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Is Putin Dr. Nyet? 1/9/17

Jan 9, 2017|

Kuhner says US politicized intelligence against Russia.

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Speaking. Of Pauline Lloyd. Caricature. Is I'm telling you. What the intelligence community. Delivered to the public late Friday afternoon and. All weekend long this Saturday talk shows this Sunday talk shows. Russia are Russia are Russia are Russia Iran shut it just wouldn't and Russia are Russia. The James Bond film you'll doctor no one of the best James Bond films ever it's no longer doctor Noelle. When you look at that caricature army it's worthy of Hollywood film. On what they're trying to turn who mean to it's now bought during yet. I mean why they just called Vladimir Putin doctrine yet. It means that intelligence report was absolutely. Laughable but for those of you that missed it. Here is now what is taking place and there are. I'm choosing my words very very carefully. The shadow government. The establishment the ruling class whatever you wanna call him. The Washington cartel. Are now determined. To. They did not see his victory coming in they are absolutely shocked. They are stunned they still can't get over it and now to protect their power. To protect the air the status quo. To protect their wealth to protect these empire that they have corrected both domestically. And globally. They are now essentially imposing a sort of bloodless coup eight porch up on the president. Or the president elect to be specific. And what they are now trying to create is this fabrication. That somehow Russia hacked at the election. And handed the election from Hillary to trump that in a match shell a pool and doctor yep. Stole the election. On behalf of job behalf of trump because the Kremlin and Moscow. Is now our greatest enemy in the world. It's not crisis. It's not a radical Islam. It's not the Islam all fascists the mullahs in Iran who by the way. We are exchanging gunmen as shots with them. Just off of the golf. You Ron is now engaged in a massive military build up in fact they just bought massive supplies of uranium. If there's such a peaceful one nuclear power how come they're shipping in all this uranium but let that goal Mon not mom home. The problem is not radical Islam the problem is not Communist China the problem is not North Korea. It's rash. It's Paul and. And now they're claiming the Russians are threatened our electric grid. They threaten our intelligence. They threaten our politics they threaten the State Department they threaten our economy they threaten everything. I was mentioning this to grace over the weekend. I've never seen liberals. So angry about Russia throughout the entire Cold War you know when they spanned fifteen times owns and had a massive empire. When they gobbled up half of Europe. When they were in fact propping up Marxist regimes in central and South America. Not all band. Let rush rush my shot no big bill come ennui can get along with the Russians date on what the Russians. Now. When they lose an election campaign I ya ya IT. I ya ya IE. The absolute. Fear mongering. The hysteria. The propaganda. It's it's literally orwellian. And so according to this report which they say is quote the unanimous opinion of the intelligence community. Vladimir Putin listen to there's like a Hollywood movie. Vladimir Putin. Not only was involved in the hacking of the election. And that hacking of the DNC emails. And the hacking of John Podesta as email. But he personally ordered it. And according to give them the trail listen to this leads straight. To Vladimir Putin's computer. Like right like all that's missing is how how. I will now. We made you are old vote. Net nanny or day most goal overall though the U oral. Apparently have asked me. That was the only thing missing from that ridiculous intelligence report. The report itself house to concede. It past the conceit. That they couldn't find one vote had been changed because of the election in other words it had zero impact. Zero nothing zilch. And not only do they concede that it had no impact. They also concede. That there's no evidence. They say private leaders all this evidence but in public they couldn't sure all one shred of evidence not one. So the entire. Report is basically saying you have to blindly. Follow and believe everything we tell you have to blindly and uncritically. Just accept the claims that we're putting out there. So if fort telling you Russia backed the election believe it. If we're telling you who is behind it believe it therefore telling you what leads straight to pull its personal computer believe it now. A couple things need to be sent. Say what you want about the Russians. And of course they engage in espionage. All great powers engage in SP in March. Do you really think who is not stupid. And it's so unrealistic. That he's gonna do the hacking or people around him