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Should we ban Russian vodka in the US? 1/10/17

Jan 10, 2017|

What do you make of the NH Sen. Jeff Woodburn's idea to ban Russian vodka in the US? Will it work?

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And the entire politicized intelligence community like really aren't there bigger problems in New Hampshire. So now they go to waste their time trying to go after whenever the ball one brand of Russian vodka. Dan apparently is still made in Russia. This this this is what people at New Hampshire should be at are. Focused on. You know I don't know how boat cool iron all illegal immigration. Who the opiate crisis. Move the flight of jobs and the the outsourcing especially of manufacturing jobs. Who I don't know just little things like that. Don't shoot faint and that's a little bit more important. Then going after her. Basically non Russian made my gut there's the Russians don't make vodka anymore. Except for Russian standard that's at. That's sit. You know and. I have to save us. I have to say this. Since when is it the government's business. To now start telling consumers in New Hampshire. What vodka they can drink and what but 'cause they can't shrink. He wanted to shrink Smirnoff call power tool you. You want to drink grade cool it's all power tool you you wanna drink up sold god bless you. You like they're really did that the Russian stuff OK you have the Russian standard what's the problem. By the way Brittany. On election night when I had that shot of vodka PM. Honor my promise that I would I would take a shot of vodka. It's a break from victory was that grey goose Abilene illustrate why I think almost burned a hole in my chest yes. That's that's our shot of that yeah Greg goes where there's I mean in France France yes that's made in France. So once made in Sweden one made the others in the UK. And other ones in France Tito's isn't Texas. So was this guy going on above up to four. Maybe doesn't mean he had a bad experience and I ain't good insurance or let's Russian rock and saying yeah. I'm at it and I got a lot out author and a back by the. I ya ya yeah I I don't know I mean it honestly is this not one of their most. Stupidest thing I talked about and a missile is stupidest thing you've ever. Full comes up with this idea. This guy like that why you ban I don't know Abdullah heroin epidemic especially at New Hampshire that's. I analogy crackdown on that. How about illegals articles. About all those manufacturing jobs that left sale I don't know Manchester Zach how about that. It's been pockets you know let's ban vodka that's it guys there you ago doubts that leading Democrat in New Hampshire senate. But it's so embarrassing now. I thought and that you voted for this guy's your seat wrapped. You know I thought our moon bats were bad but I. There on the acting general movement and he is this guy. A Massachusetts refugee. Because Qaeda or may be now so many it was our people are going up to the moon bats that is starting to pollute the water supply up there. You know there's this hormone drugs are becoming like armaments and I now this guy could give our mourn ballots are run for their money let me tell you. 6172666868. Were robbed Europe first go ahead rob. Providing. Would you. Iran it's good after you but that's okay all right. Console have sleep. What we should do. People may have churches and tendon issue. Because in game Kennedy. As and that makes sense. You mean all of our rob that they enjoyed that that the New Hampshire should ban Kennedy. Paul Kennedy shall lose president dead because it remained Kennedy. Yeah what a lot of things foretell trouble and societal. To be in the White House now the Democrats are saying no but it vote for the charity. It has sent us. All rob good point to a good point we're gonna get into that a tool five but now. Trumpet he wants his son in law Jared Kushner to be senior White House advisor and guess what the lives are screaming. Nepotism. They didn't say that about Bob. We judge. But let that goal. 6172666868. Okay my friends. Since what seventh who's 666868. Is the number. Let's take one more call before the break Brittany Bob in Hudson New Hampshire on Russian vodka. I regret telling you I'm done I'll you Bob. Listen like that the fact that Obama would. Go and they're meant what Greg just became rated. But. It. Our. Okay my friends sessions is still facing a grilling I think they've taken a bit of a break now but for the most part they're still gunning for Jeff Sessions. Will go lives succeed in their railing I am sure a day and now the Democrats in New Hampshire. Are now pushing gay bill. Tell ban Russian alcohol. In the wake of the so called allegations of Russian acting and they're trying to target Russian vodka. Should we ban Russian. Vodka. I say nyet what do you say. My friends now as dog yes not not a more of your calls next. Mazar I am I friends. So. Deciding now the US intelligence report that was declassified. Friday after known. State senator Jeff ward burned the leading Democrat in the New Hampshire is Sana. Is now pushing a bill to abandoned. Russian vodka. From all New Hampshire state liquor stores. There's not mine ma'am many Russian vodka as out there. Died in all this type of arms and I thought most vodka was made in Russia vets and yet does not rule is in mobile. Is a faults. So the only one is Russian standard everything else is money remain in Russia. So I'm looking at this story now god is my witness boston.com. There's a picture in boston.com. Just state senator Jeff would burn all from one bat and he's holding I swear to you are rooster. So he's got to rooster in his left hand any smiling for the camera and honestly I'm looking at both of mom and I don't always more intelligent. Mine mine mining is on the rooster. James in Boston go ahead jinx. You or are good are you James. This