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Should President Trump rewrite his executive order? 2/13/17

Feb 14, 2017|

It looks like President Trump will rewrite his executive order travel ban. Do you think this is a good idea?

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Constitution. Is under attack. We don't want to curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed but in Boston. Zito the American revolution a new movement begins. Boston's bull those are at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. Yes he's on America's voice of the resistance. Kuhn wrote polar. I'm a life. Thank you lord Jesus. Aimal lie I serve I. My friends I gotta tell you a lot of talk about today I promise. It now looks like Tron may be reconsidering. Our rewriting the troubled man should he rewrite it or should he fight. In the courts were gonna get into that. Kellyanne Conway is now being pressured to resign. For a simple comment that she made regarding all of bunker trump. And the attempt by norte Strom to get rid of her entire fashion line. Now the Republicans and Democrats are saying she must go. California. It's not burning. It could be flooding. We've got all of that believe me. And it's Miller time. Stephen Miller ghost told that no trump senior policy advisor with Steffi Stephanopoulos. And Steffi says there is no border fraud in New Hampshire. Okay. Won't discuss that so much more. But first my friends. Their corner man stared death in the face. So as you know. Thursday morning was the first big nor'easter that was round one round who hit us yesterday. And you know because I take the show very seriously I wanna be on the air. Also offered to help people in terms of public safety. Give information about potential accidents what's happening on the roads etc. I wanna make sure when there's a big snowstorm or blizzard especially when there's a state of emergency. I like to be on the air to try to keep you cooler country's best informed as I can. So. Minding my own business. I leave the house at 830. Hey it's Thursday. This should always really coming down. The corner man is driving. Going about whiny 25 miles an hour forum drew I'm doing everything right I'm doing bad everything right. I'm keeping a four or five car lengths behind every car. I'm not crowding the plow as they say not that I saw any plows but let that goal. So dare I am minding my own business. And you don't. There weren't that many cars out on the road but you know there was a lot of small a lot of slush. Really visibility was very bad so I naked through highway 95. I'm naked through the pike. I'm literally now five minutes away from distinction. I'm on a side rolled Charles bank world. I even I believe either caller text Brittany I can't remember now because all of vague fog. Saying I'll be there in five minutes I'm thinking I'm home. I'm gonna make it. It's about 101510. To one neat I go I can't believe I made it relatively this quickly almost two hours but. I thought I'd be on the rolled forever. And when you hit Charles bank rolled. There is a small downward slope. And of course there was no assault. There was no sand. Forget about a small wild duck thing hadn't seen a small while and god knows how long. So as my card around when maybe 1015 miles an hour I'm going very slow. I'm being very careful ultra cautious I'm doing everything right. But then as my car starts going down the slope. There's a huge sheet of black ice. Downed my cargo box. And with the way these new cars are made when you hit the brakes and you hit ice your tires your wheels automatically lock. Which makes it even worse because now I have no control over the car. And sold that. They have set up at the bottom of the slope so you don't smash into oncoming traffic. Well of course Mike car smashes right into the concrete wall the little concrete barrier. Bounce is often that's almost like a pinball and a pinball machine. Cross the road. Onto the sidewalk. All for decide walk on to the front yard or. Yeah. And as I hit the concrete barrier. I slammed my head against the window the other that a driver's side window like badly smashed my head against the window. And so I'm lining their in the car. And the person our house or two down actually sees me I kid you not. Gets into his car he's not coming towards me he backs up his Jeep and aegis I don't know where he's going. He's off. So nobody is they're trying to help. I so dare I am I'm bleeding blood is gushing out of my head the first responders come. Ambulance. Fire department. Police. All of a sudden I'm in a Gurney. Now. I mean the ambulance. They're taking me to the hospital. All I'm asking myself is am I gonna live MI gonna survive this. And then they dropped me off at Mass. General. And they're saying it's critical it's critical he suffered severe brain damage. Severe brain trauma. The brain surgeons come and they say we gotta do a partial lobotomy. They start Derek I don't know what they're doing they're just slicing this and slicing back and slicing bids. And I don't know I think they took out may be a third or half for my brain it's gone up from my brain is gone. I'm with her but. I. I wake up. I'm with her. I love Hillary. Hoping changed it up up up up up. I love Obama. I love Obama care. And look at look at those walls look at what that little concrete wall bid to me. Gold's walls are racist. Debt concrete little barrier wall is a racist trump is racist. No bans. No walls. Sanctuary for all that's what I say now. Censuring for all. I am aware of the Elizabeth Warren I'm now wearing their resist arm band are crowned by a umpire. Around my arm I am with Elizabeth Warren and you know I gotta say this. I loved Bernie. I think it's