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Elena Holodny (Business Insider, Manufacturing)

Aug 10, 2017|

Elena Holodny (Business Insider, Manufacturing) by The Financial Exchange

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The headline reads burying the last and dying sooner how did downward spiral of manufacturing. Is hurting American men the reporter on this story is Elaine a whole lot me from business insider she joins us now on the financial exchange hi Elena. Good so in the 1970s. Alina how much did a high school educated male worker. Earned in comparison to a college educated male worker. Bill in here is an idiot. It electorate and about 80% of what color our current. Yeah and you know that the pretty comfortable not that and to the different. Great read are also is 85%. In 1970. How much was the difference in the years 2015. So I just pay out 45 years. Yeah uneducated. Or less educated American men. Lost a lot of their earning potential orgy college educated men just gained much more. It's a little bit I don't depending on how are like how Arctic air quality Decatur what are you up. A lot. Retrospect yeah development event marked manufacturing in the shop at Qaeda and I'm glad you problem. You attribute the manufacturing jobs to NAFTA is Eric. Yet not just character and thought that part of China's entry into the World Trade Organization that that the impeachment action. Are there people well. Thought. You know that you mentioned that but then my cohost truck just Vasily said you know. Divisional manufacturing jobs would about the 250000. Construction jobs that are open. It well why wouldn't they elected the if you can't work in manufacturing which acknowledge. You know their if you were UAW jobs available but sounds like there's a lot of construction jobs open. Yes I got the independent region outlook action. A lot of the junk their very. Closely at. Where are you. You know Eric you are actually our law actor would have been hired out eyes you and your typical. The way from Atlanta that kind of Lou permit at BP ultimately if they are construction I think. What's happened as early it's two men. And there are use of drugs and alcohol during a mystery time. They're really expanding paper that published this year Adam economist by negative street shocked so that negative. And you actually dot get. To the mat back partner. He's an uptick in the truck and alcohol abuse and our boat dropped out. If you look at where is that. Mark Salter. Who don't have two parents. Yeah it but the public applicant is eager partly it would be stroked it just. And it sounds like you could get worse due to automation and robotics he think about warehouse jobs right. Made absolutely right there's a million people working in warehouses today. We wonder you wonder how many of those jobs will be replaced by robots going forward. Yeah if you want to admit you don't like to think about more of Gary about automation. And hit an action. But you know all the that the audit made. Basically every doctor lawyer you know legal assistant there were about being dropped eight Q. Dirt like on the of course got what it. In other actors well. Now what do we do with all these uneducated and unskilled workers wait you know he. Yeah pat NAFTA subsist and you be on welfare disability or something thank. I think you know there's somebody to break solutions deeper very. You know administration very much but it. Bringing back the jobs have been met. And they wanted to get companies to partner that you and then I don't get quality people. It has been a around. That won't that may help some people are trapped under our retail elect. I think people are interested in school and then let it all up. Better deal for a lot in the current and future order. Lowering taxes it will hire people. About the in the don't think they got an idea. Yet. Yeah repeat our rent clothing and every month and having them do it. Well we'll see or goes Elaine thank you very much for your time appreciate your research. Alain a whole lot new business inside a big number that stuck out at me there in 1970. If you had a high school diploma. You weren't 85 cents on the dollar relative to college educated worker yup entity you weren't 55 cents. It it they're just has become a college degree in the modern workforce and his arm it's not a luxury to required. A lot of work in law enforcement. Ian in 1970 Jeanette that a college degree to a police officer today here or firefighter today I think he almost two. Either that or you're in the military right why. Did you see the note and I'm I'm I'm just kind of asking why why do we required. For for for those types of jobs. Well because EU. The they're harder jobs are more technologically. More technology requirements right in there and they're better jobs today did they were 1970 Y 97 to cut didn't make much money but why we require cult. They got and I guess that's what I'm getting out is that there's no alternative. For those kinds of career paths to us. Well they should be more emphasis in my opinion on trade schools. Trade schools and just kind of practical skills to cultures are built for those types things colleges are institutions for you that major college that is because think about colleges that are fail. Rightly we've reported. Yet I don't think that the general the atmosphere and colleges geared towards. Producing workers for jobs border think should be that's not that's not their role we've tried to make that into their role. But that's not what their four and a few go to business school vote and you learn accounting you go to nursing school you're learning to be in nursery why not have a school. They say okay go to the school you're gonna become a carpet in there to teach you had to be the best darn carpenter in the country and end of the recent developments because historically you look at what I don't case has been you don't receive Dee Dee what I don't I don't know. I see a ton of angles may zesty ton of boss be me personally don't but DC any carpentry majors or do you see any electric I don't know that that's I'm saying is. Why don't we have those other alternatives and ideas. The united because that's also where the demand and a you get sent EU look at job openings today right. If the job openings are for English majors right days in the if you wanna be a teacher you'd get a job as a teacher. You better be a math teacher chemistry teachers yelling at Yankee you're not going to be not a lot of job openings for history teachers don't.