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Speaker DeLeo says tax hikes may be coming to MA. 2/14/17

Feb 14, 2017|

One week after Bob DeLeo and lawmakers make $18 million in pay increases, they are now going to raise our taxes! What do you make of this?

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206 here on the great WR KOK. My friends. You know I hated I hated. When radio host say I told you so but I gotta say I told you resolve. So. When the out of their corks up bond they have Beacon Hill. When they gave themselves a total of eighteen million dollars. In pay raise its. 40000. Per Porky Pig house speaker Bob DiLeo. Almost 45000. For his sleazy Stan Rosenberg. Everybody got paid. Moret nearly 40000 dollar pay increase. Her lesbian now lover judge 25000. Per day judges got 25000. Everybody got paid. Everybody. You name it Secretary of State Bill Galvin. He got a big pay increase everybody's now make it 16517175. Baker is gonna be given a 34000. Dollar pay increase he says he won't take it. We'll see after the next election Woolsey but currently his salary is scheduled to be a hundred mini 5000 dollars. And what the corner man sent. I said they're gonna common raise your taxes. And when they won't. Did not much when it's 181000. Smack or sorry eighteen million army sank eighteen million smack or roofs. And you don't remembered their pensions they've indexed it to the I 80% of the pensions. Are based off of these pay raises the 80000 dollar stipends. Ferreira de Leo and sleazy Stan so they can go to. Five star hotels be chauffeured around in limos. I said they got to pay for it somehow. Now Dave raided the door rolled fund. That's why I got into the accident last week as they wanna put salt on the road they are they're telling the small allows easy. I noticed last week. I mom wrote. Okay I'm on the way back I've had my accident you know thank the lord I'm alive everything's good. I get a taxi to drive me all the way back from Brighton to Foxborough okay. I'm in the car I'm one for ninety far. It's a shape it's it's a one note. Is just it's it's an all everywhere. I go not even one loneliness while you're the routine is okay they don't while the left lane don't while the middle lane but they at least while the right playing sold. There's one lane you can drive on. I didn't see they should all Palau. Vols hold two hours it took for me to drive back. In the taxi from Brighton to Foxborough. After my accident on Thursday. There's no money for salt. There's no money for the icing tracks there's no money for small plows wait wait till all the smallest fallen. OK then you push them out then to pump them out. So. You know so but now that's not enough now. You see the you know rating rolled fine and then making sure that were not safe on the roads. Men that had not cut here cut there scampi are not bad doesn't do it anymore okay. Now there's a money for the illegals. There's a money for the welfare deadbeats all further refugees. No problem. There's always a welfare check. That they can but for assault on the roads and plows just has to the moment. But it just never my fill in the pot holes I mean just cleaning the bloody thing is doctors moment. Does the money. So but now it's not enough you can't just rate the road fund. Now they have to raise taxes. And so house speaker Bob Billy. AKA. Porky the pig Porky Pig was asked by Joshua Miller from the globe. And this year's budget are you gonna be raising taxes. Or listen now. To Bobby the Leo. Also is that there's this wheel. Well. Today personal terms parade today. That was the your dad was in the turn for. Right now in terms of next few years. The possibility. Increase taxes. You gentlemen. Do. It here. This guy's unbelievable. Trees are. Playing. My game and here. So. Song OK we're gonna go through the process now I'm barbies. Pork in paint. I unbelievable so basically be the audio is a tableau but so he's asked about you know raising taxes. And daddy said look I'm going terms of next year's budget I'm not ruling out the possibility of any increase in taxes. Now they'll I love dished it they always do the shtick. I really don't want to. I didn't really. I really don't want to know I just I don't wanna do it you know sweetheart. I don't want a divorce you I don't wanna leave you I don't wanna leave you I know I've cheated on you I'm home having an affair. And I'm gonna be leaving you for the younger mistress but I don't wanna do it you know it's not you it's me. It's not you who cannot the problem it's mean so. I don't. In all the least thing that I'd probably want to do is a quote unquote broad based tax hike. Next on gondola and I don't mind what but on the other hand. On the other hand but I can't rule out the possibility of any increase in taxes in our show is it's only right and proper. In all for people who don't wanna talk about increasing taxes it's it's only right improper in this case in this fiscal year. Meaning. Oink