from his own office from his own personal computer. They were seriously what is this a Hollywood movie. It's gone through the FSB. Then through intelligence services. These guys are professional staying. They hacked Hillary's unprotected email server and you couldn't find the footprints. Now all of a sudden they're sold sloppy and so amateurish Q. Can fall all the footprints more or did not trust the Moscow marchers took the Kremlin moved. Not even to Medvedev. The number two guys off this all straight to the abolished the boss. And guess what it's on his old computer it's incredible. My friends I have never seen. Anything like this in my life. The propaganda is so obvious the propaganda is so blatant. This is war mongering. This is fear mongering and my friends I wanna say I told you so I hated one host to do that. But what I say last week. I said the senate Republicans and the senate Democrats. Backed by the donor clocks. Backed by the ruling clocks. Will not allow trump to form an alliance with potent. They will never allow that to happen because they are due to arch anti global assists. And they will not allow the global list millennium to be stopped. The march of globalism must not be stopped that's what they're paying masters demand. And so Lindsey Graham. John McCain's girlfriend laid down and love mean Lindsay. Went on NBC. And listen to what Lindsey Graham said. That now the senate Republicans. Along with senate Democrats. Are now gonna push legislation. For massive. Crippling sanctions on Russia. And anybody who supports the hacking. According to Lindsey you love me Lindsay. Is a traitor. Roll it Brittany. Here's what I think we should do as a nation we should all Republicans Democrats condemn Russia for what they did to my Republican friends were gleeful. You're making huge mistake. When. WikiLeaks released information during the bush years about the Iraq War that was bears into the administration. It put our troops at risk. Most Democrats can do and it some celebrated. Most Republicans are condemning what Russia did into those were gleeful about it your political hack. You're not Republican. You're not a patriot. If this is not about us than I'll never know what will be about us goes home when parties compromised. All of us are compromised. Lingle. Bingo gave the game away. I am gleeful who ever listen I don't care whoever hacked. I think it was frankly Seth rich. The disgruntled DNC staff frightened he was clearly in on it the guy that was shot. Mysteriously shot that disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter. When he saw with the DNC was doing a Bernie to essentially steal the election from him and throw it to Hillary but let go let a girl. Whoever did the hacking. Here you want call into question my patriotism you want call me back call me act you did America I huge favor. Because you lifted the veil. All of the corrupt. Rotten treacherous a style bush meant. The Clinton foundation. The pay to play. There bribery the influence peddling. The incestuous relationship between the establishment and the media it was all uncovered. Those leaks did the job the media refuse to do. So when Lindsey Graham says. If they do it to one party they can do it till another what are you saying gays and and more if they act costs. What if they show our connections. To Wall Street. Goldman Sachs. To the military industrial complex. Oh my god to the donors to the chamber of commerce almighty god to go to find overall but you pay for. That's why he's panic and that's why they're all panic and that's why now it's ringing the alarm bell blame Russia blame Russia because you want you to forget what was in the content of those emails which nobody has refuted. Where they manipulated was the content manipulate it was it somehow knock short falls yet. So guys what's the problem. But now it's time to lower the boom. Roll it Brittany. And here's what I'm gonna do with Senator McCain. We're gonna introduce sanctions that are bipartisan. That go beyond the sanctions we have today against Russia that would hit him in the financial set. Sector. And energy sector where there at the weakest and we're gonna give. President trop and opportunity to make Russia pay a prize for interfering in our election so we'll deter others in the future. I hope you'll take advantage of it. They're gonna force is named. Now many years say we'll Jeff he's the president doesn't have control over this up to a point. But if they get enough votes in the senate. To ram through sanctions. They can override Trump's real and essentially forces aren't. Now I want you to think about this okay. China has been hacking that's mercilessly. China is stealing our intellectual property. China in fact has stolen millions of jobs Russia say what you want they haven't stolen one American job. Our biggest enemy from a geopolitical point of view it's Communist China. Our greatest threat is from radical as