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Boston 's Talking with Brian Dalton. 3/12/17

Mar 12, 2017|

Brian discusses US sending troops to Syria and what to do with threats from North Korea.

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Come words advertisers pay. Your voice using your current Boston stalking. With Brian Dalton. Want everybody always got his loss is talking with Brian Dalton. Today we were pretty good show plans to. Any athlete and has Diane Lane of loss from Diana what's your own ritzy reruns agency. The group mass action network mass action that are called. And we're going to be talking about North Korea or in China center. We are talking boat president trump signing and sending Marines and is passionate Rangers. Over to Syria and asides assertion that its and its invasion of sovereign soil high and what you think about that if you like to call it 617. 26660. Eights 68. 61726. X 6868. Calorie content XX 8682. WRKO. Salaam and morning Tony vote on real quick Bergeron. Your gun Massa now. That session I mean so messed us action network there's a group of us who are trying to increase. The attendance and the participation. In Republican town and city committees in the state because I am not convinced. There we have to say that this is a blue state and it will always be a blue state. How many other things we're trying to do and we will do is we want to increase the number of people who have a license to carry in the state. Just right now we have about 342000. People with a licensed to carrying the state and I know we can get that number up to at least a million at least a million. That's what we're kind of going so you re working with enormous firearms academy exactly my company who should true disclosure on the president not. And we're gonna try to Willie Gault there that we've done on the pass into clubs into everything travel for the multistate. Travel alone New England on the country and more and try to get both 700000 more people and I guess the idea here is if we have enough people. Then I just just had a licensed to carry not necessarily you don't want a gun and Jack just get a license to carry. We won't be such a target but he attorney general or the people who is anti Second Amendment. And today when you talk a little bit of boat. I hope you know having the citizenry ons like a lot of European countries to actually helps national security. So we're gonna kind of try to work it into the show. We talk global in North Korea the other stuff so I'm. You know I have a class coming up we do on the 18 march ATF and server and kept my name and replace them with Newman fire I feel excited about task. I'm only gonna ask a few calls on loan calls on it. Being called prepaid 71790646. Soup. So they won seven nines or 6462 were registered in he firearms dot com letter and the letter. So once we get what we usually do against him is you you're part of the conversation like a co host pretty myself Bernie you have and I can't. I am a parent is how are you get the same as to save money in Danny's sudden nice idea and he's very nice as a good guy. Then we think it can talk about a self what do you think about was up with some what do you think about president trumps sending troops to share everything. I'm a little iffy on that I wish I know exactly why he was doing at. Because aside is up in arms about that you. I do think I do think though that aside these same place. So if trump school is to help get feed. Come get ice desire then I guess that's fine. But then I want him to leave aside and place. Tell an opposite of what Obama wanted to bomb more you move aside from the Russians wanted to keep side yes and that's quite careful. Then people think it truly is such a bad guy and I'm not saying he's a good guy. But found prudent knows what will happen as time goes. He knows will happen and that's not going to that is not good. As Tony the average person what can solve it we used to have this you know during the Cold War and after the Cole when the Russians with a boogie man who are terrible people you know and mean. Know people tend to have a different view of Russia and I think that come. A president trump I. I have no problem with them being mound making friends is pressuring you mean risk is good to get often a good flight you know I mean not exactly problems all that invaded in the Ukraine premiere we had all these problems. It's good to come often have kind of fresh gotten into just to remind everybody Hillary Clinton wanted to reset the clock with them again she got it right here you know. No staples button. However he had thought. Hey there's a guy knows you so much shaft. That's in the house and the word go thorough a job yeah insists that she wanted to do that so. Right when asked to some militant Shia. What do you think early Brian how. Through and it's an hour earlier I've only had one cup of coffee I have cloudy humid not answering this. If you need us engineering studio. What do you think a vote. Be telling me out what do you think a vote on North Korea can think about this I have to go. He was gonna take him out you know there and there are only two things and we need in the world. Two things this is what this is what happened when I was growing up if you even told no. No right now and if she didn't take no for an answer on what happened. How he could be an adult you got beat with a belt because health. We girl assimilate so whether it's configured says metaphorical. Japanese to happen to that guy yeah that's what needs to