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Fall out over resignation of General Flynn. Who is next to go? 12/15/17

Feb 15, 2017|

Kuhner believes if so much pressure from the media can cause a resignation from General Flynn then the media will try to take down the Trump administration. Who will be next to go? Kuhner thinks it’s between Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.

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The evolving and eroding the level of trust as a result of this situation. In a series of other questionable if it is important that the president. To ask for general Clinton's resignation. Immediately after the Department of Justice notified the White House counsel of the situation. The White House counsel greet the president any small group with the team your life. The white house council reviewed and determined that series. The issue but rather a trusted. My friends is off fallout from their resignation and of national security advisor Mike land. Continues. In fact now it is beginning. To escalate. So. We're gonna have you completely covered on this trust me when I tell you from new and there are three. Duct coroner report on WRKO. AM 680. Is the place to be our right my friends. A lot to talk about. First I just wanna give all of you a big heads up I have an extremely. Important call home. On Elizabeth Warren and the rise of the alt left. It is one of the most important columns I have ever written. I'm gonna get into it later in the show and believe me the whole scandal and the ouster of Flynn. Is tied in everything. Revolving the rise of the alternative left. And and this civil war the ideological. Political cultural civil war. That I described is happening in our country so prominent talk about that. I urge all of you please. Go to wrko.com. Slash corner case UH any are the column is up right now corners corner. Oh Warren and the rise of the all laughed. Please read it send it off to as many of your friends colleagues family members as possible. It needs to get as much wide circulation. She needs to be exposed. For being the most radical dangerous politician in America today if you think that's an overstatement. Read the column. Once you read the column believe me you won't think it's a it's over the top or our hyperbole. Okay I'll get to that a little bit later I promise. But first. The fallout continues. And so the question now is this as you know. Mike Flynn dare retired general are one of Trump's leaving advisors on national security. Was essentially ousted there was a political assassination. That took place whereby through continuous leaks. From whatever you wanna call it the shadow government the permanent state did deep state. Meaning the national security. Military industrial complex. Through relentless leaks to the New York Times the Washington Post. They tried to fabricate the case against Flynn. That he somehow acted improperly. By speaking allegedly about sanctions and other issues with the Russian ambassador to the United States. As you heard in the clips coming in from Sean Spicer the president's Press Secretary. It was because Flynn was not a fully forthright and honest. Whether he misled the vice president or lied to the mice president or whatever it was. They when they asked him about his conversations. They felt that he did not give them all the information that they wanted Mike Pence therefore went on CBS's face the nation. Was asked whether for an ever spoke to the Russian ambassador specifically about sanctions. Mike and said no apparently that wasn't true. He was misled lied to what everyone a say what everyone a caller and the key point is the FBI. Guard intercepted phone calls. Men from the CIA. And the NSA. And they put it summarized the conversations. In a transcript. That transcript was leaked to the media. Their by saying you see Flinn lied he did talk about sanctions. And that lost the trust of the president the trust of the vice president and so Flynn was kicked out. The real big question is this. Why. Why. Why. Was general Mike Flynn. The target of a relentless. Political assassination. Smear campaign. From rogue elements of the intelligence community. Why did the CIA why were they gunning for him because remember these leaks were taking place even before the election. Never mind after the election. So this went on for months it went on throughout November and went on throughout December it went on until January it didn't stop it went on until February. So for three or four months. Clearly. Elements of the way every wanna call it I call it the shadow government you can come out of the shadows. Elements of the intelligence community. Were gunning. To knock off Mike Flynn. Why. Why this orchestrated campaign. Of vilification. And political character assassination. Why. Eli lake. Who used to be one of my reporters at The Washington Times he is now a columnist at Bloomberg. How as maybe some of the best sources within the national security community. 'cause it absolutely brilliant campaign SR brilliant column about this campaign now full disclosure. I was Eli lakes editor for many years he was one the best reporters I ever edited he's a political liberal. He in fact is not a sympathizer. Horry supporter of drop in fact he's the very opposite. However. He's a journalist first he's one of the few report which is why I admired and respected his work he and I politically disagreed. But his facts were dead on his reporting was dead on. Because she relied simply on good sourcing and good evidence in other words he was honest. He was a journalist first and he kept his politics out of his investigative reporting well he's now done it again. He now has an absolutely brilliant column. Whereby talking now to senior members of the trumpet administration including senior members of the national security intelligence community. We now definitively know why Mike Flynn was targeted. Mike Flynn. Up holds Obama as you wrong deal. When he was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama. Remember we talked about. Previously. How come all the leading generals refused to stand up to Obama. And if they did they were that those few that did were pushed out there was a purge. Well full land stood up to Obama. And in particular. He opposed the wrong deal. He was a vocal opponent of the wrong deal. And what he was threatening to do because he was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency so he knew were all the bodies were buried. There were secret side agreements to the wrong deal. And gold secret side agreements. Ice Flynn was warning relentlessly. David the mall was and they were on the Islam won't Nazis who want to wipe Israel and the Jewish state off the face of the earth. It gave them the store. In fact he said of these side agreements the secret agreements were ever made public. The American people would rise up in absolute fury and anger. He gave the Iranians everything. It gives them the path to the bomb. In fact enables them to hide their climb