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Media trying to say the Trump administration is in chaos 2-16-17

Feb 16, 2017|

Reporters from the mainstream media are up in arms over Trump only taking questions from conservative media outlets.

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So another interesting day down on Capitol Hill came Karajan. I actually think it was a good day for trump. Overall there was though the poster saying there you whenever you lose one you have been for morning Joseph no he wasn't that's always a great day. You got trump given the BVL he's off the settlements which. Had to play well we've just about everybody except for maybe be because that was the first time he'd heard that. Standing in front of you press got a podium. But that was very interesting. You got the Washington Post completely embarrassing themselves with Marty Baron the editor used to be at the globe he's the guy in the spotlight. I have no prominent part of Maryland Martin colonel OK but that the comment that he made yesterday that. We would be doing the exactly the same thing to Hillary Rodham Clinton if she won. Is the best thing trump could have ever won it because that sold laugh of the absurd to. It's beyond comprehension that he said dad and then trap announced he won't fill out an NCAA bracket which I don't think is an insignificant thing actually. I love that he told yes paean to pound sand and I love the ESPN is is all opened up in arms about this I think that's great here's what's even better. After the press conference where Netanyahu which I know you watched him we were tweeting and texting about this. I added on excellent athletic existence we have not at all you're wise to come to view be the wise for Europe knowledge and unwise to double check in with you because. You have saved me from bronze in the past. CNN embarrass themselves and like mistress rips CNN guys you guys well know I generally like tapper I like John King we've got to bolt on the show we're trying to get him as a Cooper as we speak. John King embarrassed himself yesterday when he said the fall. Well it would be nice it would be nice if the conservative outlets the president is calling on we're asking tough questions and I would actually instead of trying to curry favor with this president that might doom doom him a favor. By letting him answer these questions because until he answers these questions this story is not going away go away. He just made it more complicated by saying that because yesterday the White House said the national security advisor was fired and the president asked for his resignation. After his hit eroded trust he had lost the trust of the vice president first and then the president does the president looked into this the president and I'd say it's just told the American people awoke something quite different than unfair media attacks. I was national security advisor who led this man to unfairly throughout the White House well. Who's telling the truth. Who speaks for the president who should we believe the president his Press Secretary other people around the president because they all give different accounts. You have a White House now to think crisis and calling on conservative news outlets find but it doesn't it doesn't answer the questions that the American people should have not just the news media. That is 100%. Complete months. It's really that complicated John King but he wasn't the only one saying that's Acosta than doubles down when they go to him. Rips that that the press the they're called on and then says almost verbatim what changes sent. You mentioned this a few moments ago yes the two questions that work asked or are called upon from president in this news conference. Went to the Christian Broadcasting Network. Which is obviously owned by Pat Robertson televangelists down on Virginia it's a very conservative. While broadcasting network and town hall dot com which is a very conservative news website and so in the last three news conference is wolf. All of the questions to the American news media. Have have been handled by conservative press and I I think wolf there's no other way to describe it but the fix is in. But when Obama was barring Fox News in was literally having the IRS. Look into and they were wiretapping James Rosen from Fox News. CNN was not talking about the fix was in number one over to my advice to trumpet is at the next one of these. Say whose next CNN hold on CNN poll on and then I wanna get too and they never get to CNN. Just it's just stick him that one even further. I I don't have any problem with areas of the press conferences because in the end you know I don't care who he calls on this in the in the media will continue to prevail brother had a Christian guy did ask about rusher in trump did comment on. Yeah. I I. I was disappointed in John King in daddy was so apoplectic because John king's a pre measured guy and I think he's he smarter than men wish she would have gone about what he said. Differently yesterday. I don't agree about the media part of it because again the media will Sistine and they will continue to do their job. I was highly disappointed. With the president yesterday though and what he said about. Michael Flynn. I was highly disappointed I I have to say I I aide I do you agree with John King I do agree with media outlets that are saying. Sold because I watch Spicer. And I saw how Spicer went about that the day before and when Spicer was questioned from different