have you ever you know life. We gonna say this viewer called six on 7661668. You can none. What I'm gonna say is this that's China is China's watch stock price I can chat that they don't do anything without a nipple without the navy exactly he's a cookie is a powerful. He's their triple or they're vicious shepherd it was beyond scrape close friendship it and then not a small army and their citizenry. Is so indoctrinated. That there are there weaning the United States to invade them into raped and pillaged and that's literally what they told. There's no they're just so doc and give us in these aerial satellite photos of North Korea. And I possessing nothing going on everything all the food everything is concentrated in the to the military. So they do have a a pretty deep paranoia going on here he's crazy needs that the father picked him because he's not still. But on that everything they have goes on to that military supports the military. And if you get even if we get through the military we we could not occupied them nor can South Korea because this is to extremists you have managed 79 he is on the scene interviews. Tell them don't fight you know literally fight for the stuff so. It's it's a real really tough situation. China needs to be required to get it under control and I mean Aaron Chinese border. And like we have an agreement and mutually penal mutual I guess a man policy that we reduced mutual assured destruction. We found Britain and Australia and Canada we some children did you China has that same kind of an agreement with. With that in North Korea you know so. It it it's China needs to be influenced on it. If we're gonna send the sovereign workings of Taiwan all in Hong car license or return in 2000 by the British. When this thing out of that stuff I think they have an obligation to youths to do the same to. You know help assault with a split as Russia I don't think militarily we have a problem. I think we have more prone with China. You know what they do an insult South China Sea and what took a back. That's with the Japanese did bring before world what to do that exactly Johnson's going on until the islands to say content blocking navigational roots. The make and so seven suite will have to come in so close to think you hit it with missiles they wouldn't be able to really couldn't really you know from nick. Navigate through those areas liked Strait of Hormuz. Persian gulf things like yeah EGR a panacea they. The kind of a tough and that's too bad luck and have a greater than I lucked out not so yes so this is pretty tough hearing mean to be able to do those things you know. We sabre you wanna take a call. They shut. Stephen Braintree RW I can't plus a solid and went on and and document in a plus. Hey joy guys have these breathing Sunday volunteers today. I notice all the global warming just from February oh globally warmer out shut up because it's so it just like what happened and whether or not climate change. It's called out by noted that all shut up and got about it is that but done. On the side. Don't go North Korea thing that the one thing that that China and and we don't really addressed China is is not address the fact that it's still a Communist nation. Without gigantic. Capitalist underpinning that they try they did it. Strange dichotomy going on in that country and watch like the Soviet Union I don't know how much longer it's going to laughs Q do you have these. You know there's burgeoning middle class and it up for grabs which is the wealthy did it audit and they are not going to survive. Under this political systems are trying to looking at probably within the next twenty years. You know suffering its own sort of internal strife and at ease you can only keep. A capitalist society found became a couple of communism cannot code this we're just trying to do. Love angry to automate their economy is either going to implode. Or it's gonna have to go full capitalist because you you can't trust some of these job. That's on can happen if they need 6% growth tune in to be able to just maintain that economy expansion that economy. And and that really not keeping up with. Quite well but probably because they don't they haven't economic engine of all these people but communism keeps it down because you know bit the capital yet could it could very easily with our resources they have and amount of people. The bothered the system the governing system that they have. Cannot coexist idiot if after the Soviet Union they just can't. The true things cannot you can't have. I agree with you know capital now you're pretty break I want to ask you this your pretty bright guy. Do you think that the Chinese simply can only tell you I know during Korea the Korean War when we had it. Other Chinese forces Chinese regulars that that engage the Americans in the UN forces. Were pretty much like with the Palestinian Viet Cong war they were very and trains. I that's changed. Because the United States they're most had most favored nation status with China. China's been this enormous producer are just widgets and crapping on me like we used to do Japanese. Now with that with that said. I just think it's has always been my personal thoughts it and I really wouldn't say in public under here. This I think that the challenge he's only became catalyst to expand their military to expand that technology. And should be able to become. A military for us what do you feel about that. All I might be true but once you give. Ed you know that ballet about a guy and they and the rest of the