best buying nuclear weapons program. In fact the intention of the deal in many ways we're still give the mall was a 150 billion dollars. So you can essentially no cup the Iranians. Because of Obama's obsessive hatred of Israel and the Jews. And so Flynn. Was willing. And threatening. To expose these secret side agreements. That would've blown up. The crown jewel of Obama's foreign policy. His signature achievement. And so what happened then over the last three or four months weight before trump was inaugurated. Wait before Flynn was officially inaugurated as national security advisor. There was a campaign to go after Flynn. From key members of the intelligence community as well as former Obama officials. In collusion with the media. And the man at the center of it according to Eli Lakewood now blows the lid off this thing. Is none other than Obama as deputy national security advisor you're gonna know this name Ben Rhodes. Ben Rhodes was a proponent of the deal. Ben Rhodes. In fact set up what was called the uranium echo chamber whereby he deliberately planted false stories in the media. All lying about the nature of the Iran deal. And so to preserve the Iran deal and especially to keep these secret side agreements from ever becoming public. Ben role it's according to this piece and according now to multiple sources have confirmed it. Ben enrolled was the one who led the campaign. To essentially oust Mike Flynn. It's what I talked about yesterday. Obama has set up his own rival shadow government you can come out of the shadows. Just a couple miles away from the White House to try to derail trump. And essentially bring his administration down. And so this was part of the Obama administration's attempt to blow up Mike Flynn to blow up his attempt. To expose the uranium deal. And to prevent trump essentially from enacting his foreign policy agenda. Which would reverse much of the Obama foreign policy of the last eight years. So like guy they had to take down was Mike Flynn. They wanted his scalp. And the media gave him the scalp. Now. According to senior members within the administration. And I talked about this yesterday. There's no getting around us many people close to the president feel. That now the flood gates have been unleashed. That by caving in those are their words Eli lake in fact quotes them. By caving in. Judith some media political pressure. The question now being asked among trumps inner circle is who's next. Who's next. Would be Kellyanne Conway. Would be Sean Spicer. Will it be Steve Bannon. Who next. Because the media now have become so emboldened. And did deep state has become so emboldened. And the Democrats now have become so emboldened. They now believe they can mired this administration. In endless investigations. And endless scandal. In fact don't even take my word for it. Listen now to Elijah Cummings remember him. He said nothing for eight years under Obama he obstructed every investigation into Obama. Now heat and the Democrats along with many Republicans. Are calling for an investigation. Of Flynn is alleged secret ties to Russia. And ultimately. They want an all what did trump know and when did he know it. They're gonna go for the president it's only a question of time. Listen now to Elijah Cummings roll it. Jarrett I began by asking everyone in this room. A very simple question. Do you hear that. Do you hear the silence. This is the founder of house Republicans conducting no. Oversight. A president trump. Zero. That is what it sounds like when they ever gave their duty. Under the constitution. We've been asking for Mars for basic oversight. The president and his advisors in and it ties. To Russia. But our chairman Jason shape it's. Has not lifted one finger. And as Elijah Cummings put it. What did trump know. And when did he know yet. And now Mitch McConnell yesterday announced. And I told this was gonna happen. Mitch McConnell the senate majority leader says he is now seriously considering. Opening an investigation. Into Mike Flynn. They are in fact now talking about are these two were insane they're talking about potential felony charges. Because he apparently violated the so called Logan act. Which was in 1799. And has never been used to prosecute anybody. For the past 200 in some years. But now they're talking about open investigations. Into flames alleged ties to Russia. Other key officials in the administration spiced or Russia and ultimately trumps ties to Russia. If you thought the establishment was gonna laid down you got another thing coming. And as Eli lake ports that they are now bragging with in the permanent state. They're shadow government the intelligence community. Faceless. Nameless bureaucrats. Are now seeking to undermine the will of the people and the president himself. And so my question to you now is this. What should trump do. Is it time for him to go after the leak curse. But even more than not even more. They now sense blood in the water. They are now going for the political kill. Is it time for trump to fight back 6172666868. Do you now fear that this administration will be mired in permanent investigations. I wanna hear from you. All of your calls after this short break. Well about. As a matter of fact my Copeland has their reputation has been my year. And someone that cannot be trusted. I was just looking over some of his background. And I was reminded about him getting security clearance for his son. And then lying about it. So I've always believed that there's been collusion. Between the trial. Outfit here and a Russian crewmen and so I think this is the tip of the bank there that there's more to come. Twelve point seven here on the great WRKO. OK that of course was Marxist Maxine Waters. Basically saying this is the tip of the iceberg. It's what the media is now clamoring. It's what the Democrats are now clamoring. And John McCain Lindsey Graham now senator Mitch McConnell senate majority leader. Are now calling for investigations. Into flames alleged ties with Russia. And ultimately the trump administration's ties to Russia. The media now see the second coming of Watergate. Now. I've just got to make this obvious point. He's the incoming national security advisor. He's supposed to be talking to the Russian ambassador. If you have any idea how important a country Russia is first of all. He's been don't feel he's yes he's gonna talk to the Chinese ambassador to the Iraqi ambassador. To the Japanese ambassador to the Saudi ambassador to the German ambassador he's got to be talking to everybody. Because you wanna make sure your perform he'll was ready when you hit the ground running on January 20 when he's sworn in as a national security advisor. So when it comes to Russia. You're talking about Ukraine. Eastern Europe. You're talking about Crimea. Syria. Radical Islam there Iran's biggest weapons supplier and sponsor Russia is. So they're talking they want a roll back this Armenian deal what's gonna be a fallout with Russia. You have to use back channels to negotiate. All of