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Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Smart Stocks)

Apr 19, 2017|

Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Smart Stocks) by The Financial Exchange

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We're joined by Michael brush from brush up on stocks dot com and marketwatch.com. To talk about with the smartest guys in the room are doing with their money. Michael Torrey. Tough time to be in the mutual fund business. What's the future that business they via. You know we we we used to be in the mutual fund business twenty years ago. I was I used mutual funds in my client portfolios. At a tea over the last five or ten years. I still have some money old legacy money invested in mutual funds but not very much. You know I am. Dirt or. And here's. So 88%. On. And it was simple test. They had to be two or three years. It. And even worse and let out. There's. Been a lot of there. It's. A street that now that's better you eat yet. But yet you look at black rock they reported this morning in their their Killen Vanguard's Killen it right there. Lot of money flowing into those companies got to be tough on all the other mutual fund companies I guess. Stuck in and people that well you know in the down market I mean this sort of it's. Sent an except or since 2009 we had been struck down well and that's. And now so the idea down markers. But history according to it will serve that these. Case we do any better down. To. So where's the Smart money going to name like we're we're right I thought about Mexico and races every article I think so and gun. Mexico probably is a pretty good place to. It was a bat out this problem but that call it. So so you can flip this around though go to percent that do. You know okay it would that it end. And I talked to re up. And generally see ideas that. So you start. The year recession. Leaked it. Early birds you have the hole. So. You know so that's kind of occurs. Marcus being weak lately makes it speak sent there. Time to. We can actually I think that's one. Another is that on a dangerous and that's been. Week ago by one. Guys are compared. On now to 2010. Straight. Up and Demi gets in the news or some other cause. Some other calls and there's ain't too. Security money big money going into preferred stocks as looking at some the other day and I couldn't believe the yields on some of these preferred stocks. Armed they're good way to get yield but again anything yet. Real crowded street right now. In on proxies in stock market. Growth has been hard to come by interest rates on earth so I don't know what kept you a little. Where you. For Sox would yield. I Europe. Have a year would be here today here in any hedge funds. Yeah that's another area where it went up because I am so so the idea is that there's late entry in street. And Europe is actually with that because it much earlier on that back and so it's better. And yet think that makes I think. Don't you have any concerns though about what's going on in France and great Britain and abraxis and I look at all the political turmoil over their Mike. You know what if the year old completely breaks up. In it should and it will eventually because that X I studied. Does that make any sense that currencies and it will eventually go up now the French election. All that is for it's complicated you take on. Well he we're talking about it earlier and in the Communist seems to be the one that's got the momentum right now which is just. Remarkable to. It's hard issue it's hard court ultimately I don't think. Elect somebody coming up all the equipment just put voters do on the list nationalist and that's our recent debate and figure it. I don't think France and I think it's so I don't. I mean he had a Pickler and oh. You don't think show you don't think the panel went home. I don't think so but I don't. My guess is and I. It's if it's really if it's it's an interesting. Environment to invest and I think that's why you have a lot of investors just saying law by ETFs because I don't I don't know what to do you know by a total marketing team effort total market fund. You don't think about buying. But the key is there's always some issue greater duty and you have to understand that you have to expect that you go to the market and our. I would bet now. It's. The bullish on Brazil might. Oh peppers. Which could take. I think you're coming out of here problems. And as I've said it. Cheap labor and lots of natural resources right. CB calming down politically Sonya that date I I actually think and it's worth taking a look at that's I like to pick on Mexico. You think back in in retrospect to Mexico. As a depict. Yeah it was right after game now and inauguration. That search. It and now that's good example. Consensus. He could bet against pretty well. We keep well that goes well. Michael thank you for the first sort of close but it's. So great. Deed MarketWatch when you talk about that mark. Sure. Okay you don't hear that. All right let Tucker known will posted as well. That's Michael brush these two website brush up on stocks dot com that's his own personal site for his newsletter and then marketwatch.com. And it is a tough time to invest today the united somebody come in the other day two million bucks in cash in on what to do. Yeah I mean Ortiz in intact here you'll get valuations and by. Most metrics stocks look a little bit overvalued right now he's had a tendency to really wanna get to a quarter percent on a ten year treasury dueling it nothing on cash. On. You know it's something where again the value of having a balanced portfolio would different kinds of assets can't be understated don't wanna be all in one place.