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Is appointing Jared Kushner as senior advisor to Trump nepotism? 1/10/17

Jan 10, 2017|

Kuhner doesn't think it is. Do you?

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Through all six here on the great WRKO. Though boys so Voss then okay my friends. That corner country poll question and the visual or as the French would say of the day. I wanna ask you straight out so people won't say your being influenced by mean are persuaded by means we wanna ask you straight out. He is president elect Donald Trump's decision. To appoint his son in law Jared Kushner. As a senior advisory senior White House advisor. Is it nepotism. If you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter say the 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Text or letter beat her 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Okay my friends the long knives are now out. The left is screaming bloody murder. The Boston Globe the New York Times CNN poll Washington Post. The entire democratic. Apparatus. The entire spin machine. Is now going into overdrive. Attacking trump. And in particular. They're going after his decision. That he recently made to appoint his son in law the husband of the bunker trump we said repeatedly is his favorite of all his children. But Jared Kushner. As a senior White House advisor this was done on Monday. Now. Here is the context of the decision. According to trump according to president elect trump. Jared Kushner had played a major in formal role as part of the leadership team along with Ryan's previous. Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon. And so his argument wise it's. And used to it then used to this day that he relied on Jared Kushner is advice at key times he was part of the inner circle. That he wants to continue to rely upon that advice. And to give him more clout within the White House but he's not just. Up preferred son in law a member of the family he wants to give them a formal position and a formal title. So he can continue in that role that he played in the campaign. Going on forward into the presidency. Now. Trump has said he will not a questioner anything so Kushner will not be making a salary you will not be paid one dollar. He's making no money as trumps senior advisor. Not that frankly he needs the money he's also extremely wealthy himself he's a multimillionaire. Many times over. Moreover. Questioner is gonna be stepping down. From all of his other roles and positions within his own business. Within he's the publisher of the New York Observer which by the way is a liberal publication. But let that go. So questioner. Is not gonna have any more roles within any of the organizations. That he has been heading or leading. So he's gonna drop everything else and serve only as trumps senior advisor. For no salary. Now the left is claiming it doesn't matter he's your son in law. Tenths that's family tents that's nepotism. It also they argue creates potential conflicts of interest. And they are now threatening. To sue the trump presidency. Democrats are saying they're gonna take this the federal court and a huge trump of violating. Federal anti nepotism laws. They want Kushner out. They want trump to be defeated. And they wanted denied him aspect of his senior of the senior advisor on the White House staff. And so the Democrats again and are looking to undermine trump this time by going after his son in law Jared Kushner. Let me just say this. Tim mean if he's not paying the son in law any money. And the son in law. Is stepping away from all of his business centrists. Anything that he's doing in terms of other organizations. If he's leaving everything aside. What's the problem. Really what's the problem. You know it was no problem. When Jack Kennedy hired his brother Bobby does serving his administration. No problem all. And in all it's it's his son in law now look trumps thinking I think is this and I don't blame them. He's in a shark tank. Washington DC is one massive shark tank. The establishment. Has already put in massive target on his back they are gunning for him. He's got the entire media a leak out to destroy him the beltway media is out to destroy him from day one. So you've got Lindsey Graham establishment Republicans Mick maniac Paul Ryan all Ryan already looking pissed sabotage trumps presidency. You've got to do owner class out against them you've got the chamber of commerce against them you guard George Soros against them. You've got the Coke Brothers against them. You've got the entire democratic machine. Whether it be Hillary or Obama is now saying he's gonna be a leader in exile the leader of the opposition in Washington. You've got to chuck T Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi. The entire mainstream media. He's got so many targets on his back you don't know where to begin. And so they finally an incoming president. Who's basically