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Paul Ryan wants to pass Obamacare lite. Rand Paul says no. 3/3/17

Mar 3, 2017|

Do you stand with Ryan or Rand?

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And that's more senator Rand Paul that's what he's saying right now I still haven't found what I'm looking forward. What is happening right now on Capitol Hill. It's out of a movie. It is a it is it is mind boggling Lee incredible you gotta you're not gonna believe me not honestly this is one of these stories. You're gonna see jabbed June after jazz cut the Jeff you're kidding you're exaggerating for dramatic effect. I swear to you so here's what's going on not -- let me preface this don't really get this is the level of so as you know lashing a neighbor Ashton six Avis for right ones in kindergarten once and pre K. I don't know why would they got to play I would daddy every night so that team now that we have to play every night before they go to sleep trust music directly related to Rand Paul and obamacare. Is hide and seek. They love hide and seek so I count the old man I say ready or not here right com and they're hiding. And I got to look form and may hide under my dad escrow they hide in the bathroom where they item a closet that I can even hear him giggling but I can't find them. And when we do that every night. Rand Paul I swear to you is now playing high didn't seek. With Paul Ryan and the congressional Republicans I swear it's essentially a game of hide and seek so here's what's going on there's not gonna believe me. So. There's been a lot of pressure on the house leadership in particular Paul Ryan all Ryan. To come up with in Obama care repeal and replace bill. They apparently finally how one. So you may be singled Jeff what's the problem. Here is the catch. They have hidden it's somewhere. On Capitol Hill in no room under lock and key. And they're not divulging the location. They don't want anybody to see that draft bill. They don't want anybody. So Rand Paul was a powerful senator. As you know I love the guy I'm loving him now even more. Wants to look at the draft bill first cargo in the house then it's gonna go to the senate and sol Rand Paul's like what we wanna see the bill. What are you hiding it wanna see the bill. And they have hidden it just like the ark of the covenant. They have hidden nipped and now. Nobody knows where it is. Ten. He's looking. I swear he's looked in the port Kentucky Republican I'm not getting wearing rule until Rome. Floor after a floor. Trying to find a that's all he did yesterday trying to find. Search and he's searching. For the draft bill. He can't find it. So we finally located one in Rome I'm telling you heightens seek. He found them be finally when I found my national labor he finally found them Biden's seat. Our house staffer came out and said you can't go in here. Dave barred him from. Coming into their home to look at to see if there's if they've they've probably the draft bill was there. But they essentially forced him out they would not allow him actually even come into the Rome and see the bill. And the reason is obvious. It's obvious. And Rand Paul we broke the news with him when he was on Herschel last week. By the way. Senator is a big fan of the show we've made an arrangement with his people will be on every six weeks on the corner report. So we're gonna have among kind of as a semi regular on the show but let that go okay. So Rand Paul is now how to weigh say they cease spilling to being its. He says let me tell you what Paul Ryan doesn't want me to see it and why he doesn't want conservatives to see it and white as a while most Republican voters to see it. Because it's some massive sellout. It's all Obama care light. They're not gonna repeal obamacare. And then replace it with the free market system. What do you Billy's is essentially. Tinkering with the obamacare. It's altering obamacare. Law repeal. It's basically kind of a partial repeal all and more like a reform and it tinkering and slight alterations. And the guts of the plan is this it's really obamacare like. The individual mandate compelling everybody to buy health insurance that's gonna stay. Instead of having all of these massive exchanges. What Ryan all Ryan wants this to dramatically expand Medicaid. No health insurance program for the poor. And have that up why pretty much to anybody who wants it or claims to need it. He wants a massive government subsidies he wants to cut a check. Two people all of that we can uninsured here's a check. And then go and buy the plan that you want. It's full tax credits it's full of massive subsidies. It's got the individual mandate. It says essentially. Obamacare. Light. They want to create a new in puzzlement. There's no free can repeal. And there's no