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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, SNAP)

Aug 11, 2017|

Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, SNAP) by The Financial Exchange

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Poll Monica joins us now here talk about snapped chat a day after there second ever public earnings report Paul thank you for joining us. Are much. Paul snaps off about eleven and a half percent today stock down to 1218 well below its all time trading high of 2944. I'm curious just your thoughts there's there's two different piece here let's talk first just about the company not the stock price what do you make of snap Chad is a company at this point. I eight. I really question. What the company has going for it techniques it. It compelling. Investment that you really need to have one as we've seen. It's not all that difficult for FaceBook convinced Graham to copy things that that jet does and that wind up with even more years. How much of snapshots problems are related to their inability to work with Wall Street. And provide things like guidance and take input as to where they should be moving their business. I think there's a big problem is that that. The companies is trying to be upbeat. Are renegade. But doesn't. Have them. I'm not all of the it doesn't have a good leadership where they can get away with it you can make comparisons to Google you know now alphabet. When Google went public and they had some quirky sayings you don't beat people we're not gonna give guidance. But at the same time even though you had. Founders of running the show we it. Larry Page and Sergey brand Eric Schmidt was a respected. Tech executive that was daycare as a kind of quotable quote. Media center to make sure that Larry and Sergey weren't going to do things that we usually meet Wall Street Miller. I don't see anyone at CAPTCHA. That has that role decade cavalry atoms Spiegel that you think about FaceBook as well. Mark Zuckerberg obviously. With Sheryl Sandberg there as well plus the fact that Zuckerberg is clearly I'm mature adult. Now as well. You don't have that worry with. Companies like FaceBook or Google that they're going to do something that's gonna scare Wall Street in the same way that the expansion is almost seems as if it's really a company that went public weak eastern. You mentioned that they don't seem to really have any product that is dependable at the moment that they don't have something that someone can't do. Are they working on anything that could possibly give them open project or product with a little bit wider moat. I mean it's possible I mean I think when you look at what's going on now what they've done with you know bespectacled you know that something that. Time is set them apart but it. I just struggled supply and wanted to is that soon to be about check out Jack has. Media partnerships including one with CNN that you know based broadcast media partnerships with stop you know mania at the institutions. As well. I just am not. May be at my age I'm in my mid forties not that it went if I'm not seeing what it is about half chat at must have. Not just for users because user group aspiring but for advertisers that makes them a compelling. Companies that he or marketer needs to be on and that bastard. Are snapped chat users on FaceBook as well or they exclusively. Using snapped at do we know. I haven't seen any specific deed. Now that course today but I mean just think about. Anecdotally how anyone or at least anyone I know uses social media I've not a weird too many people back. Are you know looking at social media platforms like sports team. It's not you know. I will never over for the Red Sox because yankees' stance on that over 42 time champion based book. But I think most people have FaceBook and history which is always wonder where these chat and Twitter I think there is probably. Z corporation people have many different you social networks that they are subscribers to you but obviously many more subscribers to. And you are on FaceBook on properties and snatched CNET today. And I guess the big question is their only so many hours of the day at your eyes to be on a screen which opry going to be looking at the most. Yeah and I think you know increasingly at FaceBook startled by. Good Paul thank you for the time and look at W next week Coca. Are you. Paul Monica from CNN money talking about snapped with a ticker S and a piece they've got the kids snatch. It it doesn't matter that companies dead. Do you think yes I'm not sure it would very you know use everyone has the kids when they start out. The kids always move on what's next remember FaceBook advocates Twitter advocate it and spent my space advocates and Friendster advocate mr. Graham and FaceBook are copied exactly what's snapped practice doesn't matter and yeah audience it's a matter is generally he can keep them. No you you never keep the kids. Kids always move on to what's next question is can you bring in adults FaceBook succeed because adults bought into the platform and can. Twitter has not succeeded because no one's bought in the platform it's it's a news platform this I mean case that Jack shares are trading at twelve ball. And it's in district he said they'd been as high as 20/20 929. This company that I think that a business in five years. You know I I don't know if I grab sanctuary orders of it now yeah they're they're done.