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Wicked Bites - Scott Whitley on Diners 2-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

Scott Whitley discusses diners with Kim and VB.

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All right. The time this comes into check in with Scott quickly this is something we love each and every week it just seconds ago. Dave what's it mean goes Kim diners and I thought actually you were talking that affect next Friday were going to be in a diner no. But that's not what you're talking about what we are going to be dying to talk about Scotty let's yeah Friday pretty it's August next week we're tell you much more about that coming up next week. Excited about that. But we're talking about Scott we're taught to read dies with Scott quickly because diners are fantastic I loved the DB and I both. Have this thing about diners in our former lives. You were the diner keen BB singing something you can certainly relate to quite got. It's got there. Up here. A good talk about making who's wanna build up that wanted to Karajan and then he's not even there unbelievable where are we going to be next. Out of these 23. Our and not earning. Good morning yeah at diners is that topic because every year around this time on the TV show in March we do it diners episode. So we're out actively filming live and on our spring episodes in the snow right now. And we are looking for some great diners or thought I would open up to some of your listeners. And I just post have something on FaceBook if they help us out. I'll give away a hundred dollar dinner gives to make it to us someone at random today. That tells me about their favorite diner on our FaceBook with it bites TV on FaceBook. So I just posted up but the photograph because last night we were at the south street diner in Boston yes yes that's one of the most famous diners right. And that was that there was sell now this started over 24 hours a day. And can't do a diner episode I without having some of your. The historic ones and that this is really a Boston landmark and they have a dish Kim. And BB I think this this this could kill you it's a Boston. Cream pancakes. It's three layer sop up a pancakes. With Bavarian cream. Mix in the middle between the rows of them you and day's top with like a whole ball of chocolate. I am I am I am picturing my daughter who loves pancakes. Who loves sweets and she would be absolutely crazy over this. It is a complete mess them when you have it is everywhere but it is really good and it it's with a called shock and on that's what it is. And it's at this hour every time they also have its own dime pancake version is no confrontation there. No this is sort of like the heart attack edition Darren it out there there that large. But sells my grandmother actually made this recipe for the banana bread. And I had it there the kind he'd upon on the growth it's really good it's really really good so the south street diner Boston. I've that will be featured on that upcoming show. That we're going to be doing. On diners are really need some help but they're finding some of the best and we were done and kinetic in that Rhode Island not that long ago we were even Brothers. Which opened I'm back in the eighteen hundreds late eighteen hundreds and it is the oldest diner on wheels. And many years ago excuse to be pulled up by a pair horses they bring that the cart up to a City Hall plaza. And that's how they became so famous has been featured in just like the south street diner in tons of movies. Is this the havens brother in that in that Providence, Rhode Island my favorite dish there is the murder burger. Murder Byrd allowed some of the names that they come up with its bacon thought Tate onions mushrooms. Mayo lettuce and tomatoes. So it's just comfort and I think that's what it's all about. Any burger that has much heartache I know dvds of the what you wouldn't like that it has so I think I need to much room's on it for me. You know I can I can do without the bacon I can do it out that she's but that sauteed onions and mushrooms to me that's just the ultimate. It's heaven is in the Beverly as if there I think when you said murder birth that you're gonna say it was really re air. No all right pot yeah go right back up a sound fantastic now I love it I love it. Now the media I have a question for you I've driven by this place a million and a half times it's never gone in. The act one diner in Raleigh car. You're kidding me. First of you would go yeah they make their home parent their own up pies excuse me and you can actually order pies and they'll make one for you and you can take announcement. Know you talk about it like this and I'm sorry I brought up like half they make a strawberry cream pie with full strawberries you know upside down on the top and then a little glaze over top and to make a banana cream pie which is getting increasingly hard to find these days they have a jock would scream it's been really in Austin intimate. I think I did the last time I think it makes something like. Not all at once obviously but they make like seventeen different kinds of eyes and you know them if he can