under siege. And that's what is president she's gonna be from day one. I want somebody who I can trust. Who whine all which so many targets on my back has my back. That's why he's picking Jared Kushner. And. It traps credit. You know he could easily say hey look you know what are making informal. Who know what is the people's business if I wanna talk to my son in law and he can react to his son in law on the phone. Foresee him in person and take his advice. But he wants to make it explicit he wants to make it open. He doesn't want stories about. All the president is talking to a son in law the president's taking advice from his son in law so we saying instead of all the media chatter. And the constant stories and leaks about my son in law having influence in my administration because I trust his judgment all formalize it. All institutionalize. That I'll say yes he is a senior advisor because he's a senior advisor. Now. If he was able to advice trump during the campaign and throughout the entire election. And his advice although he's more liberal than trump on the issues. But his advice that trump was Donald beat Donald. That was the advice of both he and his daughter are both Jared Kushner and Trump's daughter Yvonne cut. On the issues are actually more liberal than trump. They global warming for instance. But there advice because they love him because in sparkle loves her dad and Jared Kushner is very close with Donald Trump. He almost sees him as a father as a second father they want their father to succeed or in his case his father in law to succeed. And they know we succeeds best when he's true to himself. And so this is an open secret in the trump campaign. Whenever advisors pushed him to modify. To change of position and to sort of bend with the wind and took compromised. A moderate. They would say god led Donald B Donald. Except don't swear in the one thing about the family is now the they they kept saying you're you've got to be more presidential night. That's it. But that's it outside of his choice of words and somehow he says things a bit the way phrases it. Outside of that. Their advice to him wise stay true to your core stay true to your instincts stay true to who you are because that's how you'll succeed. That's how you'll win. What's wrong with that. Now if this is the Probation Department. Because let's get serious now. Okay because this is chief crazy ports. Elizabeth Warren Taylor liar Waugh. She's the one that's helping to lead this charge. Somehow this is meant but there is Simon this is illegal imam at a coal any moral and this is gonna be a lawsuit that is another thing that's gonna paint his presidency. Well this is not the Massachusetts Probation Department. This is not to work on cold spot literally am I kidding. Uncles aunts. Cousins. Brothers sisters. Brother in law's sister in laws. Best France charms would not qualifications. We're getting jobs on the taxpayers starting. Under a special lean mean mean mean Deval Patrick. 80085990000. A 120000. Dollars a year that's something different. If you got a loser first cousin. Or a loser or nephew or loser niece. And you don't know what to do with her. Letter flip burgers and whatever Wendy's or McDonald's but don't stuffer in some kind of a department where they worked ten hours a week. Job making 809000000. Dollars a year Armani. On your money. So. If nobody's pain in the salary. And it's not coming from the taxpayer's dime from the taxpayer's pocket what's the problem. It would all due respect what's the problem. And the very same liberals. Who wonder the Clinton years. Were sent on. Bill should promote Hillary to a senior cabinet position look just as First Lady remember when he had Hillary become basically is healthcare czar. And oversee the failed Hillary care. That helped cost them the mid term elections in 1994. But or. In theory supposed to be sleeping winner. No problem. All probable bomb. Meant that there isn't there a long long alone. But when it's Donald Trump. Saying hey this boy he calls them little boy is a young man. This young man my boy he served me well. And I know that in this shark town. In shark infested waters. The one guy along with my daughter and I know. When the rubber hits the road. When the sharks are closing and they think they smell blood that I can trust. That's the guy I want near me at the table. That's the guy I want making sure he's got my ear and my back at all times. So to meet this unless if they don't Pam how is this nepotism. Look at him. If the guy looks the wrong way. The route to get them. If that guy burkes the wrong way durum to get him. If they got brave guy breeds the wrong way around to get them. They are trying to destroy them. That's why they're going after Jeff Sessions. That's why they're going after Rex Tillerson is big for secretary of state and that's why they're going after his son in law Jared Kushner. Period full stop. Are agreed to disagree. 