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Is this what the Alt-left thinks of conservatives? 2/15/17

Feb 15, 2017|

Berkeley protester fiery exchange with Tucker Carlson on fascism. Also, Maura Healey wants doctors to ask you about gun safety.

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Hello should cheer on the great WRKO. Though voiced some bus then okay my friends. I have a major call him off at wrko.com. Slash corner. It is called Elizabeth Warren and the rise of the gulf last. Honestly for the most important call. As I've written. And I emerging everybody corner country please. Read it. Pass it on to your friends email it. Social media FaceBook Twitter however. Because I think it gets to the heart of the matter. What you Warren now witnessing is the rise of what's called the alternative left and Elizabeth Warren. Is the champion of the alt left. And I'm gonna play TU some really scary collapse. Between an exchange that Tucker Carlson had with JRR a member of this alternative laughed she's a big admirer of Elizabeth Warren. Who participated. In the protests at the University of California in Berkeley. Where they beat trump supporters senseless. Where they were burning things and you get a window into there were radical. Subversive. And frankly dangerous mind. What you're witnessing. And it's not cherished the few earth and the ouster of Mike Flynn. Or the opposition by judges and the left to Trump's executive order to travel ban. Or do women's march or the constant protests. Or the Democrats demanding impeachment before trump was even inaugurated. What you are now witnessing. Is a civil war. Now it's not a civil war is a point doubt in my column like the north vs the south work we're gonna start picking up guns ensuring each other it's not that. It's a different kind of civil war. It's an ideological civil war it's a political civil war it's a cultural civil war. And as I pointed out in my column. The rise of the alt left. In many ways now shows that our country is starting to break up. We are no longer. One nation or one people. But we are now really to Americus. There is a liberal America and there is a conservative America. And that that now the champion or the leader of liberal America the way she is now positioned herself. Ease the chief its chief Crazy Horse it is Elizabeth Warren. That's why she's with a bullhorn it's. That's why she's there shutting down Logan Airport. That's why she's there sneering and going after Jeff Sessions on the senate floor. That's why the left and the alternative laughed now sees her as their avatar and her chair and their champion. Because this alternative left understands we're gonna civil war there waging this political war. And they are now openly saying. That trump must be brought down his entire government. Their words not mine by any means necessary. If that means protests. Riots. Burning to beating extra. An embrace of violence. What ever silencing people. Shutting down free speech. Taking over the college campuses. Going making it almost a criminal offense or criminalizing they did the defense of Donald Trump. What ever needs to be done must and will be done. We have to defeat this. We have to stand up to this. And as I point out in my column. Because she is now openly embraced the alternative left field left. Norris. The chief refuses to denounce the violence that took place at the University of California in Berkeley she will not condemn it. Because deep down she supports it. The more protests. The more raucous. The more violent. As the more chaotic the better. She wants to run against trump in 20021 meat or better yet. Believe the effort to topple him from power. And that's why she needs to be stopped at all costs. That's why as I pointed out in my column. She is not cherish the most radical political leader in America she is the most dangerous political leader in America. Because. If you take the civil war analogy to its logical conclusion. Trump is essentially now the leader of conservative America. She is the leader of liberal America. She is now the leader. Of the fifth columnists. The traders. These subs are these submersed since. There are doing everything possible to bring America to its needs. And one of the people who's a big admirer and supporter of Elizabeth Warren is a middle school teacher. Now you won a seat. Why did see some of these public school teachers are completely out of control and doing everything they can't to indoctrinate and that's the war indoctrinate. Brain wash our kids listen to it it's okay. Listen to this. So. A middle school teacher. In California. Her name is even vet Phil are. Is part of an all left group called band. Beat a M and and they were one of the largest supporters of the protests at the University of California Berkeley. Over bright part editor and recovered a smile lol yeah Annapolis is speech. And they prevented Milo from speaking. And then they began setting fires. And then they threatened to kill him. And then they went after Milo supporters in trump supporters and grabbing clubs and steel pipes he began to beat them and beat them senseless. And they are now saying on college campuses. They do not want