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Boston's Talking With Brian Dalton. 2/12/17

Feb 12, 2017|

Brian discusses President Trump considering rewriting his travel ban.

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Instill flattened bloated though the voice of the Boston is. You find WRKO. Bust in 937 WE IHD two Lawrence Boston is 7 o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen. North Korea firing off a missile into the Sea of Japan the country's first big missile test of the year. The US Strategic Command says the North Korean missile launch was not an ICBM and pose no threat in North America. It happened as Japanese prime ministers in July abbate is being hosted by. The president at his Florida resort North Korea launched its ballistic missile as president trumpet in Japanese prime minister shin so I dissect down to dinner at Trump's golf club in morrow on both Florida. President trump said the US would stand behind Japan. I just want everybody to understand didn't fully know that the United States of America stands. Behind. Japan. It's great ally. 100%. The prime minister of Japan's said the launch was intolerable but neither leader said how the US or Japan might respond to the North Korean launch. Aaron could too risky ABC news New York president trot this tweeting this morning about his immigration policies the president posted quote the crackdown on illegal criminals is merely. The keeping of my campaign promise gang members drug dealers and others are being removed. It comes as immigration officials carry out what they they are routine arrest sends sane not tied to trump administration policies. ABC's tie Hernandez tells us some without criminal records are also being arrested agents of US. Immigration and customs enforcement known as ice carried out with their colleagues in enforcement surge arresting undocumented immigrants in raids across the country. 161. Deportations in Los Angeles alone. No apologies from president Trump's new Homeland Security secretary John Kelly. There were picked up there were. Subject to removal and men and women devices are we going and executing. The law which is what our Jarvis and most though not all of those arrested had criminal records. ABC's Ty Hernandez reporting. You're listening to ABC need. 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Boston is talking with Randolph on the voice of las. Bowl. Where it got lost in this is Boston's talking with Brian Dalton high adorned. A lot to talk about today he did to trump travel ban the ninth Circuit Court. We've not reinstate he had traveled in their hands on the we have some patriots. Done some pretty good players that are refusing to go to the White House stating that they wouldn't feel comfortable. And I have supposed to quote. And we gonna talk about the visit of the Japanese premiere the Japanese president and we column I think this is premieres at the premiere of iron and it. Prime minister they are. Japan scenario. Prime minister of Japan like the music's plan gets me praising. So the prime ministers can came once again North Korea fired up and medium range missile it landed in the Sea of Japan. And we're back to it every president does and what China does nothing when their dog on the leash. Gets loose and causes trouble and do nothing about it. So we have trump and tangled that my father done kind of awed if you wanna give us call 6172666868. Some element. That may board has done MacKenzie calls so. Speed but he reiterated. President trump that he had we had absolutely. Hero we unilateral. Support far. For a Japan against Korea's aggressions with DL and nuclear. Setting off an infinite range missile. In done during the campaign I don't know if you remembered not he actually was very clear all the fact that used in her you know revisit. All these alliances that tend to get us into into wars as you said so well on Danny's coming and I think it's up to explode. To try to get us into try to keep aside that but he didn't you know. So for DNC's day I think we're what we're realizing is that we have some alliances that we have to keep we have had allies such as Israel. And not go too far in Toobin is not a subject you can talk what you want is Israel. Mom with I read and Saber rattling. With the United States the United States and with with Henry and over rants. Provocative statements he had states in the United States lack of patience with I ran in dealing with this deal that. A former President. Obama made with them. It really does jeopardize Israel and its position. Strategically in national security way and when Netanyahu does come to the White House I think it's going to be huge concern. I'm with him and he may have to make some amid a call us now. He may have to make some serious. Decisions. And oh some of them might be military decisions terrorist is air force. To maybe knock helped us threats and on and the end I'm just telling you. From national security point of view for her ally in the Middle East. That this might have happened so if you wanna call and I know we have Symbian and now 6172666868. And I will mention that on February 20 theft. That Cowell wounds restaurant. A team comes she Jeff Brittany and