this. Of course he's on the phone with the Russian ambassador. What's the crying here. This is to me what's incredible. In fact what the media is not telling you. He was on the phone with the Iraqis. With the Japanese. What the Chinese. Wicket Taiwanese. With the ukrainians. Whip up polls with the Canadians with them Mexicans. Over the fallout from building a wall and how we're gonna manage that. But they're singling him as if the only person he ever called was set a date is yet. They're they're Russian ambassador to the United States and what were they sing and that shields. And what with the promises. Will. According to the transcript. Literally can still access to him and what about the issue of sanctions. Influenza response is or get a transcript. The president will make a decision on a couple weeks he's gonna review sanctions emotional and basically the president will decide that I said again I don't know what to tell you it's up to the president Sunday. They're trying now to criminalize. Up perfectly legitimate. Gripe that the conversation. And my question to you now is this it's the corner country poll question. Visual work as the French would say of the day. Who do you think will be next to goal. Eight Kellyanne Conway. Or beat Sean Spicer. If you believe the answer is Kellyanne Conway text or letter eight to 68680. If you think it's gonna be Sean Spicer decks the latter beat the 68680. You can vote. Online at W war Kerio dot com. The media senses blood in the water and now they're gonna move in for the kill my money is on Kellyanne. 1237. Here on the great WRK. All okay my friends. Media was celebrating. All day all night. New York Times is now sensing blood it's always the Washington Post. And now it looks like they're gonna try to target Kellyanne Conway next they could either go Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway. This morning. And watch for this now wait a CNN picks this up and others because they may try to force Kellyanne Conway is ouster. MSNBC. Co host who were Hillary supporter Mika version ski. Came out and said you know what. Because Kellyanne Conway came out initially and said that the president. The health completely trusts Michael a general Mike plan that might play as the complete trust of the president. And then several hours later or whatever a statement was released. By Sean Spicer saying that the president was of value awaiting the situation and then of course by Monday night. The decision was made to accept Wynn's resignation. And he was essentially ousted. That she can no longer be trusted. That she's no longer credible. That she no longer speaks for the administration. That somehow she's a prima Dona who is gone rogue. And so because of this they are now going to bar her from coming on MSNBC. They essentially want a black ball are for making any more future appearances. As she puts it. Don't longer ask that come on our show because we are not college you wan because your no longer credible. Role it. Jared at times in recent days Kellyanne Conway has struggled to be on the same page to say the least. As the rest of the staff from the White House Rick Joseph was just saying that she bucks herself on the shows we know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show I won't do it. Because I don't believe in fake news or information that is not true and that is. Every time I've ever seen her on television something's askew off court incorrect. Another piece of new my concerns Jodi you have some reporting on the. And as your going on to say she's not credible anymore blah blah blah blah. You know what I find incredible is this. Susan Rice. Who is then the US ambassador to the UN. Went on multiple talk shops. Days after the terrorist attack in which four Americans including ambassador Chris Stevens. Were butchered. By al-Qaeda terrorists. And openly and knowingly lied. Misled the entire American people. Lied to the families of the victims including Hillary Clinton but let golf. She promoted her to national security advisor. She'll ride and they freak and promoted. He promoted her. Mike Flynn. And national security advisor even if you put the worst possible spin on it. Lied to the vice president. About a conversation with the Russian ambassador. And he's out. And not only is he out. They're calling for investigation upon investigation not only that. Now they're saying no he may have violated the Logan act while Mike caught pitch he have a felony is recorded jail they wanna him in prison. For you talking. About saying nothing essentially bustle while Sergei. Talked a Trombley were a review this in two weeks literally said. That's and I can tell you we're gonna do what sanctions. In two weeks when the president comes and I'm gonna review would focus Saturday. And they wanna throw his rear end in jail for this. But shores in rice had a hairy you wanna lie about the terrorist mass murder of four Americans you know blaming the video and knowing the video had nothing to do with it today. We promote showed a national security advisor. Tell me did Nikko black ball us Susan Rice. Did any of the other networks call for her to go to prison. Did anybody call for her to go right to be resigned. You'll phony you fraud you. But you see what they're trying to do now is to make Kellyanne Conway toxic that's the game. So think about it what good is she now has a spokeswoman. If she can't do any speaking. If the media says you know what Moroccan however. It's and she's a problem. Because she hoped to promote a Marcus fashion line because she said one comment on fox was to go buy your products. She's an Elvis because they were not on the same page. She thought the the president still had Flynn still have the president's full confidence it turned out a couple of hours later didn't there was a communication miscue. Now it looks amateurish. It looks like it's the gang potential straight I get at the optics of this are not very good you wanna be on the same page but where's the crime. Wears a so called lack of credibility. I mean to mean they hypocrisy that double standards the phone Phoenix. So now they wanna make Kellyanne Conway veritable Upton. And turn her into another scandal and a liability. And so the question is will trump then amputate that arm. Yeah amputated one arm are you amputate now the other arm that's the question. Listen now to Joseph Scarborough because he's got to have his say roll it. Jarrod chill. Hear me say something about her as apparently there is this what I heard from inside the White House and they shall immediately start calling him shall call. People they go on TV and defend herself. And so did you goes on The Today Show gives misinformation. As she does on all of these shows and again I don't even think she's. Saying something that she knows to be untrue she's just saying things just to get in front of the TV set approval relative not a crime scenes. Behind the scenes. She's not in these meetings and any reporter can ask anybody and that White House and they will say the