new ideas all the time you know in addition to Aaron. I'm muffins and our pies in the paper it's. This planet. Right it's not there's doughnuts I mean I don't talking a lot about the votes probably because I'm. You know just obsessed with Jonas and here it's just it's just one of those sessions that you have when you have one. It you'll know what I mean and that type people go and they try to farm. They get hooked on the donuts and you them come back for more can you do the pies and do the muffins and and even have likes. It is yet we do and dumb and and they have been very very well received two so. Again if you're looking for someplace that's comfortable easy relaxed. Under no pressure did to their intended to. They get going because some does this. It's quiet and it's real simple. And Don just sit relax and enjoy nature and much difference catch up with life. Right and then and I asked him on the way money well maybe if I New England is like the number one ice and ice and can absolutely and oh yeah. Country this time a year sure we are open I know that I screams and the summertime relies. It's a cake it's it gets pretty busy and what went away tossing and heart you can actually you bring the kids in the summertime. They again and ice cream in hand you can go wouldn't have cakes in the specialty products that you could bring home in the kits conjure on the animals it's not sure the animals have been really really popular and again. Where can people go to see these I mean you take the example of the person looking for extra reason December January. That people people don't know that there's not now as far as the animals we've we've briefly talk talk about them about this time a year do you condolences and so you you show little path that mudslide snowblower. We've we've come into the 21 century so. We get in and out of there let's have to do on par a it is it is. Yeah earlier in the show we're talking about it as being sort of a typical winner. But last year was not right we have that that. To a three day cold snap didn't drop dead like twenty. And I've been here in new England and it living in the north and over an area for. For years now right I mean I don't ever remember ever getting to 20/20 five below zero I have never heard my house not so lucky and I. Yeah well it was so cold in hand and you may or may not know but when the temperature gets down that low we lose Oliver Stone for. We lose our peaches are are are around cherries from her palms up that nectarine. And that's what happened last year so we we didn't have any there weren't any north of Rhode Island while in New England but this year. So far so good I was talking to a meteorologist friend of mine the other night into he said this is an el Nino year and I so what does that mean. He said in el Nino means is that. You're not gonna happen in normal day you're gonna have something higher you gonna have something lower and it's gonna go back and forth quite a bit let down so. So hopefully hopefully we'll have beaches. He I like to the wintertime it we had with most notably years. I'm it's great and our people on the launch. Yeah but I've got to the stage in my life when I don't see it and he had experiences you need to see you don't need to shovel right at my daughter lives down in North Carolina she's an arsenal of Maryland and sun went down the visitor yeah. And of course they have. The snowstorm out there which is very rare men and they get tickets to go to one of the policies either duke or North Carolina last night in the cabinet canceled. And they rescheduled for today and likely this get to the early enough because they get tickets for the Bruins game because they're out there I say they're big snowstorm. Even less than that about it dust right. Every day everybody asks everything everybody panics everything is closed feature you can get a you can go to a coffee shop or my daughter would maybe from New England office. On a cold day like they had it last year as they experience it not as cool very cool right. They can't even go get a cup of coffee. Most shops are closed and she pulled in the one shop last year. And their minds in the snow on the ground and the drive through science is closed because of the weather. Right it was twenty degrees. And that's the way Marie. The tough what's kind of like the first snow in New England everybody has got to get used to drive and again yes. Now as far as I mean you lost all that type of news. The plums and all lineup you're right that's only one year when it comes back the following a sharp chair art you know hopefully. We should be fine this year I mean we we have all of our normal pitch around crops are. I strawberries raspberries blueberries cherries. Peaches plums lecturing it's apples pumpkins and choosing cut Christmas trees. And so wets once they once were hit Jim we're pretty busy all the way into Christmas. Right and then in the in the fall you always have a special events that's in the Golan every single week gotten in his own line of cars even a yet he gets the gets pretty intense and each year seemed to get a little bit busier and which we've got some patient neighbors and and Newark or you're one of the papers this disaster which which felt this is true. But you know it's kind of interesting this winter I'm also one of the things that we kind of is that that. You think about winter vacation and you remember how when you a little used to drag your mind knots in the house. But we're having some programs at the time and we've been in touch with some of the mother's groups north and a mom. We're getting in touch with some of the local ones to get them in and also to the other thing we're thinking about some of the some of the elderly at this time of the year. Each other kind of shut in and down where sort of inviting you know nursing care facilities senior centers. To come out in the wintertime. And just get out of those facilities just just just see something different. Yeah hey just to get outside move around longer as sure sure and yeah just to have some fun I mean yeah and that's what it is my also seem to that you and just look at this newspaper we have it kicks drop off programs what is subtle. Did they our our people that are that are arranging these things they're doing different things storytelling. Crafts. But I think he'll last about an hour long and they drop in and you know if you're there and just on on a whim wanna come out with your friends. And we remains to be seen but I expect he'll be pretty successfully successful in the fall. So I think it'll be and then also during holidays during the school breaks and whatnot where we're planning some Bristol development. I'm so that's this not just in nineteen. Right that's Irsay and at ten at 10 AM Brett hits drop off program. Smaller forums and more than it was an acceptance. Hit a Paris and drop off their. The grip wrist problem the kids have their work right it's right for an hour they could just go and just graphs right. And that and grandparents and parents of school programs don't even sure we'll have lunch all right although let's talk a little bit more about here's the series that I went to during the summertime. We haven't talked about that you know we haven't I I were. All on everybody got to hear about this series big series I do that Ted I know world. Six months away seven months away from him really experience in this but it's a very unique thing that they do it before. Gillis a wicket by its radio so beautiful Sunday morning political sunny out today and we're talking about life on the farm. In the wintertime we're talking about those great that. The 36 years as a firefighter can I achieve our national grateful to wanna open up my place I'm one of the best. Huge fortunes like I was on the come out. Most people don't know he did a climate. The deal calling Angelique named after me as a flavor explosion. So we're grateful we knew portions. Come visit me Jackson moment at the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rip