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Is it racist to call Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas?” 2/13/17

Feb 14, 2017|

Senator Al Franken claims it’s racist to call Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” What do you think?

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends we're gonna continue to take care call us. But it's Miller time. That's right trumps senior policy advisor. In many ways the intellectual. Guru. Behind his America first message. He's a policy wonk extremely intelligent very well read Steven Miller. Well he debuted yesterday on the Sunday talk show hosts and I got to tell you he eviscerate an arm. He was on CBS. He was on Fox News but the big one was a show down with Steffi. He Stephanopoulos. On ABC's this week. And right from the get go Steffi started with a cheap shots and the name calling. So he's introducing Miller and he says well he was the warm up back for trump during the campaign. Now he's the real deal a policy advisor. Did Steffi ever refer I don't know David Axelrod is a quote unquote warmup act for Obama on the campaign trail. Did he refer to I don't know Valerie Jarrett. As the warmup act for Obama on the campaign trail. And I gotta say this about Stephen Miller. He's obviously very Smart he's brilliant though we know him well on the show he's a fan of the show. He's one of the most frankly cerebral. Well red. Brilliant thinkers. That I have run into in politics really in the last 1015 years. However. I kind she was apparent scare you can seize a little bit green. He hasn't done this quite often in terms of the television. Hand to hand combat. That he had to do over the weekend. But overall. He was intellectually impressive. And at times he absolutely. Crushed. A little Georgie. And whether it be on the travel ban whether it be on the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals its ruling. He I mean he manhandled Steffi again and again. And you can see throughout he wasn't really an interview it was a debate. Whereby Steffi just kept trying to undermine Stephen Miller a pack Stephen Miller be little Stephen Miller. And as Steffi got increasingly more Hoss file and belligerent. Miller held his ground he's almost like doctor Spock from Star Wars. He's like pure logic. Here or reason here faxed almost normal ocean. Time out Jeff sorry to critique of spotless and Star Trek. And he's done it. We're dissect you said doctor Spock. From Star Wars and ups are OK I asked her spot for before for the text come and yes my bad my bad thank you my bad okay tights are in my back there. So sorry Spock. Mr. Spock. On Star Trek outcome of all Kim he's just the logic. Reason and facts and lyricism. And you can see Steffi was just wish the ring he was wilting. I.'s Miller just kept to refuting and refuting and refuting. And sold and Steffi. Went. While lactic. Winch romp sent out a tweet that he would of won New Hampshire. Had it not been for voter fraud. And we all know the routine we all know what we live in the area we know what goes on bussing in people who have no business voting in New Hampshire. Steffi ask Stephen Miller point blank. Where easier evidence. The president's making accusations. Without any evidence. Who to send. To the exchange. Roll it Jerry. This week suggested and meeting the senators. That thousands of illegal voters were bused from Massachusetts to New Hampshire and that's what caused his defeat is defeat in the state of New Hampshire also defeated a senator Kelly. They got that is Rhode provoked a response from a member of the federal election commission on weintraub this. Continue to share New Hampshire voter fraud evidence Susan allegations may be investigated promptly. Do you have. I've actually having worked before on a campaign New Hampshire I can tell you this issue. Of busing voters in New Hampshire. Isn't widely known by anyone is working New Hampshire politics it's a very real it's very serious this morning on this show is not the venue from Italy and all the evidence but I can tell you this. The voter fraud is a serious problem in this country you have millions of people who are registered in two states have right dead in her registered to vote and you have. 14% of non citizens according to academic research. Added at a minimum. Are registered to vote which is an astonishing statistic you can. Hold on a second you just claimed again that there was an illegal voting in in New Hampshire of people buzzing from the state of Massachusetts do you have any advice. They and I hate George go to New Hampshire talked anybody's were compulsive there for a long time. Everybody's aware of the problem in New Hampshire with respect. I'm asking you are paying out on CNET would help them. Second I'm asking you is the White House senior policy advisor to the president made a statement