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Meg Tirrell (CNBC, Opioid Overdose Costs)

Jan 11, 2017|

Meg Tirrell (CNBC, Opioid Overdose Costs) by The Financial Exchange

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We're joined now by make Terrelle from CNBC. Bird talk about the all your weight. Overdose cost not easy to say hi meg RU. Good morning I'm miles and apologized for Barack from my voice and got a bit of a cool. Well actually the it probably sounds worse than it feels right. Yeah. What do I do I read your article I think is actually posted last week about the cost that emergency workers are in towns and municipalities are paying for these Opie the drugs we have a big heroin problem here in the northeast. With what's happened to it it's an arcane as the name of the business. Barking and it brand name and they're the generic name. And a blocked that's right. In what's what's gone on with the costs like how much did this stuff cost say two or three years ago what does it cost now. Yeah there's several different form of that I know locked and we probably start by explaining to play guys that kind of you know here Coulter and a lot of people. He can reverse Nokia to overdose. I leaned back in a minute. In order and what you can and happy and if you think about it allergic reaction. Though. And the and the generic to put it in around seventy. And then you know it was and it available for less than a dollar per milliliter. A couple of years ago and now it's written for the generic form. More than fifteen dollars Grunow do I took a couple of years ago but they're also several sort of in your patent delivery devices. Which cost hundreds of dollars or even out in the dollars we just don't. And some of those devices as I understand it. Are you described in this fancy but there's safer for the EMT workers are they write you a lot of the guys that are doing this are either police officers or firefighters. And great public health experts once and many people as possible considering the locks and given the size of our opium is quite as the United States. If somebody you delivering content can be administered a note. Or they're a device. Similar to elect competitors to be happy then you go and actually can cock you know Kentucky's Rupp and how to administer the drug. So am I think you helping you don't have medical training and you're not comfortable using a vial and ran as you can meet one of these kind occurring. So what's what's the year cause of peace with its somewhere consider to be abusive price increases. Yet there's different stories for different ones of the drugs though the good generic forms in the older ones the drug. You see multiple forms of the drug on the market you think well that's probably bring. Down right competition going right talent but got none actually what. I have a drug company if they're manufacturing costs that I'm gonna they argued that you didn't eat right because they are. They're great responsibly. As for a bit more expensive and beat a retreat of lighten. Like for example at the cost 3750. Dollars or you don't get that I would reckon. The company Khaleda tells me you reap the price in order to help patients according coping at the amnesty that would like reading the press on the Afghan. Help people at the pharmacy counter it kind of a weird weird economic situation there. So make gonna put you on the spot you know you you had a chance to digest this information. This smells of almost like a march early type. Abuse does that mean they know the municipalities are gonna buy at the firefighters gonna buy it in the police departments are gonna buy it. It is almost seems like we we've got to rig deck here. Some people might react that way. The companies argue that they work deep and they were quick municipality. To try to give away drug that that Perry didn't go pretty but we heard you talk a lot of public health experts to work very very worried. About the car and it's a weird sort of tiny Beckett went. Do you need for the drug is greater than ever you know right is also going out and it's creating a lot of problems out. It sure is picture is saved may take you very much for your time we appreciate and I hope you feel better. Make Terrelle CNBC and chuck date meg was being very idea. Politically correct if you will and I I just think. They're taken advantage they know that. Needle. Springfield city cops have to carry that stuff yeah I do they know that the cops in New Haven and Hartford and Boston and Providence. I mean all these cops they're carried the stuff because it's rampant I mean there are hundreds of people dying. From heroin overdoses and so their carry in this nor can and there are. Bang and it ended these made the drug addicts as quickly as they can when they come across them. It seems to me like the year who we as taxpayers are being taken advantage does not affect Donald Trump alluded to it in his comments about half an hour. By I do think you know with something like this. You know it is a drug. That is it is it as a critical used it is the only option. And in situations like that you have to be able to get it to people so. You know the drug companies figured out okay in a situation like this we can pretty much charge whatever we want an absolutely are taking advantage. Of the fact that there are not substitute at this point.