the all American tavern Salisbury. Parent you know American tavern. The area. Leave Hungary. It's a mile and for a place in the waterfront to be about a place for a lot of history. How about the no name restaurants Obama for and Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's back. At Specter wool war one the ward end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine that low price seafood couldn't be fresher. And the kitchen knows what to do with it displaying considerable finance and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. You'll love it you really low and by the way free parking underlined that. Free parking in the seaport area but no name restaurant fifteen fish piercing Heidi Jimmy forming okay. You guys over the years have heard me pat would lead talk about one of my favorite restaurants when my favorite people whose name is believed both for literally. He had known he and his wife were. I don't know a better part of thirty almost forty years. They are the north in at Philippe votes now. They are in Winchester actually been their for sometime that fully oppose taken the restaurant over. There five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester Lucci is of course in the North End is though he's. Tough parking their but not here are you impart right in front of the restaurant never hosted bill Leadbetter he probably see Filippo there. Don't forget the count of money. It's lightly and crispy Syria with spicy tomato sauce just the way it was meant to be where the polo Francesco. As chicken breast is topless for shoot two elements of that left spicy marinara sauce fresh mushrooms and black colors. None oh I think that one of the signature dishes who Chia. Just remember that as short. Give me that new Chia. Lucci is wrist that I take or the rest that I antidote Chia. Five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester to get a bill Leadbetter when you go it's. Icing the weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's tended to. Go to WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcome back I would say welcome back to the mom and them weather radios. Every night about you know the big some. That you put on our minds right. Get these. Shells. And it's it's Austin big name restaurants. And they comment and they. Think they they cook and prepare food in the very intimate atmosphere from underneath the tent on in the form and I did go their last. Last year you did. And it's magic and match you arrive at about 6 o'clock and it's a is three or four course dinner that are that that's a prefix menu. You buy tickets online and will be launched in about a month or so where we're gonna be way ahead of where we were last year. And and you know the good thing is that done without the help of our. There are joined Furrey who works wing and we you know. I think everybody that was the last year is coming back. And down and that's that's pretty good they're really really really happy. I'm supposedly what happened is that I woke up in the cold sweat in the middle of the night and I have to swim. And that's why it was called the wind in the series and while I'll let you determine whether that was really the case or not but. But it certainly is now my. That's a story and you got to stick with the rate exactly. And it's very unique it is really unique thing that you could sit there NC I got some of the various ship new England's options on Boston's stressed though come on for the farm. Their staff and I just like watching him work my I mean how many people come to the event each week. I'm up 250. Which is quite a bit and they're serving small ones. I'll want and they are preparing food and prepare like he said multi courses and and when I was there are I don't remember which ship it was that they also prepare a little drinks and to try and two outs and some are really liked and some like and not about the same market might thing button but what. That's what it's like sure about what we're. Which is great because you get to try and certain things. I do remember that I mean for me it and I hate to say and I I think he did like a the sea bass sea bass is great right but he made some type of quorum on him. That won't. I mean I remembered the corn dish more many LC because it was so unique and so different. What you think bishops are coming out and they and and they knocked themselves out this is very very special I remember talking to one of the chefs one year and I said I don't get it you know you come out you work and and you get to step down and Whitman visited him in his in his restaurant need they went down into the bowels into the cellar and you're looking up to these trans ams. And he looked at me so you get it now you know why we liked come out there and and they knock themselves out they they work and they eat these dinners by far. Are just about perfect all right it's the summer. Basically the some women series is there's emissaries and you'll find it online when it becomes available churn about a month and restaurants like harvest in outposts and ninety's aligning them. Duffy knows I mean these names or turn us and you gotta get you guys get tickets early because you sell out who we do sellout. Yeah sellout which is great. And you know the a you know after me as he honor what's really really nice is that I have to force myself to go to each one thing which is which isn't much of a sacrifice. And the thing is that I see people I haven't seen for years the atmosphere and the camaraderie is just just it's magical it really is magical everybody leaves happy. We of course we serve wine and beer along with the and down everybody has a very very very good time and one of the nice things about it all too is that a portion of the proceeds. Goes to that a charity of the chef's choice. So we're doing some good with it too which is nice and also bring some recognition to some of these. Very very well deserving groups one of the things that I always say is that you know as we sit there and we sitting in this wonderful atmosphere. And look it look across Germany said you know. We don't realize how lucky we are fit to be able to sit and do this these things where were other people are not as fortunate. And so if we can help them as well and have a good time doing it. It's a win win all the way around. And again more of those tickets early I got talked about bringing joy voices that when I think Joey horses in the summertime at the farm night. Moon in the tent right can be just a full on a good on a good Friday night are out of work and then now. Just relax and say go by the weakened hello to the weekend right so look look for that I mean that someone wanna. Blocked off label to a cup hope will become very successful in China because a lot of times we don't do a lot of summer shows with Joseph because people. Yeah we do in the wintertime you get groups though come from I hope what your friends when the summer time. You know your friends they look for someone dear friend writing words they'll be on vacations or don't do we as many shows in the shows that we do we're a little bit at times smaller rank and more intimate picture. I don't think a better location for the summertime. I can't think of another one of that that will be so unique and so different Smart enough. And we talked about we've talked with Donny Holliday and a mayor of new report about her husband who's in this group called beaches so. And may be in China age but. We're talking to them about coming in it's it's very much in development so so watch for details art he'll be coming. They'll become and I'll be there just leave the trailer donuts which you know I know wait I'll find their way right into the attack but right now I can go in the farm is open all year long now all winner this is the first time that it's if it's ever been opened in it's how how old well. How long this. Form the fact it is and and well we celebrating something very very special this year it's the ninetieth anniversary