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Will Peegate bring down CNN? 1/11/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Kuhner says it should.

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The constitution. Is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed but the boss. This either the American revolution a new movement begins. Boston's bull those are at cleaning up the liberal bulls and taking our country. Back. C.'s America's voice of the resistance. Koon road course. Is anyone really believe that Stiller I'm also very much of a German folk by the way. Believe. My friends I kid you not. May be the greatest fake news story ever. Absolute bombshell. Now CNN the mainstream media and the CIA. Have been caught red handed not just lying. But in fact. It was up prank. And they guard troll. It's called the gate my friends I kid you not. OK here is now what happened it is are huge story it is a massive scandal. There's that deal left wing and the opposition to trump thought would buried the Donald. And instead it has blown up in their faces. Here is exactly what happened. Yesterday. Late last night a prominent liberal website by speed. And then the Clinton news network CNN. Published a story. That they claim was based on intelligence reports. What was the story Jeff here is the story. This story alleges. That for five years. The Kremlin. Had been cultivating ties pool and essentially. And his cronies had been cultivating ties with trump. That they had been feeding them all kinds of land that's buying information. Two goal laughed. Dirt Trump's political enemies and that this had been going on for years. But it's. Here is worth the according to what CNN and buzz feed were reporting they claimed that there is a dole CA. 35 pages long. Which documents which they say proves. That Donald Trump went to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow. And in fact he deliberately picked the very sweet to the very role in the presidential suite. The vet did dear leader Barack Hussein Obama's statement. And then. Key perk occurred several prostitutes. Donald Trump per allegedly. Occurred several prostitutes. Provided to him by the Kremlin. And because he hated trot sorry because trumping hated Obama so much. And because he's such a sexual pervert and a deviant according to this report. He then had deep prostitutes. Engage in. Sag degrading sexual acts including quote unquote golden showers. What are golden showers. Don't prostitutes allegedly had always say this. You are needed on each other. They were peeing on each other. Hence begin. And they dated to each other they did it on the sheets on the bed because trump supposedly so hated Obama. Then he wanted these degrading sexual acts that take place was apparently got. Pleasure bite that he got excited by that. And he hates Obama so much he wanted the prostitutes to urinate on the very bed that he had slapped him. Great this was the allegation. Buzz feed went wild with that. CNN and especially Jake Tapper. Went wild with it's CNN went crazy send you breaking news breaking news. Shall we poured bombshell Q what's old our old polar. And so then Jake Tapper in one of the most despicable. Disgusting. Deep braved packs of journalism ever. Then ran with the story. This was he immediately picked up all over FaceBook all over Twitter all over social media. It literally exploded and went to almost every news outlet around the country and around the world. Now. A couple of points me to be stressed right off about unique to notice. From the beginning. Even buzz feed had certain doubts. About the authenticity. The veracity. Of this so called secret doce or. Because what they were claiming is that not only was Strom engaging in this kind of depraved sexual activity. But that the Russians were secretly filming it in the hotel room. And because they had secretly filmed these degrading as sexual acts are dead dead dead the golden showers. That they had compiled supposedly. With the Russians called compromise. Which is a black file a black dole CA. That they were going to use to blackmail trump injuring his presidency. So not only had they've been working with him for five years. And cultivating him but according to this report they quote it's what they said they exploited. Trump's sexual perversion it's. To ingratiate themselves with strong so they can control him and then blackmail them. The entire so called report. Was completely. Unsubstantiated. It was completely unverified. In fact I'm gonna get to this later in the show there were out and out falsehoods and lies that were so obvious within the document but let Doug go. It then turned out listen to lists. That the report was not only faults. But it was a crank. It was a hoax. Somebody at a local. Television station. A blogger at a station who in fact was that trump and said hey hey. You know what there's this guy I've mentioned him a few times in name may ring a bell his name is Rick Wilson. He is a prominent us publish meant Republican he's kind of a political operative. Very close to the Jeb Bush Marco Rubio camp and this name is going to be very big now. Mick maniac. Very close to Senator John McCain. I'll get back to him because he plays now a major role in this story. And so they said hey Rick you keep talking about an October surprise and undo trump. Grid is look at the race. Trump was in Moscow home. Not only was he in Moscow. He had been recurring prostitutes from the Kremlin and they were engaging in golden show hours. And the Russians even have a secret video they were taping the whole thing on camera Rick. The Russians own armed they can blackmail him all my god shall Rick Wilson. Let's publish rich Republican operative whose big leading their search romper. Said we've got them. We've got them. This fame was made up it was a prank but Rick Wilson didn't know that. And sore Rick Wilson thinking now he's got the smoking gun on trump. Sends it out to every media outlet in the country sends it out to the CIA JE. As he's got contacts at the CIA. This CIA. Then in cold zipped in their intelligence reports. And on top of that listen to this. John McCain with connections through wick Wilson. Is this true. Can this possibly be true. Well the original rank. Was based on the ridiculous claims of a former British special intelligence agent MI six. He got the report he thought he was sitting on this bombshell as well this and also because it was floating out there on the Internet. So what is the meaning that do member I told you he's demented member told you he's crazy that's why column maniac. Well listen to this he's now admitted to this. McCain then sent one of this pop staffers. Who fly to Britain. Two allegedly meet with this former MI six agent listen to this. Who says yes. I've got just 35 page goes she might call it it's incredible. Rick Wilson sent did Timmy almighty god it's just deep deep intelligence does is it this is zipped. They gave it to McCain staffer. Who then flew back to Washington. Gave it to McCain McCain a rabid never trump or. Looking for revenge on trump because he would yolks said he wasn't a real war hero etc. etc. he shouldn't have been captured if it was a real war hero we remember that. So make maniac. A very trump to humiliate trump. Then gives it to James call me at the FBI. And so now the intelligence community based on this complete bogus fake news story. Now is claiming the Russians own trump this is their evidence. They have been working with him for five years and now they blackmailed them Dave got them. They've got some Dave guard video of him. There are getting excited