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01/30/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - the world's most documented psychic - predictions and discussions about the world of psychics

Jan 30, 2017|

01/30/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - Anthony Carr, "the worlds's most documented psychic" discusses his predictions for prior years and what he sees coming in 2017. Also known as the "modern day Nostradamus" he will offer some insight and observations about the world of psychics.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Welcome everybody it's Monday nights beyond reality radio when Jason Jay-Z were happy to be here as we kick off another week beyond reality re. Leo yeah absolutely everybody else there hopefully had a great week and I had a very long weekend Jim has spent I spent Saturday and Sunday at two. Wrestling. And I didn't wrestled I didn't help me. And I still don't it jogger but. But my boys were in wrestling and Austin actually won. Preserve relations now and now he's in the state champions that's awesome state championships and two weeks ago. That's really cool kid that just means he's going to be able to beat down soon. At that data out of everybody held their listening to be on reality radio welcomed the show we got a really great show tonight we're going to be talking with infineon car. The world's most documented site. Can world's most documented psychic he's also known as the modern day Nostradamus. And eight he's supposedly predicted 9/11 Operation Desert Storm the killer tsunami. The discovery of the Titanic and the list goes on and yet he's got a lot of pretty interesting predictions and successful predictions to his name. He has some that he's missed on why ask him about that I've always been curious when a psychic gets it wrong today. In a male do I mean they're not all a 100% accurate so far key. But I'm when they get it wrong did they do is it because they just they get. Did some kind of bad connection is it some visitors are some change in the in the timeline that they want you know that they couldn't foresee Amir I just wonder what happens there what they think happens. Yeah it would be good to get his thoughts on the aren't just because a lot and I'm sure out of anything's. You're doing it enough you're making all these predictions or. Whenever you're you're bound to get something wrong path to him. I mean you have to soul and I stated this is I think as long as your predictions. The once and actually came true I'll wave the ones that were wrong you do you do OK yeah I was and that's exactly what I was gonna see. It's if you're about 50% of your prediction that's really really good actually am from so much a just curious what they think about that we're to talk with Anthony coming up a little bit later in the show of course. Tomorrow night another great program affect all week it's great tomorrow night's Josh Peck easy researcher of fringe topics he's a video I've referred for sky watch TV. He's written a lot of stuff including quantum creation does the supernatural work in the fourth dimension. And many other books and ideas so we'll talk when Josh tomorrow night. And the winds were in talking with Kim trusting her she's done an artist's most of reliance appeared and HGTV's craft to his coast to coast. But she's also written a book sleeping with spirits and dues so it's going to be interesting topic to a touch with her arm Madden. And then Thursday we've got him and so IMF money with that Jim you know little static cycle Salah. How South Asia and he's a pioneer in the development of Exel politics and he's a written. A book called Exel politics political implications of the extra rest extraterrestrial. Presence that's from 2004. And then exposing US government policies and extraterrestrial life in 2009 so my guess is. It'd be talking extraterrestrials there's sorrow my glasses. Automatic weaponry that's a booklet of SA I whatever product or speaking of extraterrestrials him and you did you see the video that was posted just recently that. Lotta people are believing there's a secret base for UFO's inseparable camp now. While men posted on the FaceBook dot com slash B unreality. Radio site. But these ailing chasers claim a new video appearing to show you a full burst into a ball flight after leaving a volcano. There in their believing that it's disease aliens have these underground. Hidden hidden basis com. But the strange event was caught by a camera. At web cams. Do you Mexico dot com. And I guess that it has a series of light streams continuously monitoring Magnum owns across via central American country. And the footage was taken in about 645636. PM January 24. So but according to weigh in have seen the video it's an interest in video but it looks like this thing just shoots up and then takes off through the through the night sky miles and it gets bigger and bigger. On healing chasers think that it's evidence of a secret base inside the volcano calm in the plot blow region of Mexico. Others think that it could be a secret military base. And the beautiful is actually an alleged top secret spy plane known as a TR three B which can allegedly hit warp speed. Double life. Mean. It could be you deny Africa. We don't know this TR three B that's a that's a military career and his enthusiasm people think that it might be that. The government has reversed. Technology. Two on a spaceship and they were able to invent this this leadership they're referring to a TRs three B. On the the footage shows a small bright light. Appear from new volcano on and then a moves closer and closer to the camera the image some increases in size. And intensity. Before just going on Russia now but I'm going to be posting and on the beyond the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio so check it out and give me fox. I'm curious though will that TR three BI and I'm I'm trying to remember what to John tighter. Told us. There's the Kraft that he used for time trouble was something like it TR three beer some do something very similar was at the same thing do you remember. But a look at numbers to back them and then comes in and John Tyner is this somewhat you could hit it maybe he was so I mean there whatsoever at the garden OK so. But he couldn't tell me what happens in the future that would answer a lot of questions. And then divide the but there's a lot of UFO guys are really believing that this is some sort of craft and think about it honestly if they had the technology to be able to. I go into. The laughs are now. And says adding that of course nobody would've fired back right yeah that's an exemption that weekend to open up so that be like a perfect hiding place. In a and speaking of the strange videos there's a a video that circulating on Internet the Internet it's kind of gone viral and it shows a distressing that stroh's distressing footage of a possessed girl kicking and screaming as locals. Exercise the demon from her. And apparently at least seven students in this particular. Schools in this particular class began. Having fits and kicking out. On earlier this month shortly after some nearby graves had been disturbed at their school. Really yeah. This they're they're all about eleven years old in this particular video shows this eleven year old girl coming in and out of consciousness is the number of adults grabbing her and scream god almighty. And that they're trying to rid her of the evil spirit the girl's mother is convinced her daughter is possessed and has been pleading with a local authorities to intervene. The the schools in Port Elizabeth Jamaica. And apparently. The that to a teacher their unnamed. Ginger hill. Asked one of the boys when it happened. And he told her that he felt someone grabbing at his neck locals believe that the children have been possessed by demons that were released after some graves. We recently disturbed. For extension and excavation works for the school. While Ireland and early and then one to believe that you're going to have a demon issues and going your grades but. Course disrespecting. The dead didn't. NS messing what's and with their final resting place I think just opens up. I just can't warms you bring about a. The the end had teacher claims he was possessed by Satan when he. Earlier apparently and hit a sexually assaulted three of the students. So there seems to be a pretty soon he was claiming that he was possessed by Satan. And that's why he sexually assaulted three students the end this is CNN and on related isn't incident that preceded this one of the teachers claimed that and down reserves teacher was still there after a sits at a I don't know. And she's a little hide but it. But apparently maybe it's still being investigated I don't know welcomes your break you get to Latin America and while our look at. But we'll see if we can also get that video posted on the M beyond reality. Radio FaceBook page as well and also scientists have figured out or at least they've confirmed. That it's true your life