same thing she's not in the meetings so. And everybody I will say credit back Kellyanne Conway didn't does not need to text or show. This is long run an ad because it's not happening here still went on morning Joseph. So now it's that was not there was something very telling him Brittany caught on this she noticed that she caught it right away. You noticed Joseph Scarborough said we have other people in the White House cork contradicting what she says. There's a leaker. I talked about this yesterday. There is a major mall or leak her I'm not talking now about the intelligence community I'm gonna get to that in the second Bauer. There is leaker. High up in Trump's inner circle. Somebody who has been undermining. Key people close to trump. And the question is who. The question is who. Now. This may be the answer your looking for. Many of Trump's allies around him are shopping ranked previously CD around. This story is also now broken. Now they're saying that that the excuse they're gonna use and are using his rind supreme mr. president's chief of staff. Is not handling are dealing with congress are very well they thought he would do a better job with relations fostering ties and relationships with congress. I think that's Holcomb. I think they wanna get rid of them. And so what they're trying to do is they're trying to find him a nice gig. Whether Reza while being firmer at some. A public relations company or whatever you know half a mill a million dollars a year salary one point five million so against say you know Ryan's. Thank you for your service here's a parachute for you a nice comfy position get lost. I'm I'm reading between the lines here. But if trumps closest people. Our shopping his CV around I think that's a clear wink wink. That they suspect. Ranks. Is the leaker. Now Brady and are you wanna jump over the. Or redo its speed that Kelly and put out yesterday. I sever the pleasure of the president of the United States has messages are my messages his goals are my goals. And uninformed chatter doesn't matter. Interest and the interest and I'm just curious what you think because you know you're starting a suspect. That may be Kellyanne is the leak or see I'm not sure she's the leaker I decided very strange that she will texts. MSNBC he. And I am assuming if you're doing it to one station are doing it's now all stations are your text in the producers. And year you really wanna get in the shows to do the rounds and Scott Barrow was told from within the White House says he said that she's not going to meetings and everything. So I find it very strange. Because you know as a producer I called. The Easter gift people just a whole list is there a little bit or what what it's like to be a producer of a big show sold when your book and gas you always hate Jeff. Should get Kelly in calling on today to talk about what's gone now a general flight and everything yes we shed so what I do I go I. And it's my decision whether I want that person to be honored not. And what often happens is right they'll say well Kellyanne is not available July Katrina appears you have already got or do you wanna hope hicks or do you want Stephen Miller or whoever right and then you come to me NC Jeff they can give us for whatever reason Kelly amonte available. But they're willing to give was I don't Stephen Miller. We take Stephen Miller. And then as I decide either yes or no correct yup and al-Qaeda and its target this is what we're talking about this is the time this is the phone number and whatever but it's almost unheard of for some exit Rahman I gotta get on come on get me on come on you gotta go after them yeah I'd say it's very strange I sense you before. Thicket that element meg and Kelly there she means the limelight she likes that so. Little strange I think your head got a little too big hits and struck want and you took out. You know that she wasn't on the truck train from the be getting she was Ted Cruz. I now wish I was very impressed with her in terms of her talents she is very articulate her ability to speak. I mean she's a work course she works I mean just phenomenal just mean a ferocious hours so then she was late on the trump train choose very good in the general campaign. But her loyalty pitch from them. The Rangel is deep as some of the as other people out of balance and since the beginning I agree I think. Something is up I find it very strange that you text a producer to get on the show she's doing it to MSNBC. She's doing it everywhere. Who do you think will be the next took goal. If you think it's Kellyanne Conway. Tax the letter eight to 68680. If you think it Sean Spicer. Tax the latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote. Online at wrko.com. Britney I'm just curious. My money's on Kellyanne I can say it all every comic GO Kelly she. I don't know if she in media is gunning for yeah they're sensing blood in the water things happen and and now this and the media's going after her because she said you know the president has full. She he trusts when I everything that general fund says and everything and and then the next thing you know he resigns so they don't think she's credible anymore. 6172666868. Who will be the next to go here call and should anybody else to look to me if I'm trump you gotta draw the line right here right now. You if you if you throw Kellyanne Conway overboard. It's it becomes a feeding frenzy. I agree disagree. All of your calls next 1255. Here on the gray WRKO. OK in my friends. As you know president trump is meeting with Israeli prime minister Benjamin AK ABB Netanyahu. And he was asked specifically about the resignation and ouster of Mike Flynn. President trump responded in what he said was this I'm giving you verbatim. Mike Flynn is a wonderful man and he's being unfairly treated unfairly by the media. Which I agree with them on both counts don't get me wrong. But if he's such a wonderful man. Why did you let him go. Mike Pence. Are you think it was you think pence went to the president because apparently was. It was parents that fling either misled or lied however you want to characterize it. And Mike Pence went to trumpet said look Mr. President it's either me or him take your pick I think Sam I think that Mike Pence had a lot to do a pass. Interest and interest thing Tony and Chicago go ahead Tony. Again. In my opinion I think we're trying to do is I think it's good defense is a good offense I think he should go on offense. And I think what he should do is. The launch investigations into the Clinton foundation. Barack Obama John the debt lows Lerner the IRS Loretta lynch. Because it's Hillary Clinton is indicted. And they'll be huge stories and that the media wanted bank conference that was. Tony I like it. I like it I'll look I'm telling I mean I know again that trumped people listen to the show. I think it's something they should consider very seriously look he's on defense. And you don't wanna be on defense. And whatever you think about whether he should of you know I'll whatever accepted