over prostitutes. I don't performing golden showers at a suite at the Ritz Carlton. CNN. Goes crazy with the story. Citing the CIA. Citing the intelligence community. Bus speed goes absolutely ballistic with the story. And the other part that needs to be stressed. Not only did many in the mainstream media go absolutely dessert over. Acting that it was true not even checking not even double checking not even vetting not even verifying. They desperately ran with the story because their goal was to humiliate trump. To embarrass Strom to wounds trumpet and they deliberately leaked it. The night before president Trump's part forgive me president elect Trump's first press conference which just finished. So the night before his first press conference. Us president elect they wanted this to be the story. Too ashamed him. To humiliate him to embarrass him to cripple him to a completely delegitimize him. And that's why they ran with the story and they wanted this to be this story for the next nine days until his inauguration. It's their shadow governments war on trump I have a column up. I wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. The intelligence community CIA in particular. In bed with the mainstream media now try to pull off. The greatest fake news story of all time. It is completely false. It is completely phony. It is completely manufactured. It was an absolute rank it was a hoax. And yet in their desperation. To kill trump politically. They inserted it in an intelligence report and the media went wild. Listen now. Our Sean Spicer. This is before trump even deliver his press conference today. Just on low. On bus feed and CNN. Further absolutely defamatory. Libelous. Reporting. Roll it Charlie. I want to bring your attention to a few points on the report it was published in by C last night. It's frankly outrageous. And highly responsible for a left wing plot that was openly hostile the president elect's campaign. To drop tightly salacious. And flat out all information. On the interstate just days before he takes the oath of office. According to bonds' feet own editor there are some serious reasons to doubt the allegations in the report. The executive better of the New York Times also dismissed the report by saying it was quote totally. Unsubstantiated. Echoing the concerns that many other reporters expressed on the Internet. The fact it by speed and CNN made the decision to run with his unsubstantiated claim is a sad and pathetic attempt to get collect. The report is not an intelligence report plain and simple. One issue that the report. Talked about with the relationship of three individuals associated with the campaign. These three individuals public airport Michael Cohen and Carter PH harder pages an individual who the president elect does not know. And was put on notice months ago by the campaign. Paul metaphor has adamantly denied any of that involvement. And Michael Cohen who has said who visited Prague in August and September did not leave or entered the United States during this time. We asked him to produce his passport to confirm his whereabouts and dates in question. And there was no debt doubt that he was not in Prague in fact mr. Cohen has never been in prop. A new report actually suggest. That Michael Cohen was at at the University of Southern California with a sign. At a baseball game one report now suggests that apparently it's a another Michael Collins. For all the talk lately about fake news these political witch hunt by some in the media is based on some of the most Lindsay reporting and it's frankly shameful. And disgraceful. With that is my honor to introduce the next vice president of the United States I might I. Ariel as part is no errors are not I mean he gave it to CNN and by speed with both barrels and and a my honor to introduce vice president elect. Parents Mike Pence. Look. Jake Tapper crossed the goal he needs to be fired. Anybody who supported this story at CNN needs to be fired. By speech should be completely marginalized. And who ever panel this at the CIA. Should be fired immediately. And my advice to president elect Donald Trump is now this. The shadow government the US intelligence community is out to destroy you and reduce your presidency. To rubble. It's time to purge the the CIA of all of these political hacks and now I am Don which CNN. That is a garbage news network it's worse than The National Enquirer Mike question to you is this. Do you believe peak eight. 617. To a 666868. And is strong upper right is this the biggest fake news story of our time. Is this now a total political witch on I say yes what do you say all of your calls next. 1228 here on the great WRK. Oh okay huge media scandal. As well as a CIA intelligence scandal. They were patrolled. They were essentially played by several that's called fan fiction. Several trump supporters put out a bogus story. To essentially be 88 prominent never trump Republican Rick Wilson. About trump having gone to way hotel in Moscow. Whereby he god you occurred several prostitutes. Two women have engage in degrading sexual acts including golden showers. Are on the very bad allegedly that Obama had slapped them because trumpets Obama's so much but that this was being secretly filmed and videotaped. And the Russians apparently had this to blackmail and control trump. CNN is trying to desperately defend its report Jake Tapper is now fighting for his job. And not only that but speed is also taking a lot of heat for having published. The full 35 pages all of it made up salacious. BS. Complete and utter make belief. So the question is now this. What would trump saying at his press conference. And I got to tell you pardon upon. But president elect trauma was pissed. Roll it. Jared I want to thank. A lot of the news organizations here today. Because. They looked at that nonsense that was. Released. By. May be the intelligence agencies. Who knows but may be the intelligence agencies which would be a tremendous lot. On their record if they in fact that it tremendous luck because that thing like that should've never been written. It should never been head and it should certainly never have been released. But I wanted to thank a lot of the news organizations for some of whom have not treated me very well over the years. A couple in particular. And they came out so strongly against that fake news. And the fact that it was written about by. Primarily one. Group and one television station. So I just want to complement many of the people in the room have great respect for the news and great respect for. Freedom of the press and all of that but I will tell you there were. Some news organizations. Will the world it was just said that were so professional. So incredibly professional. And that I've just gone up a notch as to what I think okay. Basically saying some of them there that to be fair the New York Times did not go with the story because they said themselves this is BS. I mean just obvious BS a cool well what even Ron witness. So I've got to ask you this and I wanna take your calls I promise. I really wanna hear from you corner country. What the Clinton news network did you sold depraved so despicable. Soul libelous so beyond the pale. Is it now time it's the corner country poll question of the day. Should CNN news media license should CNN's media rights be revoked. Is it now time and CNN. As a credible. News organization. If you believe the answer is yes they're media rights should be revoked. Tax the letter eight to 68680. And frankly I'm in a all the way. Or do you think Jeff people make mistakes CNN made a mistake it's just one mistake may