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Larry Kudlow (CNBC, Healthcare)

Mar 17, 2017|

Larry Kudlow (CNBC, Healthcare) by The Financial Exchange

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Chuck Iraq John Mooney along with Michael Armstrong and Tucker Silva joining us right now the great Larry Kudlow CNBC in the regular contributor of course to. The financial exchange Larry thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you appreciate it. Larry health care something I guess for everyone to dislike on the left and right but that you talked about the Republican plan. Really being a framework right. I go to great first step. Still do and I think GAAP. You've got a kick a couple of key area I get that you've got to make compromises I. Sort of sarcastically that the GOP at the practice. Bipartisanship. With itself there ought to put this together but I think you know. And changes in the tax credit. Perhaps more clarity and broader coverage regarding the risk pools for the you know sit. And ill and so forth. I've got to beat the regulatory cutbacks in the insurance area. But basically yes Kyle all bear it looked. It repealed thirteenth attack I think. It eliminate the mandatory. Spending at Victoria. I health care a bad news which is really crucial I mean I thought that that was the heart of the whole problem here. I've it will eventually allied across state lines that pollsters tell stating the cap is got a lot of free choice pro competitions. I think it's pro wrote a big pro health care I think it is the be all bad did not places but yeah I think is very good I think the press typically. Whatever trump does that drive odd ball. Well it does seem to have an issue though when you're talking about older workers and lower paid people they end up. A lot worse soft by any calculation do you see this. Doesn't that tax credit issues yeah I think the big issues it just I think what you should be put it bluntly. I would be much less generous. To people at the top. For example you're still eligible to sit out right. I don't buy a bit. I would take it out what they would do it helped. As you said there in age people yet. Particularly people at the low ad I would give that. Larger tax credits both responsible deduction. Particularly. The poverty people that get about it Medicaid. And allowed to choose a better health care plan they do it vouchers that they've put. I think that fortieth. 67000. Areas where the bulk of the tax credits would be those folks working folks. Who have been squeezed it had you know virtually no increases and real wages. They voted for trumped by the way. But I think that Ortiz is sixty detonate that area is really crucial and I would frankly be much much more generous there. And that'd be far less generous at the top. A very well could be the direction we go here in the compromise. I think it will be I think it will be at I think the risk pool issue look. Once the government whether it's the federal government or the state government or combination to what the government. Guarantees. A risk pool for the sick okay. You take that out as a private exchange. And therefore the insurance companies will not be held liable and therefore. And therefore the premiums will plunge. And because of that ultimately the deduction. Our people are our people let. It out -- the other side though the questions so that won't you talk about that include people with diabetes and asthma. We're talking fifty million parents sick with top 5060 million Pete meant little pool right. Now you tell about fibers iPad 2000. So we're not talking about people not on the people of asthma people of diabetes who now live free market would not be insured. There have been. This is the fact that truly sick okay now that I've been disagreements about out of the five. But basically most of the analysts who look at that talk about five or 600000 people the problem. 5% of the insured people. Really civil. About 50% of the health care insurer and so that's that's got to be changed here. But let's move on to something more positive here if it. That's I think this is really important US government is very US's generous country. And we can afford to buy insurance. For the sick and deal we can do that I think that's a very important issue here and one that will come Tibet. OK let's move on to the issue of of tax reform. Do you think it's gonna happen with out border justify listen to you that's the direction you want to go. If if it does are we looking at maybe something in the low twenties on the corporate rate. Insisting point good big. I've consistently. And that bad bad bad acting bad story that ballot the administration. Opposed. But. Yellow try to be okay dad liked to make is lowest possible. Up my problem is I think it should come first particularly child. I guess it was Tuesday night speech in Nashville. And then maybe and then they've been like. Same night he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson. Stocks and he said it was an accurate while papers that's all of it. I want to. But this I'm budgetary reasons I'm not sure I understand as he said the yeah. The health care bill had to comfort I kind of look into Beckett I'm not sure I'd buy I read by the. I heard that too Larry I don't know why but I've heard that the we. I need to do it Brett yeah affiliation technicalities. I don't buy that at all that I don't buy you know you put regulations. A lot of these insurance deregulation as could go on to wreck in particular reconcile skewed reconciliations. Moment. Get your own set at parliament earth. To get rid of the one that got married now little boy I Democrats. Put your own active there reconciliation could be whoever you want it to be. And the Republicans. Should have the backbone. And doing this play hardball right that's what they should do. But do you think we get to that this year I mean it sounds to me like you may be predicated on the health care thing go. Finishing off a we will get this in 2017. I'm looking at all the sooner the better I think it's going to be late years if at all. I think that's regrettable that could pull back the economy in the stock market. I think I've had it right the other night when he said he is urged I would I would never play that before at those live. Unfortunately it is beat box but look they all that is flexible right GOP. Practically in new bipartisanship. Which is very important. Very give Larry Kudlow thank you very much for your input and will be fall in health care debate obviously and tax reform. And we'll see what happens you have a prediction of what the final rates going to be in the corporate. We're gonna make you play that game I ice age I think 22 and it's a clean 22 no quarter. Site I'm. As one of the up his visit spill and the campaign has all I've picked it was 5050 right now. You're you know I a lot alike yet I don't live that. I don't want to stock market up stick with fifteen that large. Small businesses and by the way fearless as. The biggest beneficiary. Of business tax reform. Is the no. And lower middle income. Wage here. Is not the rich is that middle income wage earners who will benefit by at least. Evidently you captured at least 70% of the benefit if. And small business turns out real well on this too even better even better my idea is absolutely. All right Larry Kudlow thanks so much you have himself a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day in a great Saint Patrick's Day weekend all right. Larry Kudlow thanks for joining us.