oink. Here's the trial balloon let me see are they still celebrating the odds of it there. Are they still consumed with what's going on which rom and in Washington and immigration and Sanctuary Cities and the travel ban and hey the presence. On my getting pushed back from the peasants. Stand. Scanning stand embody family we can build its we campaign. For our own. Fourth if we can have the taxpayer pay for it. It's a trial balloon. He's obviously now laying the ground work. By saying it's opening it will open to the possibility were thinking about it we have to do this we think Jimmy got no other choice and the reason why they're gonna have to raise your taxes. Is because they got a line their pockets. This was an eighteen million dollar heist that's not cheap. That's not cheap. Because for them daft pulled off this obscene pay raise they had to get the judges involved. They had essentially bribe the judges once you start giving every state judge every hockey judge when he 5000 dollars. Okay. That's starts that up. So they were thinking initially. Although one million dollar in total. Increase in the budget to pay for their higher sound ports because that was just for you know. That was for Bob Dole Leo sleazy Stan Rosenberg. House committees house chairs. But then they had to get this they judges involved. Paralysis could have been shot down as unconstitutional declare a shot it down as unconstitutional Kazaa a violated the ballot initiative. Once they got the judges involved there was an eighteen million dollar package. That was an eighteen million dollar heist. So now they're trying to raise taxes. And I don't know if they're gonna go for property taxes. I don't know if we're gonna go for sales taxes. I don't know how they're gonna try to pay for it but they are gonna have to pay for it they are raising their salaries. They are giving themselves massive pay increases. And stipends to stay at five star hotels and be driven around in chauffeured limos offer your backs. Offer your backs. You wanna see how arrogant. How disconnected from reality how out of touch they've become. After pulling off this freaking high east. Now you still have the gall. To say you know want. Lesser early squirrel. I mean we're not just gonna steal it from home. We're gonna ask them to pay for what we steal from. You wanna end all of this it's very simple. And one party rule up on Beacon Hill. Target Bob DiLeo in his district of Winthrop. Targets Stanley Rosenberg. Target everybody that voted for this pay increase. Make them hey at the polls in November of 2018. Or if you don't then enjoy being a surf. Because at this point if they raise taxes. Are we not I think where the most taxed state in the union if not were really calls were up there. It could be us it could be California. It could be New York State I mean were let's put this way or in the running. Three guys what do you want what think blood from a stone. No really. All they do is work to pay my taxes. And you know honestly. If I have great roll outs all win it's not always sure after a small wild rocks. I mean it's. You can your kids can go to school the next day holy door shut school down. And that's another racquet in this state that's another racquet. Because they don't wanna pay for the extra costs of the schools in all you gotta heat the schools you gotta keep the schools running. Any point just falls on the wrap our local school clinic. Anything to save money anything to save money. So you know if the road. You're painting goal. If the small plow trucks were everywhere. If it was law and order and your soul safe and there's mowing heroin epidemic and not all he had crisis and a gang bangers and all we illegals and our Jeff this is just such a wonderful place to live. It's okay I'm paying a lot and taxes but I'm getting something in return. In my area in mind neighborhood. God as my witness like I'm in the confessional. I'm allowed to put one garbage bag out on the street corner on the curb. Want just one how much does that cost of that's 101000 dollars a year. I have to pay folic sticker put on year on all that the second Bagger third guy I have to buy order call these purple bags at the grocery store. And I think you buy like qualify for fifteen dollars or whatever in other words. Every subsequent back I pay a three or four dollar fee I think that is absolutely obscene I'm telling you I get one bag one garbage bag that's at. I don't send my kid the public school to the public schools sucked. So I'm paying 101000 dollars a year and taxes. I don't I get most schooling out of it one garbage bag you pick up. And bearing of plow my street. Quick question now where's Charlie Baker unless don't think he should jump all over an S and jumped all of about two Leo are well where's your act now baker said he's opposed to it. And he's gonna talk to Bob the Leo what I noticed less then cut he's literally standing right next to Bob DiLeo enact cut I didn't even notice I just