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Harrison Jacobs (Business Insider, Heroin Vaccine)

Sep 12, 2017|

Harrison Jacobs (Business Insider, Heroin Vaccine) by The Financial Exchange

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We have respected doctors who are working on now heroine vaccine and we're joined by Harrison Jacobs from business insider to talk about that research. Paris and welcome to the show. I currently on how well how many people are dying from drug overdoses. At how many gonna die this year. An and why is the number gone up so much in the last twenty years. You know all I mean we don't know what the numbers can be is here the last non numbers that we have over one unit. Well more than the 8000 and if you. But 30000 of those are directly from populated. Yet and ever right and then you know the mid ninety's you know that comes back he. You know prescribing practice but doctors are the oil companies just. Sort of marketing these new hope it was a that they were not addictive and they really work and and sort of an explosion apparently. Come along with you know a lot of dealers and X just capitalize on urban youth population. So talk to us about these vaccines are two distinct approaches. Two words developing a vaccine that would prevent the heroin user from getting high. Yet still I mean. Pat are back in development for a little over thirty years are 11 and and if they collapsed and here's the other ones are for other addiction but they opt out of power and the wind is the eight. You know back in leery the one that they're using the tetanus vaccine. And take it up at a partner injecting heroin on it was a bit so. When your body. At objective of the vaccine is what apparently doesn't think that the disease and it makes about it destroy them. And try to inject Aaron would be awful. But you know it it specific Aaron one of them the other one. It works by attacking the ball goes Herbert and so is it a little bit more that's a. So Harrison if it still works against heroine isn't the addict just gonna switch to. Some other cocaine or alcohol or some other type of drug in order to get higher does it work against all drugs. No it is it's specific you Aaron I mean it would get on it. Uses the Arctic often do you know cocaine or smoke eaters none of them are really where the addiction has been depicted in Tokyo it they want popular as they want their dark and but he pushed up I think. The greater thing is that he would like eaters not news sort of you know magical solution yet is more like the legacy though. I'm under treatment in another addict it wanted to clean. Get this vaccine. And that way it is a pop up and all the our treatment is relapse is a pretty much not a part of treatment you know they're not gonna have overdose. We're not going to be able is a. Let's talk to us about rehab the you know in the treatment centers because. The they're not terribly effective are they in terms of the they're written the last three show. From from what I can gather is an excess of 70%. Yeah I mean the issue here is that you know both elated dictionary is extremely are you. Its lead into the country to bring one. At its spread the and I went for your senior year EDT it's like part of I got up early event. So we started the happen is people are moving away from the traditional while a program. Ought not as that we. Kind of associated with treatment. Which doesn't really work very well though it. And the moving toward what we all medication that the treatment which is something like the vaccine also more common medications are like the box that are up now or ever. I don't know what he's unit served in Munich what topic I was in the brain but the opposite sides people. Where he Gloria and they will be integrated system and out of work and those underlying issues but other treatment but a lot of treatment but that's sort of the constant pressure that they're. What is this vivid trawl that you wrote about in the article is that effective. Yet so that's all it is and you. Others it's the active ingredient not out to around in the eighties and what that does the they they blocked the ability of the yours Cutler back you know way. All the injection you know you'd be a lot of treatment moving toward he served longer term and treatment of people app and make that. Their decision at the SP. The issue of the troika is. Doctors don't like it and it either because. It doesn't we need as creating a girl so. He and appropriately. And you know it is here you know it summit dug up when the you know patrol runs out not you know you're very iris in order your body is very important that you would be you know normal. Also it sounds like he could actually be contributing to the overdose death. And sometimes. I mean with any treatment you know product and Katrina and we need to be more active city is that one of the biggest things that you'll be. Circuit and out of our partners from all your match and they had their conditions are about. Getting much more access view it's brought these the box not. And it dropped me it for the right patient you know they are I would motivated to take clean then and try electorate bank but you know what we now a lot of court systems and criminal justice system that are sort of mandating people echoed through the system in it and draw. And it's not always the right treatment. Very good period Harrison thank you very much for your research in and thank you for coming on the show and sharing this with us we appreciate it no problem. I thought Harrison Jacobs. Business insider. Talking about a problem that. Is continuing to get worst the death rate is completely signaling continuing to rise if it's going up now.