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Becca Winslow & Andrea Miller (Founders Of Flashion Statement)

Apr 19, 2017|

Becca Winslow & Andrea Miller (Founders Of Flashion Statement) by The Financial Exchange

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Barry Armstrong. Chuck Sodom. Breaking business news every day right here on the financial exchange radio network. We called business owners at the financial exchange if you own a business like. Come on air and tells all about what you're doing for a living. Reach out to my producer name's Tucker so please go to financial exchange showed dot com. Go to that website and let us know what you do and we'll put you on the talk about your business we're joined today. By Beckett will slow Beckham Winslow excuse me and Andrea Miller from a company called flash and invite reading that right is it. Why action that adds flash in the state not fashion statement while fashion with a flash instead listen tell us about your business woody is due. So we may let teachers there on on small battery packs but we customize them for different businesses companies events anything you can think I hate it and understand that have been added a T shirt that has a battery and and it flies and sell it and it uses AM allayed pitching and other. You won't see it and cool and it runs off the small backpack just to double layered AAA batteries interred at the batteries. There's a pocket and the shirt movement that the fat. The flip Netflix and then it'll make your design and Linda so these like. Party teacher answers sometimes can make him an at this and a music so we get a lot of DJ is that make them the we headed up that way yes it's very cool as I've seen these around finally. I've seen these quite a bit actually they you guys had something to get pretty popular couple years back right. There're a lot of different. Legal rave style and upstart young but our specialty that we customize. So we can do it very different company than we do a lot of trade shows for big companies. And I'm guessing I'm not your target market. You know I I think eight DD hopes. If that. But you in the back of the blaze there and that might be Scalia and an event that you is it isn't just T shirts at this point are there any other merchandise that you do as well we we can take that panel that's on the teacher at an action channel and years. So we do that hats baseball hats we have done in the past a little bit different for the technology we use fiber optic light now. But that's very cool man. Now you start this business about what 56 years ago now yes we start and we you're seniors and college. My business partner Andrea her mother on an island businesses that are successful. And because the economy let's week we would kind. Our own business. Is that how you sell your stuff Andrea on line. Yeah I Alley analysts say. What tickled to its last statement that flash in statement dot com and I can go on there and guy so I could buy a T shirts right that flash up in and I can get double break in the how much is teacher cost plus. I'm so well we do have pre made serves that you can get like if you like nod to a concert or something them then obviously we have the customize what we do so it it just depends on the quantity hardball. For the custom. Pretend show it's its money five dollars apiece and and then on the let's say it's 24 dollars for playmates and. In and looking at your business obviously you started this while you were in college what's been the path you've taken over the last five or six years to grow would have been the things that have been most successful for. Initially when we started we were just felt that teacher design that different festivals and events and the first few. And that we applied to beer vendor. That they want to customize. Before the event for the event itself and that kind of changed her whole rat we had to go into. At least within each market view in the kiss concert scene. We happened and you know of the game and I would say so basically we stuck so as she said Allergan and just Khamis Al we had seen a product of file now we didn't invent the product but so protected. Right yes silly about the website and we decided yeah our plan is an impeding customize it. We ended up what we've been working with like Google we've done linked and then tons of like companies then to remake the shirts. All we actually start weaning ourselves first we order all the different you know. Materials obviously but then months week couple hundred piece orders in. You know it's just we couldn't make them anymore so we source to now we have. Manufacture them makes that sell them all together and makes it how many decently year. We have need to sell last year. Try like 50. Well we had one order of 5000. Out Apple's why aren't what would be by 5000 it was actually it was the president of Ethiopia home. And is clearly president of Ethiopia what 5000 like that he has campaign is running for reelection. That it's based letting up now this is how does one item that we did a ton of other Tucker for president. So that was one order yet by his ordered yes so I mean we had unlike Tony as its eighth. Now do you do is all of your are all your sales on line or do you do any retails well. Mostly everything is online we don't have any retail stores sometimes we'll go to event. But people reach went thing and then and that their logo and their information and we'll customizable make. Palin at. Knock out to show them when you have someone who does all the production at this point it sounds like you have any other employees that you work with Justin kind of back off procedures that do you kind of run and have. Really just as we've done every single thing from marketing counting eleven accountant you know bookkeeping and just everything now was sent. Learn a business we really don't have that much experience. Common college you know we and the internships but we just decided that kind of literally learn everything from lead in pledged inning you know as the best thing. We haven't done what's been the toughest thing you've had to deal with as you've gone through this process. I would. As well I would say that inexperienced partly just never really working. Had a company are like knowing this was your first job effectively write a lot it was and we worked at a restaurant Collins right. But this does yet this is like learning like yes exactly we never had any other experience in the job before. And and looking at where you plan to go from here. You do teachers now you said you've done hats in the past any plans to expand the product line what what's what's kind of next. We I'm weak hard to do big poster size is not like canola plants. Would that be cool clients in life and flashing payments running back they've done hi I'm Hillary Clinton but the battery pack but. Do your own content. So each week you said you've done ties Ellie leave Tyson because there really cool I mean it just depends you know his. And Cassidy is sir and lightning that looks good night Cameron lake Nona where we had great Christmas for that I want for Christmas party without ads for Halloween. And get a lot of following the public about Enron thing. The bathroom via bath yeah. Nice soft but with you know some little for doom that's a fashion statement I think that's kind of the direction that I'm guessing we're not in the bathing suit business. And an already glider had a water. These things let me tell you that be kinda cool they are weatherproof I mean I have worn through our brainstorm on the event. Completely works what's the what's the weirdest order that you've gotten from Saddam. We've gotten a few week we heading. If we had a cross stressed that need led peace fees from. Texas and. Interest thing. Interesting if someone's interested in now buying when you're shirts are having awesome custom designs put together where they go and they talked to. They can go right on our website flashing statement dot com they can fill out an order form on our legislators sent an email sales at flash and statement dot com. On to send over their logo and will make an enemy and mock up for you against them show you Howell led up and go back and forth from there to borrow any money yet. No money we did its dollar salary and these boot strapped yet still we save them money when they are working. At a restaurant to just be able to survive elect me bill. The website and in all that stuff that was a Smart timed out we spent we really didn't invests a lot of money into that but you know whatever profits we made because. We do custom. We don't have the order of the supplies like to you know we'll get a ton of inventory actor is so when someone. I as a promising pants and then we need to make the order and then we keep the profits so it's. And we got we were always positive never negative so we just kept reinvesting it in. You know with like as CEO and. All that stuff we've had for you and good for you the website address folks is flash and statement dot com. You wanna learn more about these flashing T shirts you need to get flashing ties to evidently. Why action statement dot com if your adjusted in being a guest on our show go to financial exchange showed back up tell us a little bit about your company. And we'll play invite you in studio for one of our interviews all that and more coming up next from the insurer match that constitutes. You've got barrier and strong. Financial exchange. We shall look financial exchange radio network.