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Should Gen. Flynn have resigned? 2/14/17

Feb 14, 2017|

Last night General Mike Flynn resigned from his position as National Security adviser. CNN bragged about this being a win for the media. What do you think?

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The constitution. Is under attack. Read on number TL yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed it boring bus. This either the American revolution a new movement begins. Just color. Boston's bulldoze it. Cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season America's voice of the resistance could come road course. To win. How. National security advisor general Michael Flynn. Announced his resignation. Last night. Sending shockwaves. Across the entire political media landscape. My friends there's no other way to say this last night was the Monday night massacre. And the media is already celebrating. And so I wanna ask you this corner country before even getting to the opening monologue. Because I wanna get sure raw feedback. Without saying corner persuaded mean you're influenced Maine. I just wanted to take an immediate poll it's the corner country poll question and vision for as the French would say of the day. Should. General Flynn have resigned as national security advisor. If you believe the answer is yes that it was a good move both for him the president to have accepted it president trump. And the administration. Tax the latter day to 68680. If you believe it was a very bad move for a whole host of reasons. Text a letter. 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Okay my friends. What has made this story even more dramatic and in some ways stunning. Is all over the weekend. All of the president's men and women led by Kellyanne Conway. Kept insisting that Flynn was not in trouble. In fact. Just hours before his resignation. This is what Kellyanne Conway had to say. That Flynn cut quote unquote dull full support. Our president trump rope cut one. Jerry does the national security advisor right now enjoy the full confidence of president trump. Yes general friends us into the full confidence of the president and the big week for general Flynn he's the point of contact for many of these. A foreign visits by saying that he enjoys the full confidence of the president these two questions that are out there one. Whether he had a conversation before Donald Trump became president did involve the sanctions into whether he misled or provided false information to the vice president to Mike Pence. Who then went out there and said hey this conversation this type of conversation never took place. By saying he enjoys the full confidence of the president are you saying you're satisfied. That he did not have those conversations that he did not mislead the vice president. And that's at two different questions and asked me how many people answer is because he has full confidence in the present yes he does. That was then. This morning 24 hour not even twelve hours later OK fourteen hours later whatever it is. Kellyanne Conway and I gotta say this summer months thing is the Porter down you know while a big supporter of hers she looked like she hadn't slept a wink. You can tell they were in crisis small outdoor White House she was up two of the two was up all night. I mean she'll look like she just got a half an hour's sleep paroled out of bed and this morning. On Fox News. Said. He lied the vice president pants he had a goal role cut to. John. This president is a very loyal person and he has eighteen here. That serves him very admirably and in this case. Information had been forthcoming for a while. But. This situation had gotten to it because fever pitch yesterday. Later in the day such that you begin considering just yesterday at the national security advisor was part of the eat the visit by eighty they're bilateral visit by the Canadian prime minister just intrigued he was in the presidential daily briefing he'd be a part of the leader calls the president for around the globe but. In me and it really was in this leading or the forgetfulness. About it characterized in that conversation. And that I think was there at the linchpin here and look I just wanna say to everyone in the general Flynn has seen three decade. Plus a catching wrote on and on but the point as he's gone he misled the vice president and basically let me tell you what happened they throw my under the bus. So did I understand the story before we get into all the ramifications and I'm telling you the ramifications. Are very profound there. The media is already celebrating their already openly gloating. This is their first kill. And now we're gonna move for the rest of the president's men sold to understand what's been going on. Before the election but especially after the election. My general Mike Flynn who was a key advisor to trauma throughout the entire campaign. And then was quickly tapped to be the incoming national security advisor remember. He was Strom spa on national security was Trump's right hand man. When allegedly hide several caught our conversations. With Russia as ambassador with their Russian ambassador to the United States. Said he did this yet. If you want to specific name. And may be there were I don't care where they click in some glasses. Maybe there were collecting some. Want to dot com Dodd. My. Genital my Guile my I like your minds him. My grandmother some look at let's yellows and will be in a non sexually act act Muslim world does the phobia. A and so though I wish. Israel plans we've men's Mao. And so they discussed many thanks. They discussed trumps coming to power. They discussed setting up a phone call between Bolton and trump they discussed Russian relations. And in part to killer. They. Allegedly now while no they did because these this is CIA was leaking stuff so transcripts of the conversations ended up being leaked. In which yes they did discuss sanctions. Now in the conversation. General Flynn didn't say we're gonna lift the sanctions were gonna keep the sanctions were gonna impose more sanctions. What he said was exactly what our president elect trump was saying wall saint. We may lift the sanctions we may not lift the sanctions will see what happens everything's on the label. All he was telling. The Russian ambassador. Is what trump himself. Had been tweeting out for weeks and weeks and weeks. They're basically now where Obama leveled the sanctions against Russia remember. Our congress and the Obama administration claimed that Russia at a packed the elections at the punish them for interfering in the elections and cost Hillary the election. That Obama leveled a new round of sanctions against Russia. This was in late December. And everybody says it will retaliate important didn't retaliate. Because he knew trump was coming to power and things would be different did BA softening eight. May be a date taunt. Between the two great powers in the world. Got tipped. Elect I'm not kidding that's the crux of the so called scandal months gamble. And from that point on. The Washington Post. Being fed by leaks from the the dig deep state the shadow government led by the CIA. Who were vindictive to get Mike Flynn because Mike Flynn. Was exposing their illegal gun running to al-Qaeda and nicest. Mike Flynn wanted to prosecute and go after. These rolled CIA officials who wonder if the Obama administration. We're sending in weapons to al-Qaeda and nicest illegally. I essentially arming our mortal enemies. And sold to