is obviously story reminds me about a year out so ago two years now there. There's a couple scores in the Boston area where trying to Bayern. Is really cheap tees that they were from Israel. And now out of it out of sight want it they're being. But I. Why are you trying to Bain. And you he is reality and things like AMBER Alert is being it is saying that we can't have on this and we gotta get home as well look. You know any platelet you know Israel and black. I could trade the appointment that's where we're living in Atlanta this stored cited as saying no to. Ottawa play it is being sorted Ottawa series. And now James ware was that by the way. I yeah it was a Iowa it was a close order Speedo or that they have in the key Richard boss. There are always sure moon bats central Bulgaria golf ball in the Communist republic of Cambridge they think that's a great idea to go after Israeli chick peas. Exactly would call our period is really kicked eat and how this like outgrew the man. And I'm glad they decided you know at least they'll have their company. You know in external equipped with the companies still but I'm like a law the unfortunate but it's been McGuire this on the again they wept in all they wanted to knock people on this child like wow. How sent. Well James thank you for vac call law potent he sees quaking in his boots it's a whole mobile didn't bid to read the bit. Got a golden goal of Russian vodka. A president who we build. Them make it anymore he's lived. Mix of four Russian standard windows these cheap stuff produced over the fuel like the grey goose. These are made in France we don't make him a martyr wash idol model putted that boss. 61720666868. Jam and change the world go ahead jam. Are encouraged job are you at all I think we it's time to start giving forcing people into taking some. Some political doses or understand us as governments before they're all out of all become absurd. And informed Germany and inform people. Getting rid of or are getting rid abortion question are also. A. Jim it's not even that and I wanted to chew up I got used to you nailed it. Who is this guy to think. Think he can order the New Hampshire state liquor stores. And by definition then you the consumer Mathieu you're living during mass met the people of New Hampshire. Not to drink Russian vodka what he was czar. Well really. But it der war they're complaining about important that's something important would do. It's ridiculous that bubble bubble operative ridiculous. The local go see the amount of people that are coming up we're such nonsense. And and be happy and give him any any error in the you know if let him what sense of calm is a shirt. That's the Democrat. Jim does the democrats' top guy in the New Hampshire senate. Just for the the Clinton weighs competing for the Elizabeth Warren Moon bat toward. Like really you know who can be crazier the let's see our third Boston go ahead Arthur. To it's they write your friend okay. You know you're surfing. All the years that I've been watching politics of the watching the kind of people get elected. It davidians you know this is that a one of the biggest taxes that we various beside the corruption. Is the incompetence. And that's reason that they destroyed Nokia. They've destroyed education. They've they've just about destroyed our country and and and took away the great country that I that I came to America. And so of people like this I just. This just idiots that it was so every single day you know you you know. And just see it all over again the fact that a person like Elizabeth Warren. Could be elected everything. It's just defies description how anybody with a brain could all of Europe going to choose a total of decent. Amen Arthur Britain there's an army album does its release side okay by the way you as always you can text us 68680. I'm telling you the best audience in the business. Are a couple of just hilarious tweets 781 Jeff. Don't sorry that tax my bad sorry sorry I am. I'm trying to get on Twitter so assault clear in my mind now sorry. The best audience in the business if you want attacks those 68680. This is from 781 just. The biggest fascists are Democrats and they don't even know it. 978 Jeff this guy Jeff would burn the state senator. He's a Marty Walsh wanted to be met at a at 781 Jeff for the non drinkers. Maybe you could also band Russians salad dressing. 603 Jeff who liberalism should be banned period. 508 Jeff senator Warren agrees she wants the fight fire water. Whipped fire water. 6172666868. Okay Mort your calls and or boy. Merrill's street. She's now a member she insulted the football and MMA. Well now the mixed martial arts fighters the community. They are lashing out and they are taken her to go war chant. It's on knocked out that's story your calls next. Hollywood is going without outsiders and calmness. Kick come all out you'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts. Okay my friends as well I'll. The backlash continues to roll against Merrill streets and T trump tirade and in particular. And manmade fires. Mixed martial arts fighters are now hitting back at Merrill Streep following her I mean it was really just her. Snob beat her snobbery and or should not be attack upon football on the mixed martial arts. And so now many in the mixed martial arts community and it's about time really it's about time. That people began to stand up to the limousine liberals in Hollywood. Or popular culture or the mainstream media. Europe on Capitol Hill. And I say god bless them. And so the MMA is not taking this lying down. And look clearly what Merrill Streep was implying pretty much saying it but also implying. Is that you see. Actors like herself it's highbrow art. It's high culture. But football. MM main whenever. Other sports. That's for the masses. That's for the lawyer Malloy and that's the big knicks. You know that's rather led the