I. Enjoy and in we're going to be putting on the firearms class is going to be in Massachusetts firearms class in Utah class we can take either. And does include but are you can't go to college or Dodi ripening so that is the system. We're gonna feed GO here and tell you become you can receive certification. I'm gonna say there is right now. Well I think we all thought we drove gaudy and things are gonna be stable then. Is getting Torres is. Now it's a good idea to go to class and it's a lot of fun in mean a lot of you know listen to the show. And he'll need Jeff could learn and build we'll have a lot of and. And and and have one of the guys that were black hawk down one of the Rangers are a lot. May panel off sun up yet on who called. He's yup it's a comment you can talk to him the ball. Being in Somalia when was he was there his character was in the movie. While it's also you just click on. Yeah I took a classical multistate class at the school. Who became friends he's a great great guy since we all these great pictures scarlet Knight and all the other guys are movie. And explains it really really happened. We super six and other Blackhawks who went down we do the training down at Otis the black hawk you know if you know that we train and frank so why I've been in the Blackhawks second only imagine with this. Four as a 400000000040. Million dollar aircraft to think it's funny 401000040. Million Daytona. I think when was the trainer I was and due to flight simulator on bank it's 4400 point one. But I think that's the 400 million so why are probably going down in this thing. In a market talk what other almond or anything for I can't do that but. You going down on most things in that fence systems the ECM's electronic countermeasures that called if we have missile come out. All that stuff just it was amazing imagine guys went out let. February 25 ethic Kowloon restaurant. It's at 9 AM. I'm you bring the family Purdue kids get to have the kids get an FID caddie fifteen and have to can do so. I'm you can gather and Massachusetts. But the U tell multistate global. For 150 dollars plus a male ticketed day. That's who I'd take a call and check that we have we have. Lou an island. Lure out your boss is likely Bryant alternate Brittany and any. They don't Brian pretty hate Britney remember tiger or are headed beyond left starting to organize like the snowflake brigade retarded at an earlier this week. Yes they. Just. What you have groups student can't brigade in your head that Lee had done a mach five brokerage your data. You know all these other colleagues other lefties that are trying to like get tough. You know the fight club's. Pretty developed a cream publicly update you are called all the whole group the whole thing is like you you mentioned this. What you are you start your show. I don't know it's not going to be easy course it's not going to be easy. But but look so let's let's take a step back. If Hillary was in there and out you be putting you in this probably a very extreme left Supreme Court pick who would probably go along with any. Of her. Her executive orders we gave the audience boatloads of refugees to order deep wide open. Other military be weaker. Iran would be even stronger than it is now I mean. And and there'd be more political correctness and all aspects of society be like a basically. A politically correct Stalinist style dictatorship of the left. We're dealt with the media instead of going after our widgets kissed up to her and promote her whatever it could so let's look it's. That's look at completely avoided now what we started really we don't have this you have the snowflake brigade take by Soros. And all these guys coming out and and depending or a lot of innocent people who were like Fred this. Garbage that these are poor refugees and that this is what the Holocaust. And that and that we have to keep them here and got all these. People who were rich people in Newton and all over the country you know he's rich suburbs and I would sing. Try to take up all these refugees when you look at a picture of the rookie geez he seemed like. Most of them are eighteen to 45 year. Yet they're fighting age men hate us and what do you think the travel being do you led right into that what do you think of the travel ban. I think what he needs to do now is it if you can't get it the first where he needs to reduce the travel ban angry about the open with the Muslim part project say. And start promoting it as protecting the American people look at the form located at him while I finish probably. He gave to promote the fact that a lot of people love to do that they did during these countries. After the big cars were involved and some kind of terrorism or caught and the other thing about it is is that he what he needs to also institute. Is very very very extreme setting where he looks at all of their social media and let the American public that we can't let people and without proper documentation. And used cash being out into the triple. OK so you yeah exactly salute. I'm the vetting so if we if he does rewrite it right to executive order and we just basically say we docket a lot I think the problem here was. What do we just went by the State Department