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Is President Trump right, are high school students smarter than Judge Robart? 2/8/17

Feb 8, 2017|

President Trump responds to Judge Robart over his travel ban hearing. President Trump said, “If you were good in high school or a bad student in high school, you can understand this.”

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206 here on the great WRK. Told though voiced some bus then okay my friends. As I speak to you now. We are awaiting a major ruling from the ninth circuit court of appeals for regarding the president trumps. Temporary. Refuge he slash travel ban. I affecting seven. Islamist country X. To repeat because you need to be aware of this Iran Iraq Syria Yemen Libya Somalia should dawn. Through Rio of those seven countries. Have been specifically designated by our own State Department. As one of the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world. The other four countries. Are completely rack and overrun. By bloody civil war. Where they have become huge safe havens. For al-Qaeda for ice this or for radical islamists. And so. President trump as he promised he would do was a centerpiece of his campaign. Said I will begin to secure the borders. And begin to implement a system of quote on quote extreme Manning unquote. In other words let's have a three or four month Paulus. From some of the most dangerous countries in the world because we don't know who they are. There's no proper screening or vetting procedure in place. So we're bringing in all these people from some of the most dangerous countries in the world. Where ice is is openly boasting and bragging that they are in full trading their ranks of refugees. To slaughter us here on the streets of the United States. And all the president the sings is so common sense it's the it's the bare minimum. All he did was the bare minimum. Saying okay too we get a proper screening and vetting procedure. That's hold off hey better safe than sorry. And implement a proper system's so we know who's coming in was not. Properly checked their backgrounds. Properly vet him properly look at him look at their backgrounds and make sure we're not admitting. Potential G artists are terrorists who want a slaughter and behead Americans. Well a federal judge. They moon battle liberal judge. Judge roll Bart based in Seattle. Issued a temporary restraining order but walking. Trump's legal constitutional. Frankly more roll executive order. This is now being appealed to the ninth circuit court of appeal it's good to the ninth circuit now it signal is the most liberal court in the country. There have been arguments back and forth between people have been suing primarily Washington State and Minnesota. Those Hutus states suing trump over this executive order and of course lawyers for the Justice Department. The order the ruling forgive me on this order is expected very soon source he was gonna what the ruling is going to be. But morning speech a blistering speech. Delivered by president trump to a major share assists OC nation. All the president did. All he did. Was simply read out the wall the statute and the law. And with the statute and the law school clearly sense it is in black and white. Is that the president of the United States. How Isabel power. To prevent. Any quarter on quote aliens. Or costs of aliens meaning foreigners. From entering the United States. If he deems it a risk to national security. The law. Couldn't be freaking clearer. So how is this order illegal it is and how is his order extra judicial it is and how is this order unconstitutional. It is in its. Listen now to president trump. Read out the exact. The wording of the law. And he's asking the question. Are you serious. What I just did. Is expressly. Allow old. In the law it's almost verbatim. What the law allows me and enables me to do. Roll it Jared. And he made by proclamation. And for such period as he shell game. Necessary now the only mistake is they should just that he or she. But hopefully it won't be sheet for at least another seven years after the animal. Didn't. I just noticed that actually. Just noticed and I'm saying whoa this is now politically correct. It's correct but it's not politically correct it and does the old days. He may by proclamation. And for such period as he shall deem necessary to hear this. People coming and suspend. The entry. Of all aliens. Christians it's not like again. A high school student would understand bingo. Anybody would lose bingo suspend the entry of all aliens. Or any class of aliens as immigrants or non. Or imposed on the entry of aliens. Casey could suspend the aliens. Can suspend him from coming. Are strong. Had war imposed on the entry of aliens any restrictions. He may deem. To be appropriate. Okay. So you can expand you can put restrictions you can do whatever you want and this is for the security of the country. I. His clothes. As my grandfather would say full stop. I mean look honestly I mean the lyrics are probably just dropped the Mike there that there is like what what sorry but what are we arguing a vote. What are we suing about. What are we are deliberating about. There's an its crystal clear what the leftist trying to do. And listen please listen to my words now very carefully okay. There you know how they invented a right to abortion. To you in the pen no broad of the enemy nations of the Cliff Lee returned that was used. By via the court to justify Roe vs. Wade they just came up with the right to abortion just literally willing Millie. On the constitution match well in the pen number. Did so facto kill your baby. They're