saying he was the victim of voter fraud. Kennedy at us for a message is that really why. Did I first thought when I saw the interview yes and I'm like are you are you kidding me. When was the last time colonel Steffi. The facts where's the evidence Tellme Steffi. When Susan Rice came on your show. And lied to the American public or not talking about whether voters are being illegally bust into New Hampshire. Went for Americans were shot and killed slaughtered sharp like dogs in the streets. In Ben Ghazi you remember that once Steffi and she blamed it on the anti Muslim video pocket we never said Susan where's your evidence. Sows them where's your evidence about the anti Muslim video being the cause of this so called riot. Wu. I didn't see you questioning the evidence that he. Only Steffi. When Obama said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor did you question about the evidence Steffi. Only Steffi when the IRS. Was being sick to go after. When they unleash the IRS sic them on Obama's political opponents were you going on about the evidence Steffi. How about fast and furious Steffi. How about the war in Libya staff feet coupled Solyndra staff feet. Suddenly I never saw the outrage from Steffi Stephanopoulos. How quote your former master an employer. Hillary Clinton. A vote. Ooh I don't know server game per emails. Compromising national security hawk only award don't questioning the evidence of man staff feet. When she blatantly lied. Said she never receive classified emails or sent classified emails Huck we were going on there about Pete. Evidence Steffi. But suddenly when it's Stephen Miller the trump administration walked Adam. I mean it's not strolls are snarling you should've seen some opponents got literally jump through to scream and attack on. There. Was evidence. Do you have. That's about evidence of how important farming it's got a Steffi. Ticket chill well they go about Vietnam staff FEMA lacks. Relaxed at the very objective Steffi. Very fair minded Steffi. OK now you want evidence no problems Steffi the sheet if you would just pick up a newspaper. If you see futures did more than get your talking points from the Democratic National Committee if you do a little bit of independent research. Steffi. New Hampshire. He's full of voter fraud. It's the stuff of legends are appear. And it's been extensively reported. From the Manchester union leader. To numerous other publications. So for example Steffi this has been very well documented Steffi. Why is it in Manchester. The night before an election. Every old pal every mall now and you can see the freak in yellow school buses parked in front of mom. Packed with people can't speak English Steffi. They affect you wanna know what language they mostly speak public Espanol. Spanish. And they all go when they vote. And then bite my dog hotels are free in the motels the next day you can rent any room you want. National law. Concord. Manchester. Q what about Steffi okay. Because not to use which you liberals call anecdotal evidence examined only welfare fraud it's anecdotal okay. Here is James O'Keefe. Doing an undercover video. Of the last election in November. Remember they thought. New Hampshire could be the difference between hill T data no trump was gonna win Michigan and Wisconsin and some of these big. At a midwest states so people feared that New Hampshire. Could be the difference maker in the Electoral College. So we knew who did voter fraud was gonna be big in New Hampshire so James O'Keefe. How undercover. The journalists. Always says Hillary supporters. Who are acting like they're not from New Hampshire but they want revoked. So there now confronting poll workers. In New Hampshire saying I'm basically one point. I don't really live here. But I wanna vote here. Kenya help. You want the evidence stuff he hears the undercover video. Roll it Jaret and our power epic fail. Definitely. They had a hard I don't know I'm not living here out there right now I'm just looking to. And it's definitely not indefinitely. He went to. You write about that here would it ended within definitely itself. With its just that guys and 100% to run like he is definitely hear it here but live your head just different poker. Otherwise. They had to be in its. Roughly 48 hours have been like yeah I have to conduct an exchange and apparently there. It's incredible. In fact you know what Jarrett or Britney can you guys do me a favor let's post that video up on wrko.com. Slash corner. KUHNER. Wanna give a big hat taped the gateway the big hat tip the gateway pundit. Which the first like I saw over the weekend so they first. Rolled out that video. But we're gonna put it up you can putt you want stuff he wants evidence. Wrko.com. Slash corner KUH anymore. Now do you have kids we got it. And it's and because when you see these undercover