plans resignation. Should you know either he should have you know fired him or not fired him. The fact of the matter is I'm just giving the perception OK leave aside the substance. They gonna kill. We say what you want now they've got a real body. They've got a real resignation and it's not you know all one general secretary of transportation are all level cabinet official. That was his national security advisor. So the impression now this being given is where there's smoke there's fire. And the other impression as being given as it looks like it's amateur hour. Did the right arm does the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. No he's got the current car confidence of the president mowing doesn't have the confidence of the president he's a wonderful man Momo it's a trust issue we couldn't trust him. Well Iran Ciba which isn't. So they're starting to look like the gang potential straight. And you'll wanna be in that position you don't wanna be on defense look I'm gonna get to this later in the show but let me sum it up for you and twenty seconds. We are now as a nation with a we like it or not. In each state of political ideological. Cultural civil war. The media. Ease his opposition. The media is doing the on behalf for the Democratic Party very his opposition dare literally the other side. The difference between the left and the right I'm telling you have encountered this my whole life. The left Knowles it's a war dare fight they fight like it's a war they wage their campaigns like it's a war. We talk like it's a debating society. We always think you know all the most logical argument should win out the most factual argument should win out it's a war. And the president needs to understand this they are out to politically. Kill him. To humiliate him to bring his administration down. And so you when you're fighting a war you don't fight on defense. You'll fight on offense. You take the fight. Who your enemies but hey you know what a wind norm just an historian 61720666868. Is the number. Okay. Coming up next I'll take more of your calls I promise and who is in the intelligence community that is leaking all of this. And these leaks are they illegal. And should delete cursed now be prosecuted. What a strong need to do. Took clean out their shadow government trying to bring him and his administration downed. Don't touch that dial. We've been asking for months for basic oversight. The president and his advisors in it ties. To Russia. But our chairman Jason shape it's. Has not lifted one finger. 106 here on the break WRKO. Of course that of course was the ranking member. On the house oversight committee Elijah Cummings beating the drums and now for a major investigation. I mean Q Mike Flynn his ties to Russia. And overall the administration's. Ties to Vladimir Putin. It's not just Elijah Cummings. It is now the entire Democratic Party. Lindsey Graham. John McCain make a maniac. About rubio is now hinting at investigations. And senate the big one senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Is now saying on the senate side he is seriously considering opening investigations. On Flynn. And on a trumps administration's ties to Russia. This of course is now leading to huge feeding frenzy. And now they're gonna be gunning either for Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway. And so my hope neither of them goal I think they're both doing a great draw by. I don't want anymore trump officials to be thrown to the wolves. But I'm just curious the corner country poll question of today is. Who do you think will be the next to go. If you think it's Kellyanne Conway can their text the letter eight to 68680. If you believe it's Sean Spicer. Decks the letter beat the 68680. It's are you guys always you can vote online at wrko.com. So just reset the question. Who do you think will be the next to go. In the wake of general Flynn ouster. They. Kellyanne Conway. Beat Sean Spicer. Brittany what are the results so far 72%. Kellyanne Conway money passion sent shots on Spicer. Yeah I mean and let Kelly at the end axed absolutely if she goes it's. The media is I mean they're gonna go nuts it's going to be coming in Korea some jaws music Jared Jared. Are you want talk about a feeding frenzy I now they left everything and often every everybody I mean did ignite such as going to be blood in the water it's going to be. The buckets and buckets of blood in the water. So my house are acting she's definitely on our way out especially if the media's claim that she's not credible and I mean should you can't mess things up like she's sad you know. That he trusts him and everything and then the next thing you know he's resigning you she does a first time that she's done that before. We have and I got to tell you Norman and having covered many administrations. This does doesn't happen often it shouldn't happen don't get me wrong. But in other acting like as the scandal of a century in August if you that's one more galway today us. It's draws time it's the sharks will be out in full force. The media is gonna go in for another kill and then another kill and then another killed. And it to me day and then you gotta be like the Robert shock character. There are you just gotta kill the shark. Donald kill the shark they got to kill the freak of your killed drugs before he'd still. Okay now. 'cause the am I as the media as Elijah Cummings has all of these people are now calling. For the major investigation. The I gotta say I thought trig Audi had the best rebuttal I've heard in awhile. Here is straight out he. On subtly now Republicans Democrats the media. Everybody calling now for endless investigations. Roll it Gerri what democratic. I'll leagues saw have amnesia I won't say this. They are very well rested. Cause for eight years they didn't lift a finger to do oversight so all that energy you saw today at their press conference. That's Jose went 118 year long vacation from doing the oversight over the executive. So I am all for the committees of jurisdiction looking into what I'm also. We're looking into how classified information can make its way into the public domain that is not a Republican issue it's not a Democrat issue it's a legal issues. Bingo bingo but you know I mean for eight years. Bring god nabbing Ghazi nothing to see here does the obamacare the disaster of the obamacare roll out the website. Nothing to see where Solyndra. And I think does the hair the IRS audit in conservatives and and going after conservatives enough thing to see where are all hey guys what it talked about. The NSA spying on Americans. Love thing does see year fast and furious and not think the sea air. Running guns to al-Qaeda and ice is. Love thing to see year. Politicizing the intelligence. Deliberately downplaying the rise of vices. As though slaughtering people all across the Middle East and North Africa not think gay athlete Jeff. I think this C year. Mike when talking to the Russian ambassador to Paris as wall if this says this is 9/11. Elijah Cummings we