6172666868. Is appointing son in law Jared Kushner an act of nepotism. I saying known the Democrats and lives say yes what do you say. All of your calls next. Two point scoring here on the great WRKO. OK collapses now open up another front. This war against the incoming trough administration. Now there are gunning for Trump's son in law Jared Kushner. Let me ask you the poll question of the day. He's Trump's decision to appoint his son in law as a senior White House advisor. And act of nepotism. If you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If like me you believe absolutely. Not the guys bomb making up panning. Text the latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Let's go to Jerry in Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. Go let Coleman man. And how you out of my friend. Isolated. And insisted to fully funding meet today. He says the motto that comes he says you'll understand. That god you called that. Without question this is ridiculous. Is many members of the trunk cabinet when not taking any time in salary. There's not a dime. But I would get back to Jeff Sessions apartment school. You pointed out the fact that he bankrupted the kkk. Put many of them in jail he put. More than one of them to GAAP. Particularly out of the killing black man he stood for the Civil Rights Act. He worked to get off the desegregation. In Alabama. For Christ's sakes he wants the congress in co signed a bill. To get wrote the toxic congressional congressional medal of honor. You know that the that the much on itself like yet debt honored. I respected that the one vote you wish it was a really bad wished she could take back in 1986 was the vote against Jeff Sessions. Black pastors nationwide. And speaking on behalf of Jeff Sessions Williams submit. Black attorney who is currently. Congressman Gary Thomas chief of staff. Previously worked which Jeff Sessions as chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He said unequivocally and I'm quoting in the forty years of working with Jeff Sessions is never. Get it done anything offensive or racist. It's all his wife worked to restructure all the public schools in Tuscaloosa Alabama. The hotel black young black children. Is it for being with Cory Booker Jeff it's ridiculous. You know he's he's trying to elevate himself. In data nationally yet that's what he's. Trying to bring testifying concessions appearing. Absolutely he's Obama 2.0. He hit the next great black hope he's forty easel like 4243. Years old. He's the index. You pick accepted to Obama. Very well said thank you for that call while he's gonna melt it now for he wants his fifteen minutes of fame. So it's it's practically unprecedented. For one senator to testify against another. So Cory Booker as you know Democrat from New Jersey. Fellow senator says that sessions as such are racist in such a big gate and such a closet kkk white supremacist. He's got no choice is gonna testify against a fellow senator. And of course the liberal media is gonna yuk it up. Now let's go to Barbara in Redding mask go ahead Barbara. Listen Jeff you may have to make significant. Each guy says to cruise today. Defending. Sanctions. And follow the Democrats so that these folks that they. I'm Barbara my understanding is that it was such an effective speech. That black lives matter protesters had to interrupt cruise. Safe to come out it's actually. They talked about that that auditorium. It is it was a magnificent. Speech and I think session's close. As I did. That without a problem. All I hope so I hope so I think you'd be a magnificent attorney general. Don I Europe next going ahead Don. Leaning heavily toward yet to cut it would kind of surprised me but. And then ultimately it is the DA as. You can they have people he tried to have a deck and I mean net figuratively and literally. You know that's like you want to have another Al personal security. With a lot of this Secret Service sweet dot net CIA and that military could be compromised adult pop act landed about how many solid leader that. We actually park compromise. I'd argue now that BP is held after the nepotism not amply in the traditional meaning. But established power there are salt creek and added. It favorite hit them exactly proper that would actually be that they have like a pistol campus getting somebody else gonna keep efficient. I look at Obama's favorite hobbies radical lefties they are law established with him I think epic waves weren't. And having something like at all political pop president every one of them have it get and also thought it bite from their family. I think they are a form of nepotism it's not familial. But it selling batted in there and the powers that be that I think if I am really need to have people like Pakistan. All thank you very well said Donna I think that's the reason why he appointed him. Look win and I mentioned Hillary but let's let's talk about the dear leader and his wife Marxist new channel. Remember when Michelle Obama help the higher one of her polish friends her buddies talk about cronyism. To help design the obamacare web site that crashed was a disaster. And cost that's how many millions of dollars. In pseudo left complaining then. How about Marxist which shells mommy. They cater to be a baby sitter on our dining. So oh. A Marxist new channel could hire her mom ma her mommy help they scored that look after the kids and we got to pay for it. No gore problem. But when trump says firm's own money. I knew my son in line there with me when I'm in the trenches all of a sudden all holy L gets race OK my friends. 