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Fort Lauderdale shooting: Did the FBI drop the ball? 1/9/17

Jan 9, 2017|

Kuhner thinks the FBI dropped the ball

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We don't know curtail. Our founding principles. Are being destroyed but in Boston. This either the American revolution my new moon moon begins. Boston's bull and those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. This season America's voice of the resistance. Come road course. 1206. Here on the great WR. KR old boys of Boston. Okay my friends dynamite show for you today. Dust slaughter in Fort Lauderdale. Why did it happen what were the reasons. And is gun control V and serve. And that's the corner country poll question. Good visual work as the French would say all of the day let's do it right now you can start voting. Merrill's street last night. They'll live bird and and he trump score read I gotta I lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. And instead of talking well about her film career in our lifetime of achievement. She went on and on against Donald Trump. My question do you is this. After Merrill streaks. I mean just despicable. Rabid speech vilify and trump. Will you boycott Hollywood. If the answer is yes Tex the letter acre 68680. If the answer is no Jeff I love my films like I'd get enough of bomb. Text a letter beat the 68688. As always you can vote online at WR Kerio dot com. We're gonna talk about this story and you can hear our actual speech we're gonna play excerpts I've won all five. Tool fife third hour. It's no longer doctor no. It's doctor nyet. Vladimir. Or Britain. It's now according to the intelligence community it's official. He hacked the election. The report came out late Friday. And now senate Republicans. As well as senate Democrats. Have told Donald Trump. Any effort to accommodate or collaborate with Russia is also a big Miette. They're gonna slap on major sanctions against Russia. Is this now the beginning of the new Cold War. We'll trumps presidency be derailed. We've gone all of that so much more my friends. From noon to three. The corner report on WRKO. Is the place to be but first. There carnage the slaughter. In Fort Lauderdale. Okay my friends. Here is now exactly what took place according to multiple media reports. And what law enforcement and the FBI. At least to the public are now willing to reveal. It appears. Exact a veteran. By the name of Esteban. Santiago. We had been discharged. From the army National Guard. By in August of last year. He served apparently won the war in you rock. According to his family. They said after we came back from his service any rock apparently was an engineer any rock he was not the same. He suffered from severe PT SD. They say he battled all kinds of mental health issues. Well. In November. He walked into the FBI office in Anchorage Alaska. Having just been discharged essentially kicked out of the army National Guard. He told the FBR as well as family members. That he had been hearing quote unquote voices in his head. And those voices. He said work coming from the US government. That the US government had essentially captured or controlled his mind. And forced him to watch numerous ice system be heading video aux. What is even more shocking is when he walked into the FBI office in Anchorage Alaska. He had had a baby with his girlfriend. He brought the child with him. Into the FBI office. When asked if he was armed. He said he left his gun in the car but his magazine which was loaded was with him. He then told them that he was forced to join nicest. Because of the US government having control his mind. And you had to then participate in all kinds of bee headings or are the killings on behalf of crisis. The FBI saying war. He who this guy is how I always say there's are a couple of cards short of a full deck. Took the child away from him. Took the magazine clip away from him she's the gun in the car they then drove him to wait mental health facility. These are girlfriend came to pick up the child. He spent four days in a mental health facility. And rather than giving him treatment. Or putting them on some kind of long term care they just let him out. They let him out. And not only did they let him out. They let him out and then. Gave him his gun back. They may hold the gun with the magazine. Back tool. To Esteban Santiago. And then for whatever reason. Esteban Santiago. Decided to pick the Fort Lauderdale airport. He bought in one way ticket from Anchorage Alaska. To Fort Lauderdale. He registered his gun which you're allowed to do at the airport. It has to be unloaded. Put any hard case and you can't put it with you want carry on baggage you have to register it with your. The baggage car with baggage claim. So they gone on loaded was registered it was put in a hard case apparently was all legal. And then he flew to Fort Lauderdale airport. According now to multiple witnesses. And to several security cameras. He then walked into the bathroom near the baggage area. Terminal to. He's then loads up his guys magazines. And then puts the clip into the gun. Or randomly without choosing anybody in particular