take him down. They were they were surveilling. And wire tapping his conversations with the Russian ambassador. And sold the liberal media began to come up with this claim listen to this. That by speaking to the Russian ambassador about quote on quote sanctions. About quote unquote sanctions. That Flynn had violated something called the Logan act. Now many of you may say shafts. (%expletive) what that how is the Logan act. You see they're trying to bring down members of the administration. Would seem to be violated any thing where it's gone 1960 form owners most venture 1915. Wrong wrong wrong 1917. None among all eighteen any form on 1832 old men and adults 181518. Note to read you know. 1799. And bottom the bottom. And section twelve cause brain. Sub accept cause one AA. They claimed that under the Logan act. A private citizen. Cannot quote undermined. The negotiations. Of the United States government when it's Eric conducting business overseas. It's incredibly vaguely written. It has never been used to prosecute. Anybody. Ever. Ever. But they claim that checked just think of the logic of its. That the incoming national security advisor who's going to be officially inaugurated with trumpet a couple weeks. Somehow violated. The Logan act. By talking to the Russian ambassador. About whether we will lift sanctions or not lift sanctions. And sold them media created a feeding frenzy. Mike Flynn panicked. Oh my god the lives are out to get me oh my god they're out to get me oh my god you're gonna get me on the Logan act they're gonna get me on the Logan act. So as the media began to pepper Sean Spicer with questions about was there a conversation with the Russian ambassador did they talk about sanctions. Sean Spicer said well we spoke to Mike Flynn the answer is no. But they were getting leaks now. Because people within the trump administration and the intelligence communities want to bring down Flynn and with them the trump administration. And they said not normal home. We've got the transcripts of the conversations. We were listening him. So then Mike Pence called in general flame and set I gotta go on CBS's face the nation. Did you speak. With the Russian ambassador about sanctions. Fully end said he didn't. Should vice president pants then went on CBS's face the nation was asked point blank. Well what is their conversation between Mike Flynn and the Russian ambassador. Mike Pence set yet. There wasn't any there was not about sanctions. Well the vice president then misled the country because he had been apparently misled by Mike Flynn. All held then broke loops. By the weekend the Washington Post had more stories than the New York Times followed it up CNN now sensed blood in the water. And so now the question is with the immediate creating this as a major mega scandal. Mike Flynn came out and said look I can't remember. Maybe and. I thought maybe I did discuss sanctions maybe I didn't discuss sanctions I can't remember now. Flynn then apologize. To Mike Pence because apparently he misled him. Mike Pence demanded that Flinn be essentially pushed out. The pressure then began to grow from the media. They wanted a scalp and they wanted Mike flames scalp. And now in the face off with this media trump blinked. And he threw him under the bus. And last night they offered Flynn his resignation. Now a couple points me to be said. An incoming national security advisor talking to the Russian ambassador to the United States about sanctions. Personal crime. Personal crime. The Logan acting was complete bogus. There was no crying this was completely manufactured. Now the bigger issue. Well we got to get rid of them because he misled the vice president a guy Slorc. I was in Washington for ten years. I don't know how to Communists. Everybody lies to everybody now why Mike Flynn would choose to either he forgot. Because he was putting on a court according to many aides who work with them he was putting in whiny 22 hour days that guy literally was getting one or two hours sleep. Maybe he just forgot. Or for whatever reason he panicked under pressure from the media trying to use the Logan act to get him he misled the vice president. The only times I've been like to. When I was running an entire newsroom throw my entire career. Now I'm a single Liam I think you should lie don't get me wrong. But how you deal with this is. We reprimanded him. We told them we don't expect you or don't want shoot to ever lied again don't do it. But if we started getting rid of people because they're somehow lying to their superiors. You have the clean LP and putt get the clean all of Washington. Susan Rice. Light. She lied to the entire American people not about a conversation. Regarding sanctions with the Russian ambassador. But about four murdered dead Americans. She got free in promoted. Now the man of a 36 years stellar military career. Eight patriots. A close advisor to trump and by the way on Russia one of the hardest of the hard liners. He is eight he was that staunchest Russian hawk in the entire cabinet in the entire administration. A man who is gonna be indispensable to Trump's foreign policy. Has now been thrown to the Waltz. Mark my words what's gonna happen right now. The media is celebrating their first kill. And now what they have now succeeded and what they've now achieved mark my words this is a turning point. Now they know if you apply enough pressure you can pick come off all of the president's men one by one. Today it's Mike Flynn tomorrow it's Kellyanne Conway. And then it's Stephen Miller. And then it's Stephen Bannon. And Bennett Sean Spicer. Yet caught off the left arm yet caught off the right arm yet caught off the left leg yet caught off the right leg. And before you know it the president is alone and isolated. And they will move in to kill him. My friends. This is an un mitigated. Disaster. And there's no other way to sugar coated. Trauma in her face off with the media blinked. Some people might be looking and this this whatever reason to give this story. Off the radar off the front pages of papers like the Washington Post in the New York Times. Audit others might be looking at it as the press having a score some points against this against us what. There sensing blood in the water. Not stimulus that was CNN's may or may net and poets and Eminem. Knee yeah now yeah right yeah Malik Anderson on CNN they were practically bringing out the champagne bottles last night. I mean they were popping corks. There were clicked in their heels. And she openly senate for that this is the first big victory for the media. So. The media now have their first major kill. Mike Flynn is outs. Lindsey Graham John McCain are bragging. The intelligence communities by the way there needs to be an investigation of all of these leaks. There are deliberately intended to reduce the trump administration. To rubble. So there shadow government is cheering. The establishment. Is cheering. The media is cheering don't rhinos are cheering. Mike Flynn is gone. And I am telling you. Mark my words. Already this morning now there are going to be gunning for Kellyanne Conway because they're claiming ethics violations. Because she said by you bunker trumps products in an interview with Fox News. And if you think that's storm is gonna Barack if you think this is going to appease the liberals. Or the media. You've just waded their appetite. This is like this is like the Rhineland. When Hitler got the Ryan land he said Jaime Austria then they gave Austria. He said give me this suit Dayton land they gave mr. Dayton land and before you know it. There everything ended up getting devoured. The president's men are gonna start a fall because what they show make no mistake about it the media and now sets the agenda. They decide who stays and who goals. If they can whip up enough of a phony scandal. And manufacture enough hysteria. And just pound and pound and pound the White House. Trump will give them a kill. Ted hey it's Mike Flynn. Tomorrow. It could be Kellyanne Conway. Could beast the Eric could be banned them. It could be Sean Spicer. If I'm working in this White House right now I'd be very very nervous. 