list you know the state Obama releases travel ban analysts. Yeah if we went by that State Department travel Dallas and we increased it a little more maybe rightly think Brett. And we said we're not just connect identify. Muslim countries and die every identify everybody term England from Ireland different film from Italy. Where view from. Until we get a handle on who's here we're not gonna take anybody else and unless it comes on the lake at each one visa will we need international security reasons that thing. Like I also think he lets the media did the narrative on the sleeves and medias on their kids to listen isn't a Muslim BI signs of travel ban and Jordanian side group flew on us I think it was connected through the courts and you gonna have to redo it and that's why keep telling. And saying you should address the nation on us some tweeting about it get out there and explain and stop flooding in the media. West you're executive water that's what's happening. What you need to do it to extreme betting for everybody told me exactly thank him and that your clothes off the southern border typically come in that way too. As start magic bringing up the fact that he's going to protection he does say that. What we need to do it even more these protecting the American people from criminal. Look at them ever at MS thirteen coming in from from the south and other criminals coming into this altitude and do extreme betting. Everybody it's going to be like it but you're Muslim and note no matter who you are coming into this country. We're going away it Arabic news editor Gerri extreme way blue people that's what did you do. Lou people I think it only for national security reason should be and now. Because we lack sciences and math now right we're really world really weaken that right Brett we do we think the country's really weak on it. So for for real Silicon Valley for all these different areas. We really do need these folks to command from China earn from India to kind of do this until we can get the education system back online. In north they did do and now even bring it up and trading him firing Americans. And then sending them back to India where regional trauma and then. Setting him up and India to do to work for them I know that that's a big act such huge scam that got that worked H one. I know this could be reached but don't you think we needed we do lactose it sort we studied we don't lack jedi can be punished more Americans to help you write really do hope you're ready or not and if we don't we looked. But because it's something I'm I'm a lot older you guys. I remember. The on the moon landing and Emery Emery shut the astronauts up in the did you ever. What was or is that movie that won about giant land. The right stuff. We had side are scientists were types are being imported a budget Germany's big part of our teacher we did some modest but aren't scientists German rocket program are that are made abort sites you're the best of world. Because you emphasize science. We emphasize technology. And I'm glad that you deposit and never are probably maybe have some schools little dude right now holds a delicate political correct cracked. I hope you're right I hope you're right well good call buddy could coral here. It's still great call from long yeah so I guess the question as I mean said he just. You know with Brett pop and throw out that old executive water and do and a lot and see what happens and I definitely think that. You know the media has twisted dance and turn events do you know that he's rounding people up and shipping them out you senate he's letting them take the point on yeah Ronald Regan when the below this he would win for the American people we sorry. In real real blanket and I think she show you that I agree you take a leadership role get off your head Twitter feed and and get out there and make a statement that's just saying like. I don't want my president to. Beyond what are all the time like I wanna see ML wanna hear from you now and he was reading at the other day you read it from. The executive on Ernie said he now. Only if middle school her high schooler bad ice collect and understand us and he's writes. But you should get out there and address and say this is what I'm doing I'm not which I'm not singling out Muslims I'm doing this red doll hot beds are where terrorists come from that's why I'm doing that this. He needs to explain its of people because now wait a protest every week and and you have the media saying it's a Muslim Vinny got lawyers sitting at Logan Airport waiting so. But waiting for you go to comes they can sue I mean he really needs. You think that these guns drug user or role on your awesome post. Do you think that these immigration lawyer is a losing money these people circumventing the actual system where they make their money right and then not making the money they're into it now in the stand and applaud and Walken and right and just I don't understand this at all. Look at this is a national security risk now great yes somebody like Elizabeth Warren and market be erupt if community Jane Wright she you have her. And she's talking about that we are insensitive and she's quoting doctor king and Coretta Scott