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Stephen Guilfoyle (TheStreet, WMT)

May 18, 2017|

Stephen Guilfoyle (TheStreet, WMT) by The Financial Exchange

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It's time for stock topless Stephen Guilfoyle from thestreet.com it's certainly isn't Stephen joins us Stephen thank you coming on this right now. Steve we're talking about Wal-Mart here obviously reporting their quarterly earnings. Late yesterday I believe it was. Read this morning I'm sorry. What are we see from them and does it change how you're thinking about the company. Oh not at all like Ike hit in very bullish on Wal-Mart actually a log name just a disclosure purposes. It's earnings per share a dollar vs expectations of 96 cents to the whispers I heard were high as 98 cents. More importantly revenues met expectations of 117 point five billion adjuster to currency Google Ohio which was one point 4% role. Euro a year which is but it was sourced from target which actually sort contraction and that's based. Same store sales all shall one point 4%. But the most impressive number that you and yours become. A congressman looks 63%. Which is important because it went by real life against him as a there were some negatives coming in the probably could've expected this quarter which did not. To severely which we played tax returns or herb what his concern at their core line. But Purdue turn. Refunds and also despite whatever is on the ongoing fight is pretty pressures abortions and albeit via the German grocers actually. Selling groceries at a discount where wal mart's old which. Ubiquitous told some sales actually this is quite good there's a lot of reasons about wanna go on and are likely to be a lot of wanna buy this stock only speak if. When we talk about the young the online group they're obviously that 69% growth number jumps off the page. In terms of actual dollar value what's what's the dollar value that would that Wal-Mart selling online right now. You know they're they're taking it a little bit of a discount but it's not too bad. They're the margin here is better than what I see elsewhere and it's it's basically because they're putting up such a tremendous fight against Amazon date they have this thing that a lot of people have probably looked into too much of their. On gamers are so called stored number eight. Doubt at times Silicon Valley it's an incubator for developing ideas and technologies it's gonna try and their hope the future of AI and machine learning is basically an answer to a election it away. And their first project out that is cold code eight which is they're going to try to develop one on one shopping experience. They also have another. What you wanna all laboratories efforts Cisco which is developing. Tried to develop new concepts in old retail. On top of this acquisition. They've taken over Jett doc should buy dot com moose jaw mod or the talk in the bottom (%expletive) talk and the way there so. What they're doing it there aggressively pursuing. Internet. Businesses that don't really. There are not that closely associated with their core customer is different kind of customer they are putting up their fists and they are fighting. You probably also part of the pickup discount program. I tested this out this actually works pretty well and what it does is allows the consumer. To remove that last mile of cost and shipping cost. And go to the store pick up the product not the price of the product. But at a discount because you're making the effort which not only increases Internet sales but hopefully. Get more store traffic because when you widget to stop it will retail outlet hoping that'll be some people. By something else on the way out. Significance are those discounts. I did it's I think there's this to working on it probably. Depending on on the cost of the product probably maybe between and its 40% I I have not seen final numbers on this side only experiment with cheap products. Yeah that's good though but if I don't TV if you're buying a big you know sixty and plots 68 flat screen that's a significant non us. Right and they are not first I don't think they're going to cellular product at a discount if they have it on the shelf right there and what they are going to expand the program and it probably will include more than a million products. By the beginning of June so it's the program is in its infancy and I'm sure it will evolve further. But as you can see from this from this last quarter that they really. As much as a retailer could in this environment. They knocked the cover off the ball. I'm actually raising leapt by sort of CA BC could like this you're the first yeah plus 977 and a prime target it was actually that. Was kissed this morning girl yet but he opened. And I'm gonna raise that price toward the seven quarter to. While or did Stephen thank you for joining us today. RU Stephen Guilfoyle from the street talking about Wal-Mart ticker there is WMC. Sect that. Pick ups store pick up idea. And getting discounted price. In your family live and on a budget. You're buying and oh lead which is an example along more or you're buying and an outdoor swing set right yup you go to the store pick it up but you save. Fifty bucks hundred bucks for a month when you're able to kids and in you'd go pick it up I think he said a lot of the big ticket items that they haven't stores they're not discount. Nobody let's say to specialty item they don't have in the store that you ordered through Wal-Mart would accuse the backyards going sector that are of you've looked at Mosley I have. In their expenses. It would not something buying any time soon know enough for your new vector chart now I think he should be I love slides but it's just out of my budget but 7800 bucks easy to spend on as a says the and if you if you could spend as much as five grandma but if you pick it up and save you know significant amount I think consumers revealed that could be.