tune of in my family owning the farm. And we're gonna have some celebrations in in June. And it's interesting because different families and those who've been around here for a long time remembered when he's dairy yup well that's where it started. And so we have members of their family coming back members from the family before that we'll have a bad but what we're we're we're we're gonna do this upright and will be a lot of fun until. Our I can imagine moon and just about the slim rights are going if he is coming your student that through the fields because our. If she's at the days like the mornings like this when it's sunny and snows the day before. And all the snow sticks in the trees can stretch it in the slow that this is just the sleigh right through that the fuel down and must be. Court just and it's beautiful well people to come out snow shoe and and and more brands and cross country skiing and you know that kind of stuff which is. Which is great it's great way to you know people people sort of how we deal with this winter when you get out you you go rent that. You enjoy it means you you he Japanese it's good exercise. I'd like to tell everybody the. Listening to wicked white radio. The only place that lets you keep the food critic Sunday's tentative on WRK though the voice of busting. And again Scott with the today at six Michael smoke that dropped five select parts in the open all winter long. The farms opened all winter long until we get great donuts. Sandwiches and my confidence. Great cakes and pies. That I mentioned the doughnuts I haven't had one yet might I just grab it there was if you are running aground one for. And had breakfast with the pathetic. And it is there more fitting way. No more fitting then then then doughnuts actually. It's visible gold Ruble built in just like one box. Is literally boxes everywhere donuts it's been tested by this staring and we'll split them up a little bit. Yeah moon before we leave. Current smaller farms again located in north bend over and I can't go in there and try it and if you've never had their donuts. They've made and they were never open all went along a 12 years ago they may like 350000. Of these pellets. Which is an incredible number for farm. And not nice to be located downtown. Unit it is it if you get off before 95 to fifteen minute ride on to the country. You know to go to this farm in the 300000. Donuts two years ago in one year period. Now there are open all year long I bet they're gonna do over 400000. Dollars and we have one of their cinnamon. Doughnuts the cinnamon apple does. You're gonna have to and now they have that the glazed one. It's just it's just it's just too much this course and wicket by traders brought to by the coliseum restaurant route twenty a brokerage sharp and center. In Salem New Hampshire written by an evenly to desk. And a couple of items are recommend over there they reveal coliseum is one of my favorites and Pat's favorite. Well let's take up at. Has to be estate write them because that put his name right to it's a little bit spicy but it's the best steak that money can buy. It's prime New York's own stake in its senate cut answer with broccoli running the coliseum restaurant. Route 28 wreck or Diop and center in Salem New Hampshire are the coliseum restaurant. They're located. In north bend over in group 125. There critics' choice of the best Chinese closing north of Boston they open the door back open. And for some open and 1960s. Which and they wanna be the oldest restaurants in the entire Merrimack Valley. And you. Now I think they really of one of the most famous restaurants in this entire area and half the longevity in being open that long I mean that's incredible. Alma verbs. 1960 the restaurant opens up and still going strong with China blossomed there that only the Chinese buffet. And I may you know what I will not may I will show up tonight for dinner. I'll sit at the house that they know lounge area I always do that only shot yeah. I you know my wife is not going to complain. I would not gonna complain and I want that primer of it at all I can. You know but they tightened and I'm sure my wife and myself we'll have a in my time. One or two at least one or two well after two you do you know you don't know his third and got to be careful what they are delicious. The China blossom at 125 and up and over I will be there. I will be there probably. Depending on how that second football game is gone for par around 6 or 7 o'clock tonight at the China blocks a right if you are looking. To investors sell rare coins. The person I want to call his name is Warren mills of records in New Hampshire. He's been in business well over thirty years now is one of the most ripple guys. In this business that I know I've been doing business personally with him for years you know are by civil courts from him. And you know I like Purcell a lot this over I just love the cock I mean it's the color silver in accord when it's new. Is gorgeous can't afford to go chords much. Talk by the so. Now there about eighteen dollars or so but roughly according. And you know by a mean you know hope hackable at once they waste so much of violent ten room I mean the amount and the silver ways incredible what you need guys you can trust. And this guy has experience buying records selling rare courts. And what really sets separates them apart is he bought this equipment from NASA. Yet the space agency. And because the counterfeiting has gotten so good over the last couple years even an expert I've worn bills he would tell by looking at the corner whether. It's pure. This this machine. Can look into the middle of the court to see what the Middle East is a gold and silver. The only you know yeah you feel safe unity feel secure when you purchase that advice that unit that asset. May affect. He's become known for the CB's are growing actually bought a second so used to them. I think he banks use them not to to verify that there are funds are or are real. Ward mills rare coins of New Hampshire 802257264. That's 800. 225726. For our right to have. Today we've been talking about it all over. Talk about some great restaurants I mean that's that's a that we had it we a guy called as a perch restaurant birch street. Be stroked her past is the owner them. He called in to recommend his own place. National AS and they opened up for dinner only seven nights a week but it sounds like a really nice little take in the got plenty of craft Beers at exit fifteen. You know are all on all the top store and the food really comfort food that I thought it was a really nice little restaurant in Ross and Allen. Rick there you said in a beautiful. I have photographs and I'm seeing from their website where I do. For me I've always loved the pork move. He says it's a one story building but it gives a fuel lot larger than that. It looks a really tall ceilings and a lot of windows and during the summit action expand outside. Yeah and is it as dining area outside. They're located in rise and dale village. It's birch street these stroke and it plans downtown ambiance. With true neighborhood feel and it just seems like a really special place in place I think I would like to go in and near this time a year and just enjoy. Good you know eyes and it. It was great little restaurant and going to hide up mark. Mark is the one called it's actually hear any talk about his own place renewal research trip out there and the reason mark call as he heard that the caller before. He called them. That this place this restaurant that John mentioned when we are Brewster and they got hammered host. And called the Scarborough cafe. That the owner. Every year. Will call his customers. At home. On their birthday. And sing him happy were. I mean well. I mean people do that. None I never hero I've never heard except for the Afghan. Yeah. That's an amazing story at and and and it's banks that callers and listeners like you that tell us about. These unique places and people that really wanted to do and