Scott king's. Letter and she gets censure from the flora for lack of a better turnstiles for all the stuff goes on right. Now doesn't she realize as he is a strong let's be honest a strong strongly opinion needed female right leader of the senate who has. Aspirations to be president let's be honest again she really is that. Islam looks at her as less than a dog for being a girl. Now it's sure I agree there's a tentative number China's. And I think a lot of you'll put the blinders on when it comes to terrorism and national security and everything and just think you know everything's wonderful nothing's gonna happen but I think that. We need to realize that we are riskier I mean I says people that you know. Didn't Chamberlain I was with radicalized. Yeah they're in all fifty seats the FBI has come on said that Homeland Security is not a said that. I don't have a problem but the thing is if you don't happen if you're not terrorist OK you're if you're not coming to America to do harm. What is the big deal you get detained for an hour hour and a half or whatever and they question him. What do you just feel like you know what I'm so thankful to be here it's it to actually be able to get into America's a lot of people can't. The United States is dangerously right the United States has always had this one thing a battle whether or whatever is turned it around for us. And really dissed this experiment in democracy he's been able to. You know survive. This four. You know our history really literally we had things have allowed us to do remain free and the beacon of the world right they really have. I'm we Billy dodged the bullet. As you normally not a huge the end of everything the president trump does journey mean right I don't think do the best candidates I'm not being rude I think he's a good guy he's well intentioned he's on a mission. And I think it is is is this is counterpart. Hillary Clinton was not the right person for this job to she was not an honest person on truthful which is very evil kind of a person in my in my opinion. Now with all that said people have to realize that. This is a national security issue he really is we have they could poison a lot of supplies they could to an enormous panic attack prowler grid. They knocked us down now with that said. They are anti gun. They their their their role everybody coming in. Elizabeth Warren ghost of all these people but you really see people we need to give receipt at the table. Red giant egg I absolutely agree but the thing is is I don't know why they let other people's lives ahead of American lives are now perfect point. I was with a friend of mine yesterday and we saw this homeless guy. Ms. school we are clashes today. And you see this homeless guy every time his guy. Why are we worrying about and I don't mean I'm not a callous person I am being like insensitive and I must and why you we worrying about people from other countries. When we have veterans and we just have regular Americans are better on the street homeless I agree with you don't have. We don't have the money we borrow the money so it should NS and add mighty while saying he's gonna put people. In City Hall that are here illegally how well you're homeless veterans know they don't matter at this is the problem you can put all these are the this is the same reason why they don't playing politics exact. In this is the same reason why they don't out you don't have to show an ID when you vote what's beyond this is a really just basic. If you're going to vote should be federal law that new federal and local stuff in municipal stifled states control that. That's fine. But renewal of voting in a federal election you should she be Meehan did that you show an ID I agree it is not a Fourth Amendment seizure is nothing. You have to do this it is a great write it people died for and suffer fall. And have suffered fought through time like my father. Has suffered through world what's so for any fuel economy and and you know why is because it's a voter base of the Democratic Party. The keeping these people don't throw voted basin they just don't realize it this socio economic. Lower class right. Are of the voter base of the Democratic Party because they think Roland chicklet states' role in the nothing. These little bits of money they don't allow them to live the American dream let's be honest you're absolutely right they're surviving then not living they're not. Coming to the potential that they had. African Americans have great potential. It's an Hispanic Americans who hit Asian Americans if everybody's in the ball every once receiving these benefits and what they're being is capped the being told. This is all you gonna be this is what you gonna get the cost of living goes up and that's it. It's not doing anybody a favor except. Analysts say the Democratic Party who relies on that for votes and I find that to be the most ignorant thing possible I really deal absolutely here if you what do you think 617. 2666868. When we come back a text 680 we Boston's talking Bryant on the Brittany. Boston's starting with the plan don't hurt short conversation. WRK oh still voice of Boston that. I'll case who have an old house of six Terry chimney sweeps I called them they clean my chimney flue is to prevent carbon monoxide from building up and and in the house. He inspected the chimney he let me know what they needed a new route reliance. 