trying now to create. An imaginary. Limited amid up right. For anybody in the world. To immigrate. Or and heard the United States. What they're trying to do what you think about this. They're trying to take the constitution. Which was written expressly. For America and for American citizens. And legal immigrants and residents. Okay. And applying it to the entire world. I've said it before it's in irrefutable argument. How does a Syrian refugee. In some who mule around. Or how does some Iraqi. In some little desert waste land of a town a village. Suddenly have a right to come to the United States. To immigrate to Trout hole to whatever. Acclaim as you have the right to do that. Because if you grant that right. Europa you're literally opening the floodgates. Anybody can comment anybody. Bore hole. Pew research. Did a major international poll about 34 years ago listen Paris. Over who believe in all the world's citizens. Said if they could they would immigrate to the United States to a billion. You grant this right. You are opening the floodgates for us to be swamped to be crushed. By potentially billions and billions of people what this judge is trying to do is essentially say it's George Soros. It is open borders through the back door. It's you have no right to secure your borders you don't even write you now the right to have a border. Basically what the leftist trying to do now is saying that they're basically just like little administrative units. Yeah and it's like on a checkerboard or something and I says yeah. I mean it technically you know V. Something called America. Exists here. And something below it called the main call exists there. And something called Canada just above it exists there and you cross an ocean or some something. A province so little to the World Bank Ingle and and German but you know it doesn't matter because you can just go anywhere you want. Except. The magical. See you walk just passed a ban on Americans going to Iraq. You see you walk can enforce its borders. Mexico can enforce its borders. Turkey can enforce its borders Saudi Arabia or if you're Christian don't what you went. Unless you're there on a work visa. And even then very temporary work visa and then your route don't bring across 'cause it's not allowed and don't bring a Bible because it's meant. And god forbid you should try to break or have worship service on Sunday. Because then you wind up in prison OK but let that go. He's a 1000% correct. And then you now have the what you think about this so after he makes a shot takes a shot at the judge calls an assault called judge and that says even about a high school student. You would do a better job in this judges interpret the law not what you think the argument is now from the media and from the Democrats. Peace now threatening the judiciary. He's now intimidating. Judge is all my god how Bill Murray speak out against a ruling until we actually you know all flap his mouth up and down. In front of a sheriff's association from a microphone and say no we should've sent. The judge acted stupidly. That's what he should've sent because Obama had no problem saying that about the Cambridge cop but let that golf. President Obama. NH State of the Union Address. Chastised. Justices. Of the Supreme Court over the Citizens United decision. He bashed them who their face. Toward their fakes. He in fact threaten numb to a their fakes. No problem. No problem. In fact. There's a brilliant story I believe with some power line when the best blogs in the country I don't but don't quote me on this 'cause like I do a lot of Reading so a lot of information going through my brain. So it may be powerline I'll get the exact so that exact source for your promise. They did a study. Knoll president criticized or brush judicial decisions more. Then president Barack Hussein Obama. Clinton criticized judicial decisions. Reagan criticized judicial decisions Nixon criticized judicial decisions hell FDR one of the pack the Supreme Court. He was so upset would many of the rulings are overturning key parts of the new deal. You want the packet. Met him I was giving him a ton lashing he wanted to packet but FDR know he's the greatest president of all time according to the moon bats. Trump. It's it's a hot about high school is reading to you the law and similar about a high school student knows more. And all of a sudden there it is he's a bit according to CNN he's a dictator. According to MSNBC. Com now he's threatening judges all of Vladimir pull them. Will we know. On Monday. An aura against had a jar just give you one more minute. On Monday. He was the first full week day. Of refugees being allowed now to pour into the United States in the wake of judge robards. Temporary blockage or restraining order on Trump's executive order who can't. On 113. Refugees came in. On Monday just Monday that the State Department issued visas to all of them on that it. We don't know who they are who they belong to what they want a deal vacant lot and we just let him right on and 100. Were from Syria. Twelve were from Iraq. One was from Somalia. Is it right away on the state department's own website look it up don't take our word for it. All of all of those 113. Refugees in one day. That just poured in on Monday. And askew. Ballpark. You know what the Christians now being slaughtered all over Syria and the Middle East. Any walk in Syria. Any questions you think report that 113 ticket yes. Fifty back. Jeff come on one and a man. Ten. And Jeff please tell me there was one question among the 113. Refugees. Asked. Zero. All 113. Were Muslims. Enjoy draw Bart if one of them turns