6172666868. I say absolutely. Not. Your calls next. National security is perhaps the most important function or responsibility a president passed. And I think the president made the right decision to ask for his resignation you cannot have a national security advisor on misleading the vice president and others. So I think the president was right to Astros resignation. Arm and an I believe it's it was the right thing to do. 1237 here on the great WORK. Go okay that of course was Paul Ryan Orion. Celebrating the downfall of general Michael Flynn he was an outsider. He was gonna shake up the national intelligence communities. In particular the CIA. This was revenge on the part of the CIA. Our full and had a damning evidence of them or running guns under Obama to arm al-Qaeda and I says. They leaked a lot of these transcripts to the Washington Post to CNN to the New York Times. And then they played up that Flynn had allegedly misled pence in one conversation. And god forbid you should ever mislead anybody because this is watching them and nobody ever mislead anybody. Poll. Went when Obama. Told ol' country. You like your doctor you can keep your doctor you like your health care plan you can keep your healthcare plan. How come only was calling for his resignation. I'm not talking about a dinky conversation we're all due respect. About sanctions. To a Russian ambassador in private by the way. I'm talking about our health to the entire world of entire public okay you only got one okay. How about when Hillary Clinton. Compromised national security. Sensitive classified information. And openly said. Are never received quash report information like never should classified information. Staff nothing to see here come on now OK you don't like that one. She'll lose and rice. Deliberately lied on multiple talk shows again and again to the American people to the families of the victims. About the terrorist murder of four Americans and Ben Ghazi. How come Paul Ryan didn't call for her to resign. How come the Washington Post and call for her to resign. From the media was an all. Allow other foaming at the mouth salivating. For her to resign. But when it came to general Mike Flynn. They want to it is head on a platter. And they got it within 24 hours 617. In fact right now the Democrats are holding a press conference. Because today and many of these congressional Republicans are now going to be demanding and are probably gonna get. An investigation. Now into allegedly flames ties to Russia. Because they're trying to make the argument that Flynn was the guy who was a hawk against Russia. Who wrote a book in 2013. About how old men Russia is a mortal enemy of the United States but none on on home. He apparently was in bed with the Russians. But trumps administration. Is in bed with the Russians. So they're now using this resignation. To now call for massive congressional investigations. Because it's not gonna stop the general plan. If you think it's gonna stop we general flan I got some I got swampland in Florida you may be interest in him. 61720666868. The media has now opened a crack in the door. And once you open a crack they will come and kick it down. Brittany. What is the what is a poll question. And what are their results so far shed general flat and have resigns. And 53%. Say yes. And my horn 7% say now. Okay well apparently now Cummings is saying that the sheer fact that Flynn communicated with the Russian ambassador. I was an attack on our democracy. You see the incoming national security advisor god forbid you should be discussing sanctions that the Russian ambassador. You gloom and commission. This is what I mean why does from lacks the Democrats and the media take a married about everything. Everything at Paris first on I think there's a mole within his administration motherly can like crazy there yeah they are. And I mean think about it Jeff this is. A man who came out and endorsed Donald Trump right from the beginning he spoke at Republican National Convention in Cleveland's. So. Trump is loyal. But I mean you're right it may faulted so quick. The Justice Department came out I found funny about. Half hour or so before the State Department you'd say yes it's different came out. A half hour before our he resigned saying that they warned the trop administration about press about general Flynn. And his talks with Russia so I thought it was pretty weird a little sketchy so. They definitely Fuld and they cannot. Do that measure right they're gonna go after all everybody that's on his administration. Every single person. Any can't do that Hugh let stoplight immediate end they can't win. 6172666868. Is the number. Okay Josh in Framingham Europe first coed Josh. Hey Jeff I think this is there really explored because if you're amber seventeen. Intelligence agencies came out that that Russia. Have a role in our elections. Now they passed the sanctions do it that. This spring day with a on the all of these kinds discussions discussing what sanctions possibly discussing rolling them back. How are we supposed to we know he wasn't on the over the books fortress you know during the time in the election were that were being leaked by Russia or whoever. Okay well Josh let me ask you this what's wrong if he is on the phone what's the crime. He's the incoming national security advisor. So what. So what. None and none on hold up what were all alone won't hold on hold on okay bring him down bring a dunk on these liberals they just like they don't wanna have a discussion. So Obama. When his incoming secretary of state stories incoming national security advisors is very well documented. They were making calls to the Russians they wanted to reset they were still private citizens they weren't officially confirmed. This happens in Washington every every four years. If so that's why the Logan act has never been successfully prosecuted since 1799. So again I go back to this. He was going to be the national security advisor he's got to get on the job right away they're setting up the transition. That's what transitions to. Everybody starts moving the pieces around so he doesn't have the right now called a Russian ambassador. Well don't give me come on I'm giving you facts. We were promised border action you know open up these things happen or are his presidency fall so his crimes are okay the private conversations are suddenly criminal. If that happened whenever our administration record in the third administration directed duel. You know it's our unload bad things again and again that's all start right right right right about. Things were done by our incoming general. Who wish Trump's top national security advisor. Before he be count in the incoming national security advisor he's gonna be running the NSC. He calls of the Russian ambassador to the United States by the way they didn't just discuss sanctions you know that. They got this what's wrong