you go above and beyond patients' rights and Scarborough cafe in Dennis is a place that does that so that it is a fun little fun little stop. To go in and try and these places we also got a call from Kevin of Wakefield and talked about the tapestry restaurant which located by Fenway Park near Austin. And he gave us a little secure when there's nothing on art and where this will be free parking in the back restaurant. There you go you never hear about that. And then Chris of mall called in about one of the most recommended restaurants. That we had no who throughout the years the Olympia restaurant animal you know always gets tons and tons of recommendations. On the program so that's the first hour really kicked off this hour you got a special guests and talk to and about what twenty minutes or so. About 1520 minutes I went by other smoke shop barbecuing Kendall Square and sat down with chef and owner. Boss if you will India husbands. We're gonna talk a barbecue we're gonna talk whiskey. Bolivia's new cookbook coming he does all these great recipes for barbecue. And just can be I agree it will sure that we had at his restaurant there and can score. All right so what will find out about that about twenty minutes from right now. And yell up Mike if you take a look up on our FaceBook message that we got up a person that that road and I think about their restaurant it's it's in the message section. And about eight appealing the place that does barbecue. Yeah I've actually heard of this I am not times poppies barbecue thing. And they're located let me see here they are located in. Find it in about two seconds. But yeah I've I've heard of it only through social media. There they seem to be pretty social media active and let's see it's 38 forest street in Peabody. And that's a little looks like a little family owned barbecue joint hopped barbecue. Haven't been. But definitely gonna have to again and take other research trip out poppies and check it out. Yeah I love barbecue and I don't think there's enough barbecue restaurants around so I'm glad that is another one it in this area and I I would definitely try it out and find out you know we're gonna get there XP if you if you're in the liked smoking food barbecue right you know like I am sure he always wanted to know about the history where they learn their craft because. Everybody's a little bit different right you know all their styles are a little bit different and it's not. Do you think it's easy move it is I mean you can sit there the other day and I mean the other day about a less than a month ago. I 41 of the patriots game yep I got up really early in the morning that through on a whole four to twelve hours later it was done. You know silly take some time. Oil obsolete and labor of love and love us love one and only gets cold storm. Who put up more but you really have to want. That home smoked pulled pork. The smoke it in the winter but there's nothing that would like literally of it's all the check out this copies barbecue definitely. And it's just. Casino where they learn the craft from and Ann Howard it's because I love barbecue out here wartime seasons. And the thing like about barbecue and we've talked to a number of different barbecue places. It's its caucuses are very proprietary and you know where where they come from what you said where they learn their craft and that really shows through in their food. And you know when they see somebody who's you know trying to into the game it's almost like a becomes a competition with them. You know so it's if you coming into the neighborhood you better bring your a game as one who want kind of singer. All right so maybe if it if you're out there listening was your favorite barbecue place right I know there's not a lot of but where you go on for four for really true barbecue Luke in I think people gonna have some trouble really recommended some of their they replaced is that just not a lot. You go down south they're everywhere. Of William and and the best thing about being down sodomy. You can get pulled pork I mean I part of pulled pork at a supermarket it was like ten pounds like nine dollars. He Obama to pull pork feats I had 25 people at the house still have leftovers. Yet you know so it's it's so it's relatively inexpensive but we've seen a lot of it in this area I think they're slowly growing and becoming more popular. And at this time a year I just. I like is it that makes you feel like I'm. Turn the corner we're getting it back in the summertime for an so if you know some barbecue places out there which are favored barbecues standard shot. Let us know 8884346464. We got open lines right now beat appraisers saying from pizza to gourmet. Yeah you're gonna run the ship for a little bit here and I need your help. You know what your favorite restaurant where you going to appraisers Ing from pizza to gore ray and I'm hoping that you could tell us about places and the things about places that other people would know about that and what makes him so special. Mean again finding parking in the back in Boston restaurant for free you know yes you know this information I love to hear. I just got a a message from a friend of ours Chris like he's a shift manager lazy dog in Lynn. Who he's been this poppies and he says there's smoke wings are among the best of the best and for a guy who makes unbelievable wings of a lazy dog. That's really saying something so I'm definitely have to go by and try those trials wings are almost separate drugs if you marshals though. I mean I'll make it easy maybe copies combined on Sunday morning you are the winning. I was. On nine WRKO is morning show this Friday this past Friday and that would be B we're talking about. Wings yeah yeah that was the top of wings and beer easy you know. The youngest Kim was Kim was. It was a home six us that hey guys day guys let's talk about beer. And are winning is and we just came up with a couple of restaurants you know really quick they have great wings run. And it was at its pop in and in bombs buffs but it that in or is it Newton Newton Newton. They they have great wings when they're famously won Iowa and they had in the honey. Who like barbecue sauce with mr. Paul they think on one billion a really good. And I love wings young when you when you do them right. Some they would find some new places from some of our callers absent so it's up to you right now we need your help get open minds. The praises from pizza to gourmet. Is about to know where you're going to die shore this time a year where your favorite restaurants 888. 4346464. And as always we're gonna ant to into our dinner for two contest. In my we didn't announce last hours winners will do that in a few minutes I I gonna get to some gift cards would do that. Coming up the bombing our show enter you into that contest and who knows may be dining on S district calling in today and tell us about your favorite place. 888. 