replace. Its just Obama care but slightly watered down. Listen now to Rand Paul bull bull whistle. On what the establishment Republicans are going to try to present to the American people and to the president beginning next week. Roll cut one Britain. Well they come to get the most speak compromise all you willing to compromise but here's what people don't quite understand they don't have to be in the same package so for example. Some of the replacement packs many of the replacement ideas and I have our separate bill. That is separate from repeal. So if you wanna get this done and not told the president doesn't tell the vice president this up told everybody at the White House this. You wanna get it done vote on what we've already voted on and vote on replacement separately. And we can have a debate over what goes in replacement. But the thing is repeal needs to be complete repeal okay because if you do partial repeal. I think the situation gets worse being good insurance companies may well go back and nobody. Sure he's completely right now are an assault. Just understand where Rand Paul is coming from a to cut technical but trust me it's very important bear with me. In 2015. Remember when the Republican or all of our repeal obamacare regatta repeal obamacare. They passed a full repeal. That was in point fifteen to senate passed the repeal the house passed the repeal of course Obama and they knew veto it. What Rand Paul is saying is bring back that 2015. Repeal bill. Just bring about just just bring it back and re vote on it that's all. So what you then do ways you completely repeal obamacare you get it off the books it's gone it's over finished. And then so we know it's gone it's dead okay. Then whatever you wanna do in terms of a replacement. Then we can have a debate and discussion. But by guaranteeing full repeal. Everything doesn't bat an obamacare. The individual mandate the ridiculous state exchanges. The rationing that's at the heart of the system the massive new entitlement. The trillions of dollars in government spending all of that that gargantuan. Bill all of the Obama taxes the obamacare taxes. It all gets wiped out it's gone it's finished. So we keep our promise to the American people and then put a second bill a replacement bill. He says what Ryan all Ryan is trying to do and he's a 1000% correct that's why they're keeping under lock and key. That's why they don't want anybody to see it. Is it's not repeal and replace. It says essentially. Tweak and reform and Alter. Change a little bit here watering down a little bit here. But led the march it's the guts of the obamacare plan what Rand Paul is calling obamacare liked. Listened to him. Say the enemy here the bad guy here and there's no getting around it. Is Paul Ryan know Ryan he doesn't wanna get rid of obamacare he essentially wants to salvage. Obamacare. Roll it Britain. OK if you get agreement on repeal outlaws will you compromise. On the details. All of its replacement. The replacement has always been open to discussion what I did is I took together the market replacement not big government replacement. So Paul Ryan's idea that he's gonna give everybody a check in the country for their health insurance whether they pay taxes or not he's gonna give them more money than they pay their taxes. Is an entitlement program. It's a subsidy by another name it's Obama care. With the Republican tax credit name attached to it it's a problem and I'll buy again said it's not a conservative notion so I will fight that. And I and I think the people that elected me I think conservatives across the country do not want obamacare light and they don't want another entitlement program. That's just what I believe and so I'm not backing down from that. Amen look comet tell you right now. I'm I really mean this. I truly believe now Rand Paul. Is emerging as a leading conservative in the house sorry in the senate and congress. And that to mean he is now the leader of the constitutional as conservatives. He is now becoming the voice of true constitutional conservatism. I think he should be the senate majority leader I'll be honest with you. I think we have to get rid of Mitch McConnell overthrow him. And have Rand Paul be the face and the voice of the Republican Party not just in the senate but I think in congress. And now what's what's in what I'm what I'm. Cheer about when I'm boy owed about. What makes me very. Much so pessimistic or some other conservatives. Is that the old the three amigos are back again they were kind of divided because of the election and everything. But now Rand Paul Ted Cruz and Michael leave that kind of and Ted Cruz and Michael we are now joining Rand Paul. And they are now telling Ryan all Ryan and the house Republican leadership he Republican establishment. If if you