6172666868. Is it an act of nepotism. I say no what do you say. And what's the real reason why the left is gunning for sessions. Dole stories your calls next. I don't know should I start talking first. Here on the break WRKO. OK my friends. Phone lines are blazing. A whole lot of you are making the point to our sort of part time. Temporary. At aides are assisted in the Booth Dmitry from does expand. Dmitry what do I tell you lay off the bucked up for God's sakes it's only do 37. That's an easy my friend. There that look Kennedy Jack Kennedy. Appointed Bobby to be attorney general what's the problem. I mean the lives going on about how they love Bobby how they love JFK the best and the brightest. And now all of a sudden they're freaking out over Jared Kushner. Now. Let me just say this. I think another reason why there's so much hostility if no one else has the guts to say and I'm gonna say it because Jared Kushner is a joke. Jared Kushner is Jewish he staunchly pro Israel. And I think that the Democratic Party is becoming an increasingly anti Semitic party. It despises Israel it is hates the Jewish state. Just look at Jacques Francois Kerry just look at Obama they have done everything up undermining delegitimize the Jewish state. And so I think a lot of these moon bats a lot of these lib. Which there you are going about closet white supremacy while Dirk closet wiped out of the closet anti semitism. Is now spilling over and they don't like the fact. But you gonna have somebody who. Jewish. So close to the president of the United States and so pro Israel punch is Jewish but pro Israel. Now I gotta tell you sessions is holding up extremely well. He is a returning fire again and again but now listen to the thug tactics that thug tactics. That the moon bats liberal activists are engaging in to try to smear and demonize and libel this man. So old Ted Cruz. A we're gonna play a more of this tomorrow. But Ted Cruz delivered a brilliant blistering. Defense of Jeff Sessions. It was absolutely I mean it was eloquent it was powerful it was factual it was come it was it was devastating was completely on point. So because he's building up a brilliant case what are the moon bats and do you try to shut down discourse. So way black lives matter protestor and then explodes. In the middle of cruises speech. Interrupting him. Shouting out that Jeff Sessions is ape is part of the kkk. And then he's a racist racist racist. And that black lives matter. Roland Brittany. You choke point. To target law abiding citizens that they disagreed with politically. And I mean just look at this. I mean again why are they afraid of sessions. Because she's gonna defend one force meant. He's not gonna kowtow to rioters. To them job he's not good to accept the burning down of cities. Whenever a police officer shoots down shoots or are guns down a young African American male he's gonna have the docket the cops. And the big issue is this look. Dole left and the establishment want to destroy in particular. Who nominees to the cabinet. During the two big points. It's sessions and Rex Tillerson why because sessions each parole. Security when it comes to the border. He is against illegal immigration. He is against amnesty he is against Sanctuary Cities he is what they call an immigration border hawk. That is the centerpiece. Of Trump's administration. So if you destroy sessions and kill sessions his nomination. You crippled trumps presidency. By making it very bought them. Acceptable. To be against. Open borders and massive illegal immigration. And Rex Tillerson is the other one. Because he wants to have better more positive relations with Russia. And so that's why they're trying to live as whole Russia hacked the elections Putin was behind it you can't even debate it you can't question it you can't discuss that. So he wants them. Strengthen our position internationally by allying with Russia to defeat radical Islam this is trumps central insight. That with the Russia we can destroy crisis and destroy radical Islam in the Middle East. And a global us want to do you rail backed. And they wanna do you rail his call Pitt and open borders and mass illegal immigration. So killer surpassed the goal sessions testicle. That's why they are so determined first to bring down sessions by