he walks out of the bathroom. Into the baggage claim area. And all people heard wise. Balloon. Boom and boom. He emptied out his first magazine. Then unloaded. And then real loaded with the second magazine again. Boom boom methodically. Systematically. He only had two magazines with him. Once the two magazines had been spent. He dropped his own gun on the floor went on the floor himself spread eagle waiting for the police to arrest him. When everything was said and done five dead six seriously injured. Now a couple of things need to be said right off the bat. Law enforcement are still saying they're not ruling out terrorism. I assists has not claimed that so far that I'm aware of I say this has not claimed responsibility. For this attack. They normally always do when it's one of their fellow G artists or soldiers of the Islamic state. So it appears at least on the surface. That this was caused by a severely mentally deranged. Unhinged man. What is still mean remarkable. Remarkable. Is that the media. First within the bodies weren't even dead yet. The bodies were so we're still people we're still dying at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Before CNN had gun control experts on saying we need more gun control. OK so they worry the bodies were even driven to the hospital before CNN and the liberal media or pushing their narrative politicizing it. Demanding gun control but let that go. Now they have found a new angle and then you wait to attack middle America. For the whole weekend all I've been hearing is veteran. The veteran. Iraq military service member PT SD veteran Don veteran and gun. PT SD veterans veterans are dangerous veterans are crazy. Veteran shouldn't be given guns all this is he brought all these are veterans again veterans. That's all you keep hearing gun veteran gun veteran gun veteran. NBC New York. And NBC affiliate says well. However now we even tried to claim that there is a massive pattern. Of supposedly soldiers. Veterans you get there the pattern here. Using guns to kill people. And sold to a real threat to America is not Islamic terrorism non on on the home. But you guessed it veterans. Now the fact that their only been three shootings in the last twenty years by so called veterans that's not exactly a matter. And all one of those veterans. The one in Dallas was in fact a black supremacist. Who was a big supporter of black lives matter if we don't want to go Baird Jeff Jeff we don't wanna go bear okay. Major Nadal this time and yeah and kind of was a vet the psychiatrist. But you know there was the whole mum mum mum mom. You can't say Jeff old mom I'm Muslim connection. The very same liberals. Who whenever you see an Islamic terrorists slaughter somebody sick. Don't already entire segment of the population with the actions of the few when it comes to veterans no problem all. Tar all their all are unhinged baby killers. They're wrong in all all PT ESP. Myanmar oh god forbid dared the ones that pose the biggest threat to Americans. Not Islamic terrorists mum on on home. What happened at Fort Lauderdale. Is very simple. The FBI. Dropped the ball. They drop the ball repeatedly. This guy should have been seriously institutionalized. He wasn't. Did PA should have been able to take care of him he wasn't. They sent back a guy who was telling them he had fantasies of be heading people. That the government had controlled his mind they gave him back here is done. They dropped the ball again and again and again. And as I told Brittany before our show I said have you noticed. All of these shooting X take place usually in three areas. Airports. Schools. And military bases. And what do all three of them have in common they're all gone free zone it's. To meet their real tragedy here is how come nobody had a gun to take him out when he was loading his magazine. In that bathroom at Fort Lauderdale airport and then when he walked out near the baggage claim he starts shooting people. I mean it was like lamb to a slaughter. And instead nobody had any any weapon to be able to defend themselves or defend others instead. They were utterly helpless. And utterly vulnerable. Just like major Nadal is on when he slaughtered our soldiers at Fort Hood on a military base. Just like in school shooting X. What do you think was the ultimate reason for the shooting. Do you think we need now more security at airports. And these new gun control began sir. I say no what do you say 6172666868. All of your calls next. 1225. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends let me ask you this. Do you think the FBI draw the ball. On the Fort Lauderdale shooter. And are you afraid to fly. Do we need to have bolstered airport security. Gun free zones. That airport massive mother gun free zone. Is got their reason why he was able to kill five and injured six and britney's got a big concern. Brittany go ahead. I just don't whine it's you know this issue to top her bar biding citizens that do wanna carry they're gone. And there. Suitcase when they're traveling you have your multi seat embryo at Q so. I've still got a lot of data had not be able to read travel with my a firearm and just because of this guy if he is mentally ill or is a member of crisis or whatever. I don't want they have to pay the consequences for this guy. So that's money big issue that angry you're afraid now that maybe they're gonna start all these you know the old I trolls that this that this is their narrative gun control gun control now. At some alarm biding citizen and I didn't I'm not I didn't walk into the ask BI office and saying hey I am. I'm being controlled the CA I'm watching ice is videos like he really slipped through the cracks here. This is definitely an FBI issue again not. People are being attacked because the FBI dropped the ball. 6172666868. Wells led Brittany. Jorge in Braintree go ahead Jorge. HS RIR. At. I why it's a little bit because by calling a couple weeks ago and you all our cuts are now. You know we could usually Bennett at air or. And I think I noticed was I am shocked that ain't and Williams got a box. I. Back. There's like I can't believe that you know date there TSA. Airport security let the facts why. Handgun. You know I'm outline it on the airplane and we just completely wrong why he acts active legally like I do in my upper says she does. You know on a flight in our airline where else are quite done legally extracted. Record at blocking. You know follow the rules I guess Eric take it out at the airport and I but it I'm. You know they're that you're in that and I and the and we're CNN Turk are color photo at the guy. Turned the lack in Hawaii hearing called Malaysians bet is that it would towards similar. It now. The Phillies you know extra heartland make that Gartner. It outback gun owners. They completely missed the whole concept that well really happening or. Well you know Jorge look you look you know that either it's white Hispanic. Is it's the military it's veterans. It's always blame somebody. But never blamed a real problem in this case. That VA which is again completely dropped the ball and taking care of our veterans and the FBI. I mean Horry look I walk into an FBI office some clutching my child. And I am telling them I've got a gun and whatever magazine loaded my gun in the car. The government's controlling my mind and I'm watching I says be heading videos. And all I wanna do is be dead people. And so you take me to a psychiatric institution. Four days I'm evaluated. Nobody takes care because I'm a veteran blank Q they throw me out on the streets and then you gain might come back. How how does that happen. Timmy just got to connected thoughts well if the guys are mentally unhinged. I mean was discharged for being mentally unhinged. And he's hearing voices in his head he's obviously not well. And his parents his brother his family everybody saying it understands something he's not right in the head he wonders lemon. Something is wrong with him and this guy's obsessing over killing people and massacring people. And then you saw Eric here it is here's the guy I'm not operable MO here's the gone. And then you're shocked. You put him in a gun free zone. What does that sort of like lambs to the slaughter. What do you think is gonna happen. I mean that's just my opinion six we'll look. He needed psychiatric care. Like many of our veterans they're not getting the care that they need and that they deserve. And then the FBI. How many times can they dropped the freaking ball before heads roll look. Donald's people listen to this show Donald do me a favor. It's time to clean house at the FBI. Agree disagree. All of your calls next. 1235. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends next hour you don't want to miss it. Merrill Streep goes full and he trauma. I inning quote it's it really just a despicable still read. With a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes she goes for Donald trumps the rope and trump responds. Actual five. It's no longer doctor and all its dark certain yet. The intelligence community says Vladimir rule and how are elections. And they essentially claim that trump is illegitimate. Senate Republicans senate Democrats. Now want to impose. Crippling sanctions on Russia in fact sanctions. Much tougher than anything currently on Iran you don't want to miss that story. Brittany. What is the corner country poll question of the day. And what are the results thus far after Merrill streets anti Trump's speech William boycott holly led yes. Of course 91%. Yes and nine Preston. So if you if you fury yes late Brittany and I text the letter 868680. If you're like look Jeff I love Ali what I love my movies it's a fix I can't help myself. Next the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Okay I just want a. Quickly update Chu won another important story. It's still kind of local but it's ME local in terms of Florida. But it's going to be national very very soon quick update and I wanna go back to the phone lines. In Orlando not Fort Lauderdale but in Orlando they are now gripped in an absolutely frantic and deadly manhunt. They are now looking for a murder suspect. He. According to police. Murdered his pregnant ex girlfriend. I so well as seriously wounding her brother. The ex girlfriend was a mother of two. He the suspect is identified as mark Heath Lloyd. Jury in the manhunt and justice occurred this morning. 