what's wrong with him calling out the Russian ambassador. So they've passed sanctions could they were interfering in our election in the same day you come forward that sounds kind of fishy. You know I believe trump said he would investigate this couple that with the Russian acting and heard anything over. Well let me ask you this -- Lowell Damascus. And I'm not let me ask you this because I know you liberals are trying to claim the trump is he legitimate because somehow not the election. Show me the evidence showing me the evidence. Would show me the evidence whole life I have even come out with my question and are we talking over me. Show only the evidence. That wooten changed one vote one vote. I ID ghosts 617. At speeds there's an unbelievable. Six want you see but now what they want is now they want the book. Maxine Waters said it perfectly last week. We need to launch investigations. Who'll get the evidence to impeach. Meaning we audible fishing. So step mom just trump up something trumpet up pardon upon manufacturers. Campbell. How the media jumped all over it. Then we can call an investigation. And then we can Meyer did their did trump administration. Into investigation. After investigation after investigation. So they wanna go after him on his supposed connections to important which are nonexistent but let that go think about it think about it. Look it up I'll take my word fort. Flynn wrote a book coauthored with Michael had been 2013. On if you think you think I'm tough on uncle in Russia are Yahya Ali. Flynn was the hardest of hard liners. Think I was the ultimate Russian hawk. And not just on Russia on Iran. On ice since on radical Islam on China on North Korea. She wanted to overturn everything that Obama had done for the last eight years. That's why the CIA had a vendetta to go out and get him. And by god they got them and they got him on a lousy conversation with Mike Pence how. She lied to the voice. President. You can employ the vice president Muhammad private conversation. You know he's protecting disaster he's afraid the Democrats are gonna get them on the Logan act. All nobody protects their rear end in Washington and everybody's Solana is Jeff. Poll Brian polian mineralized jail if. Remember lives. Except when he lies to your face. Any large repeatedly and he breaks his campaign promises. On all but that's OK Jeff at all Ryan can stay. Don't be hypocrisy. That double standards. So Mike Pence went on CBS. Okay I'm sorry I got bad information from Mike Flynn he apologized. We reprimanded him you don't do it again. I want fully complete transparency from all of my subordinates regarding all of your conversations. Here's the policy you do it again you're out. But what you don't do. What you don't do. Easter roll your best people under the bus. Because the Washington Post is demanding their heads. Who's next. I'll tell you who's next. They're gonna go after Mattis. They're gonna go after Rex Tillerson. They're gonna go after Kellyanne Conway it's not gonna end. And now by giving them that first sacrificial lamb. Now you whetted the appetite. Now they're already now demanding investigations. Already yo open the door another gonna come right on and 6172666868. Is the number. Elijah Cummings. Representative John Conyers. Nancy the Iran Apolo seek. Paul Ryan O Ryan Jason Shay fits the Lindsey Graham John McCain. We can put him down all they want to they have the numbers now in congress. They say that flames resignation quote unquote resolves nothing. They want a floral investigation. Of the alleged connections between all moved and the entire trump administration. They want to turn trump into the second coming of Nixon. They want to criminalize his entire administration. They want investigation. After investigation. Because they wanna drive him out of office and break him. The way they broke Nixon. All they gotta do now is find any crime. Anything. Anything. As the excuse to take him out mister president. I've been telling you this now for about ten dates how many say it again. Study the fall of Richard Nixon. He was done in by a palace coup and a Washington establishment who hated him. They will get chew on anything. Watch your back. Yeah shack whom I do respect W a Y. Well I respect a lot of people but that doesn't mean I'm really get along with them he's a leader of this country. I say it's better to get along with Russia than not and in Russia helps us in the fight against basis which is a major fight and Islamic. Terrorism all over the world my major fight that's a good thing. Mike flan is how it's. The media is now bragging they have their first major kill. And they are saying this is just the beginning. Should general Flynn have resigned. Bill and got them go ahead bill. I'm thinking so much for taking my call. Person have to say you've presented the facts very elegantly. And very correctly that's everything I've read. I don't believe that the general Flynn who is eight. Patriots. Violated the Logan act not assuming that anybody knows what promote that means it's free short term that prosecution. No more hundred. Quite ambiguous. But I now have become a skunk and disagree with that conclusion. And hear his wife. Carol Lin was the national security advisor. The president and vice president must take is where it is cold like come on Catholics so. The weight of the Pope speaks with his ex Africa that fit in the pieces I noticed. It has to be known has to be true to consider I don't know that's perfectly okay but not I notice. And he missed let's not I don't think intentionally and he's got a picture and I'd dealt he would launch. But he misled probably. Inadvertently. The vice president and embarrassed the administration. That diminishes his role cult like completely trust them in the future. Is and it's time now if somebody else like kind of like people like ambassador Bolton at all. But I daresay they think it is appropriate having made an error probably inadvertent. But that's kind of error cannot be accepted but it's taking a closer. Thank you very much bill look you really made the argument for the other side extremely well. Look I look I'm Amanda my word I hate liars Britney knows that but I'm just telling you. Having been in what I'm not trying to claim some are just because I'm in Washington have been I was in Washington for ten years out. You know I know everything I'm just telling you that city is built on once. Everybody is lying to everybody else did assuming that he did life. So for the media to be all in the last year. That somehow. He misled the vice president hey guys come on. I mean they hypocrisy here reeks it's thanks. So thing you have to make a political judgment. Yet to make a political judgment that's what it comes down to. And is this man with his 36 years of service. With everything that trump passed him to do. Where you feel you're working on 20/20 two hours or days. It's not just think he was handling the Russia portfolio. He had I'm handling North Korea at a manly China have a mailing Iran element the Iraq crisis. I mean everybody is it is dangerous and the guy sleeping two hours and I ain't. Now god is my wit is Britain can testify to this you I work long hours like putting up a sleeping two hours a night but I work hard. Brit people often say to meet you remember we had this meeting here a Mike did we barely two weeks ago. So you know maybe he maybe he honestly forgot that they did discuss sanctions. And for a fact. Yet thrown to the wolves. To me why not I reprimanded him I told him it's unacceptable. In all. That's it move on we got bigger fish to fry. But winning eleven goal like this which are signaling to the media is they can take down anybody. And that's my big concern okay should Flynn have resigned I wanted more of your calls don't touch that dial. Others might be looking added. I have the press having a score some points against this against this White House and he we noticed the White House that happen. Ongoing feud. Always maybe different outlets. I am so in that way I imagine they're gonna be a lot of different views in his White House as we know other also if you be camps. I and one of the problems that this thing. It's a three week period. 