dredging up this ridiculous. Joked that he may 35 years ago and just keep saying it racist racist racist you know as Joseph global put it. You say a lie often amount it becomes accepted as truth. And then went Tillerson is up they're gonna go after Ellison for allegedly being some kind of a crony of pull. That's their strategy. It's not gonna work. If the Republicans hold the line they will win but the question is will they hold the line. Bruce in Norway which Connecticut go ahead Burris. Britain through Ian and I respect I respectfully disagree with actors. And cattle truck drops a lot in the position audience. Why. Because I think the opposite presidency. It up as the above reproach. We at choice he Ukraine questions so many. General and that have been so loyal and chances are people who happens to look. The Cattrall that would do a great job is intent Giuliani. Gingrich. Is not but it's up in the line I care. You know he talks on street Louis law. But ice to swap facility up some exe paper cabinet positions and and I would destroys the side a lot of other people that. Take a lot or set. Politically it. Politically and as opera. You know Giuliani is in and you should meet. Are those currently Ares that you meet on the back up. Kitty is to wartime at a target. I just think those low light but it to a wider choices relatives a lot like it. Well Bruce on on Giuliani. He offered Giuliani every position in the cabinet. Anything you wanted Giuliani won the secretary of state and he set I can't because Giuliani's hall on Russia an important. And he set I cannot Iraqi national security and the interest of the United States over French. So he told us an open secret he sold Giuliani any other position you want you can have a secretary of state I can give it to you. So Giuliani said no he does not want to be White House advisor. Gingrich has publicly said he does not one have any role or formal role with the administration. So of course trump would love to have those two guys advising them but they don't want to take on the role of a formal advisor. So then the question is this Bruce. In when you're you're talking about war and I agree with you he's a war president he's under siege. Full what do you want them to do. He's got a few people he can rely on. One of two of them don't wanna serve in his administration which is fine that's their right but one of them is a son in law. And he served him very well during the campaign. Nobody complained then he's not taken any money. He's stepping down from every possible position that he holds. So it's not gonna benefit his business it's not gonna benefit is publication the New York Observer it's like gonna benefit anybody. To mean if the president says this is my guy. I have faith in him I need him to give me the council that I need in the toughest times in the darkest moments. If he's not drawn a salary. Really Bruce what's the issue. White cake you my friend. Always good doc was. Thank you thank you Bruce I appreciated 6172666868. I could be wrong I mean if you disagree with me please let me know. Brittany what are the poll results. Thus far. 80% say no and 20% to centrist and so a full fifth of corner country thinks that is nepotism. To appoint Jarrett crushing right interest and okay well let me ask you do you think the appointment of Jared Kushner his son in law. To be a senior White House advisor. Is it an act of nepotism I saying no because he's not getting any money. But you may disagree with me if the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no text the latter beat him 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Mike you're in Boston and go ahead Mike. Hello Mike we lose Mike OK Mary let's go to John in Boston John Europe next. Go ahead John. Chip from just wanted to say that Bill Clinton. Sent emails to woman named guy and would study admirals Chelsea Clinton she would sit in class supply emails to Chelsea Clinton. Balkan got. There was no qualifications for Hillary. And no complaint about her sending emails Chelsea so they get what Olympic bit the Tillman that was yelling at tick through the black flies out. Someone need to remind. Ball Margaret Sanger who went to the kkk me to promote aborting black babies so won the race. John and to serve people all Margaret Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood. So we know John look you nailed it the dirty little secret about and thank you for that call the dirty little secret the Democratic Party. They created the kkk. They were senior members of the Ku Klux Klan. This Ku Klux Klan was a democratic organization. He voted for the Democrats it was created by the Democrats. Sold this idea that somehow Jeff Sessions. Is somehow one ally or friend of the kkk. What I'm sorry eight he's a Republican not a Democrat. That's you guys. And be. All he did was waged war against the kkk when he was attorney general and Alabama. So you tell me how always that guy who