be a big mistake. But still they shouldn't have their media rights revoked in other words and yet. No then tax the letter beat the 68680. Your calls. More on this story next. CNN has learned that the nation's top intelligence officials provided. Information to president elect Donald Trump and to president Barack Obama last week. About claims of Russian efforts to compromise president elect from. The information was provided as part of last week's classified intelligence briefings regarding. Russian efforts to undermine the US elections I've been working on the story. With Jim shoot out and Evan Perez and Carl Bernstein. We've all been working on this and the call join me now so when we start with my colleagues in chewed up and walk us through what we've learn. Wanna be very precise here multiple. I. Tom boy. Matt ware CNN at 5 PM yesterday you're Jake Tapper by the way. They were never trump was memory Bree was briefed by the intelligence chiefs on Friday. CNN even claimed that the intelligence chiefs told them paying the Russians have what they call home Paramount. Does black dolce is compromising information on you and that'll that'll put you all did developers. And that the the the golden shot hours. But never happened. Nevermind the story never happened he was never even briefed that it happened. The whole thing was completely made up wanna be very precise here. The R&R BS she won we'll are here at C Hanoi. When they got there early precise about how we like you know one way smear. Nobody can sling mud better than we can. So as you know. For example we're going to be going to the inauguration next week we have to be credentialed as a media organization. Media organizations need to get credentials they need to be have certain rights as a media organization. Some organizations take the star or The National Enquirer. Not considered media. That's why they're not going to be with us at the inaugural one year old and a clock can be credentialed. So the question I have for you is this is it time to now stop treating CNN. As a legitimate news organization. Should their rights or their media rights to be specific. Be revoked. I say absolutely. Yes. That is a debt that Timmy is on the level now of TMZ. Got to mean now is on the level of aids even lower The National Enquirer because at least sometimes a national enquirer is accurate. So if you agreed text the letter they the 68680. If you disagree text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can go online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results thus far. 95%. Yes. 5%. Net. Honestly M Ammon now. Really I just think that whoever. And Jake Tapper at the other applaud or whoever okayed that story should definitely be fired I don't I'm not patient hire people that actually want to be journalists and want to. Verify. Stories. I I don't think that it should be shut down as a news organization. Okay we'll bridges II know I just think that whoever Aaron. What was the story should be fired that's like aren't on gotta agree with you and I go a little further but that's OK you're being a little bit of a squished in a Britney though it I mean I hate talk a little leak I could even. Yeah and I heard. And then boom boom boom boom. 6172666868. Okay. What are your feelings what do you think should Jake Tapper be fired should top people at CNN be fired. And what do we do now Obama is out of control press that is now pushing. BS stories they can use after fake news after fake news. Com on PGA in mask go ahead Tom. I thank you Europe Libya my pleasure Tom Flores yours going at my. OK so yeah I'll start from the beginning. What capital shortfall and not put our retreat. They're trying to offend a lot of problem. People on the political section now or web site called fortunate. Arms so. I it and got a lot of people and actually the funny thing is that wasn't really many tribes supporters it was mostly chips orders sub or outlets. That started back in January it expects any. So are after that we kinda like our together in merchants. You know Erica adult jokes stories what's on its app of these things like during the agreed about. The peace stop. That's all most of it came from Robert Wilson but we found that it's subtle is right and stuff like that on the Internet. So are we trying to like compiled a little jokes story and a substantial and lawyer Rick Wilson. So Rick Welts and audit bands. Are key charge that he didn't understand there are a lot of torture by it silence that are Arlen. Based stopping that this artwork. And so. Rick Welts and pass up the chain to wrecked all of. Okay Tom before you continue wanna ask you this is what you said to us on the phone wars. You were kind of in on this correct. There are a lot of us got together and we're we're end you know we came up with our our joke story. I basically a joke story with a call fan fiction. And then Rick Wilson is there to say as a prominent establishment Republican and a big never trump her. Calls with the bush is Jeb Bush but also ties to Marco Rubio and John McCain correct. OK and and so you pushed it to Rick Wilson he obviously took the bait then what did he do with the info. OK so then. So I don't know what senator Warner does member of the staff but they'd present that make all of our and then our crew you know our oars he's got our who wept agency he's got archer. And are then picked all of our announcement chain. And then make change passed onto called me and now at some point and these transactions. A lot of are more Russians stop was at a they are not all of us a lot of that they interchange. Like the Russians are they put more Russians spent on it than we originally. Trauma or. That the five years right there have been cultivating trump for five years they want him to buy properties in a cold towels and they tried to put sweeteners in their whole command right all that was cut I think that was added by the CIA correct Tom. Yes daddy's girl bake things that they just a despair not at which is funny you know that they just sort endure that story the but it I was sure to began let. And are what they. OK so apt to act like you're we put in things like at a port if you noticed towards the end they had a fortunate spelt read bring that missed sultry difference. And we put that in on purpose vehicle. They're young. Back at Tom home on your break it up army company Jeremy. Hello. I okay we just lost Tom do we lose him mr. Because truck we're gonna try to column back. Because the 64000. Dollar question I think I know the answer but why would you have done this in the first place why. Now I think I think the answer is. Look Rick Wilson has is a very obnoxious guy. He's always since he was always insulting trump supporters throughout the entire campaign he was rapidly anti trump. So okay we got him back OK so I think it was malicious prank him. And you know just basically pull off a hoax never think he was gonna get this far Tom do we have you back on. Yep okay I'm so we never thought it was gonna go this are exactly. How and why did you do that Tommy you wanna ask you why did you do in the first place. Sure in order or. Little extra money or air into it publishes and so that I was just short order well. OK they're missing it why would this is knowing you wouldn't you love this but you know because we're gonna show that the stopped but it sung like where we at all that. Stage show that respondents set out these little. OK so as to embarrass him to humiliate them make you believe something that your own son wrote as fiction. Her. A question are you going to come out rather than on the stock show and say that