guide Atlanta among the acting debut remains but. Depending on the season they have a pumpkin pie obviously moles and they are right the idea on just. Phenomenal again talk about places has been featured before they were in an Elvis Costello video among other things but. They're great did the two sisters that run under classic. It's a great kid detail about that places. Be wondering why you've never been and it's got his every time you drive by you like where my park and they have a. Huge parking lot and it is always fall it's full I drove by probably about three weeks ago like at three in the afternoon during the week middle of the week. And it was in a parking spot the bad as this a couple of big BB and it's Carla. I'm roles this come Erica tonight's cut tables it's a big steal one it's not a small what's Qatar one. So wade does have a little bit more Rome but man everybody knows that it's right on that corner on one manner. Ian Rowley and if people just pull in partly to get their time amended that good but it places great. That I feel like what I should make a trip there who we should I mean I think we could go there put on some in the winter comfort pounds a little bit of a when you do say that apple one of the sisters what's the name because she's a sensitive about it and try it crazy and also say. Hough and eating get new genes for me. Because we dined her out on TV when we were door American women. And yet the new genes that she didn't want anybody to know about thought on the job ever by new genes are an appearance on Jen even though she says she should they look great in that. I have the colors of recommended for the chicken pot pot the seats and six had an upside down chicken put out that's how a lot of them do it now. But really the and again that's another C pot pies are a whole different thing where so for you for example Scott do you like. Peas and carrots in your chicken pot pie or do you just want chicken gravy. I I I do I. I do but I really like. More of a meat eat chicken pot pie and massively you know creamy chicken pot chicken pot by some very particular about it when you gonna you gonna find the one you like him and when you do for you came you don't ever read it because there would that would be a murder by for you know Iowa it would kill yet. But when you find when you like in diners or where to go to check them out Kazmir and they duel and I'll order all right Jack yeah the year ample last year. Try especially this time here it's just that warmth comfort food. Now and we can do really whole episode ticket applies to people have if he. Startup nations often see nations often boxer where I live I'll give a quick shout out to a place. They they do it both ways they do win veggies and without and I actually asked the guy I want to music. Because my grandfather started in his place at some people don't like dim green stuff and now he didn't want him in there. But they he knows that did my mother for example when I bring her one of theirs she will not needed if it doesn't have that in there are so. People are very protect your hair rose pies I think they do that the same way these you know their their home base in North Reading. People are very particular bump. Buys mean you I could I could see that mean. Everybody just loves it they all have their favorite and I per folks that would drive from the cape there all we have to some of their favorite play action. So Scott however pretty gay and how they can win a hundred dollar gift certificate well I have a hundred dollar Derek is to get to Reese's prime steakhouse in North Reading in the old Thompson country club. And I just put up opposed UCF photograph of the south street diner and I'm just looking for people's opinion what they think bear favorite. Dying or is it doesn't have to be the most popular guy in the world with their favorite one and I will select first thing tomorrow morning. Somebody who tells us about a place on on FaceBook IMAP post. And I will send them a hundred dollar their biggest advocate so that you have some great steaks on us just go to wit bites TV on FaceBook easy to do. Prefer to organist that would Malia from wicked bite that's a sponsor of the boston.com morning show what's coming up on the show on campaign. People who go out is still there Saturday quick go. Yep in this meat pies plates Marat at an auto and a guy. Coming up like that tomorrow night thirty you bad and then of course you can you can catch the adequately show right here on WRKO coming up on Sunday. Ten to twelve hey Scott thanks so much for being part of show and they respond have a great weekend everybody thank you do to say really we got to stop by diner on the way home and gave a little quick commuters there wouldn't. Yeah come on them they always put drunk now playing well for one night in there I've always. All the action that was the best prepared I've ever heard him never asked Scott what he's doing on the show because it is always just we open up the phone lines and and I was ready you're ready usually you imagine a good show at this point. I let's check in at any anybody find out of 1 last time this morning what's going on on the rightly.