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Massachusetts to be sanctuary state. 2/16/17

Feb 16, 2017|

If Massachusetts becomes a sanctuary state, will you move?

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QO six here on the great WRKO. OK my friends what can you believe it. He's still dropping bombs on the media I mean I ya ya. This this presser my friends we're gonna talk about this tomorrow I promise. There is so much to sink your teeth and do this may be the press conference of the century. All full full. Is he just always sing in the warm up I have to press has become. So dishonest I think that we don't tell me about it at that but we are doing a tremendous. Disservice to the American happy. Act. Donald. I love you old and I'm not sexual way. I give Mel baby. Up. So my friends trust you we're gonna have a tomorrow a lot of it we're gonna play and I promise. But I really would be remiss if I didn't you need to hear this story very important story. As you know. There are now growing protests. Against president trump is being fueled by the alternative left the alt left. I have a call amount on this Elizabeth Warren is becoming in many ways its leader its avatar it's champion. You can check it out at wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. I believe now it's almost in the second page right to so many guys were blow to his blogs up there there's so much information. I think generally the page to. Yes scroll down what's the title of your piece. Elizabeth Warren and the rise of the all alleged to have them look for that it's up on feast what does while OK so you RKO doc why he's read it and it's a very important piece but more Healy I swear to you. Is kind of seeing herself as as a Mimi folk on tennis as a kind of meaning warrant meaning me. And so what's going on today. These illegal immigrants. And their advocates not just Massachusetts. But in New Hampshire. They across new England and across the entire country. Are now staging I swear to you eight days without immigrants. Meaning. A day without illegals. Pay they're not talking about you know immigrants like the corner. Who came here legally. Who paid all the feasts. Who brought the lawyer. I got a green card and then got citizenship and did everything go right away and it took me forever to become a citizen moan moan moan all. They're talking about the people who smacked them. Illegally. Commit document fraud many of formed steel americans' jobs and then probably get food stamps welfare EBP. Free healthcare. The full soaring may have on topple ball left. And so in solidarity listen Davis. Businesses across Massachusetts. New England and the country restaurants businesses. There are shutting now. There are literally closing for the day. To try to make their point. That without quote unquote immigrants IE illegals. Mean that America couldn't function our economy would you shut down well we're still functioning. This so blows it dead this one day strike. This day without immigrants. It's halfway there and I mean I'm still on the I'm seeing cars everywhere countries still functioning. Economy hasn't collapsed. So I guess they're not that vital but let that go all let that goal. And I am thinking every restaurant. And every business that's close today or how honestly how stupid can be really. There it's like an advertising sign we hire illegals. Illegals work here so long thinking is okay. Who. You mean all about all of that Adalius cool cool or bad Chinese restaurant who got Italian eatery that's close okay so. Cross them off my list now whine all they hire illegals or better yet if you're ice if your eyes. Tomorrow 9 am I'm there are. I think I guess old doesn't they have working in the kitchen. And who knows if pirate amateur of tomorrow at 9 AM in a Wii U Wii U we you really don't the sirens or whatever but it out of everybody's running. I commend the buck in those running at a path was everybody running away but anyways so but let that goal. So they have their days Yuri day without immigrants. IE without illegals. And so Maurice Healy. Who now wants to turn Massachusetts. In two way sanctuary. States. Is SaaS specifically buyer reporter. If I race or immigration and or whoever. Are coming here to. Detainee or deport any illegal immigrant they're calling them immigrants but the re talking about obviously illegals. What will you do what's your message to the so called immigrant community IE deal legal community. Her answer. We got your back. Roll it. Jarrett question or immigrants safe in Boston churches from immigration and customs enforcement. At the look at I want to be really. Cleared a message to her immigrant communities say. I had. My heart goes out to our immigrant communities to. I have experienced. Inner experiencing tremendous fearing anxiety the answer is yes you are seeing. I that your back your mayor has captured back in their people all across this state that it got your back in the governor's been clear about this as well so. You know I want I think it's important. That it we continue to show solidarity with their immigrant communities for a