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In congress pull an all night sessions just to block a nominee that ultimately gets through he's making these guys work you've got Ryan working on repeal and replace. In that and I how's he get the senate running around like chickens with that had stopped of the try to block college nominees in the meantime he gets the Keystone Pipeline approved. He'd have all these executive order on other issues including supporting American art sportsman and have you noticed all these ice raids. No impediment district all these criminals that we allegedly knew about but were deported. Suddenly they're getting top out of the country at getting also the media coverage of course what doesn't get covered the fact that we are protesters. Climbing onto the heels of these transport vehicle to support a ballet and that woman has supported for identity fraud did just a disgusting crime rate she should be serving prison your I would be sitting and rotting in jail. If we did this to destroy people's lives should get the pre trip back to eleven actions from and that's protestor I mean at the world is turned on at that. Gasoline is good dovetail what he up quite thick I agree with the liberals that we irritation of compassion. In the 1920s we did allow people and we quarantine them for awhile but we did. Allow people in to our country you know what didn't exist at the time the welfare state. And they refused to accept the basic. Human nature which is a lot of if you provide for us we will not learn to provide for ourselves we are. You know a lot of us third gathers rather than hunters ask you provide these subsistence existence because you're taking people. When they come here you're making the middle to upper middle class in the wrong country and tapped in no country they don't have cellphones TV home any. In this. This whole idea that that's not the problem is the problem they don't recognize. And I think they don't recognize it is exactly it's their voter pay. But I am. Just even play at that point what would have happened it'd be Alley ordeal after all about defeat when we were fighting technically the greatest military honor at the time. Many of these people inferior up fighting a rag tag group of you you know AK 47 toting terrorists they're not fighting. King George is a weak military what would have happened if stirring up setbacks we decided jump on boats. Instead of brand as refugee. Mean there's what would have happened to the world. I know how lead I ate all of these. Military age men because it's mostly meg yeah exactly coming to America no one stopped to ask because it's. The media doesn't cover. All we ask but the media Christine the media doesn't cover these these these are. Fighting age men if you look at these videos is people we are the women where the children I don't see them. Probably campus Abbott in Tibet a better example of the media is during the whole bust up with Australia with the Australian prime minister regarding these refugees now. Someone in the media could've stopped and said by the way for everybody to know you can't no matter how wealthy no matter how talented. You can't immigrate to Australia. And less you have base skill. That they need if you if they don't exactly bring to the table. They don't lecture when you can visit but then you have to get back out. That's what I was talking about before the other caller. I want people to to come here I wanna closed the gates to everybody. And I only want people who come here that we can benefit from for national security reasons for sciences and for maths things things are really acting. And I think if you look at some people would call this station during the week there's a lot of our older Americans who have the technical ability. That have been laid often replaced by these were the I I I'd like silicon valley's. Wait a baby you know last say that there isn't a well of our county Erica I think that line because what they've done is they've actually brought people here. Had been trained on the American system and then either keep them working here below wage dealership then back to the wrong country so I don't trust that Silicon Valley. You know they may not awed me Steve you know because it's me I've been listening to the stuff. And I think that they trap me I think you're right did you the other Collison the same thing that they just taking in the training and giving in the background and sending them back to their own countries. With all this intelligence that we gave them and is going back with instead. Do you hear the other problem is that if all of these college students roaming around Berkeley would take the classes. In something that we need instead of the East Africa and female gender lesbian. I'd disability studies to them slow walk at real Americans died immediate they dot a skill that could be used. America would be a better place. I can I agree the ST great call buddy the best they saw Colin. Are you wanna call in 6172666868. A 6680 joy I read some