really does flash before your eyes when you die. Where they have they say that there's a new study. That monitors the who monitors brain. Activity. As people have either. Near death or out of body experiences or actually. They do and denying and they found that those particularly was near death experiences. To say that they have fun flashbacks. And a those flash next on this really happening chronicle I don't. Chronological order but they do our our flashes of light so they've been able to map that activity in the brain. And they say they're able to see that happening as a common occurrence when people approach death. RTs and then that explains a lot so a lot of people do claimed today to have vexed parents are. They say that the study found in many of the flash backs involved intensely emotional moments of a person's life. And they also interviewed a lot of the people who gave detailed responses of the period their experiences. And they also seem to think that on this it's. This information will shine a light on the most intriguing mental phenomenon that. His fascinated humans since tying began which is what is this experience that we call flat life flash before your eyes this seems to be real thing. Oh and have you ever had a situation where you've been a bad accident and to me on what the you don't know what's gonna happen so you do a lot of these memories star relief flooding back whether it's. I'm just mistakes you made or traumatic situations are you proud. Kind of yeah I think I I think that I am a net of fortunately knock on what a minute and had any real serious accidents I haven't had any thing where I felt more like my life. Wasn't she in jeopardy your danger thankfully. But I've had you know series circuits the situations were my head that can happen. In lowly I was I was a passenger car again and action now wasn't a major accident where and we're fighting for a lies put. I will be honest Harrison I smashed the windshield pretty good in this going back when I was about nineteen. It's corny. And with that I remembered as it was one of those things are cement our consciousness time and we're waiting for ambulances cents and I laughed my head pretty hard. But I can say through that whole time it was just I kept on remembering things in my it. Surround him there are nineteen or whatever years I could never backed. Throughout my life of of the things that I really never thought about but. A lot of them seem like they're traumatic situations whether it was a you know situation much softer or or just something that. That happened whenever but so you do see those even in that type of situation so I can imagine that it's really amplified at the end of at the end you know law and even when you when you know just mentally it's it's starting. And I can actually add another personal experience to this and done in this some I don't want to the dreaded. I don't wanna I'm not sure what I don't want this to bring the conversation down but it's a very. I think pertinent discussion. My mother who's who's who's ill. Is going through episodes now were it were she's. Whether she sleeping or even in when she's not sleeping she's recounting these memories. From points in her life that are just very very strange points of her life and Dave with the detail and clarity. And down you know she just talks about them a lot of times in her sleep it's pretty business pretty bizarre right now so I guess is allowed to that I don't normally sure work comes from but it it does happen. Entries. While on another and checked it sound so journalist and now at risk of being replaced by robots. Aren't we all. What are the how pocono and I just am does that mean it's only a search it is true we all heard a few. Believe getting to that point NC Bushnell is aren't so this workers around the globe are beginning to fear for their jobs safety is the rise in machines as well and truly underway if you think about it. But now it's journalists it's their time to feel the pinch after and any iRobot wrote an entire article in just 12. While. Yeah I mean. You know he he can I add it nothing to say because literally. New jobs done it could hinge on Vista right you're getting paid by our that this robot just wrote it one and was it good it was a written well. I guess so a robot report. I robot reported by the name of shall non. Created its first article for Chinese media outlet southern metropolis daily. The machine produced an article consisting of 300 characters on the subject of the spring festival travel rush. The largest annual human migration. For millions of employees in China on. Charlton huge nation get Hilton to get home to their families for Chinese New Year. And so 300. Characters Darden and just you know and in a second. The robot was developed by one shall Jeanne. Professor at Peking University who was working on developing several A dynasty machine so I think. People might wanna just. If and to stop its worst hit instinctively. Think my work speaking on the benefits of using robots in the media professor. Shows on told China daily when compared with a writer with the staff reporters. Shall Nan. Has a stronger ability to analyze data and this quicker writing stories. Which is amusing if you think about it such experiments are creating unease among the staff of the state run media outlets is this year they might lose their jobs. And a however the professor says that these robots will not be taken over the industry. Just let you know. Eight we've talked about artificial intelligence and our threatens a lot of things that we take for granted but here's something when you start talking about a robot. Writing new stories now that is just way too easy to manipulate by government or whoever makes an error six okay. Everything's so manipulate even by the people that Vista NH but yeah I agree with you mentioned. Especially when it's when it's a government run news agency. I mean you lose all sense of you know the human element of curiosity in the human element of you know right or wrong and and trying to keep him in the United States the media is supposed to keep the government honest I don't think they've been doing a particularly good job at that aren't aren't horrible but that's what they're supposed to do when they had done that for a long time now until somewhat recently but anyway you know you use certain machine do this and you're gonna lose you're gonna have Korver world suffer from machines can control what you learn what you hear what you see. Yeah exactly and I guess at the professor says the robots won't be taking over the industry just yet which gives you a little spiral for a short period of time. But he continued robots are still unable to conduct face to face interviews. And responds with follow up questions. They also do not have the ability to select the news angle from an interview or conversation so it in this kind of what you are saying it takes way human element and it. But he added. Robots will be able to act as a supplement helping newspapers are leading media as wells editors or reporters. But it becomes a fearful thing because I agree with you on a percent I mean that just. That leads down such such. Shadowy path. And just opens the door to sort of say yeah we're ready dealing with enough fake news these student and thank you imagine ally he robots writing stories. Yeah imagine that in the hands of of and Kim Jong ill from behind North Korea or. The Chinese Government tumbled from what that are all his people he pretty much use this press robots replace just your Toy Story you generated this way and it's gonna come out this way while you're adding you're gonna get my hairdo. It some dim mom I'm Adam do we continue to talk about the say I think you know threatened so much Vern what we take for granted and must just you know will continue to follow the. Seems like it's it's it's it's progressing so rapidly it is getting faster and faster especially when you've gotten things like this that are now starting to write stories and under a second. I mean just like how fast that things process community either reading different AI. Any idea. Programs I mean there's these things are Terrence Iran all the different devices it's it's scary it's really terrifying. Well here's something that may help that I mean if we're gonna go along with some you know some some scary newsroom this will be helpful but somehow I doubt. Researchers have found a way. To Dick Koppel overlapping memories in mice and believe it'll be the same we do it with humans in the future and when they say overlapping memories are talking about the things that. Create positive or negative feelings like how perfume might spell smell and that gives you tournament remind you of someone in ex lover so. You know when it's it's a good it's a happy feeling. Or if you had a bad relationship may be too bad memories in a bad feeling but scientists at the university of Toyama I've created to. New. Memories in mice and then figure out a way to split them apart without racing them so