817. Year Orange County deputy sheriff. Searching for the suspect. That was killed any more cycle crash. She apparently was an intense pursuit. And she was after him. And she ended up crashing her motorcycle and dying on the spot I have a picture of her just breaks my heart. She is an African American woman master Sargent Debra Clayton. Who apparently was beloved by everybody at the Orlando police she is also a mother of two herself. As I said a seventeen year veteran. Everybody this and you could see it on her face shares when he's beautiful wholesome cheeks. He wants who shot dead bird in the reports are reading as she died. Kinder down welcomed the report psychotic she died in a motorcycle crash. So anyway she was killed we're gonna clarify this mum. But doctors or what Fox News is reporting was a more cycle crash Daily Mail I believe now is reporting was a gunshot. So we're gonna clarify this but anyway she's been killed compared this is breaking right now. She has been killed. And now the Orlando police are now vowing justice for this quote on quote scumbag. So here another officer goes down 6172666868. OK just a reset quickly. The Orlando sorry the Fort Lauderdale sure we're five dead six badly injured the FBI how Adam. And then let him gall did they dropped the ball. Should we beef up security at airports. And are you now afraid to fly I wanna hear from you winds are loaded David in Melrose go ahead David. Or wanting. Italy does it mean to disagree Leo on the floor because yesterday I did what is supposed to do they. This person to have a facility and they could they can valuation. The people that made you valiantly. With the one that dropped the ball via via. They mail them done. They mail them in the mail them back Saddam. Well great with his loaded magazine but the basically. They would directed by these people explosive experts. That this guy it was. I would be able to operate as you know if they really know what actually. They always have a choice you know justice all male on the Don. Well I probably wouldn't have done it but I think there's. It. I mean I'm David look I understand you're trying to say you're you're saying look it's more the mental health people than the FBI and look a lot of people are ready for this out. But Dave and I gotta tell you in all honesty. He walks into your office. He's clutching a child he's he says he's hearing voices in his head he says the government is controlling his mind. He says they're forcing him to watch ice is bee headings he says now he wants to kill and behead people he's telling you this. Would everything that's gone on in this country would terrorism and people getting slaughtered. He's so bad you take them to a mental health facility for psychiatric evaluation now why the FBI sorry why did VA doesn't jump in at this. Point well that's Obama's complaint about. That but let Doug go but it and then. Columbia all elegy blog is once the one final point and then he's released after four days and they give them back is gone. And he's not even put on a no fly list. I mean. Guys you're asking for it. The people you're absolutely right the but the people who. Have evaluated him. Dropped the ball and not DF BI. In a boat people that evaluated him. I would not qualified then that should be at a group of people who published in the Department of Homeland Security. That would jump on this type of thing and they'd have the but it wasn't qualified to be at the debt and VA. And people who are veterans that I would throwing out used to chat. Yes but before he was discharged he had issues he served any rock. I mean look David look we're not treating our vets properly. We're not. I send them to these wars that comeback with all kinds of issues like mental health or PT SD and then we just thrown into the general population. And then you have something like this happen does not common sense. Look great David got his eye witness god is my witness. Are okay thank you for that call David. God is my witness okay. I'm the FBI officer on that case. He's not getting his gun back. I'm sorry I'm the biggest Second Amendment guy on the planet but when you got your clutching a child and I want you think about this you know. Put abortion Zumaya heard the government controlling what more important George Bush is pretty o's for a little wanna be somebody wanna tools somebody wanted to somebody electoral somebody. You're not getting that done. We're all due respect and I don't mad gum. You're not getting that gun back and if you're gonna get the gun back at ya you're not flying. Bring what's the point of having a no fly list you see buying home it's used for analysts on Fox News. I know Jesse Watters was on the no fly list. I understand it's for conservatives that no fly list how about you truck put real dangerous people on that most wireless I'm just thinking out loud here. Ressam Boston going head rest. I've been avoiding trash for cash is our it dependent dozens concern for many many years. You know Obama's FBI definitely drops the ball again the feds are really proven to be weak as they Wear him in Boston with the and I have family. This person