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Dave Bartosiak (Zacks, CAI, MU)

Jun 20, 2017|

Dave Bartosiak (Zacks, CAI, MU) by The Financial Exchange

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We're now joined by Dave bark toasty act from Zacks Dave thank you very much for joining us today. There have been Tuesday we've got a couple stocks to talk about here OK let's start first with CAI international. What does this company do for people who don't know about the. So these guys are eighty technically a transportation. By. And lit it the company but really what they do with the old in the the containers. That people least doubt. That they ship they all over the world so you know big ocean acres in via a giant shipping containers under believe book out. Am looking at and look at this business where where is the upside for them I mean I've I've heard some things about the shipping industry but as the container industry different actually. It is because there's a shortage of containers are now. So it really a guy like yeah. Because out here like these and other week. Is that I 97 point 7%. An air act Eddie heater and be become will be able. The a huge jump off. In their the urge you to do. Because those rates were so good rental rate ended up going up because there's certain world wide shortage Chinese and eaters that are out there. Don't Stewart's and who competes in the space against them it is there any one news you know big players at all lot of small companies. A lot of smaller how you try to. Right international PR he had. Out of you get all day. You are so be it do not a I'd be OL on rail car go eat you know Freightcar America RA IL but there's there's a lot of how they're. And not want to dominate the market if it ever be one of the biggest. Could be got to look the million in eight years. Interest and interest and let's turn over now let's talk about the second company Micron Technology. What's this don't they do and what's the what's the thesis on the. Micron all up the memory chips so now with C. Internet and being that happening all around and the other day I ought. Caught it and I and all our might all of which is the coolest thing ever. Let every you are everywhere now but he is an MIE. Graham met and that the basically what micron and that they hit the branch it. Italy eat ram right movie is very modest I'd. They're not like I can do it built the brand factory in my backyard overnight and why aren't the Rancho. So as the man come and putting pressure on. And might cry and been able to sell it. Huge demand that our side in uncharted more and more money out there. Doing. What's the potential bear case for the stock dipped well what we're could potentially cause them to go off track. A week earlier that. Call them at Lowe's or Chet. Or that technology out but it does get it there you'd be right out this all the radar. But a good bit you know there he ran basically the ram chips. That are into. Mold the leader in the consumer devices all around right now they're not in a very competitive super ultra I ordered it. The worry about you know like eighty processors are built by the way it uses morrow. You are pretty much my eyes and had a lot of property. Oh. Very good day thank you very much for joining us today. I Dave Barr toast the act from Saks the two companies we talked about Micron Technology with ticker and you. And then we also discussed CAI international with ticker CA ally.