long. According to love Lindsay and nick maniac they want stronger sanctions on Russia to think about this dent on the uranium mullis. They want stronger stronger sanctions on Russia then on Beijing. These people are itching for a confrontation with Russia and my friends their goal is simple. It is too do you rail and delegitimize east trumps presidency. To prevent him from collaborating with who and against radical Islam but there's something else. They want a new Cold War. Because with the new Cold War the military industrial complex the Pentagon the chamber of commerce. The government checks just keep on rolling in baby. They all make money. Big military spending big military industrial complex. They are the ones that give Lindsay and McCain and many of these senate Republicans and Democrats. A lot of their donations. They needed a new Cold War and by god they're gonna get one. And so my question to you now is this. Are we now seeing essentially an attempt at a coup. To derail trump and prevent an alliance with Fulton. Is Gordon America's mortal enemy. Obama says yes. McCain Graham says yes. What do you say all of your calls next. Most Republicans are condemning what Russia did to those were gleeful about it. Political act. Not a Republican. You're not a patriot. This is not about us then I'll never know what will be about us. You can. Point six share on the great WRKO. Okay my friends. Slowly but surely now the establishment. Of the war party is beating the war drums. CNN is now leading the charge all of them did meet the brass are like a call me the mask. Face the nation and ABC's would Georgie Steffi Stephanopoulos. But CNN was the most rabid. Now claiming that it's time for massive crippling sanctions against Russia. In the wake of that pardon upon trumped up intelligence report claiming Doug Walton was directly behind all of factored. So. Brian sculptor. Who's now becoming almost the chief Hillary apologists. That the Communist news network if that's possible. Interviewed Glenn Greenwald p.s be distinguished journalist. From the guardian in Britain he's the one that broke the NSA spying story wide open. Stealth are now wants Glenn Greenwald to admit that the Russians are behind backing. But Glenn Greenwald makes a brilliant point. About the history of our intelligence community. And how often they have deliberately lied to the American people. Or doctor or manipulated intelligence. For military or political purposes. Listened to these devastating exchange. Roll it Brittany. So I think everybody would agree that it's certainly possible that this is something that Russia might have done I certainly wouldn't pot put it past them it wouldn't shock me if it turns out that they did. This is the sort of thing Russia and the US have done to other countries into one another for many decades including. Over the last ten years and nobody would say Russia didn't do better than it would be shocking if they did. Stop her there Brittany. So that's Glen are going to go that's arguments for you have Glenn Greenwald. Responding to Bryant's felt are saying come on. All the US government every single agency is now claiming all the intelligence community it's unanimous. Vote was going to Russia is behind it. And Glenn Greenwald makes the obvious point look. We spy on the Russians the Russian spy on us we hack on them they attack on us. We've been doing it too numerous governments. Israel. To try to get rid of Bibi Netanyahu. As a case in point. Brags it's when they tried to leave the European Union I could go on and on we hacked Angola Merkel phoned but let our goal. We do it and others doing so is it possible maybe. But what is the record of the intelligence community here in America. And this is where Greenwald. Destroy east stealth terror roll it Brittany. But there's a lesson are really critical lesson that I thought we had learned. Back in August 1964. Win the US senate stood up and authorized Lyndon Johnson do you escalate the war in Vietnam with two in the dissenting votes. Based on the intelligence community's claims about what happened in the Gulf of Tonkin it turned out to be totally false. And the same lesson in 2002 and a group of bipartisan senators assured the nation that the intelligence community convince them that Saddam had were weapons of mass destruction and was an an alliance about Qaeda. And the same lesson we learned when he thirteen when just months before this noted reporting James clapper present Obama's top national security official lied to the face of of the country. When he said that he wants to assure everybody that the NSA doesn't collect data on millions of Americans and that lesson is. We don't just blindly and uncritically accept the claims of the intelligence community especially provocative claims about a foreign adversary without seen convincing evidence presented by them that those claims are true and we absolutely have not seen that in this case. Ringo. Honestly I could not have said it better myself. Look at what the media is trying to do the government media complex. They want you go blindly and uncritically accept. What the so called intelligence community's telling us about wooten and Russia has basically bought during yet. Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam they lied. WMD any rock they allied the NSA surveillance on all Americans they allotted. You could have added they lied about the rise of crisis minimizing it. They lied about al-Qaeda and the Taliban lying about it they lied about Ben Ghazi they have been lying for nonstop to the American people. And so if they've been lying to us for this long why should we why should we believe now. Who do you believe. The intelligence community. Where your own common sense 6172666868. Did Russia hacked the elections. Is it time to slop major sanctions on Russia. And what's the agenda driving all of this. Your calls next. Do 37 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends just to let you know. Tomorrow. Senator Jeff Sessions. Is gonna have his confirmation hearing to be trumps attorney general. Already massive resistance is building up against them so we're gonna have all of that for you tomorrow I promise. Are right before we go to the blazing phone lights. There was an incredible exchange. Incredibles not the right word it was a dramatic exchange let's put it that way. Rick San tell least CNBC. The only honest guy there. Was on a neat the masts panel. So you've got chuck T Chuck Todd who's going crazy over disruption supposedly Russian intelligence report. By the US intelligence community all who was behind it Mac the election trump is he legitimate the sky is falling. I hit the election was stolen from Hillary and now Paul now has become public enemy number one. So you've got Cha Ki. Almost winning his pants as he's getting so upset. You know at his Chinese are in Awad over the whole Russia intelligence community story. And there's David Brooks that's phony conservative on the New York Times. Our global list if there ever was one. Pro Obama pro Hillary but still claims to be a conservative. As well as several other panelists all Andrea Mitchell another one water carrier for Hillary she literally crying eight. The night Hillary launched right current Rachel madcow cry I cry. The smoking gun. According to the report that was released on Friday this is the smoking gun. Where's that intelligence officials say that they were eavesdropping on top Kremlin officials. And according to US intelligence. When top Kremlin officials heard that trump one listen to this brace yourself brace yourself. They cheered. They celebrated. And that's for them is the smoking gun. And so rich sand Kelli. Gives it to a with both of the Russians may have been cheering. But look if you guys on election night roll it Britain suddenly he feels the freedom to threaten them our country. It it I don't know and when I did not cause they I was not. Apple's day to see Russians happy because trump one on election night and oversaw you so I'm happy. You pick sides ever let that site except not true Rick I think I just an accurate. Really you know not in the and let him talk about let's get back to the fact clear Russians patent and what are the facts are we have been seeing. Entities for which we are lucky Oracle's phone. Everybody doesn't it here's. He's endured denying agreed to move that we all saw on television we think that's stupid. Andrea Mitchell you weren't depressed you weren't crying Rachel madcow wasn't crying Chucky Chuck Todd but what does it commits suicide on election night. So the fact that the Russians were happy that trumpet one and Hillary lost I got news for you. The holes were happy. The croatians were happy. The French were happy the English were happy everybody was happy. The Israelis rap beat what does that mean now Israel parked the election what do Poland now hacked the election. And I've got to make one final point I'm sorry. I I just I've got to say yet. Core of. These lips. Just look at their imperial socialism. Look at these one world global lists look at him. They think that they can stick their nose in everybody's business. But god forbid if somebody sticks their nose in our business people can connect to drive a David Brooks put it to a normal state craft. Really. It was Obama. Who directly interfered in Israel's election to get Benjamin Netanyahu defeated I didn't see you guys complaining. One of the greatest democracies in the world he still stuck colonels and a. You have to dump you spy on them you secretly send money to the opposition parties. Illegal but let a goal. Bre exit Obama openly interfered in Britain's election in fact been hurt the yes site. Sorry to know site. It hurt the pro EU forces. Because he's so brazenly interfered in their election. Center early mentions the hacking of her calls home. You