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Trump says he inherited a mess. 2/16/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Did President Trump inherit a mess from the Obama administration? President Trump attacks the media saying they are dishonest when it comes to his administration.

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137 here on the great WRK. All okay my friends. Trump is now the president is doing what we have been urging him to do now for a YO he is going on a major media offensive. He's holding a major news conference as I speak he's already making a lot of news he is taking it straight to the man endurance in the media. And right off the bat he told them your approval ratings are even lower than congress. It's because you're so dishonest. You are now loathed and hated by the American people start doing your job. He then talked about the ultimate fake news story Russia. Saying where you came up with this idea that I was in bed with Bolton or that might people are in bed with old news people. You made this up to justify Hillary Clinton's defeat. And it's one of the biggest most manufactured stories I've ever seen. He is I'm as I'm speaking he is literally he's eating them. He's not just. I'd taken it to warm he's not just pounding him he's eating on a life. And I have never seen a president in my lifetime. So boldly directly courageously confront. The out of control government media complex in fact even tells them out. You weren't you guys are completely out of control. Would these why you'll speculative stories with no evidence whatsoever. Fabricated story after fabricated story. On the issue of Mike Flynn he specifically said I never directed or ordered flame to discuss sanctions with Russia. But that's not the reason why I let him go all the reason why I let him go he never committed a crime. He never did anything wrong in that sense. What he did was she gave improper. He called it or not complete information. To vice president pan. And for a subordinate I cannot accept that. When we want the full story you've got to give us the full story period. Now. The point the president made an on this he's a 1000%. Correct. Mike Quinn had every right to discuss sanctions with the launch. Which for freedom to discuss sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador. He had every right. He had every right to discuss crying young. Two discourse Ukraine to discuss Syria. To discuss whatever setting up the conversation between trump important and yes. Part of his per fully though is will they're gonna lift sanctions or not. And how are they gonna do it and what all Flynn told him why it's said he gate is CR 78. The Russian ambassador is. We're gonna review it in two weeks when the president comes into office. Said again asks are you gonna lift the sanctions we don't know will discuss it in two weeks. We may lift it we may not lift it. He has every right to talk about sanctions. The little Britain hope this important issue of the Logan act no it isn't that's his job. In fact with the Chinese ambassador you know what he told him we may be imposing sanctions on you. You guys keep up your building those military islands in the south sinus C South China Sea we may start slapping sanctions. That's his job he's the incoming national security advisor. So there was no crime committed. Now. He lied to Mike Pence it's not nice to lie but it's not perjury. It's marks. Putin ally under oath. Again no crime was committed. So this is all much should do literally about nothing in fact there hammering him now one WikiLeaks. And again he's making the point I'm babies advisors heard me I don't know what though it is and their whatever okay this has been my argument now for days. WikiLeaks wasn't about classified information. If you took topples and more engines. The Democratic National Committee is not some kind of it's not the NSA disrupt the CIA. It doesn't deal with classified state secrets. Intercepting the colts. Wiretapping the calls of a private US citizen without a warrant. By our own intelligence agencies. Who then because this is classified. It is utterly illegal. You cannot leaked classified information. That's the difference between this gamble and WikiLeaks. Look. WikiLeaks was about the hacking of the DNC and John Podesta which was deeply humiliating. To Hillary. What is now Boeing is an attempt by the shadow government to undermine and destroy. They duly elected government of the United States. It's night and day. He is eating their lunch. And right off the bat he threw down the gauntlet saying whoa the stock market is booming. My approval ratings of 55%. Optimism has never been higher consumer confidence has never been higher and how come not reading this in the media. Roll it Jarrett. Just came out just sort of very short while ago. And it has our approval rating at 55%. And going up the stock market has hit record numbers Juneau. And did there has been a tremendous surge of optimism. In the business world which is it to me means something much different that he used to it used to mean oh that's good now it means that's good for jobs. Very different. Plants