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Trish Regan (Fox Business, Market Update & Trump)

May 18, 2017|

Trish Regan (Fox Business, Market Update & Trump) by The Financial Exchange

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The markets are open today and there in positive territory after a pretty big selloff yesterday. Many of us are concerned about the various scenarios that can play out from the special counsel investigation we're joined by Trish Regan from Fox Business Network to. Help us walk through tight for a moment. It so what. How do you see this playing out I won here I have Trish is that this is long and drawn out woody you're woody your suspicions news when you look at what's going on. I mean any yet but here. It is going to be on. I'm not thought the other reality that you really. Aren't. In week. Members blatt an increase over the Republican Party at Wheldon. Don't want it now. They're going. By. The market at the court big market. The goal is our economy pit bull is earnings and part of that. Is it something it would be illegal economic policy. Has had. Look at their late Obama care act like Italy or all think. They don't care what side of the political aisle you're on an economically. ERB. Courtney is good though. Need an item. Because there's a whole market gone on I want it. Then that's not a pot. Oh rate what is that likelihood that he and congress work while the special investigators in session in and they couldn't get anything out of Evian. Well be carried by the way congress. Works. You know that they have and they opt out. That I'll it will. At the factory in middle a lot of it here. And so the whole life. They are and where he'll be. On that money and he'll get yet. And policy. I think. I. I think it congress. Political all. Their. And now they have the epic. Work. At at that. Democrat. All mine do you want the economy. Right. You'd think. That. That he put it and the public on it. What how long does this drag on for trash is it possible to forecast a mean Robert Moeller. Pretty well respected. It seems like it's a somewhat limited in scope investigation how long's it gonna take. I mean I I do very here and the caller is very well respected her book but the oh people. Clearly. Hold him in high regard though. Theoretically. Want the eco pretty quickly. But again. Under estimates. That power washing it and that low. To drag it out. Political I look at it I think. That it will pick a time I you know the market pretty they. Spoke with bill wrote yesterday. Legendary investor and the big. He would say it it cleaner. Bet it and like art or really get on. Indy in the spring that the market why. Don't you get is getting it out late at Bryant they are. May. I am pretty. It kept coming right there repeal and replace the bit less regulation as any AAA. Oh on the panel. It did just. Behind valuations in the market he Altman made that point it in a company. That it on the sideline call or how you. Actively. Put the economy along they wanna rape rape he set out there going to be able. Because things are gonna release are low. One of the factory and many members market hat with the Obama administration was that nothing got done right. On fiscal policy perspective. And so consequently it was all except that that. Monetary policy. And they were hopeful that that would start change but given this is in now I think people. But most investors that I talked to in outside about hedge fund and mutual fund investors advised it that managers. Derek they're touting on the east tax cuts by January 1 of twenty team. Yeah it clear that that is and there are added it is not necessarily in the car right. Right right terse thank you very much I appreciate your time and have a good day. That's Trish Regan from the Fox Business Network and IG's basically confirming what we talked about earlier track mean this damn thing is not gonna go away quickly or quietly. Now it's it is a threat to continue to linger and I think again as as I mentioned earlier the average talent when you go and take a look at all of you the special counsel special prosecutor independent counsel. You go through and look at all of the different ones that we had since 1973. The average time is taken and come to a conclusion in 11155. And this is different in the this. Should be very limited let's go right use that if the talked talked and a fourth it talk to Flynn. I mean if if this is not that complicated than it is this the new year compare it to things like Iran Contra. I mean. I'm hoping maybe I'm being. Naive. Barack save this is that complicated Valerie Plame leak was about his straightforward and simple as that could be up to 700 dates these guys it can't know that's how you do justice you don't. Everyone always says don't rushed it would to judgment let them take it like let them do think two years. Do you do you want it to be done right or do you want to be done quickly just can't imagine it takes two years to conduct these and you talk about interview in a couple guys. Is no one else is not just interviewing a couple guys you go through financial records you go through transmission records you've going a jockey you've told me in the past that that is all that much more rapidly today. It was ever done you still have to do it. Discovery memories discovery would take months and I think you think the US government is using state of the art technology. I'd like to think so though. I would like Xena do you know how old most of the systems are the music stopped between 25 years ago. Partly by design it's it's less it's more difficult to get into those systems which do you bring this stuff up does it include medication use was part prozac in on us. For me. Right I mean you again I think you should be providing it in theory by drug ID tighter on the title the medication all we all are you know. He thought he thought this talk about. Tucker I can do this in a couple weeks I can take care. Drop in tackling medicate me like again you look at some of these things you remember Whitewater 94 when it started. When that finally finished it was like ten years later.