journalist posing as you know Hillary supporters right they wanna vote. The facial expressions that's war a lot of the things that are unsaid. So we are well I don't really live in New Hampshire. And here's their friend's house yah put down your friends are address. Then. You wanna vote you can vote but what if I don't wanna live in New Hampshire she just with her hand motions well. With their face or hand motions like well nobody will know such as vote get out here. I mean it's blatant voter Ferraro and it's wink wink. So CM I'm from Massachusetts. And I voted there and I wanna hold times. And I wanna make sure Hillary wins New England. We hear 48 hours. Yeah. Short yeah sure I can say that okay do you plan on staying here indefinitely would remain definitely well. Do you plan on staying here we kinda wanna hit the diner afterwards OK well okay. Look. Just say you plan on staying here indefinitely signed a form put a little signature mobile prosecute you adios. Here's evoked. Vote twice. Oh who is this guy kidding. Everybody in New Hampshire knows the racket everybody knows the game. Everybody knows how there's massive voter fraud Dave bust some men and they bust some out. And if the dead people aren't voting they've got college students voting twice. And not so they keep Republicans from winning New Hampshire. Steffi. You wanted the evidence. We just gave you the evidence. Do you think he's gonna play on his show. Don't hold your breath. You just claimed again. That there was an illegal voting in in New Hampshire of people buzzing from the state of Massachusetts do you have any evidence that I had at night. You write about that here would give. Definitely itself. With its trip do you have evidence. Point 15. Here on the great WRKO. You can text that says always 68680. This is. Brohm. 603 Jeff my wife and I live in Nashua. We could not believe how many illegals and bombs. We're in a separate line at our polling place we both left saying what the staff is that. 781 Jeff. My daughter's phone was blowing up she's a student. Come up and vote for Hillary she voted in Massachusetts. Wants. Steffi. You want the evidence. We just showed you the evidence. Let's go to. Paul impromptu and go ahead Paul. We lost Paul okay Eddie in Quincy go ahead and. Did you. Upon me I got one didn't want to make sure you've seen but what looked at all other. Investigation by Old Dominion University. They stick around I'll run a million only. Nearly a million illegals admitted. That they voted and then you have other academic studies at 15%. Of non citizens admit. They are registered to vote. Charming. I mean Eddy they want stats they want proof how much more proof do you need. But what they don't want to gentle and open up did you see that you had to pick it up. I know all of it I don't have time to read it are well he might wanna pick ups at these addition. The bigger front page new book this. Saudi Arabian. Rick to look at it's I mean this is a big averaged across all front page and almost 6% of another page. And is it important to date people pretrial Eric Beatty was indicted. And I support of course I still want take responsibility judge told we had tool and it's the opposite problem we can delight as. So basically they deported them before he could be convicted and sentenced. It's incredible it's Iraqi honest to god it's just a rocket it really is. You know and the way the lives. Continue to allow these low lifes that just come into our country murderer citizens. Rape our women. Rape our children. And then when somebody says enough is enough he's the racist. We who din niece in New Hampshire go ahead Denise. We couldn't part with no problem. Go ahead shoot. I shouldn't. And number ultimate expansion. Act similar look I didn't wave. Quote Albert on the Iraq at the war like that. It is our. But it's the number. And and whatever that Brad so I won't. Act. And the contract opponent and because I wouldn't vote. Denise look like where you're going our select your thinking but to me I don't think we need to reinvent the wheel it's very simple. You sure oh folder oh I BE. If the picture on the on the card let's say your driver's license. Doesn't match. The address that they how then you don't vote. And cherish most sane gave voting same day registration. You got two weeks before the election that's set. After that no more registration. Backed. This is this thing in New Hampshire wager show up to date of the election set argues why the the ridges stern. Or you ominous sign a form saying that I really am why am I planned this communal living New Hampshire and stay in New Hampshire Cheryl sign anything you want me to sign. Momma momma. You register before hand. All valid voter ID card with your name your address and your picture. Period and none of this electronic voting that's another thing on home up paper