host of reasons. But that person who asked the question. The answer is absolutely. I've got your back. Now notice. If you're all law abiding gun owner she doesn't have your. If you're taxpayers. She doesn't have your back. If you're not a US citizen a hard working get all stiff like mean like you just and have our back. If your mother or daughter. And you're in a bathroom. And you don't want a stranger some adult male to be there or better yet your daughters at school and she wants the showering private. Without a meal or some pervert coming in the shower room and looking that are exposing himself she doesn't have your back. So if you're a concerned parent blank you. If you're a gun owner blank you'll if you're a taxpayer blank you'll. If Europe. A daughter in particular blank you. But if you're any legal if you're a US citizen blank yo. But if you're any legal repair a pipe at your back. We got your back I've got your back Biden got your back. I mean just to show you. How sick and twisted and perverted. Intellectually and morally these moon bats are. Everything within his upside down everything. Now. We could not be out of moon batted by California. When I saw that story that California led brighter moon bad governor okay beaming up Jerry Brown you're beaming up Jerry. When he said that we want California to be a sanctuary state when the Democrats in the California State Legislature are pushing a bill saying why apple whole state border the border to be one. Massive sanctuary entity. I said I recited the Britain if in Cambridge. But on Beacon Hill I can see the chief Elizabeth Warren I can see more. Re really I can see all hole beta Healy I can see the whole bit so I can hold it any longer I can all live. Why should California get all the glory. At. A nominal and all they can't be the only ones to be a sanctuary state nobody can out moan about it here. In the people's republic of mark's a true sits. And I said I'm telling you they gotta do it on two coasts. They've got the West Coast the left coast and now they've got to have the moan about coast. And just does the corner man predicted. The Democrats. Up on Beacon Hill you know it's not enough that they're stealing our money. It's not enough that they're giving themselves eighteen million dollars in pay increases well enough spun off flat enough. It's enough. Now they are pushing a bill in the state legislature. Backed by all these Liberal Democrats. Let's say we want to mimic California. We want Massachusetts. To become. A full. Sanctuary. State. We're not talking Somerville and more we're not talking warrants or Chelsea or even boy Austin. That's not enough not that we have Sanctuary Cities. The wolf Rican commonwealth for us to become a big game in new role signed. For every criminal. And illegal aliens in the country you're MS thirteen. C'mon now I picture back. You're a drug deal. I'm I'm back. You're a murder a great. Is I'd that you're back come on down baby. Come on down. Now. What they keep saying this is their argument and you're talking about it today a day without immigrant they were about immigrants. More Healy talked about it yes there they go on ad nauseam. That America is Jean nation of immigrants. And shall we. And we need to support these so called immigrants. And we need to cheer on these so called immigrants. But do you see there's a very big difference. Worry nation of immigrants yes. Of legal. Immigrants. What is it about toward legal. Battle liberals can't wrap their mind around. I'm an immigrant. I came here legally. I respected the laws of this country the sovereignty of this country. And I'm happy to be here and by doing this by doing it the legal way. I am doing what tens and tens and tens of millions of Americans did before me. You're ancestors Britain's ancestors Jerry's ancestors. When you come here illegally. He worked telling us you don't respect us you don't respect our laws our sovereignty our culture our customs our traditions. It's like somebody entering your house without your permission they're squatters. Your squatting in your house. Never mind that there are raiding the French or rigging the medicine cabinet. Or some of them may even raking your daughters or your sons are killing them. Now that's a very different from being an invited guests in pier house. Who then let's say marries your son or your daughter and because part of the family. I see you know for their hand in marriage family says yes give a beautiful wedding and that's a happy family. That's the American story. We one any mention of illegal immigrants. Not of illegal aliens because the one thing America is based on is the rule of law. You take away the rule of law our constitutional republic is dead. Then we are a country with out lawless or felt the respect of lawless and what that is that's Bolivia. That's Venezuela. That's the Third World that's some may call that's canyon. That's why we want a nation of loss. And so corner country. I've got to ask you the poll question. Sure of the day. If Massachusetts. And becomes a sanctuary state if the Democrats and Maury he'll hold that he really pull this off. I'm being serious amount asking you to vote out of anger. I'm asking you our career I'd question. With your situation. Work family whatever it is will you leave. Will this for you be the final straw. If the answer is yes. Tex the latter being the 686 and he if the answer is no. All expect panther whatever that family I got home a job all whatever text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany I am just curious. What are the poll results. Thus far. 75%. Yes 25%. Now wow got hot yes one. All. Brittany I'm just curious if this goes through. Not out of anger not out of frustration you know your teed off when your little hot under the collar. Will Brittany Jennings. Leaf. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts trial go to New Hampshire. Really. So you're gonna leave your beloved Salem. Born and raised. And you're gonna move to new and I can stay on the still New Hampshire. Don't go there and talks. That. Wow so Britney you're NA AM today and editing Hampshire war. Boy am I miscue. Well I would otherwise would come back and shoulder still I don't know I just. I just associate you with Salem with Boston with Massachusetts you know you're born and bred here it says. Why. She almost feel like an exile Luka what can you out of the Massachusetts refugee. Yeah I don't New Hampshire but working here yes a lot of people to catch after mowing no but just wound. Okay. I really hope it doesn't pass known sang I don't think it will pop pop pop up. Artifice I hope not sign an hour so I embarrassed 6172666868. If Massa go sanctuary state. Do you stay or do you go. Thursday a day without immigrants be be how do you think that was okay. Take Gary again. We'll farmers a day without immigrants are they without. He'll leave go immigrants do you see the difference is you have to then I'm anxious to see you Friday easy day without business for a lot of these places British talk about a beginning tomorrow morning at 6 AM. WRKO. Boston.com. Morning show wins came in VD. Weekdays six Dejan on the voice applause then WR KL. Ma'am. As you experienced Palestinians the Italian Riviera. On an 88 toward departing September 29 2017. My friends I'm telling you trust my diet as my wife's Italian okay all the way. Not at all from Tuscany she's tell a brace. Even she admits. Tuscany need be the most beautiful region. In the most beautiful country in the world Italy maybe when I go I just will never come back if they change at our I've heard people say that. That they soul of the food and the countryside I much hitting and the Riviera. And the beautiful hill towns in the museums and the culture they just don't come back. 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Two point six year on the great WR KOK my friends hold live Moret Healy stayed attorney general. Is now calling for Massachusetts. To essentially become a sanctuary stayed there is now eight bill. Weaving its way through the legislature up on Beacon Hill following California. They want all of mass to become a giant sanctuary state. They even want the bill will deny state funds. To law enforcement. If they try to in any way cooperate with ice to detain or deport illegal aliens. They want the illegals to stay. And they want even more tech com. They wanna turn the entire commonwealth in two way magnet for illegal aliens and illegal criminals all over the country. And so my question is if this bill becomes law are you gonna leaf. Brittany says definitely she's going north straight up the New Hampshire. I tango. I have to say in fort drama be on the poll question no like angle. I can't. I mean I'd like to but I can't. I can go to Rhode Island Erica and go to New Hampshire. I got a house I've got a mortgage to pay I've got two kids in school once in pre K ones in kindergarten. I've got the roots in the community and. I'm traffic and go oh. I just can't go. I'd say a candle at some fortunately MOB. I got to stay with the illegals. Parent in New Hampshire going ahead Aaron. Jeff thank you pick my club rather my husband always welcome appear financial response thank you Aaron. It's sort of look at the Smart and turn around my car radio and I have to hear about non immigration day in our all of them and not survive without immigrants working. So out of frustration. I wrote rules on foreign. Well the liberals out there and have a nine have comment it's a heretical and that is now understand about singer. What it's not an immigration decades that the AA used staying home. You'll get welfare. And iniki cards. In a Iraq you Obama will give you X. From New Hampshire. To California. It here early union goal we'll give you a home. I had less non immigration day. Trampled before you back to Mexico little. And Brian will all happen. Not an idea. About an out or I want my country back. Well let's go back to normal there but then that alerts on the carpet out there about a national. I thought on how the liberal protesting in the streets here you know throughout. There of one vacation. From all of their very I mean congress get to go on vacation next week it's art but art job undermining the American