any more freedom of speech. Conservative speech must be completely suppressed. Because you see. If you really think half the country. Are full of racist neo Nazis deplorable it's as you'll recall them as Elizabeth Warren calls them. There's nothing discuss. We can't worked together. We can't reach out across the aisle together. Or we can't we don't even share a common culture or common country. This is the mentality this is the radicalism. This is the intolerance the hatred. That is now infecting. Much of the liberal mind. Listen to her. So she participated. In violent protests. And she's proud of this the middle schoolteacher she's teaching kids in California okay. She's asked Mike Tucker Carlson OK well you say you hate fascism. Milo and trump are fascists. What is this fascist roll it. Jarrett thought factor for someone who is organizing enough movement that's attacking women. Immigrant black people other minority group in a movement of genocide suffered a fashion then OK so if someone who's committing violence. And it's someone committing violent campaign trying to organize other people to commit violent. Okay Miley Annapolis is the fashion. OK so he's committed acts of violence against the protective groups you mentioned. Well what he's doing is he's trying to beat the UK and then hope in that other people who are organizing violent try to hide behind. Ellen all of his talk some over the country what you're not bulletin down in the whip up a whole lynch mob mentality. Where people who come to see him or his supporters. Not only agree that his views but also attack other people and that was certainly true in Washington State. When he went of his supporters came and actually shot an anti fascist protesters. But in Berkeley we made sure that didn't happen because we were able to shut them down. Yeah well I look at. I don't know what she's talking about in Washington State but when you listen to them so what's the definition of a fascist well basically wink wink trump. How they're going after wham am mine Moran he's maazel bombs. Odds are going after everybody gays why as we ends everybody's going into what camp. And my eye wall is the fringe subtext. And okay well our women being thrown in the camps are Muslims are you throwing the camps are gays and lesbians be throwing the camps. Are minorities be throwing the camps. But that's not the issue. The issue is well we think maybe down the world did we go evidence but no evidence. So all. If Milo is a fascist. And trumps a fascist and essentially my so far though all conservatives or fascist. What do you do with the fascists. Who listen now. To this role it jar or what. Should we do with the fascist we believe inspire genocide. The first of all not all right in the neo fascist movement. And they're trying to hide behind some softer version of their more open counterparts who identified himself and nothing. But they're still part of the same movement first involved. Second of all when someone is trying to speak at a campus or at a rally they're doing it not just because they have an opinion. But from the like monopoly or any other all writer or fascist or neo fascist continue to recruit other people well now we don't let them recruit. And in fact when you look back at the Holocaust and the lesson that we dropped from that we don't say all of leaking left and went their opinion. We say never again. But not ever says that in public anyway and there's no evidence that he is called the genocide and anybody as you know what you're saying by transference in some way. He inspires people who believe that I guess but with your reckoning that it request like what we see nip in the bud should he be allowed to. Go on the subway and talk to the guy next to him about now perhaps joining his movement nor should he be allowed to talk people in restaurants or must we do with the fastest we've believes inspiring just. Shorter jealous of all the all right in the neo fascist movement. And they're trying to hide behind some softer version of their more open counterparts who identified himself and not think. She's basics which is saying is shut him bound. This is my point this goes back to Hillary to Elizabeth Warren did at the portables. Green there's no getting around us if you keep saying Nazi Nazi Nazi fascist fascist Russia's wolf think about it. If you're facing fascists and Nazis. Then you can do anything to stop on you defied them you riot against them you use violence against Saddam. You shut down their speech or draw on not cedes beach shot I'm bound silence some. Suppress some do whatever you gotta dole. By all she set it by all. Means. Necessary. Now this woman is teaching our kids that's point number one. But point number two and this is the point I've been trying to drive home now for I don't know how long. Whether you want to we've made it or not and it's very unpleasant to admit it but it's the truth. We are now in east eight of cultural political ideological. Civil war. We are. We didn't want this war we didn't ask for this war we didn't declare this war. Dole left declared the war on us. And what the alternative left is now doing I got to give credit. What was before I'm