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Melissa Korn (WSJ, Placement Tests)

Feb 17, 2017|

Melissa Korn (WSJ, Placement Tests) by The Financial Exchange

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Many of us took AP classes when we're high school and then what we went to college those classes transferred to our schools and it. Reduce the number of credits we needed to take in order to graduate. Sounds like that whole scenario is changing we're joined by Melissa Korn from the Wall Street Journal I'm Melissa are you. We're glad to looks like cut your article gets a couple days ago. Our state schools like. And UNH or you are I are they required. To accept AP classes if I went to an in school Indian state high school. Still it depend on the state there are 220 on the now that you can't eat my old rules and policy on. Requiring. Public institutions public universities. At credit. Or High Court and on Europe yeah but they opt in elective. What was I exactly how they how or an art of our graduation Iron Man elect and app. I am about my act. But there that there is a movement. And the public secret but I do. It and act. And let it count for much credit. What did you seen me in your article you mention that a lot of private universities. Are rejecting them out. Right apparently happy news. Have one of the public. Cool at any public is expecting our credit and I got married early school. You're likely T agree apple. And number eight or I. The court and Gordon and I can't. Eat our synthetic saying. I don't you get me happened to a higher. Is that torture actually should. Well. I. Would somebody had it not make it at a not. Our. College. At. Would tip how many students take AP classes every year. No. The last year and a half an hour and truck AG after they. Almost you know. That's been up at a yeah. Now Dartmouth. Stop taking them all together did they get a lot of heat over that issue when that when they said hey we're not accepting AP classes were out of the student body respond. But they got a lot of heat for as compared. You know I was I IA major that I hit I probably be cool and how you tell us how. I'm at eight. Pretty much college equivalents and so far conscience say I'm sure there aren't some schools now are. It's a better tell a lot. Let me he had. Play devil's advocate here Melissa is is it possible. That the colleges are doing this to make more money. You know because if I don't take those life if I transferring in five courses. I could graduate half a semester or half a year earlier not have to pay tuition. Don't you talk about it on all of my doing or financially than they want an on campus and circulation other eras. It looked like you are a lot of talent hurting for money. And they'd say I'd even want it and made comment with AP credit they aren't accurate. They ordered extra class is our goal exploring more elective. This student should go to those schools for the most part aren't the ones trying to crushed how much. Mocha. Or Melissa thank you very much for your time we appreciate it. Melissa Korn Wall Street Journal trucked in retrospect. Right you graduated. Many years ago. We took AP classes yup I took AP classes in Canada and they tread ice I was able to. I think five of my classes transferred into a university. In retrospect though. Where your classes in high school as hard with the aid the equivalent of what the two it would be waived for you add term. No and I can tell you and I have some empirical evidence to back this up. The APB's he calculus I exam is the toughest math exam that you will take in the EP program through high school I ended up with a perfect score. I then went and got a seat plus on the calculus course at placed into an college no kidding yeah it was just I was not able to do the work that was required there. And well he's a bad teachers just because a war in the material that was talked to me in the course but he didn't prepare me to take the next. The whole that's a big difference yeah. That's huge and it in like you would dramatically the first exam that I had in that course in college yeah was largely reviews are remembered I can 91 or 921. By the second course and downed like seven be the final and that exam there were five questions on I'll answer to hole. Yeah it was just like I would just completely just crushed by then. Bedard had no idea that dramatic.