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David Peltier (TheStreet, TROW, WMT)

Feb 16, 2017|

David Peltier (TheStreet, TROW, WMT) by The Financial Exchange

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David Peltier from the street joins us talking about a couple stocks and David thank you for joining us. And David have got a real questions about both these as to whether you're bullish or bearish on the let's start with T. Rowe Price takers TR OW. This is one that you know obviously T. Rowe Price the mutual fund company. Mutual funds seemed to be kind of moving out of the way in favor of ET apps but are you bullish or bearish on. That the deployment. I am all the sudden you I. Believe that this as a group that news. Very closely with the broader market and right now the stock market is very. People are going toward eat yet but what other reason they're doing has because of the ease. But that you have consistently has from the load mutual funds beat out there. And there is that they have no frills on that I like the Southwest Airlines that it's a but I think that this is a good companies in that respect. Air but he get a 3% dividend yield and I think that's something that's very key rate. Especially with people very uncertain about where interest rates. David looking at this company compared to some of its peers obviously. Some of their biggest competition is privately held between fidelity or American funds they can afford. To potentially price a little bit lower had they compared those types of companies. Again when you're looking at the on the clothes lately. You register reported a very good quarterback in January. They are eating very strongly. Again the ears and it's a company that consistently grows and consistently. Reward the investors with a dividend which is what first attracted its. There it's been over now to the second name here in this one was in the news yesterday on. The update that Warren Buffett has dropped it from its port full from his portfolio companies Wal-Mart and obviously. You know it's one of the big titans of retail and America. But they're struggling with a little competition online where do you see them go. I think that the one that if you're patient investor that you can acquire a better prize a couple back. Obama are gonna report here on the when he heard. And in the distance the report I expect them to raise its dividend shall take the yield back about 3%. But at least that Ballmer like a lot of retailers are struggle it. And and working out Wal-Mart in particular do they have anything it in their business they kind of stands out I mean obviously would just weekly they've tended to be the strongest one but is there anything else that stands out about them at this point. I think what Kiefer Wal-Mart right now is there's a lot of pocket period treaties. I think a lot of those dots are going to be created an a lot of markets where people shop so ball mark when we when we live in bigger cities is it easy to forget. That a lot of this country. Has built serve to bury you the very well by their local Wal-Mart and I think a lot of but I think a lot of the jobs are going to be created in the next four years as are going to be in areas. Where people are gonna go to Wal-Mart and spend that money I think he'll be. A lot of downed shifting and so much and retail is that Wal-Mart will be that at all where a lot of people that don't shop on line and we'll spend their money. Very good David thank you very much of the time. Thank you David Peltier from the street kickers on those companies should you wanna do some research on your own Wal-Mart has the ticker W&T. T. Rowe Price with a ticker TR OW.