said. I looked off travelers during an interview glitter. Opening and got wrko.com. Date so chicken Charlie is standing right next to Bob the Leo as the Leo listen you may need to raise taxes to carry out there that answers my question woods what's momma look saying what's chicken Charlie out of Ali Nasser understanding narrow tires mama joke there's mama Luke. Doesn't say anything doesn't hear anything I'll probably say I don't know why aren't normal I don't know so all let me yes. You have to let them pass at first however veto all safe majority. Our veto proof majority then you wait forgot like the pay rates led the senate pass it would have veto proof majority. OK so they'll override my veto sort sick for me to oppose it. I oppose it oppose it. What are racquet 6172666868. Let me ask you this. Now the Democrats say we need to raise taxes in Massachusetts. Should we raise taxes. I say not one. Dyeing my. I agree disagree. All of your calls next. 225. Here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. After giving themselves eighteen million dollars worth in pay raises. And pension benefits. Now house speaker. Porky Pig Bob polio. Says you know what. Work considering. Raising. Taxes. On the working taxpaying families of Massachusetts. My question to you is should they raise taxes. Brittany has a whole areas have you post that he had Brittany. Okay it's bridge mean. Are where you are you what somewhere area Home Depot where. She was out of home the market as Home Depot yesterday. And urine disease buckets yeah they say let's do this let's do this and is Britney flexing her muscles a little muscle with a little muscle it Shia. Flexing their guns okay she's she's showing us our guns. And there she is with the beside the buckets. And she's that if that's the if the state won't put salt on the role I well I well. So we're gonna post that up on wrko.com. Now the FaceBook page are sorry the FaceBook page my bat or put it up on the WRKO FaceBook page and maybe you can pass it around to your friends. Because there's no money for assault. And there's more money for the small plows but there's money for eighteen million dollars and pay increases so you know what not only will they raise our taxes. But Britney and I with the buckets. We're gonna start throwing the salt on the road if they want billet. You know what we well she will. There are great patriot Britain has got to send excited dry spot in a Winthrop go ahead Scott. Did you expect to pick a poem. This might make is just say yeah. When you bought something or you got married or whatever what the initial purchase that would be upkeep. And I think I've heard him say if he interviewed that. Well we had the money put at. So just go to show you. The future outlook and I don't edit public money was at a club pro took its gonna get exponentially bigger and bigger because of the pension money. You know it's not just the races that all the pension that'll increase exponentially. And it just it just a bit. Chicken trillion cubic albeit a court audio. Leahy yet there legislate cadet admitted it's it's a good bit different. Than come the date. We get a at all or work there and that get boxed out and not want to be here amid terrible. Scott what do you make of the fact that the governor had chicken Charlie mamma look a like column now. There's mama all I'm not saying anything not hearing anything he standing right beside the house speaker. As he's going on about how we're gonna have to raise taxes and he says muffin. They did did it. I really got buried or god bless you Scott thanks for that call John a meat go home go ahead John. I'm. Are you John in it's. The state goes. What he called the Marcia had more integrity if they think the political. Analytical about it but it. Shortly you're gonna have first time in this country two presidents one in the country. Through the shadow government there and when Obama gets all the peoples State Department and on down to the other departments all. Where we'll take there ought Islamabad. The second thing installed about as the dam and being in California. What a perfect term of the far too little present from to take advantage of it. Is it that that this spending money on illegals instead of infrastructure. And I'm the boat people could've died here what are you people don't want a part time tomorrow and into the. Thank you very much for that called John over a 100000 people and I mean to laugh but he just not California some outrageous they had to be evacuated. Because there's now all holes. In the aura build them. And if they don't manage this bill way and drain enough water prisoners more rains expected the next couple of days. The dam could literally overflow. Annual have mass flooding. That will affect the entire northern part of the state. So they don't have money to upkeep the camps. Order rolled its board of basic infrastructure. But they give those welfare checks do we legal so cool. There's always money so now governor Jerry Brown move bud brown Gerry is like column. Is now begging trump and the federal government it all they wanted to secede sanctuary state. Now is that we need the money send us the federal funds January. 