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Filip Bab (CEO Of Anyword)

Jul 14, 2017|

Filip Bab (CEO Of Anyword) by The Financial Exchange

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Virtual reality has been one of the most talked about technologies in the last several years the growth of the industry the potential uses for it. And joining us now on the line is built Obama he is the CEO. Of any world. And Phil thank you for joining us today. Phil can you talk about any world in and what it is that you actually do how you interface with virtual reality. Technology to build that different products. Well virtual reality technology has gotten a lot more followers and a lot more accessible to people as of late. You might be hearing about these new products coming out I mean populist is already out. It is you guys are now we also had these mobile BI has said. Which actually made your own Smartphone into a BR had that now. The hardware is getting out there bully really specialized aware of VR agencies that we developed stalk where. Ever done on who's on the arc while. McConnell as software you focusing on right now. So. We have like mainly we focus on our real estate solutions so we have bitten by the virtual war salute the like ample. We can we get scared and you all read your model of existing real estate heard real estate that and development. And then you can get some on a virtual Shelley. Almost like like a virtual iron and kinda kinda showed them the department. And we already have partners are using that and that is really. Help them cut down on showing times a lot younger apple on meeting and some people are they that they they Bailey's unit. Without even actually going bigger luck they want the deal right away. They know they're only at Umar you know department let them and they get they'd book it bearing on the amenities it site. It's a lot more accurate. Do you view the 3-D mapping yourself or do you simply make the technology that allows agents to do. So we do both actually. We all search service. Where you can book us and it actually quite a portable it's funny five cents per square foot. Usually they start at a minimum of 300 ever get it got to about an hour in the entire year city area. Probably did a clinic greens and the Bronx his. But out you don't we like technology where you actually. Just had to hold it up on your own website as well. And we we work with different aid and sharing them out of the technology works as well for their bit. We're gonna feedback have you gotten from my agent who views the platform. All our. The most is that it it just soaking being. You know like it definitely someone has what they'll let you know electric blue separate apple become illustrate away because it. Does that Actuate this sell their barracks blew it there is through Vietnam I get a virtual tour. There also it in valuable ore per international. As an international Biden are you really like are really limited on it I mean the ability to he'd be in. I getting a virtual floor of a property you know EEU could have a lot more competent but buyer like that. Where do you law operate at the moment are you and your based in New York City is that the primary market that you'll are used you're selling your services and right now. Yes so so we're in midtown. I mean we Douglas stopped by the state that usually like it it. There any deal like a more cost them PR experience even we are also our company where developers. I'll bet yeah go the boat on demand service is currently kind of abandoned in the near the area. What does look up out of boss and injures he is well I'm so you know artwork out of there within within the vitriolic. Radius around. Do you do you have plans to set up callebs in additional cities as you continue to grow. Yeah absolutely saw anywhere that rang out if any were all dot com. So we're Ridley trying to create a brand out of it your business I know like our our first foray into the market. We really want to make it made it work here and then if we have get a nice and well proven model. Com yeah they're definitely a look at that expanding other cities well on possibly the national. Very good Phil we appreciate the time a good look at the business all right. That is built Obama he is the CEO of any world that's gonna become. You know critical to real states can be standard in the future it will be and I think it'll happen pretty quickly you're talking about something in in a couple of years. Consumers are going to demand that. You know we're talking about how the the drone technology flying around the property GAAP is is becoming much more and more common. I we got a text message from New Hampshire they're not allow the realtors in New Hampshire. From our friend opened in New Hampshire said there are allowed to do it themselves they hired out. That's a made in in what's interesting about this is this I ran some of the numbers so that they were charging 25 cents a square foot mocha. So for a 15100 square foot. Condo part whatever you wanna call. Fifteen square feet 375 dollars. How much would you pay a photographer to come in and do something similar you pro pain you wonder box so. This you get a better product pretty much the same cost. I think it's a slam dunk I think as a home seller you might say the agent will look. All all paid this cause especially if you're selling high end property you want somebody built the Narnia are on the property see the gardens. Take a look at the you know the the air hitting it it may be the neighborhood right yup. He did this will become something with a homeowner says look. My cost me a thousand bucks to get the drone photos the virtual reality tour or and some real high quality pictures. And you're listing is gonna stand out dramatically. From the other listings you're competing yeah absolutely it's I think this is going to be something that is. A standard feature for real estate listings within the next 570 if you become value added and realtors that offer this service. We'll get listings that other realtors don't because. The realtors who have this service will be able to command more buying opportunity you know better and more. They'll drive more buyers to their site you know better than I do before services like zillow and so forth. I'd Wear it where there be you know 3040 pay picture sets from properties would you would you find just you know pictures bill gosh now but now that's kinda standard you think about what it's still has done to the real estate listing now you have to have you know thirty pictures of your property every room different angles and so forth. In the old days chuck all you do is you would look through the newspaper drive around and you'd see one photo. You know what yeah you would see an actor in the house I live and now I've I've bought this house in 2001 that's how I came across I recognize that I'd 'cause I driven by any time. But I saw it listed in the newspapers so from my perspective I see this being. And that next transformation of the last fifteen years you've seen a proliferation of photos you know from every angle kind of taking us through house. I think this is going to be the new standard when you go out another five to seven years while what it'll do is it'll also make a more qualified buyer because when somebody comes to looking your house. The Who have seen the video. He was seen the pictures you'll take in the virtual reality tour and they're coming your property. Be ready to buy they're gonna know what to expect they're gonna say hey I've I've already toured this property now now come and it really just you know kick the tires. I admit they don't even need to live there maybe they can stay in the virtual global time well I I think you'll also see more people using this that never come to see the property. They just buy it up in the they're living on in China and about a property they never come. Until they actually move down that you can save a ton of time to travel and.