time we need to redistribute the wealth I don't think I pay enough in taxes I need to pay more taxes. I don't want the wall I want amnesty. I want socialized medicine for everybody. Trumps are racist these as sexist he's a bigot I'm with her. I am with her. I've become a snowflake. I love small flakes. Shell of a small flakes have been falling all weekend der my France. Don't make fun of my friends anymore. Climate change look at this I woke up this morning you're gonna tell me now climate change is not the real. I woke up this morning there was a foot of snow look at the change in the climate. But it is the greatest crisis of our time period climate change. And healthcare for all. We've got to end racism. And notable wall. I've become a liberal. Big ticket half my brain and I'm with her now. I'm marching on Washington Puerto Rico and the keyword everybody has reclaimed a pretty work. But look on the bright side Jeff at least the Barry that you're it was a registered in legal pack pack. I could touch it was incredible like they took off my bring knowledge is the first thing I said was I'm with there apps apps apps apps apps. Hope and change up pop pop pop pop pop up. Don't Russians backed deal action and the Russians act the election. The brain surgeon settlement Todd Bridges Credo liberal it's incredible. Okay now here's what really happened the symbol car wouldn't start this and how. And no I mean. I'm Larry that I left there 830 when I'm 95 went on the right there right now I'm I'm being ultra cautious I really Google want Charles Banco wrote so. There's a downward slope it's a small little slope. Would it free Cain killed home to throw a little sore all on the role. No normal rule O sole. Again my car hits a she'll black guy says I said wait I can on the black I. Actually. And I is that card starts going down. And I hit I kid you not this little concrete barrier wanna call it I mean you all call them mini wall are also would hit right on the incoming traffic. My front Wheeler smashes like a pinball. It smashes against the barrier I bounce off avail I go across the sidewalk. Deep at the wheel on the passenger side the front real bout smashed I'm on somebody's lawn front lawn. I swear to you. The guys neighbor sees the whole thing. You think he'd come you know hey are you okay do you need help show I call an ambulance or something help you know what did you hurt yourself. He got into his GP spat out his driveway and he just blank you don't bother me. So I'm sitting very did kind of hit my head against the window but it's nothing to the bump on the head so I swear to you. Call Michael program director is so I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it worked on Michael literally a mile away but. The car it's it's finished and I can't move so. I call up grace. Right away she's like are you OK I go I am really shore kind of bang my head against the window but I just my kind of get a told try to get this car out of the way I just sick of all thing I just wanna go home. From not grace thinks I'm dying I swear team. She calls 911. The ambulance arrives Duff fire for sure fire truck she is mother fire truck. Duff fire truck arrives the police cruisers are rife. I'm thinking like. It was there or an act what is this the Boston Marathon on net two point all redux like is this the sequel. I mean guy blow up something. They are all rushing to meet. What happened are you okay do you need help you have to go to the hospital did you need medical care. I'm like mom I got a bump on the head no I'm fine but. I got I saw you custom ice that I got to ask all of this. How much did it cost for the fire truck. The come here look how many police cruisers who look at the ambulance look at the first responders. It's a fifteen feet slope for God's sakes. I cup full of salt would it kill you guys to throw a cup for a city to be more specific for the city to throw a cup full assault. And then we don't have to pay for the fire truck and the ambulance and the police cruisers. Would it kill you guys to throw a little salt and sand on the wrote. So all they I got my card told I had to make a taxi all the way back I thought I cost me 200 dollars. Boy I got a whole span host good soul. What's the moral of the story here's the moral of the story. When it comments for Bob DiLeo and Stan Rosenberg. And up politicians up on bacon hill at Beacon Hill. Eighteen million dollars there's always money. The line their pockets there's money. Welfare food stamps EDT for illegals bears always money. For a refuge he's from freak in Yemen become endemic country and live on welfare. Bears a money. But just throw a little sand on Charles bankrolled war Jeff whoa whoa. Jeff Perry shaft shaft Jeff easy now there's no money. You see to do the basic thinks so or schmuck can get to work a similar thing. Police officer walks up to me says we do one on the road but we mean. Just most normal Jordan shouldn't be on the road simply. It's gonna come going on one bar hopping I'm hot being on it. Trying to get work. Like I help pay for these role it's you know. I just wanted to get to work I gotta fight now to get the work. At my local big white. Don't believe me look it up yourself. Four dollars and 99 cents at five bucks let's not quibble with mono mono for 99. I one. Four dollars and 99 cents. Not only can you put enough salt for that whole downward slope you couldn't do all of Charles bank world. On Thursday I didn't see one plow. The erodes. It's just all white. There were no plows there were no trucks there were no salt there was no sense there was nothing. And you're putting people's lives at risk people getting into accidents. Because your skirting on the salt and the bloat and the plow trucks. Look my friends. Are enough is enough. If they've got money to give themselves 304050000. Dollar pay increases. Dave got enough money to put a couple of bags assault on the road. Call me crazy 61720666868. 