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Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2018 Volkswagen Atlas)

Mar 20, 2017|

Tim Stevens (CNET Roadshow, 2018 Volkswagen Atlas) by The Financial Exchange

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All right we're now joined by Tim Stevens from the CNET Roche showed talk about a new vehicle that's on the market for sale of Volkswagen atlas I Tim Curry you. Krueger you're good so it's a win is this car available for sale to players coming on the market later this year. Luckily the market in the very near future we're expecting to Russia should be seeing them and then they've got them up a little bit more but certainly by this summer time. This should be available a booklet. As for them it's going to be a new full size it's cubicle Volkswagen will be the biggest cause of over here in the US market. While while India do they sell it already in Europe or in any other markets. Don't think. They all the model or will let them back we've built you're in the US go to Chattanooga. As a matter this is the US market specific caught up it was a bigger than the previous look they had here in the US called the core that which is. There are previous largest UB. That Coke and continue on the field especially could be you look big though as we keep them. Between that triggered kind of a big luxury SUV that all the club Orleans. Reality is much more of a family oriented cost is that we will let you be so you know a lot of the the good book you know. A vote because he has this certainly the second go on the front of the a lot of them. A group will be in space it's cost side that could eat in cook wants. Look I think Clinton the so so low around 30000 dollar bill and over that and then pop out somewhat in the high 40000 dollar and they'll put the heal fully optioned although god. Yeah trying to compete with this car. Right now look. It would cause like you couldn't hear you that I think that's silly question got a brand new traverse those come into the market will deliver on your should be increased our competition that is actually completely redesign of the traverse this. It's here the children are typically on a couple months back. I cover also big Lewis he would be. And so look I expect that to the government repelled gone off well so that's probably going to be via the biggest competition does that and market this year. The logically. Course expect that the engine as well into the voters in the Alice on. But I have a potent on the low and there's political content that the or Allah. Two and eighty horsepower V6 were to be available on all look not. So pretty good link to get it right in line with. And certainly two of the so be it that it beat them against each other financier which I was about our. It's and I actually have a quick question served very just want to ask. It's all Tway and still gonna have fatigue on and tore a go or they this is Alice can every be replacing one of those. Yet its people and good. Continues that he won at the smallest TV too are you right now that the US UV. Security is different and that it's it's more of a luxury car a little bit more almost I think ballots going to be built in lower back more portable. He'll be good at carver ultimately of books that typically have amongst the best actors call that a car and that class. But it will be a give the so called whether or not beat the tool that lives on the scene. Certainly I think this will be out selling that all of the aid for the social struggle it will other. Beat people up to the longevity of the of the to a US. With what are your expectations for mileage if you get the smaller engine in this car. They haven't cook any official figures yet the bill were guessing you know on the bullet in the that you comic speculate and according melt down. And I'll hopefully we'll see you need immediately set about the eligibility that so luckily so we're in now to be get up on certain person that you answer it. What kind of electronics. Did you see in the vehicle we've. If you. A lot of great technology beat it really critically important when it comes to the payments and thank you locked onto a lot of quick look at them. Reality on the other doesn't. Obviously compatibility is in good Ottawa awkward for example which owns the you know because it's welcome back into the dashboard and you're. It's critical spot they would not mapped that affect. Also got version of the people caught the typical. Cool LEP there are pleased that the gate course is those elderly configurable application that popped up back there. I authenticate you got called off like that which is really nice and let to let off a lot they'd be featured two. Automatic braking Portland alert and pull adaptive cruise control ability all the late to a full stop and pick up against her and traffic. Exactly is the butt of the you're able to cobble accelerate in eagle the topic on the during which is that pretty much. What do you mean by automatic braking does that mean like if you're backing out in somebody's walking your way yet that car stops by itself. Like a coping and also quote was little. Alert and looks speed automatic braking through it you are driving through the city looks these you know about him out now or. The couple that aren't you the car will alert you that there but you don't react quickly that called it. I'll back the reconcile itself silly that you're not paying attention that you obviously the wheel yeah I will stop itself and hopefully prevent that. How's that technology working in other cars so is it cutting back on accidents do we have any stats on the area. There really is actually. A lot of all the if these systems are still pretty pretty limited but in the art that have offering at least in from the graphic from that or if he's percent reduction. And hopefully and caught the product technology. Until it it for the cutting even though beyond those studies were based on the earlier first. The technology couldn't commit to will be at the day all older sister and a quick example not only on a couple of back because you're around the critics. I'll bet that the book on the market a little later on the guy that from the limited system at least you could cost there. We are seeing a very very. Your oh and practice. At that because more prevalent in put it would be expensive option to be something that's available on. And we all week. It's the dramatic reduction in regret it in the. 00 what they tend thank you very much for your time we appreciate it. Whoever quarter. Ted Stevens from CNET road show giving a serene view it's called the Volkswagen. It's not available yet he'd been tin seems to think it's going to be in the showrooms. Imminently to hate you need to call your local to track and see assuming he knows the scar possibly get a test drive next on down there. You know is that it you know who's gonna buy that that'd be the young millennial fail rate ye two kids three kids and get. All kinds craft your tone around. Alia you know you you probably don't need it when their when their two young but once they start giving and all the sports and everything you drag around bags and all that stuff. It's the kind of car that make sense than just because especially get a couple friends in there and all of a sudden you know you beat you pretty jammed and any other car dad has police have. You'd be surprised that your column around big carriages cribs and things that it's just a lot of child this car looks pretty sharp to bury the the other suvs have McConnell dork he's so it's generally up to see that little harder and it's only thirty grants. Then I'll that's a pretty good price for that size Daria.