need an investigation on the scale of 9/11. This is Pearl Harbor this is my eleventh. I ya ya I now. Watch it. Is now the Democrats are gonna play this sub big and you see establishment Republicans jump on it as well. The New York Times is essentially the core Ron. Of the Democratic Party and frankly of establishment Republicans are we don't say Bible anymore because they don't like the Bible that like the crime. So it's the coroner on for the establishment. And so according to the Koran or probably die every wanna put it that Russian word for truth that was their state newspaper. They have a story you listen to this now claiming. That the intelligence community again unnamed. Anonymous. Faceless. A bureaucrats. Nameless faceless bureaucrats. Have no one covered. That several trump officials. For months. Before and after the campaign. Worked hawking to Russian officials. Home. They've gone. In that very we seem article. I kid you not. C a huge the trauma people of having ties to pull them and then they exonerate him. Saying so they accuse and then they equate. Saying well but there's no evidence of any cooperation. While there was no evidence of any coordination. On all there's no evidence that they actually were working in tandem so how you would think. But what Jack but what are they doing on the phone with the Russians. What the article selectively leaves out. And that's what's so wrong about these leaks. You know who else they're on the phone wife. The Chinese. The Iraqis. The Japanese. The Canadians. The Mexicans. The Germans the French. You know why. Because America is the world's last superpower. So winning new administration is about the comment. There are so many positions. And there're so many interests around the world. They have us involved in everything. Everybody. Wants a piece of America. And so incoming administration a I've witnessed multiple transitions of power you wouldn't believe it for months and months and months. You gotta deal with our Mimi and hazard by John. Georgia in the caucuses. Chechnya Ukraine Poland the Baltic States. Derrick talked and Dan every ambassador. Every representative. Because everybody's got a gripe and everybody's got agreements and everybody wants that influence over the United States. So what they're doing is they're selectively. To build a narrative well. They spoke to a Russian officials OK was there anything incriminating or damaging no. But the impression they get this but they only spoke to the Russians know. They spoke to the Israeli east they spoke to the southeast they spoke to the egyptians they spoke to the Chinese based. They speak to South Korea why are worried about North Korea. Now but what the Jeff but why would they speak with Russia. Because Russia. Is a major military power on the world stage. Or Russia affects the baltics Ukraine and Eastern Europe Crimea. Syria. Ice this and the big one is he wrong. If you want a roll back that disaster Russian nuclear deal. Russia is the biggest weapons supplier and backer of the wrong on the world stage. Well what's gonna be the follow with Russia. You got to negotiate that you've got to deal with that this is all done through back channels. Obama did its. Bush dated Clinton did it Reagan did it. Carter did it every freaking administration has been doing this now since time memorial. But suddenly. Or a couple of trump official Michael what they may grandmother are shot all the Michael is the scandal of the century. And here is the mother of all points okay this is the mother of all points. What is now going on I wanna know who is a leaking to the New York Times. This Donald Trump on this is one thought. And percent correct I want you to stand back. Objectively I want to stand back. He talks to the EU as a phone call which is supposed to be private classified. Would the Australian prime minister it's leaked. Yes a phone call with the president of Mexico it's supposed to be classified as its president to president. It's supposed to be on the secures phone line and the planet it's leaked. He's talking to the Taiwanese president each week that he's talking to the Chinese it's leaked. Somebody is deliberately leaking Luke. The president's private communications. But more than that. Let's get to Mike Flynt has this is the heart of the issue. Here you have. A national security advisor and before that a prominent US citizen and be incoming national security advisor. Having a private conversation with the Russian ambassador. Now leave aside whether he should've been fired or not leave aside that issue. Okay the fact of the matter is he's a US citizen. You need a court warrant from the fights a court to a monitor that conversation. And then most importantly because now this is classified. It's completely classified. You need permission from the president himself if you even want to leak hits. So now you have the intelligence community. Not only spying on US citizens and members of Trump's cabinet behind their back. Without getting a war gutsy legal. But then even more illegally then leaking classified intelligence. Classified conversations. Through classified methods and then leaking back to the media and to the public that's completely illegal. So what's next trump is completely right what when I my my my my most intimate strategy on North Korea. What's next if I'm on the phone with Kim Jung on that's not gonna go to the media. To try to humiliate me you're embarrassed me. So what we have now and I'm choosing my words very carefully and even my argument. Is that of Eli lake. Is that of other columnists who are writing on this in the weakened these are conservative publications. Course saying we now have a renegade rogue intelligence community. That is taken upon itself. Unelected. Unaccountable national security bureaucrats. Obama hacks. Court trying now to humiliate. Undermine. And reduced this administration. To rubble. By. If you don't like Donald Trump that's your prerogative. You know who holds them accountable congress. People's elected representatives and if congress are not happy with congress should they drop their doing. You can protest. You can make phone calls you can vote. But what you don't do any constitutional democracy. These give the power to a shadow government the so called deep state the intelligence community in the shuttle's you can come out of the shadows. Cork completely unknown unnamed unaccountable unelected. And then they get to truce. What information they want a leak and what information they don't wanna leak classified information. Because they wanna destroy one president on behalf of another president. Because they don't like the president's foreign policy. This is a soft. Who. This is our elected bureaucrats. In gauging in political assassination. And now it is time to find out who are delete curse and they should be prosecuted. And thrown in prison. It is time for trump to clean house he needs to find out who the leak were czar. Hunt every single one of them downed and parole vol book Adam. Our agree disagree. 