bankrupted. Prosecuted. And broke the back of the clan and Alabama. How the hell is this guy now all of a sudden I secret supporter of the kkk. It shows you don't much does the level of ignorance. But look at the propaganda. Like they just kept our talking points from Joseph Kennedy. Who's telling everybody oppose them oppose and he's a racist racist racist the old don't do. The dead day did dear leader. And then it just starts Phil black lives matter images start yelling and screaming and disrupting him they have no idea what they're talking about. But emea and whose reputation gets damaged. Indian and whose reputation gets tarred and feathered. Emea and who's the one that pays at least in terms of his reputation. His credibility the price it's him. And on top of that. You've got like the MTV host you have liberals now making fun of his Asian American grandchildren. Saying apparently he stole him from Toys 'R' Us forget the children not we're going after the grandchildren. I mean you could script I mother scraper in the bottom of the barrel but honestly how lol do you wanna goal. 61720666868. They fear him because they know as he just cold. Repeatedly. I will uphold the rule of law. And the first thing to go. He's amnesty and the second thing Sanctuary Cities. And that's why destroy him at all costs 6172666868. Mort your calls next. 254. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends are gonna cover this obviously extensively tomorrow. But tonight they dear leader Barack Hussein Obama. Delivers. His farewell. Address to the nation. In other words his final blank you. And he's gonna deliver it in Chicago. With the sky high murder rate that's pretty much pretty much that embodies his entire presidency. You know. The murder of that destruction and the poverty there are up mission accomplished that there. So our modeling himself after I swear after George Washington number Washington gave his farewell address after he left the White House. Well the dear leader now saying he's toward the 21 century George Washington. Says that tonight he's also going to be giving us words of wisdom. To guide us into the 21 century. Dewayne Washington did that guide our young republic. And sold tonight he's going to be speaking defamation. From Chicago. And it's his final farewell address. And I got to watch it she what I do for you you see what I do for you so you don't have to watch it I watch it. I gotta tell you it's going to be Chinese like Chinese water torture. It's gonna be I mean I I the it's the greatest presidency we ever had and Donald Trump Sox. I just given you his farewell address. So we're gonna have it covered for you tomorrow but I gotta tell you tonight I think it's going to be brutal. It's going to be a tough this is gonna last about an hour. There it's it's going to be a tough hour but I I do it so you don't have to. Chris since South Hampton go ahead Chris. I know about that be all right guys. I remember. It by. All. Isn't. Russian standard that's the only but does still made in Russia. They can't make enough to get through tonight all my luck I completely forgot how it bottom line yet. What. I didn't. So Chris are you going to be watching the dear leader's farewell address. And I'm like. I did in any case they're gonna communiques chorus. I think I'll I L a bring your case they'll celebrate may department. I didn't like art. Chris that I direct call god bless you know I mean to me look obviously you with the speeches tonight one massive middle finger. That's the speech tonight. You know I respect him more look forget middle finger it's going to be a moon he's gonna movements. And I would respect him more really if he got up and said you know America. No different over the last eight years and any flipped us the bird. I he says Omar parting present to you is Annie turns around. I need drops his pants and he shows us that skinny rear end and he starts flashing that rare Randy Ayers. And that's Brett say you know at least say he's an honest man say what you want about him he's an honest man. Because that's pretty much what he's done to us and that's pretty much what is farewell address is gonna amount to. Between the man's own attack. The man thinks that America is better off now than it was eight years ago so it's gonna be it's honestly nonstop propaganda. With I think a tinge. Of bitterness. And hatred against trump castle beatle. Asked Obama's speech solved now have to cut up. I had playing yet. I'm so happ off Brittany yearlong nightmare is almost over and now rarely is the last speech I have to watch and listen. For you to the audience to do my job. It's the last one that said. It's like my you know in Siberia they used to simulate the the Soviets used to send dissidents the Siberia. For eight years the moon bats have sent me to the TV screen in my house. Actually listen that is guy. My internals Siberia is over. Freedom. This coming. Muslim. I gotta go my body.