people. You know IRA in all seriousness. Everybody that's protesting an integrated. Complaining. Are you liberal created child Obama and all the lives in Hillary Clinton when he Hillary Clinton elected you are victory you are such radical. You create a trial. Just like for a conservative we've got Obama because bush was a failure you don't want justice to. My only hope that all of this Jeff. Is that liberalism is slowly killing itself up because that many people are seeing how crazy and how radical. Just god bless you think it's what you do Brittany thank you let people create equal on a couple of everybody ain't. Aaron god bless you my friend it was the call of the day whole area's really well done. Six once when I say best audience. In the business. If Massachusetts. Go sanctuary state. Dual use steady. Or do you goal. You're 36 air on the great WR KOI. I got to stake a tango. I can't go live I've got a home. I've got. I've got dual kids. One in kindergarten one Embree K beloved dog house they love our area of great slums where we live I got ruled smile and even if you're flood the place really illegal aliens I can't go I'm trapped but can go oh I wanna go bully me I wanna go but I can't go. If Massachusetts. Becomes a sanctuary states. Will you leave this state Brittany says she's had a you know she's single. When she's she's dating now but still she's not married you know she's still single and she does and I'm home she doesn't have. Children he had she's more flexible she's more free she says she's heading straight to New Hampshire. Just does guy hop in the car her Ford and she's gone. She's gone. Jared does not a problem because Jerry lives in Rhode Island so you can make an essential areas you want Jared safe. Britney will be safe. I'm the guy it's going to be stuck with the illegals. They don't footing the bill 6172666868. The bill is being sponsored in the senate to make Massachusetts say. Sanctuary state it is by Democrat Jamie elder ridge of Acton. And he says now that support for this bill has now doubled this year eyes in it to cause through as a form of opposition to trump. It is getting a lot of Democrats who are now joining this sanctuary state movement. More Healy clearly he's in favor of it baker for now Wes come out and said well baker basic would baker said is. We have Sanctuary Cities. And the Sanctuary City status should be left at the local level. And so basically says we Sanctuary Cities are good but we don't need to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state. Honestly at this point there are so many Sanctuary Cities. I mean you know it's almost redundant to make us a sanctuary state so baker says that for now he opposes it. For now 6172666868. You know Jared made a really good point to me off the arm rocked the air during the break. Were already a blue state base is already Kennedy country. I mean California is maybe the only blower stake in hours but you know we're pretty sick when the bluest of the Blue States. I give them running deporting illegal stay in Mississippi. Or in Utah Orrin Nidal. You know have a red state diluted. But why you Massachusetts. And then on top of that or just think a whole big honestly think I'll take a dump the notional but somebody's moon bats are. That means then that all federal funding. Will be were revoked you'll be rescind it. So you're gonna load up on illegals. You're gonna bring a written. And then you're gonna risk having all of your federal funding polled which is the very same federal funding that helps you paid. For the welfare. The food stamps DPP. The section eight housing DB Obama's cell phones that. And I all the welfare of the easy illegals are getting is coming from the federal funding but you're not gonna lol it's. Or at least a lot of it's from the federal funding that your gonna lose. What does that hello Hal all did you guys think this one pro panel low. 6172666868. Jilin Brock in Europe next go ahead jail. Hey Jeff how are here I'm good are you well just can't reference what you just suggested acting orient it doing it at that track culture. They think that he's not gonna follow Earl any funding LA LA not only with Arab. The findings are a lot I had illegal votes they need to battle be the next step to make patriot but the Massachusetts. Aside from that though what I call for what I want to ask mark he requested that he had the back of active duty to parent. And killed by the illegal driver who was struck with his child and current 2011. And 23 adult direct and a truck. And then ran back over until and that's I tried to erase the cops. Really brilliant. Now they don't have her have. They're back them are now all show's Matt member and Marty losses on wet curtain Kellyanne. He had no idea who Matthew Denise why does he knows us now. So Jill not only do they not have their back they don't even know who they are they don't even care because they don't care your right. Don't check it was a flash in the can elect him out of all it was on the idea that guy you're illegal come here trying to make his. Little light you know everything like that. You can eat a