6172666868. OK my friends the corner man is back. And I survived. Barely. 1226. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Eyes you know trumps temporary. Travel ban. Has now been blocked first by a lol level judge in Seattle. And then his restraining order was upheld. By three liberal fascists in black robes on the ninth Circuit Court. It's the most liberal court in the country. There was nothing surprising about the decision last night sorry last week forgive me but last night it is now come out from the white how. That they are thinking. Thinking. About may be re writing the executive order. And so there is now a debate. Whether the trump administration should continue to fight this in the courts. Or should they rewrite the order. Let me just say this. That decision by the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Wes to mean a travesty. Of justice. In many ways it was a crime. Our crime against the voters. A crime against the constitution. And a crime against our very republic. Because it's what the ninth Circuit Court is essentially saying it's too thinks. That one small dinky judge. In Seattle judge roll bar. Can effectively run the foreign policy of the United States. We now have one out of control judge. Who is essentially now or running of the foreign policy of the United States and he is superseding the president of the United States. And the second point and there's no getting around us. Not only is the executive order clearly lawful. Clearly constitutional. Congress expressly delegated those pile worst to the president. To do what he feels is necessary. To block prevent certain aliens are a class of aliens from coming into this country from countries that he deems poses a threat to national security. The law on this is like it's like debating whether the sky is blue. It is crystal clear. So here is the issue. And it can't get any clearer or Starker than this. Who governs our country. This is the issue. Is it I'm elected judges and justices. Who have usurped their powers see east powers extra legally extra judicially. Or is it you the consent of the governed. Or who decides. Which laws. Oh whoa whoa a pass and be enforced in the United States. Is it the executive branch and congress. Or is it unelected judges and justices this is the issue. This is the issue there's no getting around us. Who makes the lawless. Who governs the nation. Is it the legislative branch congress and the executive the president. Or is it several liberal justices in black ropes. Who have seized power they have no business seizing. You find Donald Trump. I rewrite that executive order personally. I rewrite it so tightly so concisely. That there is no way any judge any judge. Can dare deemed it illegal or unconstitutional. And if they do. Held them to goal to hell. It's about time did you runaway judiciary was rained in it's about time that the Republicans in congress and the president. Break the back of liberal judicial power. Our green. Disagree. Should trump will rewrite his executive order or should he continue to fight it in the courts. 6172666868. All of your calls next. 1230 so. I've been here on the great WR KOK. They're corner man survived. Barely. The great blizzard of 2017. I gotta tell you. Where he would tell mom to throw jest though little salt and sand on the road and maybe get a few plow trucks out there. I'm just saying 6172666868. Okay my friends. President trump is now seriously considering. Rewriting the executive order. On a temporary travel band remember it's only supposed to last. Ninety days. From seven of the most dangerous terrorist prone countries in the world and four months for refugees. And the reason why is the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals basically three judges three moon bad judges in black robes. Decided to completely rewrite the constitution. Change the very meaning of the law. And usurped and seized essentially sovereign power. You wanna you wanna return sovereignty to America you have to take the sovereign power away from these judges. Who are just seizing power whenever they feel like it. And so if you actually look. At the ninth circuit court's ruling it's a revolutionary ruling. But like this thing must be stopped. What the ninth circuit courts argues I want you to think about its gates right parent their decision. Is that a goat herder from Yemen. Some whatever some village her any raw. Not only has the right. To travel to the United States but according to them how has the right to and turner and immigrate to the United States. And if the country says no listen to this. We are violating. Did due process rights quote unquote of the Fifth Amendment. Granted to all of these people let's say in Yemen or re rock or Somalia. And very entitled to a lawyer. And to their days in an American court. Dave now essentially invented in new universal right. That the world has the right to come to America. To travel to America and to immigrate to America. And not only that. But that the constitution. Applies. To every refuge deep or every one of B migrant or immigrant in the world. It's here soon it's literally. In saying. Who gave the ninth Circuit Court the power. Hope you gave to want congress. This thing could be stopped a moral today yesterday. If congress simply told the courts. You are now overstepping your jurisdiction. And we are now going to sharply narrow and constrict your jurisdiction. You don't have the right total on the foreign policy of the United States