sent. Let's say the sixties radicals or whatever it is the liberals under the Reagan years or Clinton or even bush. Now is being said. They're just laying bare. What they really think and what their real aims and objectives are. The only way this sense there's only one way. Is if one side or the other is permanently defeated. That's what I point doubt in my column. There's only one way it's not gonna and by appeasing them. It's not gonna and by trying to beat. Martyr. Rick and reasonable. And compromise. And be bipartisan. For you it's a negotiation. For them it's all out war. There's only one way that they come out. And that's to win. Decisively. Conclusively. And you know who else is part of the alternative left Moret Healy. And now she's found a new way to go after your guns. Now she's gonna use balked Ers talked nurse. To give you win for to have how do you give information. About your guns. To doctors. We're gonna discuss that with Brian Dalton next. 224. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends were now joined by Brian Dalton. He is V host of Boston's talking with Brian Dalton you can hear it on WRKO. Every Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Brian welcome back to the corner report. Under order job I'm good I'm good Brian this I just want to ask you. As you know I talked about the alternative left. Elizabeth Warren now Maurice Healy. They are going for our liberties they're gunning for our freedoms they will not stop and now hold it Healy our state attorney general. Has now hold. Massachusetts is doctor she's provided eight guidance program. Whereby they're encouraging doctors. To discuss gun safety firearms safety with their patience. My question to you is this. What do doctors should know all about gun safety and firearms safety. And number two how is this any business. Of Maurice Healy. Or the doctors. Whether you haven't gone our I haven't gone. Well you know in the past I've noticed that my doctor has done the same thing out. Of the guns and I'll never gotten up apply I usually don't go on my unit saw a figure that don't know. You know. I think like you I don't think we should really be having healthcare providers. You know making any help asking ballpark it's it's more intrusion as in all. I don't have equal McLaren CE but I don't think that's why it's happening. I don't connecting it now look at it encroach upon a medical condition interviews firearms and I don't think it's gonna be legitimate. We want to keep people mental illness away from our but I don't need to let you keep people that you get a particular medication army you know come under certain slack that they create. We watched what she did that your sixty's. It's a lot of people. You know not having access at all a lot of new shooters Stella who went like just demographic which we abnormal around jet. He's built it'll ever get to experience here just yet because this unlawful administrative action that she did in my. You know I'm just curious. With obviously now the left it's civil war that they have now essentially declared upon conservative America. And conservatives and especially gun owners but they're going after everything. Wouldn't it be Smart for people now. To get certified. To goal by had gone god forbid look. If a judge in Seattle. Can't completely overturn an executive order and essentially rewrite the constitution. If they can do that to the president they can do that to the Second Amendment. And so what I'm thinking is look let's acknowledge reality this is the age in the time that we now live in. May be it's time for people you're thinking about getting a firearm. You're thinking about getting a gun. Don't wait yet because look trump won't be president forever. You never know what can happen next couple of years now is the time to get certified MI wrong. No I agree I think everybody saw it once trump kind of caught in what happens attack on Arabs. You opposite now listening splitting splintering of the nation. I'm at like it's the ultimate goal it's intimate personal toll in Jakarta balkanized the United States I think that's what's kind of going on. It's more important now and have I think to get certified. You have to do take advantage of the open window not I have to sit back and relax and blow. Those are the people that can overrun. And a massive crowd and massive protests and everything that's going on out it cannot be silly to centers. And that's something that. It's it's just the right it's something that we have all Americans nor the nation the world really understand. Because we're nation built on its. On second and freedoms and you can lose them we could lose any and I think it's important to do that yes I agree that it's. Brian I'm just curious is there any events that you're gonna be holding here. All Astro can work out so the called little restaurant so Brittany and I are gonna be at the colon restaurant when is that event. And when can people show up and get tickets because it's gonna be rocking event where people can get certified. You're coming you're gone up well I'd just let me just reminded me sorry about. And then the Saturday February 20. 