out to be a jihadist forum an Islamic terrorist. May god have mercy on your soul. Because you could be a lawyer. We don't have to be alone. If you are good student in high school or a bad student in high school you can understand this. And it's really. Incredible to me that we have a court case that's going on so long. Through 27 here on the great WRK. Oh president from. Really criticize this chews out there ridiculous. Mourn about liberal judge. That has blocked his executive order is now being debated in fact it was debated from the ninth Circuit Court. We are expecting a ruling any time soon John in need elm Europe next go ahead John. I don't I'm. Good. You know it just goes to show you signed adult liberals cement courts system that was weird and trump is going to. A tough time every single term I don't know are you get over that but anyway. Having said that he's done what he can. What this illegal. Immigration stuff these these symbols back on to the taxes and Obama kicked. Can defeat does that make these loans and is is backing from all that's important. He needs to do that if he just does Obama care and taxes and we are and ended the that is the F Supreme Court. They can we track as the best president a long long time. Amen amen John he cut taxes you knock out obamacare and replace it with a really good system. You get a conservative Supreme Court you secure the border. I'm telling you we're gonna start talk or a start comparing him to Reagan James. Illinois you know are you calling from Illinois university games. Hello James. Did we lose James OK all we in Maine and says if Illinois university and a fees from Maurice Illinois university. Tony and main Europe next go ahead Tony. I'd just backed the take my call my pleasure. Just a couple of points against number one. These people are immature and in journalism are kind of slipping out trump or criticizing. You know I judge well I followed. Obama during his State of the Union Address where he. On a very recent rulings. Humiliate. Seriously they were Citizens United Tony. They were Citizens United and you're completely right he humiliated. The justices. He gave a much tongue lashing to move their faces. He went to New York Times said heroic. The Washington Post well deserved. He was getting applause they were throwing roses at the guy there were blowing him kisses. It was a pro or encourage. By wearing trump and he's reading I mean that's certainly he's reading from the statue. He's reading from the free instead shoot. And says look I mean am I a thirteen year old a horrible high school student I'm. I'm telling you Donald on this I disagree with you. Our third grader. Looking at this says what's what's the issue it's completely legal. And what's with its Kosher what's the problem. He is trying. It's obvious they are trying to undermine him and subvert him through the boot liberal judiciary. What this is these judicial liberal tyranny. And that's why I stand with Donald. Through 37 here on the great WRK. Always always you can text that sets 68680. I just a little bit quick housecleaning. I have a call mom is going viral is going everywhere. Why liberals hate Halm Brady. Please if you can corner country read it pass it on to your friends colleagues. We have to stand up to the left so attempt. To go after somebody just because they decided to support Donald Trump is a devastating expose a and I shame the Boston liberal media you can find it at wrko.com. Slash. Corner KUHNER. You can text that says always 68680. This is from 857 Jeff. Very surprised you didn't mention last night's debate on CNN. Ted Cruz vs Bernie Sanders. On Obama care cruise was off some 857. Crews destroyed them I mean you dumb all wish them. I mean honestly. If this was a fight it was like a third round knockout. Just. Couldn't get it on Vietnam. On the on the on the schedule today because you're so much other things to talk about now. Speaking of president trump. In an interview with a Bill O'Reilly. The president unlike George W. Bush. Unlike make a maniac unlike Mitt Romney. Is refusing. To allow the democratic media. To peddle fake news after fake news and liable and smear him relentlessly. He is fighting back. He is giving as good as he's getting. And so in an interview with the Bill O'Reilly on Fox News said you know what I do. I get up in the morning. And I read the major papers. And terrorist dishonest. And ask crooked. As they come roll it. Jared coming always do you work. Important long hours long harassment at school. 12 o'clock 1 o'clock in the morning you can keep trying to get up. 5 o'clock all right and you working after I read I read the papers I've seen what's going on television tonight take a look. I don't seem to lie is that you know live the lives of that's another thing. I was getting so good tracks you know as a business guy can't get presented it and now I have never. Cycle and you don't think it is. Some of the networks of some of the papers. It's so just say the level of dishonesty and I know good from bad choice to take something that should be good stood in fact sometimes us on this going to be nicer here so what. And they will be purposely totally change and what's at stake here is why are they doing. Well because I'm on the other side of the equation I don't think they that they did it to Reagan but not as much why no I don't finish I don't know. I just think that it's just the other side of the calling its a you know they call themselves progressive which is a beautiful word that. It's not truth even when you look at what have you I don't know I think you don't like my mind I don't think you like anybody