year and your friends been up this joke. Edit a public FAO. We have someone right now is working the lawyer true. True that the documents keep percent of what are also in our inspectors from jail or. Fought back and turning over. Well Thomas and I I really want to thank you for calling the show could you've completely clarified this I've got to ask you one final question Tom okay. So they started off as a hoax as a prank as a joke to go after Rick Wilson. Is it not frightening. That what starts off as a prank. Is a joke. Ends up being in our intelligence report. Aha we lost him again okay hopefully we can get him back on I mean I want you to think about this that the CIA. Put this in their intelligence report and not only was this put in their intelligence report is completely bogus story. Unverified. Unsubstantiated. Clearly in fact a hoax orchestrated. But then they send it around this is the key point. To everybody on Capitol Hill. All majors the top senators they got this briefing. Are people in the intelligence community supposedly got his brief thing but Obama supposedly got his briefing. So complete fake news. Was a it was always it was what was taken up by the CIA. Thought it couldn't just unconditionally. Without any vetting any fact checking. And then they pass off as truth as the real thing. To bring down a president elect want you to think about that. And on top of it he just admit by the way McCain is now admitted it he was the guy that sent the staff for off. To meet with this suppose a British agent to wall so why does. Bogeys dole CAA and he fed it or call me to bring down trump as well. This is our intelligence community. And then on top with Dick Durbin then they're even caught adding more Russians spin to whipped. On top of it all to make a story even worse for trump and to sort of make his connection with important apparently even tighter. They're making everything Lou. And these are people entrusted with the national security. The United States this in my France. Heads have to roll. Jake Tapper house to go. Mick maniac needs to resign over this he needs to be forced to resign over this. And the CIA. It is now time for major sweeping reforms and eight perch. Of all of these political hacks at the CIA. Agree disagree. My friends I've got a column up on wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. That deals would this exactly. The shadow government's war on trumped. The CIA's attempt. To cripple the president elect before he even gets into office. I sent it off to the par president elect last night frankly some of it was used in his press conference there in terms of some of the points that I made. But I need you if you can to get that home to as many people as possible. We need to bring the MIV mainstream media and the shadow government can heal. It's time the CIA. Was reined in I agree disagree. Calls next. Guys are. Probably like go ahead. I'm glad you aren't enough or not you should not you get you know organizations. I think are organs yeah. I can ask questions are guys are. Client they client Mr. President elect guy you think yeah any question that doesn't like can you give us the crowd here rooting as in you give us a question don't. Be ridiculously question. And you can get you in you state you are thinking it is our guy and you state categorically that nobody. I'll Mr. President elect that's not angry. 1255. Here on the great WRK oh that was. President elect Donald Trump's first press conference earlier today. I ended about an hour ago that was I think what Jim Acosta right Britney. Yet Jim Acosta from CNN. Trying to ask trump a question and this is the old trump and I am happy he's back. He just said you guys are garbage chute guys are fake news get lost I'm not taking any more questions from you. You know what's good for you Donald mark in New Hampshire Europe next go ahead mark. (%expletive) (%expletive) I have to say did you gotta be one of the greatest thing that I have ever watched. That is just sad that they and I would say who is wrong. That you better be really care what could he make all victim of a suicide over the next couple a day. Yeah I'm very worried about him as well they do it took a lot of courage turn to call our show. A bit but not out there did you happen at any rate so Matt how basically accusing trump of being a Russian agent. All your mother doing it now all over. I am having so much fun walk there and yet alone trying to justify their attic and I meet at. Attempt the sites near that guy it'd fit into that truly one of the funniest thing that I've ever seen. That mark is just gonna bury CNN I don't think there ever gonna recover from this. Don't they had their little. About the bulk of the district alone pulled an animal out that you know CNN. IPad you'll double secret probation. On a. You don't. Not your fired a I do renew our call mark Bruce in Providence you're up next go ahead Bruce. This is like no reason like I don't throw cannot drop dropped for a straight off. In part of that swap the CIA he meet interest in that as soon gets an office. That's artsy and and goes to audio listeners. And an end all organizations that you can attest to our licensed every two years and their license from an operational. Everybody you're listening country needs CE LB. CC. In. Florida. Back to renew their license. And just just to Brittany who I'd love. There's just in Jake Tapper DO Abbott there was no given questions. To you about that debate to the candidate before. The group of people sit around basically blaming white people Trout supporters. Are retarded young man. Get beat up and cry. It's a culmination. Of everything happened over the last eighteen months CNN. That makes them ineligible. To have a license renewed as an organist. I'm with you Bruce I'm with few completely and thank you for that call. Look you know our call on the Clinton news network or the Communist news network in what they really are the corrupt news network. And so corner country listen here's what we need to do okay. It's more than just demanding that Jake Tapper B four fired may be forced to resign. It's time to completely boycott CNN completely. And I don't mean just don't watch him. Don't cite him don't refer to one don't give him any credibility. Don't give them any legitimacy whatsoever. It's time that they be overweight it's time that we say enough is enough. You don't. Journalism and journalists have a responsibility. You have writes yes you have rights that you also have responsibilities. Looked I can't really imagine if I came out and said you know hey Britney went to hold Al in Russia. A she while I hired several prostitutes and they engaged in gold shirt in an an inch. In your show hours in golden showers. Because Obama's slept on that bed and the Russians have compromising information on Al Arab man prostitutes getting. There may need to. Me and I'm like god. I would be out of a job so fast. My head would spin. Trump's press conference he takes on the media next. 106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. We're gonna have this I promise for you tomorrow it's a big news day but. Secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. A little mark Cole is going after him the neo cons are going after him. They want to aim to claim again that we are mortal enemies of Russia and that pool busy mortal enemy of us and he's not taken the bait. So they're trying to be rail Tillerson but so far it's not working. OK I trumps press conference. It was fiery. It was dramatic. It was at times confrontational. He handled himself extremely well was in complete command and I gotta tell