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Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 5 - 19 - 17)

May 18, 2017|

Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 5 - 19 - 17) by The Financial Exchange

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As he does every week at this time Matt patch deep rotten tomatoes joins us talk about what's going on in the box office Matt thank you for joining us. Out that rabbit out. Now we've got the new alien movie coming out this weekend for side by nerd like myself. How much of a mosque the is this going to be. If you're an alien inside he really don't like its effect I think you'll like it more than. OK okay it's not what kind of reviews we seen so far. Mostly positive reviews. Certified fresh that 7% on the made this movie has going for it is that it's kind of day. I wouldn't think necessarily back the basic but he. It's all of that note the I don't wanna be an elite. Eight per media suffered somewhat in that it was going for its own story and and credit. Can it be aliens. Created site element into a movie didn't really need so what kind of leader that they'll foul but this one. I it's all of the familiar thing expect the aid is admittedly. Very predictable with a lot of places but that doesn't mean it's not effective beautifully shot. Even if we're talking about a good date that we probably heard that there again these are great he movies that you end up with you're eight lap. At a track that. At an outstanding I will of that but let's let's talk about what else is coming out this weekend is there anything else that's gonna be in wide release that's worth seeing. Not really their movie pulled out that under. Are sorry that. Coming up later it will be this weekend making movies a Captain Underpants. Yeah based on a they elected. Comic book that actually couple weak market IRA terrible it up happy. What this week is that diary only critic really don't like only about 28 that. There intimately it's gonna be on demand is weak and called week field. We're Brian Cranston and this drama about a guy who. Basically cut it ego retreat from light and I got an attic this drama about a guy is. The goal being out. Is that it has been looted kind of worth checking out especially but it crested. Right correct then. Continues to be that great actor one of those guys you want to read up on that would make it to. Yet you pretty much put him and Morgan Freeman like reading the phone book in dictionaries go back and forth between. Yeah yeah. I'd pay eight bucks to watch maybe not twelve but. In terms of anything on either team you're streaming anything big coming out this week or is it I'm next week we've got some big stuff but is there anything this week. It. Yet I'd get brick all bit coming back for even agree on Netflix. That the other critics continue to light it Ellie Kemper. People probably most we know from being off that I admit that you know bug that. Operatives like you say and then Fargo with the on air on a packed app getting good reviews. Some critics and that third seat up Fargo are Ewan McGregor and it dual role at the 97% on the image that's that's streaming although. He did what a lot of people do those increasingly lethal so it died and and go in the whole thing. But I've got a question for I'm in the middle I'm I'm watching on the left overs on binging threw down at the moment. I don't know what to think about it what do critics typically thought about Daschle on HBO. I they're mostly light yet it's mostly getting good reviews but that one again that. I think that they'll act we that better day in format and awaiting week to week. And yet critics debt early winners of the first report at the and those are getting you know it looked overstating mostly pot theory is that. Very good Matt thank you very much of the time today. Proud Matt actually from rotten tomatoes have a big week with Matt next week heading into Memorial Day which is the official start of summer temple season for the big studios summer. Temple. You know you put your big temple films out there it's that the films that kind of hold the studio lot that's where I've never heard of it or refer to it and it's like you've never heard downfield now I just referred to as summer.