you can't happen have a burgeoning middle class they've come infection may have a they have a middle class. The probably bit them might have been the reason but you can't control capitalism that's the problem you can't. Say okay we're gonna go this far no further because once that. You know collapse starts to get larger and larger want to have political power to that's what the two things go in an indicator of capitalism. And and not have sort of a Democrat even if it's Western European democracy do they have to be you know all voted if that's the role there heading down. See my old do you see the old I'd like is giving up their power. To make way for capitalism what do you see another Tiananmen square. A small group of people cannot control billion eventually have become go ahead if it it will no matter where it pediatrician this could have been the same thing about the Soviet Union mean. The vast territory trying to maintain keeping your military able to fight internationally and then having to deal with Internet team not that the your own borders crazy but. The problem but the Chinese food. They don't mind having a mad dog. You know doing their bidding department they've realized you can't control the mad dog a lot like drug dealer to have. People who may make the people's crazy you know to great breed of dog indeed they did not and that you can't have it in your house. Do you think China lost control of North Korea or you think digital no strings he. He is he is absolutely not they have to be doing these missile test and to be poking the bear the way here they don't want debt. China has no desire to have the defendant guys on the world wide stage he would absolutely out of control key. Bernhard maybe you'd never got to get a little they can reach you because. China and of one of standup of the United States they know we have to take it out it's if it can't happen. If they already have enough problems without that little island bit building in the south China feed they do not want. Oh by any sort of conflict with the United States they need our economy know what else could abide a crappy you know. Widgets yeah. Well yeah I think. 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I generals in the state I thought I was crazy then number you have all these numbers are he's got some numbers he's about hey you're very goes the stats I'm going to be honest with him. Are you had a kind of a cool observation earlier I'm gonna tell me when you thought sibor I wonder if. If you know this issue let's Korea China they're in cahoots right yep. She's having a little temper tantrum over there and they like it like cap because then they can go and do whatever it is that they are doing. Right and building islands building islands and knows what. Creating a little monsters maybe. And then they'll pay attention because enemies focusing on his temper tantrum. And affected you just killed as Burma. Do you think he killed the brother yeah you can do it fast this intelligent do you think they did it. Why did but did the brother pose a person threats won't keep us that I don't know who's doing some bad things you know having sex with women you know bad stuff like that oh boy okay he says as oppose having sex with ducks I don't know maybe strengthen the employee I friendly dog we will make economical. We think give me a thought and is also. Area. What can he say about this guy. I I played good Deanna was saying off air I definitely think that he is just flexing his muscles. You know the brain not pay attention to these threats from North Korea you know where. But we're talking about wiretapping. And you know these CIA leaks and south and the sky is threatening to blob YE a means. We need to pay attention to this but I just don't honestly don't know how I go about this do you go through China we can't just bomb. North Korea. You know you never huge world war we invite you want to slide into a world where no. So I don't know can also be afraid that you have to know I know I have seen in math guy. And in his old whistle used to appeasing the Muslims are camped. We have if we do we have to be prepared for it the Israelis when it's his problem because of attrition with the Iranians. If they try to take out those missiles. They they would have taken I think was a skirted through Thursday's really a force which a counteroffensive. From Arab nations who wouldn't be able to defend themselves. So the reason why he still survive this write this I rainy and stuff. So we can't get their position we can turn them into a giant power. OK people let's be honest we may we can actually decimate them it's just a response of China and I just don't fill China's being genuine right now. Right usually doesn't think like what do what do you do how could you send over to edit talked to hem and towns and knock it off with the straps. Whose immediate what do you think not we can't send money he can have her killed. As a witness and Dennis Rodman and over there and honey please don't please this is terribly you know what would happen if he wasn't isn't what happened if we got rid of him. He noise yeah W no doesn't like what's. But it will take his place in the highlight the military we've got I don't decide what would happen and now when B Goode sorry still the same thing goes breach. Said it you what would happen to military parents would only have to really take all the right and we've been worse to be no media contact is what general do you call. Who recall plane went admiralty calling plays South Korea