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So long, farewell! 1/11/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Did you watch Obama’s farewell speech? What did you make of it?

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Yeah yeah yeah yeah I I. I mean speaking I. And I'm he. I do. I do two years and you and you. And dawn let the door hit you on go away out okay my friends. Last night. It was incredible. Really it was like the twilight you know you have now and dirt in the Twilight Zone sheer. Political fantasy. And the president of the United States who's about what nine days away from leaving off his Barack Hussein Obama very dear leader. Delivered his final farewell address. And it was in Chicago. And just Chicago alone. Should have set the context for the failure of his presidency. But I kid you not according to the lives and the Democrats. Mama mom home. Chicago always absolutely. I deal it's ID fuel for Obama to be delivering his farewell address. Because things are so phenomenal in Chicago. I swear to you. Listen now to Illinois Democrat. Big Obama bold liquor did. Key Dick Durbin. Say almighty god things couldn't be better in Chicago. Roll it Jerry it was about ten years ago when a cold Springfield. Morning at the old State Capitol. We're the president launched his campaign. It's been a terrific period for this nation for the state of Illinois and especially for the city Chicago. Dick. Dick. Dick. And 762. Murders last year alone. Skyrocketing. Hum twelve already dead this year. Basically one a day now. You got murders everywhere. Gang bangers everywhere shoring crime rate soaring murder rate shoring homicide rate. The city. The city's falling apart when we it's a bloodbath. In fact several blocks from where they dear leader was speaking. Did there's gunshots. Several blocks away people are being shot dead on the street. And they're saying why Chicago is the ideal place for him to be delivering a speech as things are going so well in Chicago. What's happening in Chicago is a microcosm. Of what Obama has done to the country. Destruction. And Rouen all around him. And yet he stood there. A like a liberal messiah. And he went on for nearly 57 minutes. Seven. 75. Times he referred to himself need I we. Mean I mean not every week me. I I I. 75. Times. The adoring crowds. Many of them crying. Weeping. Every time he said two words. Almost like ideological political fanatics. Do you Obama bots I said this to Britain before the show. I should to should go back and look at Nuremburg Hitler's famous rallies in Nuremburg. With the the Nazis with the swastika you with a swastika on their arm and he is a guy ill. The constant Nazi salutes that's all that was missing last night. Do we being done crying deal motion people passing out. Oh good early and leave a man love view couldn't land on moon opened James ray hello we knew who. This sheer fantasy. Of at all. And there was did dear leader at one point I mean this guy's got a career in acting like a given this much. He's a better actor than Merrill street okay. She's pretty good but this guy I think is even better so what one point he's thanking everybody. Saying we are hoping change yes we can yes we did. And the Obama bots went in saying. And he thanks everybody tiny thanks himself because he's so great. And many thanks Michelle and many thanks Sasha and Malia and bent just the right moment. Or emotional or. Any extra additional. Any. Strip a camera did you see it again I'm putting it right right underneath my guy but you got it it's a good shot to make sure you got it that they're okay. There. Michelle. Works is we're chill. I love you. Roll it Jarrett mr. I. We'll bomb Robinson. Girl it's also bad. For the past 25 years you have not only been. My wife and mother of my children you have been my best friend. You took on a roll you've been asked for. And you made laurel. What grades and Woodbridge. Loose this. Now he's making news tonight. Now who's got the position on this you're right when the camera there it is. Players applaud them but everybody. Generations that reflects higher because they view as Obama won a role model. Wu moon and. The country. Tony. Just don't meet that said you that's that's what G Tony that's it. I honestly I got my friends I'm telling you look I notice there's Peter in politics I get it but this is such BS. He just it's a and the crowd look at him yakking it up like is if they believe this. I'm looking at this if you want part of a fake news look at this like about a fake event. Now tell a girl I met on the south side yeah they're dropping dead my friend domicile outside der dropping like flies on the south side OK but let that go. Then for fifteen minutes this guy goes on listen to this. The economy has never been better. Health care has never been better. We are safer and stronger now than we've been in decades. You all know how safe and stronger we are. We're more according there was that is we're more you mandated now. Then ever before. All race relations he said I've never been better because of his presidency. Listen to him just to give you a taste listened to him on obamacare just less impetus. This is you're a mean it's fat does CBS whatever you want to call it rowly Jarrett. Not enough. Not enough. Our economy doesn't work as well or grow as fast won a few prosper at the expense of a growing middle class. And letters from folks who wanna get in the middle class. That's an economic argument but stark and equality is also corrosive to our democratic. Idea. Top 1% has amassed a bigger share well. Too many are. In inner cities and the full count. My man. Lit up for work in the waitress. Health care. Bill. Burlington ma. August Vacek Brit I janitor I can't it is I can't take it anymore. You've broken heart make it into art there ago. There you go I was Meryl Streep there you go with a he's better than her he's bad I'm telling you he's better than she is he is a walk and this guy. This guy can this guy act this guy. Could give Denzel Washington a