you. If I'm in the CIA right now I would be worried. Because heads are gonna roll when this guy comes into power and in particular. The military industrial complexes top guy. The shadow government's top guys I told you he was demented. I told you he was crazy nick maniac John McCain. Now has come out and released a statement. Admitting. He was a key person involved. In spreading the fake news story. Does that trump had gone to Moscow and had the Cooper Kurd Dawes Protestant roots and they're revolving golden showers and the Russians how to dole CA in the videotaped it and they were blackmailing him and he was a complete fool in puppet of the Kremlin. And so it is now emerged and McCain is now make maniac has now admitted. There that he sent off one of his staffers. To meet a former British intelligence agent who also had that. Bogus 35 page dossier. Not staffer retrieved it from the MI six former MI six agent. Who then gave it to make maniac when he came back to Washington. McCain personally met would James combing for at least five minutes. Told him that this threaten the national security of the United States. McCain all sold disseminated it along with the CIA. Two senior members of congress. Senior members in the intelligence community senior members in the State Department and the White House. Basically alleging. That trump is a sexual pervert. And is completely being blackmailed. By the Russians and by Dalton. All of that now completely false completely debunks. How does a guy like that get a win would lift. I mean how how how is this he's got to be recalled. I mean I know Jake Tapper has the goal I know CNN past the goal. I know John Brennan and the top people of the CIA Vick got a goal. But how was this ice and his girlfriend Lindsey Graham and how Le lay down and love me Lindsay. How does these two continue. Which their ridiculous attempt to get us into confrontation with Russia with potent. And utterly smear and lie below man with no evidence. And panel list of top members of the FBI in the intelligence community. EC remembers this. The next time they try to drag want us into another war. Remember how they mix stuff up like this for their own political agenda. If they can make stuff up like this now. My god what if we're gonna send our boys and girls to a war. Trump Husted dreamed the entire swamped. And I got to tell you this if fine trump. It's time to declare war on me maniac. And it's time for John McCain to go. I am done with him if he had any honor he would resign 6172666868. Okay. Even though it was a fake news story one of the biggest of our time. And now CNN and others have massive egg and the CIA and make maniac have egg all over their face. That did not stop the media from trying to pounce all over trump. And sold the fifth columnists in the media immediately started criticizing trump saying well won't you admit the Russians had the election. And won't sure admit that your real legitimate won't chew admit they were stolen for Hillary listen to trumps response. Roll it. Jared. I think frankly had they broken it to the Republican. National committee I think they would of released it just like they did about Hillary and all of the horrible things I've heard people. Like mr. Podesta said about I mean what he said about her was horrible. If somebody said about me. What Destin said about Hillary I was of course I would've fired him immediately. I he's completely right. You see. And trump mentioned that he was very strong in his press conference. Where he kept saying over and over again. Which you guys are forgetting is that that hacking of the DNC and the hacking up against is emails. I was all substantiated. That wasn't a bogus fake news story duck was all real. Those emails were real. That information was real it was accurate it was truthful. And each show and trump listed at each shoulder at CNN and other news networks giving questions that Hillary Clinton before the debate. It showed that gas that in particular. People ask me all the time will give example how does Obama have a 53%. Approval rating. To ensure re WikiLeaks. Podesta was caught red handed working with polling firms how to bump up the poll numbers. That's why they had Hillary up six up eight up and she was gonna win in the landslide they rigged the numbers. And how they rig is they over sampled Democrats. And so all of this was completely exposed. They're making stuff up as they go along its complete and utter BS. At all of this was exposed. But this stuff was also going on. About weigh in on how horror which is all true that she's a witch I can't say the B word but you know what I mean it rhymes with third rhymes with rich. But that she's asleep all the time that are healthy is horrible. That she can't follow kiss. That she's corrupt that it's all about the Clinton foundation. That it's all paid a playing he's camp believe how the clintons are all in it for the money. And his bribery and influence peddling just an Olympic does does he else. Key and the staffers are complaining how crazy Hillary is how well how to Weiss a a nasty she is like that use the B word. How utterly venal and corrupt and money hungry she is. So trumps point his war wall lol. Just because they didn't have a good cyber security. Don't blame me. We have good cyber security at the RNC. Rights previously singled them out phenomenal program phenomenal says cyber security you don't think of the Russians. Could've had information humiliating neither he wouldn't have leaked it. Do we have that cut Sherrod no locus if we can find it. But I mean he even laid out a brilliant case. Saying again and again and again. They dropped the ball. They couldn't protect our emails don't blame me. And if my under links if my subordinates. Spoke about mean. The way they spoke about Hillary remember that was was extremely damaging. It's what Hillary's own people. Said about her and bill. It's about what her own people whether it be that the DNC European dust or other people the Clinton Campaign would deign or revealing about Hillary. That's what was sold desperate that's what was sold devastated. She'd be going on. You better believe it should be gone. Sold then the media they couldn't get him on that sold then the media said well you know would you consider important a friend. Would you could you got that Jared yeah okay here it is here's this part. Roll Democratic National Committee. Was totally open to be hacked they did a very poor job. They could've had hacking defense which we had and I will give rise previous credit. Because. When rice. So what was happening in the world and with this country. He went out and went to various firms and ordered a very very strong hacking defense and they tried to hack. The Republican National Committee and they were unable to break through. We have to do that for a country. And go. So they couldn't get among Matt. So then the media right away into other and allowed or not but all in important important and we couldn says she respects you. Gordon says she can work with few aren't you concerned he's trying to undermine aired the much Christine interfere in our elections and how did you work with. Walton how did you work with a monster like that. Listen to trump given absolutely devastating rebuttal. Hey if pool and I can get along. Pets are great asset. Liability. Roll it. Jarrett is the likes Donald Trump. I consider that an asset not a liability. Because we have a horrible relationship with Russia Russia can help us fight prices which by the way is number one tricky. I mean if you look this administration created crisis. By leaving at the wrong time the