should have been given treatment. And even ongoing treatment necessary and this could have been avoided. What happens now the anti gay and that he would come out. It's a repeat itself the last stream media never lets an anti veterans then go to waste. Yelled this is. One of the main reasons why I have hated the last stream media for over fifty years. Because they are no good now the rotten to the club. And they'll screw anybody can make a note story. Thank you very much as usual well set rush let's go to Linda go ahead Linda. Are you doing I'm good how are you Linda. I am good that can comment about the if it on what at least I got according to critics want. We're able to correct that guy in Orlando this morning on what Shaq. Apple's he diet deeply chatter and the other one I. All OK okay I got Julie this'll one more shot and the other one died in pursuit. OK so two officers have now been killed. Incredibly. You beat him that name calling be keeping them extremely. Lange of Karbala is about them yet. 21 victory to call him and it keeps me. I'm in they aren't aren't catwalk to come not from me okay. That was before he went to the minute it's he had my eighth in the eighteen we. Arms that they no Gotti lack. Get out of line one or something you'd probably in the UK look at the heat for people why. Now he's quake can you not quite he. He's doing I looked when stating before he went to in the electorate if you want I can get that information. But that the troops. Well Linda I'd love to get that information. I would love to get their information. Okay Linda hang on the line and hang on and Britain is gonna give you my email contact info. Thank you very much and I appreciated. No I'd love to know I've got to say there is not I don't look he's claiming that he's watching ice is video was. He's claiming that they're forcing him to go on rice's website this is what he's telling everybody so maybe Eads wants to take on the look of vices. What I noticed is. Look at that the mug shot that now has been released. He's got it's clearly an Islamic beard. He's got the beard the way the crisis fighters have and what the Muslim fighters like to do is they don't they shave the mustache. Or much of the mustache. So the mustache daycare on the mustache as much law or a lighter than what's on the beer. So when you look at the way his faces. I wanna first look at the face ago. Do we the beard is and the way the Moscow than the mustache is sort of tram dirt kind of is not his bushy as the beard. Is exactly the way radical islamists like to Wear their facial hair is like a distinguishing signed for them. So now maybe ease imitating or mimicking what he saw on those video is or what he's so on ice is web sites I don't know. But book my question to you is this. Do we need now all lost two more airport security. And is it time to get rid of airports is gun free zones. I mean if people were packing. It may have been one dead it may have been needing to bed it wouldn't have been five dead and six injured. Agree disagree. Jam in north threading go ahead Jim. I chipped by about the gun owner I go back what are in the entire year malt or at fault for. I got my question has always been I have a harder time getting like golf club. Or pick them up at the turn style because they're in a separate area and I do what I usually shoot the gun back in war. All they have to do what should put god back in court. It should be able it should be open a restricted area with Homeland Security in the window should be able have to provide. Identification. Equipment shipping up and down that the remember approach to picking up dead that that could be someone else via. Picking up the bad with the wood though with a gun and it did that start even meet that that it has to follow that one little problem. You ownership that should it. It doesn't get the up and get in the novel trumps sound like golf clubs don't I we are in my heart attack while they wait to have all forty minutes. After I get my bag and I got when it's when that's taken that think about it that way. To get my golf club that spoke the truth still. Jim are you afraid now that the liberals are gonna use this as an excuse. To go after a law abiding gun owners and say you know what you can bring a month. I'll bring them on a plane you got out checked him in with your baggage but I mean you can't fly with them and take with you to the next destination. Are you afraid they're gonna prevent that now has used this as an excuse to go after a law abiding gun owners. I don't actually no actually I I agree I would want it on any aircraft with a other than a martial art Miller are you know somebody it's. That they noted carrying a weapon. If it did you know you need to eat you get a check it and I don't want anybody carrying a weapon on the plane the. Right no but I mean do you think they're gonna prevent people from checking their guns and now. There's what he did he checked his gun in and then went to the of the bathroom in Fort Lauderdale airport and then that's why Lloyd is gone and bang bang bang. I wouldn't I'm a big change it's definitely that you contract get that you can not ship that. And and novel. You