9 AM at the Kowloon just you'll be there for you beat and so the other. The normal parent is adamant against Saturday. October 25 9 AM we'll get to see them cal can put great spread. I'm gonna happy a lot of which you'll get a great GA system stand Eurostat. We have just a lot of good a good channel agree channel. I'm trying to get want to catch a couple of got a black hawk down a couple of Rangers to come and go to class previously. And they get a Thomas had a great time. So and I'll be speaking time on wanna be giving a speech. We're going to be having Chinese food but how long did you going to be phenomenal. People can get certified. Brian I'm just curious where can people go if they wanna get their tickets. Bring family members friends their kids even. Where are they going north going to be a great family event where can they go. I can call 7817906462. 7817906. Or six to what is go to and east firearms dot com to win with our chat. And each firearms dot com you can sign up the circus Reno and a registration yeah actually win. In not everything must send you back a reply will be great I'm nervous had a great I can be great channel you know what that target Mario Tom. I'll ought to Napoli her again. My friends Saturday at 9 AM February 25 at that Cowell owns a restaurant. Com I wanna see all of you corner country it's going to be an Ab swing wonderful event. But I it's gonna be hosted obviously by Brian Dalton. He is the host of Boston stalking you can hear among WRKO. Every Sunday morning at seven he is also the owner of New England firearms. Brian and I look forward to seeing you and wiped them just over a week my friend correct apps so there are always undo what you're. My frank quickly give the number again and give the website again one last time pour from war. 77817906462. 781790646. To the New England aren't academy and east firearms dot com. Buddy god bless you I'll see you and about ten days. Report tour daycare 61720666868. More or fewer calls next. Right and by using violence and you don't you don't shy away from that by any means necessary is the name of your broken so it implies the violence. So what should we do with fascists and if you think that someone is espousing genocide. What should we do with that means should that person be allowed to walk free. Should we put him in jail she films from exile I mean what this isn't your question if you're willing to bounce if you think Summers espousing genocide what's the penalty. We'll cricket academy chilling effect in the bunt and we make sure that they are not allowed to recruit. An active defense respectable to call for enough to murder. A millions of people in fact millions to make up the majority of people in this nation at this point. I EI AE IA IE I EIE. That was a member of the what's called the alt left the alternative laughed. I really liberal thugs. Led by Elizabeth Warren. A state the attorney general Maurice Healy is another member. Who now are vowing to do everything in their power to bring down the trumpet administration. Whether it be riots. Whether it be burning. Whether it be the violence or violent protests. Beatings. Silencing people are shutting people down preventing them from speaking. Or as I point out in my com. Wish Eric character assassination just lying about somebody like Jeff Sessions. Because he's part of this so called fascist movement in America. Won the trump call for millions of people to be massacred in a genocide. When did who are we do what is so many. When did de Milo yeah and a pull us ever I mean yes it can be a little provocative and you know use some salty language. You know politically incorrect language she never called for anybody to be killed or murdered or genocide we look how they're whipping up. Utter fantasy. And hysteria. To try to justify. Stopping trump by any and all means possible. And so I have a column on the rise of the alt left out Warren and the rise of the alt left. Ice one of the most important columns I've ever written member urging everybody please go to wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. Read it and pass them on to your friends. Are they need to be exposed they have now essentially declared we are any state of political civil war. It's about time that conservatives realize. That the left has waged war on us. It's time we now wage political civil war on them this is only going to be settled. Only there's only one way this is gonna end. With a permanent defeat of either one side or the other side. Now take more he'll. Take a market and get enter her grind get our her gun grab with PAR fifteen. Or pushing transgender bathroom to any of that lest we go along for a second. Now she's pushing doctors in this state. Telling them giving them brochures trying to give them online training. So that they can go and ask patients whether they have guns. Do they know gun safety new banal firearms safety. Look how they're now intruding. In the most intimate relations between a doctor ran a patient this is limited status. It's not Maurice Healy is business. Frankly it's not the medical healthcare professionals business it's not now I understand Brian Dalton made a very good point. You know if you're talking about somebody who's you know