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Joe Palazzolo (WSJ, Gun Carrying Restrictions)

May 18, 2017|

Joe Palazzolo (WSJ, Gun Carrying Restrictions) by The Financial Exchange

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We're joined now by Joseph palace soul from the Wall Street Journal he wrote an article posted a two days ago. Move to ease moves to ease gun carrying restrictions expand caught my attention asked him to join us on the show Joseph thanks for coming on. So how many states across the country allow residents to carry a concealed guns. So every state allows. You know their residence they carry concealed weapon and some form. And ended District of Columbia but it's sort of break it down from there are so they're twelve states where you can carry a concealed gun without a license or permit. It along if you're not you know otherwise prohibited you're not convicted felon or. You can prevent involuntarily committed. To a mental institution so those are those twelve states but then you have 38 states that still require permits. And and then you know those sort of breakdown into Q more categories. And among those there's there's nine. State they're called Mae issue that includes Massachusetts and New York. And in those states. It is their called main issue because the licensing officials the people handing out a permit. They have discretion they can they know. If you know friends and stay you know if you have to show that the that there are good good reason to carrier around a gun yup. And then it the last the last third category of the show she states them in those ones you can get a permit. You know. Pretty much. As long as you have can have a clean record. Moved OK now. The New Hampshire. Recently. Passed a law that allows their residence without a license to get a concealed carry to buy a gun and and conceal carry correct. A date right now they can't bring that gun in the Massachusetts race at their goes say they're driving from natural. To Boston to go to dinner they can't bring that in to Massachusetts act and that done. No no they can't. These the only way that if you're at New Hampshire resident that you can carry your concealed guns somewhere else is it. New Hampshire has an agreement with your state and and they that you have or don't have agreement says 28 of them. But Massachusetts is not among them endorse New York. No agreement still require permanent so. Even. Even though they don't require a permit it was in the state the hill. That you know they're still giving elk permits so that people can travel to the other states that agreement with Hampshire. Now in reading your article though you alluded to the fact that congress is considering a law. That would allow for that would I think they that would allow a New Hampshire resident to. Bring a gun a concealed gun into another state is as I Anderson. Yeah that trade expert says reciprocity legislation that congress does can. Considering right now I think basically. It's you know if your authorized in your own states carry concealed gun even if it's without a permit you can carry it to the other 49. So that's in congress it looks like it might pass rated it seems to have support. Aid to get through congress. The house that it. 38 yeah I could mean they did that they can. Legislation would need sixty votes in the senate and you know that seemed like a pretty tough road right now. You know all things considered. But. Senator cornyn says sponsors in the senate you know he he introduced a similar measure in 2013. And pick up 57 votes so you know that was when the Democrats in control in Republican. They had thirteen Democrats who voted for it and he does so go to all its gonna really comes down to them. At least one of those guys. Senator Warner from Virginia is who supported it previously Democrats said that he's not going to support it now. So you know but that gun control groups and and good gun rights groups there and others are really. Going to be sort of focusing on those those. You know thirteen 1213 senators. How would this federal law impact background checks. You know he would date would dare be a national guideline as a relates to background checks hired is about purchasing a gun. So it wouldn't it wouldn't directly. Impact background checks. Yeah you still have to get a background check under federal law firm. From a licensed dealer right but it in Massachusetts and a few other states. Even if you're getting a gun terms that your neighbor next you have to get a license before you get a gun. And you have to do a background check without license so that wouldn't change at all. The only thing that would changes that you have people coming in from out of state who. For instance you know they made out of a background check to buy their gun because in a lot of states you don't have to get a background check if you're just buying on Leno for the classifieds or look at that a neighbor or you know any of the on line. Not enough all the online places but certainly there are a lot of places public recently got without having to undergo a bankrupt. Very good very good with thank you very much they'll appreciate your time I didn't a lot of what you told the site was unaware of and I appreciate your joining us. Well thank Joseph Powell's all from the Wall Street Journal and and how do you feel that he is it should gun control be a federal law our new elected being on the state level the dirty care. I don't necessarily have strong feelings on it's one of those issues where I just. Don't really it's not something that's kind of central. Anything that I believe about where the economy's going so I think in general. I don't really care too much I'd prefer to keep it on a state by state basis just because I think. That states have been able to Taylor. Their lost how of their own constituents work then but it's. I don't have strong feelings either way I don't love the idea that. You know you can be licensed in one state that has you know lower requirements and all Sydney take your gun into a state that has higher ones and a I don't know firewall baton but I don't have strong feelings real.