know bat I had a double to Casey got to be shipped. Separately like golf club. You got to pick it up at a different destination with they met in according to the pain in the neck to do. Look you wanna take the weapon in the at a whopping 100 guys go a little differently though. Present our data. I see what you're saying and I am where I have some security there as well right. Okay. Jim very interest in really good call thank you for that call Jim. 1250 here on the great WRKO. Let me ask you this. Do you believe the FBI dropped the ball should trump start firing people cleaning house at the FBI. Do you feel safe when you fly. Should there be more airport security. And gun free zones. Aren't you just asking for it when you have a massive gun free zone. Is it time and gun free zones on airports. Your calls next. It's. 1254. Here on the great WRKO. Shaun an gave Roger up next. Go ahead John. We. The Obama administration spent 85 million dollars on his vacation. Now the thing is. All that and inside because they couldn't get the appointment on time a wonder this spectrum was also would neglect obviously used to collect the somehow in the veterans and interest is still probably knew that administration. The biggest twelve. Million veterans came back toward to this conduct saying what you're going not so they'll pull all the the educated people see it and everything. Promoting this story this emotional sort alt welcome it's all ball that turned into a pile of crap the a lot. Intellectual honesty. There's little solvable swallow all at duke with a gun and secured box secured period of a beer the airplane bring it to a street what it takes up there. So to make it an issue of god it's it's just audit. This is real simple this was capital of the World War II veterans came back Jong problem that site. John you touch on something really profound let me ask you then. We didn't hear about these sorts of mass occur shootings your right twelve million GI's came back. I mean it's only been a few of on the media is trying to make it seem like it's an epidemic is just a couple veterans but. Why do you think it's happening now as opposed after World War II. But I couldn't break down that societal breakdown of our value. Is the breakdown is that there's a mocking christianity. Series lack of addressing the real problems of radical Islamic journalism and as a whole. Breakdown of the ball fly Barack country it won't fire broke all of our. And I wouldn't let you touch on edge on the family I mean look. You have the Brothers complaining the parents complaining. Everybody's complaining and all I'm thinking is how come nobody did anything. I mean read the parents the Brothers are recent always crazy Syrian voices in his head. Well the BBC John when nobody wants to dance everybody's dancing around this topic. We used to institutionalize. This severely mentally ill. After World War II with disguised talking about you know I don't know all I'm watching dad I'm reading Nazi magazines on the government's control my mind. And I got to go ensure people because somehow I'm I'm not seek. Are they what is said this guy's gonna Bellevue when he's not coming out though he's well. Now they emptied the institutions in the seventies that's what the liberals and now their rent our society and we cannot in voluntarily institutionalize people. So the families feel powerless. Kitten on up would be war begun to only patent Islamic terror and radical Islamic. You look about him. No question the ball this guy obviously. Some kind of mental health issues that would neglected. And I'm sorry the veterans administration got a major problem. They can't complain a book on them up guys like Eric Holder to one that I've got money in in Mexico and all that it's. Are crap like that it's well. Gained more what you do and that stop was out. Don't know what the real issue. Visit visit at the bottom of public got to move Walt fiber and there's also a neglect that doctrine all that you have to bingo it's it's evident it's all right. You got it John you nailed admiral really phenomenal call. Gerri I've got one minute go ahead Jerry. Common all my friends but elsewhere but. At it. I Santiago on FaceBook picture that they have what the Palestinians got fingered signals. Since 2007 he's been on FaceBook it would be using that name I Sheikh Ahmad. The veteran the impact that the enemy mental health becomes the tag issued extra people will be constitutional rights and civil liberties but you don't need to get put the blame at the. The FBI field agents it or less to do with the training manuals that demise Muslim Brotherhood scrub. In a trust people listening they need to contact the taxes the Republican National Committee. In exclusively Gromit the need to get more common LO BE RE odd that they are. I Gerri thank you for that call. As one of the techsters just put it 781 you can text the 68680. Jeff it's not the gun culture that is the problem. Is the culture. Period. All caps I'm with you. Okay my friends Merrill Streep speaking of the culture. Delivers our rapid. And he Trump's speech. Is it time to avoid caught Hollywood's. Trump responds. That story more or fewer calls next.