of the text is I can't sit on my glasses on. Thanks we know. Said it once I saw. That act in a fob or snowflakes are demonstrating. Against the sixteen million babies that were butchered by abortion on the last few decades long. And I ditzy bad but I thought that. They where protests in because they were doing a conference of -- lot now at two rounds police but I could be wrong about that I'm not exactly shellac. And then sent anyone to anger at the youth. On the Strom should talk to the nation but the protesters won't be happy no matter watts. But he will take the ball out of their hands that's thank goodness he's totally letting them antique that narrative and twist and turn average saying. And so white V want for their agenda. So that's why I keep saying just address the nation stop tweeting. That's I think he should do and just a brief police the best thing that's gonna happen is he just replace the executive water on terms traveled how would you work. Just I know up front I don't well I can't write I honestly don't know I would I I think he needs to generalize it you know president all can we do. My hands I just think he should generalize and I didn't. I do care custody entire Internet is saying. I would generalize it maybe it should be for everybody you know friends all wanted that men of but daring you can get into the country gonna get out of France. So why key Ent the we'd do something like that and I don't know why America can't understand that. Dick about it we kind of are under attack Syria sell it if you can't wrap your head around that then I don't know maybe you should be in the country I guess I don't think about it. If people can't wrap their head around the fact if if they say they know people so well. This this is yet this is the religion Roman Catholic you have bite you doctrine to avoid dog like everybody lives by Egypt in June issue of by Doug Muller bites whose. Islamist conform more die that's it that's got to monetize conform what do you need to convert to Islam or we kill you. This does know in the middle that's really what you teach that's that's it that's what that's what they're taught. What they call them that he not set a date that's it it's hot in in when they go to. Into the mosque and nine ice in this dole room to negotiate. This not this is again and Chamberlain trying to negotiate with Hitler. It doesn't work you might feel good. The say well if we're on his side and we we support you and we get out much still laughing at them they're laughing at them. The same to them this is great you just you're you're diverting the resources of your own country you weakening U country from within. And the only way we could fall as a nation without too strong even after years of Obama ansari said but it it. We spot too strong as a nation you know we we can fall as from within. And this is was the ultimate goal of the old Soviet Union have this fall from within you could never take us on militarily. But if we fell from within and that's who we see now we seeing a more radicalized. Harsher. 1960s. Kind of asked if you wanna call it a couple calls and while they get to a few minutes we come back at Boston talking Brian Goldman Brittany it's more. Music order. Pasta starting with Randolph. WRKO. Told voice of Boston. Are you paying too much your electricity I am. Replace your rising electric bill with a low cost fixed low interest loan increased the value of your house. Own don't lease zero down that's all. 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She completely redo it what would you put into it should we do it all blocked calls and get. Let's take down with a thick and we talked a mosaic. Joseph I need your boss' talking. With Michael good morning he's doing. Thank you to take my call you know seeing your home asleep weasel pop news homeless well hustler valuable bought it with Michael would have no problem. Concentrate myself on a proposal soon but. Never drank smoke with the drugs and people think well they drug use a drink and smoke there that's what about the sheet I work my life away in my younger years. Everything right down the drain. I would like those victims at a house with a mortgage restriction here at all down the drain on the fact is that so. And I have absolutely no hope all of you she host trail. It's like look at you know the nominee to the lone hit the ball buyouts are gonna outs 500000 dollar the garden discreetly. And at the reds are true the rules so I I can't barter night live in the street sometimes if you get the shot at all. I know I'm argenbright feel bad for those refugees who you know I'm sci fi troubled over Syria but we got hundreds of that people. Mr. trump Mr. President delivered in the streets of America the best thing you can tell the world this is no refugees because they're gonna help these people on the streets first. Once we get surplus in the budget and embers up the street and we could talk about getting refugees in them in America. It's the only place in the world we get all the candy go to America you're gonna fall period to the end to get into action a legally have to be hit pretty hard to get program. I don't feel people they're just gonna drink out of the public comment