106. Here on the great WORK. Oh of course that was neo Malik Anderson on CNN. They were practically bringing out the champagne bottles last night. They drew blood. They drew blood the liberal media drew blood forcing essentially the resignation. Of our national security advisor general Mike Flynn. And you know my friends and wanna get your calls very soon I promise 'cause I wanna pitcher your take on what's developing right now but. You now have establishment Republicans in congress. Who were cheering the downfall of Flynn. You have the Democrats. All along with some Republicans who are now calling for open an endless investigations. Not only into flames alleged ties with Russia. But with the entire trump administration's ties to Russia. And there was a big story I was not able to get to yesterday but I think it adds perspective to what's going on here. Paul Sperry who I think is one of the best columnists. Not in the country he writes a regular column for the New York Post is one of the reasons why I subscribe to the post again at the house every day. He's not just a great opinion columnist or some columnist frankly you reach for their commentary you're the quality of their analysis. With him it's because he has great investigative reporting. According to Paul Sperry. Obama. Has now created. What his own supporters now term a quote unquote shadow government. It is literally. The miles from the White House. And so in his mansion in Georgetown. By the way with a huge wall but it. But let that go back god forbid we should have a wall if did their leader feels he needs a wall to protect him and his family he can have a wall let that go. And there from his mansion in Georgetown. All along with his chief of stopped his Press Secretary eighteen that he has around them. He is mobilizing over 30000. Volunteer community activists. And they are vowing. That this score of 30000. All along with the rise of the alternative left. A lot Elizabeth Warren the college protesters. Black Hawaii as a matter cold paying. Well all of these other the anarchist movement all of these other activists. That their goal. Each to shut down the trump our administration. To me to shut the government down. To force key members of his administration to be ousted from office. To continue which street protests. To ratchet up as much does finance. As a much chaos. As much opposition. Even potentially violence as possible because according to Obama. Everything must now be done to prevent his legacy from being repealed. Everything must be done to preserve all that analysts condom. Of the last eight years. Flynn. Was a major pillar that they had to knock down. Why. Because Flynn was corner reverse did the disastrous Iran deal. Flynn was gonna help coordinate with the Russians. Can knock out I assists and destroy radical Islam. Flynn was calling for the containment of Communist China. Flamed by the way it was one of the few voices ironically in the administration. That was coming up Russia as a hawk. Saying that Obama had a piece to pull them Obama had to reset the button with potent. Obama's administration and Hillary were on the take for important. That they had sold out Ukraine they had sold out Cranium they had sold out Georgia. And so what Mike Flynn wanted to do was put a spotlight especially on the rogue elements in the CIA. That were illegally running guns. Into Syria through Ben Ghazi. Arming al-Qaeda and arming crisis. It would have led to many senior CIA officials. Either being fired or potentially being prosecuted. In other words she was there a drain the swamp. They had to take him out. And so the democratic paper. In Washington is the Washington Post they carry water for the Democrats. Four G shadow government to sort of deep state the CIA BN SA. The intelligence community that I've there are been looking to destroy trump from the beginning. As well as Ryan McCain Lindsey Graham and rubio. And so really now for the last month. There has been leak after leak after leak. The president's conversation with the Australian prime minister that is supposed to be confidential. It was leaked. President's conversation with Paul and that was a week. President's conversation with the president of Taiwan that was leaked. Our personal conversations within the White House inner circle leaked. Well now we found out. Guess what it. Mac Michael Flynn was being essentially wiretapped. When he was stalking with the Russian ambassador not just about sanctions the media is is blowing this up. They talked about many thanks. They talked about crisis they talked about radical Islam they talked about setting up eight. Foundation for a conversation in a relationship between Putin and trump. There were many other U Raun how your Russia can be brought into play a big role in restraining the Iranians. They talked about a huge range of issues it wasn't just sanctions. And even then because the transcription were released. Flynn told the US the Russian ambassador. We may lift the sanctions we may not lift the sanctions. It's up to the president. So they tried to criminalize. A private phone hole. Between the man who was the incoming national security advisor and the ambassador. From Russia. Which by the way it happens all the time. All the kind. This to me is what's absolutely incredible. Every single you think one Obama's administration was coming injuring the transition with bush you don't think his top people are on the phone with everybody there were still. Quote unquote private citizens so they dredged up the Logan act. 1799. Never prosecuted. Ever under the Logan act. And they scared him with. Now. Did Mike Flynn lying I'm not defending lying but I wanna put what's going on here and context. This context is everything. If Flinn lied to the American people yet. Get Flynn lying under oath to congress yet. He lied any price even if he did lie. OK even if he did lie. He was in a private conversation with Mike Pence now yes Spencer went on CBS's face the nation. And then he misled the public because he had been misled by Michael Flynn. But it's about what it. It's about a conversation. Between Mike Flynn and the Russian ambassador. Over whether they discuss sanctions. Which even if they. It is all big deal is crying. So it's a cover up allegedly about something that's funny crying. You don't usually in Washington right you have a third rate burglary like Watergate by the way. Nixon never approved Watergate. Nixon never ordered Watergate OK but let that goal let that go. They say the coverup is worse than the initial crime in this case there was not crying. Of course it's gonna be talking to the Russian ambassador you better believe what he's talking to the Russian ambassador. It's part of the transition when he's inaugurated they hit the ground running day one. So you gotta get your ducks on a roll. By the way he wasn't just talking to the Russian ambassador to media want to mention this. He was talking to the Iraqi ambassador. To the Syrian ambassador. To the Chinese ambassador. To the European ambassadors. 