ballot. And we have multiple people from different campaigns or who watched the poll work curse count the ballots. It's okay. I need to know who won the election two hours after the polls closed I can wait till the next morning. It's really that simple. It's called the integrity of the vote the integrity of the ballot box because my France. When he illegals vote. They cancel out to you or vote 26172666868. Is the number. More with your calls. Next do you have. 13 he five here on the great WRKO. You can text us 68680. This is from 617. Jeff my liberal in laws. Live and vote in Florida and submit an absentee vote for New Hampshire. My mother in law passed away this summer and sir you're not. And my father in law voted for her even though she died wound. No hole there's no such thing as a voter fraud not all. That's a figment. Of Trump's imagination. There's no evidence. That let me a little bit more Steffi there Jared where's the evidence what evidence the evidence. There is no evidence show me the evidence. Do you have that evidence have. To have the evidence. I PI yeah I mean even I heard this from a even. By his standards. Steffi disgraced himself now. Speaking of somebody who's now becoming an utter disgrace. Al Franken the guy who stole the election from Norm Coleman in Minnesota OK so basically is that the guy with a stolen senate seat. Well. Owl is now back. And Al was hitting the fake news networks CNN by the way I kid you not. Because CNN's credibility is spanking penal because they keep loving keep publishing fake news. It's one lie. Or smear or phony story after another. It now Chris Cuomo wants CNN. Is now claiming that by for trumpet call CNN fake news. That's like calling a black person began work. So now Chris Cuomo was completely wiped pounded the son of Andrew Cuomo now all of a sudden he's he's a victim. Now all of a sudden he's being called BN word whenever time trump calls a CNN fake news. So it's like calling somebody VMware now. See if you called journey through if you call out journalists for their lights. And wanna hold them accountable or Mao war that's racist not us like calling a black person the downward now. According to Chris Cuomo but let that goal. Al Franken. Is on CNN. And listen to this. Apparently a group of democratic senators sat down to meet with president trump. And as you know all our own folk are on this chief Crazy Horse Elizabeth Warren. Is now claiming she will be the leader of the resistance. To Donald Trump. She says she's gonna fight him in the senate in fact they had the basically Porter in the corner sender to work PP. Because she didn't know how to behave smearing Jeff Sessions but she now says she will be the leader of the left wing resistance that trump. And so trump in a meeting with senators. Called herb Pope on this. Well guess what. Now for calling her poke on this according to a school and now. Now it's all so racist. Role it. Jared let's I wanna turn this senator Elizabeth Warren. And increasingly prominent roles is playing in the Democratic Party and we say what president trump said about her this week I he was meeting privately with ten senators at the White House and he told the Democrats in the room. Pocahontas. Is now the face of your. Party that's an obvious reference to the controversy over those with one's claim native American Heritage what's your response when you see that Pocahontas is now. And the face of your party. I've heard this from us a couple of my colleagues who were there. And I knew. I would've said. I am not what you said passes. And missed present with all due respect that's racist. Don't please stop doing that. I mind Indian affairs is is completely unacceptable. You really missed you should stop doing this it doesn't serve anybody. Something like that. I. Gave her as the ball Britney was whispering in Myers at britney's it's it's delivered. I don't believe them I don't think you what does that Hank thank you wouldn't you humanness and they would have sent out as a lot on the same sentiment on racism in in the news is doing a packed app goodness Arafat. Smart enough. People like. A oh gays that's point number one you're a liar you you phony you Farai do you UN has said nothing. But Timmy the more incredible things. This car still doesn't panicked now maybe I don't when you're so busy stealing elections maybe you don't have time Bakley journal read the papers or read depressed. He's actually he's acting as if Elizabeth Warren is a native American Cherokee. That's. It's not a racist. If she's not an Indian. You see calling her poke on this you get it isn't a joke. Based on the fact that she falsely claimed the native American Heritage. To get an affirmative action job at a ha good to teach 350000. Dollars a year for one courts. I mean I'd like this guy serious. So it's racist. When he's making a joke about