run for his money disguised good. Better than Merrill's street better than Denzel disguised good disguise really good. This I gotta tell you. If you listen to a speech. He knew if you could it could be 20141121112009. It's the same speech. The same speech. If people in the heartland have been left behind what did you do for years. What did you do. I mean look. Obama care is clearly a disaster it is every the premiums are through the roof. Deductibles through the roof. But the average health care cost has gone up 25%. In Arizona it's a 116%. Okay. So it's a disaster everybody knows it. Racial relations Gerri one of our callers pointed out the poll the poll numbers don't lie. Among whites among Latinos among blacks among Asians. Everybody agrees on one thing race relations have gotten worse under Obama. Tre bun Marten. George Zimmerman. Freddie great. Big Mike Brown Ferguson Baltimore Milwaukee I could go on right it's. All under his watch all inflamed and encouraged by him. Now pass for the economy. Look I just got one figure and only one finger point peak trillion. That's the level of debt. That this man compiled upon the box of the United States. That is our national debt he literally doubled it under his watch. Think about this. He compiled more debt under his presidency. Then all other presidents. Come my name. From George Washington. To George W. Bush. He's the twenty trillion dollar manned. 95. Almost 96 million Americans out of the labor force. You want me to continue. Eleven more millions in an eleven more million Americans in poverty after Reagan years they when he was first sworn in. Record numbers almost fifty million on food stamps nearly fifty million on welfare. What are we talking about. Now let me be candid with you okay god as my witness. People have said under Obama there was a kind of a recovery quote unquote OK but it was a jobless recovery none on on home. No that's not true. Millions of jobs were created under Obama they were. In China. This is a fact. Under Obama China gained millions of millions of jobs from months. That we outsourced. Through horrible free trade deals that he oversaw and signed. Our trade deficit. On global trade deficit under Obama listen to this. Almost eight trillion dollars. He bled us white. He wrecked our health care he wrecked our economy. He wrecked and guided our military. I say this is rampaging all over the Middle East and North Africa. The Middle East is on fire. We have betrayed Israel. We have betrayed our allies in Eastern Europe we betrayed Great Britain which allied did we not betray. We are in every way I'm sorry my friends the truth hurts. But under him we have gotten economically weaker militarily weaker we are less respected. And we are more vulnerable than ever. Think I was a complete colossal disaster. To me there's no debate about practice and I challenge any liberal book called the show because they won't be able to win this argument. He was an ease the worst. Most destructive. President this country has ever had and you know why. Because he hates America. Behind the dog and pony show. Behind theatrics. And the soaring rhetoric and the crocodile tears and the phony pierce. And beat the lemons in the audience cheering his every word. He sought to bring us down he sought to fundamentally. Quote on quote transform America. And he did it dear leader. Mission accomplished. And for me to you. Blank off. After my election there was talk of a post racial America. And such a vision. How overwhelmed them. Was never realized. Race woman's eighth hole. And often depends of course and I society. Not live long enough to know that. Race relations are better than the word ten or twenty or thirty years ago no matter what some folks I. New console. Sit in the attitudes of young Americans across the political spectrum. And all right sure I was signed Ferguson and of course we dig my eight we sought in Baltimore up. We sought in Milwaukee wesun at what c'mon we talked about a you see. You wanna know what cocaine does to your brain take a look at that their leader okay but that 1980s commercial there's like a frying pan. A frying pan I say this is your this is your brain. And they crack an egg on the hot frying families your brain on drugs well we should redo the commercial. Angola this is your brain. And this is the dear leader does is Dario this is what happens when you have a president to prevent the took cocaine when he was young too. Race relations are listening to work ten or twenty or thirty minutes ago. There ago this is your brain on drugs. Bob in marble ahead go ahead Bob. Yeah I get up every time I did I keep hearing snippets. From that speech last night one. Phrase. Stick to my head. In the navy leases say you know goofy person. Wasn't playing with a full seat debt. This guy is playing well he. Holy eucharist. So anyway I just so I can monitor what the left and the dams are doing them on their web site. And again I request for a sticker. From the DC city. And it it has dates stickers in it as on it. Still my president whipped sort of a silhouette of oh bomber. And I'm totally open fully and not gay youth like. Aha ha ha. Anyway. So if I do it's if I was good Donald Trump naval aide. Well I'd likes it and would be something edible arrogant says it will dilute mobile bay. Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. An area amen. Amen thank you for that call Bob off. So listen look we've got one more week ago essentially one more we technically nine days but one more week. Look for the pardons. Who you gonna pardon common to be on top of this don't worry is he gonna at Edwards Snowden I don't think so Chelsea Manning may be. Maybe. I could a bowl berg ball may be. So. Listen. Six. That was that or it's good stuff it's OEM EM OEM me and depth there was there dear leader when he was in college and look look what look what happens to you went to all the kids out there. Dawn dual drugs. You could end up like the president. I gotta go bye bye. We are not going to be hearing. He speaks like this.