directions he kept coming back saint. I I stand by this I'm telling you why he's gone he's gone because we lost faith in him. So to meet the president is banging into roms that I'm start to go. A little. It's the media Michael Flynn general Flynn is a wonderful man I think he's been treated very very unfairly by the media. Why call it the fake media in many cases. Why was treated unfairly you'll find a way as whole speech is did he say exactly what John King says he said is the key part. The other thing is so I'll try to explain his view into John king and you tell me where I'm losing you can discuss obviously I am. Let's take Claude Julien for example the Bruins just fired Claude Julian Wright and these aren't Montreal but whenever they fired him. In their press conference which nobody watched as the patriots parade was going on them but would Don Sweeney tie. Claude Julien is a great coach Claude Julien did great work for this organization we love Claude drew them. But they are how can that go together this is what always happens. When they boss hires somebody generally an underling goes out and tells you what happened. And then the boss comes out and says something glowing about him pats him on the back in these usually some sort of parachute which have been periods for planned by the way. Do you think that trump doesn't like general plan I think he does I think what he said it. Is 100 printer I think trump like explain I do think trump thinks that plea was railroaded. Why I don't think he also thinks there is a. Why I think you know where did and why. Ordered it not sure all of the New York Ty all I was and I think well see and that's where he's and that's where it's different from what happened to Claude Julien did when you are trying to turn. Yes you're asking me if I think he did yes to I think that trump thinks he did now okay. So what I try to get fired at that point yeah I into the media because pants was pissed for one for two. People are telling you. There are times when you're this is like Claude Julien is a good example. There are times when you alternately part company with people even though they are good for you in or do you think they're the right person. Well then why has the aura surrounding them dominates now then why didn't Spicer saying that. Did whites Spicer stand there and lie why didn't Spicer I do Ronnie why you're always a lie but get well because it's not the truth. There what we do me a minute you see there are some here don't trust him trump may not be one of them. Parents may be one of them Kellyanne Conway may be one of them okay. But one voice but is that the media's full. The president the problem is that you the president could have sat there yesterday and said. Michael Flynn is a fantastic person and I have the greatest respect for him. But. It was time for the administration. And Michael Flynn to part ways. Period in defense they trapped in here I didn't I when I heard him say it was he said. But the media treated so unfairly and the media is so that we didn't fire him. Donald Trump did take responsibility for. It's that same four block block about the media yes up. You gotta get used to this because anytime trump has to do something like this. He is always going to turn it on someone who doesn't like which is the media. By the way. You guys socks he's gonna do that every time that doesn't mean he's lying he's like explain. He probably wishes wind was still there but he realized he was talked into got to get rid of them bad optics but he doesn't like the guy. But you guys socked. He doesn't wanna rip my Papa enough on this guy. Well assault meetings with Dave's vocabulary on the white board I want BP's vocabulary annex B I'm quite president. I just cannot understand. I cannot understand why. The president cannot just say. We had to part ways. Next question but I can't understand why you would John King medium do you see those bigger worry when you guys did say that yesterday. He said that you dazed and yeah 'cause we've asked over and over again his Press Secretary said. He was not let go because of all of you in this room he was let go because we don't trust him. We don't trust him that's a big deal. Why can't the president admit that if that's the case. 61726668668680. Is attacked line seven. Michael Flynn general Flynn is a wonderful man I think he's been treated. Very very unfairly by the media. As I call it the fake media make things. And I think it's really a sad thing that he was treated so badly I think in addition to that. From intelligence. Papers are being leaked things are being lead. It's criminal action criminal act. And it's been going on for a long time before me. But now it's really going. And people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss. That the Democrats had under. Hillary Clinton. I think it's very very unfair what's happened to. General flu and the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally. He stressed that illegally leaked. Very very unfair. They were John King says that. Can you go play John King John King said trump said the media ran him out never said. He said that he was treated very very unfair this is a big difference because that's a seismic shift. Trump he never says that the media is wife wins out of the gig he says he was mistreated by them he believes that. He also never says that he was fired because we didn't trust him anymore he was fired don't you say you just said earlier today we're. All you want is action at this point. Technically