try to pass obamacare liked that ridiculous bill that your hiding somewhere in the capital. But you've got under lock and key but the are gonna come and all three of them are gonna vote against it in the senate. Because all Democrats will oppose that they just oppose anything to change Obama Karen anyway. It cannot pass the senate would outpost three Republican votes. If Rand Paul Ted Cruz and Mike Lee vote against it obamacare light it's dead. It's dead. It can't pass the senate which means it'll never go on Donald Trump's desk. And so they are gonna hang tough tough force Ryan. To give what the American people and the report I mean Republican. A party with a base the voters want. Full. Or appeal. Replace we'll see with liked but first Obama care costs to go. That's what Chu promised. That's what you campaigned on and that's what she said you would deliver. And so if I'm if I'm president trump. You on this one you gotta side with Rand Paul over Paul Ryan all the way this is the line in the sand. We didn't wait six break in years to basically have obamacare liked you know guys at this point. You know if you're gonna get near regular beer or light beer open their regular beer at this point. If it's just going to be some little dinky reform bill obamacare bill. Just keep it just gave it throughout the whole thing collapsed just keep it. Don't jerk us around. And so I gotta tell you on this 1 I am with Rand 1000%. And so my question to you now is this because the robbers gonna hit the road early next week. By the way I got a sarge I have to say this. Here you have a draft bill want you to think about it's a draft bill. And you're telling me that members of the senate can you see that. Are all elected representatives can't even see yet. This is a repeat of Nancy Pelosi 2.0. She said you ought to pass the bill to find out what's in the bill. So Ryan is basically telling us. You've basically got to yell ram it through the house you got to pass it to find out what's in it well this is my apple C two point all. We want full transparency. Full openness full accountability. The American public should see what's in that bill. And definitely a member of the senate for God's sakes should get to see that bill and said the poor guy is wandering the halls of congress in my kidding. Hiding secret with my kids is it here now. Is it and visceral moan. Is it in this room mall I think it's a visceral you can't comment. Mauer barring you from coming in you don't have a security clearance permission to comment. He's one of the most respected members in the senate we need them right to comment. Should Republicans. Passed obamacare light. We Jewell lived with a compromise obamacare bill. Or like I mean do you want full repeal. Should Republicans passed obamacare like that's the call poll question of the day if the answer is yes. In other words your back Paul Ryan text the letter aid the 68680. Or are you with Rand Paul absolutely. Not Elmo. Text the letter beat the 68680. Has always you can vote online at wrko.com. Obamacare liked should Republicans assets. And if Ryan tries to push it what should you do what sugar. Republicans do. Your calls next. WR KL. 12186. Share on the great WRKO. 6172666868. Okay senator Rand Paul like Kidd your not playing hide and seek. With Paul Ryan and the establishment Republicans. They finally have a Obama care repeal and replace bill. Draft bill it is somewhere on Capitol Hill we don't know where it's in some kind of a room. Our Rand Paul was looking for it. Saying that it's under lock and key they won't let him see it they won't let anybody see it. He went to Rome to Rome floor after floor he thought he founded by staffer said you can't come and you don't have security clearance they won't let a man. So are Rand Paul tweet it out what is the house leadership trying to hide. My guess is they are trying to hide their quote unquote obamacare light approach. He goes on to say that he's got sources who have seen the bill the draft bill. And according now to what Ryan is telling everybody quote the repeal bill is quote take it or leave it. In other words it's my way or the highway. And according to Rand Paul he goes I think that's why it's top secret. Why don't they want us to see it the only copy we've seen is from the media. Does that sound to you backwards yes so a copy was leaked to the media. And now after they leaked it to the media parts of it it's now being can claim that it's classified. And that Rand Paul and others cannot look at the details of the bill. Until they release it to the pump sorry to come to a house committee next week. Our Rand Paul tweet it out renaming and keeping parts of Obama care. New entitlements and extending Medicaid expansion are not the full repeal we've promised. Look he's completely right. I