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John Blank (Zacks, MU, LRCX)

Sep 5, 2017|

John Blank (Zacks, MU, LRCX) by The Financial Exchange

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We're joined now by John blank from Zacks here to talk about a couple stocks today and John thank you for joining us. And Donald start first with Micron Technology ticker on this company is and you. They are pretty much at 852 week high right now in your date there about 50%. Are you still bullish on this what are they getting close to a peak. Now I know I I think all this is divine and looking for even higher highs so you gotta love does not exact number one rank strong buy short term call and it got. And aid for value long term as Beckham to have been a beeper growth was done doing paper. Our long term store at that top 1% industry. You got up this stock is that the number one player memory right now and the prices for memory are holding up we're going higher. In this company is is reaping the benefits of that self. No I think is back and you'll walk away you've got to credit earnings growth ratio which is you know but the right valuation metric to look at what happened there. This is way below wind I mean even one as is no well I mean it and would be. Sort of getting to be worried that we got that stock in doubles here. But you have to worry about it is the membership bid it is technical. And I'm looking now metal part of our second dot is at what all happening in and giving you the barricade. Brooke for micron because somebody communism in memory chip and blow these guys happen right now that not happening seat for the next few months at least you got you got what Mike. Boy and that's my question the computer hardware business always scares me because we've seen it. It's a low margin business you get new entrants that always come in what do they have that that's really a a moat for them around that business. That's a good question I don't think to have them all they just got a lot of scale on it and it and that that was keeping remote and that's not really a huge multi you have to worry I I would tell you you have to Wear long term about this stock. Yup but. Again you've got to play here. Where short term might mean you know at least a year or two before that that that are at the bottom line two point well made beyond a year yet whereabouts. Let's talk a little bit about Lam Research the ticker on this company is LR CX. There are supplier to the semiconductor industry were correct. Write it down stream from my crowd these guys supplied a week or fabrication and at this. David Lamb in the past and character to bring that to a New England audience's attention because David Lamb. Got a doctorate might be he actually came out of a chat it I inner and Chinese family that was outside of Saigon that sixty. At least eighty hamburger in the United States via Canada got a doctorate at MIT and at. Sophisticated understanding of how to match. Wafers battering get more basically the more walker and get more maverick get better yet. And he lifted that he was the first Asian American political. Accompany and the NASDAQ and it was Lam Research. It doesn't mean god bit. Lambert third remain. The leader in this and there's this. Sleeper app and change game so that you guys that does apply equipment to make better acting. And better it will make our membership so this is exactly what's gonna happen eventually. I prices all the upper memory chips and everybody get by Lambert thirsty yet that they cut after the and that stock is a rare and do it exact number one ranked. Got a beeper value yet the people grow but the other thing is this is not a duck even not a 165 dogs. That are shot and that right but. Again about his door value. EP EG price earnings growth scar is in the point seven point eight grade again the stock have a long way to go you gotta like it. Are good John thank you very much for the time we appreciate we'll catch up with the soon OPEC. Thank you absolutely that is John Blake from Zacks and the two companies that we just talked about once again if you do want to do little bit of research on your own. Lam Research has that ticker LR CX and micron has the ticker and you.