in fireman I actually thought it was gonna correct I'm no Flint resigned he wasn't fired resigned and accepted his resignation but regardless. He took flame out isn't that all that matters that tells you all you need to know why you now need to hear and see the. Words. Because. He's trying to deflect. And that's so obvious. What ever actually occurred here are always have and you you have again you have this question about. Why is it that had the right hand is saying one thing and the leftists saying something else. So I just we you and I both lost jobs in our lifetime. Has there ever been a press release that said you know why she lost a job she was terrible. Because that's what they thought. But they never said that but let me tell you something I they also didn't come out and say she lost her job. And I think it's because the audience was so unfair to her the audience was so unfair to her. They just say we wish her well. It's steady you know he couldn't just say. In Michael flame is no longer part of this administration he has been a great servant to the United States and we wish him well. No instead he had to blame it on someone so we blamed it on the media which is becoming very old. And the right hand goes up and says one thing and the left says something else see that's the difference I I expect the president to come out and say it. That lion Sheikh Michael Flynn he's the worst I've ever met Y ever chose him I can't even and a little. I don't expect him to say that at all but I don't expect him to blame it on someone else and in fact if you are the strong. President that we are hoping you're going to be can come up missed say what you did. But the strike early in order to do unlike. The last president who never find any this strong president doesn't blame it on someone else you take responsibility for. It's what everybody does everything you never say they don't people do not fire be bluntly not someone who do you think the storyline would be on CNN for example we think John King would be reporting of this to come said what you want him to say. The national security advisor of the guy that I entrusted to be my most trusted right hand man. With an untrustworthy. Bastard well that's what his secretary said that's what everybody else is White House said so why wouldn't he stand by that as well. Because we thought that's. Always usually works when a higher up is removed somebody else tells you what really happened but the boss boss. Always pass that guy on the door on the way out the door to me and I wish is that now that Ross and then blames his firing on someone else sometimes. That's sometimes the merger at a Bush's version and have to happen and I wish you could we could have ridden off into the sunset together. But that hopefully lead on somebody else so that's what they doing a merger they blame the other company that's coming in which is why I have to do this to you acknowledge our merger. Every one big happy fan might sex what's happened June 066686868680. Is attacks line les in Bedford this morning good morning Elaine. Good morning. I really think Leon's. Get at all. Firing pop songs. Are playing. Well. We don't not canary trap for the leaking vital. The United States secret. But the president can still like Clinton. And that's what I see it and immediate does ethics problems. I think not only does he like Flynn I bet that he's going to remain in communication. That's might yes. Because I think that's the way trump is trump is will be loyal forever and I don't think trump feels personally. Yeah it'll salted or lied to by Flynn I don't think he does I think he doesn't life and I also don't apply the canary thing that this was some sort attract attention seekers I don't. I don't buy that at all and I do think he feels I I do think he likes Flynn. Because quite frankly how peaked it I think that he knew that the Mike Pence wasn't told the truth. I mean I'm not sure I I think it Mike Flynn. You know was reporting to the president I think he was loyal to him I think that the president and Mike plant have been loyal to one another. I just think to discount out but then again that you you can't turn that on the media. 617 GB I can we do your kids or teenagers and they don't speak every excuse in the book two when they get caught that's going on right now my six year old and I always say they are. But honey you're seeing that now but your actions. Speak much louder than your words similar trump his actions are Flynn is gone what why is the need more needed than. Why but why does he have to say anything at all. Well you asked. How has that OOC and I would tell you we wasn't. But he was a key U piercing bit you're sitting there why does he need to explain it he was asked in the years need to say anything more but he Seymour that's the whole point. He didn't say. Michael Flynn is a graphic don't be repeated myself Michael Flynn. Is a great servant to this nation and we appreciate what he's done but he didn't say. He did say more and now media has treated him so unfairly. Obviously he may not have said in the media fired him he just intimated that it was the media's fault everybody could read between the lines there. Gary's in Franklin. Hey Gary. Good morning I that distinction here is first of all I don't know how long people who leaking documents have been a bucket people who work to publish some. Let me and that the that you never ignorant here is Ed. What you did in the last administration ABC EB. Come out for you they would