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Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 4 - 20 - 17)

Apr 20, 2017|

Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 4 - 20 - 17) by The Financial Exchange

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Every Thursday at this time we play you know where you should be investing your entertainment dollar. What movie should he be going to seek Tucker what do we got yeah that's right and we are now joined by Matt actually bar whatever favor what's next here at the financial Kane that's rotten tomatoes dot com that how you doing today. And do it while. Good good we we we were talking about the so Monday's defeat. Defeated the furious which came out over the weekend had a massive weakened at the box office. Could you clarify the reading for us is 66%. Seems like it's OK reading but is it technically your fresh tomato. That is Brett he called epic grass if it's got 60% or higher on the Dow got a little bit lower than the last couple of or at least that bill on the left side that he'll meet your third of the critic liked. So what you expect for the the second weekend of this movie hundreds of millions of dollars more coming and. You know I worldwide definitely. I think it'd probably be about. You know probably around forty or fifty million this weekend it'll be number one. You know a lot of people addicted to the it teenagers born in China. And unforgettable probably do OK at the box office but I think that it is here it will definitely. You know worldwide only make it ease the another hotter. Dollars. Won't always accused movie that's coming out again. At Disney nature born in China never heard of that day. Yet it meaning there's been doing a lot of these animal documentary and did in the land. You know it about a hand. On the related baby yet what are gonna make it crazy. Ours that's a big kids who come out this weekend is a couple other ones coming out this weekend the lost city of Z. Sterling starring Charlie high number of Sons of Anarchy for the FX show and everybody's familiar with the and quick note this is an Amazon studios flick is that correct. That's correct yeah you know I am not gotten into the movie that. Very big you know we that the with. With your local boy there. All of the the doctor mr. yeah mr. applicant gap like I'm the outlook that the is that pretty good movie critic early like it is based on the story of a guy hunting for a be able to the gold. A book. And in people really like this the other one is an action movie called free fire. Which is you know almost the that ire but they'll create and act levee. Lark then. Is in this control local Lee but you wouldn't hurt you know rough and a black. Like that in the seventies on the right now. Yeah I just heard about this movie today and it's in the executive producer of this is Martin Scorsese correct. Yeah and it doesn't. Feel like it got a little bit is by. You know I think people like. Nice turn as full if you don't wanna go to the the movie theaters this weekend what could we. Check out on the Netflix fraud here. You know they're the ones that. Out this week. We being the debut or the liqueur on mystery science theater 3000. Why we show. Where you know sit down earlier but people that are around a lot terrible movies they joke about them. You know I can't say that that doesn't influence what we do it rotten tomatoes a little bit that show is back. This time you got police today and that not all the ball. It's pretty funny the critics really like Alan. Either open new talk show called bill Knight is the world and it didn't talk show hosted by bill lie. We're talking about science and culture politic. You know little bit different for Netflix and then the other one that they're. Pick uncle Earl bought. And outline. That was a pretty good that they are a autobiography a balloon in the and in. So be. Amoroso autobiography. About her experience in the pattern and a stream. Corporate robber then and that all of the critic like in my pure packet out as well. All right well Matt appreciate the time and have plenty of options to choose from this weekend so thanks again for the time. Credit card that was met at should be a rotten tomatoes suck com wherever they are web sites here at the F financial change whips later. I've pretty sure they might have an apt to actually but I always find myself going Agilent site yes exactly so again a few options this weekend.