6172666868. Your calls next. And the other stories of scandal of these leaks and look we cannot have it. The our intelligence agencies eavesdrop and and Americans and releasing it to the press. We have extremely elaborate procedures. When we eavesdrop on us safe ambassadors from other countries which we do. All the time everyone does everyone knows that when the conversation involves an American. There are extremely strict procedures. Two to look to blur the identity to hide the identity and to protect. The information coming from the American. That of course was the Washington Post and Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer. And I agree with them. It's time to find out who v.s lakers are and they should be prosecuted. To the fullest extent of the law. I agree disagree. 6172666868. Winds are loaded. Jeff in Chelsea go ahead Jeff. I think it's GAAP as at as at or repelled from a bit concerned I've ordered the I love go from. But it that they billed as good do they can do legally and illegally. That the government up Donald the administration. And they're gonna wait for the good move bad. Youngsters. Through two completely sure that we apparently because it would allow this to the office because you say support the people put up if there are the baby boomer. And people are raised Port Authority. And other. We're equivalent to put up an office ultimately. And at the twentieth that it 120 year old there. So that will be coming out and they're as good as we've been let down a Democrat is just as simple as that and furthermore. Don't better have a good solid security team because because I would them into the danger. I agree with you. Look Jeff I don't wanna go further on this topic on him like to go there. Look I I up for political violence of any kind. Case specially with my background my parents I mean come from the iron curtain. In Communist Eastern Europe I hate political violence of any kind. It's one of the reasons why I love. I love America so much. But I gotta tell you this vitriol and hatred that is now coming from the left. Look I've got a call mop a much talk about it in the next hour but it talks about Elizabeth Warren and the rise of the alternative left don't as the ball left. They're now openly embracing violence. I mean this is what the alternative left there explicitly saying. We will do what ever it takes quote unquote all means necessary. To bring down trump if that means protests if that means rye it's if that means all I mean. If that means character assassination and what Warren did against Jeff Sessions. What ever you gotta do you old tool. And that's why am urging everybody is like a fire bell in the night. I am trying to wake up conservatives and people in middle America to the true nature of the enemy that we face. And so please emerging everybody. Elizabeth Warren is the titles got the columns called Elizabeth Warren the rise of the alt left. It is on wrko.com. We just put it up about maybe want an hour and a half ago. So gore who are wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. It's right there corners corner and that's the title of my column. I have one every week it's Elizabeth Warren and the rise of the alt left please I'm urging do you read it. And then send it around to your friends via email social media Twitter what every you use. My friends we have to get the word out. Dole left has declared war. On the trump administration. And on conservative America. It's time that we declared war. On them. 37. Here on the great WRK. You know look let me come out and say it. I am where it might good friend embodied doctor Michael Savage on this 1000%. General Mike Flynn was a scapegoat. He was a scapegoat. Of the rust so folks. The neo cons the neo conservatives and the war party. The Democrats. The intelligence community the establishment. Who are now desperate. Desperate. To turn wooten and Russia. In two public enemy number one. They are determined. Determined. To continue a policy of confrontation. With Russia. They lol for Russia. And what you're now seeing I'm a decent I this is a kind of hysteria. That the liberals used to mock in terms of McCarthyism. This sort of Neil McCarthy is hysteria. That the Democrats are peddling. That their Mick maniac is peddling his girlfriend Lindsey Graham. The mainstream media whether it's CNN or Fox News or MSNBC. This is outrageous. So for example has given example yesterday. Every. We're going wall to wall mauled wool. Wolf wal. No Russian spy ship. Spotted off of Delaware all of my god now. Now it's spy ship spotted over Connecticut. Now listen Venice now they're going crazy I swear to you the Russian spy ship mixed daughter evict daughter only off. We don't know where it is. This somewhere on these calls but we we don't know where it is now guys spano a a it's. It's gonna attack congress. It's gonna go up the Chesapeake Bay. They're gonna attack congress the gonna reduce Washington or rubble. The Russians are coming Russians are coming. And then they went crazy yesterday because we have guests weren't. Spy ships as well. I'll patrolling off the Black Sea right off the rushing post. And apparently for Russian jets buzzed are warship patrolling that area. They buzzed or warship called here at the Russians all. He's dangerous he's this he's Hitler is the second coming Hitler. This fanatical. Hatred and hostility towards Russia you know what amazes me about the lips. When the Russians were threat when they were the Soviet Union. And they were wedded to weigh our global list international. Socialist revolutionary movement. Where they had a massive. Military and economic empire that the strolled across half the globe. And called for the overthrow of capitalism democracy and the United States. Then the liberal person and relax. Lack acts. Now we gotta have date on we have to get along with terrorists gays the rescues don't pose a threat mama come out late talking about a fight communism. Love the Russians. Now. When they have a nationalist. When they have. A Christian Russia that's rising up from the rubble. When they have an anti global list who's just been caving in like a traditional Russian power nothing more nothing lasts how. All of a sudden. It's the boogie man. He's threatening our democracy. He's threatening our elections. Trump is is popular. The tentacles go everywhere he could important controls everything he controls Mike Flynn he controls Rex Tillerson he controls Mike pants he controls Donald Trump he controls Kellyanne Conway he controls Jeff corner he controls everybody. And so the question I've got to ask is this okay. Because behind all of this hysteria that you are now seen. This panic this fear mongering this Russia bashing. Let's just let's to a little fought excerpts I know that the liberals can do that it's very hard for them it hurts their brain when it you have to think. But let's do an actual fought exercise okay. For the sake of argument just for the sake of argument. Trump is pollutants pop. Good wooten had the