mean he's completely right he's won the last honest man left in congress he really it's. He's a man of principle. He's a man of the constitution. He's a serious elected representative. He stands by his guns. He won't want lie he doesn't compromise. He's not there or go along get along. And Rand Paul is you know basically ring in the fire bell in the night. And he's now thankfully being joined by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. They're gonna make their stand and they're saying they want to vote for this obamacare light bill. It is a complete surrender. Of Republican principles. Of Republican promises. And have everything they told us for the last six years. And if you know to me if this is how Brian or Ryan wants to play it. Let me tell you what's gonna happen and I think Ted Cruz on this is 1000%. Correct. This could be either Republicans as Waterloo. Because if they eat if there's intra party squabbling if they divide in fracture on this. And they can't even agree on repeal. Nevermind on replace. Then what the Democrats are gonna say she. Told you so they're all talk no action they've been grandstanding for six years. Repeal repeal repeal repeal vote after vote after vote but now when they have full control of congress and the White House. They're all talk no action. And you know Rand Paul is a 1000% correct. What are we afraid of Obama care is a disaster. It's it's it's it's it's collapsing under its own weight. Get rid of it to the American people a favor who cares what the media says who cares what the Democrats say. And then put in a good free market system. That has choice that has competition. That provides access to good quality care competition drives down costs. And this way the Republicans will be seen as hero as heroes. Under Ryan and they're gonna be seen as yellow live bird gutless cowards. And so my question to you is this. Should Republicans be keeping obamacare repeal and replace under lock and key. And more importantly. Should they pass obamacare light. I say no Rand Paul says no rhyme nor Ryan says yes. Who do you agree with. 6172666868. Your calls next. URG you know go. He's gonna give them more money than they pay their taxes. Is an entitlement program. It's a subsidy by another name it's Obama care. With the Republican tax credit name attached to it it's a problem woman up against cents not a conservative notion. 137. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. It's hide and seek up on Capitol Hill Rand Paul is looking to find. That house should draft bill of repealing and replacing obamacare. The Dow the Republicans are keeping it under lock and key in secret. They won't even let Rand Paul's see it or dead crows or anybody else in the senate they want to keep it under wraps. And then for a step at the last minute my question to you was this. Is this a B trail of Republican promises. And it could there is obamacare light if that's what they end up settling on. Will you back kicked. Or will you oppose it who do you feel betrayed. 6172666868. Herb and Pinkston go ahead of her. On a long time listener first phone call. Premise regarding obamacare and I'd like just like your comment could not us really know what's going on anything that can happen well. Ryan makes a deal with the Democrats. Professional garment care reform. If the current administration has destroyed. Ryan is still lying to be president McCarthy becomes speaker. Or brand new as badly when Republicans are happy. And the Democrats say happy. Her dress on and that's very interest thing and thank you for that caller. Look. I didn't often goes that far where if trump is impeached or driven out of office and then Mike Pence. In orbit high pitched from maybe he goes and all of a sudden Ryan Orion is running the country. What I think is to mean more feasible I can definitely see this. Is let's bring trump down. And how do you bring trump down you make him seem like he's breaking his promises. Remember that's the 115 year as is his unbreakable bond with the American people would be supporters. And the reason why he has that bond is speak easy scene is a guy who's been fulfilling his promises say what you want. Everybody agrees on this he says what he means and means what he sets. And so they say well he's honest to which one about the guy he's an honest straight shooter okay. If there for east this poisoned chalice on him this poison pill. And say well Mr. President it's the best we can dole who. In all week. It takes out some of the worst parts of Obama care but it keeps everybody insured everybody's gonna get a sub city. Everybody's gonna get a check in the can by the insurance that they want them. It expands Medicaid so everybody's taken care of and sure it cost some bomb but in all hey c'mon now. It's a little bit better