and it happens right exactly what you did this. I sent a long time ago I said this open a million times and if two people moaning. Com. The military presence from the United States to speed bump I call him Tony Simmons 17000 plus just the families. It's not enough those men aren't enough to stop in advance praise you with the minefields that Paul my caddie and his wife had talked about spoon wife. Get rid of my cousin my angels are our current potential our comparative holding back North Korean Army OK in the DMZ in thirtieth parallel. Now with that said artillery strikes would take those out airstrikes would say goes out to all warming. Is superiority. And we would have a bunch of hostages trapped behind line just beyond strain my we wouldn't be in a position to fight a full war against them while we have those people. So I think those people as Korea look at it they have this kind of strategic mind. That they think that. Good I'm glad the United States is you know 2030000. Personnel plus their wives and children right they make for great showing TV when they get cash it you know I regulars. I think get along time ago we should've left wouldn't win so we want this to go. I think we should have taken the opportunity I think it was under Reagan. And we should we should've left it is OB LA isn't instilled these two Intel trying to fit for. It's always it's just been analysis in this in thirty parallel what it meant it it was just it was a cease fire that's what it was called so we never ended fully ended the Korean War. So UN forces to be the responsibility of you when pray to don't trust them. I useless nations total up rather nice just feel sorry under I don't like to not only you know. Strenuous you're gonna call. Lol your boss is Hawkins Brian Dalton and applause in Britain Indiana. Yes. Our army can talk about those are Iran and China and China and now we recruit you don't mind. Firstly about another enemy to urge Syria probably should think about. Syria is if you go back in this in it's really funny that the media's focusing so much for the Russian policy states. When are you look if you look at these are Obama policy in the Middle East. And he supported just about every revolution. They're that was so that was a radical revolution in the Middle East. Which would like Egypt and Syria are. In Libya and every place else except for one revolution the trees are green revolution in Iran. That when he backed off there are so there's interest we've heard or read not long ago about well. He blocked off because you'd actually started to work with the most that I read. And nobody really did brief talk to each. The connection between Obama at her and giving them bombs. Allowing him to build a bomb very quickly got about eight years. Probably going to be sooner than that giving them all kinds of money to spread terrorism the biggest terror spreading state their policies. Desire to spread the caliber play. In Egypt and Syria and throughout the Middle East so you know download that's what good the true picture what was going on under. Under Barack Obama and and I dislike it aside I don't like your saudis and he's an edgy rotten dictator. This somehow forge a hole. Our idea is to help quite spreading. Throughout. Throughout the middle east of Iranians are about Syria I don't like that's one bit and I almost looks like they're bound air Russia. Being so close to the hearings are put this thing really is is that. They Obama and Hillary policy and a leash is extremely dangerous and that may report a breather refugees did an important terrorism here. And probably eventually because they're so PC we end up having little schori is owns just like they do in France and Germany and the United States so. I'd like ooh I like the whole idea of why peace through strength the Reagan thing yes your mother was was absolutely right Obama was weakening the military's. He had having a yours shell in the military because he's. We could barely how we treat any type warrant to hunt anymore and are are privileged not working properly we don't have. Our personal don't inspired and and the fact of the matter is she was weakening the military all these countries like North Korea China. The risk. Russia they're all building up their strength showed. Does the doctor and number love Obama decides it is being able source of help that we have general medicine or secretary defense is a positive thing. Now on the on the idea of the Chinese and North Korea what about ideas. Is that. Dietrich Chinese use North Korea as a as a lever. Because against the United States and some RR call mourners you know because they've shortened. And then we see China come in here. And China comes in there we give them more power in that region of the world but so did you know or mention Monty about that earlier callers should afford that Chinese. And out pitched a Communist government. And to the left in this country that's maybe admired the Chinese Government because their old Sparky. That controls the whole country they want to move towards that in the United States. It's cards such a rural poor repercussions. Or few people. They allow businesses to flourish but only businesses that support the government. And crony capitalism they warned that in our country that's what Hillary wanna. They won the open borders you're usually show government in our country and meanwhile you are big guy was right in China it's helping. But they wanted to bring have to earlier in the country thank god it somehow reversed because due to arm. Due