'cause he's the incoming national security advisor he's done. Be talking to all these people before we gets into office. We all. And their media ease gloating. Moral higher same on Fox News she'll look pregnant to me last night the way she was I thought we would've got that sixty to have a baby. The way she was glowing last night half day new. They had the trump team on the ropes they knew what. Well CNN is like they're happy as they of their life. The Washington Post is now openly bragging this is the first. Of many resignations the com. You go on all of these liberal left wing web sites they want Flynn walked up. Want him in jail. For what. For wiped. His worst the worst thing you can say about him OK he liked Mike Pence okay. I'm not defending lying don't get me wrong but in the major scheme of things of all the crimes and scandals and corruption are just going on. First of all day where he is not a crime it's a sim which I and and I hate liars. But saw crying. I was on the role. Or go to the American public that was completely unethical and immoral. So the very same media. That gives us freak muse after fake news. They lied to us every week in day. Hong. Professionally they Hong Mike Flynn. Because she allegedly lied or misled Mike Pence. Now many viewers saying well he offered his resignation he and trump should a cinema taken. Book. As an example. Britain mean is on the phone with the Russian ambassador. Whenever. There are reports that Brittany. This corner report in bed with Vladimir port and this is cornered just taking orders from port. Is pool now interfering in controlling the core report almighty god. Brittany where you want the. Home with the Russian ambassador. Mean. Point Korman really chew my head off a fraction tunnel my did in. New home. Mo meanwhile is on the phone but no we never discuss sanctions or anything it was just whether or wanna have some borscht and vodka. And offer their. Celebration of the Bolshevik revolution the 100 year anniversary. I said yeah of course I love borscht and bought time there. That was it. OK so corners now interviewed WBZ book or whatever channel for channel five. No my understanding is that not Brittany that conversation but no they never discussed policy or sanctions Malle. Then it turns out are crops we believe still we've been eavesdropping. Britney did Garrett is the transcript now. I went out I guess I misled the public. About whether Brittany discuss policy with the Russian ambassador. Britney what the hell is this oops I'm sorry. Either I forgot resume working crazy hours and my memory assist you on work and 1820 hour days. Or I'm sorry if looked than want to get mad at me and went to chew my head off I didn't want to get upset I'm sorry. Here's my resignation. Brittany. You assured me loyally and faithfully for many years you're an incredible asset to the show. I'm not accepting your resignation. Don't ever ever mislead me again you understand. Onward and upward. But Geoff the media will keep asking you questions again and again with the scandal will never go away don't a goal fly at high. I don't roll my people to the wolves Max. Was a crime committed yet. Was anything illegal committed yet. Did you jeopardize national security yet. They did damage the American people yet. What's the problem. Annie and even if you wanna get rid of the guy. Because Mike Pence is so teed off I understand my parents is a devout Christian for him his word is his bond I get it. You don't do with to the media when they're calling for his head. During your mortal enemies. All you're gonna do by appeasing home is where their appetite even more. You're not saying she eating their hunger. Your picks you're you're you're you're you're you're encouraging it. They're really get even more thirsty and more hungry. Because you've now wedded to hugest wedding it. So what's she if it's not important to you as a matter of honor and a matter of principle and what it fine. Mike. When aft election though born not gonna do what mount OK there about a mom for six weeks whenever. Family reasons. Why they have whatever it is you're too tired what what Mike whatever you want. I would just gone up push you out. But by doing it. The way he did it. Not just that substance of what they did. Yesterday. He has the full support of the president according to Kellyanne Conway. Twelve hours later she's on Fox News looking like literature is rolled out of bed because she's been up all night in the war room. And while he misled Mike Pence if he misled Mike Pence he's got a goal. It looks like the gang that can't shoot straight. So now you look like you're in particular click here in disarray. You know look like you're your administration is chaotic but frankly looks like amateur hour up there. And you've given your mortal enemies the one thing they crave a trophy. And you know what happens when they get one. I asked the patriots. Then they want a second. And a third and a fourth. And a fifth. And before you know what Mr. President you're all alone. 6172666868. Is the number are right so now Sean Spicer. Is saying that the erosion of trust. Led president trumped up asked for flames resignation. So bearish on good luck. We've got storyline because I got news for you. I think they want Kellyanne first day I think they want Kellyanne first. Dobie asking for your head. Move given four to six weeks 6172666868. Should Flynn have resigned. And should trump have accepted it your calls next. 127 here on the great WRK goal lease who's been waiting patiently in Boston thanks for holding and welcome. He cast. A patent for. Michael I'd I I'd like all of my ear and my head for the last couple ate up a bit about the trade it was an app. And I knew that was gonna be all about my hat because I know trying to eat the most loyal guy in the Welch appreciate loyalty. And I don't think he vertical market a market peaked LP yet many are actually. And back pocket breaks my the parent. You're you're adding a lot of Beckman at the end widget but every Scotland I literally. I put it all and at night you know life. And that you know. Got that an investigation. And one important thing was that is what's going on with the leaks and when you get a grip when I get a quick picture everything act Colin on. I'll decide whether or not it at all it's not going to be because you tell me she. And then Qaeda you know my question. You know it doesn't look good that you know it happened it happened and maybe not on the true you know somebody without an illness that's what I would have done. And that wouldn't now are deeper satisfaction. Lisa very well said and believe me now they've got it. And I got a say really they are. They are gloating and look I can feel that I could be wrong look honestly. Our have a crystal ball may be you know maybe some of you in the audience many of you think look and I respect isn't very respectable position very honorable position. Look Jeff he lied or you know we appears he like he may have just been OK this is signal. He lied to Mike Pence. You don't lie to anybody certainly not to the vice president he had to call to. Yeah trust issues so basically now you can no longer trust the OK to very respectable. Very honorable position. But even then. 02 now. Don't do it because the media is asking you to do with. All laid down in front of them like that. Because