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Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Warren Buffet & Sirius)

Feb 16, 2017|

Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Warren Buffet & Sirius) by The Financial Exchange

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The and. The idea of being able to buy stock at a better price than Warren Buffett is. Appealing we're joined by Michael brush for marketwatch.com. And up on stocks dot com to talk about exactly how you might be able to do that I'm Michael aria. So huddle I by serious acts and cheaper than Warren Buffett as a surprise and I saw he bought a big. Top of. Well it's very easy just Ari. Liberty Media tracking start ticker outlet acts. Today and the liberties here. The right now isn't there a number of tracking stocks for Liberty Media. Yeah you know humble aren't ever does anything in simple manner and so the complex situations yet there's street trackers here. What is it tracking stock. So let's take your company for example are you wanted issues. The EU you can do attract start to represent. You. Your company. So that would interpret as. But ultimately shareholders of trek star have. Economic value. The. So Liberty Media owns land about 70%. Of serious. Yet. So what else. Well that's beauty of stretch socket a record year is dispute they have. Arm. They have options on her company in the topic national open it that simple tracker it's just a want for. Parker and that's beauty of this you can dispute this count. So how much do I say by buying the tracking so. Tibet 8% discount. To shoot point 3% discount that's meaningful. Yes it is not ever gonna close at a percent truckers always track trade at a discount. 38%. Use so look at all the back but it. I've kept it close units have. So help me with this one is that not street have a good answer for one who led by serious in the first but no precedent. Kosher right what you do got in my car not me. I AJ put it in my car retirement by new car. It's in there to give you the ninety day free trial I don't listen to during the ninety days than ever listened to that never never. Teaching could hear read your appointment. Curious about it. Like I've it was a good thing. Would that it's nothing I can get on my AM referenda. Exactly true and they do have thirty subscribers news. It will be expensive it's fifteen to twenty dollars basically. You know and at some sort of. You know what happened to me and confess. We are down in North Carolina. And we're driving from the airport to my son's college in my life put MSNBC. On serious. And I who's emotionally scarred. I just do it it just in so like a I've I've never turned on since. You know I reference to this into it for the commentary because there's left to right in the center. It cool news and that's what they like about it there is letters. But he corporate growth of about ten years that's gonna slow. You know all of but you know as to order. Chorus role. Rio. They're up there percentage. At. Present course. And that's that's a factor there. And I love you major argument I'm not sure I would buy it that. I appreciate your opinion. So that's become but he happily to sort out our web site and that's a Beatty sweetheart it is clear our rights have Obama circle Russia where. Beaters to. All right good so wait it's up on brush up on stocks right. You said as he acted via the market so great. There's a lot. Yeah I I had difficulty finding and yet it is gonna go to its beat prop. Okay thank you thank you. And Michael brush from up on stocks dot com joining us today with his selection of serious.