praying you guys wanna get into Ukraine let's get into Ukraine. So our own government directly interfered win or ukrainians are protesting the pro Russian democratically elected government. Victorian Nolan talked secretary of a sorry stopped State Department official. Is overheard. Is overheard on the phone picking who the next leader of Ukraine is going to be. So you help destabilize Ukraine no problem. He would destabilize other countries around the world no problem. But when somebody hacks into your election. Board this guy is falling none of them on home. Do want to others as you would have done on TU. You phony you frauds you. So America can metal and everybody else is internal affairs but suddenly when somebody medals and hours you feint to be shocked. Suddenly you're shocked. That's the attitude of an empire. Knocked a republic. Dave in hooks said go ahead date. Yet just look at the way he was overthrown interactions street Chenault. This. We don't interfere. By guilt so much firmer than I lie. Because there are also quick to China in Britain the very get go way back win. Or any evidence quote and quote evidence would even brought forward they would say in all almost correction correction sergeant I doubt you channel. It's really just. Distraction because and even if there are you would say look back well. How about the fact that the reason there are cheers because they're the book has some world peace. What we're Donald Trump in charge. Sterger criminal organization headed up by order Hillary Clinton that starter. You know. Oh of criminal activity and government in over a hole. And made New York. They came out there. But not just a bunch or crap it's distracting what's really report we initiated the wrecks we didn't Israel. We chilled out in the Middle East are fire. And Helio ringer or like. Oh yeah 00 this is all the Republicans agree it's two people and pushing and so election it's just so agents. Dave thank you very much for that call very well said no what scares me bring you can you just replay that Lindsey Graham cut the second half. Look trump as commander in chief obviously we'll have a lot of authority. Control over foreign policy. But the congress can pious cents. If they pushed through sanctions are pretty much nothing he can veto it. But then they can overrule his veto they can override his veto. So they can essentially force him into a kind of Cold War with Russia. Now. We're not talking about sanctions now on Russian companies are all components. If what Lindsey Graham dies what he says he's gonna do with Mick maniac in collusion with Mitch McConnell and the senate Democrats. How important is not gonna take this lying down. They're gonna cripple Russia's economy they're gonna cripple their energy supplies. They could potentially bring Bolton too is Meeks. The Russians are gonna lash out. In other words you you may be starting something here you don't wanna start. Role lift Brittany. And here's what I'm gonna do with Senator McCain. We're gonna introduce sanctions that are bipartisan. That go beyond the sanctions we have today against Russia that would hit him in the financial set. Sector. And energy sector where there at the weakest and we're gonna give. President trop and opportunity to make Russia pay a price for interfering in our election so we'll deter others in the future I hope you'll take advantage of it. The scars unbelievable. He backed the war in Libya. He backed the entire Arab Spring. He backed arming the Islamic rebels in Syria. He backed overthrow the pro Russian government in Ukraine. No one has done more to destabilize the world and that's lunatic Lindsey Graham and and and visit his lover John maniac. And now these guys wants crippling sanctions on Russia are you nuts. I mean. My friends it's so obvious. They're trying to corral us in to a confrontation with Russia to undermine trump. That's their goal it is so obvious to me. If you can't beat him derail him Scott in New Hampshire go ahead Scott. Yes it up this afternoon. You're true patriot and other there is the only public radio I'm Ellis got the all end up these little doubt. And like three point are. I think who he is the elite anatomy. On the Obama administration. And I also believe. Hillary Clinton has a lot to do it initially Iranian. Uranium want to. All the missing can't tell me our intelligence can't find the missing you folks that are out there right now. He should he would call and on Auburn rusher right now they're amassing. A buyout and are massing on the orders are crying right now. So I don't know everybody's saying Cold War it's gonna be a while before we know it inevitably try. And all I can say you can blame Obama and everybody I know that voted for Hillary. Because they all said the same truck gonna bring up the war council we don't want all regulation. The Obama administration doing it right now. And and start just to reinforce which are saying