to Donald Trump. While Craig called. Those on a lot of good points sound very good points I wanna go to commercial brings. Can't let that just to his point aside. Came out recently and said that but the US and beatings to Syria wealth nothing US beatings and dismissed. Someone else put the US going into Syria he's calling them in theaters. He's not happy so he's not happy that we are not happy we have all these dictators who want happy. Imagine how. I'm sorry we have this with eight years of to reverse you know maybe. Exact I would ask the Arab Spring the previous president did he's the one restaurant to the bee's nest there was someone down purpose exactly there was someone stability in the Middle East and it was disruptive it's Arab Spring and he to this point exactly. He did he left Iran alone because he wanted me as the watchdog he's you've gotten the I don't think he's a big fan of Israel you know rape you think. 6172666860. If you wanna call if you have your views on this pleased. 617 always take you call 6172666060. Years sex and the succeeding succeeded to RKO. Boston's starting with a clientele at WRJ lo told voice of Boston. This is near Indian in my 20 boy police supplies doughboy uniforms. Unbelievable now if your security your firefighters your police officer your federal agent no matter what you are. 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I canceling your enough about the food like it are you won hands get Junius special if you go and it's sausage peppers and onions Italian bread. Two eggs will be easy I could cheese and everything with home Fries the pro life and listens right now. I love me like a pig and as this week and a fine meets on his restaurant Chinese territories treat these Boston. Boy this. Uses your conversation. Since. Voice of Boston. I would back boss' talking Brian Dalton you want to call this to myself. And I am plus Iowa plus spray nasal Danny had to which lets it was our group again when she group. Mass action network a mass action network and what do we what do we look in the dome we are looking most out the license to carry. So we're looking to increase. The number of people in Massachusetts who have a license to carry not necessarily get a gun will Vista baby steps into so that's one of our goals or the other goal is to increase the number of people right active in politics. That's a big goal to get ten to actually tap into this enthusiasm. That sent president trump. Rice has given the country so we might tap into that and looking at the end enrolled he said the numbers are numbers point three million and in rural Kenya. Missed any of any place to go home. Powell and so we're told us all inclusive its own clothes and. And he does amount you're Democrat or Republican and enrolled and independence as a matter whose content is fine with well I'm. I know and I just want them to have guns I don't think I'm in the LaRoche. I coached dozens killed all right so well what took Diana and was talking about North Korea or in I'm gonna just say this real quick. North Korea I agree with you remain because talk about groups of time. This is just a distraction. This is China's building up what Japan did pre World War II. They each other taking islands. The Biden. Pushing these islands on expanding these islands or sand bars. You creating it making it very difficult the task force to get through them for Karrie is to get through for support ships to get through. Pound so close that they would accept what. I electronic countermeasures. Would be too closely would kneel to work. Did you detect missiles could carry is an acute massive damage was four done in pieces which I think half. So my mind my thought here is China's China is doing this as distraction I know the caller called and he's really bright color time and I do I get this point. But I do I do feel that China has more parole and thus no luck from a national security point of view. What what country. Has say. It's as as a foot and every single major city in the world. Does it China's tunneling and making guest just purely a this Chinatown and there was so I mean really honestly I didn't see that coming that I did not see economical would you feel a night like mennonite enough. So it is it Chinatown to remain city so I mean really if we were to go to work China. In peace talks like. Put trying to make many pulses try to make her policy MPs are content got a communications. Got insistent missiles anti everything low low satellites that we have for obviously were phones most analysts are controlled command to control the military. Things like that can be taken out you know the lunch insulated and even undies and stuff like death and his name windows communicate. Can you can't cross supreme for spring is back to the sixteenth century when he kind of infrastructure we have with electricity and other net power grid I was school grade. How did you hear about there was a couple of two days ago I think Leslie yeah. Was his eighteenth tee I think Britney was at AT&T. There a couple shutdowns they couldn't use the phone service to do he asks I did hear that I saw this it was so. A couple weeks ago I heard lol not tired when it. What wasn't Verizon. It was a Verizon I was sitting around it was like to instantly completely went down like all of our systems here why wasn't working airing Jiang. We didn't we didn't have any streaming. Because the intent when like totally off it was it was bizarre was only four lake to fifteen seconds all right some might no I mean we are very. It was