4346464. It's 8884346464. Against Scott with me today taking your phone calls. Just about forty minutes left that's on this weekend showed up to give up TV show. Which will be on tomorrow on court presentation at 2 PM on NASA and that's the new England sports. Networks. Speaking of up pulled pork and then barbecue. Pulled pork was a major ingredient in that big burger challenge at the village tavern in Salem. Which is on the show we conceded if you missed it this weekend you can see you tomorrow. As Scott said at 2 PM on nests and set the DVR heavily lunch Willis and that's your journal I wants to go go go go go away forever mountains. Haven't yet go to bush ever gone you're going to be on TV turn it on groh Romeo and those big bird challenges there and try to finish and under what fifteen tournaments you know there's a strip business fifteen minutes. But I would pose if you if you show operated 2 PM in new order it and even notice it finishes by the end of the show and put a it's if you can finish it by the end of the show yes so we're obligated to finish it by the end of the day that it. Without any help from like eight of your friends it is a monster it's two pounds of food. Yeah it's it's a site too heavy prize and they had ever Fries onion rings pulled pork steak tips that. Burgers. The big home buns but it's like an inch thick of Texas to host its. It's a monster it's it's only we describe and and I yet so wicket by its encore presentation tomorrow at 2 PM on. Aniston and of course how to get to the how old diner in all in mole which is a very popular spot everybody knows about the old I'm outsiders anyways. And we also feature. The talk Korea and south while Coco loco talk Korean oyster bar. And I for a taco Tuesday and dollar oysters I have the devils kiss on that Margarito and how Pena infused tequila on and if you notice from the beginning in the short getter at the beginning of the show and Texas couple hours from. That's the scene drink I have the entire show right. That's always had a series wedding at the end of this joke is in the last part it took a bigger step and people always want to show an illegal high heat you can drink a lot through thirty Mitchell to well it takes like 45 hours to film or show so. It's slowed down here you took you that long to finish wondering yeah it was hot and spicy. And we threw some hot wings that yet yeah the tacos at spice on him yet and that lucky me I am I huge person wrote in an even on wings because. I like to taste. It's 'cause her and find out the fire you know I get to the railway went to a joke goes and in Boston in the Al Arab hotel reverent we play the the rule. Table was Sutherland was sobbing through that so their there's six pieces. So. Sushi yes. And in one problem. Was just. The time it was. So at least you spin it around. And the funny thing is there are six of them there and we shot this thing alive in one take as I was products you buy got it right. And wouldn't you know the six person again it went through the entire six Dixon was me was you I got it. And that I finished you know and it got hot and then a middle of the the roulette. Table basically drives lazy Susan has been around has this little baby's bottle this. Ice cold milk. Of course applause I sucked down a little babies Bob as you do the shopping carts that you can accomplish that we're looking for restaurants and a little bit different a little bit on. And it's up to you right now we got some open lines I do need your help today. Turn on year. Outside shoveling just getting in. Driving around and you know got off to a late start because of the snow. But I need your help we got a couple topics online and look at the great barbecue and replace a great wings most importantly comfort food for this time of year. Where are you going 888. 4346464. Come on stepped up next on the restaurant program and who knows. You may win dinner on us 888. 4346464. Gerris eatery twelve Blanchard wrote in Queens that you find your remark touch yellen. Jerry just loves the Coke. That's what's one thing you laws that do loves the cook who loves that you'll get in there really early in the morning in a very big. First to implement fresh attack pastries. And then come back later in the evening and he'll make items that they're toasted ravioli. Or would Tony misty kept out of luck. When my favorite issues is sausage green roasted peppers it's. Little bit hot peppers in there just a little bit euronav shredded parmesan and it's all tossed and creams so let's. Delicious. Daylight today. That's contentious and you make it nice and listen then does have a fourteen ounce cut New York's ruined state there. And their pizza ovens on Sundays they're not open the restaurant but they are open. Or if you want pizza they'll make pizzas or catering they can do that we put party platters together that's what they do on Sunday. For the pizzas if you got people over like for the game particularly next week for the game and when the pat Patrick plan. They do this. I'm trying to see what size it's twelve by seventeenth seems so much larger Pete's one pizza. When he lifted my truck. It was so larger brought it home for Super Bowl game a couple of years or generic answer all yeah. NEC's Pete is a really good he won the pizza challenge is about sixty restaurants competing. And at Gillette Stadium deal they've used crowned the top place a load judges yes he does generic eatery twelve Blanchard wrote in. Quinn think during my touch used place. He had to forget about seeing Chang's restaurant in Peabody that's we're gonna find the lovely sue. And he go and they get Hong Kong steak. With a net tunes basket that's great dish especially for kids. The kids are gonna see it because it's it's a basket that you could be your breaks apart. And it which shrimp and puts scallops and to also take with its vegetables and served in that that delicious terror route past. Since Chang's 373 Lowell street in peavy and don't forget about Don sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden. They've been in operation for over seven years there full service butcher and and on site wholesale Delhi they have wrapped sobs. They do catering. And during the summertime you really gotta rent applicator. She got planned parties now you have a pool party office party outdoor party dom is catering and can do that job you. Parties of all sizes they can handle they they bring their own trucks that bring their own grills their own grill masters and most importantly they're married stakes. There marinated steak tips on the best you will find period. Off they have this special machine in action Mary it's the stakes. They are better than any restaurant I hate to say. And the one you bring home you know and cook because you go right to dom sausage company moment. And you can buy a pack. Right there by many many pact if you wanna sit there right in the middle especially supermarket. You could get them prepare you for you that hamper much. Can't. You can have that big of sandwiches they get what was the what was the things of this by surprise we are there only on on Mondays they have a special with the seafood casserole. Pitch in eagle and there have that for one night right right. As we went in for the state tips and you know all excited about that because as you know snow dom steak tips it's like finding gold. But also that it poorly or you have to try this only currency food Castro can now. Wow. I'm not sure write down of the that was fantastic here really really is something special done such as company again. Ten Riverside park and mauled. I 8884346464. That is our number here to the restaurant program come on stepped up. And it's helped today were looking for your favorite restaurants 888. 4346464. He got that 888. 4346464. That's gonna marry a Somerville the morning Larry. Amani how I am very good marriage. We execute shots so at Andover Mon Friday. And might fit Serb and audit. Option shipment platter. And she wanted date when vegetable. Which she got except that the vegetable shall call them. And so it might thought she caught. Scallops and this string being sort called so they didn't take them back and they did reach eat everything. In fact they re try efficient marketing progression facts. And then they gave her 25 dollars off the DL. Because they were cold which we weren't expecting and very surprised. We thought that was very nice. And I want it did feel how it can't which but I wanted to it would take client which wasn't on the menu. But I have to fake it do it and they did it in it was. Practically slice it perfectly cooked and they put the buck ID world upgraded rural India but just a quick sped up but up on the dot. It was incredible. But we were very impressed. Which you know with them. Because that eaten it before and sometimes that app be some parents are not by. I would contract. Well that's what that would mean basically calling him with the zing but your also Carter with a praise because of right because of the way the how they handled. You're pro ready guard and that's the Sharpton you can't miss them their right offer route 93. In right right not a small point. No it's a lot of population that were. Extremely crowded far you know they tried that was probably like 1230 in the have to know. So you know it was really crowded. And dubbed it really you know we felt like we hit. You know they went above and beyond and took care about the nature we would satisfy. Which I appreciated Meola appreciated it. And I got it back thank you very much for your phone call the shots to marry just called about. In Andover. 