would it removes that that association. Palms from one to the other received so one doesn't ruin you know you again if you have a visit a perfume that remind you of someone who we broke up within a nasty relationship and it creates anger when you smell it it'll do a couple of those two emotions and what you remember it may not have to be not have the anger associated with. And they do this will be lasers in the brain. But don't those animals those are emotions are what makes you you know. Well that's if you starting this delay the way your perceiving things aren't Archie sort of changing. And who you are yet let's quickly go to the phone lines here before we have to do to bring this particular crew Patricia excuse me from Kansas Patricia welcome to be on reality radio great championship. Well thank you very much out first time caller first time I've gotten through. Well welcome the show. OK I just can't can thank thank your first story about. Seeing your life flash before your eyes. And die within a car wreck but I eighteen years old and I was in a hospital for children I have months. And during that time I arrested twice. Yeah I don't remember. Seeing my life flash before me so I must have an uneventful life. Similar interview didn't experience anything like that. Now I it is the only thing I'd do is start remember except now when I was younger but I think that comes along with old age. Because they say when you get older your mind starts going back to that things in the chaos that you recall on better. Okay the second was about the robot. Now what what that he I'd get up columns are an article it. This robot route 300 character article in one such. Okay first thing I want to ask is what was his accuracy. I don't know it yet and what was the style was it was a readable was it just words just you know kind of been in Greece structured sensor. That's our. Because one time I was able to tide but under and 29 words per minute with no errors. When well I was just I was just wondering what and beat you are 62 was what is bound us together in Japan. Well it's as China and or giant if it was for Cruz and China but. Yeah and so on my share but. Definitely interest there were so there's more to the story on that they've Patricia thanks for the call we have to let you go as we have to get into or break it's beyond reality radio would Jason NGV don't go away. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Are well beyond reality radio chasing GP get a pre nine going here and we are we talking with Anthony Clark the world's most documented psychic also known as the modern day Nostradamus. It's. Dennis and he's made a lot of predictions say predicted 9/11 now Operation Desert Storm. The killer tsunami and and so much more so and he's a world class. Musician as well Jim yes you know I know the cities so you music to saxophone player and done a lot more arm also Roger telephone numbers 8446877669. And hopefully we'll get some calls and with Anthony must bring them into the show Anthony welcome to beyond reality re so great to have you here tonight. Thank you guys put it appeared. Being that the record that I am stationary. Liberal bloggers. Well listen I'm Jason Hawes Benton and Jimmie Johnson created every year. It's a great leader breakthrough. It will be good for global learning her true difficult one yeah. Our door to door about DeVon thank you very much and it's an honor to have you on greatly appreciate you spent some time with us tonight. Well apparent here so. A cult or calling your current surgical Jason song although JK needs me. That short order sure there. So in addition to being the world's most documented psyche into the Euro also and our an author you've written several books one. Called home street hands of destiny. Proto auto barriers autobiography called fool's journey and and. Still work in progress Super Bowl. Or they're very cathartic. And and better than going to insure that it should. Local priest era by Harrier. More look. Yeah. And you're also known as the modern day Nostradamus open I guess the first question is how did all this begins for. I would create a hearing. All over the current very young of course and go to Portland circuit are controlled American shall. And good like other role model bull they're high platform directory. And who. Are there any ill usually try to do better at getting up settlement sent a letter. You're regrettable and completely older. Karl. So let me just say we just understand this as high platform does with a diving into water. What would Eric Eric. Daily diet will include. A little futile water yeah. Ethel and compete in the water would be ruled with the player. And we definitely are pretty good true learning actually look at it differently. And I would probably related. I have a vote cultural it was a lively little Gypsy lady. In the ball straight and Carter and a little older because this city could get your. And where. He. Very typically at the well ordered Britain rouge. She appointing old and Catholic electoral which Google. But there she spoke she spoke god people fashionable in neutral and but funny thing you look at my little dog years years years you're gonna keep Google. Only that would be that would. As the cliche eagle block who will start. And we're. Kept pushing. For sure we're Angola on the table. And cruel that it will help people to do it working here or working here in all of appearing a little older. And there are the people of goodwill. Industry. Have come to realize. The actual whenever I interpret so accurately batterer accurately. Traffic early. Sugar machine greater. And or it comes to realize what she was cruel cruel. Worry he on impression of all the years celebrity's right taken over the course of the last of country com you. It's a real problem. Earth island movie screen icon little English. Reno Trudeau the loop the killer Richard Burton ruled. British they're loyal certainly. There was little or they're going. The Irish Labatt blue Gloria and up through that people who are mother Jacqueline. Luckily her there and actual control. And it will still glowing shortly after it and she has a share our current welcome. So you were you when you actually read the palms of all those folks. All along. Called back you to use your anger at the mall. Where. Virtually trying to not regret that you see here interesting point of poultry book which is. If they enter get along and helped titled are you ready for the book of poems. You don't look. Well. Cher can you share and can you share anything with this from those experiences like you know and particularly odd reading or something that. I hope that they do here remember doctor Spock where I don't rule he. Pocket book from. It was scholar or. And I think he docket she blew a little debate people younger. And highly inflated to get very little. On the book is. Larry anger. Interest rule by. We've played a little old woman election or triple. Actually the little. And taught that they had their is beautiful young blonde little shortly afterwards it work doctor Bach. I think Google Crocker fluke creating Acadia Qatar. Recently traveled here and you lose Kurdish. All. Lol it was very calm and of course who are. You can't control them and critical reading babies but. Cashier's intended to inherit. If Portugal where that is actually at all link usually you are a little I only. Hole is little English. It's free wheel trailer injection like. We'll tackle in the it will or captured him. There was little. A war in Lebanon exotic debt and Mary Mary. Cool head. Larry gave poker. After all he others will color do. Inch needle that you'll elect prediction. Regarding the school. And who pack a little they look forward there. And remove corrupt political and could afford to go to ground. Joshi a four layer they're played well at liquor. New Yorker. Or wherever escorted into the few partner a little gauge. Biker. In manager her. When they came at the moment the political coverage like books that are. I think mr. Rogers and prayers and she. And made a beautiful. Lol sure there for a little you cut for. Lenders PE copying and gone and Sheila. Global link yet. And she had very low culture and legal owner Sheila had dual role in the Greek Irish here called lethal and are Cairo Google has anger. He lived there he looked like you're older and Lou Dracula played miniature they're. And she'd lived in Hollywood will agree it called a year we'll figure that kind but. Okay late people thirty he had taken her all print and put it longer book. All the street crawl. And go very very curious to treat the Clinton. He sure did and appropriately. To see what kind of change it'll play time. Saying compare them to let there they're all pretty good in my book. All the gear rule which which I don't. And rare move culture related Alter during. Help jolt fool in DW Griffith is going to be secret. VW group. There. A jolt political director Bolten is there light the movie wait anger there and it is actually at ruby Keeler at the time. And luckily