you don't. That's power is given for the most part to the president which some in. What disparity declaration of war a congress. Full stop. Now. You wanna see liberal hypocrisy. How old are celebrating this off all weekend. Now they love checks and balances. Now beloved separation of powers now all now we have to restrain the so called imperial presidency now their. All the media did Democrats their Liam rising the ninth Circuit Court all now is suddenly a you don't have the power to do that. Now judges are great to block the president. Not under Obama. But under trump. When a president of the United States. He uses his executive power when it com safe to migrants or refugees in the United States remember alien Gonzales. That or six year old Cuban kid. Who the Clinton administration came in with the ATF. Raided his family's home and sent him back to that Communist dictatorship. When it's time to advance the interest of international communism. The president wins. He has sole executive discretionary power. When it comes to the dearly here. Saying he refuses to enforce the immigration laws of this country. You want amnesty come on down you want executive amnesty come on down. You're the state of Arizona your try to enforce federal immigration law norm norm on mall. The executive branch is supreme. When it comes to allowing refugees and illegal stock pour into this country the president wins. But when the president wants to keep Americans safe and protect Americans. Not Dan the president doesn't win not not all not. Then the executive branch is not supreme. Then. It's one little dinky judge in Seattle. Backed up now by this by the ninth circuit suddenly now. A couple of judges are arrogant or run away leftist judges suddenly now they get around the country. This is I'm choosing my words very carefully. This is a judicial dictatorship. This is judicial liberal tyranny. They are new gaining the clear sovereign power of congress the clear sovereign power of the president. To essentially now run the country on their own. Without any restraints. And now sensing blood in the water. The Democrats are demanding that trump squash and Nixon is executive order. Listen now to shut fuel Chuckie Schumer. On the Sunday talk shows saying you know what this thing is now salt talks at this in trouble man. You should thrown in the trash. Roll it. Jarrett I line he ought to throw it in the trash I think this executive order is so bad and so poisons and its Genesis is so bad and terrible. That he ought to just throw it in the trash can and for two reasons. First reason it doesn't really make us safer it doesn't focus on the areas where we really need to tighten up. They are number one on lone wolves the last two major terrorist incidents in America didn't occur through immigrants. They were Americans import tunes by the evil ice this. And no less an authority than John McCain. Republican has said that this order actually encourages lone wolves in the second is something called the visa waiver program. It's very easy to come to America from countries that we have always regarded as friendly direct I think 27 of them. But these days there are. Would be terrorists who have infiltrated places like Belgium and France. And they can come into this country much more easily than someone who's a refugee from the seven countries like president mentioned that means real tightening up at the second reason this order is so bad John is is just un American and unconstitutional. But a religious man. Is just goes against the American grain and we believe in immigrants in this country and we don't believe in a religious test and finally it hurts us economically. When immigrants don't come to this country it hurts our job creation or job growth. Silicon Valley is very worried that a lot of their jobs are gonna have to go to Vancouver Canada has much power forward looking immigration in his senator. Got this week if we don't bring in those Somali pirates. Are abstract. You know what the transistors and everything. That that the Silicon Valley it's all gonna go to Vancouver. Day if we don't bring those Yemeni goat herders all bowl. A. Those camel jockeys in Iraq if we all bring those are at the economist gonna tank artist. Who was mean spirited. On American. I'm surprised chuck U Schumer didn't break down and cry as that a doubling the composed himself. 95%. Of the world's Muslims are not even touched my this. His CDs are affected Christians in Syria are affected religious minorities as well ours are affected. He talks about coming in from friendly countries he's ranked. The banished from rural. What we really need you won all the truth there's an immigration moratorium. I think it's enough is enough. But you know but let that go. How is it unconstitutional. Here is now with the trump administration is pouring of doing and I think they should do it. They're pointing up taking the actual literally the clause in the law. That expressly delegates congress giving the power to the president word for word in quotes. And then just saying some of these aliens from. They say aliens and a class civilians taking exact same words and just say. From Yemen Syria. Iraq Iran Libya Somalia suit dawn. And meant literally and just say. It does in effect 95%. Of the world's Muslims. It will also impact all the non Muslims from those seven countries. In almost in in Wales like dried them like little kids by the notes. When you rewrite the executive order. Just make it's sold. Almost. Borderline childish. So crystal clear what this executive order it's. And then just constantly go back to the law quote the law. Back and forth back and forth so make it seem like look were almost resigning the law verbatim. If