knicks in the backwater. That's for them that's sort of low culture that's mass entertainment. That's for ma'am. We do this serious drama as in the great movies and were the art seat crowd. Today but I am I mean c'mon who's gonna watch two guys fight a ranked or two women fight in the ring. Well the MMA is not taking it lying down they have hit her and hit her hard. And so many of them have now come out mum. There and taking to Twitter board going on social media are going everywhere. And blasting her for the double standard in her speech and I'm with them on this. And one of their most effective rebuttals actually comes from a UFC host may begin all of the and as she points out coral quote. It's really weird to see someone talk about not discriminating. And then basically discriminate against an entire group of skilled hard working people bingo. Notice the left always does this. In the name of tolerance they're intolerant. And the name of combating racism and discrimination. There as discriminatory. And racist as they come. And so would Merrill Streep essentially recycled was Hillary's deplorable comment. Our c'mon you're a racist fewer big gate C a sexist you and aren't lamp with your football should go to batted baseball hockey whatever. You know and your MM a mixed my Schiller writes she's not even the giants. Well. First of all what's wrong with football. What's wrong with mixed martial arts. That's the obvious point why are you. So oh libel link and smearing and attacking. An entire class of people because of what they watch. I mean your being here being bigoted in your claims against bigotry. But you see somebody like her with nothing between arrears can understand that. Now furthermore. And I got to say they're making a very impressive argument. I'll look comic casual watcher of them mam momma rabid banner but I will watch the occasional fight to the occasional big card that they have. Look when you look. Pat the mixed martial arts that's we football football is obvious football you have whites you have blacks you have Latinos you invasions. It's a huge cross section of society OK but let that go. You look at mixed martial arts it's truly an international sport. It's popular all across North America. Brazil it's huge. All across Latin America. All across Europe. It's growing like wild fire in Asia. So it's a sport practiced. By numerous cultures across numerous continents. Many of their champions this won't mean much to you but. You know but Joseph Jose as sorry Jose Al though. But Connor McGregor who's a phenomenal Irish fighter he's a phenom he's obviously phenomenal. Amanda new year is who knocked out Rondo arouse the she's inning. Our that was I mean she destroyed or she dismantled there. But I mean she's one of the greatest female MMA fighters and it's not just amend it's the women. The women's MMA has become so popular and frankly the athletes are so impressive. It's becoming a global phenomenon. So here you have a sport that has both men and women. Competing at an extremely high level. From all races all backgrounds. All countries almost every continent and she's putting them down. And you know I gotta save this I'm sorry I gotta say this. Quote I respect more Amanda knew yes or Meryl Streep commanding Unionists. I mean it's a no brainer. You see Merrill Streep packs. Which means she fakes it for a living. Nothing wrong with acting but amending unions passed the real thing. She gets in the ring. She gets actually hit. Well against around arousing don't think she barely got hit but but let that go do not my point. She gets hit. And she hits. It's real. It's a dangerous sport it takes tremendous courage tremendous bravery years of training. Constant training. Hours a day in the gym. Tremendous discipline. Toughness. Discipline as I said it's an art in many of course it's an art. And so you're putting down people who work hard who swept. Who put their bodies on the line. Who are modern day gladiators. In favor of black. And by the way I have been on sets. Just accidentally does a lot of films are usually done in Washington and so we don't Grayson I would tickle walker whatever usually in the metro at Union Station a lot of films in Washington are they always do a couple seems there. So I've actually seen Hollywood movies being guy who literally scenes being directed and produced. This not acting is so much you think it's not the feeder. It's a 22. Literally a 22 scene. Is done again. And again. And again. And again. So if you're just gonna hold somebody by the waist. And say I don't know don't leave me. They cut it 57. The director controls the actors almost like they're robots. So really there's no quote unquote are enacting. You've got a great director and you can mimic some emotions. Aren't you glad that intangible that screen presence not sit. But the chipped. Hello all twenty million a film. But enemy. Or you know football but I'm just talking MMA now. Here spending 568 hours a day in the gym. You're risking broken legs broken arms a broken jaws concussions maybe even getting killed. You're demonstrating a kind of courage and toughness an inner fortitude and bravery and skill. That most people in the world can only imagine. Your putting them down. I have a theory. A case I watch the Golden Globes. Robert Kraft was there aren't they kept I kept seeing him with a camera and everything's on lighten football and then. MMA fighting Dana White meat do a speech at the aren't seen Cleveland's. On the first night giraffes. The you know light yes. So. Otter rock shipping she is still a couple of jabs at all that where bear. So of the mixed martial arts USC's the biggest lead for the the biggest. Organization that promotes MMA fighting he's a big trump supporter. And and. And Robert Kraft is there saying no is Brady wasn't there. Bill Belichick wasn't there. You know I'm surprised you can take a shot at