it was a great talent and we're looking at it and it is an ankle. I think it was which would. Only be a country. President trump. And there's AM she's that he needed feel good BP group. And and to do the first cocky in any government in Cortland or I think the world record at jazz. And immigration rhetoric never let nobody forget where currently it. They're turtle creek reality gusting at 11 element talent. They all print them. In particular where. Your name and located at the jolt. Larry parks the original. Our on our true term they'll Parker completed. Anyway. And they're that there are. Richard burden upon cruel thing goes. Okay. A little boy filling his statement on the port control electric neck and Elizabeth Taylor. Gupta backer. Under a lot of ground and cougars peeking out there it went across to. Poor. People are in trouble electoral. Cricket in the Olympic Igor. And became echoed and he's got that. You're papers and any idol kept. And a year later while I go to Hollywood idea that it does she remembered a little boy. And Rick Hendrick or any good user who is that might come along way and there. And then we get talking about religion and extracting. Under. Anthony Anthony we've got about a minute before we have to go to Cory put sound because I wanted to ask this when you look it. And you read some palms what are you looking for specifically. Well I got up there and analyze it all four. Are fairly treat. If one of her ultra. And truly do. Which we've. Which can be indicated putt way short fingers up along all these. Who the great. Lake who's. Crocker the world poker and other facts and the only cooking all Hitler. They can interpret Berlin or go to. Prior to craft a little deeper here jolt of level who's a little bird polish. My World War I. Train travel the world trade of parliament the came across. As very who who. Germany and we're all out controlling share of clear and managed to get it all. In all current hello you picking a guy up and coming here. Policy kind of clique and career he left collection. Yeah let some let's hold let's hold it right there as we get this break and we'll pick up where we left off it's beyond reality rate you would Jason in GB or guest tonight is Anthony car of the world's most document inside the and welcome back to the show is beyond reality. Radio I'm Jason Hong Stevie Johnson thank you for listening with the listening on a local radio station on line new love it all and also don't forget the phone number 8446877669. Our guest tonight is Anthony car he is the world's most documented psychic. So in February so getting back to earlier. And interest while I look cool. Richard Byrd looked a little fringe full of crude is feeling that I think that the current. Even Lou. Talking about. Whether or not I would connect not fit. Yeah definitely living Arctic. Statement searching your leg heal their realities Wimbledon probably are mobile and a little crucial drink a look okay here at the very get a little a couple of acrylic being here at Charlie Chaplin in the political world. A little tramp expect. And really really great guy and you could go a little roll them. When I know though what do I know. We're talking about palm specifically would Arab when you read a home what is the via we have what's giving you the information. I take it all basically keeping your first actually. First read the shake the hand that finger. And you. Are the contrary believe. Opinion legal look at complaint control after that. We should put all of the fingers. Can't give fear. Personality trait quote short fingered. And I affectionately call short fingers. Aren't Poulter and Google. People who feel all actual article crippled for the people would rather leave. Detailed true and there are long finger grew up during warm article and go see all action clearly better. Chris. And curtailed people pulling at all cliched bookkeeper accountant Eric. And if we look at that litter the typical political Angel felt very strong. Ready looking at all eat crow or. Here though kind of broken. And the cleaners culprit here is your position a lot of barter. A lot of musicians race where they can't tolerate too much pressure Poland which is like eighty. A year and the worker and if you will you know we are skeptical worker and who after the milk Balkans to a call that emotional thirty. Strong low convenient fleshy part of their and they already complained that or I'd be equality in the air scary to people beacon. All through on the project could get it completed it where the person with a profusion of laurel and be very delicate but can't direct analogy. But then again and Google to do it for the bulk of the colorful and stroll in the mail to Gerri. Large it will Alter. Determination and perseverance learn get the job done little and you'll from the area. Is much more important in this genius bill could. Cricket control will be convenient. Well now when was it that you realized you had these these abilities the psychic abilities and he's he's Palmer and. Oh kettle we're going back to prayer. Child and look at the absolute fair and it I would refer to it collegiate league which direction Scottish. Glad we. Believe children look at actually here. The light beer and mobility deal could see action older Rangers couldn't woman thing they totally hear it she you know. Only took all of that high but he didn't do much tension and then. One night they had there. And of course treaties later he I Julian and capture itself applicant would all there we could afford to practically your claim block. Quote cake and eat in World War I victory moved any ritual at fault if they are very you know hey look. I don't know other. The work for bullying that they had a dog you're an animal lol well basically at all and we should create virtual screening in being a good feeling. You're Fuller collection or the cranial Oakland genial and they're gonna. People Ali. Your future the troops as to pull the other crucial green. Firm in her Cranium which Logan Couture lot of back and Lola your knees career. Order brigade late in the school in. True or act like it but definitely it could go everywhere critic at quail brilliant all year. But how cool picture look at color Breck. It'll really paying attention to it as they're as a kid who as you get older. Well it comes upon you Lolita like who prefer a little drop. Are the little lingo and then it will be explorer. Laura to a little lower court read we truer view and that kind of nature and Italy between certain Asian. Realize I realized it was somebody else for me. What I love letter ad hoc and if they traceable back to ramble Hough who. A mare. Miami that my mother in term. Abortion blowing air into life because of the English part of her career low scale. Church. Her father my grandfather live oh. People bloated more hot iron to my great grandmother. Look political political art from Montreal good Likud to load. Where all the little or we get their careers. Quick credit apparently if you were. What follows Italian and egging you shall be great. And he worked in Hollywood and dirty. We're gonna get in just a lot of your predictions we come back up after the top of the hour break before we do that. Is is Paul reading something that you are born with the ability to do or is it something that I learn over time. That cooking you can learn their true. Her. Well they're clear they're trying hypocrite physiological study in a little better than doctor. Both cultured fingertips the rule of the Politburo and field circulation as well they actually thought now. If you pickup good an intruder will we called her lawyer you're looking poll. Google you will you'd become more perfect tree we'll repeal or feeder. Come people who are unaware that it cannot. Cannot connect. It could. Musician turned and we talked book perfect fictional the only perk to achieve it he can move. He can tell you what they did it to already in really well they're little little the people that they're lawful a perfect catch the the only question they don't need looking after. Cook yeah a lot of people read all the real critical thing you're not realizing that naturally they could clash or are we call shall I come to realize. We're seeing work intellectual rational relation of the of the strikingly alert and from readers. A couple of years and feel old they're a look at her lyrical content appealing for me. Don't all the different thing they think it could have something occurring in the future or worrying. Presently and politically correct that crippled the country. Okay always come back from the break Anthony were gonna talk about some of the predictions that you made some pretty incredible stuff we're talking with Anthony car the world's most documented psychic. Our telephone number is six he 44687. 