void was created ice this was formed. If wooten likes Donald Trump guess what folks that's called an asset not a liability now I don't know that I'm gonna get along. With Vladimir Putin I hope I do. But does a good chance I won't. And if I don't you honestly believe. That Hillary would be tougher when potent than me does anybody in this room really believe that. Bingo. Of course not you know why. Because you never took 500000 dollar checks. Because you weren't selling them uranium. Because you didn't have a foundation. Where they're pouring in millions of dollars to buy you in her case her husband were you when your wife. So obviously you're not bought and paid for that's why the Russians you're gonna be tougher on the Russians when need be than Hillary ever ward. I mean he's dead donny's a 1000% on. Now. There was very big new lease made out depressed Serb besides all the stuff about the fake news NP gate. Okay. He also he fired a shot at the CIA. He fired a shot at the mainstream media but he fired a shot at Ryan know Ryan and Mitch to squish McConnell. This site DL on obamacare. Of repeal and delay in other words we don't know what we're gonna do may be repeatedly at eighteen months two years what are replace it with we don't know. Trump said nine NN NN now. The Democrats. Own obamacare. It could've collapsed of its own weight this year we could adjust side about does he bought it and let the whole thing come crashing down. The sky high premiums the sky high deductibles the soaring health care costs. And then wait. As it crashed for everybody a run to us to fix it but I don't wanna scam the American people. Millions will get hurt. So were going or repeal. And to replace. Not delay. Roll it Jarrett. We don't want on it we don't want on a politically. They don't have right now so the easiest thing would be to let it imploded and seventeen. And believe me we get pretty much whatever we wanted but it would take a long time. We're going to be submitted. As soon as our secretary is approved. Almost simultaneously. Shortly thereafter. Eight plan. It'll be. Repeal. And replace. It will be essentially. Simultaneously. It will be. Various segments you understand but will most likely be on the same day you're the same week but probably the same day could be the same hour. So we're gonna do repeal and replace very complicated stuff. And we get a get a health bill passed we're gonna get health care taken care in this country you have deductibles that are so high. That after people go broke paying their premiums which are going through the roof. The healthcare getting abused by them because it deductibles are so. Obama care. Is the democrats'. Problem. We gonna take the problem off the shelves for them we're doing them a tremendous service by doing it. We could sit back. And let them hang with that. We are doing that Democrats a great service. Brilliant I gotta tell your brilliant honestly. Look it's your albatross. You rounded down our throats it's imploding in front of everybody's eyes it's your mess. We're helping you by cleaning up your mess. You could feel the frustration. In the entire room. The mainstream media went after rom when NAFTA rom and went after rom and they couldn't even land one punch. My question to you is this. Double barreled question. What do you make of Donald Trump's first press conference as president elect do you like the way he conducted himself steel like the way he handled the media. And he gate. Trump comes out denounces CNN denounces buzz feed denounces the CIA. Is this now the beginning of the end for the mainstream media. Is this now time for the CIA to be completely purged. To be utterly reformed. Are how they now just self destructed. In the eyes of America. Will you ever trust the media. And even the CIA. Again 6172666868. All of your calls the next. It's a disgrace what took place it's a disgrace. And I think they ought to apologize to start with. Michael come from. Problem go ahead as the I'm glad you are now are not you should not you get a you know organization. Argues organs yeah. Questions our guys are. Quiet they client is present like all right you think yeah any question that hasn't like can you give us the well to be rooting us in you give us a question don't. The Renault did a good question. That or as a Donald Trump president elect trump man handling Gemma cost stuff from the corrupt news network CNN. In the wake of the gate there bogus false news fake news story that has now been completely discredited. Is the old trumpet back. Deal like the way he's slapping the media around I do all let's go to Jamie and Quincy go ahead Jamie. Jim they get the fantastic and I was so appropriate you know. In the this'll change britney's nine votes CNN yesterday watched a video about. CNN political analyst Ian joy ride I re. Entry in the winter talk show and asked her about the interview she did with. Tribes campaign spokeswoman Katrina hit some. And so I don't like Hirsh is absolutely not she's the trade term people should black and she said she's the spooked at the door. Look it up it's called breakfast club into the race interview the 22 minutes and 55 seconds. And she didn't think this Muster got out it was just broadcast metro Atlanta but that's the kind of content in the Spain they have that they get away with. That topic today that's tribes people. All Jimmy I will and thank you very much for that call I appreciate it you know what let's let's ask the poll question again. As you know media organizations you have to get credentialed. Right we're going to be at the inauguration next week or Britney might as myself I think even the morning show. WRKO. If you're legitimate news organization you know you get do get press credentials to get credentialed. I think it's time for CNN to have their press credentials revoked. After this. Isn't really how are they not better then. The star. Whatever they need the enquirer the star you know stuff that the tabloids that the supermarket chain you pedal garbage like this. So trump apparently you're claiming was not hold Al in Moscow. Recurring prostitutes from Vladimir Putin. And they're gore having golden showers on each other on. The very bad that Obama's slept interest trump hates them so much and is being videotaped by the Russians and blackmailing them with it. And it turns out its complete he wasn't in Moscow. He never perk hurt trust adults there were never urinating on the bed the Russians don't have any video there's small bowl CA dismal footage just nothing. And the CIA runs with this. And aunts and disseminate this to everybody in the intelligence community on Capitol Hill and make maniac is pushing ms. John McCain. And CNN is running with this story completely unverified. Completely not just unverified and unsubstantiated. Now we find out the whole thing was a hoax. And the idiots fell for a it was a prank and the idiots ran with that. And you're telling me CNN should still be getting to see it be taken seriously as a media organization. Allowing all britney's and all but I'm telling him a big yes. So the question is this. Should CNN. Have their media credentials. Revoked. Their press to be specific to their press credentials revoked. Should they no longer be treated as a legitimate media organization. If you believe like me the answer is yes tax the letter they are 68680. If you're like Brittany. And you believe the answer is no then text or letter beat the 68680. Poll results. More worth your calls. And I have got a story for you all my god. Coming up next. When we start with my colleagues in chewed up and walk us through what we've war. Wanna be