100 talked the Mexican president opinion yacht sin of the Mexicans will give you the money. 6170666868. Should our taxes be raised. Dole we always seriously considering it. And if they move to raise taxes. Corner country. What do we do. There are going to adopt the yolks. I'm not kidding. They're now eating and drinking and partying it up. I've Douby hosts. Now we have a lot of listeners from across the country via streaming. It's one of the most highly streamed shows in the country so a lot of you may be saying you know (%expletive) (%expletive) Jeff what Al is an obvious. There's actually one near my house set patriots place it is a very nice. Would you say high end to Britain and high end restaurant. I mean I'm not saying it's the cat. Little girl underline I should I NM in Iran why they're very nice yes it's said it's gonna start you're not carry northern Italian cuisine it's basically a steak house. But sort with some Italian food with northern Italian cuisine it's more on the higher rental with Rick it's not cheap. I've been to W owes so I think once or twice. Grace and I went. I had a stake she had a very nice Italian dinner I don't drink she did grace does she had a colossal wind get a dessert. There was 200 dollars. An army let's put this way it it in Maine McDonald's. OK any Applebee's or chili's let's put it that way. It's up birdie fancy high end plates well guess what. And I wanna give a big credit. Two channel five. For doing the investigative reporting. According to channel five listen to this mean holes and wheels. State tax. Stayed the bureaucrats. Have been racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars. In credit card spending it on the expense account. For food and travel especially food. So for those that work at the Massachusetts. Cultural council Jeff what the hell is the Massachusetts cultural council. Well it's a state agency. That you. With your tax dollars pay for. And in theory they're supposed to promote the arts sciences humanities. Like we need a state agency for that but let that goal. Well you know what. The placed a goal at the Massachusetts cultural center council. Dot New York's. They love the obvious. So whether it's a board meaning. Or launch. Or hanging out with the boss I kid you not. They love the party at W oaks. So apparently. The on the Eric on the state credit card on the expense account. The Massachusetts cultural council. Charged lunch at WO stood at taxpayers'. 124. Times. For a total of 161563. Dollars in the past three years. They're like this steak sandwiches. They say the purse should all there is absolutely excellent. Obviously a couple of cocktails doesn't hurt either. Arabic is undertaken about science they're thinking about art dirt they can about humanity isn't. You know when you're thinking about this stuff can do a lot of slow work to think about all this stuff. You know how you're gonna be promoting basically pictures of naked women. Now how do you do that. How do you promote a viral Vieira and with dead across senate credited now what are we doing hey let's go to Bobby else let's go to W Ellis. I'd in my best thinking when ever an iceberg and a's saw somebody asked sirloin script for 700 dollars Jeff. But that's the creator of jokes is going. But no listen it's just it's this much is that. Apparently. The from the Massachusetts cultural council. The VA did one luncheon. Chief we sent poll in Boston's south end. And they ate there and that they won one lunch so long was 3100. In 94 dollars. Now. It's incredible day of elect a party to elect travel. The Flores they keep a lot of florists and business hotels. Airlines. But basically daily beat all by the way they do travel I kid you not for example the Massachusetts gaming commission. So we are the ones that oversee the new casinos coming to Massachusetts. They racked up 266247. Dollars on their credit cards over the last three years. 67381. Was on food they also like the obvious. They're like a good steak. When they talk about we know whether we should not even one more casino commend the Massachusetts. 97000. Dollars went to travel. They hit Las Vegas. They hit New Orleans and they hit Walt Disney World. The fifth sets I think credible. I mean is just the incredible now apparently going back to Bob believe all. Matt member he's the one wants to raise our taxes now gave himself up 40000 dollar pay increase. 80000 dollar stipend so we can trouble because he's got to hit Vegas. He's got to hit New Orleans today. It's not just the Massachusetts cultural council or did gaming commission but gets all the fun and the action so listen that us. They don't want her release the expense reports. And the receipts. Because apparently the house speaker's office. They on one card all along that we pay 40113. 