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Tom Rose (Co - Founder Of Testive)

May 17, 2017|

Tom Rose (Co - Founder Of Testive) by The Financial Exchange

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The financial exchanges of live on FaceBook so make sure like your page and watched the guys break down the latest on the markets every day beginning at ten on the financial exchange radio network. On Wednesdays we interview business owners if your business owners like come on the show and talk to us about what you do and how your business operates. Just go to our case our website which is financial exchange showed dot com today we're joined by Tom Rhodes who's the co-founder of test. Don't thank you very much for for joining us today excellent revenue Tom took a little bit about what test of is what services do you provide and who your target market. So we do it justice we create super human tutors. And that's pretty cool it's awesome. Do you do it. So what we do is on the one of the Serb mean services or offering right now is help for parents who have children that are preparing for the SET and the CT Oca. And so what's unique about tested is that we use a combination of real human one on one tutors and we also have a software platform that students use to do their homework. That's really closely tracked and runs on a set sophisticated software that. I developed. Partially laws that. Duke graduate school in ninety. And what it does is. Optimize the routes that students are taking through the contents of their able to improve much much faster. And if they were just using a book alone gorgeous using a tutor so looking at that software's at some kind of algorithm that customize is what they're doing based on how they're scored on questions how how exactly does war that's exactly right so well. First let me demystify a little bit of what it takes to improve so. The SAT in the AC team the content that's on these tests is rudimentary continents its basic math basic reading basic writing skills. So we talked about getting better. At those things really it's a process it's a pretty simple process you sit down and you do the work and you put in the time annual improve. Token I'm to the question and there's two big variables that affect how successful you'll be. If you're engaging and prost one of the variables as you put in enough time. Oca that's probably the single biggest thing to prevent students from getting where they wanna go as they just don't stick with it that's the single biggest failure receive yup the second thing is. Once you are putting in the time you want it to be as efficient as possible. Antsy wanna work on the areas of highest yet there is the highest need which is basically you're weak areas yup and you don't wanna be doing is spending a whole lot of time trying to figure out what you should be doing next. This is a business or does all that for you on the back to our summer software comes in is it does. Well basically both of those things the one thing it does as you just you will you sign in and you start doing your work and keeps track of how well you're doing. And it automatically switches your focus area based on where it determines will be your best area you don't even know. Why you need to keep going. What are the results that you've seen from your program in terms of how much do your students improve compared to how much the average programs improves students' that is a great independent study. And done a test prep in general was done by Mac act which is the national association of college admissions counselors and one of the things that it found was that test prep programs and gentler. Pretty much not that effective Oca my experience is the reason I used to work in many different after the main reason there are not effective on conjecture is that students are doing the work. They're showing up for these big classes and operating gauged the assigned homework they don't they don't do it. And what students do it tested we talked little about this before has our software tracks. True effort Oka and reports that back to their human tear. So we're delivered and their parents and the parents so I can see with the kids do yes if you're a parent you'll get a report once a week in that'll that'll give you Britain breakdown from your coach explaining what happened what. The target area wasn't what you'll do next week. You can also log and and see the numbers so many of your reach me here with the there's probably care about that oh yeah if I'm paid the bill right now if I'm hiring the tutor. And outspent in 500 bucks a month on the tutor a road that my game kid is doing homework. Right and that's great and and actually you know students really love that as well because. This the type of care. Is being engaged with them. And what's the best needs to start with a SATs or tenth grade and then SATs or eleventh straight yet people think the PS ET a couple of different times and the states they -- and school school politics of and yelled I tell you best time to prep and last time perhaps. Right we'll talk about conditions on the ground right now so if you're a parent. People that need to really pay it pay attention are parents of high school sophomores and parents of high school juniors. So the best time to prep. For most people is the summer before. Junior year so if you're a parent of a sophomore Europe now to start that period right now and the time to sign up for summer prep programs is right now it and a Fella. If you're the parents of a high school junior and this summer is your last chance the threat of him right there application in the fall right in you pretty much get one shot. In the fall so this is kind of your last hurrah from many so many parents are juniors those students may have finished already meaning if you're sitting on. As it's here racy T score that's above fifty to 75% while your target school dirty done. You already know that I'm not talking you for people aren't and this is your last so Tom I've got a at. Eleventh grader. Yeah it's going to be a senior. He scored a thousand on news SATs. But he's he's he will do the work and he's gonna spend the summer doing the work. What's a reasonable expectation for a score increase for a kid that's got a thousand. He's not a dopey just didn't test well. Yes leave you two answers to that one is via the fluffy answer witches. You get out what you put into it which is very much true gotta motivated kids yet and any if you're really putting in the time not only give you some changes. You can see an average did you use that expectations though. Average score improvement with a program like restive. About a 150. Points and yes it here four points on the CT that's a big difference acknowledged if we're time about a standard deviation improvements Mets were talking. Like I was going to resist they got fifty points. And I spent a fortune. Tom looking at that depth potential improvement there when you're talking about improving by 150 points race. What's that potentially do in terms of opening up merit scholarship opportunities and things like that how much additional money can you end up getting them. From those types of improvements on one of the students that I working with right now we just got a note that he got. Complete full ride. Loss and enrichment and that's beyond the full scholarship but I'm not promising that everybody but. You know for mode many scholarship programs like SAT score is one of the single biggest criteria. The liaisons aren't kids what are what does your program cost. Also people that paper tested a 300 dollars per month subscription Coca get unlimited access to our software platform. And they meet with the human tutor once a week on video which. But it's also use available free you can also go to test dot com and you can so you can prep entirely for free without a suit without a tutor. For the SAT and for the ECT inheriting money right yet you can't afford it and I yeah I would applaud you for this because this is something. You're doing he can't be making any money list that. Education and access everybody that works attest and as you know as an educator and people believe really strongly in helping people pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Kind of the American dream so we don't line. Stand in the way of now if you're going to prep on your own you do need isn't there is a missing element which is the plan and the accountability and you can also bring them to the table for free that you know we've you can pay us and our coaches do that professionally and it but you don't have to do that. You know your parents. Or your aunt or uncle or somebody your school Kaduna for use pretty flexible too because it's video meaning you don't have to drive to Cambridge. Last year your idea that take that class. At home on your own schedule and here we have to do your homework but yet when the big challenges with. Well any extracurricular activities parents are sick of driving their kids around you and the kids are over schedule. That they don't really even have much time that it is great because it on to drive anywhere they'll video based on line just now. It preferred and so but because your video based you're not limited you know operating just Massachusetts yeah right people across country cost across the world that we have we have customers worldwide. Most of them are in the nine states it is that's it's in seats here American college application tests. But we work with you know ex pats and people who are traveling. In the arms services for example. We have coaches all over the country. It will come thank you very much for coming in today it's enough fascinating and we really appreciate what's the website for people here to test of dot com that's TE STE five BB dot com spelled like festive the only with a T. Test it test of dot com. Thanks for permanently we appreciate you know. He is a parent you remember the pressures of SAT scores and if you can raise the scores by a 150 year 160 points. It can make an awfully big this difference in terms how much you're gonna pay tuition what kind of school your kid's gonna go to that's tested dot com. When we come back when are we talking about we're talking about. Democrats are cool was switching off their parents far longer than Republicans that's next for march or match dot constant us. You've got a barrier and strong financial exchange. Shall look financial exchange radio network.