and Obama has just put our special forces troops right on the border literally on the border with Russia. In Poland and Lithuania. So if the Russians start crossing. Worthy tripwire and boom everything. All bets are off. It's a seven country take over which started with Iraq. Is going all the way to Irene in you know it's true you can I can tell you always so I'll take it up yet. Scott thank you very much very good call mall look the global list crave power. And once you what the old power the only old adage power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. They are shall corrupted by power they cannot stop themselves. And really is just a game it doesn't matter if it's the Hillary Obama Democrats or the Mick maniac and Mitch McConnell Ryan in the Republicans. It's still the establishment. You run familiar run the committees a couple years we run the committees another couple years but essentially their interest their values are aligned they are global lists. And because of that by nature they must be war mongers. And that's why they need to find enemies except the real enemy radical Islam. To cheat in Boston go ahead. To. Europe to changed. Though and I'm good value to cheat sheet umpire to have this column. What do they tried to do. To from condom. Which then probably got it started out very well. Robert plugged in and they are no no. I don't start as. So I know it's an original idea where are you all up front are all popular which broke in an election. Unbeaten during a wide Debra in. Literati. Argue brought on a piece of this month on Friday. We not all one election. All to spend. It all upbeat deference are all he. One question you see them bargain. In good to be from one and is it in. Low. On. Well too she according to which you're telling me bring you should be careful because now the gonna blame the Nigerian Stewart chief. For having had an election because they were wining and dining in Nigeria when they heard trump want to achieve. Our mission and it bought by the jumper because our money is seen. Obama wasn't what's he. Talk about somebody imagine somebody up there. Obama and that we also compliment. To out within. A minute people. Are obvious. Call it. Well. Underdog and not well so we. Excellent Gucci gotta come up against the break but didn't. So Obama medals in Nigeria not a problem now we're supposed to go crazy because they claim. Russia medal than us and our elections fall please. Very very good tweet from 781 Jeff exactly. This is all to do with embarrassing trial and prove them though liberals will stop at nothing to destroy trump. Down the foolish and dangerous liberal bolts. Okay my friends. Cool and video hockey elections. And sure it congress passed sanctions. I wanna hear from you all of your calls Max. 57 here on the great WORK. No. Okay the intelligence community in Washington now says its definitive. Pool and hacked the election. Do you believe our intelligence community or do you think they're lying to us again. How is our intelligence community become politicized. Our feed going I don't LP. Would you I am I'm not sure whether the Russians. Act or not but even if it was true it had no. It had no determination I'm trump planning. And I would I think Gary you alluded to earlier Jeff Padilla. Global work that other puppet masters like George Soros big bomb. But Coke while others the military industrial complex. Pomp there's god in their pocket. So whether it's. Those love is McCain and grant more artillery. I think they'll count on Hillary to keep the gravy train going parliament. They don't want a piece of the world every. Or whether it. Obama. Analysts doubted over the middle he accomplished nothing good in that they've made. These big you know Corliss. Filthy rich and been out that spirit they have biggest fear is that prompt never get the American people be kind of that the only way to cut their power back. Bingo Alfie thank you gonna call he's going to be a real peace and prosperity. President. But this tying for the middle working class not for the elites and dots why they fear arm that's why they hate them. Now Britney before we go you actually looked a little bit at the report and you say it's completely laughable. It is hilarious so the intelligence report says that Russia has Olympic doping scandal was all linked to the election into the air ads. IV so put his bad bad his athletes until now Noelle. It's our fault IE coli and I guess he was mad that they were caught doping. America's faults. And so we want to allow shout out as SCSI or they didn't do that well in Sochi. Jokers team USA beat team Russia Saudi sounds so personal problem include non. It's such a joke laugh joke what a joke you nailed it Brittany okay my friends I gotta go remember tomorrow. Attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. Faces a confirmation hearing it's going to be tough slogging we'll have that story got to go bye bye.