probably have gone to the Obama administration at Merck and. We're gonna rubbish story watch it again ahead of the game we don't want a surprise you where that. We watch unit you know could get to deal with that. Bought more it becomes an issue where as what it was like to do we have regular. They stop a much reporter Kyle was even two or. And I don't think he did this this is just too embarrassed. That intrinsic Debbie ever that's why when the vehicle about what's something you have to ask yourself. One of. I tend to be put out of that maximum time to cause the maximum. Mount an embarrassment to cause you know also to play the narrative today is that they'll White House is in chaos and this ought to stop. They just gonna keep that they couldn't have been sitting on. A much. They all wait until he is vulnerable that enables great. Is the difference between good deal of frustration and in the. Gary president knew for eighteen days prior to this hitting the newspaper. He knew it and say that no new maximum embarrassment would be November 7. Right so they didn't know before then some interesting tax on this by the way Kim you're boring me 97 and that's my favorite. 603 BB you couldn't make the cut on high school GBB debate club Dave please turn his Mike off. Like 7 o'clock a Dave maybe you should just take over dvi I don't normally I'm a 100% in agreement when you first time ever I may even buy your books thank you once I've done. I but he adds things to be on the wall and you know all the major degree with we want to hear what my. Bought a positive way initial support him Obama bought a 339 he likes playing because they're both fools hello pizza dude yeah. I mean come on now we're just different now where IA camrys kid may be a loser but I don't think he kept does that take time to protect them and I'm Jake Tapper successive plans to. Is with flings kid by the way went deal. Of people. All right anyway six or 7666868. Takes 8680 is attacks line more of your calls right after. I like John like I did do and I think I want toggle back and not get it back off. But John King blew a gasket yes they completely unnecessary. I agree I agree with that I think that John King. He got a little crazy bwic too far on the number of things what things I thought you were way too far on and I think a lot of the media's going too far they'll tell you why I think this. Father is this whole idea that they are in total and complete chaos and this is different than any other administration that's coming. I saw I told you this ice yesterday and Neil Cavuto show he had Leon Panetta on. Now everybody remembers Panetta was chief of staff for Clinton. I thought it was one of the most insightful and interesting interviews I've heard I was in the car and I actually. Was listening to it and I had to turn it up and lenient to listen to it very much like people do on the issue now they'll have and that water in years yet. Her parents like this show people you know they they've turned up the radio leniently we'll start time. Anyway I I did because he was really interesting and and I thought that Cavuto asked some really. Pointed questions about the administration. In an effort to. Determined from Leon Panetta and his experience as to whether this is a a White House in chaos. And you Leon Panetta said look this is how White House's function when they first get there he could give a lot of examples of why. Now his response was essentially. It's time terrain again. We do need to you know get this under control but is this any more chaotic than any other White House and the answer was essentially now. If it's not. This is how administrations come and you come in with the people around you you think her good. And then you find out that you're not in the kind of order that you need to be in and you start to streamline. Well one of the biggest missed them forward we're getting a bit afield here but one of the reasons takes any of these guys do and it's a bit of problem for the good the way we elect our president. First hundred days man we gonna do man. We need you to do nothing in the first hundred days you can keep your head above water or power works. In so what happens you have to rushing in and it's mistakes you're gonna get made when you're doing too much in your focused on too many things at all at once and it's all due to you when you don't even know what your why it's going to be. Living with view at that time right. Things can happen. A lot of athletic field took them a wide outs yet I'm thinking to myself it's barely four weeks old this White House. Are they overstating or what do you think what you're saying. Well you know not not being there it's always a little hard to to judge but I think. I think the problem mutt Neil is that. There there are just too many power centers in the White House staff I was I was chief of staff. I believe that there should be only one chief of staff who runs the staff for the president either I think in this White House. There are number of advisors there's a number of power senators. They still have not been developing any kind of coordinated approach. Two decision making for the president. The national security console obviously I'm now doesn't even have a an advisor. Big national security console hasn't even met. Well with the principles. And yet there are crises soon that we have to deal with in the world so ot. I think there's a concern that you know every every White House goes through a shakedown period but does the reality is