7669. Points one away now you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com backs slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. Are you listen Jason James. AJE hungry I just heated up a couple potatoes here let me grab my out of the microwave no JC don't. I think all my thing. Don't let this deputy U Brett goes from Brooklyn is the perfect protection for the perfect and finger. That crypto umbrella is made up of high quality heat resistant asbestos and perfectly suited to handle the most dangerous jobs just don't breathe here. And I used to the umbrella for apple to get some protection while using matches during coffee sunbathing near the pool changing spark plug tingling kiln fired ceramics and so much more and how about those romantic candle lit dinners to most of you keeping watch. Don't worry and provide protection thanks umbrella. The umbrella usually. Sells for 2995. But pulled out and we'll triple you'll order. One for Pete's not the end would have reported today crap global donate thirty seconds to safety seat the forgotten them international. The crap built umbrella is the only seed do you approve some protection device on the market it isn't your thumb worth it. The crap go some relish not. Not be considered at some protection device it is illegal in some states that most states that Allstate's. And here here it's beyond reality radio and. Talking with the psychic Anthony carbon point bring him back in. Just a couple things one I mentioned tomorrow night will be. Talking with Josh Peck I'm trying to get the information up here earth but he's an avid reach the researcher on fringe topics. Then Wednesday were talking with timid trafficker who's an artist and I actually wrote a book sleeping with spirits are going to be discussing her book and her experiences throughout the years. Dealing with the spirit Rome. BM and Michael sell old join us on Thursday night he is a pioneer in the development of excel politics has written several groundbreaking pieces including. Excel politics political implications of the extraterrestrial presence. And exposing US government policies on extraterrestrial life. And also Kennedy's last stand Eisenhower UFO's MJ twelve and JFK's assassination a lot of really cool stuff. Good to talk about theirs and I would Michael so we're excited about that on farm yeah. So let's bringing Anthony back and he's been good enough to hold onto that long break. Anthony we. A great. Actually I'm slowly usually don't like to and we got. Who like to play that senate having you listen to all the horrible commercials. We're. Already hearing it played all. But agree Mary go yes so you know before we go to break mirrored. We were done talking mostly about up home Austrian and the art of Reading palms most sports the switch the topic to. Some of the predictions you made because you know a lot of work. Like you were talking at military interrupt what a beautiful linen and extra trailed late I explain next step is. Actually the title global reduction to Gordon got his start traveler. And move your anger lately. It will. Column article make written or the troubled young. Over the past forty or fifty years connecting the dark between. The biblical. God political game. The modern gay and Durham. Moreland who recruit and then in the late code or that blank. So Wheeler is getting creative by air. Our usual and he. Youthful. Seemed security alien in Italy. Yeah popular will when they did that aid to return at one point awkwardly cute little longer period where it will be or. Greek religion which will be well. We'll work with the. Yet if that seems to be a more and more discussed and seemingly accepted. Premise. That any word yet that we were visited and settled or created or whatever you wanna say by iams some type of a space travelers. Well like I type. Or course I'm sure you gentlemen ever well it was Edgar Casey. Saw years and years later. That was picked cool stuff started writing an illegal got. His situation like it control you you'll communicate feel like I had no interest in the dark days. But I remember helping the boat. One at that statement out of food that are cheering at the highest tripled animation the galaxy. Is that cookies the end of the reform and an awful every move their. Uncanny in order. Sherri regard. With the attorneys or me. And I article in the Bible especially older car. And I think it will turn that water will be based travel and actually he's. God you'll you'll who. Describe the air. Eric people little oral oral wearing lip. Global hatred and and Heatley global conflict electrical cable and and they crucial electrical little Balkan garbled violently and speak with other. And the ark of the covenant which people could not sure you would die in light. Our current control you're electrocuted because that would fill our trial later theater. Her which will gain it quickly do you do it alone it will be joint call it them of leadership. And the guys did Kutcher and move. October. You are a lot of things we can't because it was. Kicking off her when you were taken in and contribute David Lee got a pilot could go I think a little bit of electrocuted. Anyway. It should be pretty entry at school. Read I should be finished another couple month. It is good publisher anger you know pulled around you guys. Yeah I love to look to take a look at of the let's talk about some of your predictions because you've made some pretty high profile ones and I want it back a little ways. And oh. If Clinton can't live off the critics are old a lot of little prediction because let them kill children till all the and I would call rating he a little. Corey barricade treaty. You know Ali would call it. There are only grand a year stronger for the cutlery and shall we do it'll. It really prediction I think to entertain people because. We had a great column every week and can't expected production to come to come out after Katrina you know that there are. Welcome pokey cake. For entry control the ticket being put forward the particular spot. So prepare. The scary prediction though it may culprit has. The public say it is a little history here. It work we do our corporate altered. In my business is buying linked Griffin has bought by. And is it 100% accurate can play that could collapse in LA after a little bit. A lot of the big guy truth artillery is going to win. Let me tell you. And I think that currently creator flight like Google will do great fatal do they do letter will ever let your current troubled by. Get in the way of biblical truth. Liberated. And I agree with you honestly because I think we we. Prior to the election we had four different psychics on and they all made predictions and and only one of them actually. Believe that trump would win the other three. Believe that Hillary went and that and that's one of the things in. As I get well but as a psychic you're going to get things right you're gonna get things wrong no matter in in no matter what in life that he gonna do you do things are you gonna do things wrong. It happened. We can't. I mean what it's doing garlic for the obvious which I ever get I mean Ali caution are well if you reached. Lately the attacker which will look like a little older than fielder the company's proprietary reading part of the years before we did the murder cultural pull through and other marketing Helen nurturing all the glory no connection or rule. Deaver long shot and who live here and Lou we'll put a little the world theory you can blue gave a little tree years triple. Alicia did her ear by altering these people are there a little quicker expect. I love that little. Old you can't go looking carefully at the others who pulled in the election date ten years Google in my book predictions. I trigger Hillary would be greatly shooter triggered she'll like a creation great area high and politics. I'll be over are there the first fuel for all the credit let me. But it good article black is Orkut dot bill president de facto troll other word. Welcome all. Would need to tackle where a coach Chicago on who you really look at the caller and it's because including will be pulled Pope collection of luck. The jury Maryland but he had a little trouble at all. Welcome all the exerted Erica all similar Carl flying people go to. Only I can learn a look at the literature that they could eerie ought to try to make little creek or. People out of the better. Analogy a little law. Trial under the last flight of the awful leading move you know or have you ever try. In my left correlate the picture of where. Hillary. Thinking neatly in marine and I'm on the right side was Donald Trump which is higher up. Community that help late he was going a little looked old they let a little and that. And that's how exactly. He could actually literary great character handles because they're good but I understand she. Won the popular vote and welcomed there. Yes she'd apparently she did have sons did win the popular vote does not do it for a college sold on the concealer could get confusing. Any way forward that way oval anchored click here Schulberg natural couldn't left reform and little opportunity for its. Some good work through sheer will forgive. And actually let. We're not holding an outrageous here promise that. I'm talked