all you're gonna do consensus. He can feel it you've energizes them. You put the win now behind their sales. And now they're gonna come after your team twice as hard. And look there's no getting around that I've been in these kind of war room situations. You can save the chief has our back the chief has our back but privately I'm telling you what the water cooler. You know for gets really ugly. It would be mean would be you. That's why even if you want him to goal. Let him. Do in a month two months whenever he said keys Jill misses his family his grandkids. What ever come on its Washington you guys on a lot of spending aren't. But won't do it now. Because by doing it now the way they did it's. I think they've unleashed a flood gates 6172666868. Should full and have resigned. Your calls next. 137. Here on the great WRKO. Don't let me just throw another log on the fires are like to say. Not only let me ask you do you think Flynn should have resigned and should trump the president of accepted his resignation. But is CNN right on this one. Is this a big win for the mainstream media. Pony in Gloucester going ahead don't. We just lost Tony okay. Dug in sterling go ahead dark. It. May I can hear you can you hear me. IKEA in your great merit it thank you don't. For eight years Obama had Valerie Jarrett sat there at the right hand person. And all of nineteen. Or where all is. Are in Russia. And it's even on the Internet and the histories of all that information. And I'm surprised knowing that anything on site at posting here and tweeting everything we ever have been done. Doug you know I'm just curious. How many times that old did Obama lie to the American people. How many times did Susan Rice. Lie about Ben Ghazi. How many times they Hillary Clinton whole lying. About you know her email per server. I can see the media. Uproar. I didn't see suddenly now everybody holier than thou. They lied they've gone gold they've blown my court you can apply. But because he missed wide OK here Royce and look we don't even know why Mike why Mike look. He never violated the Logan act T this is the mystery look you wanna what I wanna know honest to god if I had Mike Flynn on for an interview. Why did you do not eat when you spoke to the vice president. You didn't really the low can you did nothing more it's your. It's your tropical. African Russian ambassador of incoming national security advisor for God's sakes of course going to be talking to the Russian ambassador. So why try to cover up and on crying. That's the question I would like pass console I should say he did OK just for the sake of argument. Because you're afraid of the blowback from the media because they were going on about the Logan act. Is that you what you just lost your nerve is that what it is. So they knew lied to the vice president. Seek to mean that's what I wanna know. 6172666868. Is the number pony and Gloucester regards your back go ahead don't. Thank you just 2.0 I have made my point number one president trump politicians you know me I'm gonna pitch it back Cotter. Now right now the topic of conversation in the news but there's something that's going to be coming up at having to put some subpoenas. Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton even the dear leader. Check back apoplectic often yes and go to them and it has that ace in the hole. And point number two with a all these civil servants that he needs to clean house went. I would love to see him do what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers. Ask and that is you're all fired in taking union it. Al-Qaeda that would cause and I probably that would really clean house sorted it. Tony don't drop them please don't drop I wanna ask you this Tony I you're dead on. And the leaks. You touched on this the leaks it's coming from the NSA it's coming from the FBI it's coming from the CIA. But Tony there's a mole within trumps inner circle. There's no getting around it. And what everybody in Washington is now talking about is who the mole. Who's the mall because there's somebody high up I mean close to him. That is leaking like the original tomorrow. Tony if you're a betting man as you've got great political instincts. Who would you say right now is the mall. You know Britney in Britney. Is that what we said behind it during one. I'll lie because the establishment is never attacked it's always it's never at the establishment. And what is Ryan's progress on part he's the RNC I mean c'mon he's he's the embodiment of the establishment exactly Tony great minds think alike my friend. It's incredible Laurie thank you for that call behind the scenes during the braver sink. What do you think is the mole and right away I said bring house Aubrey now mostly at same time previous rights. Could really is it Stephen Miller that. Kellyanne Conway no way. Steve Bannon no way. We can run down the hole in the White House counsel no way Sean Spicer I absolutely not. I'm running down all the president's man all the president's women. But there's not one guy writes. Who you know. Have you seen Ryan slate clean now I have I don't see among TV I don't wary is trying to previous some odd -- anyone know it's Mike patents. Who really. That's interesting I wouldn't that earth thing and now he's just so sincere resold earnest I just. I don't know I can't see him do that I just don't you know you never know but I mean so he's gonna find out. He's gonna find out to venue cited then then you're really fired and I got to tell you mark my money right now from a betting man I'm betting on rights. Kathy in Weymouth coed Kathy. I yeah. I looked lacking TV this morning Fox News and Ralph Peters on. And he was talking about who he should ticker is next national security person and that he said we don't need any generals. And that we need somebody who's a civilian and I think a great person for that would be. Lindsey Graham. I am must get sick to my stomach I couldn't believe that. Not not from Ralph Peters but then. A profile on how accurate that Lindsey Graham is confident that aggregation. Into trump. Yes. And it's front. I mean right treatment how close this heated John McCain. Says. Right John McCain Lindsey Graham writes for you that ultimately it. I remember right preakness wrote me a ladder. Telling me that I learned to speak Spanish. And I never given that man for that. Al Kathy I'm just curious why did Ryan's previous ritual letter. You know I cannot kind of Republicans now and I did you know pocket and I can't remember what I brought I write crazy letters and them. He told me that it was time that I should learn to speak Spanish and I just. Why don't people learn to speak English well why am I special at a different language. Well why isn't Kathy Huckabee doesn't speak Spanish. I had no idea I unbelievable and that gap I thought it was unbelievable. Hand looked and it. Revis and making McCain and Lindsey Graham and you don't think that three of them together add those two despised around. There's still map that didn't get to be president I don't know John McCain was he had always been a Democrat the same with Bob Dole. And so they both ran for office and there was no Democrat placed at the spot so that both ran its Republicans. If it landed in their cells they were in because I am McCain had worked in Washington. And that he wanted to become a politician. So would the only seat open at Arizona that was for Republicans say it and that's what he went for. Catherine. You now that I've never I don't trust him as far as I can thrown thank