and factories are already starting to move back into the United States and big leap forward. General Motors so many of my making this presentation directly to the American people. With the media present which is an honor to have you. This morning because many of our nation's. Reporters and folks. Will not tell you the truth. And will not treat the wonderful people of our country with a respect that they deserve. And I hope going forward we can be a little bit. A little bit different and maybe get along a little bit better if that's possible maybe it's not and that's OK too. Look. He's completely right. And I gotta tell you know what I love about him he's very honest I love his bluntness and I love his honesty. By lying. By smearing my spreading fake news. There ultimately showing the disrespect you. Because their job as the fourth estate technically. Is to be the voice of the people hold politicians accountable. But when they become nothing more than shameless political hacks. Or doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party. And are willing to lie smear slander. They assemble. A disseminate. Put out nothing but fake news or half truths are false news stories. Looked again there's no getting around this point. Every incoming cabinet official before they are sworn in has all kinds of conversations. Obama's incoming national security advisor as an example. Spoke to the Russians spoke to the Chinese that's what everybody does it's been going back for administration's. That's why nobody's ever prosecuted anybody under the Logan act. It's ridiculous. So they trumped up a false story about Mike for an. To destroy Mike Flynn why why that's the question why. And I think here was trumps mistake. Flynn was going to expose all of this side agreements on Enron the disastrous U one deal. That show beside agreements show they got a port right on the path to the bomb. In fact helps the Iranians to have a I climbed guest starring nuclear weapons program. Flynn new disk is he was the head of the DIA. He couldn't believe it gave away the store. And so he vowed that he was going to expose these disastrous side deals to be secret side deals what trump should have done. Is bring out my plan and say you know why they're out to destroy him here's why the result to destroy him. Go ahead Mike revealed a side agreements revealed the secret agreements now you know why these hacks at the NSA and the CIA these Obama hold overs. Ben Rhodes and others. They're out to kill him. Politically assassinate him because of this. That's what he should've done I would have just exposed. Everything. Everything. And basically say what in your pipe and smoke it. He's completely right. They're showing nothing but contempt and disrespect for you Iowa and they're there to serve you you're doing you a disservice. It's utter contempt for you he's a 1000% correct and then he lowered the boom. Saying you know what you guys are you're a bunch of liars and it's fake use. Roll it Jarrett. To be honest. By inherited. A mess to mess. At home and abroad a mess. Jobs are pouring out of the country. See what's going on with all of the companies leaving our country going to Mexico and other places. Low pay a low wages. Masks. Instability overseas no matter where you look the Middle East the disaster North Korea. We'll take care of it votes would take care of at all. The things I'm doing probably aren't popular but there are necessary for security and for other reasons. And then. He really I mean just calls out the media roll it Jerryd. The press has become. So dishonest. That we don't talk about it we are doing a tremendous. Disservice to the American people tremendous disservice we have to talk about. To find out what's going on because depressed honestly is out of control the level of dishonesty is out of control. He's completely right. He's completely right he is now lecturing to press. And he's essentially telling them do you or draw back. And if you can't do your job get out of my way. And let me tell you the significance of this press conference among a lot more on this tomorrow I promise but he's basically give he's telling them blank off. He's essentially telling them not as explicitly a scheme manned ended in his interview to the New York Times we basically telling them. You or the opposition. You are acting like the opposition you're not doing your job. So are much ritual like the opposition. We can either have good relationships. Fine if not I don't care. That's essentially what he's telling them. If I have to go around you how will. But the days of a Republican president. Kowtowing. To the democratic leftist media those days are over. And when you're lying. When your disseminating. When you're spreading garbage news stories. I am gonna hold you accountable I'm gonna call you out and I'm an old your feet to the fire in other words I'm not George W. Bush. I'm not make maniac I'm not Mitt Romney. I'm not gonna take it up the key stirring more I'm not I'm not gonna take it on the chin. You hit mean I'm gonna hate fueled. He's calling them out. For the fifth columnists and traders that they are. And I say Donald. It's about time babies.