her actually if I want my language being racist. She's the one that's a racist. She falsely claimed Cherokee heritage. For a 350000. Dollar a year job to teach one course and get a tenure track position at Harvard she's the biggest fraud and races there is. He's almost acting like quote a woman she's really a Cherokee and so we calls or poke on this. With a trumpet is being a racist. I mean there are God's honest I don't know what to say anymore. And then apparently he sits on the native Americans subcommittee. This guy this current run of a paragon of political correctness. And look at your first thirty I thought it was native Americans I didn't know you can get away with the word Indian. The dare has stolen owl. Played out again Janet. I missed present with a all due respect that's racist. Don't please stop doing that. I Mayan Indian affairs as is completely unacceptable. Put our money Indian affairs. All on torture me and among native American affairs says one now. I mean this critical. I'm telling you and it's not just that. You want to see out how to control the sky is like really how much the elevator as they say does not gold who DePaul. So when he's not doing Jake Tapper again it's the Clinton news network it's fake news he's doing Bill Maher same thing by the way they're both entertainment. It both of them have the same journalistic credibility. As year old. So Clinton news network Jake Tapper or Bill Maher wit though hookers any snorting cocaine off their rear ends of hookers. It's the same thing it really is the same thing so. Al Franken then goes from CNN's Jake Tapper may be I think Bill Maher is actually a little bit higher on the credibility scale just a little bit of the map. Because not every team economy comes out of his mouth has completed their BS he's not a complete pathological liar. Like CNN. Now he's claiming listen to this. Day he won't say their names but stolen now is now saying. That Republican senators are telling him. Trump's mentally unfit. He's he's got a goal he says we who he sees that he's gonna put a padded cell. Roll that jar give us a little insight into what's happening behind the scenes. Well there's a range. What is filled that. And some will. Say that he's not right mentally it. And then some are harsher. This. Stop right there had to give me a favor Jared. Go back deadly Steffi saying where's the evidence Demi Steffi saying where's the evidence do you have. Evidence do you have that evidence so stolen Al Franken fraud. A friend of a Franken fraud Dick do you have better evidence. Mom up the wonder you stole the election but we know when you saw from Norm Coleman but I'm talking about that Republican senators are calling him mentally unfit and summary of it sang worse. Name some names. A stolen out. Maybe UN chief Crazy Horse can get together rarely the two of you because this is now the face of the Democratic Party. And maybe that to a view can hold a big press conference. And say you know what. This Republican senator says he's crazy. This Republican senators says he's unfit district I guess if it's worse what you want on a bulletin is better or something. Look at this this. Is what's coming from the Democratic Party. He's a liar. He's all wire where's your evidence mind Indian affairs has come. Now is Steffi gonna call amount. He's Jake Tapper gonna call amount as they hold a hole. Where is your evidence that Republican senators are calling trump. We who are completely unfit where's the evidence. Put up or shut up. They won't say a word. They're gonna cheer this guy on every step of the way. So now I guess I'm a racist like caller folk on this. I guess Franken fraud should be calling into the show my and Indian affair is this is completely unacceptable. No I'll tell you what's unacceptable you phony you fraud you don't have an election to steal. Sir. That a woman. Falsely claimed. Native American ancestry. And you know how she falsely claimed it just a short US swindler she is that house flipper. Okay we're north of fifteen million dollars mrs. 99%. Vs 1% who lives in a million dollar mansion in Cambridge. Who lives in such a big mansion that literally the ground rules for journalists who interviewer in our house you cannot describe. Or film or videotape Alps. Because that's how big her mansion is in game coach OK that Tribune of the people let that goal. She claimed that her great. Great. Great. Grandparents. Was allegedly. A Cherokee. Was allegedly a Cherokee. And then when asked what what's your evidence. She pointed to an end things singled out eight up. A facial mark. Actually did before. Her imagine if she claimed she was once 64 block. And pointed to a facial feature. Or 164 Asian and pointed to a facial feature or 164 to Jewish and pointed to a facial feature. She would be finished. Finished. The cherokees in Oklahoma. Are dying