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Dan Ackerman (CNET, Google Announcements)

May 19, 2017|

Dan Ackerman (CNET, Google Announcements) by The Financial Exchange

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Dan Ackerman from CNET joins us now can do little bit of tech talk here. Specifically focusing on Google and Dan thank you very much for joining us today. Great to be here there were talking about Google I O what exactly is this event what what what they'd try to do at this. Developers conference and debate audience is not really people like you would meet people who develop software. But they always early and just like apple doesn't appear developers conference that Microsoft does. A few cool thing that could everyone's going to be watching extremely outline of what issue look like kind of cool stuff it's gonna come telephones our computers. So what are some of the yard the big products that they are showcasing at this for developers. The debate and you're really well on everybody's new technology they're calling coo Len and not a standalone program by itself with the visual recognition technology. Google worked in Q other products like Google photos like that Google assistant. That's your kind of cool burst that theory and you can look at things and basically tell you what they are you can textual information L Lotta that yet now. I'd be ample debate should go far beyond that they like for the field without it and took a picture of flour. And can count people lauer why not just that it once they all our. Or or they held it up and shoot it like history you're walking down. And by using it should be able recognition which has the upper ai you all the GPS. Decently large it's okay among that lot. It is every story every restaurant on the block. And I'm gonna pop up like in your camp you're your own screen username and the rest of the hour is that the mother information about all the actual thought. And that's kind of the big push there to keep he's an extra information you want before you even have to ask for. It would seem to me that that kind of technology would be a boon to. Some kind of retail or where you take a picture of you know you like assert that someone's wearing you take a picture of it. And it tells you exactly what the charities and where to get it is is that a potential application. That's always a holy Grail every year to have become Iran that we got that state where he beat somebody like huge like they can picture. We're gonna what they are and show you where to get them in the lower not quite at that point yet. But that I think everyone is is is moving toward the even showed up at demo. Where your inside completely hardware store on the phone knows you're there actually to lead cute little map and arrows like where we're looking for. That's amazing look at clothes were not quite there yet but by the demos are there. OK let's let's talk a little bit about Google home that it's in a start to become a little bit of a crowded space here I know Amazon keeps throwing. All kinds new variations on the echo and elected devices. Out there what's Google doing to keep up with there Google home product. Icahn who really want to get into this space they have one product called a home look a lot like that Amazon echo that Amazon has already had a couple years. On the market and they have a relatively inexpensive you know entry level device but op with like fifty dollars. And it just works so well people love it. Bill homer at Google who had built and that's probably the biggest advantage there and that spear version. Erie elective course content all the frequently been personal assistant that might be the best one in terms. Being able to figure out what you're asking. I'm getting bet we Rickie you wreck who doesn't miss understand what you're saying and actually giving you are useful response and I and I feel like in the long term that's gonna go a lot of places the big advantage for Google the right now it. Sure yesterday. Be released at urged that the Iowa as you can actually get to who looked at it on your iPhone now. It certainly did that instead of fury and frankly taught in the book that this has been the Google one that better. What other kinds of the developments are coming out later this year is there anything for. You know some of the things that people are more familiar with that if we're talking about you know the android operating system YouTube anything on now on those fronts. They're predicting revenue bird and it really ever years though until they choke off a lot about the line it's currently just you know by. Whole letter to the code being in the cold glittery oh nickel one letter every time. And each code letter eventually stand for a Mac. Oh the eventually Oreo were oatmeal cookie or or something like. And what they should not let it'll be a bastard of the Arctic it it'll give you better that we like all about the workers that that theory that's very important. Adequately cool what are the new features they big gamble was let's. Picture in picture on your own which held useless to think about it if you're watching what they YouTube video. I went with your email that if the FaceBook or something. You don't have to shut that down keep it playing. And jump to another app at the same time yeah well as being that that is not achieved everybody liked but it does anything he'll open the Wallach a computer now because little old to be around. Differently army computer but. Then we got about a minute left here anything else off from Google vets are of note from this conference. I thought that the pre existing account a lot of that YouTube and Google owned YouTube and they said that they upped it now. People read one billion hours of YouTube video from month like about pretty shocking. And they all said the biggest growth area. It's not alone. It tablet that got left out it actually TV because nobody knew TVs when you buy and mark yet they had a YouTube that built in. You Xbox or PlayStation or the year you're rated thing they all have. A YouTube app built the and so they're really becoming a reading you he'd get the nation I would not be surprised that they are act more like a TV network of more and more original program on the area if you you TV'S_Q. growth area for them that you would have spotted a couple of years. Very good Dan we appreciate the time and thank you for joining us today. And it got to Dan Ackerman from CNET talking about Google with their I O developers conference at some of the things. Coming out of that. Are real quick I hope of a slap in the faces a Google system being used on IOS devices to apple. Like hey Siri. Open up Google system because you're not good not without some kind of surprised that up leaving allows a lot of right they like don't allow for stuff like that a lot so it's a little surprising to deceive that there enough.