messed up for hours here at all because it's debris everything via. Yeah doesn't dry runs and minorities delta had to shut down yeah. British Airways had to shut down. I think I think it was a test test on steals or has it all had a big you know North Korea. Guys North Korea doing Super Bowl they put a satellite right over the super ball you know that right nine he announced it afterwards. Now she was up there he set off any MP what would've done if not to sell right there. We've allowed him I was under Obama bracelet my loud handled with a lot of a lot of people right yeah wasn't the issue was last chance it was synopsis of rules lost his who have all wheel on to do this room let him come unfettered that you put a kind of a devastating weapon like that over us. Think that's a huge weapon we can use on hand. Joseph Roy talked to a lot he actually had that idea that yourself for joining MP that I can really do anything knock them out knock them back to the sixteenth century. I know I'm bombing them just take us a commanding control Billy. As a military and we can read pretty much have no adversary your email to Chinese gonna show all over the ramifications. Of the distances of the EM PN I'm not sure we just ask. This would penetrate theories and can. And might have a recap the queasy communications. I do wanna call 61726666. Siri Comerica boss is talking with pride all. Pretty new car. Always a plus URKO. 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Have to call credit associates now for free information on how to get debt free faster than you ever thought possible without debt consolidation or bankruptcy we depend on your success of offering guaranteed so there's no risk for free information call now 180608199. That's 180608199180608199. Boston starting with a brand don't need. Hi Rebecca moss just talking with Brian Dalton. And other argue with that's and a plus Britney in Danny. Unless it real quick we can take you run rather real quick your boss is soccer fines on your video question for Diana. Eight there I'll listen I don't rubble mope and other dogs running Helton they look at nuts. It's as far as the mass action for pitcher and that's important to know that when I grew up fighting really alone immigration. Yet aside yet if he met over a 184. Individual groups you know would be and outing client. So can we get. Why get all the information we noticed that organize it is that record direct insight schools yes okay. Ever own separate media organization all simple traded you know. Can I can I get my phone number of home and garden obviously so give me it can he can you I would share my mom my phone number 617388. Zero Forsett on five because we are in the process of I'm trying to attack the Sanctuary City business because it looks like. Josh Josh is taken was a City Council and Boston's in his I'm minions are trying to help spread Sanctuary Cities across the state. I am so we need to fight we need to fight that's so again the numbers six and seven. 38 aid is 0475. And I can connect you with the person who's leading the charge on that. So that's great. If he's got a proud independent media like he had connecting your dog mistreat each broker. I beat our wallets as trading controlled by people we need to set our own fate our own network early highway. We don't give me your column weekend we can work on this because it's very important so this was a great it was great to you cause I'm glad you and I didn't obviously. Our thanks for the call. So real quick we have a class on it's Saturday on 18 march 18 at 9 AM at school gets firearms academy 76 rear Windstream mover and forget that. That number again. 78179064627817906462. The mood and it's a real quick so. We will our goal is to get everybody Thomas was on the goal this car I goalies are. At least it had at least a million more people I want a million more are not just a million like certain people certify with a licensed to carry. So I know we said this is nonpartisan that many people come in the state one point one million people voted for mr. trump. And if so only if they're less than 500000 registered Republicans then Democrats and I generals actually voted for mr. trump they showed up. Right so we want we want to get behind mr. trump and help them so that's why we need everybody to sign up. To get to a licensed to carry we're gonna classes all of the state right now gonna drag you from here there and everywhere help so get your beauty rest the everybody that we had I really anybody's up either this is so well no daylight savings time absolutely. White to solve yeah yeah I've exhausted and in the whole night last and I'm like staring at the ceiling BS and a freedom and obviously it might have played. Phone changes I rely on my alarms go off. Like you know. And here. Did you read this and it's pitch black out while I generally mean yes oh. Carolina yeah how big is enormous and yes this giant hunt is more news is a lame ass who's paying big jam ball was taken a sleepy there's terrible. I only one minute left a lot like horizon drew from the united burning question you Geico gimme aren't really there is wears a North Korean guys les is I don't know I think he's a very homey and People Magazine earlier estimation of how you know. Diana plus I'm mash mass action network you know to be a cause six point 7388. 0475. I can get it done once again this job plus talking Ryans also we'll see Saturday. March 18 at 9 AM at The Who have farms canned dandy then I'll be a great time today to see you next week trial.