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Brian Hamilton (Zacks, WM, HD)

Sep 12, 2017|

Brian Hamilton (Zacks, WM, HD) by The Financial Exchange

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Brian Hamilton from Zacks is on the line of this year talk about a couple stocks and Brian thanks for coming on. Why not start first with Waste Management probably one of the most boring companies out there. You can make an argument that Boren isn't necessarily bad when it comes to investments. No not at all actually Waste Management is actually in great position to benefit from the recent hurricanes because that typically. They had about like it's allies speak during major storm because in an increase in labor hours Senator Clinton services and take a hit because they're not running. But. The clintons service are all back on line as a Monday in Texas and it became came back on line to date and the rest the stage should be up on line by tomorrow with the exception of the floor at peace and therefore the services aren't going to be as badly that an erupted as expected. And the new volume combined with the post on reconstruction projects were should outweigh. The increased labor hours and the like distribution. Destruction in the services also Waste Management. Has that largest plant built in the Houston market and all around Florida so it should be able to easily handle all the new body. A company like this in the long run are you bullish on them as well lawyers this merely taking advantage of the short term situation with regards to Wada hurricanes. I'm bullish sentiment a long term at least over the next year because the reconstruction projects and actually help them with their revenues out for the next four quarters out beyond that you know that's a little more difficult to baggage. Mean let's let's turn over to Home Depot this is a company obviously that struggled. Little bit in terms of the stock price here and there at that parts this year but the last. Two weeks now it's pretty much been on a great run is that largely due to these two hurricanes. Are without a doubt about the company had been our have been preparing for this and they had stocked up export distribution centers pre loaded trucks all before these hurricanes hit and they want the best supply chains in the market. And now all the stores in Texas are open and a floor on Monday all the stores were open and Florida on the company also aside huge surge in purchases just before the hurricanes hit. And they should see another surge after the record and it's so. On this issue also another positive impact for at least another year with all the reconstruction projects and all the home project they have their apps with the what lumbar pain you know generators all these things on deep of supplies people. Do we have any compare the data from previous storms like Katrina or sandy in terms of how long bear sales remained elevated after those storms. I'm most elves are looking at at a minimum of three quarters some state pushed out to almost a full year. Opera Home Depot and company like that like Lowe's some nice benefits prospect on there. Very good Brian thank you very much for the time. Brian Hamilton from Zacks talk about Waste Management with a ticker WM. And Home Depot with ticker HD.