that this one seems to be a much more disruptive than most. And I think that's only because. They've come out swinging and I think there's a lot of truth to what he said but I also think there is a hierarchy employees that they know that because you don't know it. I don't think there's a war between previous and ban and although previous main goal. I think everybody knows Bannon is that is the real chief of staff Bannon is the real right hand man right then and is everything. He's the vice president he's the chief of staff he's the policy won't. As a reason why he's even on that Security Council right like cannons that guy. Revis is there for optically like he holds that position that we don't particularly value. But he will play nice nice to the oldest static guard B. The brought the Ryans of the world for example. That may not asked however but. I don't think it's that it. That that part of it he overstates but the rest and I think easy path that is pretty much right now and pom if you believe the reports that you read that report about bright part reading the article about the division between bin Revis and and called up the reporter at bright part and lead into him for writing that people are when I'm not believe that I I do I believe the Daily Mail piece today that it Gillian Conway has been talk and behind Revis has yet I think previous week's top there's a reason pricing it last week I asked we asked the question. Who's the first to go right lane with three minutes. Nominee turning to retiring hello and Kellyanne but she wasn't even Arthur there was someone else and their source of spice they go thank you. Because previous is very much targeted right now is under very as the quote is on very thin ice there's no doubt about that six or seven to. 66686868680s. Attacks on one of the thing immediately apparent in that interview went on to say BBI that was really aged into his. Didn't use any names but he said you know we win we in the administrations come in and there are a number of bid by these errors. And a lot of times these are people who have done a lot for the candidate. Got the candidate where the candidate it is I don't really have a defined role. And it's one of the things that administration's figure out every one they are need to defined role. I don't believe I disagree with that and I be Panetta is way in the way that he knows but that's on trumped to handle accord would now ski. Doesn't have to have a role in trump can talk to him and take advice from him given he's got it he's not an advisor with who's in the White House each and every day I think he's talking about people who are there. Because he says what ends up happening. Is essentially what we're talking about right now. Instead of OK got Kellyanne for example now what is her defined role now she begins to step over what the lying. And then somebody else gets mad at her and that she they began. Everybody starts back biting in pointing fingers are all do you ever defined role. If you thought it management his management style and he will weed them out again you've got to give. And that's what he was let that was going shakedown in the right level. That it that was his point exactly eventually here and it and you get your chief of staff who says what is your role I don't understand your role. Now you don't have you know I mean you begin to streamline so. But that that summit right there was about as critical as Panetta was of their in my estimation of the the current administration I think you're on from there to explain how. You know cheaper status have worked in the past administration to work. Bob's in Marblehead this morning hey Bob good morning. Hi guys hey I'm okay the president is in trouble at the style of leadership. It's what I learned the navy it's ship runs ground I don't care for the lieutenant it's the owed duties. The skipper takes the alt key accept all responsibility. And went I think trump should learn. He he counsels it's folks is duplicate content to take full responsibility. For whatever you guys do. I'm gonna take that hit. So be careful that put Antonio on board ship at the. It prevented from and it junior. Yep I agree I think you and I think you again we're four weeks into one there's only been one ahead witches. Flynn going in trump did did cut him loose and then stood by him yesterday which I thought was admirable and presidential ironically. He's been told to be more presidential way is CNN gets apoplectic about it. But I don't leadership struggle and I mean that's that's the kind of comment that. I think we're living through much in the moment that's like kudos write this it's only been four weeks take it yeah we don't even have our all our cabinet in place we still dealing with that stuff. The White House can operate without discipline. And it's got to be tough discipline. And others only going to be one chief of staff and frankly as chief of staff I made it very clear that I would control access to the president on not only by other members of the show out. But also by the national security advisor because I want to know exactly what was going on in order to properly serve the president. Well I think I think they need to establish that kind of very firm discipline. Within the White House previous. Who is chief of staff. I needs to have the authority to basically run that staff and until you have that discipline. Why you're not going to be able to really coordinate. All the workings of the staff in order to better serve the president. That