I was strong I would rewrite it. I would rewrite it and let any judge hang himself by trying to block it again but that's just me. So the corner country poll question of the day is this. Should the president re write the band. Or do you think you should continue to fight in the courts. If you believe he should rewrite the ban faxed a letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Jeff let them fight on in the courts don't appease don't give the left anything. Text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Britney I'm just curious are you an a or B. I think he should every right to travel ban I don't think he's an a when NASA. But you know listening to Chuck Schumer what is he saying he. The media and the Democrats they're taken a narrative on massive tank and they're twisting what he what the bill as what the executive water as. And they're saying it's a religious span it's and it's and a Muslim band okay. So what I have been saying for our. Ever I feel like he's need to address the nation needs an address the American people. And explain what's in this executive water so the media and the Democrats and shops in the narrative on this they're telling the story dare. There. And not being honest about what this really has and he I think he should generalize it generalize the bill and executive water. And if you undertaken a rewriting it really like. It does out studies 95%. Of the world that Muslim exactly what he should do artifacts you Aziz Christians and all of these every does almost like a child likes eggs. And I ate generalize it spell it out for them and stop. Letting the media and the Democrats. Twist. Every executive order that you're doing. Get out there do a speech. And prove them wrong. There were all on. 6172666868. Should the president rewrite the band. Or should he fight on in the courts but the bigger question is this corner country and I wanna pitcher Derek. What do we do with our out of control runaway a liberal judicial rarity. How do we break the block of judicial power once and for all. 6172666868. Who rules America. The people and it's elected representatives. Or unelected judges and justices. Your calls next. And religious man. Is just goes against the American grain and we believe in immigrants in this country and we don't believe in a religious test. 1255. Here on the great WRK. All okay the president is now. Considering. Rewriting his executive order in the wake of the ninth circuit court's decision. To uphold any restraining order blocking. His travel ban. Jared I don't you wanna weigh in on this you're quoting Shakespeare. Yes and to paraphrase Shakespeare and don't kill all the lawyers kill the judges I think that's that's a we take out of this but see this is. This is again Jeff I think one of the problems. We have trump where people say he was on prepared to be president. I think in this instance he should have been able term right build more airtight bill like I think that might have been. One of the un prepared and ready deficiencies that they were talking about I think. This might be one of those situations. He shouldn't have to re ready he should have been able I think to write it in the first place in a way. As if you know everybody's out to gunned down in Korea. Read it in a way that airtight that they can't get around it are a journalist curious are you in jail like Brittany are you would be. I'm an A Ria ready get it right make sure they can't do anything with the naked bulletproof bulletproof. John I mean come Europe next go ahead John. I feel I'm good are huge John. If I was struck by what you would judge in the Washington the middle finger at the bands state you have no right to come into my domain. I don't have any let becoming the automatic. And imagine that the judge in little a little I don't know how he can invade Normandy but let out a monster that is ridiculous I am backing down. What it's done has opened up pandora's box you large all the injunctions lover against the wall all. Obama key anything they're gonna put an injunction while they are we saying they cannot beat the heat back down. No right to do just. Bingo John you nailed it look he's got to break liberal judicial power. Because now they realize you can obstruct them. You can restrain them you can undermine him you can subvert them. Through lawsuit after lawsuit and liberal judge after liberal judge. And so again Joerg I'll allow rogue judges. To run this country. Who rules America. The people and its elected representatives. And the executive. Or unelected unaccountable. Judges and justices. That's the key question. Coney in Gloucester go ahead only. I just before I get my point I think 2000. A lawsuit image as I heard that there was certain politicians. Martin Walsh Charlie Baker you others. Course and this corner there's elements of every got to do something don't solve lastly we know exactly street everyday to get to work maybe you can have a tax. I might might might be a little slumped into the that I mean why that street not solve everything to grab conspiratorial sort if I. Don't know gradually. I don't look at this. A bigger problem. And I have to deal with them delaying. I Tom's cabin. Because they were so many people. In government who are still from eight years of Obama and this lawyer in particular if you wanna call that was posted on this case a Democrat. If you look at my whole family has problems but a law professor in the democratic mother. Tony you mean the Justice Department lawyer who argued in front the ninth circuit. Tony OK we lost it yet know your right. Look I am kind of lost Tony there but even the arguments I'm like these are your lawyers fire your lawyers. Much more trust me coming up next.