elections. Wooten swung Michigan. Important swung Wisconsin. Important swung Pennsylvania. Important swung North Carolina. Pulled a strong everything okay. He read though the election machines he swung all beast aides he's the guy he installed from empower. Now trumpet is. Meester brazen and Levin and I love you. Okay are we getting what I'd do whatever you want to meet doable I owe everything to you all the large to the boss OK I owe everything to you. Taylor shot I love my shot. Again as the love it and we did the mother Russia so. What's pulled his ultimate end game. He's got the White House. He's got trump. He's got whatever he's got Flynn he's got Matta sees cut the Pentagon he's got he's got everything okay according to the New York is about everything got everybody. Everybody's in Steve Bannon in his back pocket everybody's his back pocket what does he want. Does he wanna occupy Alaska yet. Does he want tickled to potatoes and Idaho for the vodka back home Miette. Does he want to install like under the Soviet says he wanna install satellite regime say in Nicaragua. Which by the way the liberals didn't mind but let the adult. Does he wanna install satellite regimes in Central America are our border or let's say in Castro's Cuba yet. Does he want a role in Eastern Europe net. Does he wanna invade Afghanistan. Like he did on the dividend Carter yet. So what does he want. Here's what he wants. In an action. He wants Crimea. May be eastern Ukraine. And he wants Russia to be a great power in the Middle East. He wants to defend the Christians of Syria. He wants to Barack you Ron because he believes that Shiite Islam is not a threat to Russia. But radical Sunni Islam. Peace. Because they have a huge Muslim problem in the caucuses in southern Russia. And that is a that's I cirrus that's al-Qaeda core Sunni Muslims. The uranium Schwartz Shiite Muslim stirs. Sectarian conflict between Shia and Sunni. And so he figures well be enemy of my enemy is my friend so the Iranians are fighting nicest. The Iranians don't like Sunni Islam they don't like al-Qaeda. And sold let me back uranium stock offset the Sunni Muslims. Now not sing I agree with him I don't like he wrong I think for ones are very dangerous power. I think the Russians are kidding themselves with the Iranians but the fact of the matter is this is what who wants. Where's the threat. Where's the threat. Police say okay Jaffe in nexus Crimea look I don't like. Violently millet you'll militarily and mixing other countries I'm very much sympathetic to the ukrainians. But which flag flies over Crimea. Has no impact on US national security interest none whatsoever. Man. Our national interest is not impacted any way whether it's the Russian flag over Crimea or the Ukrainian flag over crying. Let me Gordon one step further. And I simplifies we Ukraine. But it's their country you go fight for it. They carve out a slice of southeastern Ukraine with the pro Russian rebels again I don't like chipped. I don't like changing borders by force especially in Europe I don't like it it makes me nervous but. But the ukrainians defend our country and Ukrainian boys fight and died for Ukrainian soil and Ukrainian land. Again how does this impact our long term national interest it doesn't. Now if this is such a cause of concern for the Europeans. Because the Europeans a car what we're scared. Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in the world it is the wealthiest country in Europe spend money on the military you wonder ukrainians. The French you warm the British you warm them. The European Union is the biggest economic bloc in the world got its. You don't wanna spend on your own defense. What you want us to potentially fight and die. For a country or an area of the world AK Crimea. That most Americans couldn't find on the map. So. What does all want. He wants Crimea. When he wants the sanctions lifted. May be eastern Ukraine. Okay. And guests on the garlic yeah and again where's the threat. So let me. Say this is this needs to be sent. Russia. Is not our mortal enemy. It's not. There's a Cold War has been over for 25. Years. To Soviet Union is gone. Soviet communism is gone. The red army left Eastern Europe it's gone it's never gonna come back again. The Russians are economically two week. To reconstitute a great Russian empire it cannot and will not happen. Now what the Russians. And and us do have an alliance on where we do share a common interest. Is very fear radical Islam we fear radical Islam they hate ice this we hate ice it's. They won a couple ice since we want to topple Linksys. So why shouldn't. The Who great military powers. Form an alliance as we did in World War II. To defeat a common fascist enemy instead of nazism. Its Islamic fascism what's the problem. Really what's the problem. So it's not just American boys have to do the fighting and the dying and the bleeding. And were the ones that are spending the trillions of dollars why don't we team up with the Russians. But Jeff. Who owns a dictator. Jeff he's not a crap Jeff he kills political dissidents Jeff Feagles after the media out the number of free media Jeff. And. We ally with Saudi Arabia until liberals complaining. We ally with Turkey I don't see the liberals complaining. Obama bow. To the prince of Saudi Arabia. They only him they only Hillary. They murdered dissidents. They have no freedom of the press. Christianity is outlawed in Saudi Arabia they sponsor radical mosques all over the world that doesn't seem to bother the liberal media. There doesn't seem to bother the Mandarin is in the intelligence community. They're not leaking the conversations that Obama or Hillary had with the Saudi princes when they were lining their coffers. So if we can ally would dictatorships like Saudi Arabia or Muslim dictatorships like Turkey. Or other dictatorships around the world we can trade with China. Which kills infinitely more people and is a hell of a lot more repressive and brutal and frankly a threat to the United States say what you want about the Russians. They're not taken our manufacturing. Or not stealing our jobs. The Chinese are. If we can trade with the Chinese. And we can have a alliances with all kinds of Muslim dictatorships around the world. We can't have a long lines with the nationalist Christian country. That shares our fundamental strategic interest against radical Islam. Obama's sanctions against wooten were BS. It was there to try to win snare trump and his administration. And not only should those sanctions be completely repealed. All of the sanctions based on beat incursion the annexation of Crimea should be repealed as well. Gordon is not our enemy. He's an adversary. Sometimes he's an ally sometimes he's not. That's what an American president should treat amounts that's what trump wants to treat amounts. My friends. It's time to say. From America. And firmer Russia. With love. It's time. To get all long. I agree disagree. 6172666868. Is Russia our mortal enemy. The lives say yes. I say no. All of your calls next.