than obamacare. Soul in all we kind of fixed it doesn't matter what you want Mr. President. And if they if they get him to sign on his desk I think he'll veto it to be honest with you. But if they get him to sign on that. It's presidencies finished. It'll crack his base. It's people like he's all people will turn against them. So no everybody knows walk. 60%. Of Americans want obamacare repealed kinds what's the problem. You've got the numbers what's the problem. He won a replacement plan Rand Paul has the best replacement plan I've ever seen. Easy free market oriented yes does that provide choice yes competition yes does it drive down costs immensely yes. Does it you could sell insurance across state lines yes. Even people with disabilities you want coverage for that fine Rand Paul says he's got a in his bill goes what's the problem. So to me there's something more nefarious going on. And I think again. The establishment look Ryan didn't vote for trump. Ryan trash trump during the campaign tried to sabotage from drink the general election. So I think what you're seeing now again. Is an attempt by establishment Republicans. To. Make it seem like he's broken each seminal promise. It's up poisoned chalice Mr. President. Don't drink kicked Rand Paul is 1000%. Correct had got a serious about Rand Paul. Say what you want about the guy. He and trump really went after each other during the primary. He's not taking it personal he's not very grudge. In fact he's seeing now is one of the president's strongest supporters in the senate. He's a man of honor he's a man of principle he's a patriots. And that's why Rand Paul is always welcome on the corner report. Rob go ahead rob. Yeah eight (%expletive) I adore and I'm good how are you. Good good title it would not gonna sit and play. That's what it's. A NN mug sexual way is like saying. You've got a court order real tall what you're bullets spirit I looked up almost serendipity. That definition that's but not amount of binding ballot bowl or agreeable things right they have goes Hewitt right. I thought rob maybe rob maybe they hid a draft bill and miles oh era to. Or flock or a hypocrite. Hypocrite that dictionary. And a picture of the city. 6172666868. Is the number. Judy in Waltham go ahead jewelry. I have accepted template from the top the issue and to look at that and they have made applicants can't find a list. One can feel abandoned tailor anything they would drink and complaints. And and then had to render out what I'm in the camp out in the lead. I don't like them because they don't want to let you tag game big chance on the court one I would not even schools today I would be back at the white elephant. If you can't I can't do get not angry yeah. I think he appointed him cookies I rest. On the implementation didn't even want computers bowl I'm I don't want I want Latin pop which food can help. That has come in behind them because it's like he's feeling now he's giving him. Judy I thank you for that call look my senses I don't think I think Trump's gonna tell Ryan to take a hike. I'm just telling you. A the sense that I get is I don't think sessions whatever along to sign the bill. I don't think Steve Barron or whatever along to sign the bill I don't think Kelly or Conor whatever alarm to sign the bill. Look I think on this one I won't Paul Ryan trying to pull a fast one. And look I mean he played the second cut again I don't know the first cut into the first cut plea the first cut of Rand Paul. Rand Paul believe me is a straight arrow he never exaggerates. So when he says. Yep we got what ice told the president this I told the vice president that's. When he says I told the president and I told the vice president what we know Rand Paul Britain can testify to this. They guys an open book number additional Conning or dial in this guy they years what years. When he says I told the president. And I and I played and I told the vice president then. Eat. He told the president and the vice president. OK we camp played a cabinet technical difficulties again okay. 6172666868. Writ so the president notes. And that's why I think in the end he's gonna squash Ryan liked a little cockroach maybe it's the little weasel maybe it's. Rich in Walpole go ahead rich. And that our current approach. Yeah. It felt that it about it and it you know I just try to come ons are a lot yeah. That they know and now look it which you know. Where we aren't that I'll. Yeah I would read our guys to begin you're not. And you know I don't know that you are way you know our absolute Emanuel. Urged rescuers to where I am. You know we traded you know you ought to be. You know because Joseph repressed one that really stuck on. A grouchy in all of it. Well I like that aren't yet. Very few rich I appreciate it well look I'll status