to get on CNN. Or NBC. Or fox or CBS. Or anywhere. To expose her for the fraud that she is. They have looked into our ancestry. They say there's not one drop of Cherokee blood not one. Whoever runs against Iran the next election I'm gonna demand it's just going to be one litmus test. Anybody wants to challenge chief Crazy Horse. If you run you have to call free DNA test. It's very simple. I want to say no don't you claimed your Cherokee ancestry. You claim that the such an extent. You used it to get an affirmative action position. At a Harvard University because there were hiring so called minorities. And you being a white woman that just wasn't enough. With the blonde hair and oblige spot all I look at Joyce at Cherokee run away. Let's just so obvious. Every Cherokee I've met they've got blonde hair blue lights mom now what planet are you people living on. And you used to getting tenure track position. 350. K a year for one course. One course. And then the moment she got ten year. Bob Boone. Shenzhen. She flipped from being a native American. To being Caucasian. For a moment she got any trouble. Mission accomplished. Even now. What does she list herself us native American or Caucasian knot she suddenly Caucasian. Putnam. She's not sponsoring native American legislation. I mean. How communal calling for reparations for maturities. Notice. She uses them she lied. And then she threw it away. Because she's a complete fraud liars and hypocrites. Very simple. Jeff deal if you're listening to anybody who's planning to run against her. There is one litmus test. Will you demand that she'd take a DNA tests. And you use that issue and you hear all bull wait until Election Day because eventually. She's gonna have to readers say yes or no. If she says no she's proven conclusively to be a liar if she says yes shall be proven conclusively. To be a liar. Either way. Did chiefs gonna get scalp. Or. She's going to be knocked down. Let's put it this way. A couple levels below on the totem pole. Chief Crazy Horse your days are numbered mind Indian affair businesses completely unacceptable. Mr. president of all due respect that's racist. Don't please stop doing that. IE. Mind Indian affairs as is completely unacceptable. If you really missed you should stop doing this it doesn't serve anybody. Something like that the senator will take her seat. 156. Here on the great WRK. Though. Now Al Franken and other Democrats are saying that president trumps. Eric calling Elizabeth Warren who spoke on this. That's now races. 6172666868. Is it racist I wanna hear from you or Deutsche actually have to be a Cherokee before it becomes racist but that's just me. Dot in Dedham go ahead dot. I guess there's I mean at all of the well was deals. And that I just wanted to say my friend and I go into native Americans right off the reservation and not Dakota. We would have kicked alcohol and then I'm last week and Matt. We. I mean registered as Republicans and votes on its Democrat. So the party is and that we don't monstrous body pat and I and we know protest. This is the way we did it. And actively that they act and I said to my friend I wanna go after Elizabeth Warren I wanna get your expenses. And she said to me died she doesn't have said this should not an Indian. Tell me this completely different delayed that we. Make in the statement affiliates they. I'm I'm awfully effective president trump in an all that he doing. It was at its promises then you keep at it and why wouldn't we secure our borders and out airports and and and keep these people. In an aim and doc thank you for that call look a man look my friends corner country. Elizabeth Warren is clearly now angling to Ron okay folk on this chief spreading bull. Is looking to run in 20/20. It's obvious. She is now positioning herself no enemies to the left. And she's trying to Ron essentially as Bernie. In pants suits. She's not gonna try to take the Bernie sanders' vote which is now basically the Bernie supporters have. Basically conquered they've now overtaken the Democratic Party. And so she feels now that she can position herself as the face of the resistance. The face of the opposition to drop. That's why she's a Boston Common that's why she's with the born that's why she's at Logan Airport. That's why she's on CNN. Dot why they're doing the rounds. And so what we end corner country can do in the election in 2018. When she runs again for reelection to the US senate. Is we can take trumps talk enemies how. We can scalper. And you know what I'm gonna build. I'm gonna investigate her ancestry because I will bet you dollars to donuts not only is she not a native American Cherokee. I bet you our ancestors and Oklahoma. We're the ones that work killing the cherokees. On the trail of pierce. How's that for you chief. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.