section eight. Do that in other country and we need to stop giving citizenship so like a thing I got a friend in Japan it is very special circumstances he would become accredited. You know just like any way to become a citizen which can be. And I know hole bogeyed eleven didn't military finger leaving America because going to the so called Third World country have been southeast Asia I can get rent the house what hunter Altamont. You know be doing much better and Third World lets you know what what operations. Can answer it caches some done and we we the money that would giving the way these people were borrowing were more gauging the futures of our children and grandchildren. I don't we don't have the money. If I mean I think if the president just went in front as a businessman friend the nation and said we borrow this money from China and Japan England the Dutch. And we we pay enormous. And it enormous interest rate on that and that actually with felt that our economy would collapse of we borrow money we have to borrow money. We have unfunded liabilities such social security and pensions that we don't have any mighty fall which is kicking the can down the road. And we really if we were asked tomorrow we could not come up with the money to find any of these programs. So how old. The we have our people like yourself on the street without a home. Without any will it go ahead go. Yet no hope of ever buying out again now how did you lose the house was it to crash of 2000 if you don't mind music as well as part of it. And that is another story to a total would I have no hope 35000 dollars down tens of thousand dollars in mortgage it is all down the drain. You know an adult it looks applied 50600000. Dollar rent you know 2000 dollars a month. The only America Bancorp in the southeast Asia or rented house for hunter all my data breach I would do that again leave America yet but think about leaving America. Talk candidate of ability cemetery dig my grandmother grandfather there why did you ever come to this country. Why didn't you stay in southern Italy. Killed two people pay big money for vacation to Italy here they shouldn't they they. Can help. But I have no hope. A book ever have an ultra dense. I know that don't fit and I mean there's no frustrates me pick one green ties subsection eight. You should absolutely Padilla pitching. To get public housing and be efficient as you very tough for that stopped it would people citizenship. You go to Saudi Arabia become a citizen go to Japan become a citizen of the gimmicky. Thank you very much thanks to all men and good luck. Do I too much they feel like to talk 61 72666860. Can call or text to succeed succeed business. Hey yeah oh yeah Jason inland but just the whole islands and Jason it's art like that. Call it just it would we need to help ourselves to following help others then and you know. If he if he says he doesn't drink he doesn't do drugs in losses home and so there's we have homeless veterans we have homeless Americans that have lost their houses. And not only that but we also do have that drug epidemic the heroin epidemic we don't help us we don't help ourselves. We help other people who do we have all the time. You're actually right we've enormous interest structural problems in the United States from bridges to roads to everything whatever happened to the top 12 in 500 money. Not that we're those shovel ready projects that President Obama promised us why Arab bridges still collapsing readily at sub par roads Third World roads. Why don't we had to stay at. All already from Boston Harbor from what it would call the Big Dig when they did the new dad and egg day I guess it's already antiquated. It's it's already antiquated we'll sit in traffic every day it was designed not to sit in traffic yeah because by the time we go what time it was outdated. We have enormous problems in the United States we don't have the money for Peter to structural problems with the railway system it's incomplete. We have a problem carrying oil enough fuel which is mixed our economy depends upon that national security depends upon it. To keep our vessels Ryan and leadership trying Aaron craft running for all those things you buy vehicles running in a factories running to keep jobs and we'd have civil unrest. We don't have the money is they think with the present these sycamore insane just say listen. We are the strongest nation in the world and until we get our house in order until we can get an true assessment of who's really in the country. We have to stop everybody unless you provide something for some sort of national security are you who serve us in some type of away. If real quick if you look at Mexico's immigration policy Britney. If you've read it. And they ascent it's brutal and a they have when the most stringent policies in the world anybody shoot people in the southern born exactly. And that complaining about us yeah read anybody else still listening to beat. Goal goal goal the immigration policy from the Government of Mexico you'll think you know ring light some Third World said. That the real fighter I knew if you crossed the border. You get you can't even if you wealthy you're American you can't buy houses on the