8884346464. That is our number here. Appraisers saying repeats it you gore make you are the food critic. This portion with him by trading has brought you by the great wall restaurant that Alice's place in Bedford mass. Go in trying to shredded chicken with string beads my favorite is there a simple but it's so good. An impressive when you haven't spent one hour press them jealous is if you weren't in camera that it dish just after the chickens. Everybody knows what is the great all restaurant three a great road report in Bedford acts. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. Wicked fight TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to wicked fight WRK you know the voice of Boston. Gotta stop with the today. Got a special guest coming in with Mike and just a few moments to talk. Let's get with the especially places today for Mike I just forgot into the it's sadistic way out of of that sentence of the callers called in today. We didn't have to haunt us. Again just following an earlier on the program we have Michael small lot. Small arms in North Andover biggest wanted to announce that they are open all winter long. That's right all winter long they are open and they have their donuts they have mountains. They have. Little went on in the morning get little snacks are sure you know they had that they have their highs ice could shop is open they've never been opened during the wintertime. Until this year anytime there's a good time for donuts right and there doughnuts are. A sensational mention them all day when you have one you know what I mean. You know you you really well. Again I love donuts when the downright un. And he's done right and say yeah I I always said that the big gut donut chain always took a great job. They're they're putting some new ones in here and now they they build out here to find themselves. When they make their donuts moved and they have. They almost make it right in front of you are and when you see the sign outside today and hot doughnuts which there is nothing like. But delays don't let it that has just been glazed look it just they just melt in your mouth. And that's I mean I think that's the closest that I come to describing. These cinnamon. The the apples cinnamon doughnuts. Oh you mean when they come off fresh on come on a case of a problem with it and yet only were their last summer. We we were grabbing them right off the line and even when we got to the case was like oh here's one right off the line in my they are pleased and when they're hot and they are fresh it is. It's pretty spectacular practical we did the TV show I pick I gave you the doughnuts. Yes your quickie because you've never tried them I hadn't. I feel like a live off. You know and a lot of people I think feel the same way in this area. So you wanna go drive down by the partner open just about every morning and that's special to could you drop off the kids this is great move. They're in the first when they gonna do. These. Thursday the nineteenth of January. And it's kids drop off programs and they have them they'll be continually they've given the fault his first time in doom in the wintertime. Becoming Thursday 10 am just drop the kids off for for craps and story time. Isn't that nice. I'm digger here in our view of the kids in the little rule breaker my art is incredible story time and drop the kids off. Think it's story time moment aggregates and cider and some doughnuts and move. All is right with the way sit on the farm rights of the nineteenth that's a Thursday that they'll be doing that. And again I. I just love this place I mean it's just it's just a fun place advocates can always currency and the animals because Nellie at the snowblower. Now we're at the snowed bloated path right to the emirate go out feed the animals but that it appears that. The peacock got the eggs in the all everything the whole farm. You know it was directly into the cage when a couple of the few of them and they are real some big winner yet but the the real question is gonna feed bride and Nate they had a new best right of course there. I'd select farms again North Andover prep there's Tariq a couple locations in Nashua and in. In April it was their original location and I love the naturalization payroll you feel like you're you're in Ireland. Because it's you go downstairs. Into the place into the restaurant too it's located downstairs. A level below. So so you know you feel like you're an Irish pub. Yeah that's what it feels like an hour and when when you. When you see the owner Michael. Michael can nearly. Yeah yeah you're dial. Eight I mean Easter starts talking and you feel like era. Say you're going to get a Guinness they've got to properly pour against the moral whisky you drink the more you pretend you're in Ireland opposite they have made eight years. Things. Everybody does their subjects I mean that's a typical thing but Ireland it's a little bit different arc Ireland. They serve in the same way he doesn't have the restaurants actually servant and newspaper wrecked so it's wrapped in newspaper. When they server got to that that RT IQ tables you open up the newspaper. And. You could see the steam coming off the fish and chips and a top off their there'll Mike condiments that they may can make here it's it's a phenomenal restaurant. And Iowa's just two cubic. You go to Ireland everything has potatoes. You know that's what it episode that every dish has potatoes and and years ago you go there at. I just didn't think the cuisine. He was all that. They've made a lot of changes you know they made a lot. And I'm Tom and Ireland they've really stepped it up you go to places like Dublin they always fancy restaurants. And all his big name chefs are now going over there. And and Michael Camille has just brought some great items. Into this area. Lecter Guinness braised beef Stew. It's delicious chunks of tender Sorrell an a B. Breezed. Guinness do. And delicious they also have their potato leek soup that's one of their favorites over there's lots of soups but a lot of great food. A lot of great food that Heather's daughter. In an actual location. You should see all the antiques and all things is brought back from our run just make that restaurant next to special. The peddlers daughter. There on main street in Nashua, New Hampshire and 45 Wingate street in April. Currents are going to try that restaurant looking for a whole bunch of Beers on tap where rice sent. People really all rendering and go to try it eighty Beers on. It's called a horseshoe pop incidents it's located out in Hudson itself history. In Hudson mess. And eighty Beers on tap. It which is an amazing. Numbers you use he would it the of restaurants section Nelson Blanche section and then this long bar. I mean a enormous bar that to spreads all the way down. And basically those taps. Go from one end to the other. And out I asked nick when there's so what happens to any Beers and what if one's not so this is not not much of a problem which is. You tell some of the wait staff and they start talking about it and boom it's gone. And it's is that is good news bad news about that has then. We think it's not selling and it may be because people just don't know you know I haven't tried before and that's Arenas not sought. But it's as if it's going slow that we may switch to something different but they always to a lot of seasonal stuff along with a lot of the regular stuff I suggest trying the flight of the year. That's what I would suggest a flight of