mentally ill or an animal lands. You know I wanna kill people. I fantasize about killing people. Paranoia and Indiana and you should remembering and how many years should there right a little report came out I get that. But outside of that. Hey Jeff how you're feeling pretty good brightly Jeff we're trying to die yet you just put another seven pounds for God's sakes where. Look at my wife she's a panel can I do it's just mind John mine giants' pass by its equipment and help myself okay. But I blood pressure is a little like Jeff as usual I looked at cholesterol little hi Jeff. Jeff. You wanna gun Jeff. How many of your business element do you want done. That's not of your business. You only thing more firearms safety Jeff. Jeff isn't properly stored away is your security at special do I'm sure MA would give them access to the new. I may have to report to Jeff Jeff I don't think you're storing your firearms properly Jeff. She's turning doctors and nurses. Into essentially the eyes and ears of more helium the state. I think that she has no idea what she's talking about has she ever taken a fire arms class or anything like that because you learn all of that would Uga. How to store it properly what the laws when Heidi using everything. So I don't think she knows and it's not your doctor's business if you're carrying it did not caring if he had them if you aren't and it's not your business. Tell me if I'm healthy and if I'm dying at dawn wanna know honestly. You know or in my case in my losing weight or are putting on an all right yeah we know I know exactly. Right look I gotta tell me if you can tell me you know layoff the pastor. But don't tell me to lay off my guns that's why your dropped 617666868. Should doctors. Have the right to now ask you questions about your guns your firearms. And let me ask you this. Isabel left now starting to intrude upon some of our most personal liberties and freedoms. We live and will it stop I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Al fi go ahead Alfie. We lost Alfie okay. Greg in New Hampshire. Or go ahead Greg. Hello Greg they'll get a particular caught my pleasure Greg what's on your mind my friend. Don't try out the door to pitch up in it in anyway keep cleaning. Pretty battle heated destruction and in the non state that they. And it got to a pin was right about is that you know that the destructive you know and that's always quick biting or artists seem to fight back. But that's out there that consider that need to fight equal equally active in the and other weight and they're taught that their tactic and I like and so it's really great. That what you do. Strike order a netbook dock teach you not even capable. Healthy person but to. Our Greg let's I would never thank you for that call I am I'm really being serious she couldn't clean my toilets. By Gary she showed up at my house stock market it would a plunger. I says I hear it again I'm not kidding I don't know what the kids are doing a home sorry I'm gonna get into my personal life your bit. They they think he's gains ash and amoeba and they think clogging the toilet is finally. She got much problem hole. You know or my kids aren't holding it that's the problem they're not holding it and then they think stuffing it with so much of the toilet with so much toilet paper is finding. A little bed bath this is flooded sorry it's it's it's overflowing again. I go kids stop. Clogging the toilet for God's sakes OK come on now. Think of a planet but don't global warming easy but they are but let that go let that go. So she shows up what do toilet plunger and I'm telling you right now and no not mobile wool to treat MS and on you're in it's it's gonna be all over the house if this woman comes and it starts plunging my toilet. That's how incompetent this woman is saying this isn't that true. You know but think about I want to descend back who blew. Ali Sheikh. Just start telling people who can go into what bathroom. She's telling girls. I think about this to the gall of this moment okay. If you don't like it you've boys are in the bathroom. Too bad forget your privacy forget sure dignity you have adult men and a woman's bathroom no problem hold it. Now she's telling doctors. And she's telling us as patients. He got a cough up you're gonna information. Since what is silly if your business. Notice how they keep seizing more and more power and control over our lives she'll honestly. So Favre never been asked this question in my doctor but I know now it's gonna come. Jeff do you wanna gun none your business. Do you practice firearm safety none of your business. Are your kids do they have X or do they have access to the gun. You ask me one more question I'm out the door and I'm getting another primary care provider you my business yes or no. You don't want it I'm out non of your business. I can't reach. Or you were are you serious you're inspired I was office at time your business others or don't. And where there's nothing I am OK next question is this a doctor or nurse or doctor. If you don't mind me asking was it a female barking now. And she just how was it like was it like do you smoke do you drink yeah I was like that like Jack just checked