water he can't own anything on why he knew that right. All of these Reeve can't. If you read. You say oh my god this must feel like Baja Arenas something just haven't seen this thing is that these snowflakes as we column that they don't know that's now they know where they don't want to admitted I don't tell the people want to them because it just not being fair about it. The dark gray and honest you're right they know all this come watch star Soros knows this they all mold this stuff. But they're not gonna tell anybody about it I doubt our strategies that inland. Jason you are boss's dog could find on the Britain eight. Brian is pretty great show as usual. You guys are exactly right if you if you really thinkable but the budget every year we overspend body. Although the Troy and all producing units. You're right we don't have the money we a lot credit got that. It is it's gonna happen he's going to be. Q were relayed an indelible a lot of people don't realize it is the interest on that that the market caught the service that there will be people years almost five. Hundred billion dollars. Could you imagine. I audit tax burden that we wouldn't if we didn't have to pay an extra 500 billion and activist just the service the debt and the one world that is these people who out who did it in this country and they want a borderless nation they don't want. And they want to let everybody what in the one world this is the mentality and they are all that those people literally believe themselves to be one worldnews. They don't care there. I don't know it's compassion stupidity or it's probably a mix of both but they have absolutely. No coal yet there's a reason you don't when you're on a plane because you. If anything happens you put your oxygen mask on first absolutely. Actually it is altogether in fact that call the previous called it John that is a very very. That story and I'm sure you don't extremely calm and out there especially you know beat people and and John network and it beat it and it directed the C guy in it that the president would it would be trumped the grad do. A 12 wallop shall we with a PowerPoint presentation surround themselves by homeless Americans in homeless vets and out of work Americans and say. This is why we can't help. You know everybody in the world we need to help ourselves first these people should be step all work in auto and help a refugee equal may or may not want a bomb us but. You are not an American first and foremost help Americans first and anybody who doesn't have that that reminder that mentality it's. You know trumpet the purposes there an enemy because if you wish you'd look I look at it. In a good compound we have the will Wall Street out homeless shelter the homeless Americans well they just came out of prison another and homeless shelter really fell on bad times. These are American. That need help they need to hand out. They don't need to handle they need to hand up in god damn the next person who says we need help somebody who's not an American. First Jason Moore really don't lifeboat tech oh lifeboats situations like so many people can put away book ever. I was gonna say apps eager to you and you know it looked. When people unaffected by vests. They don't care if they do on open borders and everything but this is what the American people voted for they voted for an American first policy in American firsts president. And that's why we voted charm and so. I agree with you we should have an American this is he this was a campaign promise okay he said the news and do this and he did it. As someone who actually sent that said did what they say there are going to jail what a surprise yes. So. What you'd you know also the missile we worked so Donald Trump's plan will only work it can work it did you know that the Rust Belt watch it was constant you know Michigan. Oh how I deal. A Pennsylvania field watching an old factory worker took bold shots come back in the work in their rate significantly. Both moderate Democrats that little blue dog Democrats that are now working most say trump is right in local small lake that we're like all watch what TD right and old people rock to not give that it'd be suitable with that creepy side. Did that the job opportunity and it'll throw the much alike each group can still like that government street. You know but it they had built in Beckett the United States to pay for everybody else. All right you Jason so much great call. I would get a little break Brian. RR rates go to military. Boston shocking with Brian Dalton beat her short conversation. WRKO. Told voice of Boston that. By economy in my opinion it's done killer. A lot of negative. Okay if the hunt. God I didn't have a funny Valentine. This coming up next month guys know really hit this up gives you will be in the doghouse. Go to rap field jewels and end over and talked to David about getting special someone something nice. During Christmas shopping once Iraq feel journalism was blown away with they but they're able to do believe Maalox really nice things. They sell handcrafted jewelry fix watch using go eat even customize your own Juli gave David a call. And 9787833196. 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