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Derek Cross (President Of Accent Banners)

Jan 11, 2017|

Derek Cross (President Of Accent Banners) by The Financial Exchange

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If you missed any part of today's show not to worry good financial exchange showed dot com and click the listen then click on demanding catch up on every segment. You'll also find podcasts of all of our poll shows just punch of that listen but who had financial exchange showed dot com. This segment of the financial exchanges brought you in part by leader thing. It's not too late to get a great rate on hold mortgage liter tank as some of the most competitive rates around. Call 8776917900. Or visit Peter bank dot com for more information. Every Wednesday we interview a successful business owner today is no different chuck. Today we're joined by Derek crosses the president of accent banners. And they're going to thank you for joining us it's great to have you here at thanks for him on the show appreciate what exactly is accident banners what do you do to accident and there is a manufacturer of custom flag and banners. In particular niche in the industry is really with app with me banners and what is what exactly does that mean I know nothing about it. Right so application is production process in which. It's telling you we actually sort of taking new world designs and use an old world process. Craft of application to create manners so essentially what happens is we produce a pattern. Using designs are made and you know it was straighter some Prius software like that yup. Plot out a pattern and not transfer that on to nine on me so that together and man. Cut away the excess material leaving behind excuse me being behind the design. And so this whole process your what makes that different from how. A banner would typically be made I don't know wake how we're not how or most bettors made today it in other processor a lot of. You see today is printed material. Printed vinyl printed fabric is pretty straight on and that's it exactly right Oda and that's fine and dandy and there's a place for that for sure. Application banners of course a little bit nicer oval look to them they are much higher quality product as well so. Basically what sets them aside is the crap that goes into enemies are hand made a massive hand made we do you sewing machines yet. We have this expert team of pitchers that collectively I think are approaching about a century's worth of experience and they're able to so winnings to to win with such precision that these banners and flags we come out really a thing of beauty. Did do your grandest in the last longer than ones that are made differently as well. Yeah I'll give you an example we one of our big things is flying banners and flags enemy archway at the Boston Harbor hotel sharp young people about spot and couldn't you just doesn't hold up its high winds and and Gasol and all that exactly right so. Application banners of course amid angry reinforce some things like that last much longer. And looking at the the typical uses for your banners or your typical customers. A lot of our customers are events in schools beat you UMass Boston has Amber's there would be customers of Mars. Tom Austin hotel yet as I mentioned. You can also. We also do you pull banners and printed material to use another large. Aspect of what we used to work with with people like the Boston Celtics to. Tucker and your Red Sox guys you problem Brookline avenue and calling it documents political banners that thoughts on OK yeah and in advance do you like the Austin walks or would you be all along about storage drive round match you know I think what's that's a a turnaround time of someone is putting on an event and says you know what this sounds like good idea. How long does it take your team to turn something around from start to finish you know we always ask for as much time as possible but it typical turnaround time for something application because there's so intensive yet it took me about two weeks. Until about at all it's not that bad in the trail is in the pen in our team really bust out some miracles and ended sept quick. Would you do design work as well or you just involved in the manufacture milk we do as cliche as it is we do try to be an easy out there and ups that we will design layouts we will produce the banner finish the banner. Even installed manner of muted. How many employees do. The whole team together is twelve folks okay yeah. And how how view gun about kind of hiring people to do this because it doesn't sound like it's a mainstream positions that you can hire for easily. Yes you're exactly right it's actually you know it's it's sort of sad to me it's a sort of dying steel said reality comes a call or you know right of semen accomplish these days don't usually go. So we have tried to train from inside. And hire people that have you know at least basic stitching experience up and sort of train him to replicate from our hiring today. We're not looking for anybody currently really now all staffed up for the for the next a little bit at least for the moment. And looking ahead in terms of how you wanna continue to grow the business yeah what it what are you doing in terms of you know what are your goals over the next four to five years for where you want the company that's a great question. Will look audible we're doing right now is this sort of are. Internet presence and a marketing efforts because we don't really wanna do you. Is more of a national reach and in fact if we can go global with their reach that's even better I mean just last year we had product going out to Norway Australia and there are some of the places for the for some long time you are predominately still just in the northeast or do you do you do Oca that. With how to get started in this business to begin with. I personally got sorted I was hired as a designer Oka and over ten years of sort of worked my way up the ladder and become a partner and president the company. And so you've got this twelve employees that work for our most of them on the production cited you have via sales people marketing as well give the whole bit with got a hold debt most of them are production folks. But we do have a couple sales guys some marketing folks a designer and field services which also due installation removal on flight school repair and that's where thing. If someone is interested in getting in touch with you if they wanna put up a banner for you know inventor and admitted just avenue of the fiftieth birthday party and they want something for that should they get in touch. You can call us you can visit our website I would ask the people visit our website is very informative the lot of traffic that goes through there you can request quotes you can get an idea. From a different galleries we do me some ideas of what kind of design you would like. Com or you can just come as an arraignment from Massachusetts. Very good answer your based as they are all of your employees in that Medford facility here they scattered around a little to no world there Oka now. And anything else that you wanna tell us about your business just gonna tell you operator and what you're doing. I guess I just say that would be really grateful to. Everybody in the area efforts taken us out I'm very grateful to all of our customers that we had for so long part of what. Has kept us alive is that we've got these long lasting relationships with depth. You know groups like the Celtics and the American Heart Association and we have a lot of gratitude that I. Well to vertical business and obviously you know it sounds like you're doing pretty well clients like that and there's not many people we get to say we sell into the Celtics so right you know it gets pretty good. Pretty good clientele there I'll tell you that much this is Derek cross. He's the president of accent banners once again if you're interested in getting in touch with them you can head to their website at accent banner. Dot com if you are a business owner and you're looking. To come on and talk about your business with us we do this every single Wednesday here. On the financial exchange all you have to do is contact Tucker Tucker what is the best way for someone to getting contact with the if they do wanna come on. Yes so the best method which is to be here go to our website financial change Sho dot com and click on the contact us tab there. And you'll find all the contact information right there it goes directly to my email twos so I'm kind of the the screener if you will for these interviews so. Still plenty of openings coming up in the next a month or so so feel free to reach out once again its financial exchange show dot com. Derek I want to thank you again for coming on with us and best luck in 2017 all right it's a much appreciate it Derek crossed the president of accent banners once again you can head to www. Accent banner dot com. If you want to learn more about their business we've got a quick break coming up right now. When we come back we're talking a little bit of soccer as well as. Whether or not tech workers are underpaid you're listening to the financial exchange from our insurer matched dot com studios. 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