1091. Dollars. In charges. On one. Credit cart. Let's just on one. They're helpless he that's Bob's alias backpack that's Bob while that's our credit card the debacle though that is true. You're right so he's got one credit card for him and the whole office genius like hey Jeff just wondering why what you like McCain how often you voted obvious I'm lucky if I go once a year. Nanny to Aaron. Downey goes I mean I think octagon once or twice and almost five years. It's I mean I can't I can't block 20250. Dollars for a steak dinner I'd like I got a little bambino is like I'm doing. But he racked up 213. Thousand dollars just on one credit card and what is this guy you forgot six. A column tire and prime Graham. He's gotten bottles and client apps apps apps apps apps. You know I think he'd probably brings is the initial fair. Backs up honest feeling too that's another thing always I thought it merely it and it's all he's taken care of Hawaii's big kids the grandkids. And I bet some initial fair. The did the did the limo driver backs it up. Are the cases the booms just fill it up in the struggling to take his wife out after Valentine's down and try to cut tonight. All of Flacco is not exude the dozen roses at. What I Kirk. On is the god what a crock sick and they wanna raise our taxes. I understand about this is well the moon that liberal hippie stuff they push honestly one begin. At this moment who don't know how that's. Not a war. Barack. No that's what your mom is burgers and no that's when they cheat well go well with these guys don't know staff what I. You know when I first came here how we told me that he goes Jeff. Not gonna believe the corruption in the state amusing is really hack around I don't come. It was a talk show we tend to exaggerate embellished it will be a little mellow dramatic bicycle I he's got to do embellishing. No. Ass up so it's even worse it's even worse. Don I Europe next go ahead gone. That's funny about coming Kirk. And the thing about why he did this fat girl commented Obama complained and I didn't hear anything from him I'm open. But as they've got to stop buckling to visit about the crap now you're not all their whole pile about why you know I don't I don't trust you. There's little bit he needs particular help they're listening to this. They need to write up a list of all of Obama's political appointees that he'd turn into doubles ever fell for Obama's plane from side. That separately and there's going to be an overlap but the first. Tell every government employees that if they know a lot are suspect anyone's was leaking information can be writing prompt working against the president. Bet they will protect with Pope while we're not attack them like Obama did only people they can go to our rob. And Kellyanne are signed by I don't pressed anybody else right now. He had asked the group that's how to prosecute him. Obama. Didn't just see that the port inside the government issued that very well he or what are on the social activism dot. And they are also elected not to do it how to how to fight training help I spoke with a valued at different and yes. They're very not what the content read this and they'll rebound against the government empowered and imply that the experience is not over rapidly. Treat them as helper and it's giving comfort to its enemy self. Prior precedent if ultimately. Working to connect its it and against it current resident at minimum prediction. I Don I'm if you look I think you're completely right I think this is treason. I think the and look the shadow government does I call on people call on the deep state whatever but the government behind the government. The intelligence agencies the intelligence community to the establishment. They are now looking to bring this president down home I'm choosing my words very carefully. And they don't want to people's agenda they don't want him to drain the swamp they don't want to clean house and soldier believing him. Which are seeing now is they're trying to kill him a death by a thousand cuts green have you noticed looked. We're not even a full month into his presidency. And already now he's had to let go cut loose a senior member of his cabinet. I mean just just think about that's. It's every page the media since the hysteria it's a scandal after scandal what about this. Guys that the gaming commission stuffing their faces with few lean mean knowing T bone steaks. The most those are the Massachusetts cultural council. A running off to Darby hosts. The gold twice a week. And let me ask all of you out there yelled at the peasants that you know you're the one that. Pulled carts all the ones that work and pay their salaries and pay these expense accounts calmer times you're about hosts. How many state dinners the you'll get. I'm eager to take your spouse your husband or the misses are you take them for a nice glass of a sharp man maybe some Pelham marry Anna. A really