pizza. Aren't. Jail very good call thank you for that call Scott in New Hampshire go ahead Scott. Yes it's got vital and I'm good how are you strive. Goods are bill. I just is this particular I mean you know they say they got their back went on operating our back. You know for all these illegals and people freeloading. And all these people that wanna come in irritated they come in legal. An accent. The other thing is brittney want to move to new capture the stay out of Manchester because that's a Sanctuary City and sell so well. Now ascribe. A masters because the poll right now I think it's way at least 75%. And we have a very big audience. When they're if they're saying they're leaving and these are the you know the middle class working class families taxpayers of this state okay. If if they're saying they're leaving this caught who's gonna pay the taxes. Exactly and guess where I live in New Hampshire and I put out about six days a week. And get myself up at 4 in the morning let's see them in and out you know. And see how it is because of what I have a house of gambling say it's your job you know. And all American and I'm telling you right now. Did you see where you're you're you're out of I mean you may work in mass but you live in New Hampshire correct correct Sera while you're out of a line of fire. I am. You know I'm the one is spot I think it could be Meena could be the last guy left paying taxes that's a call. How I got my vote and vote. Scott mad I may need June you know I hope we offer refugee status. We're on the last one I got a flea all the illegals can you take me and Scott. You're sure that sort of got auto. At daycare Scott but that are you I don't like the two kids please can somebody sponsor my refugee family. When it's all over at the end and I'm allows guys that pay taxes and his state because everybody else's lap could you please please. They'll think of me as a Yemeni gold order book does not as a as a gold shepherd. But I'm like a Yemeni gold shepherd. Could you show me the same compassion as you would let's say an Iraqi villager police. Maria and he's Bosnian go ahead Maria. Hi upon. I'm RI and why he hired called Charlie Baker and all the air if you support person anyway I'm I'm taking my tiny little bit mad at myself and I'm going. Because. I have a little polyps and now and I I was raised in I grew up I was born here. And Eric is that is very bad hole. Wrapping my child mr. Rendell. And I have a New Hampshire so the picnic at you and that the packing gout but the other thing that I wanted to say is. I think everybody including my family actually hit quite place it. Happens. This moron wants sanctuary state. I think that's all well known legal immigrants that came here in 80000000. Of dollars. Get together and file a class action law suit you want your money. I'm with you. I'm with you I'm Maria look at look enough is enough. You know look. You know you touched on that Scott touched on it parent touched on and I'm getting text after text corner countries touching on this. You know we taxpayers whose going back. You don't you look I mean Scarlett mentioned that you're not. I am I getting up at four but almost for my more like five fish and you used in oh are you still winded the morning shows up at 3 o'clock 230 even sometimes. I get up early in the morning a brick my back home working 121415. Hours a day. I'm paying taxes up the wall zoo a little bit about my back. And are always pulling the cart it's always us. And nobody else such really honestly does anybody ever ask us hey can you afford all this. They can you pay for all lists cake do you maybe need some help do you need a little relief. 'cause they have the politicians in the state Republican Democrat doesn't matter ever once expressed real sympathy for you. For you. It's always. The criminals. The welfare deadbeats. Then drug addicts the illegal aliens. It's always whatever Muslim refugees. It's always somebody else marching off of our money. We go bills to pay. I'm really I'm being serious we've got we've got bills to pay we've got to put food on the table. We got to put a roof overhead we got to send kids to school. We get up and work we work in traffic we fight traffic to get here the roads are horrible but let that go. We break our box we work 8101214. Hours a day were exhausted. We stand without it we're gonna be there for our families and our kids. And nobody ever wants says you know. You guys are just working in and working and working and working he can't even roll blood each salt on the world wonders African blizzard. So I can get to work. I got into an accident there's there's no assault on the role OK but let that go. And then when you Syrian mafia look enough semi if you can't take blood from a stone re assessed ray what you know what may be if we just leave. You know not tax base the illegals are finished. And then pick of the geniuses. Because trump is not bluffing. I'm telling you he's not. To a goal sanctuary state you're losing your federal funding. Tiny dot like weenie that like we knew all meant. You think the roads are bad now I young guys. House the police were they gonna do there's a federal funding schools hospitals health care. If people aren't saying. We have to end one party rule. You never should have one party rule ever I don't care what the party is Republican Democrat. You meet checks and balances. Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Look atom. There are so drunk with power now. Now they want out openly defy the federal government. And think of a signal that sense. Defining legal booked a common MS thirteen gang bang. OK if I'm if I'm some welfare deadbeat. Massachusetts is the place the gold baby. Are you honestly it's either California. Or Massachusetts. The weather is better in California. Dole welfare the added that the goodies the government goodies is veteran Massachusetts. Take your pick. Rita in Arlington go ahead read. Hello all I want my actual. But anyway I'm on a new boat I would have to stay. In part from the back have to remain a flight. Now Allen cannot put. Then at the thousand to put on Allah. You want. That we should become a sanctuary Tom. And welcome the names some kind of the match. People are written as opposed to a and we are gonna have a meeting with the court selectmen. On February 27. What happened. I am entitled. The Democrats the liberals. That the progress we're gonna continue to push and torture in force until they get the ball that they need. Com. The Democrat. In a child in its stake in this country has got to wake up. On the wall not leak how did get. I know how horrible tragedy that demon rat. And we have to wake them up. They're breaking up they don't want to wake up get stuck in their. In the air I'm police separate Democratic Party is that are you that. Working in. What working man. We're working and. Leader you're dead on. The Democratic Party has now become the enemy of the working man. Question are immigrants. In Boston churches from immigration custom worth. At look at I want to be really. Clear message to their immigrant communities. I as. My heart goes out here immigrants communities and I have experience. And it's thanks to tremendous fear anxiety the answer is yes you are. I that your back your mayor has captured back in there people all across the state senate got you back in the governor's in there about this as well so. You know I want I think it's important. Then it. It's solidarity in the paint communities that host of reasons but that person. This question he answers have said. Throughout wise state attorney general hold this Healy Moret Healy. Basically saying now IA skinned big blank golf essentially telling nicely get lost. And now they're coming out in support Democrats many of them in this state that turned mass into a full sanctuary state. Brittany I know you've been a big critic of Maurice Healy. You've got be wintering column I mean boy what all do you torture Maurice Healy in your latest column let everybody know what it's about. Yes it's called Healy is gunning for your guns you can find John wrko.com. Slash schooner and also up on that New York knows these the page. It is about Mari Healy wanting doctors to talk to vote on sixty and I completely destroy her on and why doctors shouldn't talk. Cuba and safety. So ignoring you really I mean you tear her apart. It's wrko.com. Slash corner KUH any dark and speaking of guns. We've got a big event with the Brian Dalton not this Saturday next Saturday. But how launched Chinese restaurant right at 9 AM 9 AM February 25. It's going to be a great event if you wanna get certified deter mass certification. Get certified. Before Healy grabs your guns under that's all I'm saying. I'll be speaking. It's going to be a great event I'll be talking about trump what's going on. Obviously Brian will be giving his course Brittany will be there Brittany is there a phone number people can call our web site. Yes they wanna get at LSU any firearms dot com and it's call 78179. 64 or 6278179. 64 or 62 and you can talk to Brian directly. That's going to be a great event my friends. OK so just to recap. Trump delivered I think one of the press conferences of the century. He moral stint I mean he torched the media. We are gonna have all of that for you tomorrow he also made very big news. He announced that he's going to be putting forth a new executive order. So basically he's gonna do an end run around the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and judge roll Bart in Seattle. So is gonna rewrite the executive order against put forth the new executive order. And he's gonna put America's safety first so big news coming out today from his press conference. What have you completely. Covered we're gonna get into it I promise. It's about time. He's been on the defensive now for days. The fallen thing obviously bloodied him media sensing. One in the waters. And he pulled a Robert Shaw in draws. He went after the sharks and he began killing them. One by one today but this presser goal dawn old goal. Are my friends speak in a going I gotta go. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. And together corner country. Work cleaning up mill liberal bull god bless. The.