those two guys because in all they also voted for trump. And Hank lot of football players voted for trump. Man a man. Who now. Just I'm just AM 6172666868. Look I'm proud of these people in the MMA. They don't take it lying down you see unlike Republicans. And unlike some so called conservatives. They don't take it on the chin from the lips they hit back. And now Merrill Streep they're gonna force you to apologize. They are not gonna let this thing go. And so now they're challenging her one on shall come to one of our fights want to come to one of our events why don't you see what are. Our fighters have to go through in terms of training in terms of actually going through a fight they say here we are great female card. One that you see some of these female fighters and what they're made out. And maybe just maybe you won't have your emotional high 61720666868. Pony in Gloucester go ahead don't. Jack you're Rambo writer by the name George slipped. Or wrote a book called the paper high. No he what he wrote a writer and he decided you know this football stopped suddenly looked at all. And got it seemed to let him actually play quarterback a little bit he trained with the team he played football a lot of books thanks. Yeah all right yeah. And he had no idea our top west yeah. By these players it was true to what I opened up all the Archie people out there wasn't much football. I. The other one that I got a kick out of wood has about that alone tells the story earlier first rocky. I'm in great shape our get a real fighter arrest warrant ball. Fieger hit him once as slipping out of leading you to. Let me get back to. Yeah I'll. Telling on you nailed it I mean Yunel to thank you for that call. The other one I heard about Stallone was in rocky three member it was a club missed Turkey. That are streaking club relying right he then that the arch enemy the archrival. Well there were showcasing potential people to maybe you'll play the role the villain. One of them was Ernie shavers. Fought all he fought Larry Holmes was a really tough brawler. And so there sparring in the ring and you don't know Ernie shavers wants the party needs the money so he's kind of going easy on on Sylvester Stallone. And the sort of like come on Ernie can really give it to me give it to me earning so Ariza is okay you want at that got it. So we hit him with a left talk. It was a a liver shot a shot to the body. Stallone says he fell down and started throwing up I mean he said he puke his guts out. And he said from that moment on he sat down all nor Ernie shavers. Get mean Mr. T. Get me somebody who is an act not the real thing 61720666868. Mark your calls. Jack PM ever if you're up next go ahead Jack. A guest CME I want myself all I can hear you can you hear me. Yes I can right. Now good Taylor and Jeff I'm gonna make it quick I think we should boycott Hollywood. They make a bunch of crap movie now anyway they they think we have the attention and attention span of a fully. They make horrible. Pornographic movie capture them most of them are anyway. So I think we should boycott them because you know we got trapped collected all of us we got him elected. So let's let's skip them you know it has that we get in their pockets where they feel they have no idea idea we don't pay my rent. You know he had entertained me that he would it'll educate. Educate be exactly. And dat I think we can do what I really do. And that our Mallard Merrill Streep goes. Shep and great no reason your early years but she absolutely. I would like it saying I didn't see it back. Evidently she didn't need that much make up because Bachelet she played it pretty good which I guess. Bill which. She absolutely. Open. Cracks me up there. She didn't think you're right they left they do what are attacked they discriminate. Did great as they discriminate. And if you don't agree with them. He wrote a lunch. So. Jockeys are the most intolerant people like government thank you called Jackie Garcia 6172666868. You can access at seven ansari at 68680. Pieces from 781 Jeff my favorite mammy response was the guy who said. He did not care about what some eighty year old woman's opinion of MMA ones that was an ally. But I was there a way that's pretty funny jacked and situated thanks for holding go ahead Jack. On good very huge shock jock up about a minute math go. They're really quick most powerful men who watched in years ago. A Democrat. It was a high million in the short. And also does that mean that and her born with a friend at the democratic. And I want. At all. No Jack I mean it's Robert Byrd there was senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia he was the grand wizard of the kkk in West Virginia he was our top guy. And Hillary Clinton spoke at his funeral said he was a great man. That's right. There's a lot of people don't know carpet. You know for the Democrats up here they have a lot that they get this to as much as anybody else. So just you know what I don't get is when Robert Byrd an actual member of the kkk all no problem all is forgiven and Jeff Sessions never a member of the kkk in fact. He battled the kkk. He bankrupted the kkk he broke the back of the kkk and Alabama. But he made one jolt it wasn't even again I don't repeat myself but there was even a racist joke. It was a joke about the kkk in marijuana is a marijuana joke they twisted it into a racist joke. Told 35 years ago and they're trying to claim mound but he somehow unfit I gotta tell you though boy he's given a tour with both barrels right now. He's saying that he is going to enforce the law he's not gonna allow illegal immigration he's gonna secure the border and amnesty is dead. And the Democrats are squirming squirming in their seats they don't know what to do. Okay my friends speaking of squirming. The lefty goes after trump. For appointing his son in law. Is it nepotism. That story your calls next.