beer at the horseshoe. And in their food it's Castro pub food. And what is Castro pub food it's helped food but it's really kicked up. A lot and I mean a whole lot from their filet Oscar. Or their way and it blew caught which is like a mile high on their plate chipped Davies does an incredible job there. And it got a horseshoe jambalaya that's a great dish for daylight today. It's pan seared chicken tenders baby shrimp sausage celery onions and peppers it's glazed and spicy broth. And it's tossed with rights and not to and they they they topic was engulfed from on top. That's their job. There burgers and sandwiches. Beer burgers sandwiches and kick step up. The bush about Torre ninth south street in Hudson mass please say hi to. Nick force when you feel win again let them to the bartender asked them what you should try for beer. And you be amazed. Some of the different types of Beers Beers that you were discovered. That will quickly become the favorite. It and you will never triumph but it wasn't replaced likeness the horseshoe club in Nazi mass. Our Mike I think you are ready. You're gonna take a Sauna. I'm ready magic carpet right now right eminent company with the boys chopper and and take Kendall Square all right so what he's saying I turn over to you. We Kendall Square smoked up of any husband Danny thank you for having me here those are common absolutely no you're going on six months earlier her into your first full year smoked up you know getting arguments the you're becoming as small child twenty years over true and as well. That's correct with over into when he uses past December with. None of events coming up and in the spring rates by about and you know I saw him kind of dual focused the south and with my American b.s throw him. Over here in Cambridge and Colin Campbell's square focusing on American bar you. So I was gonna ask what would you say the the contrast is but he just explain it at this. You have to make a narrative and it kind of at its three month extra for me to lose to an American B throw but. Really focused on fees all of the local and run it really just kind of pushing the ample mobile we can serve there or here. The smokes off. You know American barbecue of course right you're gonna he has doing textile brisket you know Memphis style. Ribs are pulled pork is more common North Carolina style but then we do this funky ears where. We're adding in key and using locally greens very cool front of gonna walk that line between kind of a old school barbecue joint move also fun. Boston Cambridge rust on and I'm also known. It analytical American barbecues she cover the whole match up Barbara you at least at Texas Memphis all at the what would you say 'cause you you've traveled the research analyst and he got a hell of a researcher have seen a couple of online and stuff and you also here at the bar. It was he's do you have. If there's a ransom has whiskey guy that is an impressive book have over hotter and fifteen impair can whiskey. We. Think we might have new England's biggest American with American whiskey. Yeah it does he do some great places after. Division out of this balloon soared to citizen and they he's on legal questions. Also focused on Japanese. Scotches. To the and then rise we've we've really focused on American with you witches. When we talk about research at the very reason why he the hard job my house. So really we really quote them or whiskey you know and that we've got the happy up there and a body and beat them you're right like Oregon who. The field these bottles. And our partners are really well knowledgeable and support you through it. And we have with deportees and so. You know you can do some like local move which. All the oil on or whatever. Or you can do something you do the footballer. You know when it really give them or we call the stay classy poker which as you know the high end you wanna try. So there flights yeah okay the rebel republic as a sport that it's there to serve borders the capture flight with these guys are it's fun to get it. It's still amazing the different flavors. You know hero whine and whine fan and sure about it via a great a great but it different area in. And be changed lever. Same thing with whiskey you know depending on the Euro depending on the barrel depending on the grains. On the process you know there's Vanilla flavors. Oki threw them all different Carmel I mean just great flavors give a go to. But when you're done veered day annually in place idle on angels and immediately. But. You know bullet is kind of might go to polar also and you know where you would you know that this doesn't want it. Absolutely not but at that if it gets Julien need to be some you know I'm no profit. You know I like you know orders coming to 2017. Egyptian is personal and after new years which I'm sure displaces a bit sir we we kicked off far. Our allied music there is no matter you know it's hard to do wives live music that won every set every Saturday will partner in my music we may expand that. But we're just it was Saturdays from now if Turco went right and you know six or seven had a kind of a while busy night with TT menu at the emotional you know which any special night. Just know the wall always tour regularly go to you know we're not working people and a lot of money if you wanna get talent we've got if it. It's it's it shows confidence in their menus but it's like we don't need to do really gussy it up. We have a good menu every single ladies and posted it it's just a thing to do it that it. What does 2000 cementing and bring the motion. There's a lot lot of the work some talk about the like I you know I know the we're gonna start following losses while Iran. Following him retails evo line model line hopefully maybe stories of the awesome have a new book dropping in March called master of -- all about the what the announcer with weave in her great that some of the great pit masses of the country and there's stories. Needing one guy you know he's third generation like you'd expect in barbecue right Gary you know third generations grandpa we need he said we do we don't change anything you know. See you as we don't we might change youth prices researchers are of the same name it whereas another guy who's one of my. Huge fan of he's in Britain New York. Seven years ago with private here kimberlite. Big star short and then he's with us and barbecue that's very clearly and with him at the underlying all the as we interviewed in this book. It's it's all the past. Our world that is about. We've really great recipes they've given threats Wii's we have new recipes. Very excited this book cockpit after a quiet now by pre orders that element of which have vessel into those seventeen and immediately at TV cameras and they ever we need to see Davis let this year thank you thank you. I Michael recorder that they didn't bring in any food and our ports storm assuring that donors. I had to come in and and it added a run and steal don't. A good partner with them. But yet though those fun day went out so the smoke shopping Kendall Square fantastic barbecue there speaking we were talking earlier about barbecue and they do they do these dishes that would turn core rate because. As he was talking about he does. He calls an American barbecues so it's not like from one particular region covers all the regions of American made addled road trip to do researcher find the best styles. And they duties plate he can I think once called the pit boss a once called the pick crew. And you can pick and choose like Toomey to three meats and three sides and stuff and pick and choose that's elegant. Sampling of barbecuing. Even the sides leaning against the sides prepare for it as is. With bacon Mac and cheese and that's ridiculous and richter. To stuff card so yeah I definitely am you know place to a hundred with skis or no but again in the did not share he could get well. All this might all that's yours all of us is mind and look at it and I actually change restaurants located baby