on our side. I know you a long time and I know you know when people attack you personally that bothers you. So there's saying that your anti Muslim they're saying that your anti black you're saying that you anti poor. Do you respond because you do come back. I always respond I mean but it does it hurt our feelings that they are making you into hater no because they're always doing the first thing they do. With the Republicans or conservatives. Is a racist card to collect the racist but they always do that not just me and they do it with everybody. And I CNET and once you know that you feel a lot better about it. Look he's completely right. You know he's right it is the same thing to Reagan on Mike. They try to reduce him to rubble they turn they try to turn him into the second coming of king gets com. I mean dole nine east. There's some years. He. Then there's the constant lied bulls against him they're ridiculous attacks on him. Almost as hysterical almost as over the top what they're trying to do now to trump because they fear him. And they fear his agenda. And one of the things they fear. Is that for the first time. Any long. Time in fact is Brittany put it to me before you know in our meeting before we do the show today. It's taken eight years we waited eight years for president. To deliver a speech to law enforcement the speech that he delivered this morning to a sheriff's association. And so finally he told them. You're gonna have somebody in the White House who's not an enemy who's looking to assure you in the back but somebody who has your back. And as he told them I'm gonna side with you. I'm not gonna side with the black lives matter. I'm not gonna side with the social justice warriors I'm not gonna side with Pete lawless protesters. The anti cop big gated protesters on the streets. Did base. All the law enforcement. Not having support from the White House are over. Who listen to trump. Fire up all of the sheriff's. At a major speech this morning roll it Jarrett. Our police officers sheriff's deputies. Risking their lives every day. And they're entitled to an administration. That has they are back. The first step in restoring public safety is affirming our confidence in the men and women charged with upholding. Our laws. And a win and justices and judges. In the again and I'm very proud to have picked. Judge course should who I think is going to be an outstanding member of the Supreme Court have stated. So I'd like to begin my remarks were they declaration issued to all of you and deliberate. To every member of the law enforcement community all across the United States. My message today is that you have. A true true friend. In the White House. You alleluia. Alleluia. Can you imagine Obama even saying anything remotely close to this. I mean just look at how. Penner. Who look culture what you with the Germans called design guy next. The sort of just beat the overall atmosphere. In the country has changed. You have a president who now vows to rebuild our military delivered a brilliant speech. Saying the hauling on of our military is over or going to be the most the greatest and strongest most effective fighting force on earth. Nobody wanna mess with us. He's got the veterans backs he's got the military's backs now he's got a law enforcement backs he's got. It's about time we have a president who puts law and order first the Cambridge police. Acted. Stupidly. It was eight years of this. Running down the cops. Shoot first ask questions later. Always demonizing the police. Always going after the police. Always trying to somehow humiliate the police always undermined the police. Well as trump put it today. And I think this one the big winds of his speech. He says from now on he borrows zero tolerance. For acts of violence against law enforcement. In other words what he's really sank. Is to block wives matter. And all these domestic hate groups out there. Think it's been open season on the police. The war on the police. The war on cops he's going to end. There's a new sheriff in town. 6172666868. Is the number James in Winthrop Europe next go ahead Jenks. Eight yeah I economic and I'm good how are you. Well thank. Yeah. A plane bank acted talk about it he would. Calling specifically. You played the question that Bill O'Reilly asks trump why do you think there. You know the media is doing it to you and it does say they are gonna say what I wish it shocked at certain speech today. When he mentioned we knew when he ran it. You know a lot why did you witty he can do to. Point out to the American people he really needs to try to do it all out war on the media and not just take your sale they don't like you know their lives in what I. You need to explain the American people. The reason they're doing this and the answer to bill rallies questioner should answer was there. The media wants the people upset they want an industry they want them what they now. And the best way to do that. Is to keep them under one that you know darn well now is right to do what he's doing. But the key in ma because they want everybody get up in arms because that puts pressure on the judges who puts pressure on. Congress to put it's all about just plain to gain key everybody's you know uninformed or under informed brilliance that. Gains to help the people go right to the people's religion. There's a lot of good people in the media understand what journalism is about the there's a lot of people out there that have an agenda and the agenda is. There you know diminish my ability get things done. And the only way to do that is to turn you against me. And the way to do that you eat you