to us about the Princess Diana stuff. You know you you saw some things coming and it was her and obviously was very tragic story. Well I. Keeping all of tiger taken out the older. We'll culture right to left played make you look up there a little appear cool and given what age telling the lord let it rock. A true triangle calculated. I hate when that play the national global. Virtual choir over national globally. There layer it'd chief editor at Joseph all. Abu look at how prediction bolster. Their country go away and there will look good quality health player. And who. What they nearly pulled back within gave lawful contact could hurt her little larger and older. Very little recourse here and right are seen live happily ever after it could up the little darker it is tragic tragic adventure. I heard. The and it will be able. All older vehicle which will involve life miserable or car. As a pair of I that there is tree or lack of what I fear of fish camp are sure. And we'll be old truck of a Craig poultry. Be being. And artery in order I think it was voted well did go people ought to doctor drew and glue hagel. Well remember and record a letter lower approval of blue shirt whose careers. They'll clear a lot bigger. She's married and Rich Little orchestra leader. She'd written back from the immediate. Hello I'm Eric. Gain real quick changing who could prediction ordered originally from people like you do cool indeed there. At least this year to be careful there a couple of things but. I have several later. A little directly in newspapers in the world aren't neutral here. Which director Keating and be accurate these characters. So how how long before her tragic accident did you make those predictions. Although I think you know I think more than a month in her lower. Let us something to do it. And he'd be a fairly. Guy ability we're live there literally are there actual. The company is still very. But there're. Occasionally I'll learn that a truly got helping. Escalate in area I look at it and got action. All right got a little treat all of the something before that a little children. Trouble are. Editor where I'm using my prediction treaty here and ability. Contributing. Actually because we know. Shortly contrary earlier trial. There is the last day of the year which would have been. Before the 31. And Laura barely controlled all week reading in the area and kitty. And didn't make predictions and and I believe there. Prediction of nine elevenths and deserves something completely. Over the world trade Garros. What when you made that prediction of how did you see it happening in what was the prediction. Well I. Playing circling New York I can't let first salute here. I imparts great building. Earned their late every year I'm. The year late ocean and it. The fear. And connect. The create credit building called. Five so the Pentagon has five sided building. Pentagon and they're able to and things crashing incorrect could electrical actual. Although the Arab nation I'm rouge Blake is there a bar and and have little girl. Would be responsible for prolific. I. A new York and the Cutler possibly encourage scapegoating. And a little later that I realize. We were expecting eating at. Are you can't read people who were low cleared the Empire State Building scanning tool because very. Felt bloated that truly love the guy who ever publicly tolerate illegal after the always a laboring to prediction about. Lou York or statue of liberty the bomb and all are well I would always quoted. He couldn't tolerate coloring over the entire physical play gluten can call her and all that in part you'll. Should take our nation is as it hurt me. I overlooked tell me division they're creating encouraged people who building and again will be called killing York. All. Are blaming it all these are Middle East fictional. Tackle America they aired the legal will be devastated player. Lower the ridge turbines and gold medal for critical and color. There's a local mom and learn everywhere after it happened Pierre Ronald Curry got a second Gloria and it bolting to get the actors see the prediction who that nobody helped me too bullish. That's. And Novak gonna play that your a lot of crying because it after like act all the standard to link up. Silly things. I don't think that we have in the opening tree book Andy and and all your regular. Getter another radio show. Or. Take a packet I think it. We are so they're rarely are electrical creatures. And they're much we aren't. Available in compression of the world virtually a little pain in the lead completely. Pavlik come true you're. Who had huge annual health cruel and well look to do with the electrical. There. It'll clean they eat sugar each of the green colonel. Structure here direction the direction of there I love the complete with people a little clear clear the actual little trouble. Ball Bartley Blakey and alien. And television show glee yield. Migration. Re you lead particles and the surge get the other side here the week. We are bombarded with the occasional. Vocal future. All but quite awful idol you do realize what all all getting good example here a year ago. I come in my whole life poking it looked like a little debate cappella. And political element going to the grilled. I cannot parent treated a look like submarine which currently propeller on contradict. I couldn't calling our lynch going up like I like can't make a long before live all the trouble here as troubling. Well of course. Yeah cradle AAF target period Cattrall. Skeptic he wouldn't look and I probably a little to look. Interesting but this go back to the 9/11 predictions. When you had that vision and did you feel strongly enough about it that you felt an obligation to warn people are orchard to kind of scream about a little bit to get some attention. So I called little New York Carl as I had their story for winter ball a little indicators error. Practically around the world record. Be paid care. Protection security group but nobody look you know people look at me. Iranian regularly. We liken it helped Charlie Chaplin lawyer. Guys have been on the other hand you're really care airport definitely. You know I. Here and it's it's got to be it's it's got to be an emotional thing where on one hand you feel good leads to prediction you made. Are true but on the other hand you're looking at the end of 2996. People lost their lives and. When we had a couple rancher who are. And Billy Guerin her political culture that fateful kill them good credit line you're probably printers. Boehner will. German. But it probably working in an injured. And one of the college there and hooters a Philly guy who threw a couple of other little trouble. Climbing over. I was. Indicated an affable like any nuclear alert Kevin. Till age. Of record. Not in coral Harbour holders. That I errors I was plunger in the war and all the people are fairly role. Expecting or you know veteran of world war two and Larry I I want it to exactly say it again. Whoever did a little replica of anyone else and we're analytic I can't agree with ultra open at doing that trophies he's used to having entered illegally about it. Lol is it but I know we're afraid. The lead going economy really had the lead over they'll work out a little or streak. Because. So she really had their. Diplomatic truly can't treat world leaders Khalili creature employees who think only joke. Do you think. Do you think you had I think you have to remember quickly one of one of maybe the mrs. for 2016. Is I think you had actually said something about a world war three in 2016 we have a minute before break. What did you see. Well the true that I feel and to triple play. Poker. Yeah. It will turn different. Worldly and that I could be in 2000 or. Over Arctic is. Then president elect George W. Bush or belittling when he character. The gulf war which shortly after their ballot looked. It won't be long before president elect goal of slow you're the world war. And maybe we'll blow political all the terrible drawing all the patients ever cloture wolf we're tree. Role you know in North America and we're electric decree will go to our. All the needed courage call it determination. Lately look thinner air and the will to control. And being contrite when he got her on rarely click here a little folk who rarely went to military college. At a couple other boring. And you'll find. And Kate cluttered Vietnam. But people will control. Other people is the other people's political waters war. And I can't play here all adoration of art I gotta look. Yeah I'm gonna touch I gotta catch up disoriented we just have to get to this break bulls Wilson who show up when we get back it's beyond reality rating Jason June. I. Builds constantly doing you don't throw the ball to them. Those little things were to run around the house all the time at home if so why not see your hard woods. And let those energetic teams using your workload make those cuts of yours earned their keep. It depends sweeper and now from ground zero to crack sweep