nice little. I can't afford it. I can't raise Valentine's Day may be a taker or Greek restaurant. May be I mean that's you know I gotta feed it to kids all feed her may be. Now raise some two chicken kabob is in some rice gets my friend try thought in my French Fries not sit. Ten bucks a play that's all I can afford down 20 bucks a play that's it. I can't think Mike is the W posts. And they do it. Which such arrogant impunity almost like they're entitled to. Where's the Boston Globe. Are normally give credit to channel five they broke this story but where's the follow up I almost certainly Bob Dole but where's the outrage. Wrist worst chicken Charlie worst Charlie Baker. I mean this is a clear abuse of power. Are stealing our morning. It'll look I'll tell you right now OK not that I have an expense account here. But let's just say hypothetically or two story caught his eye witness okay. Jarrett and Brittany can overrule me right now. Jerry has been brought on board full time basically so it's Brittany and Jared now in the ball Jarrett runs the board. Britney's executive producer he's now a full time employee of full part of the team. So couple weeks ago was official what I said. To welcome him to the team. Can say where but this Friday I'm gonna take him out to dinner along with Brittany just the three of us. And I said will even have a state it's gonna be on the corner man. I'm pain for a par might pull kicked. Because I think it's the nice classy thing to do they he fought for the job he got the job he deserved the job. I don't have an expense account. If I had an expense account. And they found out. Who three times a week. I'm taking G. Arid and Brittany and work. Partying it up adopt the o's or whatever the capital grille limits steak dinner after a steak dinner and fully mean you know after Philly Nina on a bottle of beaujolais after a bottle of beaujolais. Do you what that is that's called core option. I am out on my piece there. I'm fired. That's called an abuse of our. So how come I can't do it but they can. Today. I'm enough is enough. It's time death roll vol bombs. Out. Gary Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. They'd get played on I'm good how are you Gary. They're going to take my call they I just gone up the phone with upper for them to reeled up at. Actually got a person. And I told them day you know we've had pretty much enough of this ridiculous since that's been going on in Massachusetts but this eighteen million dollar raise to get himself and then. They go back and they will then have to raise taxes possibly you know obviously the paper that. After there was any upcoming. Public meeting during the hearing on. On this subject Ernie and deceptive had been going on last couple days. She's been called on an ad is putting on hold I heard her say that somebody else. Well we've got another one meaning we've got another I assume another caller complaining. There was a bit on hold about two minutes and and she said ball at the moment there is no hearings are public meetings Ernie thank Judy is still need to look on the map legislation. Dugout site for future ones and I figured it with you guys know that people are calling an end and let them know that they are probably discussed in the book going on. Gary so you are able to reach DiLeo himself that correct. No no I would not let the get one of Easter on. Gary that your problem is this if you want or reach him you gotta go to the local Bobbi Olson would drop. I know I know I go to the audio is then you'll find that you can talk to them directly Gary. It out but throw. You know he may be choking on his honesty bone steak. Yeah gold the Heimlich. Yeah. Won't even. Say everybody stepped up at the go that's the way he is because just his personality does though he expresses absolve. So I guess I got one quick question itself is that we can do besides calling in or around. Do petitioner try to try to get some kind of meeting of what's been you know what's. And I Gary looked the only thing you can do now is to do exactly what you did called the Leos office. A meltdown his phone line when they do they are gonna have to open it up for public import show up everybody show up and denounce some. And I don't mean just denounce the depth scene attempted raising our taxes. Let him habit for having raised his own salary. Letting him know that we're not gonna forget the us. And the Democrats are going to be there are gonna say who. The peasants are really picking up their pitchforks. They're peasants are not happy. And ultimately corner country and there's no getting around missed the only way we can really stop it is still evoked. Vote and vote big in November 2018. Vote dubbed bombs out every single one album. I gotta go I'm up against that my friends a lot more to cover tomorrow I promise. You've been listening to Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer and together corner country. Work cleaning up. Vol liberal bull.