checked and it's an island like many business. On the on everything on the gun. Not on the gotten OK but if she said like you know like do you do all that I wanna say yes you don't amien like yes I do. I just acknowledge some of your business I know you don't mean it I knew it was coming the question was coming. After the smoking at best though that it's still officially asked you do you smoke yeah you sit on your eyes out stud no sense at all. I know all cal we want people to know that you smoke when talking about constant and it's a giant and its a joke I know your father listens to the show up with. It's a joke OK everybody so touchy it. All right do you smoke no. Do you drink yes but only vodka and on weekends. Yes right there. Vodka and I've preferably with either pineapple or cranberry juice at the event and now don't care for. It's got to be golden goose if any if you know. Old do what's it called Greg who aren't a lot of grey goose military drank. So if it's Absolut Vodka yet it has to be grey goose okay fine that cocaine. Okay what's her struggle not owners are managing our romance and okay math what's your answer on meth. Ask you all these all ever accidentally doctor marijuana no matter male assailant a puff off. No matter okay all right so drugs. Not know what can I just I'm just asking. Then they go to basketball XX. Obviously they asked about that stuff can't ever get us back. No I just it is looking good like this guy does he has got a hobby stamp all over his warhead this organize. You and ask how are. All the odd so they're going on sex drugs smoking alcohol they're finally get to the gods yeah so you said no no no all. To and then they say guns or what did you say I have none of your man essentially just kept on like like it like you by saying that okay onto an access guys DOS which you do. When they asked about the guns you follow Brit. Me just say nine your business. Very matter of factly none of your business that's at maxed next. And then just maybe a little middle finger is put on her cheek like that the more you we total middle finger on your cheek or more you. 6172666868. They Jeff yes I figured out here's what's really going on. You know why they want asked if you have a gun in your house. Because that could make you more quote unquote accident prone and your insurance premiums co op and the kickbacks they get from the insurance company go right into her pocket. Your genius and exactly what it is Jared Sheen you're a genius theory genius my friend. 617 to a 666868. More of your calls Max. My friends less beach all day Moret heals all send. We're gonna have a rocking advanced Saturday at 9 AM at that Cowell owns a restaurant February 25 so mark this Saturday but next Saturday. Where you can get certified get your multi certification. Our Brian Dalton will be doing it either a great class by New England firearms. I will be there giving a speech Brittany will be there as well is going to be an incredible event. By the way Kyle loan to makes phenomenal Chinese food so you have Chinese fold I can talk about trump what's going on with the administration. The Second Amendment. And you'll get the deal certified and and we can teach more you Leo lesson. Brittany do me a favor tell the audience again. If they wanna sign up where they go. And eat firearms dot com and 78179. DE. 64 or 6278179. 6462. So. And now you're gonna be there right I don't mean there are you and have your Glock on you were they locked in the attack app app. Liz and that's why I never worry about security guard Brittany Lynne Dunn in Wakefield go ahead Linda. I live I'm sorry my bad. You know it lightly and are here and veteran you're in early 2008. Partner. On the VA health care. And markets in Brockton. And on that question they asked me if I had gone in and actually. At the government and all the other question but it was I'm related. I don't know I couldn't in Roland legitimately answer the question that couldn't AM. And that was it so nothing really new it just. Out in the public and anatomy. And I can't help. Now Linda what is basically you're discriminating against you because you're a veteran. Probably. This north PT EST I'm sure there are PT as the brain trauma and god knows. What's going on with her she shouldn't have gone absolutely not. And I even though I wasn't any more time pageantry and medical help as she is there any other country alternative you know additional. Big book and the clerical thing is that excites Patrick like still OK and they didn't want me to have. You know Lynda did you give them a copy of the Second Amendment. We aren't you shouldn't tarnish our decision easier to read this read this. It's the Second Amendment dividend right after the First Amendment it's a numeral to sing in Spanish and understand the better their size is right I think to a Spanish. Boss also got a new metal boss get the impression they let me go can be run day. Unbelievable. Okay my friends I gotta go. Bibi meets with trump we're gonna have all of that tomorrow I promise any more fallout from Michael flan. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. And together corner country work cleaning up. Vol liberal. Bulls hold.