yeah. Our special patent technology amounts in the bottom of those four legged freaks throw the ball in the holes and wall face like around trying to stop. Our technology grabs dirt from all over the house. Make your parents do your work the pets Weaver are correct. Has not been tested like animals that they have yet to pitch today. Beyond reality ready Jason JD are still. On number 8446877669. Lot of great programs coming up the rest of the week but before we get to that let's bring her guest and Anthony car the world's most documented psychic also known as a modern day Nostradamus and I'll ask you about that Anthony because I. I bet that next year should read. Where were document like it but don't look at their legal structure. Let's turn out but you know what I think of Nostradamus I think of or more for. Profit than I do. A psychic or someone making predictions percent what's the difference and similarities. Or is it just is just a good tigers. They're. There aren't they in Korea trigger Patrice so that the profit. It'll start thinking even older cooler you know biblical prophet. And that you feared they take well that kind of photo. Become. Well it. Pedestrian so I'm trying to think of something in between there and look at look at anything that the well. I am. The musical that web page there anybody want to check that are. I played Google dot create. Triple covered through their. Will learn B. Sure am OK cool we'll give you chance to formula to go to give those web sites in and you know where he can get the books and stuff before we let you go but I wanted to ask also. About predictions for the coming year can you share some of those with us. Well a couple of done a couple of Eric little security and you'll put that predicts president elect Arnold troll all our children. Got the patent held true in the lower tree within two years he'll quote locals believe rocket. And the president he will never be the same game nothing left didn't gamble. Unloaded a contractual thing is clear a lot of a lot of fairly late night talk show that there are a lot of them are. And little lit the ordinary living leaking at the true. There are some book written by Peter Lawrie. Should there in the years ago Wall Street to consult. Life. All what gave a great tolerance become and and it. And Apollo will increase America will be a guy that its power to the land of blood. The opportunity will be given a little earlier that the medal with the orange all the little longer here at all we'll come. Believe he's that there is watching it. He true V8. Learning. Reckon our our whatever their wildly creative. Little no political pool and continued. Quotes look it's true will not remove laid it for a long. And thirteen year annual general Eric at least there will be election log from all Ike and Peter will be needed. There are global boat came bulky black. Think though he littered. And poultry bishop named or me leading from every bill here at Kirkland. And little collective area left trap that vehicle. Catered. Appropriately at the end of the the year pathetic able. The tape and paper creek and the beginning of are we get well I think authority will literally incorporated to Armageddon. They'll. Current and or it will relate prediction here article or. Director Paul Pope John Paul Hirsch. Would kiloton on the music music. You lower open look at a little longer looking are like speechless. You know I couldn't go to guy who as it will be looked for the most intolerant of course real culture and practice but he'll be murdered. Shall. 34 days later. I curiously after drinking a clinical. And good but he was amazed they actually will have uploading single but. You look at the look Earl beach looked a little extra because. I'm a little problem go to convert books they were the buildings of the Olympic gold looking at all. Heard you there would certainly convened and yet he anchor he that the truck on the all anger. And they called it a little hello hello little bridge with a hand tied behind your back. He's pretty locked in the pocket book by belittle the backing of and they call that they're sure Connecticut hello hello. Well you know so what you what you were saying a minute ago about trump here EU bully yeah. Presidential you know to be V question a lot in the right order truck Russia told him go forward one step back I believe. Who will be of little troll like file little stroller they like okay. Hello there he will trickle. Backlash and well. I know what you're saying Jose you you believe that he'll leave the presidency in two within two years. You know a lot I think they've got a blank feeling and it's hello awful feeling we'll probably get a candy and feet below is. The true. See you here yeah I think all. Here are acting like glue it glue and let alone and let everything electric boat camel. But you know all the crying in the spirit that it cool book. Oil rich is more liquor over cool remote eagle lol anything the book real little. People lol it is quite good moral and law school. And what could survive in the ref who would giggle all you can law idea littered with little real looked like and we look. Electing more thoughtful laughing Lowell from the ground didn't go for fortune like little like a lot of people in control. And they're very mobile very eerie prediction there. Pol Pot could be that social. Grew up here not to pull out here in your car had black if you are William Cohen Wear black hair here. And he'd become kind of learn your American. Cricket affliction I looked clear. Look good for his. His character he's far more probable and learn more. Grateful collect he said local we'll be able lately he's been truly see who can't. Should look. People are literally whichever treaty is going to do elation old flick kick a country a little creepy. He ever heard everybody's culture square in the face he. You know. Not just a mini mini. It'll spoil the rich are collector because they're. Actual budget neutral gather their humility that you already erratic like agreed you have to be toppled I believe the death penalty murder and I glean over. Murder for Procter and pretty dedicated to record learning believing where I grew up Malia. Well see we do entry laurel and you'd like our electric like little little and always bullion and then we'll. You know we're leader Miguel not only make it look you look like chump change. So let's let's continue with Samir other 2017 predictions. Okay people are getting a little. Welcome you to read suffered from off school. It appears that their journey and George H. W. Bush hatred. Or optical problem will actually shook up pretty safe bet. And I mentioned a little other show that will come a little real cool real global work and second when you. Look like go. Politics entered. Like a couple of the guys and they are well. Able to rule and too little for it created quite a little war. Other church helped angle wore blue hole at 240 all of them a couple of she'll be here and he could not see. I see. After her attack on American many older for the visionary. The last five years. And millions of Americans living lord or later that the currently cool. They're quiet but well it'll be ordered quote I live in the country. After Lou attacks on America. Creek will look at different political plot to Canada. If properties Chrysler. Lunar a lunar. Error here and here com account actually replied credit little lift that can lead on the floor it will handle all the cool. Bracket. Quote god got stuck in neutral as well he Marco. In his pandora it shall care. The credit and cash. It pretty well. Cellular increase you know all of them go because like I think that little it is the only way you see credit card. It got pushed Linda euthanasia country's as the map looking for a little shaky become little will. And who they say a terrible period it will be live in London spoiling greens. Can feel pain musical clinical. Well the American coal will leave Europe the key here is all all the fall league. A little air crash between commercial Opel airport in New York City. Either John F Kennedy international. LaGuardia. The trick or two lives life give mechanic lol I think in the you're clearly an airport well. New York and you know your. Wonder the book. The curious case for a little button cultural. You go and Scottish Earl local. They only liquor and hit. Well I always wondered scared a lot of political prediction who will bring on the model it controlled. They're attributing bad. 04 little children get old couple period pretty familiar with the if we're creating shared a eventually. Took the portal that the Asian side you look like low year old little little. Oh yes I'm a smaller than yeah. Go. I buckled. Wondered even before Obama became harder. Different people age spectrum culturally light the light and not be reversed I believe. We have what color are the leaders structuring go to their feet very people who need the ability to reverse the aging Crocker move. We're all independent of danger and and Benjamin. In her button. And you'll be great if we will let leery you be a little bit wolf Turkoglu yodeling. Your fuel Holyoke and then and now. Like eight PP Russia will hold a true. Well the big Canadian papers. Attraction wave good control of the power and control. They aired what doctor Bentley would actually performing at grant and the actually. Pulled the movies. Integral part and here we'll help think that populate the crew there and he'll. Can global cool piece like or tweak them more Google war illegally clearly. I really felt that that. All part of the year and truly spiritual. And goalie of the future I really do believe. Okay hold on hold on right to that will bring you back after the break for a quick wrap up its beyond reality radio would Jason Giambi Duncan got. We should wishes come true. Well now they can. We do wish you each deep. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wishy HD along for the ride. Big behind the campers by that and now I'm getting grabbed thank you we've seen HD. Who wish to teach you use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just did normal to me what is the latest high quality beach jeans. I needed money and fast. I didn't use my with today's. Seven states and Africa thank you wish city state. They're crap go weak UHD. Guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish I. I reality radio Jason Hodges Jim Johnson and to or another night is almost in the book. Sting console and it's been it's been a great night as well written talking with. If the car the world's most documented psychic but. OK you can try very split people who truly one of data won the gold hello poetry. Stroke by collection is it won't be here later the other car if hair color or. One of us now know there completely able to a tournament. Our clinic Chicago way. But the bad guys they're lighter or darker. Your hair ornament what did you hear a little liner yeah. Full one little off whoever trading on the bright side is going off built in help. The other create an adult and who. Put all the port in the current single Ehrlich creator going the other local boat greater things and hello rather it is a big. Which higher cooler connection. Or are you guys where you are you looking regularly. New York State in Rhode Island. So from different places there. Your your your. You're caught you're letting your ballclub I think is well known bulls and. Our location but I'm I'm on Jimmy writes so Clinton but it's either or I should come. Can it create its all good. Yeah I would you know look at Google's doctor drew doing gloom I would tell you look at the eye calculate who glittering back. I'll substitute oil I think he lets them looking lying your recollection there are what I can control that picture. Well no I absolutely and I logged on television I. I don't think people are going all the great things can you both got great great deal voices. Good little iron with the squeaky little voice. An hour and all you're you're fine but I've done television for the last we'll talk their genius and I learned so I. You're gonna create television. How political will backed group the television. Well OK Anthony who what are. Or. Or basically at a time here and we appreciate your coming on the we want to do armed let folks know eight you know what website you've got the you might want people to visit our trying to get the books. He says the end. Namely a critical Richard Anthony Carter. Thank god global. And. Secure and moving their music being. We failed at the local public or harmful error illegal near term. Care. Or eight game will be able AD regulatory bank robbery or hear directly to. He creating where it happened like he kept getting caught collegial in every country should try a little network. I. But I have a blank gang does create for a couple of being cougars you know K eagerly. Former political triple creek farm. Iranian are black and democratic ticket perish than a lot of the other high energy. Eric I think what these other guys look at Gallup coffee be so big foot very relaxed laid back. Experience Larry I think you'd hear election less danger a full audience for our area injuring. Pulling thank you very much for coming up with a four to talk to you again. All right thank you. Anthony car by the way the web sites antique car psychic and cars spelled with two arsenal Anthony's car psychic dot com is Anthony's. Mean website so what do you think of without prediction Jereme Perry you know one of us going back to TV you can imagine that happening I don't know. I or anybody would accomplish anything like well how is that possible. On the matter why that is you know of course there's some things in the works that and I'm working on nine I can't say too much but if it's. Actually looking really good Leonardo I'm next week a little bit. About. No matter what I'm still Hillary this my passion here we then we've been loving what we do there were billed business. And it's really it was got four more weeks and it jumps up to four times five times in organizations or on right now. And so that's something I'm sticking with the other thing is something that looks like human be doing anyways but. It'll it'll be on certain days that warmth and it's sad that that's what's so great. So it's all good Vermont right I live life that we would studios in our own places or no and mean and don't get me wrong you'd be even even better for hanging out side by side. But in this is something that we that I wanna give back into form for many years since. So to did beyond reality radio a channel and years ago and today it was such a huge hit them. And Jim you and I have sought. We've always done great with this and honestly we've surpassed what it was in. Those years back so. You know and I'm I'm seven fondling. Analyze you know I've been in radios since I was sixteen years old and you know got so lost 63 years now and a fifteen years now. I've got a lot of I mean it's been in my blood since it was a teenager so I love being here behind this microphone every night and an eternity crippled on the force for me it'd be you know if so done it all under. Everything in fact owned radio stations for a lot of years so and it is me and my blood but I'm you SeaWorld Werth threw him media sees this you know I I gotta say I think there's Sims there's still some hysterical blindness going on from all else some folks and you know in his media hyping things that a lot as the it's crazy and a lot of information yet so I think come I think we on the take a deep breath here and downs and kind of let things play out in a there's a lot of there's a lot of safeguards in place that if if it was in fact heading in that direction I think that there are ways to stop that and I'm I don't see that that's not what I'm fearing right now. Now you term I'm just some cheering. Just the disconnect or. Separation. Through all of people in this country I know that's where it's got to candidates Kara. Now rectify that's what drives me crazy we've we've got a politician here and Rhode Island whose costly posting. Negative things and I satiric and I think it seems Sicily. And and the one thing is Ernie don't fuel them and anger to fuel hatred. You know try to figure out a way to reconnect everybody I think that's the most important for. But math or can you say. Well eight I mean there's such vitriol all coming from all corners right now and I mean it. You know I haven't been around for that many presidential elections but I can say that evolved of all of them this is some this one has just been resulted in the most. But disunity and discord I'm among. People on opposite sides is just unbelievable to me and and you know win win the other side won eight years ago I don't remember this kind of reaction. There was there was definitely negative reaction is that little a little it was it wasn't this this out. But there was some really negative things I mean some of the sort of things before posting about and President Obama on. And sacking and I think we're very uncalled for but. You know Ryan can you get that here that that's fine but I mean here and yet it's definitely I agree with you and it's you know it's beyond. And beyond what was initially said you know I and then you remember back to the clintons Armenia at Rush Limbaugh's insulting if Chelsea in salt. And is one thing I'm talking about people rioting and burning things and Eric introduced. You know end and that kind of thing that's different it's a different level but don't. Only a big shout out to our guests Anthony car for coming on hanging out listening soon sharing some of his predictions for him next year's council that don't come true but com. Our and we get great show tomorrow if you haven't heard yet head over to FaceBook dot com and like the FaceBook page FaceBook. Dot com slash beyond reality radio. You listen and Jason and javy really have received title schedule in my. And young young comedian is produced by sleep good yeah include music Alexandria Johnson's. Connery I'll. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.