if trumps he won't I'm telling you he won't this political suicide for him to sign this. But if he does sign this time my column you're making the biggest mistake your life. I mean I'm not gonna agree with that all off no way obamacare like are you kidding me. Are you kidding me. So listen now Rand Paul are the guys an open book. So when he says he told the president believe me he told the president and I'm sure trump listened I'm positive. Well they come to get the most speak compromise all you willing to compromise but here's what people don't quite understand they don't have to be in the same package. So for example some of the replacement packs many of the replacement ideas I have aren't a separate bill. That is separate from repeal so if you wanna get this done and not told the president doesn't tell the vice president this I've told everybody at the White House this. You wanna get it done vote on what we've already voted on and vote on replacement separately and we can have a debate over what goes in a replacement. But the thing is repealed needs to be complete repeal the cut because if you do partial repeal. I think the situation gets worse when it insurance companies may well go bankrupt under partial repeal. These are mean he shall write on so many levels seriously slow even funny. You're gonna say something Britain and you're reaching to jump on the first ball. I love Graham Paula take my fear politician honoring care but what is so what Paul Ryan know about health care. Think about that's. Pop up a Rand Paul. Is a doctor. He does ever about health care. So why would you sign. What Rand Paul wants to jail why would you sign something's. That Ryan wants him. It doesn't make any sense Paul Ryan doesn't know idea what he's talking Elena comes to health care at least reimpose a doctor knows everything about health care. You're dead on I you're completely dead on and to me it's even more basic than that. You ran on repealing obamacare. You ran into 110. You ranked 2014. You ran into 116. If did if they have one mandate relief they have mandates it's to build a wall let's be honest and to repeal obamacare. Like dole served a tool thinks. That are absolutely. Non negotiable. So to me if I'm sitting at this meeting with the Republican meeting I'm looking at Paul Ryan all right like a card he got a screw loose. Like this was our seminal central promise. You're gonna play games now. So we're gonna have one massive gargantuan complex health care system and we're gonna replace it with another one. Loaded with subsidies. Medicaid expansion. It's gonna cost hundreds if not trillions of dollars. We're gonna keep that. I and that that that unconstitutional. Individual mandate. We're gonna keep basically the core of obamacare. And you're telling me this is gonna fly with our voters like really were whereas I mean have you no shame. I am worried to be honest about. Trump and obamacare. And I'm getting worried if he if trump also falls back on. What he's saying about illegal immigration. I'm just a little nervous that he's okay yeah he is doing some of the things he said he was energy throughout the campaign and everything but now when it comes to be used. Hard core issues that obviously everybody agreed on meaning the American voter about Obama carried killing and replaced and the out. How the dreamer is now wants to giving amnesty to the dreamers. Animal service that is not really drain in the swampy area needs listening to Paul Ryan you know who's a weasel compared to. Rand Paul Ted Cruz and likely who are strong strong strong conservatives constitutional conservatives so. I'm getting a little nervous that media Ed trumps inner circle is calling him one way when he should be pulled in the other direction and the way that the Mac. The American voters voted for. Could I gotta tell you this among Roman a find out what's in the bill next week I promise. I'm gonna look at is very closely. And if it is what Rand Paul says it is and I believe Rand Paul I do. I'm gonna lead the charge against this thing. Declared this is not gonna get out of the house there I'm telling you corner country we are going to be Seoul free can mobilize. I mean there. But all rock here's the problem with Orion Orion he's messing with the wrong guy. Okay how might get Ted Cruz on the show. How many get Rand Paul again on the show how many get Mike Lee on the show we're gonna melt Paul Ryan's phone's lined his fault lines down. You try to pass obamacare like down our throats after what we did suffered under Nancy Pelosi and a dear leader. And you think you're gonna pull a fast one on us. You're gonna wish you were never born by the time I'm done with you. I'm went around this guy out of Washington on a rail I'm telling you right now 61720666868. More or fewer calls next.