very precise here multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tells CNN that classified documents on Russian. Interference in the 2016 US election presented last week President Obama and the president elect trump. Included allegations that Russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about mr. trump. Not that we. Old. Liar liar pants on fire. CNN now imploding in the wake of the gate. All right Brittany what is easy poll question end of the day. And what are the results so far has looked like a good day for you there Brad mean. 93%. Well what's what's the question oh sorry that's look at this is at CNN haven't have ads in media rights revoked. Yes. Okay 93%. Agree with you at 7%. Agree with me. So you just want Jake Tapper fired and some of them I think that the you have editors producers you have the air on there and everybody else around you. And out for their bat look out for their best interests at every day get if they think that story is BS you have to call your host out on mix. And a so all those peep all of Jake Tapper Obama minions and he should be fired along with them the whole team at terrorism and all but you're saying revoking CNN's press credentials aged. You're saying that's going to Fossett clean up CNN. Stop at the fake news and it's. Have real reporters that want to be there that wanted the job isn't. That isn't crazy liberal. So you're saying mend it don't end it in written reforms CNN but don't. This man told CNN right here I'm still via news that we are seeing a pattern news network Nancy I think I think you're very optimistic Karen Brittany. I think you're very optimistic I think. You've got political hacks running that thing. It's like them I really why arrest but what I'm saying is just to clean it up a lot of people should get fired. OK Barbara I hear you okay a system to me I would just get rid of it but that's just me. Have a question about Supreme Court and borders security but I also what you ask you about police on Twitter this morning are we living in Nazi Germany. Were you driving at there you have a problem with intelligence community. And Supreme Court what's your timeline you sit awhile ago you down before have you conducted those interviews yet what your timeline for nominating. And on the border fence it now appears clear US taxpayers up to pay port upfront. What is your plan this together to get an X I got it again you have anymore. Army vet. Chances to wall we just wish reported. That was trump our earlier today in his first press conference. As president elect and RP ITI remains a war. He was in command he was in charge. And knees slap them silly. Let's go to Bob in hang from Europe next go ahead Bob. Yes good afternoon gap we love you surely great trio thank you thought crimes performance was masterful. I would have to say they have been following politics with the mid fifties or go back quite a ways that was the greatest performance. In a presidential press conference I've ever seen in my life is in its it would direct. Still concise view informative and it will coherent. He absolutely demolished the year which questions that have been set for him he handled it deftly. And I mean I'm absolutely thrilled. I unsupported but trumpeted my wife we registered Democrat but we supported trump for the simple reason that he doesn't speak politically for a Long Beach. He seemed to answer frankly. He was the only one the only presidential candidate we spoke I went carrier sent they demand from personnel. Out into the shop and very plainly and straight from the actual list told these poor people. That they dropped to being sent to Mexico. They immediately began to tempted to protest whereupon he told them. Very cold leak BP dole won here the rest of my speech leave. No other politicians. No other politician. In the race for president. Spoke out against that atrocities. Against Americans I would absolutely appalled only Donald Trump spoke about it. This is the point that the forward these. On CNN refused to get from the beginning we want someone who speaks up for Americans. Regular ordinary Americans who paid the bills. Based based support ever exotic lies from LG BT to global warming but they took a lot about the ordinary bread but I'll keep. Bingo. Bob don't get me wrong don't get me or Hong. I love you inning on sexual way my friend I couldn't have said it better myself. 6172666868. Mort your calls and they dear leader as long goodbye. 206 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. CNN now in the cross hairs. Repeat gate has now blown up in their face. And so now they're desperately trying to respond. Two. Trump in particular who blasted CNN and buys speed. For their bogus story. Completely made up in fact we've now found out it's a prank. It was a prank started by some people at fortune and it went to a never trump Republican Rick Wilson who then spread it to John McCain. To the CIA. To the intelligence community McCain also panel that the James call me. And CNN ran with a completely unsubstantiated. Utterly false story. It is now blown up in their face that trump allegedly went to Moscow. Where are took a presidential suite that Obama allegedly had slept in. Hired several prostitutes to perform degrading sex acts that they claimed turned him on. Including the so called golden showers. Where they urinate forgive me where they key on one another. I have because he wanted to US soil the bed data Obama's slept on and that they claim in this report. And the intelligence community report as well appease cited that the Russians had videotaped. All of this and had compiled a dole CA. To blackmail trump. Well now CNN has complete egg on their face they have been utterly exposed. For the Charlotte the news organization that they are. Here is now their pathetic. Press release this and this this is now their official statement they've released in response now to this a firestorm. Controversy. Over. Quote CNN's decision. To publish carefully sourced reporting oh my god. About the operations of our government is vastly different then buzz feeds decision. Don't publish unsubstantiated. Mammals so suburb right there. They cited. They refer to whipped. The day talked about it to some degree. But don't moan don't blame us normal. There's a buzz feed they're the ones who put a full 35 page debit did the bogus dole CA they put that out there. The trump team they go on knows this they are using buzz feeds decision to deflect from CNN's reporting almighty god. Which has been matched by the other major news organizations will no. Even the New York Times said it was so ridiculous. Soul laughable so obviously phone so obviously BS. They refuse to run with the story. If the New York Times won't run with the ID ITI you're in trouble but listen this. The third or tripling that don't. We are fully confident in our reporting on mind there are done there I'm telling you there Don. It represented the core of what the First Amendment protects. In forming the people of the inner workings of their government. In this case briefing materials prepared for President Obama and president elect trump last week. We made it clear that we were not publishing any of the deet tails of the 35 page document. Because we have not corroborated the report's allegations. All but sure ran away at the allegations. And notice how they always notice how these fifth columnists. These professional liars. These democratic operatives in the media they always hide behind the First Amendment. Look I listen nobody oh look I live and die by freedom of speech OK don't get me wrong. I live and die by the First Amendment. I