uninformed misinformed O meter per patient tweet information whatever it is. And you need to when you see your what you hear or read in the news. You need to use you know to be very skeptical on it and ask you know. Where this person comic. Ringo are opening go James honestly phenomenal call look. What I what I said is this because they're Democrats. The media are Democrats. They work for the opposition party they called themselves to a journalist or not they're demo of what they are is they're democratic operatives with the byline. And you nailed it James. The only way they can swap trump now because you know he's got the White House they have both houses of congress so when they're gonna have the Supreme Court. Is still so galvanize its so foment and whip up hatred. So keep up this climate on this area. To get people out on the streets and pro Palestinian yelling and screaming and that in the sky is falling so it puts maximum pressure say on judges. To rule against him. In other words create a climate of fear and hatred and hysteria. That's why he's pulled me he's a dictator he's gonna start killing journalist and you what I find incredible. Here you have him doing this executive order. Which is 1000%. Within his responsibilities. And powers and prerogatives as commander in chief opponent. Is the executive branch this bear. In black and white. Almost verbatim. But when all mama. You served congress. When he usurped the legislative branch. Where he behaved blatantly illegal Lee unconstitutionally. Violating the separation of powers violating checks and balances take the executive amnesties. Doze executive orders. I mean not only were they. You cannot change the immigration laws of this country with out the consent of congress I mean it's again it's. It was so one constitution wasn't freaking funny I didn't see them complaining. Cool then you're supposed to rubber stamp everything he does help congress is supposed to funded according to the moon bats in the media. But we're here you have a president. Doing exactly what he delineated powers are from the founding fathers to port America's Arab Americans this security and safety first car. What the judge who overruled it but the judge or he issued a temporary restraining order the easiest legal. These are constitutional. We have to defer to the judges. Good judges know better than trump. If I'm Donald Trump. I've been telling them this in private moment say it now in public. Your enemy is not just the Democratic Party and the establishment Republicans. Your enemy is an out of control corrupt media. They are out to destroy you they're out to politically assassinate chew. Dave declared war on you. It's time you declare war on them. Do 56 here on the great WRKO. OK Brady's got some breaking news. So Brady apparently you're you're telling me that there's gonna be no ruling from the ninth Circuit Court. On Trump's travel ban today corrects correct nothing today so nothing today but it brings tomorrow okay. Tony and Gloucester go ahead Tony. And Jeff I have a comment in that I wanted to go up a notch yes I'd I'd been watching all the the dealings with the woods sessions. And thinking about it because I mean session for about a slam dunk I'll try to ensure that the easiest of all of them. But I remembered a line at Hillary Clinton's schedule or inner circle when she said if I quote we all go out. And I think there that's why they're really because they know sessions and a character that is people are gonna go after her. Majestic kept up an archer obelisk that warns people listening. If Martin Luther King a Republican was still alive today. And Donald Trump put him out for attorney general they beat painting him as a racist. You're completely right. There you're a 1000% right. Martin Luther King was only a Republican. He believed in a color blind society. You believe there were all equal in the eyes of god the rural made in the image of god. And that you should judge somebody by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. And for the moon bats like Elizabeth Warren they consider that bigotry. Because all they see skin color all they see is identities all they see is race. Look I gotta say this OK and I really gotta say this when the people Massachusetts. Honestly. What are we gonna say enough is enough. You know it's one thing honestly it's one thing to be a liberal. It's one thing to be out progressive. Well it's one thing to even be a moon back. OK we had meany mean we had Deval Patrick we've got Ed Markey Matt cola. I want to look secular bull op I want to take your ma I mean OK I get it. But she's a buffoon. I mean really she's a clown and a buffoon. She's like an adolescent child. And now. To be humiliated like this. And she and deservedly so. To be to hold. By the senate majority leader Europe you're violating the basic rules of decorum and civility in the senate. Like a little child literally you might a year OK I'm all for you all OK ash can sit mount. There about going in the corner. Time now. What is she five. It's gonna help her in the short term. I do I think already see the liberals galvanizing and rallying around her she's getting a lot of national attention she's playing the victim. But I'm telling you in the long run I mean this for the election. The people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are gonna get sick and tired her act is getting olds. It's. Kind direct tire that chief. Okay my friends not. I need another hour do Y need another hour okay my friends I got a goal you've been listening to Jeff Cohen our Boston's bulldozer. And together. Work cleaning up. Vol liberal. Bull.