you for that call. He's our Ryan know in a Republican. In name only. And know look you're right that's why she I'm getting a lot of text saying we'll Jeff we controlled house we controlled the senate so it's different than let's say when Nixon was in power. In theory. We controlled house and the senate. Marco Rubio. Wants Strom cinema platter little Markel Lindsey Graham is openly calling for an investigation. Mick a maniac who I think is part of these leaks I think there's no question may remember was McCain. That pushed a deal with a bogus dole CA with a Russian doce eight. Did they invented this dole CA of the golden showers and trump was in some hotel room and the Russians had video won him many a prostitute Tamara peeing all over and you're not. But Donald came from a maniac that was all for McCain. So their leaking to the media like crazy. To humiliate him to embarrass him to pounce on everything and anything. But there's somebody high up there somebody there. And trump telling get to the bottom of eighty pass to Chris their weakened like there's mall tomorrow. I look at Bryant's. ICO Coulson party is worth did their make maniac and his girlfriend Lindsey Graham. I see him with the RNC. ICO ideas with Brian or Ryan by the way the split then again all Ryan all Ryan off. I've never seen him praise trump the way he praised trump this morning all. All getting rid of Mike Flynn up it was church billion according to Ryan Ryan. National security it is. Perhaps the most important function or responsibility a president whom and I think the president made the right decision to ask for his resignation. You cannot have a national security advisor on misleading the vice president and others. Mobilizing the president was right to Astros resignation Rhine and and I believe it's it was the right thing to do of course the chorus. Tell me Ryan Orion. When you are funding and demanding that Muslims be resettled all over these Russell refugees all over the United States. He putting America first final onion. Tell me how about when you've been promising us for how many years that you are gonna defund obamacare you never did it. When you told us all but just give us the senate it was the senate and then will defund every executive amnesty. You said one thing and you did the exact opposite Tony. When you lie to the American people again and again. In all allowing rapists and murderers to coming to our country. And sure us like dogs in the streets like they did that poor woman gates finally Tony are Ryan Orion to reform your sword. Can you ever take one incitement in all my life and I slime for me to go. My whole day promoter Judah house speaker. Feel phony you fraud you. Kevin and Dorchester or go ahead captain. Jeff took the deal with your first question. It's very. Sure that. Applied to place. Actually question. All the other stuff come into play late on your question. Yes. Odyssey is the key. So in the vice president and audits. Should it is war and I apologize. I aimed at. On if you're gonna get on well. Not expand their wanna put on a month later on its way to. Say oh they're fairly sure that or feel on the hot seat yet. And he made. Quite the city. Unfortunately. So can you viewers the president yard course closed. That's your question yes all the other stuff it's all about is totally different. The incident question which equality equality and he questions. Yes I don't know that what you. Yes from his other questions but yeah I would do so you're saying if you were the president Kevin. Flynn gives you his letter of resignation you say I've accepted. Thank you for your service adios. Absolutely. Because what what. Did you gift without saying that he what he sure waited a month suspended its. No no no I was saying general Kevin what I was saying is even if you wanna accept his resignation. I would have done it in a different way because you got to use your political judgment but no I honestly I would not accepted his resignation. But I'm telling you right now here's my position to number crystal clear OK I went back to the Britney that she ever did lie to me but I mean that as an example. I misled you won this I lied to you about this here's my resignation. I don't accept it. Don't ever do it again. I mean it brings in might bring in my parents. Tell you already apologized to him. Don't ever do it again. I expect 100% honesty from everybody who works in this administration. But am I gonna throw you to the wolves. Am I gonna destroy our 36 year career you know in the end no matter how much he served our country. I needed multiple tours in Vietnam he's one of the greatest generals we ever had. No matter how much sacrifice he made for our country this is what's gonna be this is how he's gonna be remembered by the end. For a guy. Who carried my water for the entire campaign. Who I deliberately gave every freaking portfolio on the son under the sun. I've been working this guy one point two hours a day. Who's one of the most principled intelligent patriotic men in this country. And I'm gonna destroy you. Over a lie and a private conversation that yes humiliated the vice president I get it you don't do that it's wrong. You know I hate liars and lying is a sin. But I'm also a Catholic. I believe in forgiveness. And I look at the press corps. And I look at the establishment Republicans and I look at the Democrats just to meet again context is everything. Who led him without sin cast the first home. Everybody is throwing stones. And there's not one honest man or woman among them. This man was a great patriot who served our country he made a mistake. He committed a sin. Did people die yet. We're crimes committed yet. Did it lead to I don't know what the damage to national security to the United States nets. Father son holy spirit I forgive you don't go and sin again. He do it a second time you're gone. Here's your resignation letter I'm caring and up back in the trash can and from meat to the mainstream media you want his head. Blank off. My friends. As we do you always at this time it's the corner man's progress report on the first hundred days. There was other news yesterday besides obviously the resignation of general Mike plan. Ronald trump the president met with Canadian prime minister just been true goal. There was a very cordial meeting knew it was a warm meaning. Obviously they get along personally. And the fundamental point of them meeting was what to do about NAFTA and the refugees. And what trump promised Canada was he's more concerned with Mexico in terms of stealing all the jobs are all the jobs going south of the border. Many years with Canada he only wants to tweak our trade relationship with Canada. He wants to completely renegotiated. With Mexico. Us further refugees'. They agreed to disagree. It was a tale of two leaders. And of two countries. Trump said he believes an extreme betting to keep America safe true dole a global list they leftist. And April open borders liberal said we want as many Syrian refugees. As you want. In fact he's even sang those that are rejected from the United States let him go north of the border. What I say is this if can I don't want some. Just then you want some new York and I have hum. Go to wrko.com. Slash 100. You can hear every single one. Of my progress reports since president trump was inaugurated. Okay my friends coming up next we'll continue to take your calls however. I kid you not this is not a joke. The man who gave himself a 40000. Dollar race. Bob Dole Leo now wants to raise taxes. More next.