can make up anything I want about Brittany where Jared. Or Elizabeth Warren where Hillary Clinton her part could say anything. I mean I could say I don't know Hillary was in Sweden and Stockholm amend. She went into a massage parlour and she hired before female prostitutes. And they were heard they were paying honor. Hell they weren't being honored they were deprecating on what the other pouring whipped cream and and and and god knows little's was going on in there. Americans say anything. I mean. That doesn't pencil label that's slender. No I'm sorry we need libel laws in this country. You can't say anything that you want. Without any evidence or proof to back it up. You mean that's I'm sorry that's yellow due to a journalism that's yellow journalism that's gutter journalism. And they're defending themselves. I'm not unintended. I'm intended. As this goes to the yellow journalism at packed half. So. Given that members of the trump transition team have sold vocal we criticized our reporting. We encourage them to identify specifically. What they believed to be inaccurate okay he wasn't in Moscow. He never slept at the Ritz Carlton he never had sex with prostitutes. For the had a golden showers that never took place. There's no video footage there's no filming there's no dole CA there's no what they call home I'm apt as the Russians call it. Our final intimidator blackmail people. It's bull crap OK I can't say where really wanna say it's a BS. From B Guinean. Oh and bolt thing is BS. Everything you reported was BS. It's Albie yes. Now. Listen. To Donald Trump. Man handle again I love it I can hear this a thousand times. Manhandled. JAMA cost staff from CNN. When Jim Acosta is trying to ask him a question about begin. So they run a fake news story. And then they expect him to talk about it because they're trying to smear him. You know the expression you throw enough mud on the wall eventually some of it's picks so not like little. Did you did you have sex put those prostitutes did you have sex work would they what did you enjoy dim when they were being funny joke did you like that what you like that. And trump basically said get lost a you're worse than national enquirer you're not a serious news organization. Basically what he said was blank off roller Jerry. It's a disgrace what took place it's a disgrace and I think they ought to apologize to start with. Michael come from. Guys are. Problem go ahead. Glad you are now hard not you should not you get a you know organization. Argues organ yeah it is yeah. Questions are guys are. Client state client is present like I write music yeah any question that doesn't like can you give us the mountain here rooting us and you give us a question don't be ridiculous to question. Clark when he says don't be rude be quiet don't be rude to president elect now he's nine days away from becoming president. So he's really saying what I'm saying right now Mike off. Don't miss it a split off Mets got a chance to Walt. OK so the corner country poll question do usual war of the day as the French would say. Do you think CNN's. Press credentials. Should be revoked as I said were born to the inauguration at a press credentials. Legitimate news organizations get dumped you legitimate news organizations say I don't know The National Enquirer the star whatever they don't get them. I say yes it is time to make CNN fully you legitimate. If you agree with me text the latter day the 68680. I've Brittany known she stole like CNN. She says fired Jake Tapper who first pushed this story fires some other producers and editors who went with this story. But don't get rid of CNN. Don't do that so if you're with Brittany text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results so far and have you changed your opinion in the last two hours. I have not changed my opinion as 92%. Yes. 8% now and in fact I want CNN last night. Not giving. Really solid values are you watch it for what comedians like I'm in central I'd turn on and I just take its toll areas all the switch back and fought between Fox News and CNN. And I was just laughing last night after Obama's speech on my I have to Eric and sank and Africa who was then he's like you know I was I was Anderson Cooper. Over here are guys. He's like yeah well. You'll never hear a speech like this again from the Obama and I watched Joseph. That's what I saw dollar so happy that he thought I was right here's a hot the last guy. I used prior let's try to make it past ten days some songs. Oh yes Anderson Cooper was crawling last night members on C do you see there are literally crawl and I'm telling you they were called so areas. I think so you're saying the comedic value and it just I can't just black have. A. It is also as we think about the next president about to take office and their speaking styles could not be any more the result we are not going to be hearing and speech like this. From a sitting president. For the next at little or if you got it. Every bit what are the main reason that many feet propped up Bobbitt did I thought the thief is because of the way he sees immediate. I mean just Aniston did and ruling are. And I know I'm sure I needed it's like I hope it's like really Danica fanatical cult who. He's incredible he's the grade is always the messiah he's the son don't like god hello Louis. Hello Lou yeah. I mean I ya ya IE. Okay my friends. Trump holds a blistering media sorry press conference. Blast CNN. Man handel's rarely slaps the press silly. Did you like his press conference. Is the old Donald Trump back. Kevin in Arlington go ahead Kevin. And good body. I want to tell you it was from the press it's given us any more of this stool and submitted all Barack Obama. And whether or not to get it in that press conference was inspirational captain. He hit it all of them out of the world we know what the Secret Service when they wanted to play with that decorum. Right so. I wanna say when we look back at best this isn't that like Ted Kennedy writing letters. Are conspiring to go to Russia at that time to one city into drove the bid of Ronald Wilson Reagan off from his election bid. To become president it's worse than about people won't remember the late Bob Novak says no it was Patrick FitzGerald. Debt witch hunt that went on and on and on and on. So I want to know peace and did I want just like when Joseph Wilson spoke out that the poorest state of the union. To call out Barack Obama a lot yeah. They sent that in the next stage in the hopes. So what they should do to bet John McCain. And Lindsay Graham and that it was dynamic worked and what. I put in the electron did today he called Oakley and he called the mobile phone numbers have been 96 million people unemployed. He says it's not going to be up then it's gonna be a little hope he doubles down in all of these people that he had no idea to be in business for themselves. That table take this right with all that litigation and papers that he had this signed open definitely agreements and con. Divest himself as a business center and yet that everything over to his sons and so there's no conflict of interest Kevin I agree with you I think it was a masterful performance. And you can see that that you could almost hear the immediate gnashing their teeth we just we can get him we just can't get them. They used to call Ronald Reagan the Teflon president because every time the liberal media try to nail home. With a sharp or an arrow or slang. They would just slide right right off of them. My prediction. They're gonna called Donald. Another Teflon president just my opinion 6172666868. More or fewer calls next.