the military approach which is Bob from Marblehead just a few minutes ago well. But there's there's not just one way this can be done it can be done multiple ways and he doesn't know how trump. This set this up because in our trump runs is companies he does not trump operates. Nor to watch. Their dose does need to be some changes one of them was already happened this week twins gone there may be more to come but. That there's no one way to run an office of that to to do to do the White House effectively are properly there's there's many ways it can be done. That's still waited and that is familiar win but that doesn't mean that's how cast would be one could argue that. The White House that he ran under those terms wasn't that effective so. You know. That's all a judgment game but that's not the only way it can. I I think time will tell if this White House is effective. With certain level of chaos always around it because. Every report. Says that that is how old Donald Trump has also always run his businesses he prefers it that way. You know if it's if it's effective in his business great is it effective in the White House I don't know none of us can tell again it's only been four weeks. But if that's true in this textures right five way it is time for trump to bring in Gingrich to be chief of staff. Because you need a bowl Boston and previous is not that fight you need somebody to regroup and that person has to have a war within and immediately. And have trump Taliban and he's above your. And that's not gonna happen. Well I think it. I don't think that's gonna happen I agree with you I think that's where this will be different from any other White House I think there will be chief of staff. Who deals with. Every one. Except Steve Bannon who deals directly with president what better understand as well what's to say that that isn't the way it's done. But Panetta but Bannon is the gap. It's not preakness well and that's that's what we what is going on now definitely wouldn't know that the. 672666868. Has got to Jimmy in the. Jimmy Kimmel I. You know I looked into your colleague on Monday draft corner. And gadget feels that what's going on right now the liberal media institution. Is going after a troubled cabinet. It's similar to what the media did back you know forty years ago during the Nixon administration with All the President's Men. Eight bid going after his cabinet like Kelly and like this I plan to create this whomever eventually they're gonna get two to prompt. Now proof positive of what our corners said. Two days Boston Herald that was a syndicated columnist. And not gonna mention her name with a female but it won't mention her name and she mentioned the word impeachment. In two years probable be impeached. And I think guys for us not to realize this is could be delusional. To be completely delusional and not think it. It is it is not going to be a major bowl they have trump owls that before he finishes his term. How do you guys feel about that the vice see it clear is that. Are met that come every President. Obama had that word thrown around briefly. Every president will have that thrown around. And lest there are some sort of patents weren't and it's not gonna happen I'm an analyst from so does something really dirty really under award. Where that jeopardizes the sanctity of the United States you not to impeach the guy has to be reason for it. It's not for putting either bad people in office or people that are effective right in these positions that you cannot engaged for chaos irrigation for any of that. The left is just trying to weaken him. Period and that's why they're latching on to this Russian thing and it's. Every scalp you get. Does chip away at the guy and so yeah that's why there were a day when after paused there as soon as they could even though. What they got him on his something that they usually champion that is how the game is played. Mark is in the car Haymarket morning. I don't got to thank you. Well I put a million imagine impeachment but since you guys just talk about it ET got to remember the articles of impeachment. I'll put forth by the House of Representatives. Which technique vast majority of Republicans so it ought to again to have any articles of impeachment brought against. He would have to really do something. Republicans deterrent but just the Democrats. That's just that's his moll. To ramp up the DP Europe. So that when they go two years ago the election. In the AT. They're hoping to be able to capitalize on some of that debt excitement and get people out to the polls actually vote ought. They realize at least try to work the opposite quote. But what I do want to talk about with the win. I'm you know the odds of any administration. Anyway. Hiring the right person every job the first time that they put out there is. The slam but Jerry B York like I had people that you picked a great job. Turned out not to be so great that job. And how you judge the administration. It's how they deal with today try and do the Obama they can just let go anyway because I don't want to look at height firing somewhat. What you did not say hey you know. I guess this what fabric selection on my part. I think we're all that you know we got up by somebody else that shows a lot see their show your date other I don't like to deal with adversity. Administration. I don't think about that big win. I think it also went out on notice you better be straight shooter and don't play games that we don't. Mark thank you. I mean