that's unifying soon. Love this restaurant Iowa this rational we do that. Look for a favor Chinese restaurant show that we do that every year. And we know we do it. This show right before New Year's that's their New Year's Eve is the business by the bit of the year in Chinese restaurant. One of the top places every year recommended this a chance restaurant PV. And they do a lot of things that are really special that luncheon specials that dinner specials. But they do things are a little bit different. For Chinese restaurant picture of a lot to attack. I've never seen Chinese restaurant that a lobster tail tank on tank. And they they actually prepare you know the Chinese style will seek to try to that they have grilled rack my. That they have there to. So that they do a lot of they do a lot of stuff that's that that's different subjects. Since jags three cemetery Wall Street and even say hi to sue forest. Look at her great pizza think Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926 with a homemade brick oven pizza. For generations. And going strong now Regina pizzeria. My location near you. There website Regina pizza dot com. I gotta tell you about that street movement of cost or I can tell you about horses street Boston course I tell you about Foxwoods Resort Casino. There's a great location and Alston and there's there's a whole bunch of station went in Medford and they know almost every mall. Almost it almost every almost every single one. Regina pizzeria to find that location near you go to their website. With Gina pizza dot com. Gentle bright knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest to flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where antibiotics Perry have done export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dense Albright group dot. Hello everybody am pat lately and I'm here from my friend Nicky had a right here a wicked bite. Nick has at family restaurants these days but if you don't mind I'd like to talk about Teresa's crime okay. It is it twenty elm street that threw sixty to a north rating. You know if you go to Las Vegas to go to one of those high class restaurants. You know they have flames in male water fault. Guess what Teresa is crime has the same thing it is beautiful absolutely. Gorgeous and when it comes to cuisine. You can't find a better stakes anyplace. Brandt. Prime beef it has some fresh seafood dishes to. I especially recommend that cowboy rip. And that view that vintage series is Brian please go I know you'll absolutely love it. That's Teresa's pride Nikki have a dress strap. And he doesn't care how much it cost him he will please you Teresa's prime twenty elm street in north threading the members 978. 2760044. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But it can't really do it there's one place that does believe boat worse than on day. In bosses north then righted the gateway to the north that now they've got a great cuisines you know about that. But what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party. Get together waiting you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the north then like this. Believe post second floor function rooms. Have been renovated and they boast the floor to ceiling windows that overlook Boston Harbor the bustling city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their badly across from the TD bank garden believe tourist that I these telephone number 617. 742. 414. Theory. Looking for the best deal and now. So lazy dog Duane has lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By the last hole made false. Donald marinara sauce yet read Maggie by. Our quality more flexible in its pocket lazy dog in 1000 lazy dog anyway. Chinatown is still voted top five Chinese restaurant in all of New England. Famous for their own one of a kind Chinatown greens. Chinatown from cubs corners still. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SN the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is with the advice radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. It's. I during that break Mike and I had a little bit please help. I forgot about. I headed don't we had a representative Greg Malone eloquence whole box of yeah they we evident this is about the you describe still annoyed I have what I am looks like. Yeah its. It's ludicrous on with with some bacon and some A so she is a little spice to a little maybe. Maybe the bacon missiles from Canada and they're there they're cold I mean has it been here for what our audio there there and I I have a bagel with an edge and she's look at the blood pressure vacant but other than other bacon and I would finish in this one. So as the show is over right. But also the place is gonna find on this show great at the office. Yeah and that's listing about a I just realized. If if people are following along our our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV in their. There watching this live as we do every Sunday they just starting our face it it's a disturbing ease into our faces as best as possible to go the break. Yes I'm here in the break animal I don't know what more politely with I looked capitalist. Always you know world and Cameron now took a. This is some of the items at the arm all we're all now they get them up and you get the doughnuts and now we have these greats there which is his. It's no coaches that are rich content delicious small act farms in North Andover. Michael's Milwaukee's user gas from last hour. And he left us all these streets that we've been feasting on the entire show pearl street station to find out robot there they built that restaurant. Rigidly in Malden not a as a restaurant there's originally built as the B and and railroad station. And it has the the slate roof ceiling. It has two or three story entrance and who walked in and a fake fireplace and look at the top of the fireplace. You know I've actually see carved into it. 1891. That's when it opened as a train station announcer restaurant. It's called pearl street station. It's on summer street in Malden. And it kinda kept some of the motif of the train station inside the restaurant. And work that the train didn't stop there. But every 1015 minutes you'll hear the train rule by the team goes or via we're behind you fuel if you corporation and restaurants and has that the cool field. Great to great food and just comfort food you know planning UT's. They have a barbecue steak tips they have baby back ribs. Where their famous pro street combos which is stake could slam that sausage and Kutcher ribs all cooked to the grill just the way like. Let's get the pro street station 53 summer street in Malden the village restaurant at Essex mass. Bob sent his FaceBook message saying gotta go their for their clam chowder on oil on a day like today it is not been better there is nothing better. In the village restaurant at Essex I concur with that when he went in there and why you're there. Got a two different ones you've never tried before you gotta go and are at the village restaurant in Essex mass. And end. Four together today who just say about the China lost in the north and or I will be there tonight. I I don't think it's how you eat more who. But depending on how that second football games goes tonight I'm going to be there between 6 and 7 o'clock it. For in my time in the prime rib at the China loss in the North Andover. I'll be in hand ready. Among moretti he's come up they say look now the Muppets high fuel area that China blasts number 125 in North Andover. And wait to try their monetize. Can't go wrong with their my ties. Right also. I mentioned his name earlier loop now mention it again and then I'm gonna finish the sandwich with this shows just about over. Rare court to answer or milk if you're looking to buy or sell. Rare chords are investing gold or silver he is the man to call 800. 2257264. Rare chords of New Hampshire. 800. Q2 572. 64 war. I see you tomorrow 2 o'clock on their sentencing that Sunday morning right here to an area.