I. I don't I think every administration does have people who come and go in you don't always hired the very best you don't always nominate the very best or shall always a nominee who falls in some way Jimmy. This is all part of the game. The fun part for me is I think Flynn should go I think he had to go you can't let the vice president. You can't bring this kind of question mark around the administration this early in the gig. I just think I'd like to see Donald Trump be time a tougher boss in. That I just wanted to say that nice guy he's gone done move on. That's the only thing I you know and I think people are going to continue to hear him just turn around and blame it on the media constantly. And net that we can Tim I think it a lot of people's ice because he keeps doing. I don't know I don't think that does weaken him I think that's still an effective strategy I think it plays well to his base I do think it plays. You always want an enemy. Pearl bought the text to raise this point earlier which are pretty good is pretty simple the strategy for Obama was blamed bush for everything trump strategy blame the media for everything. Same same idea and that's what Obama did too much good effect by the way for seven years and I think the media strategy is working with trump. And that's why you had the meeting yesterday making a. Things he said John King right after it happened said that trump said something that he did not. Because he did he's going after him but. And again he's not what he didn't say it was that he went after the media that he blamed it on the media you're saying he didn't say that. I'm telling you the quote the John King used in saying whatever happens you at a certain expert is I need to hear John King again because. I I heard the president over and over and over and over and if if I was in a box and didn't know anything about what it occurred by the heard that sound bite I would have walked away and what I would've taken from that was. Michael Flynn no longer works here because you keep all did something to him and forced our hand. You people did it. He didn't say that. Well I I don't think it added I general two out of three people were heard him say was that he blamed it on the media. These guys go longer than I just third in state general funds a good guy I respect them and like Camelot and I think you guys who were very unfair to him. That's. And many but we know we fired them. So I look at what build those three facts very differently than you do. And I think it's winning for trump that way. Or not losing is more to the point but I think there's a lot of things he could've said yesterday that would have been a lot worse than that I think he did fine. Steve is in Braintree good morning Steve. Hey guys naked more annoyed I I mean I act that. Paris exactly what that other college that this strategy does not work well in 28 teams for the Democrats in the senate is what they have to worry about how does. The health was never coming back to them but they've really have to worry about those seven or eight senate seat. In prompt country. And this does not help but this is this is devastating they should be already working on sort of not working with a but sort of incorporating some of that ideas into the script he's willing to work with them. This strategy. Is turning the voters are who they need to get accident that the whole strategy is is that they've children. The Bernie Sanders Chuck Schumer. Elizabeth Warren wing of the party and they can't win. In this state they need to win so that they just have to go to take a step back and calm down and they just small but more fully and and I think that this actual did. That there lieutenant general have a bunch of conversations with any foreign government I don't think it was just one telephone calls to the Russian government I think she made contact with. Several government at this standard practice when the person is going to become. The national security advisors that. Accurate in my. Did Stephen Hadley did see but he didn't talk to them about sanctions that were read out. I'm reflects a what was discussed talks sanctions could have an interest that invention of their sanctions we'll discuss that and when. Donald Trump take don't know that hasn't relaxed and all that wasn't laws. I'm you know that wasn't one. Well I don't know what evidence do they haven't reduced effective in fact. The last time I checked in on Nikki Haley went to the UN she had specifically than that and all the Russian pullout Crimea. It will be. Don't thank Steve here's another thing we know we know that he did not lied to the vice president about any other conversation. Is that what not but that's not what the media are saying leaders saying that there's some sort of roster connection here but they're not telling you that he had. Multiple conversations. With different ambassadors in different it is common practice in previous administration if they said that they were factual in the way that a newspaper or. A print article or even CNN it's supposed to face something that looked they looked at. This conversation. Fourth what we don't know what the transcript it's because anyone who has possession of that transcript. Is in possession of illegal documentation and they shouldn't have but can they don't have security grants which have never been released so you know reporter in the world is gonna tell you exactly what and that. Doctor Steve belly to write their arms are we got to run to a break thanks.